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The Anaconda standard. [volume] (Anaconda, Mont.) 1889-1970, September 08, 1889, Morning, Image 1

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UTNTMilS PIRST sMS!6T*. XT [email protected]@Mwsig
Samiow uom""ur.
omaw ovum o0 0u m cM,
/Mat .r. . A aMMam V
umj, h uWl s _l__g,
Wholesale and Retail Butchers.
V. Uy MANY.a a Nlsy-g.
AU Orier tIdlvwro Free of Char..
NUh an FIw Strcv4 ANACONDA
*-.-. T. ON*REHEIM -M*
Importer and Deler be
Firn Wis.s Liquors and Cigars.
Abs o prep r et tsh rALACU NAUPrL
rookt tlb ýKrt Clu Roam Ia 1b ftY.
Vir. * - M r n..- Aanmira. Moat.
- .*. MRRTIN*.
P. L. ST. JEAN, A.B., N.D., C.M.
Iteshdcee ao Nernnd WrIMt. Mt. J.n BuildiLg.
0osu am FirU1 1t., In ti. jera Itulkdin.
0 11, a }burs: 9 to 12 A. Il,. to samid 7 to, 9 P.M.
IKA(C. N4ITAIt' PPLiI.tl. (4)N
First wrew4. - Ana..mul*. Monu.
Y.\IW t., $T...R IA.\UHKT * .I.A'KK\"'M iTAht K,
Auhhaenfa - - Mtnaau.
. O'LEAR, Attmorneyand Counshlor at Law.
1'r11titv hi nll of tm, r State zulu Gdtu.u.l $4at1,u
vmiaut%. voiles ti~II M m. rmmn tlv u~.ld... ri j..l":tl at
i..mtlou divtvn t4 Miniimagt Pr..I..r"iI. saIml MIinimga
LAW. 1Rua1 EsIaitet. I..l.lM aimi 1-Imri-aiNra . Propj
erty Irntei4 auul un i,' 4 'ii, .ctCla1. . EIfli., ruMsliM
1 uae 4 MLztttr tli. "k. crtiwr of F'irst an.114 (ink
ntro.4a. Ana 4'.ISliia, .font.
IMflle. First tr.t.4 lirtw.un M~adn miid 'fak,
Iby na Mew [LU.Ne All luºIWs ofI Ikmatai Work
txrrut in Air +.iarlsa aailuufr. Artlil ail
TrCtli WitI utI 1'Ilt. %.
Anaconda Real Estate Agency.
Minlang BroketrCo tnratir and (oveyawncrs.
*ft. P. BROWMN*
Attorney at Law.
ElMnc iL Barrett & Jacky's Rhlk. Main Ntreet,
Anmanondla. Montana.
C. CARit.)SN.
The Beat Brands ufat Utnors aml Cigars in the
Thurston Block. Cowner edar iand P treets.
Ocee In aurtt & Jaeky bhwk. ttRescrnv .n
tlemoud ar.ctr wi.'Ia, uN Mwilt Montana Ha.4.
(lung l mpuly *idk 9i terl u, (Inaduate of tit.
All dlseawu knomwu to exiut IN nwt auNIUNrd fall'
fly svWesfu Uy treated. Tn-aatnul i t of cows a
('hierges reuitsontbIt atadl whrne at Burr
Oi. LR ( M afftt.E but half regiUar fees will lie
chargedd. Otne alt Warm ltsrina. Ihnarding
house, Front street. IastoMee Imps 7410.
The BEKT and CHKAPE$T ,o4w in the eity of
Butte to Purchase IMt amd MniHOEi
Is at the (o)l.I 1t IT,
si Went Park M. . F. H. nHAW, Propriltor.
Anatumdt. Montana.
79N79GOr4 Dc t- OB ITIoCL.
Next to Mu sII MI I.tIt Ile.)
'The * Morris " Cousins,
All work promptly down 1.1 s Iperf~et li tcur
pr lors I, IrnIUOOIfiHstwit. Tkithe 1w ilrit
Railway us Main ,3(net ofI Firte.
Has the lwFines
Fancy Cakes, Candies and
Ice Cream
Th Moeyi (can lu y! Rivals Pan Faser.
fourne !ite W a Trial Order
and be Ctun ilaed.
As Welt Park ttreet, Buatte, Mont.
hMiblum ld t hs Cam~ o a
Fnin Urraw o~uw.
no ssw .N... !1 C ...rp S. Nasmr
m. I+.rm S. ~M 1dMsm3 Psubme
Naw Yoat. Kept. 7.-Tbe French adven
t.ner, who has amaumaed the name of ('t'p
tala Dvesrg, aend wais reently seatenaed
to lte years Imepimsamment for the fatal
hnootamg of Stanwood, the American aosn
mal t a dakad. Madagasara, is now en
.e.ts for this country to serve his term in
the federal penitentlary. The truth in
now known about this hold rsitaaoquere.
His real name is Laswl, d'Ratler Duv erle,
and has the right to a count's crown at thM
top of Isl at of armus. He belongs to oass
odr th tanot asielet and distisguishetl
families of France. He is a scholar. if
not a gentleman. het was always mores or
lss under the sway of an aadventunremonr
spirit, whichr finally hrout him where the
unow is. His life been a mcontiltanesu
rocannce. When the Fre.ch becanle en-*
taungled in war with Madaga.car hluverga
deliberate. took mervkic under the Enlg
lis A ral Dighy Willoulghly. anHdl
fuoght againsht his flown couStrynunas ui4d
was soon numk a cololnel. As ros as tll ei
Frentch had estabillished their protectorateI
over the island tw wrote about it a hoiIk
which nade a nmouerntary Ise-lmatios., adul
he boldly nr-nteredl rance, living for
a while at Bordeanx.
D'RItler Dusverge. was a brilllant talker.
an unscnarupulois schenr anld always. alt
peer*l in sockity witl his breast eoverede
withl torigh osdersk . He had even, th. alu
darity of wearing theI "*'r rbl sa,,.'" toe
which he never Ihad any righlt. His lallns.
of conrse. ewer legions. He asamacctle in
winllilng the hleart of a hleastlitfl hrokdeal
alas twentry-five year his juniao. aitltnagllh
IN" was already a nearrkrl nuatr. a factI
whvlich heenoitkk01tldiy diel-'ieIl to tLe Iklcal
witnesses of his unmarriagml. asn sous as' tmhe
(I|* Cn'Osy Was over.
It was firons ielrdenax I. sltartel for
Boaton,. to orgmanise theb e*elitiums of th.
aselmeusner "~L*. Ns.litre*." Isn time ltriislsinlg
of liNt4t I. sailed trean luets.,e witmh lis
yolesag wife. a Ishlty lsndl oslae* : hi, ir.rtlw.r
is-lw'sw. a yngotS alnai 15 y-arle sf atai.. lie
ladI als n crew of tlhirtes*a. ties. .usI'ts amal
**angnonull, nlel pul ically asen rted that Is, el wa l
ni.aig in ileust of g.del noism... .lIS ti ialiseI
dteertedl eanst of .lhtlagnae,.:r.
Mlrse. Ihavtrge 'nwas teliver.eal of a clildi
at eat. alud ont hlii lanuliug for a whileh atl
Sie*rra Leon., tihe aselv'ltlntuwr fairly dleil
usage. tlw. townl with Irslmutifully eagraelll e
enatrln of whichls tlai ie+ a fa. isalnike:
-".1Ise. auln M. Itulvrerge Kllnlty :llul.inlltS.e IIi,.
Isirll of tlieir liluglhteri, imlise .M.irnuricir* li his
rietta mst ismetrl tiS, me lueselr Soltaire.
PlmSunk.A 1.e.c. Marstrh. loes.4"
Tlhlis senosel eilld dlledl wls Sl the
muehoonmer arrived at Andelakaekl. wls.n* Dss
verge asdl Isis younlg br~utlr-iss-law were.
woessnelkl during at riot itn whlich IsUtteud
States t'osastl Stailtswl was killed whlile I
tryilg to carry onil ai ll IqueNt aouSt the
enwltuct of the "Solitaire'n" crew whle
were pillaging ausnl raussarking Malagasl -
car villagers.
(Great pity il mss.iteskta. sNot for tlie rat- I
cally uver, but for his brother-in-law
awnl stpe. his yeollg wife, who are1
now left alone In Madagascar. The latter
had long refused to acomeupany hint in
his expedition,. but he had finally .uc
semek d in taking her away by pros.mising
her a high pasitio at Malgrac~ w coumrt.
He had a vent huht for heIr a aunatnifloest
Queen Ranavalo.
The Nortl.en a .ll*e,'e Uval.
ST. PALL., Sept. 7.--A 'iot&,r-IrPoe.
speclal from Duluth .says mors new anld
inmportant infortluationl was obtaitned
ther*n in regard t tthe nmoveu.ents of the
Calnadian Pcitfle railway in the nlortlh
west. It marks a nlew shapI ill tleir
coltest with tlwe Northern Paa.iflt.
The Northerll Pa.illfl iI herading through
Montana andl tih northwest territory for
which line two huandredl ailes an. tae Is.
huilt f.mro Winnipeg for the 4lakatclw
wai river. Thle C'analia Pacille will
take inlmediart iste-ps to head off tie.
loveltUent alnd has let the colmtra-*t, wkisch
is not yet maahk pubtlkc to Imlild tabhlat
neveII hunidreLd tulle* of new toad. It
will build thia fall frrwl Regina lto Prince.
Alhert on tt Sa,.ikatls-wanl river to
whicth ulawce the Northern Paicitfl. is also
headed audtler a chaLrter lately ranterl to
tlhe Regina & Long Lake railway cionlalNty.
Next sprillg th liHne will Ie exteltetle front
Prince Alelrt wtsitwartl thlilroglh Letlonl,
tllo and Yellowlhew l musmew of tIn HRo.ky
mouno1tains to Vanlcouver. The Yellow.
headl Pam is aid to he the easiest andl
heat of all Rocky moulltalsn ri ass. Thirty
thousand tons of steel rails are now o-l
the way front Englantl for the line.
Na....hUd May Item.
SKP.P$LREHAD BAY. M..pt. 7.-Tim. aatt.olt -
aice at the ramee to.4iy wale about 1E4UUU.
The amununarkw:
(One mile, ('rCaac'kuiwn wos. 11 HllMir
'ondui. Maori thirl. Tinme. 1:4) :45.
Tlhr,-qytsuirt."r of as taiI.'. 11.*Imaa* wain.
Mora m.*E)II(. Annia..,. thuin. Tia.
1:163 3.5.
Mile a and tlS aia.."utl,* 1IonUui
4 )niairt& woan. !%iaarutnlmr ,4..rtbI. H ithfilwb
('Crft third. TImiuum. 2.ii3.
flabh .ututlita -iiI r. r.W'~t, taunta.. "...1,.
Bah wvo~l, Sorcltltt thins.Time
M~ile and ont"-c,~·ialittt. Fonc~nrci uruir
1:5! :..
4 e anus thlm..-aaar. "r. .if a ,mIu.- --i
turf. St. Laik. wn.t, MNauatro..pw. ,..zaal.
The (Isiare.ukrr.. Lah.-.
ST. IA4,114. Sept. 7. TIM-n" wM4&.IV ti. 1w zi
nti4Ippn"IMnerk3mi ian ngurd te, tie. realiang
of Jeadg* Thay(er. sf tiw t' iitAI ?%teIt,
f'onrt. In t11w tusea. th~fori linl 4hat .I.'u·e1aIv
aff.tlwaSEt thar Iah-l of tflat. 'itg.ena.ak,.r
union. Tb1 (ourt thu 11d not u(jeithi.' itI.it
tlat. ufion or IºIakI it. Iai,3-" iumv:ilid4. I nt
miaply o.verruhl the ckdnasarrer tIIled by tin.
kl~endanta ani Idhell that thea- plailntiff. a
cigar ntllaapala tnan.r asiad atuatta a 1 . in.
uiniona. we. entitlced to an injiasne heat, ctem
the- famt. against tla iairtie..W 114 w *n*
Sc(taitatrfeitliag the late..! adupted tay tle.
Th. Watnt W. ('.tcrnvttm.
SvNTA Fs. Sept. 4 .-hTh cmstituto4nuJ
convt ent t. 7.-The ehot aetwiottoday.
After adopingtre clauses of the retort of
the canmaittce on lectivec franchise. an ad
joununueer wain taken to afford the h tui.
nerr an opportunityto apsasr before the
reslate contnuittee examnning the .nuhj.4et
of arid IandM ataul rriigaitioun.
Asttag nesueteey >NssbweV~. aryl., S.
WarlEn the AtUumia VwaarelE..
W*ulu oTeg, Mops. 7. - Artdhmg Me',..
terr .tebelebc has wristt. at leaeth to
('olummm 1.elamno. sscesary of the Ma
da... Wool Gto m' auose datla at Maoua
Vernon, OJhio, is repºL to bim letters ii
vlSiag eatention to afM lad hamad. Pm '
tused In the haportatlom of earmed wools
und e the 1.h.. dars lnga ti a of w as ht . I h
wool Lmpmt~sd mad Irmylusel as dllEqw'g
wki nd s o w oak. waste has been the sub
)rst of careful aokiderratiam by the de
prnwnt. t Refeuner sa usmade to deren.
o m e MarsCl lass relative to irokenm
wool top and steal waste. ad t
said the 'act has .strolly been
Nw York. Phla.Fpblus and Boston, o urt
it has brea dennl tL asertalabd that
these deisions of s depasrtnmnt a
strctlhmg the issul Sa t atl a of sauch material
to woolen waste soantelnmplated by statute
are properay entforcedl. The published
statecnwit of thme bureau statistics to which
one of the e'urro epoaaskts re'fer, shown
the, qaanntity of w t raglrs. .homly, ,sumino
waste sand blacks enteredm. last aloe's gal
spseclfy what propitioun of uhla eesannnoeli
115'r was wast'c. and it is letuixuihlhk' to te(ll
how ntchwim of this uanmauntity was 1mruntwrty
waste, how nmuch warns scorred) wal. andI
what praopoution wase founad by the a r.
paiUiise. ter Inc dliatable te ligiher rat.es. In
tbslime ,uiiitiuis It mayIse' lie gueiti~uial, .Kaiys
i 31r. 1Iaisie -l!*r. tlunt m.early all tiO. lnnjnew.
tactioms, of lne' yye'ar 1iNh8l .otumm. m ii tulem
I rllings ar f its' elayt. irtlmnm*t ,sash prior to
the h ildraaring of the p I,'uwl,( athidllljtne
tiolu. ailso tluat ma 1)resnrtt)tn ot the n, called)
"wwllsto ' ndrtetly ý,nHaygbI in ,rllekrt hI· alrir
of broken, t isuIa waste or grn.. ttccl awtc
was enmatem',l for wnne·(WWIsn nml :we Ihlis heils
e·.ortel 3ln. e 14u4e of sadl ckdrlslonns of the
de-jutr utncnat uatoe nefe~rred toe. Natenrally
that I'tloit wAll ia was ciut.*rcl fer (ibis
smamnmpiaoln agn14 .ajc4ta-el to Igluner flatiw eit
Clt) I) olll en' s eaf 4IA..t iaiiias511,4 1141 SiMlt
Ith mtmIC. kaLa at omllad' ter avol f-lltimer 1.545
satmtl Imhe -111- tine uiNmn.eaai .yn~cmnty aii.niddi Is.
tins anunrkeite.
1actlail iij.rtentisbIm4 illti. tine I iiitedl ,&tetwt
i tarnt "t11iT. 14dl waswte 't aun1 "rill( tvast"' 5.n
Scalled. 'T'iney arn' iaumnal, ill tine cldei ls.am
of tine court at PI'laai.-,Inlnn ilt suits te
w h1.'im n'fer·c-c-.* bas I-c-n smadllk-. lent Its
tom thm.- iatte*r s-tlmmmmmsality tink e E(arfhi5wIht 114
snow imve-atiugtlntug tm.1 mg"ntttc-r fer the pmnr.1
uNeK" oif ('clneingK it to Ise eiammesiile-il ano
mca-snsl arnsl.. If msawlm e-smnm·rw canS.e Ix I. -
ai9ly ta1 r rlke Its; sncy on ftimewr tarln 1sthat tti ow
815 3 fclhte, ala-eisa.ll miii dwf tin' k-~rtmmm'-mnlt mnanw
its fore-.- e-·clslt." all c.lasses of wisul fre nmi
ehlas-jitilcatlria as Waste- exceilt Whiat i
atutemnlly waimatedl or re-fnmaae' Imhl. rital karoim
early lonovittrl for Ivy law. not 51("11 is dllti
Iyinro. cat 114n"ul of eln l na Isar Isunnlli
Iet irncimnsjotm tine' aM-huttg ss'ccalry says
tiw4 n-iiei-ssitraitientns of wool dktal-rne aind
wool sjaeacnmiatanrs at tie senilnemaire who
Inu y suave 'uluaIs-m t lm jasttisug oun alanmni t
setate-name-nm witin a view cf It elsjrm-silrnl tim.
umaurket onr fenr othteYr ,it.-rjoer ,mmrjncseis
sI neiaal Cinot he' a-erpejnte as, e-o -lmn,.lva- el,
eulness c-grnminne-al by satinetacbtry jmeaf.
tNhuemwar-k .walttlmay tke e ..ailt of h tle*
Ilec* Ier tmr Yruass".
BiHlSn.xI, Sept. 7. -Tlah iapp)rm*lih of tie.
openisiiig( o tihe fnal t esIOniS of the. re.ikl
stag is leammiu g all partles to ask wlat
forln of piaIky tir goverimlanenit la likely to
take on which to hfohiue. tis l c wlitry.
The rclni-ollicial I f afTorld no special
indkiatkol andl P lce Blasni rk i. oh
vio.ela" awaitiIng tdhe recstlta of the Frech
eleetiog,. If the present noveranent itl
so weakenedl as to snake Boulangerlmsn at.
ialnxawp allt factor o.f tie French l oilky we
are certain to luar of war a. inl '14. aUld
there will he r.newetd appealla tthei pxatri
otk* to wlaiport furtiher military Ienrkmalls
even it (l araot I retailed isll power.
Prillce Bismnarlk app urms to hi. pre.tarilng
to givse prominlle.l to .arial r.fo*ursa.
Bills skdalln with strikes asndl lmeraasltr
alnliing to proter(t the poorw.r class agaillnst
Iuidloe iliter*est on lolns., u"il Ilgislatiol
generally in~favor of the working slunssems
will play a lruringl Ilr in the is' misng i...
ason. Mearnwhll tL snallitary xpaasm.ihi,
luv-ilvas a dkaagd in thl rell nita.l for as
(r.lit of U.UtOUs nearks.
The t-llnpepr of the foarign oinltle t.w.arlls
Rusaia i. r p)winlg worm*. l'he t'sar's
tr.uatneet of EmIpsr'r Wiillias , newtilliea
to emi-itter relatiotsnus htwiee*i tite two
countrks. No alii-ottle.ial iptrss in i*@r
Illtteit or iantll*te.tu.l to i.seak with alsitahlle
franlknem. assl) m.v*rit). Thim Hatiuuarir
i'resglan.s'rl. iE al usl lUdaht.el)y inspirls
artileh. ay: (;rlnleaally ui stL sct.lpt tie.
faet s.t thie nrllaniunl'lt ah.stility o.f the.
(maar. TIm. c.lsutile llsor lw'iglll t 'mlmvinel ,of
thie ('zars liast ensity. "will v*asm* his ldli
(ate asni.l cauti.nis tr l.tllssImt Iof lmassia,
asnd lsi.We-*foIrthl frankly treat St. Peterss
lhur as Ilw treats Paris." Time pa.l.rn lp
provedl the intente with Englaslld. and dlis
Ira prawv tie. khlet gof givinag frete sw.r . 1t
Rsias oºutkk.e of Euorpe*.
Itccwame a ('atholk" are- Ixwl.aslm.
TIme crews oft the Adel r amild ElarrtI
wreclked in thie N.unsUl hurrkal.re. la.ve ar
rivedl at Kk*l. Prince Henry. lll anl al
dlrees, told them th y lanrtl otA.l-y l.rf.u-n.a.l
thlsir dlst)y ill a. lssa, lhawinug tasiis-"...vs.
rlrazve sillsa of tier atLdrliandll. IH wel
so.)1tna m tlIsnm inl naise. - of time. iml- p.rsr.
w-la- I1" ~ aid love-l -'-.eery trip. hi.r.iv imas
as his w..Ws me.. Tlim P'riiC... is t.lrwa:r.l
i it siillms.r ts. ti u. 114-1.
LInt IBus at Mprlingi.-Id.
ýr1tHtart RtIll. Ntax... 1..g01. 7. The · "ir
.".il rlMv.. Lit tIiIInIjMi4l ('irk rIl..,."I t4,-iLeV
w atit.: liglht £,tte"a tLlU a.. T he I - tr:ti·k w &-: ac
caul tii .litt 4 fh t. i~t ici c":n·Lac t. '.. 1. e ."..u 1.
Vintk."r thidn. Lsaey K. f.aa tin lM".t Iiua.*
wuLk.-. Aalnjia." wii. . F.":.rtniatnrlt ... *.n.L.
ýa IIat tinini. ý%pfigihE. (.uluithal t f..aarls
hlilitl.:vll h·". u*.lat 12 ,tale.; Ir"Ik·.F h. ti.
ibstla. ( bttio river ra~Iinual. this *"ve~nfaha4.
King[ G~tta. and wifa., boh uls t4 aw al .&IM t T:,
y.".ý. wtn*. . ri. oiirlag the nrilrnsul track in,
w s:arrui*j whaeia MuIal-tk aly the. auortla-Ilweal
e~ilr". ar~iahttkd it Curve wtall satrau~k tia..
a.ierrsl.taM. Mr. &altal Mra. t;ittte war.t. IMstiL
iclstiNltly Irlllrl.
Tb h Inlaln. . Wnrt ThiS.lr Lamd..
&ii)pl.i.tEl to niiiotiate with thM. Potta
wut."ammr" and Kkakalpm ImdianM in Kuanwaae
for the allm calue a g of a ha of tbiclr Ltlaul.
its a.~e.ia137 and amale of mrprlmuu. hae' n
pofuIt· to tUe lndia.. otp t uit thu.. far
tl.. t,.iiindingg iam t~wo.. ubeammw,.w·ua fu, f ii.
it.. w..rk.
SO"k ueid bhr ob Ed lagtam
ft way to leer
hnalt U. Nay.*r of f" in She WLttle N.
pahle." 3)arw the Past Ywelh..
7eemt11- Why U. left
e t'(amltrv.
.4 W Yonn. Sept. 7. --Lvetlhn.e. ...u-pe l
deem of Blayti. a erlvcl in thirs ity oc the
anteater Manhattan ae'rnspanh'l dI~ his
fainly andl 'sev'eal oflk'en of bio hisny.
Tie pirty wan tiannfrewd from thi uieqk
of a Fe-wim mean-of-war to thb- Manhattan
at Manitheo. As noon an tbm. Manhattans
mheat fart che' wan hnunh-d by (nnenul
Grinerml we'wtlametien of Hayti and ,peveest
munltste. Te.- pre'aient inke4,kd tiedI anstI
worn out andl his rye"' we,.' bhilhibi . He
wouski talk Sust little. beet snaal.r a fe-w ..td
wmamnetiate rIemarLk wbleb weer. itee
1ag.<te for thed- lu·aflt orf nre-prtv-s:
"My people. walled sa.. ansl I reew'.' IN'
sakl; 'tes'y ak-eae-wl lew asset I left. 1414,
bremIs... I wes. e* a ju-le-.l toa, bet tar avewiIl
furtser hlewsl'.lel. tin Satum.la r I sea lI
wao to Freseme. wlmer.. I will -lltoalIl it short
tlite. I awaty menr to Hayti as u ii gwhale
eltl~etl 4 I 5tMuVy PC) to (eeuafeeaaes,. aijl '
tsbl~b nel"f iga Stessise".s..'
In aue Intrvi..w l.-gltlieee gIave the- fol
ihlwig hlslory e.f suve-st.It Haytl i durinag
the pa-eL year: (He Oteulwt r 7, Ili4 I was
e la0"te-4 pr-4iletot of live- pnviniotaal pv
*eenwest cif Hayti. E.vrytiisg1 was dboime
fairly ammul ..eluerly Ine tie. .s- etitiie. fell is
trigeelsag .n drite 111 tie'.e. i II. elm aeee I 111i"
of fnusal aisel eheest-imes. seimd (ie. s,mr.*r
Tle-hIesueapeeeei eean15t ilei, wn ill ah o arnmy
to .mln lmimsnetf tiime elisired ;wqesleieitt
of lit-iercotim atood me..sell. I elf ei.senhie me`
acisteel hi. aatte-me.vets. aeuel a&ehiemt is tev-k I,.
for ke- gtl e sae-saen.I e*Svtel l stay tows.. moieil
leu.- of tied imrtle senufer T1e.S.-seelasejae Lead
ass 4iegm4ge-3.e04emt citi The.lesmueueellwe wetn
killedl. I aiSd Ltai ee.msgnren for S ueisa-itii
uetkieesm. He. was. killed Ine liettli. hat sicy
.fle-tienew isa tiae maotlrntuana~el his ek"ala iim 11.,:
kept mm, e nrvis eint elmet ivei. W'te lusal i-aiere
thut fe.ear eii,.eelie.'. fs-eon teim e sirtle a.Cre oem
Ihoarid thie stc-ee ie-r l(emytii.au flepmelullie wlih
evil dle-eigs., andl of e-euer'i" it was. iwtmdsent
few me.4 tow -Aeja. the -sam. 'lai .eiwigri of thie
.*viiaoe'e iI the- .'iw)eeSy gimaue mr ie. whe~hmj
a'.- rier-il ler i.c."r ti, la.i r imaes--i. .i.
ge-tlier witha is laerge'i ine ie ity. Ic ws dculay
e-le-tc4el une-cnilesit aw Ialeyti onII Ieisiil..r I.
lM$.4c. J% y ce"1tioim ;aa f Kiaruaml cessel n·In
ler. Tl'iee wacr. yell siecey see. Iset se ctie slhin
.nriuul. esisel ew,.i cfter oSe sel*c. ssI..ii ti
1e.~w aner aimeme111:istamei aime togy ienlists emiel
lssy ilMewehsl. rIghlt.. fiem il mime tow cmagcei*a ise
it. ie1.- war tlea. lives ae Iwleaea ln cimi sl d f
Iuegf iliristiout. Hipjislytm e1aton. deaser
trIs , - tle. maeatLe ..wh.alueeg ekle tnietieail Ine
itier. lim.iue cd spillateg h1leueal ill it meWst
aeleamme4fal* asiel dcl( .l(eIad s aeaeumeer canal I
rasl cams. Yre yes. thuat tie. 1ewis" ef s touecasay
live-s *tlaeeil mcits. nisal b. tImmeliegthtlat tNIm
lsacselecslmm imamimla r.. of ti med sae~ntie'm nl are*
tllnice."sit d im *, e wt l-toiet esuesitry with eli
mtneae·itos. I etle0ileel tim. Ibe ut tasat 1sumat prim
i)er (011r15' ftcr ImmI eco muerse. 1 wasIi w nigm11m
atN rme-tir quietly atmeel tie.-eaefsslb trfe time
e4odeitiay. i was mlcit foreced Ii. leave Hayti.
ntor wan tieser' alsy nsurrnder. My ekLp.ºrt
me.r freu ag o lrf a Pt laits s was issuk~e-t cc
ovatieeim Ii, to.. I love- esay g0.-iple." aicc I
leave every nrearequs to ie.li-voe the.7r lciv liii..
It is very peuceeileli I nIecli MIte. I a1 year its
Vraese. and Slavse. pc-meap;e.. n-tuane tea
Hayti. My re..tnt. ihoweve-r. Is smel-iuiel-s-1
anul ek psimds I sentire.Ry toia tet s'.tea. of
All ?VAtrt. to 4uell ie rllamee. Pruovo- Urn
ANTw KKP. S44gI. 7. -TIM.. fir- i5 s11l rnow
inga. All ."*fl'.rts uo tlis tlrnmi.. u5i*it.YI by
tme" military atidt IMolla..-u. (.to quell it liiy."
l)m'mW..l unIavailinIg. TheIi.kw i Ihiik l and hu
plug are usitenw idw ul Iry tie flaimme". 1 ta..
dinmjtijul mi t5l"m wind maim. I..,. tiuwairul It*.
tuiw t uttitimuimumiy. A jmulaaisal inqaumiry Ins'
)·Itsum ~umidrtul.
:1 p,. i. It is. umuw" istiimt.tuI lu tsat t11m
Iuuimmlmu-r i uklu-tlm. lay )..5tuflr ay'. .himaust."r
will amoS sxu.-uI , if); .N 3Nwru.ism ws-"r.wri
uN151) maud :Ixim.Iigtllly iumiusun.I. TIM" Nlnirlamms
U1i4 1rsaiju worksu.l tIlr gbli tI.. .mmtir.
,limgiht ot lIutrly " hifta. Maim1) ,.si"IImImlmel
tur thin ,eat amid itnstsk.' a1mm ul al to In ."u.og
v."y."dl ti laI Ditalu .iil sltn·t.hur.r. A few
wtwku-r lisivu- Iraukusl te..Y., the~ir **ii
ui luiMis' cif tie 5ijuk.umitig u."Irs't"s oft tim..
tldci,." s1ii.ku" Niiua .-luagguul sill 4.11 mai t.
VLumrk is mmuaw *uatirsly." ul) auIhuil top k"4" uimim
tie tine trims m.gs.aliim llll Im").ymIl the a i cul
amdl faUt4Nwi.uu withsina t!&4 dry ulak.
l'lme immimist.-r of time iaitsriemr buis- visijtedl
tlw miuu*aic* cut *x·,le.ioui. 'Tlue Kinmg auld
Q%0-4-1 havec t."l."gr1l dh~l ."xllnr55ilp *rll
Im Slhy with thi." stIiitenrii. Nmsulsu rm.tacim.º
lusre tue-tm ulhmu141 aisd as sueimmamsittu." ot nu
li.1 lisa, 1w-.in f.mrmsunl S., r~u.-m r sssiustaImie1.
i t.Mte.ilru.nr.
Ehe (reeplia Norder Trlal.
('ase Aei4C. !*44pt1. 7. Ta.-atiey iI1aaaieI withl
1nat at ailymle jaaner IC*inag y).t .a"LveteeI in tIe.
("'r.ºita trial. Ne4-arly e"va'ry meat. a"ir ed C M
are.aaagmly ehie'ejsmaatllu eIi ieY..a a - . 1/ e:"I
eImjeastieahs 34 1 +eaummt act *.f lenYY.Ifia m sIc
:tlmil tp3ree.44i .eim IiNctC*. eis( l tile- f.. . I-
W14,6 eIt-d ai PhJ0tmC"4t1ºim4 IuM Ileci Ie"e"im gIn.
fa"rneat luaae. sahtimmata Iy faI.esm maggaler time
h~lt n m~i Ii)r '[email protected]% M~r. I'. .rC .1.t.elf
tie *ltifii M.u thai- o.ft. rie.. Nl.3 a ,lac... roel toe
..ee.era .ame earahar frauas the a.' alart dlara. 1,3rw
the ..Wile~r elf the.. 4 ~rh-."" aim ..tt.tag. III tleoe*
1-foio the. 414f4"61... taC . 1.1.i" ..,eI e-I~tilea#e Iey
1".1141.111 ea~rtemen1 IN .Cimeie"+.m of C Ill, MNeI
atelila emill thea" film. r .cudo waeh. biut tIs. aelili
1."4""4.hee 1la.11 Ge headl tC.. l.'' '.r t.e +..mm"
..134.1 :341 aCIIICS .&Wg.&ii8.t Ill a '..w CCI."r'Ct IC.r1
%:lt'* g.r.CgM~r~y.
*..u.ase a. RIgl trikcr %lll 4e...
I.exl 'N ItI. e .",t. 7. BIurree : £411 , .1 t../. - .
te. '.'.ii.uiN Ituia t with ii ." ..Irike* ... 'S 11ittee.".
Ieajaeea11.ul. ttº.& the"y 4.11114 114. 1;1 .zIa.eret.".
t11e tuea.i weemelel to .eIulbe We.I*k ..u teJ. i
1B.e.ý. '1ice ",' e"XIuI.a.'ae'i tiedt Iu.fr. er WI%'Icla
it t11MimYei rii. l u. weetalel hi1ve tee e.eg-eet
I I1." 'etrike" ee..eeeumatteea II..- i..a .a le4.i'
ite-i., uo.titltig tie t Iii. .itrik.'r' wil * tautll . -
e-.*,et thee diek e. eI4r Iy'.. trIe4'.. eetemeee
Atl1 4iI(Ien4.4." iii W~4g4M ftrtiii JL4Iul4Lry 1.
1,.u,. 6.Mt ce.t~chjtieeti tlhat tiii. 111."1 r. 111r11 tee
the.re fost-. i.. eua ciclacuage.
look. , (tutty. haeiette-ky. urrivrcl £t 11-4414k
feert tEklay with4 tlv.e jKibdilet. ccv.1evi4ta.c
at I'ikevlle fr'w Ott ol-ml cler cef thee Mc.4noyr
its tie, HItlatleid iltt.r-eta(t. fe-cut. 'I'ea*y an
khlii lns Mucltct.. wht ie it' leameni: S&&h.tmltie
Hutti."kil. Aletttattll. Mt-%m-r. liar- r1r~d
E'Iyne'et4 Mliai"citi. *-"ueei ,"iiteieciihv te, life.
i Ieajr'i4)I~etnl. t.
~e Iteesan a Re ehr Attimt EAtl '. eve , 0kh
VatSh ats .tau .e.
(C.-r.. o. Onata..a, Sept. 7.--nte-ve 'roulle
went . wver H rseehoe Pall. this mnuewnlg
In a .hher mault. He warn pkcrkedl p hbelow
the falls In asn umeon-ouat c-'omtlktnem am et
taken te('llftem. He .rneoverlnd -nm-rkoeum
nesen noet ong after anul an eaaminatioe
showel he was ent uerklmeaey ineareL .o
ilke, with several friends and newspaper
crewponsk't, arrived last niglt. Tery
ft the 1 hotelat 4 u'clkrrk thias ne.minl aned
wenm toa ponlmt 2 Ifeet ahoe the falls.
Bruaele then rtripwl, hulc. hd hiad pa.ked
with co.utn hattifng, nl then peat es a ru
her malt, whkCh was illatedl &2 Inhe'.I
areasmcl the clre-t. The heal gear was
alen luosiattel. while two ate' I ManJI. I,
teetet the hody. At & :) Be.ealie with a pad
lke'. *e'kte'enl tIl wlater. rea~halt tlhe cu
eI.amt, wavedl tia. pektle' ah tI ea a few se'r
elnds later was sio)t over tIe' rcetmte of
Hreshrie. fall, want. lukily was sh.t with
lglhtning mlrpklity over th eteate..lk of oHH
of ther falling voelumne of wate'r ~il wau
ulsc'kly lemat is Inuijt amil ftulsn. He was
eaerdet frn.mn viekw nawrly two alnintlltte,0
wlwm,' Ir apy~teram l ta thelw' ne-r(aee .astl was
carrkCI I teoweant tlh AwirCk(ama mIn ue'L.. TIa"s1
he' was sueekielty itrrwl towardtl t(Iw ('tes
tlale slicer.' wtimer* his fri·te'ltl. Johli Le.lge'r.
hetel rogiete re-eml)- to elrtw tlilal frneai tie'
waiter. I.llge.r was Ctri·e(hi l e l a ,mi lwan
emet )Mi te'et with ci reqee*fastremme't tea hue
wait,. wlile' W. K. Hcnelelg It.stl the' aelthr
i.Iiii tll I,( " In·U rl..J IA;.l·.r. iifl~tw~l" ,.rlu
lmnitl . t t rr sate. l I eher,. aftelr sne.vrali
attetmanps, reac'hsql ti-treie'. fasetemii't thee
·rl lp . l me' i n., lhnas acrelelitl hilm waist
a*"*I time-me swain asimeir*, nuse a'le4ciete'e llI
ji...li* m thle chatriltg nwillanler alINiec. ( it
Hrm-..ie' he-ilagy lifted ut thwe r'ky) whes-.
Iw wes L.. s- llckly .trilgnel. Itrimely was
ier.nel iln sImetmll etSlietlmtiei- air his Itellm)ihe-.
whle- ine wat reahllsh-l ate lll elteel ; heat liew
wets illmo*eelihle ilmled h estel eswarel tfreel his
eta.. mel ,can.,. nrrshahl)' fr(nan the'* sla'k
ear en'ula'ltssiuee. P~w tweenty mmllmmemIte's lsleilie
la"y still memetil asmttseeaila wacs aegialglliel t linuh
tcstril c l hi.rnw Iw-* l teel sa liver muedel r.sti.e
ilahte wi lll li Iclueii.lai. le grmhleally r.
t.eveer-stl ol'urinlea1llesme ;aac lml te lIt was
fealtulm his ieJuerie.* w.re minet s*erieels. He'
ci m'e'te tee li' t able. tea sra to New Yeark t
mie ,mireaw.
I~s elescIritilmg Ili e-xr*rime'eme.. iH'rnlk
any). i aefter ih emltelrm..l Cie' rive'r lie we'aLk
e'll.l castel .walmltl hlave' give'e allcytlhllmln itl
tlhe werlel if lh. tumlll heave' rnel'tmhl tl-w
haliteare'. lHe' eatese'mtet tl rme-alh the' sellae
hay iacinag his easchllet.-, whle'm tim "wift e'tmr
rvelt l w|.elpt hiss Ihaw-k illltl Olrll.·el hai fht.I
oluw· urw tlw. brilsk of dw ill1, *i*.a r 0t4. W'h *.n
ItH (w lthallt it w lum tlasecsihleh to g.t eaite.
lee* fe*ll It , ecaellme ss i mlltilcl tuIlm wases tea
tmweet eletied. Jemact ace he e*ateee tea time'raitek
elf time feiaclie'** Iase'emmee eemaesmete~ineie
thrsantalm tfirhmdt aciel ressnisaeie-t sea etastil lee
iltre.k tI.lu w Jte.r l*emrmee*e imletea tesatIIe at tImr
a.{, ll," fH ll, h. WIM'(tIli. 11114 llV4III( l--I
ihnly t 1W rIY( hl ( aLll rlll,|l' (IY U~n· ll(L.LI() le.
.lrul-k II,. .';Llrt.llrltI(W~l |lllt (tljlJ(L t I,
fe ct tIm' ll tierl. wItn· ie- w-s te'mlinralr
ily tarle/stat te ly tie' far.re witlem wmelh lhee
.trmae k atli wacte'r. "l'lime' h tIs'euaili lst
c'.ameieme." e'.1 a aimeadt klinew mesa timeas' emmatil ie'
tllemaet list'af lyimleg sme lis rew tllls.r tsit itc
time weata.r's ec.aje'. 'lsms* is ca el Iemlat tuict
Stllis aifterleesmel ais lee w;as caiemet t take' at
traima felr .Newl YVlrk. He i-i .lar'anl witl
aette.llltlilts.i nel-iele lay gruii1g .iver tie' fall
T~rrrMhap.ul fee a NIes.rnu· Ike...
G;EFAT VALLM. S~4eit. . A.. e·O~)u/thwaaata
e Llew.aamtie ilwetiitg WltM hi*l t4)tlight at
2aatmel I eultcr. TIim. ,Ism..rae* atteimlel Is.~
ularge. sunsturae mmmi inueelveel 64) vi~'t4the
metnuigrt tielet. Sge~rlme.. win madek b~y
~Jleahi ~. Stca,t.,6i MIMI e)tle*tCe
KEiautrektiem ge~.*.e~ e FJYm ) wtiel lam Gna
i ~i&IIle. Se·resm hbasmHlreuI Imassuew Ln· Ileiw .36*
tlii hut. 'rTl. ae*ae·aka' wll fear time ianueut
e~,e)Im·Iiw fmuumm emastry garee~wmm rtae~ mumel cii)
laey hell cuiml (si..ctuh·. rImeu elil)gmaWIartu
cure eugclusmizlmm cital care eLetenmmlsaedr~ te
cutrry (l·the e~Ke femyl~~r ~.u~ms (euemrael.Teaeml
Icimel time. nutl ef tcme. tie *t·. Iltaila isadagisca
i*rullit(ly jgaelatee em ~,..Iei't~lem
lime. ;ittrcck easm (;naie Fall" 1mm tie. Nuw
iewkl Ie..i~eI I regrcma'elel aM* P~&rt eaf th
*tim reamule. eafI t r~ ''recm (Ic·rc111, tlcte. Imete
exrmehmmee* w~t* (ilmaeeatml ,y Itealmrt lieamglmim .41
rttr~tr'. rll :. Nr.
At I'hiau1.*Ij.hia: 4 ."º."Lted 4. I'hi&u
4I4I'b1mI1t M.
At ISa.'t.aº : I ubtfim t.. I'jttI4nlrq :.t
At \."w Y4.rk : ..w V.w~k 1_. Iaadi.ua..Ip
9,11. I.
At WairIaiumgt".ti I'ir'.t gaaaae.. W4m-te~,aa
t''hl 4. 4 Ia1.-:eut "2; -.s.mm.I ~g Iam&... tA".º..Ihimat
AttIaLtimnt..r." : Ltinmm.ru. :.. 4 ns.jsatt.tti
S: &tulmbe' eaII"1 ill tm." lai~l~ll ilsnilm.r 4rs :.."
"..sasrt euf .Iusrkrb.s9.
At I'IaiLael."~hIi~ u AtlsI.1 i. 4. L.,aaii. viI.
I (1111941 .uP .144' intui ..[ irlr .-".. ºt 111""
A4t 4 "lu dtmI mis: C401116n106rn- . IKs s-u'
4 its to.
At I~r.m..kI"1am St. I.euis.' 4. Ilr.mumkt.'.-, :
toitt1~an Y rala"· " (.alrturrd..
(ll U Wi( "m·i iti~ow whl l ia..f""r littleL
t,"rr,.rin.c(I thimi -,.iti..ac .f - .ucthIraa 4 ai~fccr
111.1. w ..- I aiair..4 yc-."r ctLcay. w.l-ur.
w".1 -.c"s ic cuc.v."r&L. fr.~au thet Icrga-Ih 1,y it
e"1uc-L~aiul .1ua.1 hi, c. clcjiit. luciy .. "ri-l
hinti with ihc"ir rail.... :cavai umatIi." haiss it
`` i c.ac"r. \...,r ib ii tit O h i' iH~-I w i&36
it ic tilte giri n)'ilali.c lirccw ci. w'Ic'ti
Si crim""t... .ccIitclt ai a tat. titu .tg.c .61l wut.
Icci.. ..i .cc..*e cgui ic hiet. Slid- re-fesacc'
tee nt.ct4" wli*t"ti..r willigly~) air lmot. "Ihic.
ic ciaple. wc're* cckcat tic Nava l~uic' Hey. %h-a
t la agirl will hIe- nrigwea.rl ete Iter mIt.s-cst"' attac
StfMiwalc.. will In- Ic.4c1 icc atim-x'r 1t..et ei:rii
..f reee'amtt) m~aainle~rimg ai wa.:citI.y ru,,e'Ie.'r
111111441 He"tary tIhnrIa...
ImtrtIng With Their lauud.
ý'.'t ...IIINIrFIIN. ý..*t. ''Ii. Imn iuIaa el
titv bat.' retee~ived tc nrpeºrt fnrirwn Sp.eiaa
Agfent Guuekna in whiakia lt- way.' thre tuanar
itt of tnut.. ,meeaaat~rue elt ii." t lataha tribe
tº uidama.' .'i~tnee aell eegrt'entuet ke wet
a pat4.:14u a.rege eel landR ten their rcuerva
tioui fow the tmee* andtl euet4Mette) at the
weetrame'r Natieeuma Italiau aeaaeeecitieea fu
mmaiimlueaeary" utteR eetuhaetiewual p)tiimmt*.
S.wumU A.M. Up.akm Aiivý n 8b. M .'
l.w a" nrW. R ta" t. M. 3."
bur.. 3.hm - A VermIn
lt.tlua Ito the rSuland.
Burrt.e Nept. 7.--A maosing aeetisag a
Seemnu.irat warn heki la th clalb rdoa in
the (onmhlnation hlrk tonight. The baill
Swars tbelely parked and a great many
werep unable to gain adlmislioa. The
natilng wasr called for the· parpremrs
fuaning a Irwatuaraent dckenaratic c'lehb la
this ity ldetring the e-ump.wiga. The ~vir4
SHow Tansmansy eclah tetrti ueat abo-ut
oniea haaIred and nd Aty strong and pe
mcnteel a nfle appearnalse. When they a. -
m*.slbeld at the. achmo non Park street and
~alrriwHal elowwn to Main strteet bkesed h
tih* n EneIIIIIt Ianl. thaly were oiely
rlwm.rre·l. W. B. M a thr., chairman n of the
*.eaisty e-entral c-nsmmitte.. oapenedl bhe
iametingl by cslling en11r nilainatlilres for a
S erluarae.*1t luhairmnan of tiw club. P. E.
e .heMtt. city attoerntey. wren uarwailsauemly
S.~hm-le.. innWint Igrea applc.ane.l. Mr. ('tm
SItt lnaile a, leat and exel-ill-nt spreech of
t ae..l.ptasiec. He amil thtl he was pluedl
hto h." eiekte.l preenkient of a club haviig ftot
itnl ailn tie* .liu.e*a.niantiose of priniriple.
M"i Jil ii thie.l f cti .knanweratir party. P.
J. (;illig.an wits anauinneao*ly cha.msan vr.
IP*ni-khllat. Mr. (;lligaue was rrei-lvs.d
with I.*el stlneltts of apl)rwal. He hoped
to ..e. wthe tleall.neray ill Silver How and
Melt.l.urit mew.tusftl. To. will this cle.
t lihee ashealkl i. thl reat alnm e.f every
.isnwemrat. I'lharkt. tnmeemas was the
Inluinln , c'haeieY. of tihe club fwor newrcr
nary. Willihne P. Gwynn wars houtmen
Swierettry by ba uaniesnesms vote*.
l No,,. W. WV. l)isom lude i a reaining
s Irpc..lh. AnmeI.al aothr thingas he. said:l:
"Thi' ie at lilae, uin tihe hintesry of te. a*en.rs
tr"y lal him- hititr. of ilelra.iurn°y whet,
i-very · alot" shNlnl akh hl Iwn t to win this
state* few tin- -lknwlresitk e xirty. The new
1 I..tihlautllm of M.l.rtaua w il hIave. i. l ec..
1 ti.set if th. s.esanter. asdel it now lie.- with
' l. tin. elem l.mrats to gy wiethwir it .hallU ee
,c,. oaf the0ir lparty ir a r.neawlie.ats. Thil
t in tim" tilo*. for actit. All that
I'. 1ie ...sre.ry tee eesre*e noewemen isn
s eriet-rt aviul elharaitulit) aseal i egriatisation.
ik Tle lne- iltit " INh ele seratie. i.luhi n in
kevery iceev*ilmet ils the eel.llnty. The-. .
. hlsaansem i hf ii..a at saueh sn.e.tlegn le mniºcIah
rIutil. It ie tn**.*et.cry fer Ithw lstrns.rats
toe IN.t alhrt in this 4 i. *llie., . lie. ar- iln
Sfr c*tel tfeew the* irt tinei, with a rgisitry
I. law whiela iallac ,s Is.fair restric·tinul
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that every voter ls r"egis e. This
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6.114.1 "asaid that atair Eawef~liliaait was
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1Im 4"asmalt iif tlma. waarsa aidl fasreLthosght
oif usa" ah.gasa.g~ntes. H.. wisad Sn. woltlal pia'r
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low rs..aaleel. Ha he.Ia.vced is the pnurlty
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&aassasy0)iarng lawas am this. - -
TI is imM slet a Iemrai tliht. The. e~y. of
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ia". it will give* 1lw eleYeU rmucy acu ImPetus
tall ..v..r the 11"w stater. Let tw ch Iaimr to
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w lull ratheer Iave. fasr xE x liarms thn all
the asteele. y it, Silver Bsw. Mr. ('erbits
thi. iagIkt thUe reteeahieeuls huadl Wtt at left"
teesar lataeeldreil gisl liar', He trJ utp
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.eetvacrti'e leer Iim. rThe. sturtnent
hluat fe ei.IuIe'enitie. MIYrty ie tw j atLy of
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eataami i+ + tet ut.nr e yv.*u tihreew ..t the hot
teemS elf a t. e~i k. it ite.w. imeet allohw that he
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Ib,.eaaevrut- I 'l'4 ut lwrttl tlw".e." lite that
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.Me eet~aeate i+e teletameeratie. ha4 of t
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t:.lautal" wa 1:w" ecalar... our dlefruew Se.
1.e"t elrciucerate n taunel ea..ekhe to aulrthajIr
.at thist tisti.":ar .iid Moutana will be rrde.lL
P. J. (.ilhigieas aLec, aeltleiseeeed time inet
iltat. 11. -:º'a t un thx" arsper pie'? fle
w"..rkitigttla i iv its tir" kawrr # l' /arty
Meeeetaiaa imt e'e trust- andi ib a
telace" fer a weji aslanaa.
UwrKOIT. ?rpt. T.--t'---- L-IY
Atop .~r. u[ 0"~. G;. A. K.. to *m lage! a llta
t~ral .wdw u.uutiua cuostami 61 - r
dir with b..eikauS Lm 0M% S0
t Am. .41kw.'º acie.cd at ]MIwMkmh.
[. tu g turr ·~Llr l r LahLr pýit
mna'rr. Gram jJob.
"w Gen., I
Tiw: N.lo .~ J
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