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A. A. Me'IMiNALIL. Ihlltjswurg[.
The Butte Dlater-M'ou.et4iu, is urged
to put into concrete form its Itimations
of "fraud. iLtimidation and corrupt ion.
to the end that this newspaper may
help to unearth the rascals and expose
tRepublicans control the registry in
the two counties that center in Butte
and Anaconda. If this registratiomn
is rotten in either county, name the
men, the time. the place. in order that
exposure may come before it is too
Any coward ctan shout fraud politi
cal braggarts whipped before the t ight
are usually the first to do it. Itepubli
cans ask a clean campaign. They need
1it but t must be clean on both sides.
t I.TANI.AHIm urges its gifted con
temporary in Butte to agree with it inl
leaving to the republican HIrowler and
vagrants of that ilk the blackmail
tag elements of this campaign. let us
have the companionship of truth in the
inquiry which the Iatedr-3rMouuliri is
urged to hasten.
And this agreement witnetwth that.
in consideration of the allegations to
be proven by the Ister-.or-s'ttish. this
newspaper will herald the facts and ex
pose the offenders to the execration of
the people.
A4justing itself to the "custom of the
eountry." the STANIiSAmI will go to its
readers every Sunday Iornllig. rt-'erv
lag Monday as its day of rest. In
ruany parts of the (ountry it has be
eause the imperative duty of news
rs to issue their editions every day
th year. while the well-establishwd
eastom with the provincial press in the
Rant Is for the newspaper to go to press
on work days and omit the Sunday
The prejudice exis' hug against Sn ll
day newspapers is not strolg in thle re
wnhere the NTAN.slA.a Insakes its
sand there is about us a large
pub. e which finds leisure for reading
lesay on that day. The number of
this cass of readers will rapidly in
aerem, sinms it is the policy of the A na
eism eaompany to haste the time
phna mouday work at the Snmelter shall
Setasar ma that I. foumn
la all .ewspaper oeces, Monday
morning is the traditionally dull time.
News is generally summarised for .um
day edltious by all the great news agea
cle and the specialists. leaving little of
importance for those who have to grind
their daily grist for Monday. There
appears to be no p oud reason why the
NTANDARU shoukt vary from the cus
tom established by its older contempor
aries in this matter. Accordingly, it
goes to press this mornin,. to rest on
Monday and reach its readers on the
following day.
In a reenrt number of the Furns is
published an article by Thomas 31.
Shearman. who attempts to make a
count of the milliouairae in the I'nited
States and who reaches the conclusion
that there are eleven thousand of them.
all told. It is hardly probable that the
estimate is right. In any case. the
ilgures that asslnle to make a count
of lllitionaires in Anieritca must be
highly speculative. as there is no way
wlwhereby an accurate .YensuA of the
country's nmoley magnates caan be
taken. .Mr .hearman has evidently given
the subject a great ldeal of thought, but
we suspect that his enthusiasm
heightened as he advanced in his illves
tigation. as is tle habit with lmen who
pursul hobbies.
liegarflilgh t st intimate quoted allve.
tile Ikston .tldrrti r say.v: "It would
me onlly reasonable to suppose that this
state eaia(ld lnaim at least five anrd one
half tIr cent. of tme millionaires: which
would make mnore than six hundred. If
.Massacleihsetts has six hundred., sIkton
shoulld have at least one-third of thelm,.
or two hundred," and the A.4lrrtim.
adds that it would ie very difilcult to
find tifty men in Iloston worth a mil
Several weeks ago a party of gentle
men in a drawing room ear on the line
of the Northern Pacific fell into con
versation about the millionaires of
Montana. One enthusiastic son of the
territory persistently claimed that the
city of Helena alone could produce
thirteen men, each with a round million
in his inside pocket, and that the total
for the territory would run to twenty.
It is easy to roll up the roster of mil
lionaires when you are in a drawing
room car, and it was not difficult for
the gentleman in question to impress
his hearers with the idea that his esti
mate was close to the truth. Most of
tlwm were eastern tourists. Probably
they carried the glowing story of Ilel
ena with its string of millionaires to
eastern men who, by some strange
facination, assume that every prospect
hole is a bonanza and every mine a
It is idle to assert that Montana has
twenty men worth a million apiece. It
would be very difticult to tind a dozen
whose estate reaches the six-cipher
limit. It is probable that the list of
.Montane: millionaires will lengthen
,rapidly. for the territory is imluensely
proswprous and many business under
takings, now young and promisisng.
will realize fortunes before many years
have passed. But the NTANSDAI.I
probably gets very close to a correct
eat imtate when it assumes that there are.
all told. posslily less than a half dozen
men in Montana who actually IosAess.
to-day. property amounting In value to
a million. These tigures probably run
counter to the popular opinion on the
subject. yet we believe that they are
not below the safe line. But if this es
timate is correet. it must be admitted
that .Montana has less than her share
of millionaires. Doubtklss the mistake
is on the other side of the column. and.
in all probability, the figures submitted
by Mr. Shearman must be submitted to
a very serious cut. If they should
shrink umore than fifty per cent it would
not be surprising. for a million is a
great deal of lloney "alnd there be few
that have it."
The iTA.NaIsAuI comme.n nds to its
readers who are interested in ele-ction
reform an instructive article oni the
Australian ballot systeln conitributed
by 'llarles 'lhauncey Ilinney to Lippin
cott's Magazine for .eptelnber. The
causes that led to its adoption are con
cisely sketlmhed by M.r. Ilinney and tllhe
reform in its historical development
is presented in all nl nstructive and en
tertainiing way.
The system of olwn lxollillg through
out the Irit ish donminions.lullf a century
ago, was the fruitful caus of corrulp
ti nl. intimlidationl and violence. Land
lords coerced their tenllants a11(nd nu-lllt
facturers their Inmen. ( f all thie lritish
pos.esasiouls, Australia's rep.utation wlas
the worst in this respect. Abiding love
of order could not be exlwpted to comn
trol the younlg coolony and. ulnder cir
cunlltalllwe favorable to violenlce. the
irregularities ilcident to lawless e:ec
Stiolns found their wors't developnelllt
t hre..
The claimi nwt up in favor of tite .\.s
traliaul y.tnl1i t i the absoilute t t1.1I ,.ILi
of the ballot which it nsisun.w to ten -
cure. "It in true." . 1r. ilinuley re
mIarks. "that elet iollna c.aullnot be free
unlen elect on canl vote wit lholt tile risk
of beilng enllked to alccunlltt for so doilng.
To atttain this an haluwltely secret Ibal
lot in ildiu~nullsaible." From thle ethical
stasuiljinit. theelaimn niamde forthe .\Lun
tra:li:nll s~yuttIn in that it tends to ilm
prexas lupntl eacth voter a nel4w os re
wl-'lwnui i ;it v. ,rey enui n.l lin hiem to, ini:ake
tle ultimate al; Iection cf candiu(1dates by
anid for himseil lf. There may be serioub
questioni whletler anl argunment based
on this idea is of accounlt, at the malne
time it is a fact that, in a majority of
instances, tihe Aasitradiain system tinds
favor with those who havey put it to
practical test.
In thais sonty the new eaetm was
Art plied in the eity of L edsville,
Kentuky and marked ulpeovemeato
was claimed these tn respect to purity
and freedom of the vote. Maumehu
:mts was first of the states to adopt the
system, the Governor of New York has
twiee vetoed the measure, while In
diana. Misouri, Rhode Islmld, Tenre.
see, Minnesota. Wlacounsl and Mon
tana have followed the example of
The KTAxIAni wishes to Crll the at
tentiun of workenw ll t Carroll to the
declaration of tile I hr Lodge New
N.rthA- Ietd, which remarks that "moust
of the new mens employed by the .na
conud company are transferred to ('ar
roll in order that they may be more dl
rectly under the company's eye than
they would be were they at Anaconda
on election day." The paragraph is
quoted here simply that it may reach
the eye of voters in 'uarroll, where the
circulation of thIe TAMNIANIt is large.
Nothing can mllore effectively increase
the democratic majority at that poll
than the insults of the republlican press
heaped on a d'lent constituency, as in
the words just quoted. The STAN..a.lall
Invites the N.,e North- east to "colne
again" with moln coml nnt of tihe same
mort. We will see that it reaches t'arroll.
It. the same breath with its slur onil
the Carroll vote, the New North- I'IWet
declares that tle natural registry at
that place does not exceed 17T names,but
that, "at the present rate it will reach
three or four huIdred." Probably, at
the preselt rate. the C'arroll registry
will exceed these figures. .Acording
to present ilndications, the Neon, North
l'l~t has not marked it high enough.
This year, for the first time. three out
lying precints register at C'arroll. These
are Mill 'reek, Lost ('reek and Willow
Glen. Mill ('reek itself is a large camp.
The numberof men employed about the
lower works has been for a long time
largely in excess of last year's average,
for legitimate business reasons. The of
ticial vote of Carroll alone was very lit
tle short of three hundred last year.
Therefore. the registry at that place
will probably be larger than the New
North- W1'est reckons, and if that paper
will only keep up its insulting com
ments, the democratic majority will be
something very handsome. The New,
North- West is either untpardonably ig
norant or maliciously dishonest.
All sorts of stories are afloat regard
ing the loases sustained during the cur
rent year by ilsurance companies hav
ing home oftices in Kan Francisco.
Either the west-coast newspapers are
mistaken. or the insurance companies
themselves are in confusion respecting
their losses. At any rate, the tigures
furnished to the press vary by millions
in their estimate of total losses sus
tained. On another page, the STAs
Irllau of this morning summarizes
briefly the condlitionl of the insurance
business in Montana. as shown by the
oficial report of the Territorial Audi
tor. for the year IhM. According to to the
figures. there is plenty of profit for the
insurance companies sharing in Mon
tana businessnand the owners of insured
property in the territory are in no
sense under any obligation to the cor
.Special agents of the California com
panies have lately been visiting tihe
cities of Montana in order to report to
their home offices the relative risk in
different towns, the condition of the
buildings, the comparative efficiency of
the tire departments, the capacity of
water service and, an general, the ratio
of risk and the chances of loss.
Anaconda would be pleased if these
gentlemen were to make a careful in
spection of this city. That it has its
share of bad risks is admitted, but that
it is well equipped to tight tire. even in
pressing emergency, is proudly claimed.
'T.his city ought to get cheaper insur
altue rates thaun those now offered.
Its average risks are safe, and the
companies can afford to take into ac
coualt tihe excellent defenses which are
at command lhere in the way of a well
organized tire department. a liberal
share of apparatius. and an abundant
supply of water.
sUUPIDY its WMLrt.
I)e. ("n.ILIM( TIII:olt)ou. IDuke of Ba
varia. tlhe pllaUathtoplic" ph1'tician. retentt
ly eele4wated at 3'eggru.eev. In Bava him
removal of the thouttandth cataract frm
the eyes of him poor patients.. It was maside
ttae (waiotul of afreat ov atiost.
BLinn 1IoLa. en1joy. the proud distinc
tion of lueitti the only American Jehu
whose Ita- no tnat' beet entitaltumed ini the
anthe~r of a lmorulur jajlt's verve. Iln oste
of hi. poeims L)r. Ho to~s efi rt' to hint as
""Ituda I lkblt -, w*mo vaturrital nastie
No, llse tilt- twutl trIump o faintt.
WILLIAM 1). KILLIv. for a nuts. of
(lelia~ute Ihyiiailtre. 114)1(1 5 gn t wonderfullyl
well. It Itst yte rll sintte thtre wiare
uan;lmLptr t'· tdiat le wa' s.ervilng hIsa last
t."rmt int eonmgr.at'. TIhe jItudg Is at petty
fns. liver. bItt Its still ltt~re. i catit Is c.
ittu up as a a-iantlikula." for the ekuminnatm
puhiup of the *- elaluritittee" ott ways and
teaeuiiIK itl this catlgnr..
AI.ptl..?MFis )ACrniT lead d."tentite1 to
rettalait t at cllaahr, '. I,.tuu'. I t wast afraid
mh.Irttia is nu~t ki a wni~tg Mtepij ut usatri
tatoutit hemighat datsll lilt lmeauiagltti.nm liti
niueetitig Jilawlttttttit'elle Jutla- Allardi. who
wasr ti al-tnttiuia writer at' well at ia lovely
owetittiti. all ltiv feite- weo r leiotietl . His
wife lugs lot-ee tie.` light of hli henrtlh. thes
regjtlndtor of htim work. antd til eliscrete'
e-eottswa..ler of htis int'pinmatiemt. Ther- it' tkai
at luau. shte, Ihat not revisaee. retoite ltt mean
itttwuItr fl.tv H.%trsIYrox was in ttkltg a
KIN tiit ina the: ·tcmretItthI) fluattiar onite av4
ims th e .lair. Hnaatiltartt wae. ar. ay atetd
Huisttee-l got Itmervets. Finally he Ihtantdedl a
tatutl tim as *t'igt atitl told taint to take it to
At'u.stlmuiynuts LyonlsK. Thme itey mlsum -
lert'toel Nina tt atel (w Imenul the haoe btu
Haostiltot. He pauseld itl s hspeech and
rtead thte t'rap of pulper. It saId:
"Welelh rarebit uand lovee tontlght; come'
early.' Itantilteus bltushedI, atatiuttered a
few words. looked at Hsuted its anger and
sat dUwnt at O.Hit. - Xes,' Viug* iorld.
>II ItIs91st r s AIA II
Thei mI Importeat eletionsI f I IwMh
thm people wee weor ae MeId upn to par
tilpate is bbut thity days r.
Never dosrs the hiel amlats a tihe ".
rhorwm h h the Demo.e beaene mowhed
or ussrnmae o IuvimebIbe. (bar eaue Ia
, owr eandhlatka Ievharme. ansad nr
vit4ary euagt nt heo ertaais. The.. Is but
e.- danger tot be haretd, amd that Is a
a alaurs to register. 14 everly ma that
deserves wed of thel cmlig Nates ato
it that he is not dlafrsalriserd t that
virlous ad astimeaa semstiearn law.
whirl ought to have baee entited "A
set to diatrasehies the Ifawrrne. adamines
and starknsi of Montaa," and whlts
was born of the bsr repuahlkian legisle
ture of Montreas.
Regster, and do s atd rie,, asd thus
rebuke the party that earnsed seh a law.
Delay , i dangerous. In order to vote you
roust rodster s. or before Neptre ber
Let the naturalised citrn.e of this tee
ritory who have beena votin unamoles.ed
for year. bunt up their papers that they
have sot seen far tea yearns, said go to the
plas of regIstration and register. and at
the Baue' tiue register a vow to rehaske
the political party that puts yaou to this
great IniconvenIence sad practically dit.
franchise y.ou by the absurd provision
which requires you to produce your pa
ewrs., s nd l l uwr a Istatrees to travel a
hundred mles toh register before you can
ea.erise tlA , rights of frlesan.
We ask all who are Interested in go.u
goverisan.rt. to remd the platform
of our party. Ex,uaine the public sa. d
b.Islitusl reords eh. (r easlklattek, pursue
andsl investigate them in all their relations
to the pubik, to the last andl tinl analy
sis, aid we are conllenlett that you will
itul tlahena worthy Moiatanians, nen who
will guard and protesct her Lntenrets at all
Resgister and tell your friens to register.
W. A. CLAlM, '. A. B.OAl'WATElt.
AI.FRELt MEYElt. CItAlt. K. C N tAla,
taKth. R. TINOLE. W. W. MOtutts,4
R. at. KELLY. W. J. MTEPitKWNr.
T. K. (1OLLINI. Eib. tA1L3)WES.L.
App.u atSea mei. M by Malr Mag.tmr la ir
Ter IDays to t4eme.
Major Maginnls arranged last evenlag
the list of his appointments fo rhoeat ten
days to come. His engagemeums keep him
In Missoula county to.day, toarrow and
Saturday, the appointmeuts in that county
being uediject to arrangements made by
the local conmmittee. Thereafter and un
til the cloe of next week his appointlmuents
ILrowrhend I'munty.
At ;ilemialea m Metmay. K~ept. to.
At Itklu uas Tuuday. lelpt. Is.
Meadd.umes I', y.
At Twin trklg-~. run, We'tll day, 1. pt. II.
Al hlwralsan. rev.alag W.Ine.dlay, .ept. I i.
At Ltun.ius noun. TillIr.:, lt t.
At Vir.ita ('ity eveatt -uarm lay. KeCpt. It.
At It:maus, amemo. Friday i.ipt. 13.
At I.tel IluM. evening, riay. 14,pt. 13.
fGallatin I 'uailtf.
At IleImanua. Ktut¥rIay. Sept. 14.
Mates fer w eetltg.,
Itio. J. K. Toole W. Y. Pemberton,
catdiiIte'm for gouy fr and atturnte7
isrenral on tlw - (khmcratk4 ticket, will ad
arearthe citizex,. of Mcap~ght r, Fergus,
(Cateau and Caucack countlt at the fol
lowing tines and placer:
t'astle-sWrptt mhr u.
White Slnlmbur Mjinias-Nentep ber 10.
YFatt irlt4fltu-14411etuilWr 12.
Orr" Fatllis- MteuIbrr 13.
Miauoa-Xsmday. !M *Reber Is.
H.Icna-Wcdntrsda. fRtfr'mlwr 21.
II, U'bu Thurudayr. Rejmbcr 26.
GraiteFriay.$I4clmt..ber 7.JT
Anawuada-44atmardayy, Neptember 2'.
Lkutte-Mobly bet 30.
J. K. Toule and he r peakmer 4 tthe (ulobwig
talcadive- We-d-edaay. Hegtemrber Is.
Miles Pity-Thuralay. *4&7uteaaiwr 19.
lliUings-Vrtda4y I4&*eiwr w1
lid tixtie- ~urday, tsutmber 2..
I~ivtngstsnu-Momnday. September M1.
ilozenaan--Tu.wuay. Mr tcbcr 94.
The Vart.I. )lrletra. the Agreat and
Their OMtee..
In conformity with the new election law
the coslmissioners of Deer Lodge county
at their June neecting districtedtl heounty
for regirtration amnd appointed agents as
lutrk*t No. 1-Anarcnlda. Anaconseda lI'per
works, w 1 tn tuuhhls ms Blue Eyed Nellie pre
riatsa; H. 14. Neal. asliat: ulike at Anacontda.
No. --Carr".l. Wil ow lk un. Mill ('reek and
.Lmt Creek; A. M. Walker. agent; odukw at Car
No,. --Mtuart. Warm nprlng ald Rate Track;
K. 4:irardt, agent; oilier t Wart., priungs.
No. -4re Vineo; IlenaamU l Franklin. agent;
oImcet at iro Fian.
No. 6--leer lolge; H. H. Zenor, agent.
No. --4:arrlmmn, (kat ('rek aul Poneer;
Win. It. ('Ulne. m.ent; oilk at tarriman.
No. 7-Avon EUis.tn. lkliteha Treasure, Ilkau
Irlrg and llai.fuet; Iteei., Junts, agent; olle at
No. a.--l~anct, . even-up-Pete and MCl'k4
Ian: J. C. Hopper, agent; omre at Lkeven-up
No. 9.-Washington (;uikh., Ilelmville amnd
Fitzlpatrick'; J. C. Montre, agent; oilie at Helma
No. lO.--a)ando. Ikyd I : Swift's ('am, anu
llaui.utrd; (vamldo Ho,)1. *agent; otlke at
No. Il.--4amunet and Elk Creek; J. J. Kiennel,
agent: oflltet. at iun.t.
No. 12.-- .kru.luath, lartown auid Harvey
('reek; J. 1I. Armstrong, agent; or.te at Bear
No. Ia.- New (lakagl . Im)rlnintd. iltone
Matlatlo. Willcw ('r"*k. Illl.*nney's an lad runkle
bergr: Wm. Iungwasll, agenut; ofll" at New ('hl
No. 14.-1~htillutrg. Towerr, lack Pine. Hom ,
M\in*. Itanlark land Kirkvi lle Warren E.
KEaiss. agent; aoMike at MailiIshurac.
No. 1t.-- trallte. Itsanll.y and Kydneyl- MimeL
ihol (treer, agent; oºft. at traaltte.
No. li. l--4;eorg.t.wnl, t'nle aI d ISilver lake:
CI. II. Murt.. augunt : outtr,, at I'yr.l.'u-s.
If the asInount of the.- Queen''s saIvings is
II~rCF orZ YLEer34PS.
lner.r will be ats .lc taitm hn.el In thI. t~ity of
Ananenaltl na oan Tharuluy. thne Iat(I atay ft4 ktnolwr.
A. It. jIa.i ant whini tiner' will lee s n.nntnnttetd to
tine 'a nnalnfieal a'ehtannn.s ont waniut ety. tin, .ques ian as
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]@[email protected] CO]PXNY.
Dry Goods Department.
We Must Have Room I Therefore
All Summer Goods Must Go.
*'- IN-*
No. x-4o Inch all wool Tricot at 48c per yard.
No. 2. 26-inch Cotton and Wool Mixed Novelties
at zoc per yard. Think of it 1 z3 yards for $x.
Clothing Department.
Great reductions in all Summer weight goods. New *
Goods are beginning to arrive and we must have
space. So if you would look to your own interest
see our great drives this week and take advantage of
them, for the time is limited.
Grocery Department.
We make a special point to keep everything that is
only first class in this department, as our past reputation
will show. Our stock of Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Queensware and Glassware is without an equal in.
Latest Designs in \Vall Paper. See Them.
Estes & Conneoll Mercantile Company.

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