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Saturday ard are Saturday
Only. Specials Only.
The Coolest Place in Town
is Our Basement Hardware Department
Hand-made Copper Bottom Tea Kettles - 60c
Tin Tea Kettles - - - - - 40c
Aunt Nancy Coffee Mills - - . - 40c
A few more lengths of Sterling or Famous Garden
Hose at 8 cents per foot.
Boston Spray Nozzle free with each 50o foot length
Local Land Office Without Discre
tion-Can Only Obey Directions
. from Washington.
Because of the new order of the
department of the interior relative to
the examination by a special agent
of final proofs in support of land en
tries settlers are put to not a little
delay and inconvenience, particularly
those wishing to make their proofs
before United States commissioners
and clerks of the district court. Many
complaints have been made, but it
see.ns that no relief is in sight, un
less the department opens its heart
and appoints more special agents.
Register Wilson Explains.
In this connection the following let
ter, written by M. R. Wilson, register
of the Bozeman land office, to E. W.
Dunne, deputy clerk of the district
court for this oounty, may be of inter
est to entrysren, as it explains the con
ditions brought about since the new
order became operative. The letter
is dated June 23:
"I write at this time in regard to
the matter of a special agent having
been put in the field by the general
land office at Washington, D. C., -with
Insure Highest Market Prices
Cattle and Sheep
by consigning them to
Live Stopk Commision
Let no now what yo hae and wben you asped to .hip
a view to examine more critically
final proofs offered. This is some
thing which did not originate in this
office, the department at Washington
having taken it up of its own motion.
We must follow out the course laid
down for us.
Must Notify Applicant.
"When application for final proof
is sent in to us we are required to
write the applicant informing him that
the taking of proof before an officer
other than the local land office may
cause delay', as the special agent
may wish to be present at the hearing,
and even examine the land. The
special agent gives us dates when he
can visit the various United States
commissioners of this district, of
whom there are 19, and doing business
at points far removed from each other.
Said special agent has too much to
do and canont get around as often as
is desirable for the convenience of
all concerned. But we must set final
proofs to suit his plans. This will
explain why advertisements do not
appear promptly when we are ready to
order same.
"It is causing us not a little extra
work and annoyance, and I am aware
that it causes worry and much trou
ble to you and your clients, but I see
no rpmedy until more help is furnish
ed to the special agent.
"Personally we have no desire to
force people to come to the local office
to make their proofs. That would on
ly increase our labors here. Those
wishing to make final proofs should
apply some little time before hand,
so that proper arrangements can be
made. And I wish to say that those
who have complied with the law have
nothing to fear from the investigations
of the special agent, but can safely'
proceed to make proof before you.
"Please accept this explanation and
inform your patrons of the true sit
Calling cards at The Gazette office.
Bishops Named for Both-Personal
Sketch of Head of New
As announced in dispatches from
Washington, the wish of the late Bish
op Brondel is to be carried out, al
though he did not live long enough to
see its actualization. The apostolic
delegate has been informed in a briet
from Rome that Montana has been
erected into two dioceses of the Cath
olic church, one to have its seat at
Great Falls and the other at Helena.
The Reverend James T. Cleary of
Minneapolis has been appointed bish
op of the Helena see and-the Reverend
M. Linehan of the archdiocese of Du
buque, Ia., will be 'bishop of the Great
Falls see. The action taken by the
propaganda at the world's seat of
'Catholicism creates two bishoprics in
the state. The see of Helena previous
to this order had jurisdiction over the
whole of Montana.
The counties of Cascade, Chouteau,
Flathead, Teton, Fergus, Valley, Yel
lowstone, Dawson, 'Custer, Park, Rose
bud, Sweet Grass and a portion of
Meagher will be embraced in the new
diocese and the rest of the state will
be in the diocese of 'Helena. It is
known that Bishop Brondel strongly
favored partition of the state, as has
now been decided upon, with the seat
of the new diocese either at Billings
or Great Falls. Which of those .two
cities, if either, he preferred has never
been learned.
Of course, Great Falls is highly
elated at the honor given it and will
no doubt respond generously at the
proper time to show its appreciation.
Soon after the installation of Bishop
Linehan a cathedral and a bi'shop's
palace will be er~cted. It is also said
that extensive additions to the Colum
bus hospital, already planned, are to
be soon commenced, and that the
Ursuline nuns will, within a year,
build large school buildings upon the
lots they now own there.
The New Bishop.
As the people 4hereabouts of the
new diocese are naturally interested
in knowing something about the man
who is to be at the head of the spirit
ual affairs of their see, the following
dispatch from Dubuque, where the
gentleman was born, is reprinted:
Dean Linehan, who has been cho
sen to be bishop of the newly-erected
diocese of Great Falls, was born in
Dubuque in the year 1854, his parents
being among the pioneers of Dubuque,
Edmund and Mary Linehan, who came
to Dubuque, then little more than a
settlement, in the early fifties. He
first attended the Cathedral school
until 'he received his communion, af
ter which he entered, as a charter
student, the college of St. Joseph,
when the institution first opened its
doors through the efforts of Fathei
The quiet, grave young student soon
established an aptitude beyond his
years, and won recognition from his
instructors for his brilliancy and de
votion to his calhng. After gradua
tion from the college the young man
entered the Montreal seminary, where
he studied his theology. On the last
vacation trip home before he received
his last course, the young aspirant
for the sacred office of the priesthood
was made the recipient of his first
orders from the hands of the late
Bishop Hennessy.
He was ordained at the Montreal
seminary 25 years ago next December,
and from that time until the present
hasiabeen absolutely devoted to his
sacred calling, filling successfully the
various parishes of Lyons, Ia., for
several months; Vale, Ia., for seven
years, and the remaining 17 years at
Energetic and Enterprising.
The work of the priest in Marshall
town has been along a broad scale.
Through his efforts the present impos
ing Catholic church has been erected,
the sisters' home and the Grand Line
han Memorial hospital being just com
pleted at a cost of $40,000.
The new hospital erected to care for
the ill and distressed, and which is a
worthy 'monument to the memory of
the late brother of Dean Linehan,
Bishop Thomas Lihehan of Cheyenne,
Wyo., is a beautiful tribute to the
work of'the man who has given up all
Ithings'to follow the way marked out
for those who follow the footsteps of
the divine master.
Brother a Bishop.
Dean iTneban, who is soon to have
honors of the bishopric conferred' ,
b fiim, is the second youngest child'
mthe late Edmund and Mary Linehan;
His brothers and sisters, well and
most favorably known in Dubuque;
were D. W. Linehan, the late John J.,
the Ibishop, Bart and Mrs. A. S. Mole
of this city.
Seven years ago the late Bishop
iAnehan was made bishop of Chey
enne, and after a short career as bish
op, passed away, honored and beloved
by all who knew him. The career of
*the late bishop was not less meteoric
thrn that of his brother, Dean Line
han, and he built up countless western
parishes, including his long-time par
ish at Fort Dodge, Ia., in a manner
only worthy of the great man and the
high and sacred calling.
For Rent.
Terms reasonable; North Twenty
eighth street; 6-room house, electric
light, bath, hot and cold water. Apply
at No. 315. 17-2
Nicotine Solution and Elastic Roof
Woolgrowers, now is the time to
place your orders for sheep dip. Hy
geno is guaranteed to you as the best
disinfectant, and sure tick killer on
the market. F. D. DERBY, Agent,
kal Billings, Montana.
Hygeno will keep your flocks heal
thy, which means more wool and bet
ter wool. kal
Hygeno is a preventive against
scab. kal
Those who have used Hygeno in
the past will use no other dip. En
dorsed by leading wool growers of the
state. kal
Derby Nicotine Solution.
Derby Nicotine Solution contains 40
per cent nicotine. A sure remedy for
scalb. Derby Nicotine Solution con
tains 40 per cent nicotine; tobacco
extradts contain from 2 , to 5 per
cent nicotine; therefore, Derby Nico
tine Solution is from eight to 16 times
stronger in actual nicotine, and costs
one-sixteenth to one-eighth as much
for transportation charges; don't pay
freight on water. It is the best para
siticide known. Accepted by bureau
of.ahimal industry for use by govern
ment inspectors. Put up in one
pound cans. F. D. DERBY, Agent,
gal Billings, Montana.
Important-Do It Now!
For the next 60 days I will contract
to paint any roof in this city with the
five-year guarantee grade of the At
lantic Refining company's Elastic Car
bon paint. Satisfaction guaranteed
or no pay. F. D. DERBY, Agent
Elastic Carbon paint will make an
old leaky roof practically as good as
new. kal
Elastic Carbon paint makes a roof,
be it metal, canvas, wood, felt or
shingle, impervious to water. kal
You can patch any leak or hole
from the size of a pin head to two feet
square with Elastic Carbon paint.
Elastic Carbon paint is serviceable,
protective; is ready mixed, flows free
ly, dries with a perfect lustre; is fre
proof and waterproof; prevents corro
sion, elastic and will not crack or
scale off; will stop leaks, will. not run
or blister. It will cover anything, is
easily applied, and is the cheapest
and most durable paint on the mar
ket. Made in black only.
kal F. D. DERBY, Agent.
Grotto Springs Floral Company.
Fresh cut flowers in great variety.
Special attention given to design
work. Mail orders filled on day re
ceived. Bell telephone 9bF, city sales
room; Bell telephone 79A, greenhouse.
Fancy Work.
Lessons given in silk embroidery,
French Mountmellick, Mexican drawn
and Hardanger Work by Mrs. A. Staff,
121 .'thlrty-flrst street, north. Three
hours, 50 cents. See display at Yegen
store. 15-9
Annually, from 100 to 500 I, 2 and
3-year-old steers to run until matured
for shipment; also a party to turn over
100 or 250 head of stock cattle and
take an interest, or let out on shares
she stock or mixed; 200 square miles
of excellent well watered range di
reatly tributary; $8,000 in equipment,
pastures, etc.; incorporated. Address
The Marlas Ranch & Cattle Company,
inc., box 8, Fort BSenton, Mont. tf
Furnished Rooms in Connection A
J. R, CONWAY, Prep.
Wins, liquors ii Cligars
Hosebaold geoods a
" T will pay the Highest *
" Cash Price for good .
0 second-hand furniture 0 Finest Appoi,. -
Get our estimate be- leR
Sfore buying or selling Cluba e
ST. F. HOLL YIn the Ct
0000000000000 IIAIAE & POTT
0000oo* 0o 03 **oto Montana Ave
Livery, Feed and Sale :
STA, $5.00 REWARD.
North 27th Street.
GO TThe above reward will be0
GOOD TURNOUTS 0 paid for -the arrest and con
Careful Attentionto Stock viction of any person steeling:*
0 coples of The Gazette from:
P. H. SMITH, Prop. 0 subscribers,
S0 0 0 0 0 00000000 @0 @@@@00 @ @@@@0,
f We are Pushing
R Our Baby Carriages
Are you pushing yours? If not why not? Have you one to push?
The baby is crying for one, the mother is in need of one
and just imagine that proud father with The
Swellest Baby on Earth in one.
Our prices and goods in furniture and carpets need not be
referred to. They speak for themselves. Come and see.
Undoetakiang and Embalming.
BiIlings Faniture Company
Opposite Northern Hotel T. CHAPPLE. Manager.
--i----J-`------- J - --i " l' .
Yellowstone County.
Abstracts of Title to all lands and lots furnished on short
notice, No extra charge for certificates.
204 North 27th Street. Opposite New Court House,
Finest Hotel in the Yellowstone Valley . . .
¶he Grand
Ueo. F. Bennighoff, Prop.
ON APPLICATION. illingsont
Makes all things Bright New
Things all the time.
Call and see our
ll Numerous Other Novelties.
'. l_ Call and see us.
The St. Louis Special is the only train that+,
takes you. through to the Southeast without a '
single change of cars.
All meals are served in dining cars, and you
can ride in a palace sleeper, a tourist-sleeper, or a
comfortable reclining chair-car "as you like it."
P S.-Three routes East-via Denver, St. PauJ:a~

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