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The Anaconda standard. [volume] (Anaconda, Mont.) 1889-1970, September 04, 1889, Morning, Image 3

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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um~bV ~. h WI · Isl 'mar h
at a aCi t lt ftoo r 1011 it stay be,
a 1- af i wa "1 wwwrrwe is the
a . Mmmv. h maak. iw · .. that N
hi. piUta 0 o wI S i7 aIls di.'i
tier sad hi M in.I· . ml. Nut tbh
aema mwd _ per I hae hail i. view
ate'vw 1a mmd waluple andl ..ay he
go U Ihave always Sina1I, a1eg ,L
wmi..hin hair., am .uaurrt Sail m. tn.l. i
sm .yalht. ms far sus hi mue lion, w
tor o- u tmk of lSabful ..lw"rfml
- mini nd *m.me. I have siway.. ha l.
and always shall ha, -a hivlsawehkh. -
[email protected] to that mmieeaLysd phlu.q
whkrh hIes the dark... sal wink. adl
mahir hI She Met. I belirve that virtu
ah w. quhe m awo hI rag said pt.1 "how ma
.1ew el In puaplr sanl Mnw li1.m. I Ia.
Iethat air mud eery heautiful a h)wt
bN asggrul mama u .shir .ste Iuarputby
hi de lmau/ a tIme poommr.t wean who
·h . Ma uemmr loaf ci .kity Iauil. I
belkeve that amba dwells radwtr iafew~r La
wIkyw mad twwaye shn hame .la. ( is leug.t
asil palaeet sand that it I. WNAS1. anl
pkequuaaatd upolta lito anaak her outi
sadl folhw hri. I twliev" thus to lay eewrn
hard 'spot' woesa. of tWa. nPjcs.d ote.
whoe rlworks ham toon 10m folylagttsa',
asad too als's sieas'd. are to esy So the
urnmaIst mad nacst 5bma hslea. Sbwa.
errwst have Sb. mam. ekau ruta andL
.apyaeltl ofi woomb.... ymaunwelve; t they
awe mraldd in the mass.laa es trs asiadauc.
of the ammmi Playt mand though Scam satow..
wuaue tSham yom sa y. in baring nstualamul
anythlagd o their %slramal maamc· unmid
traslm usid elatmte wraac. *r amilitiaunkw. le
realy sim thaw. hettrv. I hlierv." that te
k this hI to prwsue a was shy mmndi cent a...
Lemm avotat . Gcmatleesaa. thait yu
think me, too. your f"rava-nt yrettit mciue -
hentl' sumaiS sew'.
Th.,ur i om. uulunt eogInefltrc d with tus
Imbaru. ihf I nmay call theLn *mo' thint yoea I
huLel in um-s m..Hraww tw treau, to whit-l1 I
emlmnot help avaivrt~islt1. I cannmot h-lp
sraiwmimi t114" dIIght. tw - n.,ur: thun haip
plllar WMM it wan to h1(' ati( wo strong eala
italaCtr t aawakeua4d. o)3 this stick- of thie
wale'.r. II favour of that bittl.' lrd-sul. if
anIiaw eLittk" Nell., who (11ed in hwr youithl.
I oad k tterna shout that child, in baaglanal.
fraona the dwelltrea in. kig hoeawanao aunacil
tow- lanonaaees anti ,ewauanp anud dlama'aaat
fureets anal t pett uhi t ik' of tillw far
West. Many a astuardly hautE. barl with
thw eu. aiu s/patie, Milet hrewuetl by t1w
I'lal&IlITsw n Mll,. has* takein 44) the jMaI- 11and
Srifelte to sea- a litshe history olf tkwIttite
ii)) 4W sorrw.w always eoiUple'al. I antm proudit
1.. way, with iaatrr~st in tihit little talke. or
ed.ilie* e'.nuflnet or haj ,pinae/ dierive di frou
it. And the writer 1aa' alwaiyn aehlne-m-d
IIn.. Rue ast a writer o)1 Iwmwka for wcal, n.'i
t1 mat t enac 14" 44M or 'i1111 uuIie.' away. 144l ais
It frienaj uto wlu4ai n' heiaght freeby huniaprt
tt- joys itnad srrowas of his towli
taaw,41.il. Mamay a glothacr I eawald
ne~kou theaum no4w boy aisi~iim. no4) by mnlltw/
halls altiame ithe like. Mratl lua. told thie how
.lie lews IW"IS u child at suth a tas Cl. aital
wlwre, gibe' lay buriretl. anmd how gamel shAla
w.it ., ItSl: ww. ls ilul thi 4W ulit rIIspet. ,.hi
rtIw-ghlitt Nell. I elt. amigtare y)(i 11mit it,
eatrl-- lstat 4)1 Ifm)y life- hag givenaa i1(t 41w
I.. Are-alth part of the- gvrattihteatikn I imavr.
rariveel 1f.nal (tle, abIa. l )'.alsars. I was' war
't'rirmg at the litnac wh(ther or no(t to whiuel
4111 ally lawxk and a cet .l ami (dial tl his attlI
try-. unel this tele~akcll lw-. I fel-t as if It
wenr. u paiitivi duity. us if I we re 114441Ul If)
4441 top *tiwtitl~ii iii 11(I 54t 1141Ml wit lhly
tria"I4 s. nd e l rº no I hurn· uwwll all
tskl 0,cn~atk60i in arw~lar thole w ith the.'.
tlhings that Y(445 huare mI ochlan"Is (If a'jwallai
amac. I fecl ama' though we were aullaceitria -
a.4 ikelei(. sic are. if Wi' ittlirtilte ai
tactltiaus cbaroeters tlwh e aickaee freltr
wilk-it they amr. dlrawls -shoU1t third partie.
ii whlom we hauld a euniwun intearest. At
.-very hew khmdIHUw ca oh ur `fart. I say it
to n. yawif--thata.. flr (/I ier I IsaoeaL smut
*wauer if that wreo mlswat for Snalke- I
harte no doubt that it was iastesuled f4W
Nell.: al sal I hie'eaiime a 51(w11 alplapie'r.
easrtatinly. beat a mma It' uw.ber ainc' ret riuag
dauat. tlu s. ever I wags Iw'fara.
A Twtc-a-Ta4.. Imcurrrupt..l.
Fr,.. 11w IH1rnU$ Fne I1r,...
A Hery stftn4"t girl andt a (a'as Av.\',,,s
t-..'ng ouan were standtha(Iiil o u c.ewrn.r at
l*l- imtsr~ertioti of two .tnvet' ta.- oth.r r
usighat waiting for a tar.
"You never lotkedtl we well in sail your
lif ltfore, (trurna.- mead thet y"""r Hoo ii
e teadler tone.'. lit mwaski low anlas caly for
the car of hiua swuepatnioui. sut lnaaauwdite.bly
a Staid vuoire rsepsaulesl:
"Ratan 1"
The youth fet highly iuma~ltedl. antl
turned arulnl to shaastie thes party who
loadl upoken. least the girl moouwd bhiuns ad
it wan't t neecut for t hea. amnsble 1w altase d
Tlhat ear Isn't ina sight yet." Ia. .-natl.
''Tell Inc wyu lowve nn'. ('lang. a, saaesa east
I" -
"( /b. pthaw !" cried tlae iseaween Iparty.
"I'll brain hlms. !" seHsswt..l tIl- aemaere( d
l-Ver. Iwea slishingg lhis caussse.
Vta~u'r. a raswal." crlaie a Is~larst VoltS.
amid as a pIese of tracker f.ll ont tli
lw.rsr' heand lie lookedl inp unel staw the.
V~eaonac parrot in lsr s'age. aebwe. Thasy
pbs the other sswtaer oiw. Rtati!
TI,. Nay Id, Paean a 1111.
0 11w 'auagto.a rust4.
he .' evening, a few )-un ago, ti.. late'
IjSah I. Haiew'w of Illissols was. wailed
m to preside at a nmweting of lawyers
" .ume.nhk'd In Springfield for the p.nrimae
wbf 4fuidurrlng the hbest ,wans of puasing
a laid then pending In the Legislature'.
Mr. Haine. on taking the ehair, ex
plainwd the purpose of the nweetinU and
.uggestedwlw 1.." thwu~gtt wouid ' the'
hest way to inlnueu the ill's praw. In-.
to'tlmg him, a geuatk'nI)an in onue of the
nsarowe and sushi:
the e way. Mr. ('luairnula. if I ssay
nuake as aigmgwtiom right hacere-- -"
..The gea~tlenvau' usuggeasiu n is ai very
good on.'. mewail the keen ehaainman.
.Hocpm ulo yaws know' : ausked the' gentl-e
moana lirth.le miifed. "I havemat uuadk it
*Oh n" rea1le) Mr. Haineus. '"I thought
yoU gai 'ley the way,' [email protected] I amn sunrn'
tt m te ulkest andu tsest mnw s of
uhtahu.I¶ a waty to pause a hill."
Wise WIRIMd nhigms-.
""I wa ir .a'.c thwe- erif a Iaef of' sakl
tap. in wugms wonmma. eusterimag the ofll.
etat actku*rY tlIN otlher dLay.
"II6. *Ut, " aid time clerk ian attend.
he l)c its~
ma uust wtmef. You cau wait, If
bee. will, ffl I wial to seebite on
* Mv main be's nita wa
anad I sear hwe' out t C·
want tie chief to l rint out
gdblsis hark ~ Ilk.
to Igh and cas hac as
so kin and balu Ilnkms w
lurL~ it~s IL- kin
ar hi.I p~
{'«t geckos h kin to 1
d u blle kd nut Vt
at Kia*m.
111-w ago am Ue
F~b - '
in the lt - of Moar . IAN wml ao
awe devrwud to d t rawrsm. a- TIMO POW
swa is im dmw t wr pn bm sr ofh
dianarw of the Npaw-ed Mat sti this
ps..o the slot hos., at Mar( bha a
Allow of rape-walk -dk Sw 1M1M lame.
All gathering VSrI4UU ..toola fkr #eenint
pn'a and twisthap theme Ioa aer aurns
oaly ao nhaubieaai ao .-.iort ams issue.
Then teds's ane .taswdly n..ad lt disate
te" agd chlppml Into ruwta of munl
inn s nir. Thwm pIkcIM ar ithmte lin a
.wi~·ture of sand anl aiwos, wIk till tin
hurt. andi a h."t" tioe. skies fuqeama c.kiinii
tagather whe the~y ass. beated. Thiyart
west Watwd its a trawl of Aifree pean. eon
rtttur stirre otir a firs ant lel t dges
as.r amwdied Ant" a gtiahssiar floram. 'A lau
.ml they ame 'hake"n iii amr art of ,ievees
metll the asinsu are aijrteId. ary ni anm
otb. mer k of .'.. smetid they are per
Mretyr roastic! hg Is L. Tine they aire
thuersad byr .*lmihla, tiad In hlp.
dliva anad . eartl d to the ruole of
tiew -arch. Veurause ba long I ue
ghwed the ,rrl awrlt Iuis wh'bieh, Ina the
Ater fusinn. are. gins.la ime tiottam plu·lsI
Tbr art saki to hare bee. InvlaeIl by
M..J ayyt lam in eiMY. The aometen Variety.
theddfor. .isaamwunt, t blown front'
tuam".'. Ama eua4r woakmau clan
blo uo t. .iu gioluei le a dlay. They
are luled with powdered fIsh wm'-sk ant
lkyl with wau. It takes 1I4tIMU fsh to
n*eedu a pouswl of the swab - m'nrd of
"wti as.ijel to a larg fa'tasy of tlnhe
mnek peart.. Tin hebt of theta art bownw
irmeu lam to aouanterfet nature. Suet,. its
pe·ar slape others like- o live.. easl tlny
eSalely Iwse fo getumiaw'. Ilaitatklot geni
fu *t~Iy .usk)y i the ebief attentiwtof
the bigheste artitiers.. Ia glanss. They are
still t1w thifle k's of oenmewuttal glanss Its
(lmina. In the ansi tit and frlhlek"l age
they tiniaLuatea everywhere witlhouit mu1h
"lantgi r o fIIIWOVP y. amd their foremmlam
were belE .1 a weavlnhms rmenvts. (Iasw ort
thairt puldlialmed their .mSnrpseitiCst it. lHtll.
º Now tisy arc siaunnotn proprety. atid. with
the growt awls of wue·Ieume its the oIsIt elituy.
t all expert kesowbbl has 1um-ootw wkkl·y
dliseenahminatetei whkie eanly k~te'et tilt
º tl fruims rtflu.w ssti jewel wan k imsr.tiw r"
famll opi".lae ti tin. out glaluamkerme pr.'
dos.. dtl. BMu. 'easly is. now givetm to murlf
I clIaI gcus,. whichll are flat- gemass. Is*iste
" umsaseimleY of thme s..aa' numiterial as lice
gamels~tie oem'.. witt nnmatufaclsmm.a.
Wh.r.. te. KxpaQpmis. Earn. Is,.
Irons Tins..
"Sp4.wkimg a iIIIta 4.X;Nqm.II '4.Eiga r.4tt.. "
n·IIIarktr) Me(. rkl.". ""I ktl."w of otl." w bu.
t.ost *2tM).'
""It Icllr a lukasg I N"11 tln." .Vimpid ~ lI 3rlh
1e54k4.e Iar lu u.'.ma ts.I Ilk" 4.4blumtr.
)Y*·)l L)siiiY I/liY (·igurLr. a".NI wr".··
Mritiaa KwpW 1'r./arr...
tr.u1tl~as P"ark."r. H.e luul hi. ..-a~uma~p witl?
lain.. I Mldi*V."v
Paarl.'r: Y4-vl. 1W . wg"lt oust to iink.' unu.
Sview.u. I ,Illpls si.. ýý' IM" ,Iicklritl 11.4M
oi.,l, I lot-)gNi s*. u I14 Client.ikii. t.MI
$umgI'pK rid hamdle was% art.rr Asia,.."
Tllrsr .pMUIltk.NS .an. Rrrl.. l Masai tr
~l:I.rr."trd Kerry Bony.
$mrier 4 1~;SSasIat.qI. sa.r 140S. "M" light lbrui'wn.
1.4u': mlu i.e.".. ""d 11 & A. X.v. Y.,rk. ,"t;e.:a: hse f.
4'iuwtn IUtica. 1W. Z14 : Ju\n 4u.SlmImlllimu. *5e:
M.4w 1hHt7('e44.1b ; rumuwti 11141 atml 1'.t.4140 19ia. ?J6D
"L-v;~ ~ n 1 . u'a iiS. 3*-; liaiNuti I Mem"Iu iS.Ii
Jllla. W. ; Arlwwkfa.i :ItY .
T,iaa-~ *l.Swa..tSSa. :Li6Dlis: KiiIaI lwckfawl. Mkw.*
*laAnl I hftu,w.err. .Jh'@;1.411 ,*%tne / lNSIII V t y
WIN. 7.'i.
I.:v*a 1.:r.Mkifflh.
4'ahSui*g- Isr e"wt. wt.
Ehlttgar. I*r P.I.M*·iVI4..
4 Nwlwts 1"r it.. jg w. L
VhlIw )*'-lwrE-"l aIi. *r .-. P IwltGkilg".
Kult Lake. I1k": iateri.lu.E. . l: .eal*jwirlt.i dill..,,
_:w"; Idta·klw~rril~s. Irw·: n,*lpl*·rrl."s.: .-w".
4 alkltnulz, friall,.. A3.EMV.'.32ib jinr ceaa.
9-P, ll~lal5Snl ..ron. 1.414.
911.D IIY*IYNI Ir.1 14-8401. I·1)3.*. l:
- brieil Ikns Navy. PNr.4hS ,wr till 1.. Mines,.
riT.Ir: Ilay.'w. 1.2,.4
N lkta . Nj,. 1. per 1400 I,. W.!.Au.
4 .ns. era'"e.kit. Iw~r 1400 P.. P91.73.
Brute. her tel 1., .1.IS; bIhilt R5m4 whIdS. lwr IEs
Pm. i *tro ·ltr. ltr
i'iitre I. 14 1 . lIt .Iw,. lw. ": tgulc.
('crc aSlte. jar 14W P.. "..:41.
1.4ard- 13r.
Viall .nMeats-nw-tk 1:.: Ist"f li' jis: liu1141.
4ll1atgli , 7Zie-E 1.m; aIHNSLdl TG, l:w".
Halt Me.ata-H m 1Eal4 '4 : i'cim.SSi I:..rneel
lSSef tIle; mittl VIe; UasIK4Igc l2',G, 1h.*
lic-l -Pi-r ton. 11nl ,1iI. antiu4IS.d5.
Wcww- I'"er t' mId 4r,.
HayE) Per tons *a..m.
Mult *1Sr tlin $19.41.
tat . 1'." ewt. 82.401.
TItAI4 AkIf\ 1:.
1":110 A. N. Ynrlltl the N~wlt~t. 1.url :tlul A %
Iaieh Ilamtt. RI 9*.3 A. %...34115qit% at $ih."r
New 9:44 A. M. with Sie Ialsl L Neertlh.ris
Is 28A A. 16. Firlnh fSlt.sr lsHIn atsi 111 I1l-a4
1:Itrliww loa:., IhrW L1.I5(. o::111, Nitnll
i~jrflIC% 11 .rs. ('.uuw.t. ait 4.srrfiwwl Willh t11
%ug\.sriw I'iacI tr jm, Heun le MIurnumla aund
the Ilttcrr It IN IIasliway.
8AL F. 1N.- rEms lth.. 14 IWw Ijlir tIfroI
Inattye 4 :1U. 4Ilher how 4:44. t:n.Wws,, JI. 5
rb·aaar at 244uart.
·rlb . U. Frut the N.tht . Ea.. 2iititIl utnit
WVis -Kniltr 7::UI. Nhw.., Hw 7:44. I:rtgKw.IM
s r ti (iarrirna e1:^, beIir IAwb..) 1::47. rfnlS
rsrifnur 7:a.U ('t4ai1"qt at .i hrripus with
.wtrrli Ea itle fitus 1110 1 ,,s1a.i..e. Pesr
bindl. Ta."eu. Sees~ e 1jdIYlrl1.rr. Mi·wwlta,
111410. si. Parul uad h wr .
It A. l6.-Fee '*flh aid Nutt, - Arrite% at
N'arw Krh H rn f -.4m. lrr Ir laala ;. " 1::k. .ztrrtw~
Eurew.ar ,rclit )4:.trf Islvu how~ N,::m. E~ltmtS. Mrdj
10:400. 4 aulsswits. st 4Ieylls,, wills Norflhseru
P'a.aittr fo Ilelauna. hriugu.,,41* Mi~weu..ma.
I'hilal smilrn. lurd all PlOaIha I the litlter It..It
Itatlwa .
10:546 j. U. Foer the. Nlttw-(h41angs~. lZ4r% at
Nett. , few e.cinmu 11 ::1. NItheg Etaiw I :40 tla
IlnK.e 120t1.
Si30 P. 11.-For \eit1E Ma Heath- Atrrie'. RI
(:nr nm :t"1.O. Silver Ikar k. n hate. 4-400.
Wa(fluS( I~pr ingue :S 4:29 1 Ilhl .u(r
tuast at 4 :4/I*. M6. Ieefsite4e4ta (aatri..st wilEh
11n" NeertrriPal E.ttiIK1 Earn P15hss 211 a1a
Eaastern Mtast..u and Wato'ana lewtlaiji
5134 Man Frau. mell,.
e110 r. M.--Rotw 11w 5Ilh-Argv9 a t1twum
at ~ty. sillvcr Bow il4M. Ten i1. M.
4aslntihFa at "livcr now X orwthens
fwUr licuer Kana~ l'ily.
FRaalrtUtij and fur tb. wt o lmm
Rnd lan Rrune ii
TarM Spring Lival Smm.
Tbh FlneR Turnout. In A Wood . in.. s*
Our 1ADDI.K HKIICR aw I 4Ai m mow,
are thle Flaw I. tw new
CHAS. W. FRNCH. Pro ,I.*.
FLrf uses. Wemd at MIn. Ana'sym Y~l
Contractors and Builders.
I:stimates Furnished on all Clast.a of HWork.
Some of the Finest Buildings in Helena and Anaconda
Have Been Built by this Firm.
1'rit.* io th.tol aeln yne Ih*.ir t*r-nn,.
J ELL. HILL & CQ.... 11 .\l.I.na Ia. \lbnt-ana.
J. L. Hf-7.MILTON.
Wholak-MA aNu6 nEtwil *I-user lII
Staple and Fancy Groceries and Provisions.
(tMtI sl unt. nen l ow gi·r**,..
KMai Street, Aesaceda, - - - - Opposite Opera House.
Anaconda, Montana.
OPENED JULY 1, 1889.
tI u." qf tIb.a twswI.I,.ims, %$ x1. mel n ewa * ItgB I JII aa
*Isll"tt. I Iid4mS, ill thei" IaIi.YI tlatlew. Timbr wh I)~
It l,.. fin- alsirms,. rut uinmmau( w er.. Smut... .Z.i
Imeatt. *..ivl fir,.l d.I' tlkS tal ,,wum x.Sra ra.m.ea
jeflitei.w. tt.'i·tti w eum 4 .1 lelll iigl.. 4 111M11k atxtaS
w.url Sc.r .trhtSl) StrI-. Juw. SShut," frEWIt
$3.50 per Day Upwards.
am urlisaglr toitil. ain t rllr .nte-r i r'llC r lln
IDIE.. HAlntl4 rlt; I, Masll-er.
vitWsT +1l TI'IT, .A."At' U.IA.
F. H. HUG;(; ES & CO'.,
P4 tsIMI l lt lhral wrr. t frrnul . A. M. to I 1! P. I..
at irie-i. frelam .. e,.t111+ lip.
(,od Lunche's .trvetd atl an/a' Iiour
ºf jih D)ay or NiV ht.
*iur't Vnarit Iew IMaw.
First Street, Near Oak.
1711:7?I? T .',ELA'I iC(.l:
%"c ARocky' .leuaqt ai,, 7T'/grtiphi
C ontfai p has dire wt r-crntrrrrrt-nicatut
..iik ll et/ fk~lds Aasl anid If est. ihe
Sr'vice iS prruiip ti/ita tit ac/Irafa.
Oflc ýje at
111kRi A'/1 I IA OII /c )UTW
.)Iaini atild Secend Stregt is
W e,.ale and Kcdtail I I alckr%
Beef, Mutton and Pork,
PIrM Prvet AnyawmsL. MumL
The Only Firef('laaet Family Maerkrt
in the City.
The Estes & Connell
Largest and Best Assortment of Lumber in
Deer Lodge County.
S. Vil. . I\t.ll.u f:,l . \% I I.'ll N , I .K l I\Ii' gI.1J
I\4.' .,I. " . I\ ?~'i1s 1.
1Mtl ***":1NlI Ias nI ar I Iol - ..."'."*t. '.". o**f tih ,
r . itr'lltal \\tl . o. . . \L1ns llelit. \ N t \\+ i t.l ; I .
WM. L. HOGE, President.
Win. Thornton, Cashier.
First National Bank
Iiin H ai tr.* I .4mMl (*t 1h 3411.41 I"..r i ' U I :I .i l
$11.1 ttww4lH ii gH . i h IIIL d. ell . 1 K11 t1. leal.me $I4g..
I 4 w}o 1 Nal.llaa. Ik"ItzewI. 1a-'.,
I lasa1l.4eagg. I.t114 , sill. A I ll..1
1e."4.laaag *I."Mv. et F.,~q"
4m'.1(54 l..+I..%4.5 \ I".
'A ."1l.. 1':11 L.. X 1'c..,\N \~..1~e'{..
N.11II. IL;IL'.r "^ &5'... "44 It I.16."
i t liuiili. . HSIi..a I lseak. 4 h :1.
M mmlj.It ,,. 'em SE4IumIC I lila gi. II ."l.ga..
4 lairk A a& lisii ae1m.".- I in....Ij.",.
fl.,wt 4t'H a.Miegs Sluhk. 4 tWuilalaM.
1 (:all \..Im..u4l 144,,6. 41::.1.".l.
%%"1. Flly(*i & 4 .... `:u4l Ig-ligl . .,."
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Produce of all Kinds.
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I3 I n l..w 4,n3 th, I l i,.* 5 Io .
Time 8ater IS frisnl SI r.r" t .... ". fe.' *I. 1.,..
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ill'sjl.uy rIsetllm fee" ril.
Private Baths fer Those Who Wish Them.
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S'Shire-ln Iit, 5er . t. o ) ars. 1. 4".I It. New "t 1.4"'e,.S1
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Anaconda Livery Stable
lb. ti. HR(KOVNKLI_ I·""/'tH1'pY.
Buiggii Sarddle and Hýºorse
for H .
Alsuo Of pr. aguag.. tU! Kz
First Street, Jlear Fain, - Anaconda.*
Particular Attention Given to Pre
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I/ ' / l/r.S '/:1.\1,.tk/, h/t..S lh," i/ ,.os
(o,//i//tl '" I;t''l." .', 'it,' il /the . \'r/h
l' ' tt( l I , / I ,,/i' the / ' ,I . t.,.'itr/,'d
','5 , is/ti/. '.," 1'/ hat .as /,a/ I.t',", ,'.V
,'/ ss/'F /) co r /1t /cIt'/" ,// It <<'s /'tir.
T"he ' ..S I).l/./), ', 'll .,,// 'v' /" i/s ra'tde'r.s
, I ,r (,it" t'/ it'./;,." (e/li do//ar a //lol,/h.
\%'11il I~N1 I I- 1. 1 .:k I.
I111,4' I l b' \\ 1, I t11 1 i . _.'
I'ur" (. .ilit.,rni.I \\'int'"c .u lir:aImlic' a pti cialty.
F",rmeL"rly Phil. 14'.t Itr."wig l',,.. L'cl' ract l 'Milwaukee
IKi ;andtI Ii,,ttled Bit e'r. .\1l, the lIest Tonic.
.\ full line .,l liar (latI.,are. I la,,k. Etc.. constantly on ha '
rI'rml)t dilitarvy to all Ipart. ,to the city" tree of charlge. Remecup
the" llac . St,ºnc Iuildingl . \\,at lir-t Street. A naconda. M ont. A
VW.. earry th*. larw.ur t aautIl hM.t mU-tk Io I.uaLiteUsre in thi par a I. 1 .
Come and see Our Bed-Room Sets, Parlor
Lounges, Chairs. Etc.
'll)uirig aal.Ir atll kail ofa rp.irnt uhhn . u dune. Wl'e ivoite po M
R RPO. TS==,=--
.The ln a urtnun anad tI Onrne. Thde ea a

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