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The Anaconda standard. [volume] (Anaconda, Mont.) 1889-1970, September 06, 1889, Morning, Image 1

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TeN UOLLb MAato n UFtEMaitb atb = .P
3Utm3s ECARD.
summomux n wrwr.
EWPTII S'43 -On. PETR,' 4l..
/loft rest - U abda, arstnam.
crnt. MAIN AWE) Ptftr ? ,1*,..
AN(ACOND)A - - MoNT.ta
ludnger, Barrett Q Burnett,
Wholesale and Retail Butchers.
Family rttllUrce tM weiaiy.
AU llr'Ietx Ih~lbrlrtut dFrtee of V',rv.*.
shbupnn Frlit .4*trn.t - - ý,tsN3I..
* 0. T. ONXRHEIJ "
lmn tuur and I 'aler in
Fine Wines? u4gors and Cigars.
Abs. prnprhtor of the mi.ý.wucK A.vum.lc
rnooxis the Cl~(ub, Rutrua in th. "iI)y.
-- *1St ±*wI t ... - I tbSY fIY tICItIL
*7ur. 7MlRTI N
F. L. ST. JEAN, A.., N.D., C.M.
Ikrhdcnaw mo n l4I Mtrt ue. 2.. .ea ItIuiiSng.
Omci om irslt Nt., in 24. Jean 1liltildng.
)Micr Husar: tdo 1~2A. M..2 to a mll 79 IPM..
PI*K.Ii. NOvTrAR ItIIItl.t. t 4 N
V .YANI'KIU. &'.
in4 Mtr eet, - - AnlaoM. M, Mont.
M.%I! MT.. OVEIRit ItHIHi:T 1 .3 %.4KV.\'M lT I*hI,.
Ana'onila - - - M
T. O'LEARY, Attorney and Counselor at Law.
r'rartice, Ini atll of tim" State. uand I'iited tl State
IeaotiongKIvtii tol 'bI1lilS;. i'rotwtilYi.M wati .fistinig
.tty Itentici anti iLttatt (..-.".t.. 4l P~.." r,.ouag
S alul 4 Matait rltlwk. ,n rur of F'ir%& ;ittl t Ink
ttrWt4., Auv&~c n~ka. Montt.
(N~ee. FYntt Mrrwl 1t·twt"."n '.I~tn mad te akl
by a nlew Ir.nrI .'. All tiI.Mlatt oIf I 1.-lital %V.rk
exect-nci ini trst "'law,. (uianlt~lr. Artiflh"I'l
Teeth l¶.tltutnt IlatLrw.
Anaconda Real Estate Agency.
Mining trokerwI('tdlte·t.ww antd ('mgveyaau trw.
..~R P. BRO~nLHw'
Aiturney at Law.
0Cke In Iiarrv4t & Jn&ky's IBlewk, M uu M4reet,
AnUie4da, Mn~mtan.e.
V. CARLtill.
The Bet Bread~s of Iqeuemr% arni C'Igar, in 11u"~
Thuruton RBkk. Coner (a Lriawl FdrFrt Mtncrts.
H. Wsr. STS P~evHS
0ffce in Darr1t & .Ricky bIlok. I raridence arn
(e.mbmd street west. o Moataw. Hotel.
Call 4ru( mattli :feel to. 4-1.1"U" o 344t.
IA M" h~'ltlr
All dlsease.' ku.,wn to exist ini the zntmulnue thm
Ity i&.eeestIuly tre.Mevt. Trentwuunt of .iol.M at
syw 1'I rt*u r'larg eaom,,al,* and wheain a elre
ShudlctnNt? atfetedl but Ihalf regninsatr fees will In.*
charged. (4mier at W.artn ipriung.s ºtwaardnl
house. Front street. PoatoMey Ito. 7411.
Tine B~T andl CI)IEArEIT j,Laa in. )the a~aty oI
TeuiW to rvnaMi ra 111141 2*4M and( SESM
is at tihe c,101. iii X IT.
s West Park 3t. F. H. 4h1Aw. , Prorietor.
~The* Morris. Cousins,
y work promptly done and a perfrct fit guu
Ihulors in k-letnonlea Hotel.. Take the First
Hallway on Main street off First.
It tioners ,, Booksellers
--DAL". IN
Peotoffce News .tanl.
iA.Has the PInest
cy Cakes, Candies and
Ice Cream
meow~elas tTiaM Onler
"ad be comviae.d.
West Park street. Dutte, Most.
Hr. h ttun lay ats lb Daughter's
Rabin"~f~ Platt
$h. Wall" t Uarry a SakruptS Eermral
Uurm.'.. mimd Ldark, Only Har
rato r' Cotrnealt t. ('.na
pirt. the "iamnat.
[nrntno. tiIet. 6.--There his anlmost asi
muchb euriusity hero as inn America to sen.
wlhehtr ('aia P. lluntinsgton is g": II! to
let hlid adopted daughnter nmnrry Prin,*e
HatzftlIdt. thereby aw.anainnn tIne yotmung
nnaan'sa alntouat antilimutited indduttn.'ený,.
Haelafeldt ioa nben I n thne Lonadolnn annatri
aonmtul market for yezarso aa fortnnana
hustetr. twomwig, i.:a4 iqognietetd 1114 samn"ie
withn ".evera rich younng wismavnle eater to
punbas a title tlhningl n utritflhuIl.y. he
lema tried Lis fa.einaattionan onla cv.acn a
Aanar;ceann hwinflrit. telinmKrnitily takena ate
by IAlodoEI, wciet", butt witbhlut avail.
He bud red haair andi bow legs.' hint ex
4N-iIIingly fasn.ail:ating ,autnuanu : a hril
lihalet canlv(.r -4 k aliet +1111n a r.iNpatintn
inn i)nElona dIrwinbag-rmsi of olulicsg nnuoenn
tinglta of a wit. His family aname t id tine
Ihaltluenae of his manacle is iuftla t"nt to t
bhm iinto the heat .nwiakty be ax . He ,.
bun to lth `t. Jtnnneni anid othner m.wel1
club c s lv. ahnd r pnta n tiautisr evena unanomg
rI',bnnenm of haviung gone tine pace tlhor
oen1 ,hy. He nanake a anplhnrge. ona tihe turf,
atd is rad to owe snearly * W ma In aeg
land andi France ais a remnnlt of hins efforts
im thait directlion. His club friea.Isa here
all speakni well of oinjo. am ai lolly goo fel
low. laCkinag namotlnng diat a fortuItne ( an
nncammarati with his expxn~naive luablum.
(Of hs title anal jaiLai1 po.ition inn Get
laegany tlar... is Ian anlw·*son. Tha. rrirwci
ptality of Htiatzfaldt I Kneer Franakfort, acnd
while. theire iii al w.a aton inn ttn.+ faumauly,
tiney mutve gnr-t 1oIitiaiet and n.'xiai I..w.r.
LaRst nauntlannm Hatifeklt wenat to Parisa anand
wa.. at onneo takean uap by Americana acid
English mucok~ty. He was a waimny wa'l
cOmnnedI viaitor alt the house of Miaiaster
Mcl.a,,e, sand it was. nit (oane of Mr. Me
i.ttnq's4 n.'cejntinian thlat In. nirat n. t M[iss
Hluntingtoan. a hanadsounnn wanaautnh of tnamsnt
thirty years..
'.1'ioiugla the 1?Z~!ttf'1Ie of tIil ý1I(i lYauti
and(I Air.. Julam& Skke.rwtoxd ,lbe Wk wuw 41wt1
,,iUlxc wxei:al utteatiauu in Paris, ,vtQ4'f 2is4"
iiutde 8 good jimirojiot. tilt. Ith(I etc- 4.111
of oficr4r of gnurrni:ae frot fort-ie~iatmzr- %%,;(!
titI4M to Sell Ii8fl." H&4tg(4·I(It .Ic)Is.&&r,("l
oil tie- use*ren. AttInlut thoe whew ii 1,11
th,.ttaselvt"s to tier wcert Prite I'ietixy.
woir. Lord Alfred ('oiara&t'. I4rtr:erc" Dv
: adulil ('(Nltit YanlAilt rlrax. Shea d
at Icast tetn offers fronta ittliCYUttlohIS. *&iliit
er. andtl Monte- of tluutm followed hIer to
Aix, a-c did Hatgt.·Idt. Nit the G yuelne
with which Hataft-idt 8nd(1 M1w Hutttmtouut
w'ere sieenl togetllther at this (fº s1,;clýul ·le
watering-j11aie" It-ft tIlt 4ldtahbt tha.:t thley
were I41,&r1.
Hatzafekit walK the nmost fuvcrtel of ull
autitrs. Hi-itnmjridiAlHa tau,.tmiers+ eal,
tivated tIer. Botlh tilt Primace atndl Mliae
Hutatiatlgtout w4*re vezn. nlnKh uhisyttst tl
whten 11W thn*ws of thieir et&inuiseunut·t it gt
andt T14t with their 1,irirl)4t h."v4)ti&,tl igo
etiajtl othier at Aix, wlticehi wasI crot'wdd
with AnuarieamaK, they coihl scanar-ey i·x
pact to keep it ucre·t.
Mr. Hituniingoetm did Knot step) mone than
a few hours In Lonion, hlut wenlt dlireet to
Pairl', whL e Iw was to Ilmeet hi (ldalghte.r
at the Bristol hotel, anmld ettle Hatfelkit's
fate. Misn Hunltington left Aix for 'airr!s
with Mr. andl Mrs. McLane. She evLkk"tly
loves thie printeu very inth acidl I N.lieves
in hinl. If H.Illatilgtonl h)arkitk off this
niatchi it will Ix thie s.elotl tinle Iwe luIm
vetat(l hin adopted (laughter's lnatrillinoln
il intetltioinas. Shet. wa.s ellngageu to
.utlnuel Fale. of New York forw ii lonlg
years. F~ale~ carnwe to Pa;ris p)lmryuwse-ly to
manurrts iher, hblt Huntington inter'ferw'l tun, l
dilnuniml.d hint. Mi's Hunltingtmn *aine
ainnad aga in I t Novenllwxr with Miss
Wilson. Wlhleh iln Paris they quarreled
violently andl e(usIed sonic little c.nutlim
timme in the Anierleas il ollony. lmn. 3slll, lel
wpmas.ed M.i$$ AVil um's e(uk *i ninl( saaidI
exceedmingly "hard tlhimzgs agzain-t M1iss
Huntinagton ased the famlily. t..son1 after
this Miss Huntilngton aetueinl.id thle ilivitai
tion of Mrsn. Johll Silrwoodwi to .LeeO(nIIxaIIy
her olt a tour threaghn Spainl afterwanrdl
-olung to Aix to sr. iel th(e suanllnwir. Venlln
tn1( paIrty arrivel! tllere they fouliul Hlati
f.ldt on lth.k. TriLe Iritme*'': aror e"lnolll
a little wlh(. hie let i.arnel that Miss Hani.
ingtor wa.l i otly .anl imil )l)ted Idl:umglir. bust
when na.-inrtd lhut it ili nmo wiay ialln.te'rfell.
with the Ipr")*is't tive lntrge lowy li. nr
iewt4i lii uttentions.l
Peloplle who kuno.- 'Ir. Huitinge.sm twI|st
don't twiliev hii( will nallsenll to ttlhe Iltsa
riage.. ( he. Lo)tloll s.wxiet.ty pt.L.r (clinti1n.
to kInow that Huuntington ea)llul ihis ln11
sennt before le'a'ing New York aiul agretl.
to settle lax),(loJtlNtft ot thln bridl. 4o*('1"..
friendsl of Miss Hluntilgtorl. in the. lwst
loxitioll to jutldge, hklinell to, talk I bxiIt
tlwe nlatter. A II',,hrl/ orrn.swnleelll.mlt at Aix
tried to obtain tlm' inlfornnatiomn flIuIna Mrs.
Johnil SLhcrwot, but witlhott avail.
Mhspriheat hlay Dunes.
SIIEI!P1PREAn BAY, Sept. 5. --Tlhe· ut&itei
azie at the races to-day wae good. Tija
surprise of the slay was Brittanitw vi'tsvi)ry
in the seond raee. He made a new re
orl for sevetn furl~ong. 1:283.-5 whibh
beats G. W. ('ook's tins. by on-ftlfthl of a
.aecond. In the mile Badge won. Little'
Minch aseeopa. King Crab third. Time,
Sevent furlongs-- Brittani.' w~oe. 1*ss
sueoond, Fordluan thmird. Time. 1:'i :-.
One and oine-gixt&ctnth miles --Bsulidhist
won, (aliente second. Philander third.
Time, 2:2 1-5.
Throe-quarters mile--faMu1Ite wonaTie'
Cyclone icol(t second. Rltaph Bay'.ani
third. Time, 1:24 1-4.
One and oue-half nmikes -Fircnese wons.
Retrieve uecondl. Kalloha third. Time.
2:35 34.
One and one-half miles on turf -Barris
ter won, Eigin second. Tray third. Time.
2:7 4-6.
Walker Bata. usrlaing.
WAnalxrNrox. September 5.-Wltwerr is
Walker Blaine': The Departmentl of State
knowm not, and his colleagues aue not in
communication with him. His mysterious
absence causes untIfigned anuliety. It is
believed that be is all right yet hisi disap
paaance excites alarm. When Preidklent
arru.ion quitted Bar Harbor Walker
Blaine had to remain behind to nurse a
tblack eye incurred by a tunmble off a bhuk
hoard. Two weekls agpo young Blaine left
Bar Harbor and went to New York city.
From that point the trail is lost; hence the
Stat Depatanent official, ar. rather un
easy. It is thbou that tlhe yung dipl
mat may he at New London Conan., where
his lad lv lives. It he is not there then
his abrupt dl.appear e may assunwe a
very serious aspect.
S.p.rt e Masmba5 ves a. w tlb. ilS
wf 'i art·r
WV auapu o?. aeipt. &- In an offiial ve I
port to the department of justice unier
date of August 1. Mar-blhr Franks any".
In ohedki vce to the Iha."tnttoc,.il of ~w tht
peilnicunt hen-14.41 ena~oiatnmtty cera~ schi time
tImliost catttion fler time *WIIatItbia, aif JUd
liii' " ield atdl Jtiige *iwyi'r fulne Vig
kWee- by 1. S. Terry and wife-. O 1f tiii aM
.allt Ian thuli t igK nc t'n at Latlarop. Saa
Mhal Frau'.* Ka3ay:4 1err&my tir ek Juwtk'es
FIeld twkce befcire l iepltv Maar Ihadl N·agle
Inat.rfc*"eul. Itie ('Eblti IHit a "" i.'ir; waLmt it
mterrl of very has-(!t iº..}-wilt,). - and if pw·e\r
.t~r.tmnp~tl. l tI:.t 1~ l-suIa r. :it a.'I.nrtitl' Ix4
n &Lt1d' w-ithi tihe k'uif.'. a v oreltin **mpm te ""
high t If (14 -ahnaIl im." liad hmuhi.ittaa fly enirrie,!
for 3.f (-.ii*. N(ag:Iq hi i mimall .,f .lit.Imt
build) &ind wcell L.i.-wv Tjurr"'av. iei,Ii t liar~
u.l rr 441ti .-kill With wu*&.w.ajiqxm. Whe1&In 1wi
.aw eery l.." hall ri-i..g im I, hw-l t-ie that
Tc·S r,~ fIrfrom.,II L*iw;i ulq-tt-~rritI by) tIne'
Trdtliactal warninag to stop,' wai'.demw~rat.'Iy
tlt·ternaitu-.ht tItaike. 11 lifet if Jun11-..
1 14141 nd~l his iN.-aszalh ownl lift. Neagle
Ipn.%-4.flt4l it ii, the aiviy way anal~ maty n44
%4t)II.hb"I..h'r'at" eoI)14V43$i~it nIV ti the fnmct,
w":i! inrtend hl Ilcgratlll have d onellc. It will Ic ·
.'!.:..m-y uIs liow tIhrri. wf1 hut l I' iwo .i4Yt'ud.Im
I e4w+1-t.-?e i2e.1 I"ii Vie i', 1ifi a'id the. '.lu
fo in \o-az- '. s pitstl that ,4441.tl it. Ae
r e1ii't.-'. t hue tot thnit is at
its S.-t~i.'r i j*4I. ) 14.1 !.nr(!haL·
Fri.t.3l,. $4iVr4rV' rri (it .i/tchlltty rf ti.l .
.fi1·L.(.4 3.2. tII'I&3.I5IAluI5 At kzic ',e nii.I O3
ei sl.,l~tiiik to doi iiolpnii.*. *motwxilntnudtaigtj
.it hls Idead. He was tine fl 4)y4.3.e))w4*tI
Lni t''annh'.r of liter.. At l.atlnr~qi Ia- hauis
(-vuezy zulv..ulia. itu Ihd( wax tuft the ;~imt of ef
4,1,1:f. Ni'.a&- amid htibl(4' ci'ield tto 4'!II)4)d(.
L itt:. A.aot itinr exhiuit is Jun.Ij4w.- awyt.r'.
tnurr."tih.?I of (Inels uIt(1n4I iun iIi }rosuiti
r oin til hint l:" -Mte. -ferry do om t1. train b~e-
tti.-t-Im j.:". Anree I4.h'L ~a'1 ~%I1t II 'riIft:iM"'
AuaKcU iat 2t. l$.e¶#., ,idk-· int -ovmm;.-aa wi'th
hemur hmat h,,,nu. wibM-l I :a+ hi..-~u5,et~ 4 *X
*i ttel ttl- I'ity flir-. '1t ra' s'ttilhit of it.
* twli( h1il his hi.ir whIlne it u.n.' star t aý
lut. 1J.I) 4$4'(i he iii tIe) t .it oIf thme 4-ar. Het"
anali J%1r~a. Ter awail it Mr. ( .wi..- totil4-I~
tir' na-tiom. l.mit :r ''i t1 trip t hi-. .Imgl.
*,y ari ry irs. 14'!ttiiiteuI)ooh ti l d t ., ll
1tIont haill, 441111 hr juaru2sol. !til w-1is (1c
and :atltittldl' l Iofstkr tl r to) whni ta
1ui1i14 ItieiI~.itt tat i and nIU4e.Ir.d thai,, 4to
o~hisort~i tIhe ftitIlte at~iuutid 4.f ting fiearn
* Aiitenirl"tlt 4)f 44flrflij 3::tp-r-1 thzit N.'"a.~l.
was 'º -killer" of tlhe hrh-rr tlatl.,i lyjx'.
&&iii a8's4rts that h~is Ir.rtn~t ai(,um w~a' Huit donj
it I '1144.&ht1114. IW..Laiwli)411 tIuIn. blt l,
* itieiii C-cbtnrni'at, ii ,1I Iin.,It hit'., pironteiin dol
see o rad .x "ousionr.l~
S %xiii...'I i ºa LI.LI ept Y. Time- prn t ('ilM·
iii (lI"4 wtot1 1M (Xti jJK'iE .b.4l of ti he I IIiZ* I
tit::u··i *SI 1I( II1" tu11rt. tie tletuil.·"cl cavc'lct
uatl ith *)%aadtI. at 1 k1t idiot In 'rn·*(*ry
Iii * rw·i 13314 1411( Uxpn .I+ atlk the ,4'i"ºiIo
that1 if XºUI~·e had mot *IH,1 l Tery he
c I Iola!! wocll~l 11avc· Iwu·,l tl 1tua 1 in 411N" Hlir
ate~. Tito (··Ilra"A*I()II Tern"'º fuaY· w hell
hec ruisa~cl his Hand to st nrika" the s ntaºH l
tiii*" e434111 gitm lu. ,Itisataak.et. It was. fill
oCf unalihee ant tdn rnk~r. Jaatij.. Fieil oh -
I Iared that lIt nreve*r had(1 cuiw tnI..1 of
aumy kind prior to rl.*cdkeriumg 3wiwawmat in
thei( Stlunaii eairs.I. H.. aitkk~l that jut tta
of hlii, aItkinti Terry to sucimjipport himia for thme
IInrriidentilr l nainiilltiirlr racvverni yours ago
wru$ Iwlrc· tlr~tirrl.
A Uhamttv Findl nn tMe ('am C t.
SANt Fula .erujco, S.ept. ir. Tim* -ftinling
fif at Imy lit Si4ultisImttow'tm, 'tlll is.'" to i1.
that of Ch'bris Sylives.ter. wtmo witse ld'.,owimad
fiil tilt.w 'a'aulm Imeua'h oil onAuagamri. 4,'a'mimll.
onan of tim,' - immwt Ipithetic tnejkl,'iits that
t'v('r aw"eut'ra'a iii tilt- vl'iumity of Stau Frauº
.!'ac,, w'Imis'h wasL ti lrtmwmmi-,m ,m ( 'larim
Sylvester. .a imired uiumn, anal Anre'iNalal
('mki"kh'am sanudi Ga;mrgrit 'qewkimrta . two Iai
aged 12 aiim! 14 years. withinm tilt' sigtht of
their f~atimar, oni timt'e gma'aa IN'atei. August 4.
The.' iutrty wer&' imielaaj.'kimugr fill Mamma'
an'ks iin at little' etwva ona tilt' Cw'atm Im'a'iat .
1ilMamt six maties4 sanati of Stam I'Peero dlairy.
ove'r tima' S.man Mfateom line,' whIme'a an. iinº
fle'lt4' WavII swVell tih. thiif' to Ilwie'
aI.atim. zmaale (,.a1i.e .' 4. .ki,aarum. thme fatim."' of
the nurrfiwly ti '" , ",-cr".a wd it lilt.' fiat...~ct
A aiim. ama. ut zfter the .'av . w-.I~t tim.' iimoy,
rote m' iitla"'4 ",f' tihe dIsisateri m'omm m sen'. hoI
I'm"'' I Ii' VC'.I i~.(, of tho'mu(.
'1 he. Ixwly Eli"('a)va'mav tilt tii,' I u'.i"i hamgr
Stail im.,llam jM.llt. is m((ii,')H.a' t., im. 111im ra'
Emiul(im' of Ci r-a Syiv.'-ta'r amima ' of time' ill
famtd liiin'.. It was imm'amil.".s am md zmraumla's
ainitalimal *'Vid.ia'tiy iu'a'n1 Am hlng titru. iii tim.'
wate'r. Mtr. ('ew'khmtlnm. w'il want to M'a'
tim.' Immly ya'.te''lay. thsmgcirmt that the I5x)l'
marust Is' thmat of ('rian Sylva'st.'r.
New M%1,.%l u tuat Nar Mtke
SANTA Fe. Ni."w Mexho. S.44*p. 6. -- TI.
aniid tI1Io. mlll,· of lII. 4f)olPtittut!l t11u"
rhief work of tin. Ktotct eonsv.·,tinta to-day.
I The pjlrerindLur£es a13- 111w practirally
udogar with, and thErn .k.Ireaute.. rnr M4"ttlirni g
to work. T1woe orupket. *nl.t la tjoin,,
wen- i, .-.ennted l*, -4 n, and their varl*.III
tuitulor. The (effantel. ititrindI *iittitlt
nag their lab.,,, ilnsitke of two we..kg).. aw
they * *.4 ivt) InAy for thIa.ir )Irvihe4* &IIId
lInit t of tlai"i ar ieeglcttulrt thaeir mn-rato£iI
aH'alIr4. t Iue of thn.. -rfi .% of ar titu
liont pn(rM·3nted today i6c ahuiM.t idthiiti.&ir
wtith, tlruit aulIpt.dl by N..rtha I)akota. ari tl
th.* oitlir (*.,VIrM [nijt Iev.e1nti1 JMuufQM of I
I*egal t£Ifl. blt it pn *uw~3tj~nc..t1 hiy thin... wha.. I
hIave 4XUI3 IIIEt zit a vry .able d.xI u netu t
eand ln rkahb,'for. inaplieity and eon
; eiw na."en
Colh Ma5p at Mt. Paud.
ST. PAIL., Sept. 5. -During theo Ixst 2
-hours thei thernaon.wter iham fallen -:U k
-grt . 42 b.ing registered thi Ilsorningi.
Quite a cold snap has been experienced
all over the. northwet. culnminatinr iLn a
.evere. front at ('heylenne. As the wind I
veering round to the mouth a warmetr l..t
is lEoked for. The fact that nn igriLe
iMIrl. are ranpidly. leaving for the. south
want is -on(sidereod a sure foreulllner of
an early winter.
Over Wmiares .rals.
BrI.ALO, aept. 5.-An unknown woman
conunitttd suickld at Niagara Falls this
morning ht Jumping into the water
above the falls. Nhe was apparently
abotYt 2Y )-ar od. had red hair and wore
a black ldre.. She was allve when she
went over the tall as she was seen to
raise her head. She was a stranger and
arrived on a early inornilg train.
Flkdish Crime Committed by a Druken
11oman In MInnesota.
" N.r nHl.. nut % iall. 1nI with ?4.nrlny M.r
rrlW; [email protected] 1Iusbmaa4. Isee" rvom Nim
"ally. E1 phwd. n filmng laeVi.
'lug.. in H+ .. Wnth.
1ei~ie.. .%l'r "Juelwk tihe ItI&;)1r " in, flaw
.Y":`"r. i'd )mt :.rlr. S(·ut "l Im'miaim, ;, wif. of
faalIIt r-' iu m Ihks..jn (4i~mmmy L,,4i ruuisti.a.r
Itrut gin'. .wtia-.armlt aI mit.':. NI r-1.. 1.-tm.'
tlin'tii'. Of I yic't4)t j4a a vsritmthb- ii -ii,. . Rts'
jE e .tPil I'?. .t+t tol w".L. h' frn-. "1 ni - I Im.l pePr
1tieist40 Imatlit Imn~t~d ssitmitie-*i. 4111i a'. aI
la.-It r0ao.t titl.e Iamplmmt * ti' fri:.lt.'i imr jilt..
;wnale nnanout :E .i"rlt)',t Mr. Iiiint,".. lii'
mltuatmeed ..11 ~Sitmarslay thaat it ivnm~ hii. isa
tis'uti mnt to tnrzltmf.'r nll aif Ii's 3umw.;w ray,
."4)mt-billmg c1r, "i ik P'tr.a~l ani.iI anl a.8t"4mar..
tithiseht-- ,<,n knv ta Ir·lls wife tur?,~tlin
sxes"It aimr e!mw'sr."r immts',st Ii. tim.' Imams- I
Iiirm.. HnhI1mm"+. aiiing't"d lih ,.l rtim l (44 that
lilt fasiiay ts*I .t.. , -.'im.uisilhu' Nla- Imaram.Ias
In pllhiii. 4Lnit, tot tslWim 1114l Iitnr-i~ ais (1it
quatnaitity 5'f 3344535w. tsai. -l'tlrgrl. Imiitm.'it
t; ',; i*'ik htrclln)- ...-nine. lH· Cz.))d toy
drimak. iht .i"i .t'lint yjt,.rn rtl' wuith Am-r hu+1
1mwi I~). it-i'5 ti,, ihti.m nll thut I' .. 4 ilAthcl
lint,. auwi aI tit nstlrs' tm lil .nw*tn. %11" matt
mp till il u gi* t iiikit.ig time luau-.r .I-'la.. ts!
gitrt ia'isl its lists city tmadi pluib lflim ti
-ritnmt AN-s s'i m,,,,itte-e i t 'nat arsiw.
w A, by h tttt( WI (III ltIi os of 14%-k 514-Ii
Iirimuuma tl'4tfl4 4. wentll time wtetiwslw· l,
wi'4'jfA4 an axe', aumd ni'tirnuiim i to m. fre imau
whemn-~ hier Emsii tm.ituh wll?4 ,I4'shmiI mstutminly,
mu-tit lilt' kies, di'stc, st fliti' %V(.1iN I I"nd to 3i5
tim timn' 'let- eilig 151.111' N t34Lit.
im:ad at this' finmiilir. :uu:,i. .iiatms, hul s. ut&'
th,115i115 1.. r tls'*lini wsmrl. Stim ImIaea' 'sia it
usc Ilt p*i'-stl. -r aia'triligi'. tin-i m'ts i. said' i
hlin.5*' I ll.''mp' Ii tie mmm.umtim o1f tim l .-;t, ,sI
'suinuli.immNa lto ia'a.na- will ..i&..tttri'imi . very
thiiniaf Itm tit,- r....ma, 'lhe ul'i,j4 sof alii. .x-
mlsm,'itii aitlE .wte'. Simmslal;.'I Haume.-.,. it ueigh
Smi .rliag ('ai'lim.'r. whim. l~imti'stsmi ust. iltimI'.wm
.aams lmuwizs si tutu: mati. ,5 a.a;.aiin't I tilt hsimr
Himltmm.'mi Idlem.l4y. aitidi siliim nir.d e4sr)Ne' al
154w msum It.in Li' sit lt- e sis .!m'in. andIi 1,
W'ife'. im sa Im.atf-slnanks'u si ,lr~r" . I'. i iks'si
iii tim.'s'stmut)'a 54111 t.. awa ilt s1v."'Iililam.'at.s
r"u114'a. mmit, hE.,trhi 4'Lttt4 iii'ti' hn4L
tilt-s x sst4uis-l Itun.
KIu:i:w:. N. 1H.. $i"1nw. :1. S einrtv ry ~Vin
4111111. %1111 Ili&n IMlil4 ill thiE Pity N4%E.r:ll
uli~tY wAtli liii tirnaily. W*1- -1N.I tE11n)ly iH
Rnilat"ini to tibE' r4114rli d i(lili11jIii .m i11 4I
I'&nrt mif tike. Mn"xj4.1nu ettºvmrran~nean urn Le'
(414111t otf in114tE1( niliangn mbe of ti tn.ie'nry"
(Ick;MLrmlanIIatat 1141VM·rnE tnº Il 1w in Ill*r1ntill its
&utlilk tn regzerw ton tin. ji11lmlmmitiE1am of ciiiti~-m
on Mni."xieai ve,4u1Ml* . '1 i11 E rn.tary. 11ft1er
nriiiillang tlw .i u1114t11 i in4 m tinily. betial flult
iln rw~irna to 1u-maui Elfl thins ua..vin-raninntt 114mi
aut nr.a untly EI1t1Flt Il 1141II al ian M/lit-,y ,init
tiany nt t11inti k Ie- in-·1?4, ! of .1."x1(7. Nab nil
il11g iu1( lw-i-an baimly h YInanim. ((." till- na"iijmvt
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unnwtcn~mnn oil tint- iu4i'ui"r tin gonui%-nnt thin
rntuiidnmm-mnt iaIljnmnrtmatilil lf \1.-x14:51 Ivnti
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lll 0 4 .li.s 3lEE 1·1fur .11la. t1i14 11i-tman1)
1nn Hti- iI'*m nmrtiiimiit. Intse l ma II.inIE oin inn n"-
guanl 117 t.c Inn.nattm-r ll mmiii ~ l Antsi -n 13 (leu
Ini nn-itnnni ton itnign~inneg (Iiniunigem tuN1xu1
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ill ft(, r.ingi igl aminnn xiinj I7t 4E-44 I. I. ci
fi..:!, wvitin w~*im1c the. I ii1"1 hcaI ~as
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s.Iiine.u .ttia- g 1Ir~~f th1at 6511II 4151.1 "n'tari". IIa.
iiuA i."v.y 0..iiii mdmti-. tesn ou.nr v1 ..Iu is. A.4
A 'ltxin ti nE*w~ Ievy +ini-in tditinriuanjidt
Itang ditty nz114li gOEMIS Il (III!* i/nl I I1 Aii..I-I
( (Ill .ailitlig it mmI IiII. "1"i. aui. JH,1"4,i II.
1in-hvE 1141 v1",-1 .1i Elf ,n1n i, Elini'..
Ai f%12. 1.1. *.Ist i" il.d. .
StAN Fit ax. t.. .., Sý git. 3. 'H1." lkNy ..f
tlº.- I)U(u1 futencl~I .1..4 in llC. 14llk ten 44ttatr
*lamy mam..ramitm wsiith .. fm:I1. w~,ai.iiid ill hii-'
hIacr.. lie ha.. IqIa Hiii i& .-uu-v ;I gl..t. ..ii J.4i
E. (' Iv. 111(·1 (1r. (ttury··L LI~l. H.)1 ...11""d
I * loii.l ~ iwcllmauyr tI.)k~ rlain, iu *imulj
I Mlrt lh.'a.r 11ldw14 I L -hI') it Ikintl .t.ii'r,.q-l
t .-t1N" tm.r .* rt &u tt"l.-.l wVial lr. m3ir
Ntrattl ."r to hint. itº (:.dd.-to (. ,ti. 1. ºr. n.-..(·
w"I 5r. ;lt- *"r tII.. lltal iti-am h- t1lw."it) itt
i.utlI . tin-al 't- r hint to it ruul'
nittt killta (lit( imau-ul Wame-t V.tt i.la.-v.-r lit-I
uuuu.Il.r (Ii93 .t1 31 t,- Wit at sgur
If isisylli ( it. lm., We Imasgguim It, uh Lmity butI s.
Isi;i-lkiII- r~n-i t-Iluc"u u-lu ".1n iwi t l.- u'." -
P %let 4, Soe-lit. !J. - "Jwa'e ".a I" V.,atr. mar
Jac~k. tlae" jIip)I~r.~ is. Iti. Ia ..Bhe ". :a pity1
which~ in hrx"IIy W preslel.".Y at ( ,hut.".Ir lt" Aur
withajilEM h.i.i Ira~tia,.11I t is 1ath/.a ale As
33E)rii l4· pi .-v. ,- ,Ia&ru t.l itil the-. I'r..mm,*c
..tae". It 4IettI*. tIY)I 1ssIr-. wilth) th" WVhait. -
("IuIIMI *nuirtl~ri tutu iia at iaain..t s. .rriloly
rualistie luaaieur. Suam1a.* mat t ijtm.:tiji,4
asrc m awrklng anti would nl - t .l·rut.ai in hem mo
othe.r cum ntry toat thain. A lereaemit
.haaraw t.r Iits the pIay ias the. IMw141 elf the
New York pnliee. wha., av..lmtmaahlly ) e.
q'euehm in uta..arthisag ""Jauk. thae li1 )ser."
Wh)I, i' a .uot) of a 11)111( famijly. u11 4I II mas
vrow..'! vteataluet e rae thLe samafeartunasak of
ILondton1. as his lift. Iau holart ruuiedi by 0a111a
of thassus.
Ng. i.grP.. Lat~ws IcmuMdl
P4KWa. 8ept.b. --Gt.ziqeNI Hiuuiang. r haiu
written to Printe Minlister Tirnrt ilaianizag
the right So he tritoI h.fnfo court mars al
andt p'lt lgInn himjeelf to a ppwar heibre
sucn trihunha. The refusal of a trial by
court nuirtla. the general says, will he.
ainiiaianu on the part of the ?.werIunmweut
that it feaus the impartiallty of a military
court. In the event of a refusal the ten
cerl says be will suhnmit hhunuucf to the
jludgawiit of 1114" people at1 lth pols.
TweleK.dw add P3~e'.p KaE. y Tems.rdaya.
E not--Th. Wises!..
nat."v*isl to the tunslit*.
Ml'I, rtLA, ,loat.. Seiapt. 13 A Ilmer day
r lI4)Ib4-r.?icing '4)4114d nut baurv.. hM-ee
stnuk" IS onrdr than1 4.Elgy. Thft' wa's
lh'ithb·r wil Ind now aiit. tiN" tr4k w:%^ frost
31,4d mattIe. and theC 1two Iv lIhInl)rf(.tI Inp E
wrho tntllrerdl itt Use tnruk wEWtr n3uu4
luIj'l- by Iaso of the tliii. clt uy'.. racia.yt
ev..r giv..ni in %iusntauus. Ti t..L.dy its .keig
*isi1tIl ots lhe- pfrogbI1I55b4'aHr B1Iar(kfcxAt
1)uy." and~ ttt·), big stills c~n· * sho t down
to 1lt the-. 11HE'l es44* tis º.Il~r. 1IN' sa tnlli.
ishIit trest wit '.b Iwas hang ulc vr fr.-le y.".
ts(tflniy s-.ills.rl iss Lndy M1tired winimitug tie-n
i film t:'.-at ams r n in ~ . After tbe'
s.., tttes . f tl' Race.. StandI i..iduil
1 £s, t;tla 'rite .tirii We*:s the' eie'e,.jve' 14.11 tiI
'I Iu "I irt n."." .,f ilts illy riek s tts." tl . t .
ui srser *L 'sla, with I .huik l'iiot. Kittio e- l:
antiIl II.lly) 1e ily. t i ttle r *,.-lI ?5z t"Isbioe.
11i4 tlati wm.: , i IItin. ateP.tiI(1f 'le.- . ue
Kiui.' Vast wsnsa Lay ai le-ngth iii t :r.'l :
it..isyhM.h1y M4'4'I,5441. I'ihºt ithtid. £ II. lI a,
Ilir" pt'la itthit m e u.l.1 iIIas Wi II) [It by i*
uIIade"' au'ger N t is S. Uad hIRetirel is Y4
S(.IhSIMd. %VIsd1. PSlcti h IIsc t fivirit ie lnd
Waitn will. t: tria,, er -pttr. li' ntbIta's
ki it.sink s4ainud ib quaarter ribif- was' :a 11141
4.mmt..st. ailin..ula:Jmsiubihevs 11141 theI..se-at eif
it tihre.41Wk·bat. a is".i abg be. l's' Na w.),
LetIsi' asil lla4k Pih-.t ten o's,1ggtth,. K.
I' %at waa first fIavewitl', lIeIt th * e a e.
I .xwm weilt hE, Jsulhil.. 'l'ianse' 2:14.
Tiw" sjxrial Itnixerl trotting u· a11d l cing
race wLla; 1110 llIiselitt intere'titar evett of 1
'sty ut. rlE IHtti1mjw rib, 1511111. lend4 it wa's
V.Etbnsa tithe, iw'f.,re tai' ssjwwt. plo-kee4l asst
Jeºlsm i-io'ary. h'sumtu..ie'. ('hzattwa and~ Hart?.r
V.lhE's. fisex run-te biP wIM. UM s-liy art o'xth
liitleas a MM 'oiuli lx- isuatini,.w. Paiatimsa
woe, ini uss-.- 'strmaiglat IM-eat.a. in~ 2:37. 2 :2.
.':TG Isiitlw. lu.st tlesit Harry- V44~4*I'.
.lrlve'r, F4ield. was fline'$I_ fr fonil ehri'itsg
auwh his. I411'. se l )11k I'htat lut V ai-t. ThIN.
rave.. were' hItg~hy jwaaisai ammd h orseei sio'g
air' highly pls'a-'ee'o wit atlbile track used4
tiaeir' tmi'-btnse'ut her,'.
N.·w Ye,,Si r44ewk Iwe-hangs.
I tci.41.y tlit. haathuag~ Itue,e.wim thae I*(..i
I temu etl( e)I(SleI.liii Ad O.S(· lad ·k £l~ ~)14t 11.
lyatri~&h,hy haighae'r tIm-maight. t;eu,'.'rta,m.',ati
I eima44 llll Ibig. rsa~a·urtiiij a4'nhurm.l tlllwua'
uh(tl)44'fI a.tvb riyll hn~Y lit 1411111 (N,lurihua W'r.
( (h~lM*'r wv;sin w.'&ak. auae keul uIseie't E.it
a'tnr',a; ul.,mam.',tje' eat ZYLK I'atm. .1114,
A m,wlwull. I'd5; (..aseh& rry. 3N);, hiul. & tnew
erwa.L.a, lt; Heanie'astuke'. 1111; kuarasl Sh.*il~r.
I.1I; Iruats Shhv..r. Jrb; ~Ie'ihu'aa,a. YX); MIa
tim.!.14); astuasavrr, 4.',&: heuikst mh.16
PI~l~eJ~th. ~3N ; Su'lle'. u 14J; SI. rra.
Ku~blwd am Ieuee Teeaesme.
(a-iStA14 It HAPIt. Stlit. 5. 1..!). Ste'ItI*(
trwnwsann~r eii Iletettmm e"MNtty fair tie. *ºwaat
mit.. yI~arje , e av INitI eam eut, I1w 31(1 elte
1"11ariyt · ." f tllH1rrlcscloc ll(· i 46181 iM IIow toot
14il imu tlhe wugmi etr Zti.4Ktl. Swtutewtamt ilt
.an.. thIQ lmutoit IlC1NtlulJr hurt in the." e4ate".
111" lrrit ontltro"r1 Irlmvc I 11"4 tlrlC."a .ls tro.w
uarer iea Jaagle* I. 1 l. hat~ )w"r 116 r' -e. 1-e
tieett fe. IrI .ii1 1444e 1114 to-moo het 11u.1il leifZ&I hi1w
Ia~al e* luw uts .tt" o.. Ik ta tyle 1n11.11kw #tel wIi
11.1%. I tt~ it w1. ir 4nl1%4*Iet t l Ia. t rut k It
3,4 llJ·telyiw· ljf ?llgiEl. I·irits teightr th. eat
tlit . -1 elf w144·llI teizrl= e"lfH· w1**rv4it,
wI tlLL (Via- 1l l.te ml. itr P") Il·hl tIll l&1fl4(rk
cef ii, * Iree .4*llI--i ?e ltl ilV I3. l.-tt"~Y .
tlio hurt .of w viral w*urnl- .o Iil*·rviu~rr
SteeIee, It' -i fatai IIaiwe ill It.l w'.lV fnld
itteI Ioy Ii,,' .l" f.ati.:alies +61311 it .4"lu·1M thlaJt
the. 11e.14 "yaa e~i x ."\ M"11.'41~ eIlleae ."tei&%a.aIlt
Iaitliit-a .: tivii me. H.e 1w ItleI" :llani"sI.Iltl)
~t it .lm t 1111 lll Ili.: h aede .te· ieI i li.ne avily
lele.rt,ý'; ,!.I. -oil e, Itile4SiIegll . ot laiw gir..il
I tty ti t%. h a"i.i. uint 111411 14131 fe.r y. Irw.
Ias-uram,..- WIea at Ihpm~'..g
.B-~~*44r Mi.&IIIi4. IZLlwtrlEII~l& Solljlt4 (lrk~u,1
I\. la.inuia~mm ilu·,lew. t~f 1114~k s4eI*La~lt ee~iciti
mll,,jtte., nrtelel, anel~r l tug* fchllw* a yirnihtr
S. ierri·1~ll.l~~ .'f · Me&.~aeia~.tM; vsi.,~~ preici
Ir* 4f ·II I c *4*II.(i(·e* ciiiaaaaittc. ares I 11.((
tyler cc~·l i c,tttee'el imt$ ViLl~~. I.FI4e
4dl..aI*.. GM the. ItaMw Rie..
N :w VoUrK. SeIpt 5. Duaritng a ~tmnw" fog t
Full River line.. whlek accruin~g do.wi East
river etullidlcr with Gerryi yacht Electra.
i 1l14 ctpiNltit of the Eleetnra caught Jltrt
aft the. wheel hotru, of the Provklekucead
Itut*tc out the Mttt~tI~hteoft anid tkmw of The
tnkkllI. deck and left the interior of a
**' Iemipie 'if Mtalte. rIo# exga.cIa1. No one
%%a4 injusred. although there was otuagklrr
able ic·litmtent on the Provklegu'e adl
gcv reel ldksr fanlatd.'
A as Leta t Uwetmktin..
SAN RA3nCISCO, O.ept. 6.-A dispafrh
furo Victoria. B. l., annouance thu ar
rival ther. this wiorming of theuseyr
Vivi, Penelope and Ada'ba fromn Ds4l
straits. The had togethrer ovr J
skin. o and report that they s
u'thlng of the rmlted Mtates revesnue a.
tar Rus.
An Orelo Farmer's Dus Liperbeum
With Hlguny al.
His nsnrrwew E...eum Irr.m D3ehr me tSb
Head.tw.1 f..1 Amelu.t -"A BalkS
T4ur4=q .%.kt.m Hby W6Nas.
S rL*w . (Igrn.. Siept. 5. a .t ld thibwmy
rr·1,1*ery. .Yllullinxi the· naait .klaperqw
.Ir.-:L+ at t1l1a" J:ºn~~r+ Lwrps. wrtft ..la ictr d a
sulaiat (Sr two 0tgw) an D~rit crf,'k. nm..ar SiI
v.-riunr. Fntlrk A~lhnii h. wha live-Ps near
S.&l.-nn. w:s tine viktimn. lte was held up
..9nnlinIua "l. I,*tt. anoN ti-zn nfl..t. %I"-. Al
&mnntgla v &a ! r.ntinx gealt r,.an:mit~r liv~it4 .roar
tIn,.. p~lant. An f.-w iIty.. .&.t' s l .i.)k1 Nhi.
wIIE-at int SIVi v Crtt avid w#.ntI ti tl..ti plaea
yn.'s'utnluay t., re.Y'ii." hiv, monev. He n-
'Ci vE'4l SLt 44.1t4I In flir . aiil in!+t.:..1I of .k-
tw..'itiuta it limt it &nn hii.. IMw k-t-. nul ftartA4d
Night w,.t eotflhtiI& On alHf hby ttfn. tine
Ihe. n~iuainnl D)rift ( ri·k. is few'. linile.e out
firmnt ?itrlertm. it waas 61k. H. waf itian
artniuiI amnd *nIte' slo~wly saltng w't.tlotit
t linki ksmg ef th.lma rm.hhn.aI. As lwe wUserof.
nint I rift ('t rik Lnridgwlta iI1:Va u~t..p"j.iw from
1nilnintil tin-' Ijianitd kall elitt It nvn cr
at hiv ' hatn.aI. gav tn.. *fnnnmtatminm. "1411 usp
).uumr htatintmnn
)dr. Alh.saaglh wasafiijamk to nt-qwttal.whefl
it a.q"wad aats. rtateitl*l au, p Ixaiael him ºnal
nrelja..wtedl hila to ItI 14 over hies nanney.
'fl r.tr wirts anothinig to e.u last asaahit. Tb
11r4t .notixtr tntdisua~d to keep she" r, volve r
1N~jaat"d at Alhaughb'a l'aea. After they
aa1 uat tiar , atnua,. away the maia with the
utrlaiw pistol tld Alaatagh E' "*bad a
ii.,Nd nontlion to 1411x)1 him,6 anyway." At
tlhs the rtull-r nnvedrl m i ti tir.., and
Aitaugla Igv-.&htwd for tiw' pistol. ree"ivlng
tiN. cltag litn tat,. handl. saking a *Mint
jtninafuwl wolalal. A gondwl shot wan fired.
famt frttatu natly it strewuk a watch
whkiah waie it hi. vret pocket. Ti.. all
fr Iagae., filt. heat net ikteitt it weeuld leave
a*'a-. faaItl hied it naat etniek tia.- watt-i. Af
etr tIrimgr tie' .wuHIw isheat the- rlabrhrar and
w..al-Iw. nalraaalla'nr 1 V tliw,.oaacrtel inI tb.
fear.s t mutt taureit getl cthsir "ji*.wa".
Mir. Aluala(~L prsr.qe~k·.. em lnihi way tetme
tellielg imt ,a.iarilahnra. )It tiws" riaierter. the
pattliarinar elarkracu. iarnehtwahtaI tiea. hltm of
zA'my tamr-tat Ma.imjg maack.. Ie ty -Iaeriff
W~rigiatmnaau ,eteartt-ai jim Netre-a o'f this' high
wtaymaema tlaj.e iatt.*nmeae*a. amail r'tsamiael at a
Mr. Allag h * tl tag la y with hima.
Im slw:ºking et ithe rsthitiry. lx Maid:
--Afer ies-firtacam iitswa flmineised wtshot.
inear. the' Necaslall cam.. r\,arº.paeta ael mast rout
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I .'.wild rii c friaHItaI g(rarlunuaci theYy hInt
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The Enronln MIu.i~lur Trial.
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1'p to thw elsnae of $o-akstaa eavlan the
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t.-ry .htualh.zaga". 19 on he-half of 1.anell
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A Harry t..r Sled hlaired t na
J \('Kc4o(. Mihe.. Se.pt. 5. -A well
Jaikm-uigi t4Nt(W 1Mh h just returdnd
Mielivyg a ('enat.r, a rseort four nulle
I Jf Jwackaa. When he went them
I wass white. but he washed lashen u9oC4St
units a day at a certain pbe.' in thE Lake.
auul hi. har is now as black a. a OUVuW'a
wing. A md hbamir Jackua gltr bd la cks
taruiad hlack byi the rn prais' uuei
I (uIrjJBIIy baa beea ieeiUtfdbepsdbu
Sthe place on the lake. builam u
tbart a ftuort for red baie d rg 3d Waba
Ihaired men, bet the pardeuii pat. et
the lake where the wat i take. erist
maker this woaderfiatl chas h tI o
H.bbw4 M& WIG& sewea TU-.
CuICAOO, Sep«. &.-Jai Jolhon.
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drawing a dirk. plu It "
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