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Piem Tuesdays (liGets;
the city thifrom .e
this State, where she has been spenid
Sng the summer.. :. .,. ,.,:.
n t . ii rh
to the new teaChes inthe city `ch ols
this year. Mill Gilmore comes from
Lawrence, awheresh has ben
In order tt their employes may
be able. to - nt 'd .the .faif' and fsee
the ponies ~ ein, the-banks of the
city have agreed-to close at 1 o'clock I
-every day during the r.st of the week.
- Oharley WaWtkin, .who has been
grazing sheep fIiiortern Wyominig
ifor several yearis.past, is angcng the
out' of town people here. Mr. Watkins i
will "eturn to: this county to reside
.Farr Rdwley, Portus Williams, Roy
Linton, Lee Millis, and Forrest Smart
. ill be .,a imog' the Billings boys who
wil1~tt nd hsttuck military., school
Sh l 6 . . i.innn., .Unr~i the -next
S year..ewill all leive, the
-city the latterA par of th week.
t wieputy Sheriff - ' 't yk8 s. return
S-ed .thii mohiing from eiLodge .to
whicl* .. ci ove d. ,Ira LI
S ;h serve
oney to
"ery. guil,
ty to :
James .sed" ! .'by
thief .Jacks aftero
-while doing a4"wl at on
cayuse near the ~dink corner..
-entered a ple. of gilty to a ch ge
of disturbi . the..peace, in p ice
court, this mornin , and was ..sess
ed a fine "f $10. .
Chief Jackson, df the p0lice" for
is determine p e hp
of boysride o
hicles to b oar.
Unless his wished in this respectj
obeyed ar a r.±top.fol w.
Trhe police da- t hnt has conlded
to adopt this : 0° 'i prder to ;avoid
accidents to ch . - -
Corrected '.aient
on the, Burlington near roken 'Bow,
Neb., q, re. reclived. by The-Gazette
-today. h:Tle second reports ,state .hat
but, one man was killed. He* w.. a
hobo riding the "blind bagggagi and
was instantly killed; The engineer
*nd! fireman of the passenger train
were quite' badly injured by jumping,
but will likely recover..
The second of the series of bowling
-contests, instituted for the purpose of
selecting three crack men to pit
-against the All-American team that is
-to visit this city: is October, will take
place at the. local alleys tonight. Sev
eral new contestants who were un
able to be present last Thursday ev
-enihg have entered the lists and the
ngame will be unusually' interesting,
What' may turn out to be a+'case of
smallpox is reported frosd the.'iome
lot R. R. Crowe in the northern part
of the city. One of the children is
ill, but the physician calted has not
at this-time determined the nature of
the disease; A. :trict. atch will be
kept of the case nd,, iouli the ail
ment prove Itqd.. a;co ltagious dis
.- ease qua rantine'will' be- established
over the premises.
The advisory,,. comlittee of. the
State Associationi Qf Mdntana Sheriffs
will meet at Helena next ·Monday,
pursuant to a call issued by the chair
-man, Sheriff O'Connell _of Lewis and
Clarke county. The object of the
meeting is not known, but it is pre
sumed to be for,.he purpose of taking
action in regard to legislatioif that
will be asked by the association from
the coiming legislative assembly.
Tomorrow evening the Elks lodge
of this city wil, resume its regular
semi-monthly meetings." For the past
two months the lodge- has been tak
ing its regular bi-monthly vacation
and the members, including the work
ing. force, are now thoroughly rested -
and-will-ýbe able to give the work to
candidates, several of whbom are in
-waiting, with much vigor. There
will be several initiations tomorrow
evening and all members of the lodge
are urged to be 'resent. "
Frank A. Tobin, the ball player, is
now in the coulty-jail with a serious
charge hanging over him.' Tobin
was turned over to the state auth'cer
ities yesterday, morning and late yes
terday afternoon ,as takb~ before
Justice Fraser -for arraignment. The
complaint was made ,by Chief of Po-
lice -Jackson aan recites that Tobin
committed an" ' It with cririinal
intent .uon- .erM amiebonneol, ed
12 years. The defendant entered a
plea of .not gull .and& his ` xamipa
tion. was set ' f6r Wednesday orn-ii:
.ng at 10 gclock. He was -unable
to furnish bPad.-;
From Wednesday's 'Daily Gazette.
A. T. Strait of Roundup is a guest
at~the Grand.
Mrs. James Laidly of Flatwillow is
a guest at the. Grand.
D. A. Pinkham is another Red
- Idge visitor at the fair.
H. P. Leckl of Anaconda is" spend
ing the day ini the city on business.
The Hon. JoqbhnrT! ,Smitih of Living
ston is among tdday's visitors at the
r The' Misses Gertrude and Emma
Johnqon of "leI iaa are; guests at tlih
Mr, and Mrs.: C1rles- Demars of
Cody, Wyo. , are it he, g an -. t
Jng the fair. 9 5dV i
The Hon. C.W. Hoffinan iBoSz
man is among hthoae whoa a tteisi
lag the. fair tpday,
- James Hogan : a s odg. c4 ;t
mown last evenling. fropI the. c;.,
camp tovsrstt tile tmr.
George Simmons:, "ands -D ; NaraJ
Vlsunlgoa, bot .of Big-..' ib. 8- _.
~\ JEc-lmanMrs. F. . es `rot'Mb
thieds in the city. a:
Miss B. Carwle, ai sister of
un ty Clerk Carwle, is here from.
`S't= Igartii "dni ranmy cs h
ss th·r Wyom~i n a visit to the Car-i
the family h. It is the first time isthe
ing in therce and ter have meitin
friends in the city.
iss S. C. Caeveral monthwie,a sister of
County Clerk Carwile, is here frome e
SduthICarolipa on .a visit to the Car
wile family. It is the first time-,te t
brgther and sister have met in 26
J. B. Herford, who has been spend
Ing several months inEngland, France
and Gprmsziy,,ieturned home, yester
day. . En route he stopped at Hot
Springs, S. D., and spent.a few. dpys
with .,Mrs. Herford, who returned to
Billings with him. 4 1
The Elks' announcement of a meet
ing tonight is hereby called+ off. 'E,
erything was in leadiness for the ses
sioiL but several of the prominent'
workers are connected with the fair
management and it was concluded
to postpone the meeting,.uhtil further
notice, and The- Gazette is requested "
to make the announcement.'
Among the distinguished visitors
in the city today' are Chief Justice
Brantley and Asociate Justipe Mil
burni of the supreme court, who came
dow~ frgm Helena today to gaze at
the prize pumpkins and take a look at
the peagihes grown in the Yellow
toee *alley. The Ga.ztte is indeted
to t.-Aim for a very pleaaast'lI . '
troop, Thirteenth cavalry,
tai~i tochridge.ca wiklnAIDg, pas D
throu~gh the city today. The t .
spenit thQ summer in camp in the el
loWttoi e N ti..al 'pirk and is en
rodite' t: Fort .Meade, . 'D., where the
'regimn.t is stationed. The troop is
gaining" a great, deal of. experience
[in. q~h tig, ° having marched"'from
.Fort: Meade to Fort Assinniboine,
.thnice to the parn and is now 'on its
Way home; via Fort Keogh.
Suit was' oegun .in the district court
yesterday afternoon by Jep Ryan of
Leavenworth, Kans., agaiiaxt Stuart
Polk of this city to recover a rac
ing mare known as Alice Glen, whihdi
the defendant is accused of having,
wrongfully taken from the possession
tc 'the plaintiff. The mare is alleged
to be worth $1,500 and in default of
her' recovery judgment for that
amount and'damages in the sum of
t $500 is demanded.
Buffalo Calf and Young-Man-Afraid
f of-His-Horse, two bibulous Crows, are
spending the day in the hospitable
Hotel 'de Jackson and will be tried on
i the charge of plain, 'unadulterated
drunkengess tomorrw, unless they
are sooner sent back to the reserva
a tion in disgrace. The two sons of
the forest.imbibed very freely of the
. white man's liquor last evening and
a attempted to take charge of the, In
dian camp near the fair grounds. - A
couple of. Indian police took charge
of tlim and brought them up town
and turned them over to Chief Jack
a son.
Nrom Thursdav's Daily Gazette.
W. H. Rice of Toston is a guest at
the Grahd.
L: M. ,Rose is here from Carbon
'bounty today.
A. B.,Clark of Miles City is regis
tered at the. Grand.
John Richardson of Twentymile is
a guest at the Grand.
Lewis A. Gants of Cody is among
today's/visitors in the city.
L. L. Brande of'Bridger is an up
country visitor at the fair today.
Mrs.. M. W. 'otter and Miss Potter
aie down-from Red Lodge to visit the
L. Fowler and wife from Joliet,
Carbon county, were arrivals last
Mr. and -Mrs. Edward Grewell came
in from Joliet this mc fning to visit
thy fair.
J,. H.WJohnson of 'Miles City is vis
iting his brother, W. M. Johnson and
Sother .relatives in Billing and taking
in the fair.
Mrs. George T. Lamport and Mrs.
Robert .;Leavens of Red Lodge are
spending today with friends in Bill
,ings and attending the tai;.
C. W. Hudson and'- wife, Mrs. B. F.
Perkins, Miss Coffeen and Misp Flor
`ence Galley constitite apart'yof Sher
Idan, Wyo., isitors in the city today.
Frank Church, .formerly engaged in
the ranch business near the ,city,,~is
here-from the Clark's Fork, where in
cdmpany with savera others he .is
now engaged in the sheep:iusiness.
Friday evening at, Gruwell hall. a
gr ad ball fillbe held for the ftiene
fit o the baseball association. i1eketn s
wrei sold at phe low price pfr t
each and everyone is cordi.ly invit
1to attend.
A Lunadsale was assessed a fine
QL t - y , ýthe. police - magistrate this
for ora, indulging fin a -pla4n
ruki aou. the streets last night. He
aid :it. pave Carridy, who was ar
ols in whih - p hn looestdhi
lminuti; t clreauap t deed iito of tiiefe
:i le p Ihdiasý Vechr in reiev pacer ihi
fait ybsterda+o it' }1e dfida i. drunk-;
ennleas wer answer tiwas morning
nMillis, t0 wh th (heplaMintiso is sh!kt
him as ehir of the pioditns Wof 100k
nothing ad d y eto up the tplea thatr
pulaintifb oherdrew 'ifeavcounti andig -
now inde outeto defendaat in the eam
from'that made' the trouble and eie
of $29.14 for, which :um pudgment ',I,
druThat he Indians re -apidy ed
mat lengthyf showr is elwasened
ncingthe exhibitions. The partJ vs thO
Miirows, nie in attendance at the suing
have conceived the idea that it isThe
answerth chargmetngs ttins a financif wabeting
theb when it comes to a daeli es him
notion, and in consequence thple richat
of admission to the sihtendas in the camp
circle east o the cumty juha been fixed
at 50 cents. Severalihundred dollars
will thus be accumnslated by themdur
ing their vs of t. he
ncingexhibitions. The ' the,
He Mu whe An it comesr to a dancrge Agaexhit
FrKr Totisi the bill player,1
abitn, aeted in conseqturence theo tprice
ciharcle east of committing an assault upon been fixed
Mashie Connell, a (12-year-old girl,
was given a preliminary examinationllars
wibefore us be accumulatser thisemduorning
Tobin had previously entered a plea
+ae eral witnesses to 'siubatntlate 'the
charge, chief of whom ,Was Mamle
Connell the little g.irl Whodaperedias
proseuting tneswer to Shete Against
that Tobin' tollowedher not player than
wasten blcks Saturday morning and that
at frequent of commitntervals he wassauld crupon
outto her, "hold on, kid, 've someld girl,
thing to say to you." Shesaminted thation
she tried to get awa from him butorning
was unable tnesses to subo,and that near
thearesidencf of Sam Salsbury on the
north side he overtook her nred made
an idprosecent neproposal to her.
Tobin mafollowde no defense except the
statement thatls he wasdrunkld at the
time and knew nothing whatever of
the occurrence.
out- He was held n bonds of I'v$500 to a
pearthingr trial in the districtcourt thand
being unable to fill tse bond was ne
manded to jail her.
Fstact Submitted to he wasvernor and Ath
torney General.
trom Thursday's Daily Gazette.
Pending a decision of the governor ap
peand attorney gener the disnothing further and
will be done in the matter odf the muchre
talked of overcharges made by the
concerns that haovethe contractsfor
supplying the public schools tpf the
state with bookts. The reccrd is now
in their possession and presumably
they are delving into -it.
A few days ago information cover
ing every ,phase of the proposition
was transmitted to the governoa.and
attorney general by the state super
intendent of public instruction and
from this it is believed those two of
tlcials will be able `tQ for~ an idea
as to what the coip~nies hahve been
dl.ing in the way :ot chag'glg for
books in the various diatricta through
rout the state. The information was
tfurnished- at the instance of the gen
tlemen to whom it has been trans
mitted, as they sometime ago -re
Squested the superintendent to collect
and sulbmit to them all ,the facts and
e evidence bearing' on the subject. This
t he..lid and the result is a bulky docue
Sment over which the governor and at
. torney general are now pouring.
SSuperintendent Welch is quoted'as
g saying that the correspondence sub:
mitted will show violations -of their
contracts by the compaules I·p every
e county of the Btate. He did not ven
ture to approximate the 9amage5 re
Ssuiting from these violatiois, but ex
pressed it as his belief that they
would exceed the bond lo $82,O00
Swhich the toncerns hyave filed with the
Sstate for the faithfuf performneaie of
their several obligations. -
s-. .. At the Cirous.
n Bartimore Heiald:., Te Ape--i
heard the trainer tell his helper to
gi.e the trick donkey .fifteen astipes
a on the back and as many on his legs.
SThe R1Uinocerus--You did? My'
l-my, thats tqugh! Wlhat's poor Buck
uts been' doing to deserve such punish
-''The Ap--Nothlng, only the zebra
Ie is siuc, and Buinkl has to take hi's
15 place in the parade today.; -
e Qu- k,-reliabeo shoe repairin. Post.e
r o.ies baasment. '(tr
A 'Provision That Wll Probably Be
Resisted by the Old 1
.poor old Calamity Jane is in the
p°blic eye once more-this time in an
rey new role. f the efforts of
prominent citipen 'of eastrn 1o
are succ stul, the penion
ncle Sam in Washington will sons
the name of. the hisori har.
t r who las: left her me in.msy
e""stiriing " haiers of the state's
b- an4 on the pages. of many, of
Spolice blotters .o 4th jails.
you kno' Calamity, you'll sign
&i4" said the man in the lobby of
Finlen last night. "If you have
,y doubt about $he-numbei and im
ptance of the old lady's, friends,
cast your eye down the line."
hen .he showed the petition which
is ibeing circulated for the relief of
i.. tana's miost notorious, woman. On
itjappeared the names of many :mene of
snuence and wealth, many who -had
kglon Calamity in her palmy days
;a~rs the Butte Inter Mountain., Form
e :governors, cattle kingsmad mining
hnates had-ail n.s1erisbe to the
a r asking the goveinment to con
t'ribuhte to the support of Calamity
a scout and valued aide to the gover.-:
meit. in the days when, men 4,oke ;iz
the morning rand unconsciously ran
it fingers through their hair to
,l ithey had losttheir scalps in the
!`-It is pitiable to see the old girl
.w on ane of her twisters,' said the
ip"n. She has worn ragged holes
in `tier credit in every saloon from.
dlbdive to Kalispelland she istof ten
in'tsore straits for food. I don t think
she will suffer long when we get this
-petition prarped, however, for she
ha. friends in the nation's capital as
well as in Montana.
Cannot buy Liquor.
"As you can see from the provision
of the petition, the pension will be
grauted on certain conditions, so that
Ca$I mity will ,not be able to dispose
of ie money for red liquor. She will
have a guardian just as if she were,
a child, and will be given a portion of
i the. money only at sych times as she
is in actual want and when she guar
antees that she will not spend it over
the bar treating every sheep herder
she . meets.
"Several attempts have been made
by philanthropic persons to get Calam
ity" to 'go into some home whery she
would be provided for and wherb she
would be safe from the snare of the
tempter, but you might as well .try to
make, a pet out of a timber wolf. She
has been foot-loose all her life, and
the quickest way to break her heart
would be to take away her, peculiar
and eccentric ideas of liberty.
"Calamity has not yet recovered 1
fronm the effects of her experie#,e
with philanthropists. About two
years .ago a womah won her heart and
whatever` apology for affections she
has, and induced her to go east with
he- to a. better life, where there was
more civilization and less cactus and
barbed wire. When she got the poor
old woman back there, she opened up
a dim'e quseum and exhibited Calam
ity for .10cents a throw.
"One day the old girl tired of this
form of amusement and bidding the'
museum a summary farewell, arrived
in Billings one day with a ~sad story
and adn rnquenchable thirst."
Many, of Butte's well known citi
zens are signing the petition which is
destined \to put "Calamity Jane high
and dry beyond the pangs of penury.
Friends of Senator Hoffman Will En.
tertain Him.
From Tuesday's Daily Gazette.
For the edification and entertain
ment of Senator Hoffman of Gallatin
county, who has lived among the ex
Missouri agriculturalists of the Gal
latin valley the greater part of his
life and is.a tenderfoot vhen anything
pertaining to Indian life and customs
is in' sig~t, a number of. gentlemen of
the city, friends of the senator's have
arranged to gLve a big Indiani -war
dance to iight to. begin tt 8 o'clock.
The dance will be 'given in the va
cant block of ground on the north
side of' the Northern Pacific passen
ger dep a.mil will be pai'ticipated in
by a half-hundrfd o~ more Crow
braves -in full war costume.- W. B.
TenrEyjt has consented to act as
master ~f cerbmonies and Senator
'Hoifman will be given a place of hol
or -amoui1g the guests Where' he can
take in every detail of the primitive
terpsiljorean display.
4 ;G
The well infoermed
tarry the sweet est ,it
idate ife of 'station
hemost .
SIead q art us fo 28tha Stru.
I sNOT.- bne of the best, but THE BEST Dandruff Cure ti
Smarket. Dandrtuff and'microbes cannot exist where.i
used, The hair stops falling and grows Iong and abund t
ig iiclasF preparation in every Way. You cai apply t pyoai
Sld by a llr- ggist Up-.to ate air I r.
" kv
Wholesale Dealer in gAgencyfor
aWhINES alBIefi
" Keg and t eoe +
- AND- .: . Ai
Every variety and size of lumber reqired in a building,,;
Also Plasterers' Materials,'. Doors, Windows, Mouldings,
Papers, etc. Stock Right! Prices Right! We solicit ypur
orders. H. J. THOMPS0N, Prop.
no cMELEBiA -
Behr Bros. P.a.
I +. .. . .
Bowlers Conti ue\ to Practice for Big
From Thursday's' Daily Gazette.
The second' of the series of bowling
contests by which a team of three
stars is to be chosen for the contest
against the All-Amerians who are
to give an exhibition here in October,
was bowled at the local alleys last
On account of the busy ,times inci
,dent to the fair, opening of school,
etc., there were but six contestants
for honors, but 'there will be ample
time to give all of the crack bowlers
of the City a chance to get in, 40 games
before the coming of the big team.
If necessary the number of games
per week will be increaked from six
to nine.
Following is the score of last
night's contest, to which is append
ed a statement of averages to date:
Last Ntght's score.
Total Ave.
Tschudy, O. A. ... .....573 191
Sherman, J. G. ........41 180.33
Hook,` J., , .., ........534 174.66
Salsbury, S. R .......494 164.66
Corey, L. A. .........485 161.66
-Ovren, O. C. .........462 154
iSmitl, . . W. .... ... 445 148.38
High scores--Tschudy, 222; Hook,
205.- '
Averages to bate.
Elliot, J. B. -.......3 games 193.33
Tdchudy, O. A.......6 games 185.50
Sherman, J. G. ......6 games 181.83
Hook, J. .. ... ....3 games 174.66
Ovren, C.- C. .. ..6 games 173.33
Babcock, L. C .... ..3 games' 1,72.66
Salsbury, S. .R....... games. 165
Corey, L. A. ........ 6 games 163.33
Smith, W. W. . ,. .... 6 games 150.17
' Ueckman, H. ..& gaies 145.66
Eastman, G. .......3 ga~bnes 141.66
Godske, A. J. ......3 games 136.33
qhicago Post: In an effort to push
thp missive clear into one of the pat
'ent mal boixes she had got her fingers
caught. -
F H.'watched her efforts togextricate
- "Beware," he said, "of the mailed
I hand."
When she got him home he was
sorry he had said it.
West Side
The center of civilization
still moves westward.
If You Are Looking for
A Sure Thing,
A SAfe' Investment;
A Desirable Location
for a Home Relidence,
come to the
Garden Spot of Billings,
The West Side Additoit
Chop in Prices
To Close Out Summer Goods.
Garden Hose,
Ice Cream Freezers, ,_
Lawn IMower,;
Gasoline Stves,
( R 1W

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