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The Anaconda standard. (Anaconda, Mont.) 1889-1970, September 07, 1889, Morning, Image 4

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sIin. . W. T. r. -S
s " » H 17 11 14
u Ms itlas toi s Ya
_ ý s `u ý a ý r r
Arrvtvl mad Dparture of Malls.
- p Hibu...... l Awtb
now U dvAM.
if forb-m aM paws. imt1 ý A
, *1 aSr i IwlIiirl IcL A YP P. Y
b . .. . x
4.-. ".x
m d e ........ .. A. Y.
3dm l 1%" I 1~ Lnir ...... 1.31 A. It.
cCrý. xYra htr r. x
I .wtk sad K . s . M:
.r A. M.
aM Invww { wP.t. T c.sday. Thuru.
" 1,.u m u Al
wtaf rC r SO w*i lrs Leta e deiwrtnre
The daib nr xd of ilw" tlIaein of.'ter in
this city I. Irp'cnrd by A. T. Playtor.
ghqiniM First street. The rcc.nri f.r y."
ki~ds) was. 7 a. in... O d t'r~r-.: 1i' in.. 7m6
degree,: 4 p. mu.. 71 d~ ; a p. in.. 436
Sulsrriphitnu I.. thv . naubeit trill be re
els atd of the bwu.4m.a Efirev. or. atl the al.r cof
CCmelrfd King. Me..'. adrwt. Acdrrrviain~t
rotor ew i he le runed of t bsjis.:+x ,flre.
~Mdkrar Butilidisj. aornrs rrof _ I.ai, aemd
Third .hwre.
THE D Dmocratic" (Yib of Aam
c-onda sncg'ts th'-nj,,ht ini Evans
Opera House.
Addrrsscs br Y. A'. Roarmita, of
Mtis city. aud P. 1. Smith of Hkicna.
Muic by U'atson'rs Gl Club and
the Anaconda Fife and Drwm Corps.
All members an- rcqevsted to be
pwrsent al 7 o'lock. Eve'rybody in
'ited. F. W STlRII.VS. S&er.
The Anaconda eonauany shipped 11 harm
t stiver ballon by Pacific expns yes
Residents in the part of the city went of
lain street amd mouth of ,torld am aUk
lga that electri lights he put in that qusaw
tr of the ton.
One of the as1,nt desirable ofrce.s in
town can he ecuare. on the second flonr
at the STAnDAIn laulkling. Applicantion
ahouk be nmade at the business office.
Delinquent. in the Iantter of putting
down sklewalks have taken note of the
city council's late nuanelate. and many of
them are hastening to cnuply thenr-witll.
The nenamrrn of the- tennis club who
were an the grounds last even.inlg, toppedl
play at an arly hour to taLke .Lrt in is
candy-pull." which was v.ted a uwuesre.
New'mksakeri re.lxrt that time inullllan r (if
daily paperm wint-tEil in othe4r pllatre l ali
sold In this eity Iha rapidlly falllenl off
since tlhe alhli'ati.on of tliw" 4TAnn).iAeI
Yesterday for.rloom. whsile on., of FPrnlk
Lapkir's (tra,. waus hI.uked mlp tI, tine plat
foam at the ftreighlt llu.se.. a Imx iar
anumped agaitlt it aind cru.hell itu nirlllilr
gar sin bad shape'.
The grading eontraetor. aMrKivor &
Co., will on Mondaly nlet psat their fore"s
at work ont a hevy eut to Ise made ecast of
the old works. It will he UIO freet in kength
and fromn 50 to 80 feet deep. They are at
preslnt workingr 150 men and advertise in
this ismmue of tihe STAN.Sx, l for more.
Miss Jennings has opened a sbhool nt
Third street, between ('berry and (lak
treets. to he continued till the puhlk
achool. ucef. It is not qumlte full, antI
Pareat desirln tio netld children Iulst
anpl at once. For rn see Mii Jen
nl p .
The Lt sesrtd.e
It is sett:ed that the ntew engine anId
boae house is to he built. An etcellent
tot has hm*n eeturtl in Oak street Itwqween
First and S.leelenl strqeet ulstl mlulw|r will
he drawn there to-day. It is thought tuhat
the builhlilg will be fnishlwdl within :
days. It will he co.onplet in "its applminlt
mnents andl will imake a en(ivenlie*ut Mead
quarters for th.I dkepartnentll. TIM work
men engagey l by ('hief Ricdhe.y will beginl
apelratois nfext hliultay tlutonIing.
.h l. suilt Mere.
Newspapers in Butte a.. disuesed to
question the announcemnent tlht railroad
abops are soon to be built i, Anawonida.
but it is a fact that they will Ie erected
hers without delay. ThIe shopm will niut. it
Is huntrtkrtood. h re.mIoved froml Butte. asI
tl. coniptny will need tinei in that city
as aSuperilnte.nd.nt Law explained several
weekls ag to the sientlmwrs of the Butte
conmmitter who I a cllel ont hllls. But the
nuii slhops of the road1 will he. in Anla
A meed of Th.er Owen.
Promm Mr. George Miller. whlo in Just in
from that .ectioen of country, we kearnl
that a mu-arh-wed road is leilngl .
strueted troi the bead of (rnllul Gu;lahlah
to the head of Jerry ('reek. The dijstamwe
between the two IxsigIts is four Iulk"» aILnd
eretfo ote ore and supplie luoave e.n
peked across it. The niw highlway will
a great cqonvengience to te* mninern
hieebouts. They have waited for .c.v
eral year. in the hulw that Silver liow
tousaty would build tiw road. beut it failing
to do ro. thy are now Ibuilding it thrn..
Tee Cow QwY.aI..
To the Ediaor o ther wtmdard.
Several property owners in this city m*nt
a eonmnunnlitIon to the aklernnn at their
mioothly meeting. requesting themn to take
aome action bout the animals that ar*. al
sowed to run at large int the street. The
NW,.,of the Indgs of the board says
ethe wra laid on the table.
d position of the cae will not brting
to the reedents of Anaconda who
Lhmve been retly annoyed by these esttle
sod we hope that the matter will be on
ided Il ths eomaecP Them. ca.se ,ae a
pathrrmanem. SecoWr WARD.
h c Ogah P attg Recd" to Han t
Rall To-ligh.
(iv wth ad tits (Subti S alsed liy I3pob
Ilawesm.-4'a/ wies 1a. 11.$rsI
Csr·t 1u{.-.e She 3SIt ghe
The 4h'mnarrtic club of AndanuMi to n1(1t
very alit. but it alriedy ~laauas at mmwulxPa~
sbip of 51) voler r and tne' buag tlis
is inEWSrlumg rapI4ly. 1wh ('tha is ag
tivaty at work kloklig after voters who
ale slow" to rcuwt fowr rwistry. anad gtttlng
the furn-'s In truust for the light in t kulxwr.
It Is p.prwed by tike- oillkers of the t'llts
to tkol a serit.u of Iprhlsc atwe 'urtiitgm iid la
ecure' tne urviet's of Ilrsi rats- .anNgaigta
orkWtsw. o thuat All the yqacatlosas iamveved
in tet 4a uvags may hi f ully disculasel aid
put hefore the pwoplk. Awastgelucsci
have al %54y w eta mask tawr a writ's .f
thwes usia" * a.etings, the. first of wlhichl is
is anuouume'q ferw letai-ight. A iuiaulMY e
gaedl paiuakert hav5e uljalrsiey laces, jam
gaaged. andl It it I" tiow (ex.-ts l Olmit at ith'
tinal dt'tiia5&s5ti5IO5& la i.. Ike-ld withitn as
buly or two of tike - se' .t( us'. (LsSasINIS
both Mrl joule amdl MaSjoir lulgisaasa w II
IN- lien'. Meieetitjgu will is' I'Is1 .i Iat (ua5 as
ofteni ass evr'ay issmnLsy agusat. It will Ia
wcII iy III*- ceI5IIE.4&5 5ttlt its CLis
$TANI)55tat) that Motat. It. Ii. sniishi. o~f ºiii
lit. nalsl J. K. llwurinaui. (If this~ ala). ire'
tike- ua't~tarA fuar tisi.. i'fE Haag. Mr. Smit5hl
las o)55e of tilit' 1ltl. t *'II*'t'ivt' ta'asla3igas~ri
iII tke' te'rritebry. 1'1it' slta'inlaei''. of I iae
0 &rrohll tla'isit, ruttk' tIsb aLIave '.' a as ptasL
tike' luavltjstln to Iinstt'itl t)laaglsigt'e r'tli7.
wlk-li nlntstirsa tea bI' IserEIEISAnit Ssatrnsut.
Tlii [email protected] t4) Iie' itrt-iWta·*t.t teli t' s'ass.alui'
ci.... ...-...5 .).a.i. Iiit.. Ila a a..s'uInrsl.
Ole. l lohltrm s Wh Arr Tryliag to .Make
tlat That They Ate . bhsenel.
At tllt T.A l)AuIw)OfllRcee. aril..l f a.wvrcrl
caaelldkates for tounty olthe huave Iwsll
reeivled. It IN thel oakI custanln inl tIailn arlt of
thel worlk forc'andliates tol.weuln tlwree unit,
a custlou whkIsh ioubtle~kn iarse it ai titlne
wtn thli rertsIson was not providel with
newspapers iln which to anloubnsce alunrl4.
Sonbe of tleme cards ar~ a novelty. Olne
of thels.l, received at tie .rAinlwHtIA ollice
yentearlay, hears th"e Isate olf a re pll'sical
candliate for a county olller witll the re
mark that he was dilly elected to the
ohtke. Novetester , 15tHa. forat a p Irkex of
two yeaars with the followllg adkkdl:
'"The .olrnstitutional conventiotn saw lit to
renwsve e Il' Iru oft~L.e and as I feel I am
entitletl to a full term. I most respectfully
ask your support at tle polls."
Voters in the territory will renlemer
that the question of the admission of
Montana was fully dlir-useseld about tlW'
tili. tlIe nluinating casvllecn'tionls we·n
ihekl last year. It was twhenl tblieved that
the' territory would surely he admitted
witlhil a year. andl it was assuIIml thalt all
tine oltlier would Is' deahlarqal "off." as
that ha htet-n altnoet tflw universal rule
wlhen telrrito.r I- hassve hrssl udllitted. Its
. act tiere haIve thbel Init Olet or two aexee'p
tiotns to tlhis nrle hll lIts history of tihe
cIultr"y. It catlllt l rltw fore' I. assuuelt
that Molntana slunke anty e.xception or
that tlhe elarrge of lnllfair nes tioward oftflee
hllkkers cans i. snuatatlsl. Se. far as that
gOis tw. vvtioi ng tlic is queite ildifferent
tio t claimhs of oflt.e holul.*rs, on this
score, wlho are now eviulently tryilng to
Ihohl Itleir owll ald Ike-ep their places bly
Swrkhlnlg a seai m ofl s -ytnuiatll rw akelt.
To-msorrrow'. h ,knrqh uerysq.,
St. M1ark's ('turch. Elpi* opal,. will Iohl
servier in (kkl ftellow's uhall t-nltaorrow at
11 a. It. and t p. in. Sundlay .lienul at Ito
a. aII. Revx. I. E. iesd., aNiwtotr.
*ervk*n ilu St. I'lul's ( lauh.l ('athallc.
at ::3 antd 10:41 a. an., anid .~:) p. tn.
Man. every day at $s o'cl.rk. This clwiilr.h
is always risrn. Rev. Father i..e Si.r·,
In the Prweshyterlan ('hurlch. w"rvit,. is
IheIl at 11 a. tan. antd pt. tn. Sunlday
el.tool at 12::) p. in.. andt ('hitets. sa-Itºl
at 1::i) p. tua. Me.tiing of tie Y. P. S. (.
E. at 7 p. In. H.v. T. S. Lamonta, pastor.
Service~ of the Metlhodist Epllu·real
('luarch in tih parso)lltla.e corne( r of (iak
and Thiril strie*t. at 11 a. in. anild $ p. an.
Sunday slhool at 2:3: p,. a,. Suahj*et of
evenints wralrno: "Tluw G(iIrjlsI anid Power
of God unto Salvation." Rev. P. Lowry,
Methdllist 'hurch. South, services at 11
a. iai. andl 1. mi. .ulnday sIlhxal at 2 p. ail.
Rev. S. D. Burte.., I-lastr.
The Onthr ski."
Repuhlk-an. its tlwaa are quiaitly at work
in peepeastion for the caunjuagima anad
expect goon to begin a .ermrg lf nIgssM
nmetings. A club har ha een urganlied
which report. a naenulherglai of snearly a .
It has *tleaaiit aitid riuolny hUIIrt.tll in
Uuvials,.iia hall. Active worker,. in, tlm.
ttxa foy am- followitag .s . the registry liha try
tr-ag to ge~t every voter .. range dimW~i.
At e.eraut H.aadqsmamrtea.
esta~rday was a quliet daLy at gpuaeral
heaalqluarter. of the (143uhN'ratic etu"ntral
atflhiiiitta·e. Seerotary We-, was. abls.enat
during thIe afterinuwu. being obliged to
alkake it IYa uty vi'it to Helena.
Time regisitry ottlee grl hmdl out its. usmlual
gribt yent*lrday. Time total *muaubxr r of
nsamna .me. i tme lIst at it o clb*xk lus.t eiagit
was 144th, beIng all immartruat *,1of4 for ttime
dlay. The bookis et (at rroiL show a total of
410 twname. last night.
rom prhullp.burg.
nlerrial to the Mtila/a1in.
PHILIIWul'ttaI, Si·pt. it.--W. 1'. Alliw~t1.
taa(itrtaker, gum to St. Paul to-murrtow to
attenad the 1.11 ialuttiuiag M*hlkaI.
The lalie,6 Kivut a maithal at Mor,4.%. Hall
t4.m iglit.
fl girterriamg la prwrvraslxag rlowi): the
total af votes nagia.aten-tl liern i6 ti:;: at
Graiite. bWI.
The" aoutpaat fair ti.. Gramaite (auaapan)y
thiwa waek w !d barsa of ailhar.
C. W. Heath. satitilo age.nta is again at
Ihis 1341.. at MUm2awy.
The Montana Lttmtui'r & Prnihe mcca
jwaaty are nj'w rte·lvimag large vtoaKigtn
agentt of Lehlaight. .t'vt" aatad taut, ('oloaravn.
nttlhrzwcit.e and aIh'k Siriag,. a wal welt ailtad
espeeiay tferw feuuly us., which they are
*art~juar ti to fittnish to ('cat&'ulntcri at bat
tou {cr'eus, in atuall luta. or by tlae car
M K S W A 14T 00
McKlvor &i t'o, wait J~i in l~tnaeliat..lyy
to ala, railroad En u.i., 'wk at Anuatondla.
Wags.y, drillers. ti and a º vla ,i',.tru. $ Z.U
ra Appiy a aml., near Vim- Via)
pe Yrk.., east of1 .aity.
The Estes & ('aumnm.'ll M.'neaaijle ('int
pattyia iow uio fritag ilut.he in all shad..s
for *K cents..
Fresh select oysters. first lit market,
Just recelvud at Siaw Prazucsko's First
Plaww Upaatl et t UNwd t 1w (be1. -
Rai'o,*m for tbe MTANDARD hpwr ads
ve'fl' .trilnmilCU now and ths. an time
proposiUion to bond tb. city for EOQO N
for timL purpose of building a main sewer,
bet, am a rake. Iahlk· iaat imsu Is d early
in favor of voting tbr hostde and dilns the
work. The ativertiaoenwat annosaciua
Ii,. Sipe al akostkha, which happeas to he
the firaetv trial noU.r ever pablliuad by
ts. NeTANDAMS), SiDouftects that N L, to he
l-ltHS an Turwsday.. (Ikdmer 1SL it Is pro
puatd to lmsw bonds in the atuM of tU'bIO
lfo the tcma of len yeaam, the honadas to
Iatt wreni Er Brut itt'ic1. Tme woab
of iuiklimag tlime sawer will e hby costract.
III the way of heogdal d iagk4 laust the
city amow owm an.rlyUIO, br oatS ina that
rusms havinag hs Isas massd thia. yewr for
Itia jiurpose of lualklidaa 1the sr w school
I4,sasa. Whilt certain property owners
object tom tise iswroasaa ins tasam isatua' sNea
a.".ary tloy the tapmsmtrs*taai of tiw lurru '
sewer, the to a.& is polik lt ot by tse s wio
favotr time1 e I lrs thut tlS 1w" ta ak, pr.wp
arty ina this city has Ii wrs.sed very mcarly
:+u p. r ccrat wathint a single' year. The es
uwan/ecl proplrtty int Auasscots towr a counuts
ta nmnau Shams alioac hundredaca thu ummaami doA
lucre. It wasa aix Assasadnal iltualirtt1 a y. ar
'";ril ulia saYwer n14mw jwpani1 % Is thIe
otº1y utº." to hm" Iauila by g n."ral tux. It
will mits ati"-. assir. lamgjtlm mlr Isa city Nall
ataml+y Is.. taessast'a toea witla as eaya.taua 41f
lItteral Mewamit* which ºwill fuImishl druleauage
Ifir use. aaatir'ý cvy. AssemuuLsisas aof weitr
ia s'&ihvuaai.Le for up..- is. kcamimas tlt wr*te.. r
ilk a1&aal-.151 4&&t :u51ti5 t )w" m il~timt 111a1 tlal l
unitetde for its isisssai :~at eoaslfluacliama 551,
jatasriat ia" lea aasreal.
All lhimSo ais ntitleal 1o cuast is.44"I a a
gA ia red aola .Ltia lear, as right to p(sc oilm
lisa acwe~r 441G satimi, t11e a1.amm.ie11aas- 3544imsig
centa Ilascal 1am iii." ptIsrami y ,w":5a~rg as nss~sin
Im'ciimlm mamahm1uMb~e.
le.aerr, of the w.Laaadanl Who Wamt th.
Crtmetery Alahtie.aeL.
By a c(urlit.s s ort of a coawlleace,. it
ILaºpltied tuhat the tirel t tllalit~llia.ati.onl
aulda.t."l to ti.. 'riAN .l).II) uiia 5411t to its
a.litorial nwnts. twall at lIetter rav.ll'a.titg
lt' lw. . par to eginl augitutiol withotut thelay
its favotr tfe the rraloval of tlhe cetln ter
whirkh ta-*iapie.s tihe h mntul atdlllug hill at
tlsw liaralc of atlanl strt. 'l'ira thlenwe was
tgarledtl ratter too .luggelstive fe the
early aiulntwre of a lsewI5Lsper tUaking its
nrllt vlentures". Tlw Slubje.t., hliowever, is
onie which tfran tin s to to ie has hbeent.I ir.
loatsly diswusseacl by people livisag in Ann
W~1hw the celletery was assigned to its
present sate. ublUtly drama.al that tine
town wouldl grw to its preent p.ropo
tiouls, the spot was well retlOvedl frhit
dwelllings anld front the busoints center.
anll tle lot now Urcupkid by the a*sth.a
house was dickkr.tly suIbnarhan. But tlre
city lhas grow and at is altogetlher prodt.
hil that withlinl two years dwellings will
stanid on Inearly every available lot. for
two or three blocks eitlwher ske of Mainl
street close uI) to the foot hills.. Alnra.sy
a large tract of land up tlhe canyosn asad
siuttl of tihe c.le.etery limits has tbeen t
keLts p in private ownlership.
It is claimela tlhat tlwhere are trong ani
tary g.rounds in favor of re.r.eing tlhe
eslmoery aald. hesi.kes this, it in thougsrht
that the site., whlich is by tar the moat iat
tra.ctive of anly iear town, will be ill d..
uallnUd not lola teIeanc for altiy aIablic uilhl
illsa that ilna.y he ihoatted aI this city.
.'kI'sa the quwa.ltissn of rnl)aovllzg the ca.lpi
tul to this city was aritatel, time curramnat
lbelief was that lhaluala.mle groulnds for tlt
palrlmMs , of the statet would to l allaai..i,
.at tl thewad of Maiill street. It iuls s.arae
stggestedrel that aI aaull" slaItaih* placl'e folr a
city ela-aetery titn al. h (It'I aflw i latse
couldl Ir fatatald ont tlw foot hill.s w4)lth of
of dtle roau Icatltditag to (arrnll. l'1. prop
(oiltion to aelmtlsuols tie plnIrle t rgntllta:
s el L* aal irato.naall y taiecl ked alstlt. bt it
l.an lae".er hv-la w-riwsly uli.'m'lwd.
A. J. Le'wia. general ag(ent of tl,. U.ionl
Pucrillc. at Butt,. was illn tlowni y.terdray
Ioxkinag aftter tise interest of his rolpany.
JaUme B. Leahy. the nisliugsy broker of
Butte. nixlint yeatertlay in. tlwu city.
Mr. George F. Althllf of Butte is in the
('. . Wlhmley, repi.irenlting tlh cigar
nunlfacturilng oanuse of Hart, Murply &
Vluniky, is in tewnm.
('ullidate J. E. Rickarls wa"s dtown front
Butte ye..tenlay, pn-sumuualll y looking af
ter politikal ft.cesw.
Ser etary Webbs of the state cen-tral
cnnlllllitlee left yeste'rday afterllison for
Joseph Harper arrived in towan fro.n
Butte y.tstelrdy.
Mr. E. H. Wilson of the tlan of Wilson
& ;illik*. Butte. is stoppinlg at Tihe Mona
Messrs. George Kendall, D. G. Brownell
and James Parrish returned yesterday
froln a week's hnulting andll ishaing trip oon
the north fork of the Little Blackfoot.
They r.lort suall retumrns but a pleasant
. II. Jiones(., an old-timle andl well-re
,ielwanreel Amiwrnollnda ttr.lhrapll oelsrato-r,
lue's just re-turamtll frolen as extended visit
to the cIast. He lhaUs biL·n appointed day
ope.rator at Silver Bow.
L. Burke andl J. J. ()'('ollr, e coprir
isagr the well-knowln cointracting thin of
Helna, were het. yestenrty andl left on
thdw evening train for Butte.
F. G. Brown spent yesterday in Butte.
F. 1L. Eaton. an Oregons Sluart Line con
dtletor. of Pocatello. Idaho. is visitirng
frienllds ill this city.
W. P. Eastnman of Dillon. eere.tary of
tihe leavterheurd county delnocrrtictcentral
nlllmlnittle ie isn towel.
G. J. Reek of Granite is at The Montauna.
J. R. To()i le.ave.. this morning flor
! P .li+nt ..l w-r - t airh In,..iel.
Ulam out thc old.
111mg In tke n.a.
J.3.. P.evr. C..
1). J. Hcruar.y riramutlt. ('o.
Wt* 11wOn- 3ulheru of tIhe tinne of U). J.
Henneswsy & (Co.. wisLh to rieturn or o rl
(4Wr tllurllk, to t10 thou.'aulld. of frienuda
unda1 pa trota.. who leave 1o jgwronue.isy eonn
tribuied to our wsaeru muiewt* s (* Iw ega1
Ilw~i news.
TIou ti*sLr friunaulsipj 1.1141 nistz'taqll we
are Igmala~ Inde,1lul for our sutav."su as to
usar iaudivldall eltlorts.
We. virlanstly LAk that the sNLaue kind
IKatruhlMt~ia ItLay b 15 a"Xtateiiu to the View
euompanuay with whlich we a&re associate.I
Wt. will new Ie In a better positiaun titan.
ever to IKIOPI the t want audth itshis of ouar
tsctonmaer'. and ul hoaw' I' 1se all our old and
tunaay viw auUstOIu( ri at tlii. old stand.
Ita". "c4tfuhli) Jim. Piriiut,
4 . J. H1 .Vuar..a..
?4ew M4patlng 4&aads.
Guns andt a~uanuzudtiotiu at the Anacoudh
Haritware t'o'e.
Lonad d shells at Anaconda Hardlware
Gun. and r~ife. At Anacondta Hlardware.
Guns for rent P. Anaconda HardWa're
('o'.. Ill~r UEP
Complete lint of c wtrd at Anacon
da Hardwer. C o's.
l s-b Dwus Min. ~.se~
at tawU sevtag
MlrumOLA Nept. .ý-Hae. Marin ,a
gaimim astartd thide mart ig asia toaur o
the Miller Moot valley sand the march bids
fair to he a trinampbaat oem. In lb.
vall7y Mr. Magiani has buhundres of old
frMinda who know him andl krnow what he
bias dose luf Montana, and It to not
stslige that his trip should be n the na
ture of one continuOUas ovation. At
(Mrantadale today, be liw aI well attended
naaeting and re~viewed the Issues of thne
lilwSal t (uaapagiSn Iin a minasterly way.
This eveniung tie Ma ur drove to Cor
valli. ajd liwc k)aothtaur large niiutiiig
the e, reeiviug evun as nur e' coudial
greetiimg tiuts at tirEntiidak". To-mcrrow
Lwa Al ithtws up the vallky with a meelaing
at Suttveisvilhe. V ttur amid, I*wrlna.L s at
*w11" (wi oilIear puinta. Majr Meaglii
Iii. euamirtuiniiu his asdadeznwv anald dIs~aa.s~es
live isaw. aeu. Iu.1aighat a g1av.. connmkr
tabie iuttaltioii to the rtgirtSr atitifl qiuta(is ,
nrvacwuaw g the trcaubt to which vuters nrc"
puat withutat causc car)1 acaut by itrp ctafcia
isua cat list maresalt law. Tlurm Ur t * enr
ciauts" in itlah auuaty alt Web furni)sh struag
Pricra *n I t G *isiliat lAiejNfv·inlatt4
That Dcenat ranta of Miseuallit umg workinig
illa tratgti tailuarf.Iiy and bLae tile (*1s
eemlragiuladua&l tlit their i1w.Gs for 54Ktc& 55
c~aassalat easily kit . rultlahi . "I -augh~t
Mam.luw a Iatl rrlirstactr el 7. vote. it IN
tnIhurcbmn thist htt list teiit wIigi alove
A arprisw a slr tLe i.are-thlngs tttelrs-
Muniarary of te. Itvemts.
14pretial i the WLattamlarsl.
M.l.ss.tLA. Mont., Sept. 6.--TIWe races
lere to-day attracted even a larlger .rowd
tsain ye.teiytl , althlrnlgh tlhe weather was
lnot ntear so gool owillng to a strong wind.
The attllendance from the outsiklde coutry
towns was large. The running events of the
prograttune for the daty were cornskker.
tir heist of any day of the meeting, and
everal good exhibitions were given and
gois tine nmadk considering the strong
wind. The judges of the day were Messrs.
Brig. Barker. and Jeffr ie., and they were
called upon to settle several delicate
qluestions. unt did it satisfactorily. The
first event was tle nslle dash, with K..
veena Roly Boly and J. W. H. entered.
Roly ly y old a strong favorite and the
eormlnbinatiol Intended she abould win,. iut
Kever.na dkl the unexpected and won the
race by five lngtlhs, ditching the sum
tiing crowd. The race was rnt in 1 :44.
Tim liext event was the special running
nice, half-auile, between Red Birti. Indllan
Tom. Nellie H. and Half Moon. Red
Bird was a strolg favorite, selling flD to
$1. She wonl il 411 very easily, with her
lneairMit coetnletitor sixt length away. Tir.
ruae was beautiful for tir first quarter.
The half-unile heat race was a wanrl
,oniteist. Btingo. Red Elanl Roly Boly uaid
Sir Lstkli were lter.eml. After scoring for
malf ul hlour the horses got away for tlne
first heat. leavinng Bilngo standing at the.
starting staaed. The first teat was. won by
Roly kdly inl 49. The iext two heats were
rather the reverse. Rled Elm rant clear
mlhitng oin tl.e firt reat. arst surpriedl
a e.ytwl.y y getting in ortul takiting tih
rext two Il. Tine. 4$./. 49/:. ie. El.Ini
sslst thlw favorite f lor the Irst tneait.
TI'. three-nlile runningp reae was t..
lared off. as no one exulld lw foullld wil
lirn to rln agttinst Black Pilot for thait
distance. Bkasile and Grass Valley wee'
both sceratheld.
Tlhe trot for Mlsou.la county hornse ftire
nishred a gwl dea:l of sport. Skalkalase,
tsl, willltter of 1Vedrtl.seay's race. wis a
stronlg favorite' and won thi, first two
heats it 8:.t, 3.:01. TIwh ll(ext two heats
were won by Rob Roy it 3:.U anid 8:01.
The betting not very lively. The pool box
was asurroulmded for half an hostr and
everylbody wantd to bet. It was Rob Roy
agatiiast tle field, with plenty of takers one
both shile. Rob Roy took the third heit
andl ma. in tihe good time 2:46 V. surpris
rig everybody. To-night theo borseegne
lendedtl aind three cars of ormses are'
billed dire.t to Portland to arrive thers
Sunday morning.ll The nmC.,ting has been
Ia isuccess amid tlre horntemen report beini
lrighly pletased. There are four match
races for to-morrow, all manning OeIntelnts,
I4 wctal to the Mtamlard.
MMInOL'LA, S4ept. R.- Two hWgrrlark
were conmlitted here lart nigt andl tw
I uPnre attempts were tmade, but the mei
r were driven away.
a The ret.ltration to-niLght for Mimoeal
Talklnl About the Alt.e.
Vromn tlhe Hlena Iulepelunlent.
WVn. E. Hall, superilatendeut of tle
Alice Mining company. of Butte.:is in thne
city. He rays that sixty stamlpof the two
mills are consltantly dropping on ,re anli
sitnking in the Alice will soon begin. The
Mlaga ('harta is supplyilng nmost of tim
ore that is being crushedI and the grade of
thie prodluet is equally as good if not bet
ter than it has hbeen for several years. Up
to late the. Alice ha.s 1paid *$T- ,
000 in dividklndl, the Last dlivi
delllid having been pa.l in December,
Wlt8. When1 asked the date that tlhe nest
dividend would be declared, Sul.t. Hall
uaid tmh did not know wilen it would he
but thought it was not tfaollf. It is statedt
as. a reason for the lpotponement of divi
kdead.ls that Preidlent Joan.epa Walker Iha.
deterlmined niot to pay a dividend until
the ctampanuy thas on hamul a surplus suuini
e .i.t to ensure dividetllds entinuoialy foe
nom)ln timne( to) cnine. In New York the
.te..k is very pquiet at l Wki . per share, with
........ r., r. ? . ... ·Iss leva
ism Maighrr w oumy.
Froani tuhe t;reat Fallsi Tribune.
Procsisor Mortesol ithas retlunle from
the new eartmlnate diAtri..t in Meagher
eunlllty. onl the divide Ixtweetn Loggling.
lPilrrtin and Tenderfoot creerks., He i.
hIighly pleased with the outlook of the
eanUip. as tlie ilIver veins a. Oli contact
i.twtretn pourldyry aind mIlagne.aln liae.
TIn c(halracter of the ore is idlenticul with
that of Running lll olf. TIe Exeeladior lead.
ownlld by Mears. Holing and Willliamn.
Iha aw alaft otkwn twellty-iix fI.t. showing
carluonate.s and four feet of Ioldulel of ga
llea. The vein aplparently widenns as
depth in reached. Eighteen locations hare
been a, n ek. and the nieral field lau hW
said to hex alsnost untouclhd as yet. The
elihart railroad will run with-in twelve
mliles of the camp. A aonxx wagon road
canll e tweily nmade to t railroad track.
See D. J. Henneasy Mer atltile Co.'s
ulre. pod and plusbes at 0 cents.
Ladies, call and mee those as cent
plumbes now on al.e at the Estee & Con
nell MeYectile Co.'s.
D.J.HennI sylerl tile Co
[suoossors to Jos. Pete.rs
Invite the public to inspect their large all Stock of
* M.E L2L ETS, C., ETC.,
lEmbracing every Novelty in this line.
s9 J-louse Yurrshkirgs
Is the bt in the city and Prices the Lowest.
In all the Latest Iligns. Prices to suit everybody.
Clothing and Gents' Furnishings, Etc.,
At the Lowest Prices. We invite inspection of goods and
comparison of prices.
IMail ore..ru rrceive prompt attention. Expre-, paid on all goi.
Iercantile Co.
Special Bargains for
This Week.
Silk Plush, 16 an i8 in.
wide at 5oc per ya , worth
goc and $1. 24 . extra
goods at $1 per ard, well
worth $1.50.
Black Faile 'ilk at 75c,
for this ek ly. Cored
Faile at 9 yard.
Black Rh me Silk for
871c per yard. This silk
is actually worth $1.5o. 1Ve
cannot replace the same
' silk for $1.20.
Surah Silk il all the new
evening shades at 49c per
New line of ored Sateen'
4 CM .asore r a sen
Direct fr Paris. All
wool Tri o o inches wide
at 5oc.
All wool Ladies' Cloth,
4o inches wide (a nice line
of shades) at 5oc per yard.
Fine all wool imported
Ladies' Cloth, 54 in. wide,
at 75c per yard.
1Wool Surah in all the
newest fall shades, 40 in.
wide, at 5oc per yard.
New goods arriving daily
in every department.
Ana.enads. Mommna
Watchmaker and eweler,
AU Grades of
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Op
tical Goods, Silverware. Etc.
If you want
the best News
paper in the State
of Montana, subscribe for
® The Standard *
Its rates are ten dollars
a ?year, three dol
lars a quarter, or
$I a month.
Water C pany
Is in t w
Sta dard Building,
IRon,II No. 1. l d i, mn.. er of Main and
ID. . IIALLAHlAN, Merretary.
ANAý'/N ,YDA , n*.t 1. I I8m.
IL. C. H ES,
T ui t Stock Ca '1.y Cared for.
First-Clasb outs and Mod
erate harges.
Fint .Ire et. Eas of Mala, Anaconda, Moomaa

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