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From Wednesday's Daily. V
D. J. Nelson of Sheridan was a visi- in
tor in the city yesterday. ti
J. E. Moore of Livingston, was a B
visitor in the city yesterday.
John Lanseer of Washington, D. C., ii
arrived in the city yesterday. t4
L. J. Daly of Butte was among the
arrivals in the city, yesterday.
W. G. Lewis of Helena, was among
the arrivals in the city yesterday.
R. E. Taft, a railroad man of Min- b
neapolis, was in the city, yesterday. o
E. R. Willard of Los Angeles, was n
among the arrivals in the city yester- t
C. J. Cottingham was down from n
Helena, yesterday, on a short business
trip. v
A. J. Johnson of Corvallis, Ore., li
spent yesterday in the city, on busi- ii
ness. a
W. M. Grant of St. Paul was among t
the visitors who registered in the city, a
M. Wright of Laurel, came down c
yesterday morning and stayed a few I
hours here. I
Mrs. Ed. Meyer of Joliet, is visiting 5
in the city, and is the guest of Mrs. r
John Staffek.
L. B. Knight of Minneapolis, was
among the visitors who arrived in the
city yesterday.
S. E. Berg, a prominent rancher of
the Huntley neighborhood, spent yes
terday in the city.
H. W. Loveland and L. H. Pinkham
of Portland, are sipending a few days
here on busines, ,
W. M. Ferguss Of Butte, is among
the visitors "wbo are spending a few
=days in the .tty.
Miss Mauda Byterof Pocatedo, Idaho,
arrived ini the city yesterday on a
'visit to f. riOSt4
SE. C. W.rd. of Bozeman, came down
yesterday l' d nit -a few houts in
the city on' b'iness.
Thomas Flannigan, a well known
resident of Absarokee, was in the city
yesterday, on business.
Mr. and Mrs. George Bartlett of
the Wayside ranch,* spent 'yesterday
with friends in the city.
O. F. Lindquist of Clark, Wyo., has
been spending the past two days. in
the city on land business.
W. J. tqsitc aLLypoea Nqb., aryived
here yesterday for the purpose of
looking over the country.
S. W. Rankin, manager of the Glid
den Mercantile company of Bridger,
spent last night in the city.
R. A. Edmundson of Perry, Iowa, is
here looking over the country with a
view of investing in city or country
E. D. Abrams, representing one of
the state newspapers, was in the city
yesterday, on his way to northern
G. C. Lehner of Mullan, Idaho, has
been spending several days in Bil
lings and vicinity, buying stock for the
. Idaho Packing company.
E. B. Thayer, a merchant of Absaro
kee, came to town yesterday for the
purpose of buying goods and transact
ing other matters of business.
W. Crum of Crawfordsvile, Ind., ar
rived in the city yesterday, and will
inspect the farm lands situation in
the Yellowstone valley while here.
C. G. Coutant, editor of the Sheri
dan, Wyo., Post, came up to Billings,
yesterday morning, and spent the day
with friends and acquaintances here.
M. L. O'Brien, trainmaster for the
Yellowstone division of the Northern
Pacific, was up from Glendive, yester
day, on business connected with his
J. C. Jennerman of Broken Bow,
Neb., is spending a few days here on
stock business, and will look over
the offerings in farming lands before
he returns east.
H. N. Savage, chief engineer of the
reclamation service, returned yester
day from an official inspection of the
work being done on the great Sho
shone project in the Big Horn basin,
Snows in Nebraska nave caused
considerable delay in westbound Bur
lington trains during the past three
days. Yesterday's train No. 5, due
here at 7:30 in the morning, arrived
at 1:30 p. m.
R. J. Luke, who until a few weeks
ago was engaged in the grocery busi
ness in this city, has taken a posi
tion with the Aroma Coffee company
of Duluth. The state of Montana will
constitute his territory.
James W. Richardson drove in from
his sheep ranch near Lavina, last even
lng and will stay here tonight and
take in the minstrel show, Mr. Rich
arGdon being one of the gang compos
tag the membership of 394.
Ed. Noonan, alias Eddie Good Boy,
Mike Lsaey and William Miller all
s4AMred pleas of guilty to a charge of
vagrancy in police court yesterday t
morning, and Judge Carwile gave i
them five days each with Landlord
Baker of the city jail.
A. J. Johnson, national bank exam-i
iner for Montana, Idaho and Washing-]
ton, is spending a few days here mak- !
ing the examination of the First Na
tional and Yellowstone National banks.
Mr. Johnson's headquarters are in
Monday evening the deal was closed
by which Charles Getchell became the
owner of the Nick Klos cigar and
news stand,, located in the First Na
tional bank building. Mr. Getchell
took charge of the business yesterday
W. E. Young, in charge of a sur
veying party on the line of the Bur
lington extension to Great Falls, came
into town from his camp, last night,
and will take in the big minstrel show
tonight. Inasmuch as Mr. Young is
a live Elk he couldn't miss it.
J. G. Lewis, executor of the estate
of his late brother, Len. T. Lewis, of
Meagher county, one of the most pro
minent stockmen of the state, is
spending a few dlays here on business
relative to the settlement of his broth
er's estate. Mr. Lewis lives at White
Sulphur Springs.
J. T. Kilbey of Cleveland, Ohio, the
man who is building the big sugar
plant in this city, arrived here yester
day. On account of the late cold
weather work;. was temporarily sus
pended on the ..building, but it will
probably be resumed today,, if the con
ditions are as favorable as they were
yesterday. ,.
Doctor J. A. Walker of Helena was
a guest of G. B. Fletcher of this city,
during the past two or three- days.
Doctor Walker was on hit return from
a trip to Europe. He has -gone west
on a brief visit and expects to return
1 to Billings in a ,few days and settle
1 here permanently In the. practice of
his professibn.
I Harry Gilmore, one of the oldest
Y stage drivers and freighters of east
ern Montana, in point of length of ser
i vice, came up from Crow Agency, yes
Y terday, having been compelled to take
a rest on account of a severe attack
s of rheumatism. For the past 18
a montlis he 'has' been driving a stage
between Crow Agency and 'St. Xavier.
d Mr. and Mrs. John P. Oberweiser
f and son, started yesterday morning
for Menasha, Wis., where they will
1. spend a month or six weeks, visiting
r, relatives and old friends. Their for
mer home was in Menasha. At the
s end of his visit Mr. Oberweiser ex
a pects to return to Billings and engage
y in business. On Monday evening a
farewell surprise party was given Mr.
and Mrs. Oberweiser at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mann.
C. M. Jefferson, the printer who
came here from Forsyth early in De
cember last, and who has since been
confined continuously in the hospital,
is reported to be sinking and his
death is hourly expected. Several
weeks after he came, there were some
hopes for his recovery, although he
has been a very sick man all of the
time, since his arrival here, and prior
thereto. His wife, who lives in Wis
consin, has been with him all of the
From Thursday's Daily.
W. G. Lewis of Helena, was regis.
tered in the city, yesterday.
W. S. Doth of Butte was among the
arrivals in the city yesterday.
F. P. Thomas of Butte is spending a
few days here attending to business
J. F. Tilden, a well known resident
of Park City, was a visitor in the city
R. W. Hynes of Helena was among
the visitors who arrived in the ity
Miss Lulu Anderson of Medora, N.
D., was among the arrivals in the city,
W. H. Boucher of Seatt'e. was
among the visitors who arrivedl in the
city yesterday.
C. P. Cooper and J. W. Hays of
Minneapolis, were registered in the
city yesterday.
J. E. Sweeney of Milwaukee was
among the visitors who registered in
the city yesterday.
Mrs. T. A. Eaton of Wolf, Wyo., ar
rived in the city yesterday morning,
on a visit to friends.
G. A. Borruff was down from Bridger
yesterday, and spent the day trans
acting business here.
W. R. Painter of Painter, Wyo., ar
rived here yesterday morning and will
I remain a few days, visiting with
Robert T. Leavens came down from
Bear Creek, Tuesday evening, and met
his father-in-law, George T. Lamport,
here. Mr. Leavens spent the day with
old friends here.
Sam Greenblatt, a merchant of
.'omberg, was down yesterday on a
buying trip, and spent the day among
the local wholesale houses.
W. . Goldsmith of Denver arrived in
the city yesterday morning, and will
take a general look over the country
in the neighborhood of Billings.
A. C. Johnson,. the Helena banker,
was here yesterday on business con
nected with the McCormick company,
in which company he is a stockhold
Herman Smith & Co. received an
elegant new hack yesterday, which
was made to their order at Quincy,
Ill., which they will put in service on
I the streets.
Miss H. Kelley of Bozeman arrived
in the city yesterday. She came down
on a very important errand, the de
1 tails of which began at the marriage
license office. The young lady is the
daughter of the register of the land
office at Bozeman.
W. M. Parsons, of Minneapolis, field
secretary of the Y. M. C. A., arrived
here yesterday morning from Miss
oula, and will lend his assistance in
s the campaign that will begin this
morning, in which it proposed to raise
e the remaining $13,000 required to be in
f the building fund for the new temple
) the association proposes to erect ia1
this city.
Captain J. C. Bond, chief of the fire
L. department, returned home yesterday
e afternoon from a month's vacation
spent at the hot springs near Cody.
He is feeling well and is glad to get
back, The captain says that the dif
ficulty in reaching Cody is in the fact
that poor connections are made at
Tolucca. He thinks the Cody branch
1 trains should be run around to Billings,
as there were not less than 20 passen
gers for Billings on the train he came
up on.
At 3:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon
L 264 voters had registered at the south
9, side registration office and 344 had
s been enrolled at the north side regis
m tration place. The two wards of the
st south side registered 414 voters last
year, and Mr. Shannon, the clerk in
le charge, says there ought to be nearly
of 450 this year. Judge Matheson ex
pects not less than 800 registration at
at his office. The registration places
3t- will close tomorrow evening at 8
Lr- o'clock.
'S- C. Boettcher of Denver, one of the
ke prominent officers of the Weste-n
ck Sugar company, the same that is build
18 ing the plantin this city, arrived here
ge yesterday morning. Mr. Boettcher
?r. says that Colorado has been experienc
er ing some unusually cold and storm
weather and that much snow has fail
ill en in that state. He was surpriseeI
to find the weather conditions so gg'd
here. His visit here is for the purpose
of conferring with J. F. Kilbey, who
Me has the contract for building the plant.
ge William Wallace, jr., and Charles
a Donnelly of Helena, lawyers for the
Ir. Northern Pacific, have filed a general
of demurrer to the complaint in the case
of Marie Neary and others, against the
railroad company. The suit was
0o brought several weeks ago by Wm.
Gallagher, attorney for plaintiffs, and
en judgment is asked in the sum of $50,
al, 000 for the killing of James Neary, a
is Burlington conductor, by a Northern
al Pacific passenger train in the yards
ne here, a year ago.
George Lamport Thinks Montana Is
on Top of Heap.
From Thursday's Daily.
George T. Lamport, who accompan
ied his wife and daughter to California
several weeks ago, returned to Bil
lings, yesterday. He spent some time
in southern California, and then made
a general tour of the southwestern
states, ending at Kansas City, at which
place he took the train for Billings.
"In all my travels," said Mr. Lam
port, "and I stopped at a great many
cities and towns, I saw nothing that
came up to the Montana country. Cal
ifornia is a beautiful place in winter,
and the towns of Arizona, New Mexico,
Kansas and other states and terri
tories were in quite prosperous condi
tion, but nowhere was there exhibited
so much life, push and energy as to be
seen every day right here in Billings
and in the towns surrounding. I am
glad to get back here."
Mr. Lamport's wife and daughter are
still in southern California, where they
expect to remain two months or more.
S. R. Miller Injured Quite Seriously
at His Ranch.
From Thursday's Daily.
S. R. Miller is at the home of his
daughter, Mrs. M. A. Rademaker of
this city, s-iffering with an injury to
his right leg.
While working among his horses at
his ranch 10 miles northeast of tlh
city, yesterday forenoon, one of the
animals kicked him very hard on the
leg, striking him just above the left
knee. While the injury is not regard
ed as serious, still it will compel Mr.
Miller to remain in his room a week
or. more, most likely.
4tLyYJI1.~·,:;~~*I~i;·.~ ..
FOR Y. M. C.A. h
Proposition Made to Secretary of As- 81
sociation at Hancock, Michigan- C
Aim Is to Raise $45,000 by April 5,
After Which Building Will Be Erect- tl
ed. al
From Thursday's Daily. 21
One of the most vigorous portions l1
of the campaign for raising funds for 61
the proposed Y. M. C. A. building in
Billings was started yesterday after- e
noon. From now on until April 5 the v
public spirited men who have taken r'
the matter in *hand will search the S
city for subscriptions with the aim of t
securing a total of $50,000 or $60,000.
The limit set by the meeting of direc
tors yesterday is $45,000 end no work
will be started until this fund is ac
tually subscribed. With this fund
raised the directors think they will u
be justified in going on with the work.
About $32,000 has already been rais
ed and it is thought that no difficulty
will be experienced in raising the re- 1
mainder of the fund for the institution
which will mean so much for Billings.
The meeting of yesterday was held
at 4 o'clock in the afternoon in the
office of W. B. George and was ad- 1
dressed by W. M. Parsons, field secre- t
Itary of the northwest. Mr. Parsons
stands high in the national Y. M. C. A.
and is an enthusiastic and indefatig
able worker. If it can be done, he
will certainly see to the raising of the
fund and judging from the enthusiasm
expressed by the business men at the
meeting yesterday the result is not in
Another meeting was called for 4
o'clock this afternoon, at which other
prominent business men who have in-'
terested themselves in the movement,
e will be invited to become part of the,
n committee which will see to the rais
ing of funds. v
To Secure Secretary.
A secretary of the assciation is to
n be secured at once, who will look
-. after the interests of the association
rl during the erection of the building
i and -will take charge of the work as
e soon as it is completed.
o A telegraphic offer of the secretary
t. ship was sent last night to Secretary
'Steele of the. Hancock, Mich., associa
e tion.
11 Mr. Steele was formerly secretary
e of the association at Cedar Falls, Io
e wa, and with his wife, has recently
been engaged in educational work in
the Philippine islands. He :is highly
d recommended, both as an executive
and as an enthusiastic association
a worker and has received offers from
n other cities much larger than Billings
IS and where his salary would probably
be greater. However, he is anxious
to come west, and it is possible that
the local board may be fortunate in
securing him.
Is As there are only a few days left
in which to raise the remainder of the
$45,000, the limit which the board has
set before work can be consistently
- commenced, the campaign for funds
a will be a strenuous one.
. "I have no doubt," said Mr. Par
e sons last night, "that the funds will
I be raised. The men back of the enter
Sprise are prominent and enterprising.
The association building means so
much to the city that there can be
- no doubt but the request for contribu
y tions will be readily met by the men
of Billings who are always so ready
Sto advance the good of their city.'
The plan of campaign for the rais
ing of funds will be outlined at to
day's meeting and from then on the
fight will go on merrily.
Colored Man Who Enlisted Here in
1902 Has Returned.
From Thursday's Daily.
C. H. Ward, a colored man who en
listed in the navy in Billings in April
1902, has returned here on a visit to
Johnnie Moore and other friends.
Ward was formerly the chef at one
of the local hotels and he enlisted as a
cook. At the same time the navy de
partment secured quite a lot of other
recruits here, among them being
"Storm Cloud," a well known colored
man, and a boy named Brooks. Ward
stayed in the service nearly a year and
was obliged to give it up on account
of being attacked with rheumatism. In
the short time he was in the service
he visited Japan; China and the Phil
ippines, and came out with quite a
neat sum of moriey that he had saved
up. He says that he is under the im
pression that "Storm Cloud" was
fired from the service on account of
fighting, but that the Brooks boy, who W
is a nephew of Bill Brooks of this h
city, is still with it, ana is in love with t]
the service. He says young Brooks
has become one of the swellest dressed p
hnen on the ship, and he is proud of a
his position.
Work at Factory Starts With Re
newed Vigor.
From Thursday's Daily.
Operations at the sugar beet fac- t
tory yesterday received an impetus by t
the arrival of Chas. Boettcher of Den
ver, vice president of the Western
Sugar company, and J. F. Kilbey of
Cleveland, who has the contract for
the erection of the local plant.
Work was stopped for a while by
the cold weather but has commenced
again with renewed vigor, about 150 c
men being employed. In a few weeks,
the company will be employing 200 or
250 men. The foundations are now
laid and the work of building the
structure will commence at once.
Mr. Boettcher is more pleased than
ever with Billings and the Yellowstone
valley. It was upon his advice arid
recommendation that the Western
Sugar company decided to build a fac
tory here.
"I have believed in Billings from the
first time I saw it," said Mr. Kilbey.
"You have the finest country in the
world around here, the town looks
clean and is well situated while its nat-'
ural advantages are unsurpassed. I
have no doubt as to the satisfaction
which will result among the farmers
from the raising of sugar beeth and 1,
look to see this factory produce mor'e
sugar than- any of our factories.
"What the sugar beet industry will
do for a country is already seen here
in the price of lands and the activity
in real estate transfers. In Colorado,
land which sold for $40 at the incep
tion of the sugar raising idea is sell
ing for $125 an acre. This, will show
what the sugar beet industry will. do.
1 Sheridan Woman Slightly Injured by
Falling from Walk.
From Thursday's Daily.
A woman who came here Tuesday
night from Sheridan, Wyo, who regis
' tered at the Stockwell house at L. A.
Fleur, fell off 8a platform in the rear
of the Northern hotel, at 5 o'clock, yes
a terday afterno9n, and was injured to
some extent.
The woman was attempting to pass
along the narrow platform back of the
o hotel and succeeded in getting by the
k excavation for the annex of the build
, ing. She had barely reached a place
g where the walk was only a few feet
s from the ground when she fell off. She
was unable to arise and several men
,. assisted her to a seat on the walk. The
appearance of the woman before she
fell indicated that she was not in 4
proper condition to be travelling the
streets. She was taken away in a
hack by a man who gave his name as
Andy Cainpbell and the extent of her
n injuries have not been learned.
North Company States What an
Agent's Services Are Worth.
From Thursday's Daily.
Suit was filed in the district court
yesterday by the North Real Estate,
Loan & Title company, against C. W.
Forrester the local merchant, and the
allegations contained in the complaint
demonstrate just what commission
real estate men are in the habit of
charging for their services in making
sales of property.
The plaintiff alleged that on or
about March 7 of this year the de
fendant requested the plaintiff com
pany to secure for him a purchaser of
his handsome residence and lots near
the court house, described in the com
plaint as lots 7 and 8 in block 59 of
the city of Billings.
The plaintiff further alleges that it 4
accepted the agency and in a short C
time procured a purchaser for the 4
property in the person of Stephen W.
Mendenhall, of Bridger, and that Mr.
Mendenhall paid defendant the sum
agreed upon as the sale price of the
property, viz., $7,000.
The plaintiff states that its services
in securing the purchaser are reason- 4
ably worth $350, and. that it has de- 4
I manded the said amount from the de- (
fendant but .he has failed, neglected
and refused to pay it. It therefore
asks for judgment in the amount 4
named, together with the costs of the
suit. It is stated that Mr. Forrester's
defense will be that the property was
not sold, but 'that he traded it to Mr.
Mendenhall' for a ranch in Carbon
county, and that plaintiff was not in
strumental in effecting the deal.
William M. Rogers Wants Court to
Validate His Claim to Lots.
From Thursday's Daily. o
William M. Rogers, who operate ain
stone quarry near the city is the plain- n
Stiff in a suit aainst the Minnesota 4
1 and Montana Land and Improvement
company, the Montana Realty and
Loan company, W. W. Dudley, Charles I4
r W. Thompson and A. D. Doolittle, f1ir
which he asks the-court to-make good
his tift leist Bcrtaýl! b' 1Wta
the city of Billings.
Lou. W. Chapple is attorney f6r te
plaintiff and thb lbts in contVoverty
are numbered 8 to 12, and 21 to 24,
inclusive, in block 35, 1 to 6 in block
69 and 18, 14 and 16 in block 80, all A'
the city of Billings. Plaintiff claims
to hold the title in fee to the said lots
and alleges that the defendants have
set up an adverse claim of some sO't
to them. 'He asks the court to reque
the defendants to come In arid st .e
the nature of this claim and fur r'
to adjudge that the true title reposes
in the plaintiff.
He Was Surprised.
A farmer walked into a leading im
plement store yesterday just as the
employees were unloading a car lod
of John Deere plows. When told that
the car load he saw was the third car
received sipce January Ist; - w- s
very ipuch. sairprised and ex.,aiml
"That explains the number of wag n
loads Qf implements and plows- I. fe
seen pass my place during the past
two months, for they were the- sane
color as these." Billings i raptd
ly getting the greater portion of te
farmers' trade as they realiie they c
buy cheapler here than elsewhere.
The Squaire
Deal ..
Is what you always
8 get when you buy from
4 The Jeweler
o [email protected]@OO [email protected]@@O
INo Delay *
Lowest Rates
e No. 9, S. 28th St.
Bell P.hse 73 B' Mutual Po.ie 363
Professional Calirds
- " ..... . O
[email protected]@@@@@ 0 [email protected]@@@
0 .0
First National Bapk Block,
Blllings, Mont.
9000000 @[email protected]@@@0
Rooms 7 and 8, Gruwell Block,
Bllinge. Mont.
Special Attention Given to *
- Administrating of Estates
and Probating of Wills.
Firet National Bank Block, 0
S Billings;' Mont.
@[email protected]@@@@@,@ @000
Belknap Block, Billings, Mont.
[email protected]@@00 000( @[email protected]
Justice of the Peace,
Notary Publt ,
* U. S. Commissioner.
First National Bank Block,
Billings, Mont.
*@O*00 @[email protected]
* Civil Engineer and Surveyor. *
S City boigneer
S Irrigation a Specaltty *
4O.eo City rall, Bllsnls, Mont.
_9900009 *000000

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