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VOL. ` 'D'LL - ;'· k.: i 0 AJ
Ho I d for Feddy Mon
Sal fo week on
t Bost a . er 3,20,000
pounds, 5aeS t)* An~erjc Wool and
a el 4 e quiet. A little
. wcaiisoilo so me -W ide `easily,
tut holders rt . ikln.on eso
'.,",m It presJnt _a
that the mod. ere of he ''t e
,veas, s they" I ,ea. .;old a
oa eitept al iourlt kmroe to aae in
.atilly, and erh.' dleo dt
mitt present a favorable fldiinfor
this period of. the "year.
F'inancial" coha ratidnsY 't re,
event should the _loney m rket stiffen
stilltfurther, are not' likely to tb sac,
torsof any great moment In the 8
market. Underlying . enditionp. are
siund, as the position e" wool i stn=
tistically strong bith >t. home .ad
abr~ad, in thpe aben i of, any q1
e embers ie trade, there
Sand'. with indtioa isi ";
of the .present larg" con mptSon
the i4aw mastei* eo er ift be fully
,iuffnicint demand to 4B nb' the avail
l~gý present stoe ;tl u 1mar
re- amapler of re, representing
every kinf aild vity of daomestic
woir, but it must be born. e in m
that" smulces of s"upp.l in' th went
Sve been pvraCtkily. 1 , ,. -
eept 'in a.few or theILee wool o
-tions, "and that c dIe
Sp siblyi onthe la. ",'bt ,wool,
need not be apprehe Sro b'-bro .
oiOsumers are independe ., nl Wn
'different, h owever, p . nmber of
them are- Pett ý'we ; !upylied with
the raw mterial. a Q w are illing
to ;eken online w re and
'.there .w 8e'fj.I le ise , F 't de to
it tu ocemeii
held out to;
rgn awe .:stocked }ý .era= ý h
market, and il .h 1nsl1udq .oi e
cent-, per. out w' at'
son hsses tt
os m uite Mc n p
Sunlessr 'iide : viav
consud tei 1
erbeoen a sef the'
of' .qu'te Rott l ` 1)(e·i r. iq:ifikf
nres ndeed cotnr to f ar
'ohe iprt' bf 'hiolders o' )
li .<ýtrng'est wools in Op
f the:a." fine ,clod hi ant, la 4i~,t~
u - d Aes. The!
r,"evert. . ' in x e:
; = Niq l >.
vt issi ,y t
l ac:- Mgo i
;het es
*iai.^ +-ma~y'
dpporitupity to sedure some..d* thei
wools 'w.ich they peed to cArrr on:
their business. '
in the meantime inachihery contine
ues" Well ei~pidyed, and the manu
tac rers wJ4 pomt6 intbo the mia'cet
are' feeling well. They are buying
wbols conservatively, however; but
the demand, such as it is, is still pret
tyf.well distributed .ver ithe difterent
grades and" yartles of stock. N& very
larige iisi sai lav v lbeein 4entr ete4' fur,
the btisiness', : li.t:ieek otisiJti.
of only pmodd e-slae lots, ;Whlih in
the aggregate 'iakeiquite ' res eo,
able total. Someb of thos'e wlo tusual
ly operate' ii the market f¶ `been,
waitingto see. how the BI·t Lbn4 '
+auctions will open; `1i*st` "auctit
will begin next Tuesday,+ and the_'of
ferligs, as we hire ibefore poiite_
out, will be small. Some apprhen-7
son -is felt'lest the lower gr.des: of
e.Mibitfeds should, show some eying
of, but offers fromn this l side otnly
slightly below the quotationi fullig
at the close if the last auctiobas have
ftiled to land ,ny wool. It is quite
p-osslble thait t4e smiall suipP.y 6ffering
+.m.rprevenit naY decided 0ea~lpad s
iaitth class of itock. As to merinos
aitnflte cs rosebreds a, firm opening is
expecteoia"n: these *ool i
,.r~rltorieTeritgeores., toir {
little more activew with ssome hobuses,
ibute the' demand has not as a rule,
been for0rAy nlarge-sized amounts, al
though one". o .">w6 ,pretty good-sized
salesa re reported 'to h~re bee.'" put
through. ' Fl prices have, b1ee5 se
'utred on most of the woqold~$Jg 8, at-=
th t;h one buyer states that theie is,
it anyithing, a little more "ditislit0ion
to sell' fine medlym clothiing territory.
Oii the -other hand, chobre filne wools
have sold up as. high as d~~it), iseasn,
d usme of the newi fSie medium
staple wools have been taken "Mt
prices. very close.r to- these. The rut'
.ins rices for average Sfine indt*itpi
clothing wools,. however, are #B048c,
and the bulk of the salep Ip that class
t. stick have been pet' through at
thbse figures. 'Fine wools .gil at
prices ranging lietweei. 49 and 'itc,
soi're fine Nevatdas 4aving been m v
ed at the latter quotation. -FlneI, se
lected, stable bells at 53@54c. .In the
grease, good Idaho stape can be se
cured for 17c. 'For scai red),ew Mex
citca a" moderate inqutir -;reported.
These wool are' held, ait 45164,, the
:latter for the e#iicest fine imedlium.
The greater pat of the. busides! 1t
good fine mredium, li owevar, is'-titne
at 466. No. 1's are, qs"td:+++ 'Wl 446
No. '2's at 838@4Qc, ,the very bpest .e.n
maeding 41c, and,. No; 4'si at -8$ a,4.
There are no acuimulamit.its of tb.ie
wools, thOey bqlng takeh about ajs ºest
As they are made, ,and thiere hias.eyer
en ea a better inquiry for tem t.han
'there ,ha lbeen this season.
Receipts and B alelDY.
(The receipts otflwool, in4.,Boston this
w~ek, 'lst week and for the. c 're
sponadig 3e ekl of " lea~ ;year are as
forig, ; ek,'tot l. ,42 baes
Last, week-_ . rnt~ic , 6r5 balas;
orpign, 2,691~ b s ;`*oa 19,95_ balesi.
Last.,; week -9 tic; 1,3 bales;
freitn, 2,103 bales; total 23,65 kies.
'tiaebeen 5 'les domestic ':'andi
110,549 bale.torig .apJni1 .;A , 92,P30
-bales dumbd, Ind 104,';7' bales for
e g :for the a o~i Ieriod of
301.. ThtIs, ase. of- 104,897
a1@s domesti.. a 'crease of :b,
862 bales" t! .x'. 'f ,\'. . '
3h4~iut =t? frQ^ the week 1
en4in,& $ asfalowa:,
Iti` 220'
d 3 e3ý;=tembetb 1,2'52,4641
i , emer 42514ki
e1teigb'r >i, 1,0,5!q Býatirday,
jptei*zber, 6, -151 ,. outay; SQp
'` " ' t t e sil i ents a~i" 3,917,
B, Q n 'ifor:r:the- rviouis week,
Ince J ti1 ry 1 the, tdta lshipments
n tne j 4,1 The a~% of tug week amount .to
2,890,000 C mst an 34,0,000,
82 3000 for the°" breviqi s wiek anidsa
total ef 3,185.000 Ff4ºaDjtI9 9 eot nd
)tt ;Week. 1it" ear!. ,The Saes: since
.eoe;gain, `171,504,600 9
. crreeQ1j18E ::tike'last yesar::.
Col o. st Fire ti
cs ; ; A :~
e·tsd:' tde bl ls
$v iIo Cooa6is,;t `
t ed G ~
CeDemocratic Primaries In City P
Off, Without Friction on
Open Rupture.
Iromn Monday's Daily Gazette.
The democratic priniaries in th
city last Saturday evening were co
ducted quietly and without apy o
rupture in the ranslu, hute hre,
there it croljs out-'thkt the ºo ap
Heinee to squdc -iý (atoraiL ir
the county has been' bursted. .ntrens
the unexpected happen's' in then.. oui
ty .convention there.il.li niaot be a
egate in the cop~Ienqon Who wi!f
the temerity to even sa~est Ht~M
six-weeks 'Butte edeanocidtic reader
given -ecognition orf any kind before
the assembled democrats of the' coun
The Heine' boom in this c6unty wi
conceived' in bin and :lnlquity. It
- piece ofL politicil-fit.rtitude' x ii'i
position to the piolitical interests."
Senator Clark, which ft 1boldne
and audacity has had a nit'parallel -
this history' of county .oi.itics.
fact, when it is- consideied how 'm-uc
are the :.nterestp of the county -
dlark in .the senate of the Uzit
States, in connection with thb Crow
reservation bill, people wonder, tlh -
men should have!.tihe extreme ,gail t
attempt to defeit the man to whom
the county lioks for the seggregatio
of a millioh ascres 'of Indian, lands.
'Deserted 'b his party' Vi: ; in thte
coltity, aid ,the me.. roit i won dli e
had a rigt .to .exjpet .tiet sr
and most loyal suppdrt under a.~r.and~
all circlmstances, is it any wonder
that ,loyal and consistent democrats
.have come to Senator Clark's aid and
effectually squashed any and,' all
schemes calculated to bodst'into po
litlcal power the one. man in yhe state
whoe es e ambition, in politicss tls e
.cuntrol of the supreme -cohur..pnd .t/e
-legislature of the state thro.Qh `which
b. conduct his mniing operatiobs" alr
'The anti-Heinze forces in,.The coup-'
ty at this time have buried the Hetnze
boom: in political "c.llivion. 'All that
14 necessary at. thi. time is to, keep,
their 'guns well)0anned until after
the county coqpvetion and the-demo
crats- will hear n9 more- of- 1Ir Heinge
in `Yellowstone' countiy. .
* MADE Lt O( lGiT. I
American Tobacco 'rust Could" Not
Break into England.o
re nona.isville, Sept., 14.- W, D. Galle
iher, proprietor of Galleller's (Ltd.)
To1bacco. 'manufacturers. .:of Bielast,
Irelapd, s-ays the- America.. Tobacc6
company bAs loat its fight in Great
Britain, Mr., alleher isi'here on a
visit to .iles~rehan.lling tadtories, IHe
sage J3 B."Dukes has not only ista pie
giht; but also ~$,500,000 withioit mak-,
ing mach heAdway, against "'i:British
Aianufasctreg. In order *tet the
trade,.'tifeAmerican hi tl vi away
$1,500,000 in bbnuses, epet millions
n advertising aqd has tsoji bacco
at 8 ceuntsa pound undce ;,cdt. In
spite of this he has bee uniiable ..to
win .ver the JBritish tradesnep. Mr.
Galleber rek4uied to enter the ..British
Imperial cbmpany .and has continued
'ad 9efadent* b bdth.
. i a r Y ' l C p o
crý 433"ý`" .,t''ýýýý, 'l ' - f
5, ý paw ý ý
_ti S ý _ .".. .Y"i. . .n ..-..i q `{ . _. E's'.. ' - 5 -
lleged opdier Decides to Give Hinim.
setl' OP. N. '
:uijY ydstE'day intitf& its'. Iqir,6y
hto this city lighting 'saýda~l, .for'
hich 1`8 :membe's of the house of
elegatea' combine .. ve already been
dicted on' Eharges of bribery. and
perjury. '..
Chares Pi. Kelly, the muchl wanted
mber. of the, house of -,delegate.j
hoi redited `wiwth=lz. hving person
Srilstwy deal Th ; um.e smof tho
ns,.ment f. r thepse crime-f cson
ctinLesults-Is a possible 16 years
the penitentia ry. - e
Mil. FOlk thas declred tin ad for
1 s thae Mpurrell ibrothes, e-Duburbal
e milwab y deal. ehe sum, of the
hment olr temb..e crimes-if chn
ion.ine whofl ar.a possible 15 years
the penitg and perur Thentiettary. I
ssMr.e olk .has declured that he has
pe evidnce n ethrough 'the bbedf.
em and the Murrel `brothetrs ex-ley a
ar to convict the to convbribe irct
e etie1 mbelieved to be ab old to give
ibine wo ars ndeefor bribd'c
r kIn orand perjury. The ostbatie ret
esses are supposed hot to know the
ease of the oode whisoners throibegh
hesand ter H. cKru, ircuitAttorney
;lie prepond'erance; Df evidence, nec
sary to convict the bribe &ivers.
olk has etemieved to be ables to giver
hils eidence,.
In order to- pievent the possible re
easse. of he boodle prisoners' through
the abeas corpu. Droceiedsl in ti
tuted at Jeferason' City by Attrney,
`hester H. Krumn, Circuit Attorney
Folk has determined to Isue. ptorma
0tion. against each of the eighteen
men for whom bench warrants were
m:nde. out. The.. last state legisla
trr gave thge state's attorney tht$
power.% An information making a di
rt charge of ,bfribery will be as
rong, practically, as an indictment,
is stated.
Victiml of .Their ýOperations Begin
Campaign .Aleiast. Them.
d 4.trade combinations with htadqluair
ters in Chioago, liave begun a-camu
paign against'sucn 9 gnizatons.liand
United. States Dtstrw!t - Attorney
Dethia has told them that if they will
furlish the, evidence he will take the
caseg into the courts, 'Th6 cobmpLaints
aie made against the Electrical Sup
pesi company, the, Master Plumbers'
aSgbalcjation an@dthe American Tobacco
c.4mpany. Attoriey, Bethea promises
that he wlil take up the charges, in·
cori~rate them in' a bill for injunc
tion under the Sherman law, and for
ward the document to Attorney Gen.
eral, Knox for approval. H'e ihissts,
however, that in such cases the vic
timis so-called shall justify their com
pints' .with someting. tangible. -
M.ch Fine Saw Timber Is Being De
,Kallspell, Sept. 14.-Two of the
most disatrous fires, that have ever
rak8id. 'i .ie fcrest of this; county
asie ditroying millions of feet orfi ne
ssa'ti2i aber.
9. e .fire is in the r Dayton creek
couatryand the other is south and
west ot Libby in a, large celar dis
trict. f'he fires are burning 'frebly
an, h~ve a great start. Special
Agent. Berndt, of thq ferior depart.
rleit; . has gone %tthe Scene' of. the
flr.: .and will ,arrange foo' a large
foa.e. t men for the fighting of, the
cla..ims. The e~ntire day.has been-dark
as'the .smoke in great clouds hangs
ove. tihe whole valley.
The lnd it low, otherwise the con
fiagratoio Would be much- greater.
From,. the present Outlook the fires
wil.b"e the m.est dsastroud ever
nenowa-ln ,thispart of the stat.
FO- .N' iE'IMoeRGNCYm . '
No- Causie O Alarhn, But Take `Stieps
to insure Abundance of
Free Money.
Washington, Sept. 14.--Secetary
Shaw ,has issued, the following state
, Secretary Shaw has made. arrange
ments to release Labbutt:..$4,000,000 of,
the treasury holdirngs. He has had'. a
list prepared of. those national banks
throughout tnu" country which held
free or plegedgd bonds at th, date of.
their last report 'and. .hae made- in
quiry for othets.' Aftei' tniting allow
ance for' changed conditiohs .iince the
last report he expects this will re
lease at least $4,000,000.
He has seit notice to` iall Such that
if they' will send wtheR0. bonds -tothe
treasurer of the United States ip sums
of $50,000 or more they will be desig
i ated a: tenimp ..'d i ~i ~'i4
the face value of the' onds will be
deposited with them to the credit of
the treasurer of the United States.
He has pursued thfis course in prefer
ence to designating depositories in
thle ordinary way, which compels them
to buy bonds, in the market at a- large
.premium, thus paying eant more for
the bonds than they get from tha
government. ,The . ustoms receipts
are extremely heavy at this season of
the year, and the cash balance of the
treasurer has been gradually increas
. Anticipates October Interelt. ,
He' has also 'Gecided to aanticipate
the October interet, amounting to
about $4,200,000, and with this in
view crders have been issued to the
various sub-treasuries to cash such
coupons as may be-presented and the
treasurer -of the United States has
been instructed to mail checks for
interest on the registered bonds. All
this was decided upon some days ago
and' letters 'and telegrams prepared
for today.
The secretary sees in present con
ditions no occasion for aiatm. He
calls attention to the' fact that there
is no evidence of a currency famine
present or prospective, elsewhere than
in Ne# York, apd. even there the rate
is not high for commercial paper, and
for, commercial paper he has the
;greater solicitude. He is well satis
fled with his .efforts to increase the
circulation which he decided upon in
the early summer when present con
ditions were visible and has been pre
paring to meet an gmergency-wvhich
he does 'not. expect, but which 'he
thinks 'it is: wise to provide against.
Thql f V .he has 'made re.tuests only
-of such banks as' hold large deposits
and 'have .,.ry limited circulation; and
he" li' not asking these to increase to
the' maximum; nor to increase at all
for t~ie present. He 'does not desire
to force the banks intd the market to
buy hbonds at'a rate higher than the
government is williig to pay. He
does desire to make tpe best possible
use' of the free bonds now held by
the banks.
Incidentally, he likes *t encourage
-banks to, hold free bonds during the
didl :months, belleving it is much bet
ter, to hold bonds that will yield one=
•half of 1. per cent even than to make
new loans at 2 . per cent. Therefore,
he is' giviing banks that hold these
free bonds an opportunity to use them.
to most excellent advantage. This
method, if pursuqd by the banks,
would give a slight 1element of elasn
ticity to our ogerwise inelastic cur
rency -system.'
- dPOititon Explafn.gd in Ltter.
His positiop as, -reards increasing
circulation is' perhaps= best expressed
in as letter 'whiche he iecently wrote to
ai banke? Who 4 4d been- already buy
;in- bondsi ed which rhe has consent
e tnige public.' It is as follows:
Tr i asry Department, Washington,
). C.. Iqp. 10, 1992: My pear Sii
pn '-etter of the 8th is received., I"
;~En it well nigh -impossible, tb con
vey kthe purport of my' request even
to the banks, of whom I have made
the request, much less to the .1 bi
Firt-In case of minesinientb d
or actual distaster, I will be c. ~i
to use governmean deposits ;to..l.uy
creased circulation.
:8econar-I desire. to have # r
tern to firfty 1 i
culation prirted epl
it can be ismue f d
f fotrty.
Thi-4 (wi b gta v'
they can, to lorr',w l'
outrth--I . 4eie to t
into the market ,to buy. ,nd t
present time.
- Pifth-I do not cpr t '
,urrency Issued nnlss' i
ake it .well nigh imperative
"I am making no dm i
bank. Th# amount of t.e.r
tion niupt be determined
rectors, but inasmuc t f
iblds the secetiry i tp
Iomewhat : reQponsible for;
conditions, I deem mylself
using tle' ptublic ,funds' noietb "
the various bankas on.: dei
think besa for'the pblicg
In case of trouble, 1 ma.tliu
to use these to buy incre'aadiii ;
tion, the baik-lts now -hobidin
funds, having prefer$fic . ,: .
Later in the day th.e fllolwO*i1
given oul it'the treaury deti~
Th6 Nd i ork batn a
ing because: of the un
mand in the west rediltng t'ei'`i
able cashi They, therefore, as tha
they be allowed to go intlthe i" mks
pay $1,1i0000 for ' milli
and ireceive froni `the. .treasi t e 4 i
lion' deposit with the '`bo ibds. .
seem willing/ to do this and incrieee
their reserve $250,000 against" th.i
increased liability. Thu#..the 'bb~i
would dcrease: thilr avyalble :, c.a
$850,000, ,but they would be 'drii i,,'
,the interest c'n the bo-ndsi .1)4d i':
of this the:secretary'is loanting o. ny
bank wherever situated' tipon tei:fe
bonds. I'f this way the westebrnr -
mand upon the banks will be "relt.'d'd
and they will only: have to.` pr~oe t``
Testimony . In Rgard to .Deat: :o
Pittsfield, Mass, Sej .s-Qoyern
cr W. Murray Crane: tjft. yter
day at the inquest '_itn eto
williap C. Crigtyz the a er.,et . i (ggle `
of eers. His aplpearanice. was ;
what in the astture of a s4urp-e. -
In .his -ey.,~ice the .goveror said
that in company' ithl President Roose
velt and George B. Cortelydu he was:
driving on, Souti esteet on the day of .
the accident, and was approaching tha
foot 'of. Howard hill when he heard
the gong .of the approaching car. At
*the time the leading horses. were, on
the track and he immediately rose, to. ;+,
his feet to see how, close the car.
was. He was dumbfounded to see'
that the car was only a shcrt dir
tance away and was alproaching at
a rapid speed. , .'
The governor could not tell just ex
actly how the accident occurred. .: HE, -
remembered pothing as to: "howi he.
was thrown, and only remembered as
sisting the president i from the car
Among the other witnesses . WaS.wi
Mrs.. Helen H. Horton,.a pasksnger, on,':i°
the car. .Mrs. Horton said the car
was running at a fair speed when the,,
collision ocburred. She sat, n t::,e
front seat directly behind the mooe.a
man. As the car approached the: pre.:
ident's Carriage the greater poritib.'.il.
the passengers stOod up to get' agod:-;:
view of the occupants .of the carriage.
Suddenly she heard I[otorman Mad
den excdaim: "OhK' my: od!'~ -si4
then jumped to the brakes and wqrkl '
ed, she said, as she never saw a mant
work before.
Assault aqd Murder Woman and Ftire
Beatrice, 1leb., Sept. 14.-Mrs. Kate . ,
.FourneUl, living with her parents near
Steinhauer, while .alone last, night
was -criminally assaulted by raimp
wtto then z mrdered her and drmmed:
her body into the yard where they
set fire to her clothing. When foi~
the clothing was entirely burnetd f
the body.
The men evidently had brokep.'
to the house, which te
co~mitting the :!rime. Blo
have been put onthe trail of ti e:
.Alone Holds ypI:n P. n
Topeka,: Spt -J
4 t hlee hia onl
pIn pewsit; but
ha 4iae place only Y
r~ .: ·wc~

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