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Cold Feet
The Former are Frequently Due to the Latter-You can Re
medy Both Ailments by Procuring from
Us a Bottle of
Syrup of White Pine and Tar
For the Cold-A HotWater Bag for the Feet.
By the way, a Hot-Water Bag is a mighty handy article to have around
the house-beneficial for Cramps, Toothache, Rheumatism, Neuralgia and
any Inflamation, PRICE: FROM 60 CENTS UP AT
Holmes & Rixon's
First National Bank Block, BILLINGS, MONT.
J. W. Ferguson of Bozeman is a-vis- s
tor in the city. i
G.. M. Miles of Miles City is regis- :
ered at the Grand.
Thomas Hogan of Red Lodge was I
n the city yesterday. f
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Simonson4f Ah
sarokee are Grand guests.
J. E. Choisser of Forsyth sl among
;oday's visitors in the city.
J. A. Eyler, livestock agent of the
Burlington, is at the Grand.
Joseph Sims, the Lavina fiockmas
er, was among last evening's arrivals
.n the city.
J. T. Murphy, president of the Mon
tana Cattle company, was down from(
lelena yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. T. P. McDonald ot
rhertnopolis, Wyo., were visitors in
,he vity yesterday.
Mrs. E. B. Hastings departed a tew I
lays ago for an extended visit among
relatives in Brooklyn, N. Y.
Mrs. C. F. Stocker of Miles City
is visiting her mother and sister, Mrs. I
Simmons and Mrs. Bert Shorey.
Next Monday Judge Loud is ex
pected to arrive in the city and open
the district court for the term.
J. M. Rapelje, trainmaster of the
Yellowstone division of the Norther
ffc, was in the city this morling
C. J. Hysham of the Hysham Cattle
company arrived from Omaha -this
morning and is registered at the
Fourteen cars of sheep were shipped
to Broken Bow, Neb., yesterday morn
ing by the Bouton Livestock company,
where they will be fed during the
Mrs. W. H. Donovan, who with her
husband has been living in the state
of Washington for the past two years,
returned to the city to reside perma
enntly a few days ago.
J. R. Elliott, recently in the employ
of the company at this point, has
been apointed Northern Pacifil ware
house man at Red Lodge and has
enoved there with his family.
-Mrs. S. P. Panton, formerly one ot
the prominent society ladies of the
city, but now residing at Anaconda;
is visiting the Misses Panton at their
home in West Montana avenue. l
To commemorate her 60th birthday
Mrs. Amanda Keyes of South Twenty
eighth street, gave a dinner party
Saturday evening. All of the guests
.ere old friends of the hostess.
SEd Brown, William Harker and Win
field Scott left Sunday morning with
Tooth Brushes
We can sell you a
splendid Tooth Brush
for a Quarter-one
that has bristles that
stick to the brush
and not in your gums.
'Other Brushes et
other prices.
The Billinp Pharmacy
IIOFRUAR * SO..I., Pre _ -
a camping outfit for a hunt and fish
in the Big Horn mountains. They
expected to be absent about 10 days.
Sale is reported by the Yellowstone a
Investment company of 2,400 lambs
for Ben Radcliffe to J. A. Morgan,
who will take them to his ranch up
the valley for feeding.
Miss Gusta Park, until recently in
the salesrooms of the Donovan-Mc
Cormick cbmpany, is now a traveling
agent of the suit and millinery de
partments of the store.
. B. Clarke, who, in conjunction
ith the Montana Horse Sales com
pany, conducted the sales of last
week, returned to his home at Miles
City last Sunday. In the neighborhood
of 1,500 horses were sold.
Miss Florence Carns, who was call
ed to her home in Nebraska by the
serious sickness of her slater, returned
last Friday. When she left the in
valid was still far from being well,
but considered out of danger.
C. H. Luderman, until recently en
gaged in business here, is in the city
for a few days to visit his family.
He is now enrolled as an apostle of
commerce, being "on 'the road" for
an eastern shoe manufacturing con
C. Ovren, for several years past
with W. B. George as clerk, ha
branched out for himself. He has
bought the fruit and confectionery
store hitherto conducted by Miss Lil
ian Flatt and is now counted among
the merchants of the city.
Harry L. Wilson left thin morning
for Miles City, having been called
'there by a telegram informing him
that his father had been fatally in
jured. No particulars were given and
the nature of the accident with which
Ihis parent met is not known.
Yesterday's shipment of sheep by
the Bouton Livestock company round
ed out a total of 6,500 Which the com
pany has contracted to feed in the
vicinity of Broken Bow. E. O. Rails
'back has gone there to remain until
the sheep are finished for the market.
James Fischer, a member of the
Billings Hardware company, at present
residing at Helena, is in the city.ý- He
-expects to return to the capital this
evening and close up some business
matters, after which he will return
with his family to reside permanently.
wo lines are being run by the Bill
:gs Land and Itrigation company
from which to make a selection for
the proposed canal of the company.
One of the lines was within a few
miles of the city this morning and it
was expected that the engineers would
reach here, this evening.
A special stock train composed of
20 cars of horses bought 'by different
parties at the horse tales last week
was shipped east Sunday over the
Northern Pacific. Bach car represent
ed a buyer and to accommodate all
the company very considerately at
ed a coach to the taiin.
. A. Andrews of Billings passed
rough Lewistown Saturday on his
Sout to the ranch of the Fergue
Land and Livestock, company after
2,500 2-year-old- wethers, which I. D.
O'Doniell, the alfalfa king of Yellow
stone, bought recently, says the Fer
gus County .Argus. The price paid
$2.70 per head.
SB. George is nursing a very sore
ger, caused by a slight wound sus
tained while engaged in extracting a
tooth of one of his horses.. At firat
the injury was considered as trifling,
as it consisted of a mnere scratch,
'but inlammation intervened and the
result is much suffering and annoy.
ance to the vietim. /
atday evdelbhg the'itme 4epamift
was clled obukby ai k.larm itr*i the
.outh side. Some one was li S
leaves at the corne of Twety-0i1th
street and .ourth avenue and4 s t e
ire assumed proportions larger tihn
calculated upon .the neighbors beofme
frightened and one of them turned
in an alarm.
News of the death of W. b. Heckart,
who was one of the contractors in the
onstruction of the Burlington rail
way into the city, has been received.
Mr. Heckart died at Hot Spriigs, S.
D. His remains were temporarily
interred at Deadwood and will be
taken to the city of New York later
for permanent burial.
t~eutenant E. R. McCabe of the
sixth cavalry and Doctor James Rea
gles, post surgeon, were up from Fort
Keogh yesterday on recruiting duty
The offers they had to make to eligible
men did not seem to appeal very
strongly to any that may have thought
of enlisting and as fai as known
they did not secure a single Ieprult.
John Miller, the aged traveler taken
from Friday's eastbound North Coast
Limited, died at St. Vincent's hospital
Saturday morning. Death was causea
by a complication of heart disease
and asthma. Thomas H. Miller, son
of the deceased, was traveling with
him and at his Instance the body was
embalmed and he left with it for Du
luth Saturday morning.
Among others who have been re
quested to take active part in the com
ing farmers' institute for this county
is Frank Meyer, the acknowledged.
authority on poultry and everything
pertaining to it in eastern Montana.
He has been asked to-read a paper on
the subject, it being conceded that
no one who could be selected could
do so with more knowledge of the
matter under discussion. The record
he made at the state fair as a prize
winner has given him more than a
local reputation.
O. D. Hogue, public administrator,
has filed a petition with the clerk of
the district court asking for letters
of administration of the estate of
Jerome Daly, deceased. Mr. Daly
died in this city May 18, last, and left
an estate composed of lot 6 of the
southwest quarter of section 9, town.
ship 1 south, range 26 east, valued at
$500. The ground has been used as
a truck garden. Three heirs, two
daughters and the widow, are the
claimants. The necessary orders for
posting and returns on the same have
hair .T.r .
I O' Marx
Cpright 190 by Hart eaaefra Uass
You can add a
to your appearance
if you wear an
H S, &M,
No tailor can beat
them for Style.
Prices Reasonable
Acting as auctioneer, Under Sheriff
Sayles last Saturday sold the stock 6bf
liquors and cigars of the Gem saloon,
which was dlosed under a foreclosure
of mortgage several days before.
Prank H. Nickey, formerly of thil
city, but for the last few years in
Alaska, news of whose sickness was
published in The Gazette a few weeks
ago, is expected to leave Seattle this
morning and come as far as Hunters
Hot.Springs. Mr. Nickey is suffering
from an attack of parklysis and hopes
that the waters of that resort will
prove of benefit to him.
In the absence of a regular minister
the Reverend George E. Barnes, lately
pastor of the Laurel church of that
denomination, preached at the Con.
gregational church last Sunday. As
yet nothing definite is to be said con
cerning the acceptance of the call
extended by the society to the Rev
erend Arthur Miles of Spring Valley,
ill., who officiated a few times since
the resignation of Mr. Clark.
Another of the rings stolen at the
time -Senator Hoffman's house at
Bozeman was robbed by burglars has
been recovered by the local police.
It was found in the possession of
one of the Canadians who attended
the horse sales last week. He bought
it from a second-hand dealer while
hbre on a former visit. It ia-believed
thl t all of the jewelry sold 'here by
.lhe burglar has now been recovered.
It was reported about the city yes
terday and the day before that another
arrest had been made in conneotion
with the wholesale horsestealing.that
has been going on for some time
in Carbon county and the eastern part
of the Crow reservation. The per
son arrested was said to be C. D. Dela
hoyde, until recently in the range
business on Sage creek in Carbon
county, whom it was claimed had been
apprehended in northern Wyoming
and taken to Basin for trial. The
report came by way of Red Lodge
and .could not be confirmed. Dela
hoyde was one of the men who al
leged he had been driven from the
Sage creek section by invading sheep
men, between whom and the cattle
men war seemed imminent a short
time ago.
Additional Local on Page 3.
Confessions of a Priest.
Rev. Jno. S. Cox of Wake, Ark.,
writes: "For 12 years I sufered from
yellow jaundice. I consulted a num
ber of physicians and tried all sorts
of medicines, but got no relief. 'Then
I began the use of Electric Bitters and
feel that I am now cured of a disease
that had me in its grasp for 12 years."
If you want a reliable medicine for
liver and kidney trouble, stomach dis
order or general debility, get Electric
Bitters. It's guaranteed by Chapple
Drug Co. Only 50c.
Something Good.
Patrons of the opera house are
looking gorward with pleasant antici
pations to the initial appearance here 4
tonight of the farcical comedy sensa
tion "A Friend of the Family." The,
compa.ny, which is an exceptional, .
large and clever one, is appearing
only in the large cities and judging
from the press comments wherever
it has appeared it is one of the fun
niest legitimate comedies that has
toured the west in years. The com
pany which has been engaged to inter
pret the farce are all well known
artists, and- it is claimed they take
advantage of every tunny situation.
The dialogue is of the bright, crispy.
sort, which leeps the audience in a
convulsions of laughter from the rise
of the first curtain until the fall of the
final one. The leading comedienne
is Miss Alice Johnson, a young lady
who will be remembered by her ex
ceedingly clever work with the Fraw
ley stock company three years ago.
Since her last visit through the west
Miss Johnson has been playing in
New York city only. It is expected
that after the contracts already made
have been fulfilled that "A Friend of
the Family" will move to the metrop
oils for an extended stay on Broadway.
As an unusual rush for seatss ex
pected those wishing desirable ones
had better have them marked off ear
ly. Seats now on sale. There'will
be no advance in prices.
Billings Business College.
Will open Nev. 1 ;or winter term.
Ladies and gentlemen prepared for
government and mercantile positions.
Positions found for graduates.
47-6 C. E. TAYLOA, Prin.
A Love Letter
Would not interest you if you're
looking forl a guaranteed salve for
sores, burns or piles.. Otto Dodd of
Ponder, Mo., writes: "I sufered with
an ugly sore for a year, but a box of
Bucklen's Arnica Salve cured me. It's
the best salve on earth." 25c at Chap
pie Drug Co.'s.
Don't Forget Me.
When you are placing your Insur
ance. My companies and rates can
not be excelled. Edgar B. Camp, First
National bank building. 154-ti
School 0ri0
We carry all the School Books u
Schools of Montana. Our sto .
Pencils, Pen Holders, Braserm
. ain Pens, Etc., is the best that ,
Cheaper and Better Then Ever B
. The Northside Building Los .
North Real Estate, Loan and Title,
More building this year in this addition than in any other p
of Billings
See Us and select your lots before the advance
Finest Hotel in the Yellowstone Valley . .
The Grond
Geo. F. Bennighoff, Prop.
/,) Makes all things Bright New
Things all the time.
Call and see our
Numerous Other Novelties. |
Call and see us.
Enters Upon Study of Second Shakes
perean Play.
At yesterday's meeting of the Wo- 1
man's club two new associate mem- t
bers were elected, Mrs. Hirsch and I
Mrs. Barras. After the regular rou- 3
tine business had ,been transacted, c
the club took up the study of "The
Winter's Tale," of which the first and
part of the second scenes of the first
act were read. Preceding this was I
a paper by Miss Marion Goss on the
introduction of the play.
Mrs. Armstrong was the leader and t
after the reading propounded the i
usual questions to members concern, t
ing the various characters in the play r
met with up to that time. The result- i
ing discussion was animated at times
and throughout highly entertaining as <
well as instructive. Analysis was I
made of Leontes, who was dissected ,
with true feminine regard for his
idiosyncrasies, with particular refer- I
ence to his sudden and unreasonable
jealousy of the queen. "-he other
characters also came in for their share
of attention and some of them were,
perhaps, handled in. a manner that
could not be called exactly compli
mentary, particularly Polixenes, who
was regarded as having transcended
the limits of good taste by his pro
longation of his visit to Ljeontes.
Mrs. James McCormick contributed
a paper on American humorists, se
lecting Washington Irving, the first
American author of note to invade
the field of humor, and Finley Peter
Dunne, the humorist of today, as her
subjects for comparison. 1m her in
imitable manner the lady read ex
tracts from the works of both and
afforded great amusement as she 4uot
ed bits of conversation between "Mr.
Dooley" and "Hinnessy" in their dis
cussion of the servant girl problem.
Mrs. S. P. Panton, a former member
of the club, was present as a visitor
and entertained the iembers with
a brief talk on the federation ot^
men's clubs.
Business Chance.
Widow lady having turaiture
large house wishes some gentl
to advance money to pay movingi
penses and rent house. Please1
305 South Thirtieth street,
or evenings.
Mrs. Leo Brown Is Acquitt
Miles City, Oct. 26.--~he las1
*the Standifer murder case. Was h
Sunday morning when at 3 o.
the jury announced that theyc'M
ready to bring in their verdict,
was that of acquittal.
TPhe arguments extended fro
o'clock in the morning untfl
night, with almost three b iur
mission. The jury had no
arriving at a verdict, which
general satisfaction.
Fity TmIi

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