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The Anaconda standard. [volume] (Anaconda, Mont.) 1889-1970, September 13, 1889, Morning, Image 1

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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mimim·0 DwmNT.r
PWW rl - - Auww mmrw- (a
V. L. ST. JEAN, A.M. M.D.. C.M.
inml.m - umi M we. .Wrt. *.J..m 20img.
4mbm M Vim W.. Is m JmK modws
oM.aUs MI. WA. M..i.sMmiisIr.M.
rivrl Mtee. - - 41..d , Isc
J. R. [email protected]
Amammim - - - ý.Ywa.
?. rWLI , Attansg and CMu "W at Law.
Vraethrna In an1i tht Mate mind (Cmihed Mattes
auaria. o.UMltlaon tau . rlr
rtciam gu to MImin i6y 1 n MW iun
Law. fk wl kJAM& " IAW" and lusurs~et . t cup
rely irrted kl anal (ids (fl'ikE4&4. 4)kw nwuN
3 mwl 4 /tle Blink .arna*tr of First and task
uirotti. Aaaondas. MYau,4
oger.. First Siaw itatiwn Main awnl 4 lnk,
Amamim. Montana.
by a new proewa. AU .laa.'s of Ileuntil Work
auinrai in Stet clas. asanner. Ar~ltlfcal
Teeth Withanat Ilne..
.*R. P. fROWrSN*
Atiawne al t w.
0lkw in Barre" & Jaaakyms Iork. Maimn 'drree.
Anarnaa s. Montana.
ANAdINWbA -M-'.% A*.
t ke In Barrett a( 4a."k) IiI..k. )tewt~daueiu aim
$roud straet wesa. u.entalalt Montana Hotel.
caLM uonauttIly attended I. . siralduata al Vt.
U.Wsledical l'ollttc.
79 XC4 N DX I 4Q5E ITXL.
%Nrxi to )I.. sa, )1h4.Il
bk. R. C. BOWDEN.
A!IAý`"%A - - a OlfT%
A13 sdsr'euta k" wSIM itw at u[ cosihI
krraji l1Rsts r rt. at wanu ~~
Anaoonda Real Estate Agency.
Mining ft ci.C ,r t.4W aund Cnm'.runuee
4'. ('AREAI IN.
13w Am tBrands of 1.1 stws aud ('Warr in t3 w
Thu au flock. Corner dJdar amal Fir4 11nS.4.
E bsr, Damitt B 3ratt,
Wholesale and Retail Butchers.
ram ly Iapp le a Kelailt) .
AU fdrdm I$ vlered Fre of (tharagr.
"bop am FPir nstra - ANa..P 91.4
4- -. T. ONrnrHIM fit
Inqrorter and Ih.a.'lr in
F Tine Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
ALan 3W05Wrle~r at tlw rAIK.l~' 84AMII.I.
KOO Ns, the aurof, ltiab itour. in 13 w a.)I..
First stroct. near Main. Anaunwda. aunt.
.vM. MR-RTINt.
rufNote wr..1;L 14
is C, L eas the c lous
s Wet Park It. . V. H. nsAw, Progrk4ur.
Anuarid - MouYtama
The * Morris • Cousins,
AU wora promnply d md a petfelr It guar
rtios'La ItShamne',teL as. Tak. tile VArm
Paway a. Main trt of Phot
Has ther FlesCt
Fancy Cakes, Candies and
Ice Cream
MWaloo 1Mt1 rtm, WkLn. Mm.s.
M lbsalhuua m ipr u
now h. Chsmpu W.." *"upm h.
TuN. Ab.S Me. .
-rI ? mw'-".~
Naw Yome, apt. IL-loin. L. Sullivsa
wa asked tnhayr hreamsmarne e drela ed
hlesmelf a aesiattk few maureens, it he
wemM astate hikss and poliky.
"What will be your policy greameug Utr
presmat rare trtbleaM in the outh ?"
"W'he it Cainme to loglln' won at
nilgh. wletheorthey ae white or bhle*k
I'm amgls it, se.? I'd like to go down there
on a committe. I'd stop all awrl fotal
work. I will not go into the lag with a
negro, bnut br Jupiter. I weakddh't stand
hr ad see another white aman lick hins
without weanon! No. air! It apsaes to
nm that the . ere Ia at Imen len the
*"Whhat aie youer views one tlh Samnoass
questios ?"
"Ble1eed If I ran nee what halnmes we
wad brekg lat Io that ris. A quiet little
mill wasn going on between two coloredl
rentlesa one the Island in the Palrlkc.
EaIsh chap tlaoeglst Ihe w a letter ruo
than the frllow In the other eaareer.
Well. we* took a h1an, Jast as tihe and.
nke s up the fight Ietworn .leenan and
Sayers.. What Iusinmes.s had we to get
over those sremY? N.ne. WhaIt was
tan4a.s to ,,as? 'hy. we' dkl not cves glet
our guasso treen there. It ia iso goa to
anw that Gesrnuany aid Pot any right there,
either. I tell you we* wen deall wrmsal."
"The treaty?"
t4 )hS tilt'. all rightl the SMs"uate. will at
itend to it."
"Do yeru favor tile reyal of thel nllter
state* eOeeaanler ct'."
"It was pe ed to ti. o the' show Ibhu
nuss. asd to keep ever d enept amess
lwres of oelagrels frsen getting railllad
Iasme. It tken't trially afeatt nay
ereellt jNP.te'minuai, so pressinme I I5esiskl
favor Itm contluilsaslee. It srPesw as a i.ere
of check upoln lllasouplies. ande nIut; .he a
good thlng. tlhough haully antan.aged.
"WIill yau adlver:ate the ,salnstenanaclls, of
free on01 on the Mexixleas frlstier'*"' w:as
"Yc.u het yosr we.et life. Therel*s tls
pleu for geqFtlelnwlnl to llseet sand settle. all
ql'wMtk)nl )ad ofleuprioerity. rIl abolish dluel
ing: it's no 1gad. Bait a flees .lls.*s differ
eait. Not a l.ne* Ielt like the' loncern wey
Pall tls° ehaluuntlmlahip h.IFt. I wosklesa t
have! that. IseP." The MLextlral. take ia
wine view of pealill.'n."
WAmhewrrow, .Sept. I1.-. +tne. Imtaesmt
lstllnoerat, wihos are In W'aasbia.tesa say
that the asn.euanmeel eandkl.ey er cnt
graof I Johbs L. utllivad aIlu 1prove a
hagl .g uatter. Ieaullivs _ ocaS
7.tJaO ased I. coetamr lled h Ir.i
Those who know t. dllstrct well f
Sullivan would onily keep sober. emaea"
the iiisasriljmi a.eniteantiary and caitivate
loltearity, r nmiltght apture stle unaenina
tion nest year. The novelty of having
the .hauplaon priae-lighter of tihe workl
o cuping a reat in the hoarn wouki esn
douhteedly give a met to tlhe asspaiigni amnd
an advantage! to the lhaanplon.
X ere is the time ha .pimler".
('m.Lst N3M S-ato A. aum tt.
IlI UANAPOLi, Sept. 12.-TIN" nmatloual
auaalation of eeunml Ra ptats I~Egau
their ananual meeloa Bn this cuity to-day.
Aborut .lnn hlatwlnIl ek~ytA~ut were· jmnea
cut. reprrwimtiuig ulnwewt every state. in
the riaion. Seve*rul tk4llguteI whBile ait
their way hero were asautlal at a. sumall
station in Bteorgia. They aplwpanaarw twfnru
tlwe meeting anid exhibited tiwir iajuariema.
aitd Rev. F. K. Lunt- of Stviaunaumb gave. g a
graplhle 4"r"14at of the aessaint. wlhich
stirrtd the telrlegatc to is high itch of
cxeIteuiieeit. Many ex jwtiiawd t wn v.r
as heiu.t tax favor of ma Bimnag tlhir waeth- 1
ern brethlren to arm thrcnaalverss nantd rneist
fuart her attack. Resolntioe were. atdopted
utating it to he the clutr of the. econmf~eca .
tios to raise it' vejiee.. t unimetnijwoniislaa
termis. againsmet thee.- outrage's. suad that the.
gr euvanee he. laid before the pme wscklemt
aund governorsa of all s'tuteYa whnerte.( w'.
outrages iwre inerisetnateel amn l auek fer the. I
prtontioaa that belong" to citiuena aof tlhe
a tlrte States', that the facrts std la.titlaara
Be* telegraphed now to the preidkkent anld
attonhcy general with a r*wh fsr ismamaae.
haute inivestilgatio. A conaunittee will lx.
appoiantrel to wait apon the" pnraekklrat.
The du asutig l liday was given p to a (inu.+
siota of thme uuaanlt and nanuuny advie.ml &a
reuwt to arnus.
I ..r' rn yUU fJiHlvr yEDN r1Dw#u fr..i..
armag at Kansas ('I*t.
K.xnsAr (tary. ept. 12.--The. inlamaaral
meating of the exposltion driving lark as
uociatkmn opene' to-day. The track. is
half mile. Ie conudkere'd fast for B *Iew
omw. The weather war unj le'auamt. The.
attendance wars 2O(O. The track wa N
elow owing to ted laeavy rans of thle laust
In the. 2:414 4w.'. trottin p.r.'e. *Imij,
guarante'ed. dlvkkI. Dkk tSnnltla flrst. Ac.
nie D. ar'coad. Inn. tlirdl: thue. 2::43f
In the 2:."i chu. IwilIg. jiut, V;tj
IWondiu first, Joist B. .motudI, St. John
thirdt. Reel Rover fourth ¢1he.rnt time'. 7:R.
The speeial rare' for Wyandott. lwrse'
I. the 2:40 ctas warn put over mstil to
nmorow on cou'bnt of darkness after
thatue Iwat head IbeeI trotted.e
T..faseay . notl tm...a
%mw Y Am. [email protected] iL--TIM fnlUiw ing
game. were pustpouzed to-day on £w'w*afmt
of raim: (lihcego at New York, Pittuhnrg
at Washfintonm. IJndhuaauollas at PIlldk I
pbia. lee irvllH Brooklyn. St. Lauis' at
Phlarelpbb, anusa city at Baltimore.
At Densa-F-rat gams: Hastn .3,
(levelaud S. M.tiuud anms: Boston A.
(lovelanrd A
At (:cdwusm -Coltminnl 12, ('Einainaatl
1; caled at the end of the seventh lmtdom
on account of darkness.
Pwok of a Wblrtwla.
Y IcloUIA. B. (. Kept. 12. -A whirl
wind at Laalu Inland, B. C.. Tuaelay. tk
vastated the whole tcoutra throngla whbkl
It parued. upa oting ntic trews and
leaving the thickly surface as tame
ama hoard. As faras cra he nsc . rtalawd
no lives were last though everai b ouom
wcip tuem dmn
w A or lemaa w.inP.pa
ALBAYT. e Mpt. 12.-Tbe rce. tn-caay
wr."n postponwd on a.'cohnt of rain.
TYvtag Vim.. r. Pwi at tba s adwl
MGM C.eWasum.
PA st, lieli. 12--(olldtmin Lamn ibm
Vmehw ·b ro.vemum being abr to bhold N
own ag'a Do Bomwfimag a fOetalgl bhenc
is ast -sm pr wumm.ed just now a. I was ten
dar. ago. The pallifrina who.. 3udmW
mmit and .utneu of doematban are swop
, mM. bl ac- bselg ig toe brhdge ln
trir . mlmat. They mo loa gmr tied mm
murve that Deulankmmulm k" wiped ant. Them
has been an muIr atd umfommatr qeemel
bride the Pemcb eahinrt brtwom-n tbh
prouder. M. Tteeumi amndl r nim tlner of
ibm Immeliar. M. ("euetans, wbkb vastly en
aemgmyr.eIhe eneemmk'u of bmo republic. M.
ConAmusta bar isiried nest to .gwalniam. the
wbole hmememsm civil .ewrvkin of Frawri
for the oi~rtal camlmimutss, and hao w m.
scipklrw whatrrrr about gagging aumi jmm
alyslmg the oppassltisal fo almy Mml 44iI
mieass. Ikm hIm power. As the crowning rup.
stoner to bias aymatqm of uMmaslimmg tbi. priests.
editing the list of oppusitionm nouuinegs.
and utilising the stim' overnmsnmme.t vama
e"hinmey both hefom. andeafter the. halkots
hadm hrn cast, le annmmoued that Bou
Dlanger arwl Rorbshefori ckl ini b." samli
datets aimd thaet net votes for them weumls hr
.monadrl aid all their I.lareda' woumal 1w"
torn dnwtwu hb thin. poll. Upon this thanm
was u at howl missd nus to tIme krgselity
of tmwls a' mere .. Thim/s fMrghmteumed
Timumd. who w tet time' st 1iot 6411 BI S rhrdl l
misan. He hIed a nmamlwvr of sti mC.Y eif ies
witl RE. Vomuntzns samasI witl Perry amnd
otlhss. whmoum te -milnister of thbm inmieriom
.siu1uma vieimd asitib fasnsu tiimir v(Ss:mtjsu is
seapport hiimm. aimi tIhes ilwes has Is-.mq
dluet the miasrem. h.wu Ismim withslnuwue mIltu
liLntlnas.er aiul IltswhsMfst will he maimdi
slideets's 641 Mi.,ne umartmm' and lBli~levihll s. 34.
('smestusas loos tmmss'ri'al 11ii rm'slgattua.
huut thms.' far hE. l'aran.t bas Ises.1a "0le4 tab
k.s'p himi frogs imslessiwlsa ws its a.me.e.pttssmcr.
now· a teakr.unaa t apeuwuw I u.t e.3.wa
3amw..v,.* a+.a wr !rght irala.
J3s.eK.swrrtrbs-. III.. ~rnplt. 12. E1'nriaaasw
on time (Inkaamgu. & Altes.. nrirnul IsaeI
bees1 tnes1sklo a gneast ealtl sf hatt. by
trtasmahi.. Lirnt night three of that un'sadlkl
rnseui~. IsoanksI a freight train at JoiLet.
1 dwasnl iireniaau, ia Iwukeanats. Iput theen
oH. wheree-n-upss thny tIned as.vesuI sahota at
taimt. The three antra isa then get uabasl
assothe.r . freight wslets warns folowiang time
rube Ng·ensusr waste tE. James. Robetsrn. a
I)5nlsken5 45n thlsat trnits. lha I iuursEl f tiea.
trsttshl. Bressanaus had usteI Irnarl 11m trmnmnprn
Into the" k i-laat, t. . ans eaguty r-rfig
e5Uat... sendt ntt.teglmjteei 145 jte~k tiseens is.. last
finsati the farrteniag to time trap-doour cot
thle top of tise- ear Iwroken. In ewnekr to
hotel the· translate ueertr w amobligedte
throw Isle weight cotm the t·ins. When the.
translap leanedl they were in thee tleli they
ess(14aYam4l to p.et out. wud HHaetrts was
obliged to fight tisen ail the way to the l
city', as disetausee of ahissat umsevtty tna~ea.
t e at 1*.' - g Týý33 fired several
shot. butRobera k)t oet otf range ,.t
the heshlet. Ita onrdr to jsrewent tied trana.a
eeseaplssg h warn' ohligel to hasassnr tlhwn.
balk with a emupllag-lt. Thiss suisnisag
Ihe haguelee tlsasIs. Ihe e . l ) aug41 the') werE
takes. lIs chlarge" by the luetlkee.
Ihim 1 .4,llftl' tO Ivvyi~tr.
Nv~w YouK. .4e~a. 12. - lr tin· 'u'v.~aa fan.
longs) (aflmrIn woe.I. Madninew.~c sierul.e~
(auuudla thlird; tha, 1· L::4
i n, the mii.* madI fUrlon (k)uWna, won(.
SSwift w~uHad. Lrhiri Maat third: th~w·. 2:01.
Ini, HLII(nltal!.. RaMigI*· won. 0u awnd
y~tnr-ntklr.. tbeetrqaaarte~rw fa t ailr,,i·. tin
Ktaa(CI*rwCI were 4 baewey, inhle.~· I'.*uaaa P.
Ka~muette. Lon IHIhawa StIHIY ei(a~eor* I. 11.
Mlihilnia. h~~iaginaladuy. Aahilybna. (yrlon.r
(nitc. Ehkt~naa lIuigeltuie. h'inu Glau. King~
TIeoa,uara. Ttnranj,l,aeaa, Kitag Hamc,.. Jenremy
Putc ;uai 4t liriS Serric.. Tournaummematc
Miekrdrclk·. Slnuatnr'w aitl 4 itmaway ,tinted.
)Whe.. Lnreh 1)&ua,waa·,r'drew arway followed~r
rtla ~r Inhaeaie aminer (i;lrO,,.l 2Y'n·rae* leethe.
aa.rieaeaurhe.1 Luwah hIurluae..y aaa amta ~, r·leving
4. lay r aulfa )Ir ag h. LoriS I)aaiaaH.aay .r~oal.e
4 irih · .etvia.ChIv; turner·. 1:17.
The Antwerp lIlrw.Ir.
ANSrwEaItr. S111i. 12. %4*tlhing n~,u.aimar
of th1W iuartri.g.· f&&utiiry in w IIIlll the. ."
**lolo.m.i~a .xuamtrnvd cots Friday last.. Trn.
viUaagw of Aug'trawehl, i whalkeh1 in etiusatae
2110U mtlftmtae tresses whet.. 11*4 furt(N7 *44*44 I
andah waithal, etrnrigtetl of alatU r 44(.1) bauaucw .
haag' ~at lg'indl. T'IN Ihdr aaelk" aaualaln..
,ag'e·c st th"e dr.yr . Chk we* ckwstrnoy.e. with
ilm." c~xcy"e~maotla cat time e~raume.. A Iaumhw-r
of uaae'me'miianin.w dc.~lutg'. lahu~lwiadi the
Pnmg'iuea sctn,',4n whale wer.~" 'ennatcitred
of ircona. wc-n. ovg'rtunaed by that fewre. of
that. c'xialea..e .aic Lat isaau·nuc galatatitty
.of Woodhs nalumech. Two sataitmed Raghaem wig,
clowac in the ea tlhechnal wt-n "boke'n h the
(OtWatnISLnkfl. Inat the' hamklitmg in httatiut.
Ac cruding to thb. omelllc rt'ep INS ps'
Mutings were. klled. 5) s ag mise . ýt* t wee
wccrklcmly injunred. avas M)s lightly Its
juared. _
X..H it tk. tih, hi rvg.iafrr.
f Ntr Hwt r. v, .t. 12. --JaI)trw B. /ilw..n
4)f tbis city ris.kei ai li.. fI) y..rr aaI,. at
C(ali May and uMav. it r f, dlrnaw ,,,
H.,nry Vans r.ut. at mrtind r a captain nf
H.snj.4readl. L. I. Mr. Wihusa~ ra.iiveul As
a r..war a *1tAJ 1,1. He nturIncl thIanks
Sasset fnirwaot ti ims.itkrnt. Mr. 11ilg4wt I,.
dal y ise a frvdlglt .ig.ssdtt.,r ona 1114 New
1Y.rk. New Have-t. & Hartfwvnl railrxadl.
Captain Van, Sco didl at Itlamavllte. ().. a
few dlays aIr and left at fnrrte,,. of 2HO'JJJ(.
He l wgw-oatlwvd~10,000 it It t.. Mr. Wilsor n
a san asedsicitiotaal nrwarl. Mr. Wilmo n ays.
that $1uUgj) will m.ut bian on 1i,6. fter. Hi."
I will Reofits Henmpsteadtl asal chaild, ir hi. whl
Irft New M.m.ar 0s. EbuavtIr..
Nrw H \ruM, (out,.. Sept. 11.- Tlu. will
of Mrs. Elk-l M. Gifforul nf New Haven..
wikow of Arth.. N. Ghifaid of %ew York.
who dedl last womk atier gvia i a k fey
of StZUNJu to her own and bush&t#d rels
tijves anl 1mnd iEMID to vsari. friuwi.. Lerave
the awt t of he r IWop rt) IIwluJthtitag to
neatly i>5A).OW1, to ehrhiile obju e-t.
Iu _ly ThIvr Mbwh.
loro.toa. Sept. 12-At a meeting ..f the
Bell tehleslmo 4 em~tors todka it was
v..tedl that thu* 'mpldal .tu'ek he marue am'
frum So.I.uuJMtIiDW to ADPa
4ru. hceeesb E tb Witm -.
PARIS. '.plt. IL-Tho mas A. Edison. he
fonr" hi. ,b. IMIrtSae for Berlin. wave IOMNP
frun.. for tlh. 1m.aet of the lxM of Paris.
han v.ib wIal All sst 1
iblsn awaaltewed A tp by the Asery
W avers - *&"t S arew Alb auapmr
raie ms.t sen nnem ast
Atmeae City.
ATrLAwrl (t'trr. i.,pt. Ii. 1 -It Is etinmat
-ii thleat l.A will not scoer thel b i t k
Atiaatk- thiy nsii her Inteis at hr ther int
store.r. Gieat Jnr was asaulifesId this
atorinse whem a ner.ssae*ar was die.
pat.hb*d thraughsat thle City to ansseanse
thlat tbe* first train sie*s Eoneiay afteeraeson
wukdd setart at 10 oucuk-. A ruesh was
Imalrs S sht. ('anadrn & Atlanti~ raillnro
-statdIie and In lea than half an houer it
was erewratel a'neagth en fill the Arve* re
t.intw.arat s*at.The. first sretl iin hadts4le
pam meaer esueeahe. assl a h aggng. eaar.
Every. c.r was e hrdcr '. .'vern to the stand
Ing-rsaet lsemmC. Thel trip ar.,ms stl'
nees. LO w.a sn,. lint N..e tpo a.- fwllut*
te.. HelaNisl.n of nleº'asta toeuate. of aall
sral.- aes . sl'repriptlnau wer n-r I'ke· l *Lema, to
tl.e rsd.4t l. Tlhe nulatsof lmany of the.'
had to he O rlt away to rwl-ilt the tratilla to
r.rne tsi kImr hbrerh. TheI nerw Inlekt e't
t ale~ a~ulr :hl-ve. Ne.hrlgllht ih ein--r
pk wlrdesIedl aseal d e.lers.nrw l Sy tlhe
asmateails df tle ulrl. Tihm strsi* i.n thea .
w.-rt s ai f sesuighte at .. gill ieals-r r.ix
feal of tH.r.
-'Artt av ('e-WT Hol, N. J.o s.".,
I-.-L-- .ts1 In thi.i aity wasr tie.
w..qt 1 sine,- tlh iaI hlluaanl. NoI
live.es ha. hIe Istns. tie fnilnwsn
ve'ie.wrtilys wpts. l e..tray tl. l: Mei'a''he's
hueim I e j" v lsslel, I ablws. et.etag..,
RIC: lsss ' amielt paitllnes. Iiarks"me two
as_ l the' loeawa"s of Iii. HXte*hls,
sans. N ialhamn,. Hlahsr'wk. 'h'vsa' Its all. At
W'.ktwusrl. the' h.te*l Is as ttal imss anle
tart of thed 'ma wall i r. *us. Sea Il.
C'Ily. (kia ('City al0d Avallhas ine, *eslutinly
*sta aalf Itrfes, ronulllstanlIatlk l. tle by . il.
r.eul asse tl(.kegnllla. asle tie- etxteslt e.,
aousebogu t tie. lntaesr gelsse'a eas. esaby I,*
malsnur Ther rpeart that Towessaesis's
ilalet Idrlk" alnsl mave ral aeeSttaie.s at
lea. hsl. eml* s tloa, 1r* S ll. iageswslly Ise
llerval hew... The esantire* am.. uiews are neem
vast sh.est of water. AtI Angglllli.a tIral
whir. h war wrr.eksl TIastsy still ll.u. is
the ditch. The tnrek I searlIy all sLk
elrnratli toe a listas*s. of live' nilke. Tlm*
terau Is still rnlagnl, witlh le. wisl .aurtla
aeILthre.t ansl Imwlmlg Ilredulhly lifty stilew
an hnser.
Lr.ws,D-.. + *L,'Ipt. 12. TIh.. .rew of tlse*
tag A. L L.uketnlusaeli whlkih Isel hail
aloaigakle the sareh.ne.ar Kate- V. I'wes all
night, usea.slel lthis sireeunln In taking
to t the latter vase.al. nISae is llnuns
-- l.bhard b sll alrfterwarie ltgac.glt
tr bhis s.. ThI. rslhw.-ar was
ht!4 e wk nest 'hashM asoest i
lWa to t ed. aism fes . -arly forty Ihwans.
Te i snan iwe-e'i iesarly e.xhasuesteel wesm .
re'cwoiea asl s.ou l.l asuit IadeI lsateel emime-Is
langer. It warn inlmlteilat fere ts. tumg t
aaealms'la fIlwt straISuell selins*islr msa.-ir
tlssas twelsty )ya·usl al teL lslneer 1iS llthie
in thie r'isglgn were eal lir'stel to e assip
owvertrlhar. A. acl.h 01asa lstrt urk thl* water
a rnpw welsikt l tlr.ewis hin uasel lhe. wsalkL
the lt.flt em hleard the tIIea. Afteir gretting
all ou himeasl tIml La~wkesi-etlQsheleaiat theenl
to this* pla*~. Snwrtly afte.r theid Melerm. wre'st
net tlhe. abral a s'e."m,.a r lseappesl se t hie
the1 Walter P. Parker alan lgrte.sse d. with.
in deltty yares of tie* Msl rme. She. msoes
Iwulak' illup asul aHmed oUset tie' lu. .." saw her
*rerw sinew,.l uei ly .les.. TI ... !Mure' is as
total wna'sk.
('NATHAN. lMa... S.ept. 1..--A sImenskke
v'm.el hluls I..eS, elisu,veretl sea1 Psallheek rip
aheal. SlMd is .alawimItl to Ir as tIre/
st0as1te*l sr'laslselr withl lIr naSisasa01ulst resae.
It is tlulasght slid wanu rnlleailSg fIor 1th
lislatslhi in Ia the dIhlik wa-thl.r lealt nglit
ielet failessl to giet Ilul4l s.f tihe lighrt asIl
strielk the miasal. Slid gesseale'n luravily
all thl. way anesi . tis-. resI.la . s. klss'Nk
hlg haol0's in l .er hottsnm. Snle' ."akedl
husally atil ussilk as u'ss as. l sl . ,ltres-k itm
ldeep wate'r. It is feran'sl all haIslls arn
VaxºEVAsta HAVEN, Magma.. .Sept. 10.
Huavy saorntlwhe t wismI still .'.,estilaelaeI thil
isarslnlsig. TIe'n' ljw Ia.s0e* inn st*allmmer
frsn lNaltss'ke't fear thnrl. elays. All t.le
grag . his' e'essasesueaie'cti.el with Miartlisa'..
'iseyarnl ashasl tie mmd simtluass stl aps**Il ea:arly
y.wte.'ely naureatlnme. 'rla e'*Islse..'r Eh'lwiei
cat E's.gurowtns. l-, es lari ..f ath.. l .ee..k
lIn'. humrlslel lap.
S... #haf giwvr *8fnr0eA rrqaa.IvD..
. wT t E.. N. M.. SIght. 12. IIn tu. MuSitE
ern.tr, tetitaeaaII .ar lwiutlna n -I441My Os. .lis..
e'uUM&EhxS Ef tAM" riElM~t Elf tIls .eatmi,,..i 1."1111
tivtlr. ak.guaagtg .s..,t we.t gW·a.tu11I uamel ufte.r
ata aealnsat.'d (14l1hti th.M urti."l. wa.
aIwems"'I ins mew INattoajal flw4 NqIP 1amel
adopted. A onug ntisr thlsseit ;wnvide.
that In addition ito a . tEr unflIv."tity. £&l
rlcuaitwwl dollege.. zusylmsts for luasama. atul
niesw r aaglrwly e.tahllirtled by law... e115 ..r
ns.u- istrmtual eaesneIa ulsIl 1w*"w vlde'al.
The" lairqse rest.- I' Latt.'r ejasi,.. ntrm.*jv~
itrerunleul ItM* riu.tilleast ina f..r.lsrul.sw
i elmclw.1n. o t)t engswegtlefe. Owi...I tS1.
P. (lVitiE.flt .euNnu to t)a' ai ,iNti o*f tbIM
cIasas. nrlaistla tn as +.yrutf.*a sef *n.asaasee
tturr Word, Troube- u
ýIrYIII.tUen Mist... S.-pt. 12u m"abk..
nrvutIa~ thia n.ity Ua tim. .*ftf.t thost at Intail
eaf white, Mw4 E.t n·rg.t1at.sr". I*wrsm.l to
n,,yrnt simurla1 last inighlat at l'.at t 4ak
twme.l"va. nala.,m w4.t af I'aislaliagg ii, Ja'qmw*r
a.auaasty. It i ..tataal tia.t tnr.i4hh Is.twm..Sa
rw-. raaV s leas t".Is el r.nwang fr.'uINe- tilsa.
atial raait"ltly u.va"nai um..gr.. learve lweim
whialla el anti erelerwul t.1 hair.v. Tlw'.
atwlrit! atml iea.w I'aea.eft ti' ealmty .eaar t ta
d.Iay fear tlw weunt- f the" truaslale. aind will
ar"t lareaila1tby iii the. sazattar. lleIalahk. lai
flhnlteE.' r I11 r La.ellct ca igwigri "y thea
nnntar." art- exaga'."nat.Vi
/k...'1 ...yýIw"I 1j r yialrr.
Tb. Jer a Hmapkgu.. S'lvrrr..v .
lIAL~r3Mtu~w $cpI~f. 1'l. -lIn vikw elf IIM*
r ·lprtM which Iav.` nv..ntly IM.4tm1 SHh
l»iwul rtwlmw~isia Joist, Hntopkism.' unltve r
!i t. I'r. k1a.:g 4;itllaitan inutl..rin.r the
Mt*t.3ui·mm1t that Use- Iataivr·uity will IMclco
tie. 14-0" v. r on the tlrrt .of t 1akuMwr wall,
uI uirait'4le) *3femiu"ay.
P'Arr, ft.RP . N. J.. Se"I,(. 12.-Th. · 1..ww
of V'.t."nama IE J41a7 *.ke.qt (h'isrfr F.
' Griffl of Itadlanar .atunadrc-In-hk t fur
tM.tbnsuintiiW Ragtuly .mf Ve Vi?
atul 'ipt. i. G. IV. Pullit ..t trm.i o"ily awl
V. Mtb. Meugat.a mmd Wauhsbtseu wt,.eab
MILWAVUKEE Megi. IL-A uay ntlr ps
SIlekl mkrhsue ha. bhss disoad d is iLLb
city. It lnv.dvew neakting W.i-himbad ad
Mouato nsouody rpublicain. The loa
somfuiese f tehe Afuks. MethomYm
cbesub bus Jost cloned it .eedaso bre.
The ReV. T. W. Hocndiqni. si ('ibbag.
mresh ans elmawate report am "T. Leate
of the o (ountry" In wbkb he rassru
sesesrd uosuhres srgroe to .simI i ro
the new staesm .4 ett norehuwme pastlis.
'bely Wasbisgteas ad Moamasa. Th.
vcsbvnese" dapessd tb. repase by ae
cblsm.tkws. Am Ineerview with Mr. Hns
duom r n o Eva.. tle we.pkicam that ibhi
pwopoam"d co.slmehniom o tsit roe I. seely
a nrshilean poltul n move of the largest
dImnension. aids Mr. HNesderwoss:
"I hea. lived for a vrsst suany peers in
the maulth. rnll ansa quat.. soner~rant with
ithe seshji. treatel. It was I who srisi
saneed ansi onawlusied tlw g reat "ssudeas at
nay peop"le tomuSe st.ate f. M iuaI.aippg t
Kansas in 11.72. We Iee over misey 1
and coloredl poole, to mowve t that staer.
Gave lanset of tlbs,, as nOvieo and scald thwen
fouty aa~m of lat asd a4wh. on five and tele
y7an ars tins.'. It was a. stn at suewess..
lanay of thean, an" .w rkia; all of thsins
are wel-tIe.slo. This nwlovsts.oui has hxii
queie"tly worwkd fot a hu ng tim.w·. and will
Ir eonutiuauee ins tihat waY sacutil w." have
ssIaett..vd Mointagna andl N assiotgin te(rrl.
Ca.rine, fesma anal e eu"al with re leagees.
Pl aaoseatieo ngre mse an- h1a tter ll( now
than they we"re before." th(e war. The
soovaenent l, I. theweeagty e.rgasiusl. andl
asia sisl h as soaid haaia that nu onte ina slsa
snoilt will revalie.. Iow the. a~tl..nis folks
have. eueo.alaoel until all isan gonte who wish
to gem. '.. " save a ha"tter auma.l.rgLanda
,asilrerwa slow than o ieswl in slhe .heys of
otale Jealna Hrnwta."
Sheat askedl wlwh was' fenarisolsng the
funds. Mr. H.aade.smoe w41ealul not a*y.
m~eh 5.4. *wtmett Skew. wne.a a Wiadawr
With a Slaps 111646 ad "160.w426
I.:w Isrnbw w. M.. S.yet. 1J -Anes Ovajars
dinsCM. a Frclh (ameatlaurn womeale, IN y.arw
of aeg.'. living with iw·r hie.Ieaiseei, toe wiew
.1l. wits ,nauri*qi .'ight suesasetie" sm. its a
4440041 14(4W) t.'e"I~nw fit till IJ~41i)ileb gte.tfw
3,Iyat.Ie U5ear dhswa~iepueenl astl uinsht. T114"
selkiu~eluam .e. 11 I.eae i*se metn.*t he*nat wasi
atnirMtiel to the Iimality IS whichll m -tle. ivic*i
eet sehlclgiet l ry thu ,r uneel ibf v.esi. Am
uee swswnel tlies ;aic. a winerne ine full dna.
was se*e .~cenimeg twos, n otall.ywuy. The.
1.elh'ereiu Irsiwdl her. lust niht iel wsabuu
te overtakeher eg' if *m mele wage .miit.edl
I.. as e44We~e esareegett aceel elrla-.ea, rap4.iy
away. R.temnicia l the hot.'.. tlw. 5mu-M...
nain foundl colly as delanglnn[ kd. t of shwwta.
which wasrn stwranl fewaisel to he attaeheI
u.e a 1Mi1elgmat Ine the. mee~wei .tetwy o1 the.
iwelllleeg. Lust night tie.. esthuar ewe aata
of tie heelkimg were' elirtprhmet h gneat
neket. Tie wom an'. e me lone
ahemut four fowt amId lesn Inwcwe ant sib
we.Ighse lite pezeruwl. She. uuaeely thrum...
lie Wra. ay d he)Ir great weahi... Its.. Im
that es Mi rtatkew . It Is ip*owted that slw
warn seen In tise City mark last *.veselreg In
cunpany with a metrnesge noan, whoe se
ekwleht is. it"e isreel weet Is, the .lask at
,uekleight by, tie. jrnrlk~e~eean cane Une~ese
etre-et. A tho reagh ie.sreb has thwin ineti
tutel aued the netter ;date el ice te. hatwa s
of ektueqtives twut ru clet' les yet iwese
eabtalewel. Her huemehass is il. .Ie.amek.ut.
.....a._....). ..... i... ............."_.....i..
n,.. tMK... Am-. I. Wabl a ss .a.
Uinw1.taaai to . Us prvr.est.
urrTIt YAAKIMA. W. T.. Se1,~t. 1S. J. I).
Mltttyn. Irrigtetlctm @iuilf8 t r o I..staesaa.
tue. arrivtI. ice theI eity aiiel Sit two wwp.'
of esglgte1.r.s cite tLhL. ntekl 9c4 Ieurte. tla. lisa..
ofi a vacet irrigutie.sa eyat.ts. A .+1ue11eae,.
."use.elielsg cit a smessealr cif *ea~isawrw of its.
bI c retl 41t ulirctew of time. Neutlal rt I'aiflc
ruilr.cl. (learha A. (.rewcwy. William J.
llryu'c. &1si (G. A. Veuuagr of 4 leicago, and
Walher N. 4nruase-r. J. Ii. M4cintyre +ased
AlIw·uI Kcivi,'losi kt l Hof N lemia has 4* 1
t."n".l 111t., A t.N~lnu't Well I14r.
Sc-luaa'c eNte"r I.UMAEW cUr Ina ac tiw
Neirtlina IPaeflcl 11*1s41 in1 casalasetoeatw
asset M1.Netaseu cal luu.. 1 c.l .d ueve."al
*ecertie..e out etmgaseYr.nm In time 1.4.1c to lay omit
tii. list..' cof 1-sacele tor eon .'tntcticcia. 1bhie
will line lic 1i8ei.1t ,"Xtcg8.iv.i .)wt.'lae oIt rrir
euEticite ."c41scl.' 4itd4 ute tra reu..ernnvicu -ver
asaldrUtek. is. tse ssrtlawe*.ct. limeN" 5hwt
uc4tive- 11eld1 oft c'ratlccse cat pr.-..eccs will lie
i1e tie- Yaekianl eneahatry an N'c.cclifllasrt
tc"rrltoue. vesI el wtwetin time V.e-t (.eeIa tica
a1ci. M4Ialiecc river.. ice MIc.tatna. Its 4cacti
cf t4Iace lc.'Iaulite.' th" 1VccaglNa)- isa." Iceeslit
all ties - emee witiala a ra liseof cutamiay 1sir.+
aial will (ike alict emecec" 143) seatl.-' ot c-asual.
It ie "cammle.,tcNal the, water cec.l Iased will
ti uth Iwe. tiaroiwa euimema Ic, ucttleere a.' peopleutame
tie. c4saea ' anrt )lagill lee Yakiaia wc lucmaty.
i lie.. ccu1eegcasey r ate ,mrrala.l all tda. ruil
icce . ".ºuiq*i*y' lasedl lmmtwce6"sa Ncth Va
kinma ealec the- (cicatanhia river.
I'./err M .I. ,ryPJ8Vhr MDM .-nr.I rIer.
Its-at d'a war'm
Rt-rratwº. %. V. W{.tc. l. Ik. Nurtla~tt
In Iw~at Ihr. Surri..r'%. rrumnI maf hevakikyLm
*mU.tl f141J4mi E.Iwllm its .ii tlaayw. 1Du. Hurtiatt
I*nama saga S.tttr.iLay t ai:.YU) LA. an andasi m u
tItha'4 twelve- lar,. t ahYJ. (haI( t fast
tluy I3m. bwuoke 121.tX J. Staamuduy 1"E1:. l m.m
~H.0. 1 loalrelnLy 3 l.ei:.. Hr Ittailmr l l at 5::1)
wita lautel uf a14I,17. Drt.
nraemretl oaf 3ruakiag liSP blasl.. its eight w.-
errrtr 4 k alklmfs. 4;r0adnr.
n. ai\a avl .a t.1.Wgncum frn Harry F~arrmi.t.t
ýe" .rlmlhmiii.iumr i r&ular. cal'. c iaag tlu ow
(;Gau.lramar uas Ili. *rTuana i, a nau.athl fur
#*-la.u uu *iak*. aittairwiam Ia.. will now him tin
tla r ururllaactt. St. Dolan rays- (:urllaur
will naut nouw .'a tlme Thnramalse r N*rmas.wtia.
last i, willing tam nw cm aiaer Egli.rh .hw
Iris-e lak. Tim T Iw;rrtnrºGaaleta ra.".
take.r lhea" ait Me-Ka ruewmrt. P1a.. t.>aa.wr
row amid im. *uiitin=an grit imelerc..t.
KxoxvittL , Tesa,.. Sept. IL." Ihteaaa
al~uiat froa Lyvmwhhau g t&. tiua eff..e that
? :numa won- killed ina is aaIwl dimalaafr at
JE.1114Ia li wtively untrew. T1rr ·tay Iwlo
ya Iy ar~ItiUMG.4 am 58,4.r fa.te tat a eni
awedl snaag was imJun.d tau days. && .b
falliaa .La.t.
R.yaltl (wUws" mr~art.
H. tov o . dept. 12. -Kmux-rer W Uliaa
newt t 58 taf)wita at the rmUway .Mono in
bhis City. Afir tbh usual rea usoel
gt..,.tiauw thby shwa- teis4hwrb tia tw.aU.
we miay no Wý U"- 8 So WOMM. 6"
lowi fts f~e low Rabe me ns..m
Ma. PsibmmpwS "ommew i SmS.
rvwb .mimmb
W Insiagwsnou. Mapt. IS.- ýum.Mtt~nrer..
Tanmner Itrr oets. if rle uralgae ws ma
public sn.day. H. say.: "ThM dfeitr.
whieb exist hbewree tt us ru.ary o f
Interior aUni myself a. sth .e poliy s
e paunaaed Lan th. t ftIo
penu,.nI hare.au hams rathd a stags wrinh
threate~na to ernhsrrsm ye to an eetata
whirbl I MetI alanald not call poum yo et
at.'r. and am an investigation into the
stair o the. eure as ham he~wn romltad
auid lumi a-earevd both 1er yourwtlf sad
by the im errimy eat the. Interkw. rntiakm
Use) rrVkr'ti 0n 33y InWrdah an liuhdi
vkial away an ohlk.c. I hirewkb lae.urr ray
reEaagation in ynear hame.b to take. ceect at
yewsr ;labe reu . 3 the. e.owl that you may hr
r.lkhrle'd ufay terther erºmha~yrraa.n~t In
tlt" nu~tterr."
l'reerskhsnt Harrtisn. in reply. aeewpts
t11 resigauatksn, to take else- when a mu
eYas.ur in appuunte.. He rmay: " do not
think it nese way In this
to *jjyl~ the w eama. wh kb led to the
Imwout attituteash. at air. ot the pentaon
uffle'. V43ea have. be-e blindlly and fuIly
uacl'iwl s f sty vaiew upon nport of theme
Xse-liotim It girr. ns plancr tt0,ýad a
r ins I ass WrrdI tand -)rer.t
that your hnneiety ha. not at any time
been eahiee in eurethee aril I bew to renew
the respeemalam of amy peronaal good will.
Toa repnrter Taner said today: 'Tbhe
wmii.Ietit dtal aot ask far my uisaiwtioa .
,tMa r mild he ase- that I remign. He o
mattel mew tlb ihasverthltaiulaato the affair.
ref the. pensmaho ofk~e. b evelop-et macth
ing that me Itetadl upon Elf b hne.aZor
mth. esilavl... c'utsuy Noble. wou0ld te
sign.. I ahaIdkav It better I abhoeLl nrruIga
Se r..tnsry Neail.. saki t repwer that
the e' wa's amtblahag pr.meal in thin caseme
wshi-bl led to the mrvewmmae at she. e~cial
e-astmot's bertwman himself and Tanner. It
was enstirely amia to ditrmr'n. ft oplinion
In re gaide iR satter's of oic"ial admnaLais
trntkes. Sie-re-tary Neeblm. cableld that the.
fatwy of as west,' hstwceets bhimrlf and
?~eete-tje Tracy wa's true. nether in word
u.w thiuugbt.
Prlvet." tie."aWty Helfuid sid no home
wrs .r.cr snaS. he KeheNbhk. to the
pn".e.h.bt arn to w~hetho b . Teeng
srhnubl wo These was nev r eand hamaD
."ahhmk4 ..mnltatt. elmut the- m..ter
and astdmeu,'egwt whaiy.., eaaoug the
nwetabbww. Hr. Ra l udred thee t
qeturtlaf warn set at an In the pmkbm·t'e
mind whether , of two peusm.wa .bui
miss ht pnsltinnwi
that titer, will he no haste about UIIS
ti m. pyuitlo. What Teassa., will d3 is
still a SIStS,- 44 uqU3frr4w..
Gemaip an to Tens.,r' .si. ear+ now
."atUaIm attenstion. Eu4-( agpamruaae
Warn.., .4t Muaui,..u:
4"11" .4 the. 4. A. R.. it Mlevr.. to bethe
usmaut iIkelb raaadktet. S itheg eadkisise
arn: I -Ppajani ARMt Paul. gurr
Generel ('Maher.. K. Brews ..f C'acI..ael.
eanl (a."nreal Powell of Illw 'a.
To-night the- nernia o John P. Ree of
lianapnulr" enel .,-G:omrrin Liar...
VsIn-luld .4 Wlm".wsale. ho. as-.rem
nuaswnkl.-lms..hk' .. ther (:. A. 3. hvew
lasia e.kld to thaw. rpskeM .d a tia. Sao
rurwy ~to Tanner. C:.. m
.lmkf Warun.s e.4 Kaa..a (Citry will arrlve
in Waabkinh a.ne.row. It Ia raei that
'Senltary tiehl.c·· tekrant Weaner wer
went w rll**ue tlw" knnowlwde .4 the Ci
Ktrag In She Mal.wt
Nrw Yumn. S..pt. 12. The Enarw~y Irnuad
Ji*mke.y e tenb tk4iiiiriwl te hol racer at
SIwu.'..psahst Hay hi-ay. no mhatter what
qernglitk'a t1w weatlwhr war. Tb. day wrn
.t..ieEkdb' hadl tnr ru.ltyl the r.ain was -
hlinwlding tuat the. . tas.wgu 'nckI hardly
ulv or .tart. and w rw (Ity ..rranionall
stub 1t ollutingiuimh ther .a-ke"ya on the trai.
Tim- tnwk trwar f.4tb(ku' p with maitd. The
event of t IS tda wag the gveuut e1ar(r a
Iuiltn.1iea fuIr whu-"h tweNty borwta rntatreL
TIM- 1te-"art mtj*E,. ru-leetl Input. tiii d1.I3Ub
t-sIt Ki::t TIN.eaua, hut ha' wag k-ti at the
I~~ 1lthe' red- wag we'. Ii~ hin atabbe
e-enltnhieuii Tununia"nqt. who was no little
tbneuht cut an a wlnswrt the as etata.bb
r-oa.- lhin,. He- ,atrt.' at iake of s) to 1.
M..'t ot tlw tinIales werl Amek .
$4-va-n f.arlkrng» G.e g won. Prine
EtwareSl econe. T.thirl Tiue- 1 1.
Nike- eAIK three fr fag tac the' taur.
0.51 wendl worn. Bernniajak' ne.e l. 1Lkna
third Tin..- 2:4.
ML. wlea r ( l.wmd...
A'e11.N. ('dL. $p6. U.- Too imsxwtame
strikr hbae juauu baan mash. i thb J. I.
Jobiaman nsiu. Ia dhiviag for eveeed
I..v.4 tlwuab the' wmnsI m us wrhu ee rk
ref Isiab gnash tuiaaacel han IReit e.
tuaaarme'ns. It is fire. frct thirk aued aver
Leaen .w. IU lu nerneeC pre taw. Thu. suilk
it nflurk I3.ia frt north of the imuclmu.
Th.- weue.e sttralkes hass hac.amak In m
sarruna cst trims tfor third leva1 at ue ponLt
810 f'.wt sanswt of thw ulitn.Ii. This aw Ie
Nowr fe thlk·k &aiul Is rib. Its avera .
bIas Snu Is.e k·tarnaain c. baut a ays stun
'siug ha1tt, th. tbs'az'a.ah lhrre hm. sib.
tuiaiaq. Tie latles diraweriy has heen
mmk.' juslr sit the. elge eel theu fist arct
a louiti.
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