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S. M. T. W. T. F. S.
" f :t 1 n :4
s snu n l
Arrwal saad Departure of Mals.
N AisI DUIA fPlA L sw1.Wa
I.sJ ~r..l__ .. .······ S. A.
lrrI . IP
rs r.Y
i W~ m mM.. .. ..........
ii ir . M.d
a" ate..... . Ia. A.
.M t. LAWg . ......... .... Ilia .
R:4n A..
i.ud rI 4nr.mrN. 1N1. Thiuy. Thur -
AUI Rua cbr wdwtmeu brf4Wr dtmalsurc.
AbriraEfpfIo to IA, udoawrdw w'iU he ow
achedo lr b.1 ir t w . ore, of the aluwr of
CuuheE l Yin/. M.ou g#,wt. Adrf)Wt i.
er - wow 5,a.,svd of the &saiueaa o~r
mmdoed Dydiusg. vener of Youi and
The daft revs d of the tbmnanwscr In
this city is rportrd ti A. T. Playter,
drwurins Fird street. Tbh mcod for jts
tsdmy ww, T a. ia., 42 degr.e.: 12 in., $1
dour...; 4 p. m., 8o de rogra 8 p. ma., 4
Yesterday was a quiet day in police
cir-les. The were no cases on the
docket, and no arrests were made.
The local clubs in this city are making
arrangenents to attend a political rally to
be hekld in Butte toward the close of the
Services in the churches of this city will
be held at the hours maued in the an
-nou -menglt printed in the STANDAmD of
yesterday moraning.
Ordsers were given yesterda the An
aenad. ('oempany to raise the water fume
is ainches along its entire length, and the
work is alread e heun.
In the way of forthcomling theatrical at
tractions, FPlson & Errol's Comedy (Com
PaUwil appear here on October 2 In the
f aaeomety entitled "The Chicks."
J. R. Boarman is anueouned to address
the Deer Lodge denocratic club nest
eveni . Sleveral gentlemen
m hcity wEil be present at the rally.
The Water comnpany has plans in view
which will Increase the supply ava-ilable
for the city bh more than one half. It i.
probahle that the prosed imnprovments
will be started witut k lay.
Services of the German Lutheran
church will h hekld in the ('hristial
church, second strect,. Molday evening a
a o'clock. They will 1w conducted by A.
Hurtling. the pastor.
Anaconda repIalikans are making am
rangetnents for several political nutet
Isags to he held in this. city durinlg tl.
closing ten lday' of tin canvass. Mr.
Power 1. I pruomised to IN. premlent amdn
('ol. Sandller Is tor tbe £ unatncel a oa One of
the spcaak rs.
Nis. Jennaings ha" opemmed a .hool on
Third striret. Ia.twArem ('lwrry anld f(ak
streets, to hw enoatinued till tlhe puIhlk
sehools olpMa. It Ia n.t quite hfll, ad.d
pare.ati desiring to .,eld childhlna, Isnt
apply at cn en. For tenrns Ne MLes0 Jent
Vigameesae Iert to bet the bWane fl Every
V.ser .m the Lists.
AllU hamdb ae at work to get the full vote
of Anaconda on the hookm at the regristry
ofce. Both politicalt parties are dead In
earnest amnd if any namse fails to get on
the list the workers will not he to blame
for It. Whoen the business of the week
was wound up at 10 o'clock last night, it
was found that there were 1..5
names on the listl, the gain
for the day hbeing names.
Raepbhl.aGr and democrats are dead in
earmest in their efforts to mnake the regis
try as omplete as poslible. Each appli
cant is carefully examined and, in every
case, the entries requmired b law are made
with greatest caur. It is probable that,
between the irresent date auld the 1bth of
the nioltlh, tiew availhble votilng ftorce of
Anaconda will he plac.d on the registry.
Tha (iasmsg Ns.a...
As the ga.ning seanon is apprloahing it
is well to armind the aportsnwn thlat it has
been mude unlawful, with a heavy Ipen
alty, to kill at any .maoln any Iohisu, htf
talo, quail, moom*, elk or heaver. Deer,
mnountain sh. ep. Rrk.y ountaliu goat
or antelope can he killed after the 15th
ayof Neptemnher. and before the first
dy of January, but in no rase can they
be killed for speculative purposes. The
period for killing grousen prairie chicken,
pa1nt, fool hen anid eas hen ben.a on
teth of August and will end on the 1bth
of Novemner but. as in the ea e of deer,
it is made unlawful to kill them for spar
ulative purpose. or for the mnarket.
Wetee ftlm Pkhthpt.aburv.
Upeial to thr 4tasdarl.
PUILIPMt*I, r i4c .pt. 7.- Total unumber
o- voterr r.alstiared at Phlililiturg up to
date, is ei56, and at Granite. 6W5.
The Phlliptlhurg wa"tr e.Ilnpany have
imelved theiripei., which will be laid iro
inde tely,. and water it eanlx'tld to be in
here inidde of two weeks.
A telegrph linte heIýiar built i.y time
Caosbinatioa Mining and Millin ('unOl~
frelan Phlltbarto ime Black Pinle l i'
..1 rand wslll be ~ell.opleted In anbout two
weeks. It will he conneetatl to the. Horx.ky
Mountain Telegraph Coasllxny'a :ine.
lB. Montana Lumber & Produce conm
gPY are now reeeivng large consign
oa4s d Iebigh, stove and nut, Colorado.
-athrbelte and Rock Sprhng coalJ el.ter l
u for anmily use, which they are
picsto furn is to CsousUaer at Ihat
garinLes, in mumil lot or byr tlLc.ar
Mlivar & Co. want arua Immnediatrly
to do aslroad rdadi wort[ as Anaconda.
Wags.. drilUls,4s U. mand shoveler., Uk A
dv. Apply atnap qnear Fire Clay
tiak ý C t~islý le Bas c ents
om*r I oI"rIl'g Ot I omr tG
M mew t ,e e
A mpgoe M m .d S Neig, t S. Al
Op..a arms - Y9.*. WAe Arr
- N Wa nee tS M the
WbM YSR.h.
Every seat ia Ev.aus opeam Ibee sm nas
-SU- last might. The Aaounda Demso
ratle club was out Is fu.l forae, and a
large delegatkion ien ('arroll oerepkld a
osnspkuous place in the audkencl . Me o
bere of the clubs wore badges, mad the
open spanes in tes atible about t1h eni
treane were crowded with people eager to
hear what the speakers might have to may
mad see bow the denmurrats of Anaconda
tursed out.
The mestling was called to arler by J.
. Dou.gaerty, peesldellt A the Assacwnda
Democratic club. Mussl was fuarnslwdh
hy the Anaconda drumu e"urm aid the Wa
son glee club of this city. First of the
speakers of the evening was J. H. iar
man, of thisclity, who was received with
cordial applause when be took his plat beJ .
fore the imense audmience. M. r. Boaea
began his remarks with a everme arraign
nuent of repubtlicans for their action we
garding the silver que.stion. 'larging onl
a republlcan aduinislatrtioes thea resulti
followingr the dkena.aetisatiol of tl". mnwtal.
Mr. Boarnian lshowed that, in spite of tieh
veto of President Hayes, democrats or
daerd that at least AOUUOI, per nmoeth ila
silver shoukl he coined, that the limit e..
ce"ked that sun whitk ('kLvelanul was ill
o.ice, sald sthat since. Prlwdeint Har
neol caine inlto power., and in di
mect violation of law, the niwwnth
ly colnage bad fallen to I$,nmIO,UU.
Mr. Boarman exposed the attitutk* of
repuhlkcans at Washington toward the
question of the admullssio of Monltana,
reciting the fact that when an enabling
hill was proposed, two yeaes ago it was
killed hb report of the senate conmittee.
of which President Harrison wag then
chairman. The republican cry ao pr i.is
tioue and the conduct of Andrew Carnage
and other leamding republicans was el.
qusently presented. Hon. R. B. lnith was
the.eltd iut ued. His remarks awakened
the greatest enthuslasm in the vast aud
e.ce. Mr. Nmith started out with a refer
ence. to the. acrton of the first republi
cale legislature of Montana, whose mnen
hers pomeptly arranged for pay at the rate
of $12 a day, and he followed the selfish
career of the party fromm that date to the
present. His address presented a nar
terly review of the unfairness of the pres
ent registry law and Included scathinmg
criticksms on the relations of the Harrilson
adInilsltratiol to the question of
civil service reform. The effets of
Coligresynme Carter to poItpolne the
question of the admisslak.us of Montana
until republicans caine into power w.r-"
oloquently sketrBelw amid the Irilliallt sar
vices rendered by Took" anid Maglmlnlmis
were reviewed withl ilmpressive words.
The mneetilng was a .ut"c.·*s fIroml Iltrt to
last. It was .*haract'rtrid by a spirlt of
arll.estnes.a an llll nti.aulann. It Is tl.e in
tention of the Ana.~u.ula clhub to hold
nweetings ol Saturlday nllllt of e.i. wieek.
Eloqumlllt speakers will lre. hsirdl at ea.t-a
n.Letin lg.
J. it Lmw.e Masd. th*e Itrlplret of a Preu
eNt Ifrom .1 Auw.*item.s
Early in tlhe w+.cent year, thlw drletuor
of thw Anas..aHha Ru.atina nass~ulatkn ae eYtt
ead J. B. LeamMt of tlls city to tlN oflik*c of
pritrklent. ()n that olliccr thI rae1xtn* i-.
Iaility for the msagflr·.nentit of the aIsimar -
tlion largely jests. Mr. lumer accepted the
ollice with all tie alnnoyancerl ad c re In.n
c€kkitt to its duties. For anaty weeks* .h
gave almost cons)tanlt -erional attelntion
to the grIoulads of the anssoriatione, diriwt
ing the. iuproveanents which have isasok"
it the finest groIund In the anorthwest, anlH
supervising all the preparation. for the
August meeting which was rwonounsed
the most rureetsiul ever hekl i a th terri
tory. Mr. L..,e showed himself th(r
ohly familiar with him duties ald the
directors were placed under a dekht of olb
Ilgation to himn for his unstellish servle.
In rec..lpltioh of this fact tmhee gentle
mne latel orderedl, through Joseph Kopy
let of this city, a superb stop watch, which
was inforlully hadHtd last evenling to
Mr. Loser. Tile watch in a llaglifilrellt
pie.e of worknanlllaip ill heavy ceases of
gokl. with hands over the face tlhat regis
ter sceiids ansld fifths of wseconl, two of
tiense hreing no arranged as to riýistier
illle for auch qusartaer or a mile nallle oli
the track. TI.wr watch in a Jurgerllaess
swilem moveuelnt. Every resikntll of Anla
coldad is ilk'hted to Mr. LAler for his
eclL.k.iet e.lrvk( re.lls rdel l In nmakinl this
year's meeting a sueca-sl and all will joist
ils conrratulating him on tle gra.el.all
r[eogitkll InwIk. ly his aI-so.Cat.'s in t.e
lNosrs of dir ctors.
Rlim nut t. old.
Ring In MIe N4w.
J... Ir m ('Em.
U. 2. KemrIn.y MerrrCatUle C·.
We. the nmembtrs of this tfine f I). J.
Hennaessy & (o.. wimul to return our sin
('(1O tlanaiks to the thoumwnan of frietada.
and luatItr ai who have son gesnerously otosa
trihutted to our muecawa sinme we lueama
To th.ir friendshlr* ip atdl arnuilsut.l we
are niunth inskatMr for our ,uovee u as to
our iadivkldanl eratrts.
We- tatrnletIy mask that ti.- sale kind
)Nrtrwu)sW atnay Ise extiiiuatii to tiite na.*w
-o leas~upan with which Emwe are asvssx*iatal.
V't will now I. iIn as Iaiter jIsitisii thait.
ever to nsa~at the waimits andl wishes~ itt etmar
imastohuim,,u and hIags- tov me all our old mata
tmany Suet' (~ustt~utnes at thea old1 statiti.
He~sixaetfulby. J0o. I'E lre .
I). J. hIl-:NNI:sv.
E. J. N1iwmKaauoi.
NWW tpturiug LL..o.Ss
IGunm.. and~ avuniiiujtsithma Lt the. Atiiuuamdaa1
Hulnlwarn (*,'m .
I 4)~ IMI4- slai Itst Anuc-ontnL IHunluwaa
I Gun,. arid r-ift.., at Anuc-u'.mdi HUardwar.
(;un,. fr n'mat art Aaa~r&e~,mda. Ilirmiwan.
('otul)Ic-tc- lint- of c-urtridgc-w c at AnuH·()t
da Hrlwar. ('o'w.
ISae D). J. Hlemne..ay Men'tmttiI. (ou.'.
(IrU g.I. lcl5 anl 1)1m,51)-5 at 45 ,,cmmt..
1p.Srla Arnimusemra.nt.
To houMek~elgNrs4 anid fuuishrlena of
Laureu. U). P. iennIPIIIIy MerV"luutite ('Co..
smccoauOwr to J. P. Peters, Imve Ijut n
eiv.ed their new full stock of cahpets In
aull the latest patterns'. Mochas. Velvets.
fhuuuels. Tapestry BrusaeIa. Ingrains,
etc. The fanet assoretment in the city.
Special fure. to parties furnishimag
rlguse shoew ths £m Was T. .
dsee Iuameueers
' d the tererou ise"tut i Si..s lave
Aesd aoe ehs year The Suee
who temuet the p-onid of BOlN have set
shown she iwer. wItshe linImt et this
eity aed the swed el l ames b I S. ils ase
ms eatmesded ease. WiNMs lutes me.ths
the elty wate .Ber a uhas hemls isrduessee
while Ia large sumeb.r i.s ie s the
tdsine.s parties e' Amemisd., -nut.b
ttolesa of electrie light or eeal EE has
man rallay redlsd the Sm. risk.
It would pay evr owyaer a.t nol ate
In AnaOea to stead the ASgee on page
1 ofd the annual eport of the Aditoru ansd
Treasurer of Montana. for the edal year
ofd I. That page pausente Ia easrea.ent
mummary the Moatana usImlnes of the S.e
Inbassum e ompaaies for the twelve
months in questiom. The report shows
that rty-fow er npom sales are dolig husi
ness In the territory. Of thes eaompanies,
an qrmanlsak havilsg hone esI fi'e In
Fn o wese podleles Ia the sum
of etmeme.mO while a khal camp.ry is
northern New York Ii lowest an the list
with Ms1OO.OO.
It will Interest everyownead rel prop.
erty in Anaconda to read a sunmnary of
tlh years Insurance business in the terri
tory. The flgures show that the total
amount written was $11,.4T7,.l. The
nsums on the samne were SAaKi.9.
a hd al the eupaaal doing
business Int the teritory wwere *113.
The ratio of losses to premlnum was u.87.
These figures show that rates am too
high in Montana. The profltssurpass the
porwiilities even of te cpper produ
ýl at syndicate prices. (ur people pay
soo much. They pay far in exe. 4' rates
exacted nl other sections of the co.satry
where the risk is as great or greater than
it is il the average city or town ni Mon
tansa and this declaration I. emphatically
true of Anaconda.
There I. not a town, east or west, wherr
the protection against fire is more ample
than in this city. Money has been spent
lherally in providingkl Anaconda with the
aplawese with which to fight ire. b
private enterprie, the city ha cont
manad a water service which is alwarys Isa
order and which can hfrnish water in
aiundanme in cane of the severest confla
gration. This service has coast its builers
a veray large sum of ony nd, in turn,
the corporation pays li erall Ifor the fite
hydrants distributed within the city limits.
Yet the Insurance rates exacted here are
as high as the were before any water ser
vice was provkded.
The wodser is that property owners in
this city mubenit to the rates that are de
manded. If the water service is of no ac
count as a factor iun reduing Insurance
charges, It ought tob e ut oaR as an unnec
essary expense. If it is of any account,
the tax-payinlg pblic, ought to get the bess
efit by a reduction In insurance rates, and
this certainly can he brought about it men
who carry Insurance will sils make
their denmand al insist on it. y makieng
cunnon sense in this business, Anaconda
comkl set a reduction of ?D per cent. In the
cost of innurance. Of course, the coanpa
nkie will exact from the town all they can
get, in.t it Iu also certain that, rather than
give uap their hbusiness her, tlhey will he
glad to accept what the city ought hi jis
tice ansd fairness to pay.
Mis. Evans. datughter of Morgan Evans,
left yewtrdluay to attenid schweld at Deer
H. HI. Pa:on will reach lrnanee this
.ilorn.iiin aftIer a trip to Salt Lke..
Williaml Hesi.l we.nt to Salt lak.e last
evrvalinIr to nre* his father whin is dlllger
atisly ill.
S. I. Blrildg will Ipmaihly visit Europe
Inbfore his rerturnl to Alaeolndsa.
1). R. I.eck of Anaionda alnd his dautla
ter, Mrs. Gray of ('licago. wlo lrhas beent
stayiltn at Tla" Montalnai for the last sin
*.tek..s will visit n brother of Mr. Rleck in
Butte Iantil ixt Fridlay. O(n thiat day Mrs.
Gray will start for I·r hoIlme, well ºIle*ased
with Alnaconla and its lp1ople.. Oin the
way s.i. will stop in St. Palul for a week.
Frank Dl)rand and wife of Granite are
registerntl at The Montana.
C. J. Shaw. of tlhe Montana clerical
f-ore,. went to Butte last evenilng.
J. B. Wetlhlerll of Sioux City. ln.. and
W. B. Steven... of St. Louis. Mo., are rteis
tere.l at The Montana.
GreelI Majors of Butte passed throune
the city yesterday on his way to visit thae
Red Lion muine, in which property he is
Judge E. B. Waterbury has been con
tineal to his bed for 10 ays. r easomm of
a s veere attack of rheumatianl.
('halrls A. Mac'rollrnmn left forChaimplon
ye terday to assulne charge of Mac(ollum
S('loutler's branch store at that point.
F. M. Lenaral and wife of Butte are
visitilng in the city at present.
Hon. Peter Breen of Wickes was in the
c:lty yesterday.
D. J. Hennessll who has hlte a residknt
of ('halmpioln for thl. paNt two nmonths,
aine lin yesterlhay to visit friends.
A. C. Malu4ollumn retlrlIed yesterday
runs a thlree lays' hlusinlws trip to ('lam
W. H. Diaviston of McCu.l's ('amp
f~rrlac hl rge yweterday from Salt Laike.
whsither he hl~u lw.en vitsiting for a week.
J. F. Lansing. who hlas been rusltk.ting
at Me<u.nlle's oVarI (aasnp for several days.
was ilt. tI city last e'velnin. He hlua ac
ceputed a positionl with the Flunlilng woln*
Ja~nws Shields of Elliston is In town.
Mr. "Ed." Pinlney of Great Falls, a
iwlatllar Moiltanal (.lltral colnildtetor. isl in
ther city accompanlied by his wife.
Mr. D. C. Porter returned hone last
eventingi after an albsence of several
mo4it lml1 inl Northera Montana.
M. 13. Brownliee of Butte iI in the city.
Advertlud Ler &I.
Letters remuaililnag unclalatued in Ana
'nhtaak Iwnatnhtlc4. for the week eaditng
Sept. 7. IM1!:
Aln45r..ufl. Anst-w' K.-nek. A. 5'.
Amalthrena. NI.I' I*,aga. l'. 1).
Ilntwi &,u , M.rax. 14. M. Me"Anl.) Ihmlta aaa
Ilnowia. r.ol M.aV.. y. Win.
Iberia-ti. Frank .t.than·l.I 4hau.
4 rueaS~ ,, Tomn Mo K lher. ilma.w
l yr Salr. C. L. .trr'auutn. F'rnk A.
l.ntx Frank l rItr ..n. .Iaameal 1".;
1)zt8l.. .1. F. 4 bIxxaIH. l: .tII,. 22
I lao~tian~s. F rhllela 4 l bnai .47. 4 ;.-.r~
m:nns..r, Thanm aao lito-tq.lo.4u V.
:.p.a. r. 51.434W P inni k. ý3m*l. "
Ioltaa xU. A.~ en ttuhluLao. Mims. I..
4na~rtuasan. htIa. Itoly. hernry"
grsant, l.a.g. ti. It rarrs,, fi.tiiry"
4.as.*r. W. Stile t'4.imaf.,rt. F . I..
eivrttuwenl'. A swat. lli~ne.
4iUSIIoUn. Er.k .4. 54wz, Ilan4
I 11111t r, .I:t.lmle 1a~muu eet).".t~1
KC.joArlder. WAm. Wikwaun, Iraml.e
WArap. Thomas
In *allinltl for thii'i Ietters the appjlicant
nmus.t .Ball for ustevrtaltd lt.*ters antd give
htit.' of t~his4 lis. 4lajle cent will Ie mol
lertetai fur eacih letter. If not V4111tl for
within twao w44'kta they will hue sent to the
deasal letter oflh'. B. V. MAR AN. P. M.
I3mportat to Ciagr Der.)..
If you want to suit your custoners in
--i.ia., et ti.mn mnsade to older at D.
k ir tet at cMener lst and,
Oa~k Stee. An~aco.nd'a, 'M"ont.
Tho COO of Ioua OWN~ 111 a
Ainmosei. llpes~mm Aumms Oo Xow
Meiue!.-M~mwabls esu PS
eseews-amwu~esmmee Par 8
ing fte V~s.
Upse.i (uaelrts.pauer t te mLmiNml.
Dams Loasa, Sept T.--Te (ollee of
Moanta opesmned o Tba .durdy with large
atteadance. Every membher a the fa.Wty
was pwesent except PrueNamea Notestlai
who lbes een delayed by IlnMes inL Ohio
where be spent the varation. He hban ines
arrived. lEve.r departmlent Is better equip.
ped and tie aeeerammodatloms ame aOe
cusomplete than ever before. The forner
tueadts arse delighted to see MiL- Calvin
back In her old place, amnocated with Me.
McMilan, in charge of the departament
of mauie. Mr. ansd Mrs G.. G. Berkwlth,
who have been so widely and favorably
known in comsaneetoe with the Metrors
eatilg horn, are ina charge of the boarding
partsamesnt, whih fact I, a muthelent gu.a_
ante of an. excellent and bountiful table
anid sdkeulid mrvice.
Dur the vacation several bmndred dol
lamr worth at boeus were aduled to tue li
brary, among which the npcyclopedia
Britanica ftsu Honorable Jano. A. Witaluw
L. L. ., o1 Po.. mkee poe. N. V. occupier
a proineait pies. A beatiful m.uual
tablet as been placed in the emrrkdor of
Trask Hall by Mr. A. K. 'rncott, of Hiel
ena, in haonor of Mr. Alanson Tr.
Bm , N. Y. for hi part in
tise conlege. Hil gifts sanount to anoun
it cauipus ba been graded, and
traated to a coat of sll n preparation for
nedig in gramss aid planting in slhrub.
bery al trees n uext spring. Yo .thin pu.
pl a friend of the college p . s recently
givern 91ua.
With buildingl ample and ndern,
lahoratories,.,Ibra l apparatus aid Inn
struents of all lnds new amnd cor
piete, ive separate and distlinct apart
menta of instruction, with meveral di
ferent courses of study in each, and a
tfaculty of thirteen profensrs aid teach
ers, the peers of[ any in the lmid, it In not
woanderul that the Colee of Moantana
bas had a wonderful growth in patronage,
which premuse. to be exceeded . i tan
preeut year.
Thet coleg is now six years okl, and In
no year of its history has its growth been
lues than twenty-tive per cent. Umon the
previous y'ear. This year the inceseme
promises to be even greater.
With an excellent system of steam
heatingu perfect provislon for ventilation
and psial exercise, complete and cons
forl furnishings of the dormitories,
abundant service of the purest water,
nothing seems to be wanting to insure the
health and comfort of the students. The
general atmosphere of cheerfulnless
tlroughout the bulklings and upon the
campus speaks volumes for the nmanage
Amongs the new mnembers of the faculty
are Prof. M. 0. Heed, princial of the
academic deipartmnlet, Min Eva -Wood
folk in the art department, asnd Mrs.
tk.ckwith. matron. It is stated that tihe
chair of Latinl and Greek nmade vacant by
Prof. Braatlcy's resignation, will b1 tilled
itLmd.iately by a first Ihosor mais froen
Harvard Usniversity.
Among the new students are Mr. David
W'alker of Anacolnda used Mr. Iairnky,.
w.in) nter the choolu of uineal , Miss Ma
lwi and Mr. uhear .duall.ul of Virginia
City, Mr. AulIr.¥ and Miss Lottie Blair
anti Miss May Ma. .tliledn.d of Atn.aumla,
Miss Bele ('cttiu of tSevensville Miss
Tlh~aulson of Missoula, Miss Nellie Larson
of Helelna, Miss Gcrtrurk. Martin of Gre.at
Fallls, Mis Iluse Bhlake of White Hull,
Messrs. Wir,. W\icks and (torg. Wanner
of Boulder Misses Edith and Mabel tEarle
of Willis, Miis Be1rtha Wells of Glendale.
Mr. uis (kkdell of Misounla. Messrs. Al
Snll Bowie anld Oscar Kroger sald olbert
IAndaley of Philipsdurg, Mr. Louis Lhlsoin
of Beartown. Mr. Charles Horton of Ston-e
Station, Mr. Edwnard Maples of Miles C(it,
Miss (sia Juslyln of Illinois, and former
students too numanerous to mnentl..l, have
ireturne.l frtml their vaeatki.n.
"" ell lIead f Useart tluewe.
to the Ntndadru.
K Loixi, Scpentibrer 7. - Samuel
i.ofi Humholt county, California,
dead of heart disease In Van Gundy &
Miller'ssaloon. late this afternoon. He
had been uaiting Wlliam Brent. of Pia
never. hs son-in-law, said came to Die
Lodge to take th train for his hone. The
funeral aill take plaee to-morro after
noon fromn the PregtutorIan church.
Itray Item. (IaShmr d by t*he MeUadt.-"
Lively ('orrespeaomtet.
$tlcial ('tworrespoder of the tl.andall.
D)r.R Lonut., Sept. 7.--Hon. David M.
Durfee, candidate for district judge, is inl
town shaking hands with his frietls.
Thonmas MeTague, candklate for assessUor,
is also in town.
David M. Dunklcburg and Robert M.
Furgulton. two of the substantial .ititaens
of New Chbiago, were in towrl today prov
ing up the will of William Meadows. The
tnrst wa a ppointed executor.
The hoard of county cornamtasionlers will
meet SeptembLer 16 tocomplete unflnisrhed
butainesa and to make furthlr preparation
for the election under the s.callled Aus
tralian law.
Miss Maggie Wolfe. superintendent of
c( mm.,n selI.ools, has gone to to the northern
part of the county, called there by the
duties of her offite. If the argument used
br the repubhlican oflials, that they have
been turned out of olfice. is to have any
weight in this canvas., it in well for voters
to retembler that Mhi. WVolfe ha. alhb
been legishlated out of ofllee, and in aukli
tionr ihas Irel one of the rnut courteous.
faithful and illustrious otlhieals that IkDer
ldlge county hIa ever lual. A more
pleah"lslnt tamtl e~ucnltel t perason could niot
IIUl the ofu t.
J. H. J3atrurnt of Anaconda will ad
drtew* the dleart.ratic club of Ieer Lodge
next Tueewlliy evenintilg.
J. T. Quigley . antlldate for he,.riffl, has.
just returlnl f)ronl the aorthllrnl )rt of
the caunt?, wlwre It l huta h.euln in to.ln
ially with TihonmatI Me'Tague ltwatiu the
brl.h, land he ree.owrts all lovely tumll the
uoawu inl ct hlevat;lel mitiorl.
Vcrlkuu men. (ouur(t I)Cslalmoaal.
Kj1eneLaI I1 t,. IStniatlarsl.
HELI:YA. Supt. :. -Tle- demtuxieriat of
YZ elowahtuk* ("t)Iiit) IIIh"t ill (uitrla'("titIjI to
day at tlw (ttart tleoanI at BUilling%. L. P.
Willltuni waIM ti&(te ?(l ch'ainnkan amid H. A.
Frith and Rlobert Mailtl rnnJr.1.aeerateark..
The following ticket wasr unamntamated: For
atatoKr. W. B. Teen yiek; rpa'rnewmatalive.
L. P. Williston: ahaerifT. Janme A. ('Chueh:
cl(erk and worker. Jolhn H. Wilan ;
treasurer. H. (Ihiazia; clerk of th-e district
court. George M.. Hart-i aawaiw J. J.
Walk; county attorney,, Giboni A. Lane:
coroner, George A. I newer; surveyor
Frank L. Mann; superiatendent
inboola, Mrs. Hamupton: count) ceaaimi
sion r, H. W. Rowley, A. . Lamete and
S. W. Porter. Three hundred rooft
hMvts vmIrur d In *1.. liIinmm ,.n..t.i."t.
D.J.Helm ssyl ercantile Co
([Suooeeosrs o Joe. Ptrs Co.)
Invite the public to laspoct their large Fall Stock of
* 3EL.. MTS. ETC.. ETC.. @
Embracing every Novelty in this line.
N9 Jlouse FurnishiRgs
Is the best in the city and Prices the Lowest.
In all the Latest Designs. Prices to suit everybody.
Clothing and Gents' Furnishings, Etc.,
At the Lowest Prices. We invite inspection of goods and
comparison of prices.
Mail orlkern receive prompt attention. Expreim pail on all gxols.
Mercantile Co.
Special Bargains for
This Week.
Silk Plush, i6 and 18 in.
wide at 5oc per yard, worth
9oc and $1. 24 in. extra
goods at $i per yard, well
worth $1.50.
Black Faile Silk at 75c,
for this week only. Cored
Faile at 95c per yard.
Black Rhadame Silk for
87?c per yard. This silk
is actually worth $I.50. We
cannot replace the same
silk for $1.20.
Surah Silk in all the new
evening shades at 49c per
New line of Cored Sateens
at 5oc per yard.
Direct from Paris. All
wool Tricot, 4o inches wide
at 5oc.
All wool Ladies' Cloth,
4o inches wide (a nice line
of shades) at 5oc per yard.
Fine all wool imported
Ladies' Cloth, 54 in. wide,
at 75c per yard.
aVool Surah in all the
newest fall shades, 4o in.
wide, at 5oc per yard.
New goods arriving daily
in every department.
Anmeoauda. Moanma.
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
Dealer in
An Grades of
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Op
tical Goods, Silverware, Eto.
If you Want
the best NeWs
paper in the State
of Montana, subscribe for
® The Standard *
Its rates are ten dollars
a year, three dol
lars a quarter, or
$1 a month.
Water Company
Is in the new
Standard Building,
Iltnan No. 1. econmd Fwtw, (.wner of Main and
Third street.
1). F. IIALI.AIIAN, Seeretary.
ANAt .urA . .ept. 1, I9&e.
Trante~ut ftock C(aretuly Cared for.
First-Class Turnouts and Mod
erate Charges.
ria mte Ka ofL Main. Ana.m.a. a-... --

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