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The Anaconda standard. [volume] (Anaconda, Mont.) 1889-1970, September 18, 1889, Morning, Image 1

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SEMIm -e C" we
V- -u-s -gs
UVrI(3 OvUe JoIo VUWS mi..
Vtý UC mS. - Amoinia, M.laaa.
F. L. ST. JEAN, AD., M.D., C.M.
.iemer o aS Isromi utwct. St. J.sna lilding.
Osee am Virt Mt.. t WI. Jaws Buildi.
@Sr.fleuH : Ito 12 A. M.. 2 to e and T OtYo .M.
rolc IMAI! WR11A 3. Jt'iTIcv. OP Tln
- ~ VKYAstiCM. &.*.
Virr UI*eet. - - Aunannfd. Ml'eiI.
~ laSSS - - Mo#La.m
T. OIZAII, Attoraqad Cimussr at Law.
pvaeiee diX ut he state mad.ad U mited St.ates
mmii, Cot o . pruut *ly ,uaide. INptal fadr
X6urIO.J,~ti eD ~a to MI ining I ttkIiI a34 Miaimig
aw Kajt CtLruuau taw Iautranh. Vlraij'
esty Uutaed an1 Uleilta t edkIteit. office rgStaam
3 and 4 Maltle Iikik .orwr of FirsL taid tklak
tteests. Amarrunda, but.
oIge. lm N~reet ItitweMn Maim mand flak.
AmamUOdli Mauutafan.
by a mw praeAm. aU n esr of Inut ai Work
exweautt in lrrLat meaner. Artificall
Teeth Wintlut hlilet.
Attorney at Law.
O*as i nBarrett t Jacky'% BHlok. mai N treet,
AarodS. Mamtaea.
oi+Sce in tIarrLtt & Jamky Morck. Itlagdie r'uo
Daroad street weal. a º,inuhº Montnana Hltel.
cfar idiopty ittr ale 10. (I5Mduic eato Mt.
JAouS Yffdku loulew.
(Next to Uont~I la iufri.I
AI6AOOKDA - - - XlT%
An d mam known to exist In the animal tam
A~iwn'ii(tfCUI rd. Trtontmcnt u .
j 11rt eular teas will be
at ri Wfa l lWprtMg buardiUn
Ap r strwat. Poatollex box 749.
Anaonda Real Estate Agency.
Mini m llksI CtUC teN and ('omCelaeVU.
The .e Braeads or Iors and Cigars In the
TburstoU USoek. Corner fedar mad Vr1,s Mrerets.
- sler, Barrett t arknt, -
Wholesale and Retail Butchers.
Iamily Ntupp~ue a Specialty.
AN Orders Delivered Free of tharge.
Ehop on First Street - - ANACONDA
"M. M.rRTIN*
DOI rte. 1UMIrrlTKI ANOD aKY wlrr.
The BESrT and CHEAPET plac In tLr w hty oft
Butte to Purvhaue IWM(Y)T umntl e 14K0F3
Is at the (4)L1) BOOT,
a West Park at. F. H. SMAW. Proprietor.
Aasoa. - - - Montana.
The * Morris - Cousins,
Ml waok pmLlo y doMs and a prterlt t gur
Pasters tn I)eonlmk HI teL. Take the First
Hallway on Main street o. Virst.
Having rcbamud the
O. Frost Mtrr Anmoada.
+ R. J. 9LI) +
I. prsared w hmduwt a Irt-claaa b. !ooe
but wbhae b.4p crmtuk'rd.
nlest 0md Umid asI b.
sate $s w dag Roaumomale 3ass for week
.. tbe vi"
Fancy Cakes, Candies and
Ice Cream
Ift I ! ..s n r t rlr .g ltarte
m we tuik 3r.., ·ram*. Mrn.
To Iytrws ea ! .o inas the
Pre at to Dmet Paek.
Thre.teelag .4..ter Neam bsy Friend.t. r
carpuees Tamae ('0eW umrae Ia
wedlems at e e White Heise
Tryang to nt.eep It ukei.
4win"tial to the 1taulardl.
W anHI.xoToN. Sept. 17. -When Presi
ternt Harrioun keft the city on Satur.lay
for Deer Park his innlmdliate eonsmlpanirln
were his mon Rumll used ('untrlsumnlfn [.
Rouveuonr,. of t )lhi. Tiw'y wer driven
hulrriedly to theIw altinlm.. & ( )lam statkon.
and were notlk· l by only a few of the
waiting pieasenger. Tlhy Inarrivd lnet a
ikkd gate to a r.'intl e.ar whkih was in
wating. All the way froman taw white houx..
to tie dk'k.nt tlwe pr.mie'kit's carrtiage wa
followed by a t-oupe, the. driver of wlaich
kept hiss bor.".'w iu(5. alninmt tne.rilug lwe
first tnentioled vehkl.h. TI~ pIrnkk*pt's·
party had not titme to alight when two
mncls jumsuped aquickly fr.wn thew cou.pe taul
hurriedly glanU.rl Uap andl (dowa tin. strIet.
and tihen is lhw, dirv*tion, of the station.
Ont of t1w pasonltgers n ,mkled to tihe s'esa
Imluintof the carriage, and Prkkedelt Ha.r
ri.oon and his c*unlomaIn(Hlts got oIut ael|- fo
lowedl imn through tew stlation. Titw other
stramger followed clomely in ttwhe rear amli
Inita*tel th1 examille of hin conarsak* b)y
iallnning clo.sly tIhe ftac of every .,irorns
wIn passm.dl on ther way to the train. TI, I
two myIiteriious msetsn xsmardel tlw prIri.
ejkant's car, and that was tihe bunt *oe.n o
It wa learned today fromn tnrutworthy
utlhority that tlhe two anyslerioos ,tmnwn..
e.rs of tlw presietkt's party were d~ktetar
tive. who lead lxcn detailed front a tri
vate agoncy to se the prSemsklnt safely to
Ikeer Park, and that their esplonage th11
nlot ceaiw until Mr. Harrison llhal ea.ssrl
the threshold of his ettage. For neveral
ndays intimate frkields of Mr. Harrisal
have r leen nauch atgitatedl ner an(14ust Iof
bead feelina nitfested l-es in certaini rtuor
over t"i Tunnrllr (a.*. S(everal very ugly
anoisynixas letters were un)llll Iit thie.
prei eident's nall, anld threateninlg remarks
ry tdespierute avid injualt'kus frietndl of 4x
( onanltlss.tler Tamnner Ianve. ra.lauIl their
ears. This aliatter asnuinted s. ,eril.les itn
aspeet that it was thought .ast to take
::54s actionll to pItell'vet iluchlI a e'alllitiy ats
land beenl hllltedl at. A.eorrlingly. tfter ai
conofweice ainong elesce friends co flue
-UIIiklesit It 5was (ke.Mld I to srninn Rutis
Isll Harrisma traid snake hia.l iaualnaitel
with tlw grave a.,li relhe'sioins. (I it tie ar
rival of lhel p s ll et'..ll l sta It Csisultatitsl
was Ihel and the situation tlhaor,.ghly dim.
Mtuased, used young Harrison nlmk. knlown
to his father the apprehensions of his
At first the prsidklent efuse.l to e.mlte.
lain a propositio to engage the services
of a detective. bea tt it wwsMld he
doing the soldier element of the coluntry
an lenparahle injeastlke to peat such a
reproach on thlent. hut after the gravity of
the situation was ointet+ out to thenl andl
ther pualbility of uonwm half deiented|td
indivldual excited over tIe. Taner cease
creating a scene, he agreed that his frkeeule
might take such acrtion as they de+.u wd
hbet, hlat cautioned themt to avoid all pub
licity in thelir mnoveueats. TIe decision
was reached Friday amornisg ande thuse in
the secr.et were confrmed in their judgr
mmelt ha an acrckkI t which ha ppenl at
the white house at inoon. A hallf drunke
man who wore a faukd blue Ilouni with
brass buttons muade his way to thie
entrance of the exeeutive nieanasko andel
hogan to address the weslklIent l a Il ad
tone saying among other thinaga thlat the
Grand d Aray would get even with Harri
son for lIls tresatawrnt of Tannelr. The
Intruder was hustled off the wrounds asad
visitors about the heelihluaj who were of
an inquisitive turn of lani were givren to
uaderstand that it was only a drunkemn
nasa. Detectives were placetl oil dety
Saturday nmeonilll alnd while they were
Imot engaged dircr.tly by the pr siade'at or
anay nwltnaier of his olficial fam.ly ie. was
aware of the stieps that had heeii takerl
to protec t hinm.
C(oaav.tbLa ef wooS (4iwweru.
('oLLMDt7M 0., Sept. 17.-a Elolnbahae Ik
Lato. pesakkit f thof e. Notional Wool
G rowers.'awwx~iatioia. on dernautu of the
Ohio Wool Growerma' a~swwx~utlona and ON
they may, because of tlauigtr tlirct~atauilmg
ttHe wool growing Iuuitwtry. ISuO n".tuestt".r
a tlhltegate nuettittg of wool growersl' toA
e~.mvattii In IV iwualtm1,gton on th4 d Hawhenia
the ntet eoIyagle'4Ms Y ."nuvcnte. Ht" ..z a'
in his ceal thaut the wool growingtig watUt
and territorka' should he rspreswrntud mewl
the ruma ' of (lslegatsM forwarded to mias
addra ' as a soon as appnoinatad.
NortaherU Ir`ace AmtaI.
NEw YOKu, R .ept. 17. --t )(.flcial ainllMatiee
ntlent of the detail. of lth new tlfanwial
schelnw of the Northenr Pa.eitk railway
was made to-day. It provkkis for a
blanket mortgage of $161.UioaW. J of which
branch line boldsl will reiquire t3I JtsOU.UOU.
tributary roads $11S ( .O,Oa, and terminal
bettermuents $84.Ui0(U. Tiwe n imt imla
portant feature is a pwovisin to ay a
cash divdend of I per ent on preferred
stork in January. $ld. anld quarterly divi
denLds thereafter at tlw rate of I i*er enit
per quarter.'"
A Lars, llama R..t..
WKwr ('x~x'rrIMT Pa., MeCpt. 17. Thne
brevet of a large dunm hwatrd as Hlghbuto
burst this muormlg amid a tremnendaoma..
amount of water nruhedl down Bmw mamlwyna.
river orerflowling the hankie anid sawe.epingl
everytlihing lwftot It. A large bridg. be
low the dam was swept away and smeveral
frame hutlklugmearranl down to Coatts
yille. Several of the streetsof (4uawta'vIle
are uader water. So far as heard fruman mao
lives have heen lost. In place. the
meawmnw are overed to a depth ant eight
and ten feet.
NseIs mand westk masebsd.
Spc. to the umandard..
N.w Youx, Sept. 17.-A Londoun dir
patrbh em : Yeessrday art.ler wereP
ei-med between Wra.k Nlavin. of Aim
tralia, and Jemn Nmith. of England. to
fight under London prise ring rules, for
stakes of farom £mO to £1,0O. The rfht
to take place aof ie of England within
three months. Each side deposited £JMU.
Death t . Valuable utaflem.
Laxulvorow, K-y., ept. 17.-The valua
hie stallion The (1own, Is dead at the
Anbbeaur stund. He was a son of the
ated . S. Wk, danm by Memnbrino
Star, and valmed at $10.N00. Death was
ramsed by plake"e.
W..iwaff bi V raA.tas masy PalmS. (M
ea.4.d with ham's 1vaas(a.41.. -
NEw YoRK, Sept. 17 --III tie Ire.. oar.
n dny Woarnwuff aaits took tise' tA nel and
war put tlrrcutlh a r~vm · a~rnu cwnansiua
tiou. Ht Ot trI;)ldr a t mseCeA it 11I.
boil hef'ro Lnw g tuf a (atn w' to ueut tltI
cvventsullly two %trcatsº* ·,f IN n)pirution
ra naik.' hisr fue* ·. Tid lsilap att e r59(,
IiN'sti. tia wat dinr ..itN to nliteNetier" of tiaed
tIransulo 1%tLts' 1( tIs.-I ,tto y*'.ti tjta.m'tiita
The" oseer iueie of slae-krwitlnh t' mtviatcau in
*.'asntia)ke trimntis of hills. Tied' - wmestu. !* -
Agsd wInets youl11M ,ss~nle time-us yrwmu knew
to takwe resonas titting wilful a rf usy eleate.*,
(I did." k imaidt Woewrluni if.NNI
lliN NGtrta nwNlnt in suit of tied - \.-Or t atninl4
Wve-ulnaff'.. Staffiavi et to Jssb-l a11i se'hattus
witn+"sa n"'(,lieu), ""I 114)n"1 1.n~pw.."
hi.. .ea-.nls of %V umlnilf't T wittta"IIS-im
ae-ktsowl.dugease thatN .Nit ws." ."k~ -i-f i al
..rnlu ,mmake 1ua1uof thw .e three' otisest
I ""l lial.-·
t wl wt'.n eaaruutitseeI tietd- i 1.411knew
li1 e-tog, aelnljoenstmnst wife l'e-art.'
"" didc." maid aoodni If.
Wontlnitt'* afklavit in July ISM~LW n·latinr
to tiN" crl"111.1 on~rrg wal *,~,,2wunvl with
hia sworn statenNN. Tim- wiuuwa
avlrrlqlr Ilrrjui". Two o thee turr
w itne.+a es wen- a":sunineal re gardintr hooksr
Ii. feH w a" .)f llW·I 1 clatrt.I
11r aocr l/tt! ia Crn~c
4)1.h. Wmwrm Muchk Weurnkd ip tower ths.
Ite..ul of a Itrwed--kArl.n tb.ºutJt.
\Vl~wT I'll ioNt /..",ý. º1 t, l--TIM ai C"Kt
wasu $lti fow lim" Imest limit tf . al-riwing
hIniiil. anall it atirn~ mup at big row. Nearly
.e..,ry oenuiau ina Adagmame e.MuuI) ,aaiil Sili)ug
fr mia adjoimninug .(*aueatiei. wh.p w.m' act all
v uI rw. Ii time ealnatry jart i anaLw hla. trlied
fote blr haul biaCrlubeeIa. as. twne er uav
ujilit oiur." *i1.(lacema uI il th.' tie ral H1.11.
lim. *hiril.ecm t~llullhl i 'vaiisiiI fll .)11 unm
sairtie,. tab awaannm time. rimek of tying time
riliepum. After lti. ºwraltmh'ui warn wawrnk ld
it asi eliec~v }t(1~e that cime" (f the" Jm1tew "s
wa reBated1 tom thu.. pmipe.,eafg1i .~x mihItor
autati of ennst.*" thmis ere'at~lei t big rateke"t.
New jaaeigew. Iueil lin In- geiretee atuuel time"
riMheal was tidl tiwe itusomae tinsm. 'fTim- ma
siea"ssa ftl e'udihitema dielml't quiet down.
ho4we~ver. TIM.) eIhkrean1 iw Ih.Jmeidg4.m
"diidIaat kanow euaaythliaug amhteet bread, ,ue.
~w." !dm" tlMon. d 1 fll fauuili.e ain- at
sijorwls' jueulatm 41nd(1 at leatast 4)14 4'IlO" 3f
muaeat ha, IEwe., eheelanrel tol'. Keanr-ily a
atlay jltiw writlesl t a fight anldtl tie whole.
wsttiwHel ortiona eaf the' emuatt in 14 wewke
uap over the affair.
IMdd Fllrk.ws at ('elumet r.
('oLt'mLun,. Sipt. 17. --TIhue flna irnlmrt
ant Ilual(ttr lltskk nacl to-day by tiNe ,ov
*r.ilrn G(;nud Lcxige of ( Ni Fellowlk was a
pulrunition to ehanige th, age, of Pligihil
ity of nunnlawul'ip fntna 21 to :0 ye.ra.
After discueukon it was defeatel. .tepre
muntative ('e*krasna of Illinosl offend a
risolestion auatbhoraylg klodges ill cities of
M6.(M() or mtone to as.ess ton nauenl.ership a
per capita tax of flifteeti smeam to p ep
a nnalmitter. A seaolution by ('oxekhurm
of MilllssOnta, dee-larin time N.vePI~gn
Grand Lidge too larg aund Lthat a raeme
tilni in nwenshesrhip of one-half would hbe
he.iafleial was alms r ferrnd. ()ver one
huldraw l dsk tea met today and teok
ste.l toward onning a eational Rehekals
sk.rrc. A casuamittc . of jeuadlge, comist
La. of oklllcer of the staten toropm of *mtti
arleh millitant and two rI'lted ltatesa
arsny ouflcerm.. eanto~nua (krekktal No. I of
('uhk-ago. atnd Mosnunwstal No. 2 of Balti
mon., went thtnutiqla IUnLtnu*ver. TrNW
day ela5ed with a dans.. Ismraa*..
\!:W Yorn , S.pt. 17.--At t1he maeenum
41a)'s ,aaauura1 of the ('igunnurkrv ' Iumier
tuitional union. PnuekLk u Stnwra.r'u. lbi4.r
niula n(rugi l was iuil. He tJtatl that the
Itefla4&n 4 in the, nurniber ofi eiar,. andel
rhelr ot pnuueluei.Ia elmirrimg ti years 1?U4
autal 1)tn* as' ,musnh ,.nuaiiter tans. diarIta
the two wem Ic..aju yeurw. Is New York a-ity
d t tghe vimeal ytraur. esmdlinag Jacmle. NWt.
them was ad ..u ru . o21fr.4im7.:t7m eig&.rs
and .hIercta.. The uaniom has. nuw cover
1.1MM) in(5ful1Niw. Thit t- eellutsc Ifrmn tll
moetrees'a Maimme ha"uti ecam.e~tantlot wen.* $47..72.
avid the. ..xiutmtitmres' MI' to S. ptcwmtiI r 14t.
$tm.HUJS, cavitiag u hualatme'.cu f $Wt.
ark Eruct and thi (torn (t'ip.
('zamALinau. Si.pt. 17. T'IlN .Iina oif tIm.
Ftormt-c7.' ICjrrirtr IN-hog itit. rvi."wº d this
I i'vj'aiiui,(n 41 to, what .laumm&.gw. ti time ei.rwl
I Etr)4) Wc)ull 1)lS)IIBIy fIollw 1t14 trfucst at
tlhir migNilt. 'rptic K1ving It 4484 it-ttrt byii
tlt- 4484al rvggitii vtiLi it th4 eflls i)l'pinii
thatt Ll* I ctcoc·rul thingl tIN" trHt, c rny is
niut of tE" way of fnrm..t. Frinst would maa
dt 4U53P11A13 it111dlih 0t. " ºlESt at tituita ti
a ~l*rcr)*llrt hlN1(· rº , of *(~ist n c cltnd to
manI&ki' tiw enrmm rank anid ytwemi. It. smith
.rti Wismeomalma whirwe it.rimght imatsm pee.
vajimI torn m isalrenaly diry and limst in, uy.
IIt Illintlia and Iniliamia enfli is cOl.omk 'n
irruiti(trbly (oIt of dasltgir i.·tul.plt alonig tlii
river omoi what anr- knmown aN the. imnttomi
laughs. Inm mmorthltw',mtirn K.ntuwky amId
northerni YLsotuir the fInat will pnvs&14ly
Slot do any material daummage. The to
nuato cmop. howe.ver. in mmany hImraliti.
will hn sm'vt~~i' y ttmmnagm'il ahould fm'muut of
anly att'irity enme at thls time.
+t1Nlu b a 'ik "Mw ttttwltter
of the- Pbcrlrlupa ilt r .n1"it4r 11unrllr"ritig
over lull stnu~k Iawt niitht Lu.. Juu. tl1
1flraec 1 Itbnim made a;pIk tiasfor eight
I Isir d&Ifta' dswilng time .uwrmlE."r anld their
"t1."t w.1K yrunttd with, t11" Iund."nntsutot
Ing tiniat tw.Ive. 11"1r ilaift+e 1w. net.-wed.1
Se."ptcnelr r 15. I'uade.rtlw" e ight houar p,,h
titsu. · "11.11 who had Iwe·n t."tti(ti $3 for
twelve. hour' were n li.l $2.50 amid tlChew
mhe who had btw n ge"ttinag $L25 iuli.l f-..2.
IOn the 10th of thin month a ele. k.ttitee of
the. e.mplnyn waitnel uajonn the . trnatRer'.
saud requea.teel that th ..ighlt honer 'y-4eezm
he coiiltlintiee. Thiem time nianurgeqr~' lº.ti
1 tiqb' mlyrfuu to ewnnaneed and the eetrikeL is
the w.aIt.
Rail.. Tr~ebltss to .% ilamas.
N5EZLWe. CaL. Sept. 17. -lnt&lliE.awe'
reached hbre of anticipated trouble wit!.
the Idaian. at tarkberry. Asbuona. Poml
mneat cltlmena of Iawklgri ha1 tele
graphed to Kiugmaza for arnus andI muma
nitioa frb causYe of trouble is nt definite I
b known, though for some time the. Hual
'li Indians have been dissaUtsfied. The
tb.e bha heen hoing ah ig pow-worw and
war dance in the mountalins adjauent to
Ilarkek# for U.so weeks. and though
it wam taale a "dance for rain old met
a .*rv hbae Lg.ditsrd trouble. i.eutenant
H.nuaa'7 of ojavr. Is at Hackiwsav
and .aas Mble I inevitable. (Itimens of
Hackb are fortifying and weuadli g
clhc"ir fs away.
Errtbk Dtscorvery ed by a Pilce
Olcer i1 INo Orleans.
lii.. Slrr k.. $)I-.qar Hrr ..!Yluy
W'rlhk. E.&r w arr I/brrn( wba
Icrwri.r I.) n.hg.
Nº:w I ltia~t. 'x.c, . Sej. 17. 41144...ti~ the.
nta~t borribl.. et"ui aI rpa stnn-".wl hit ti,- t ril,
ittal aehlm..l. omf this. esty watma rwlmagliat tat
light total.ny :mfl tlwh tsrirltratabr ai tia.". iat
r...&a" ia.i"y l Ialalecl iin jatil. Iwwaie.. Sai...*
nuk.kir, .a pm. mty~ lalmiiala. atginul V. yea.r'-. il mes
Is*·tc Ulti" -iiy trauma Isar {..i.ml .a' n li..ala~l4
fur a Vt av w .a t"ir. All .Wf. arts iti lsMiatatt. I
girl twov al futile gmit thisi ,atmnrtminmmt wum..t
2Levglc tmt Kinny was. ilnfau'uaad l lust as
yottts White girl wasme kI.pt girimuuiur in am
mosn d i tlii nr~ar of at luatrhii ria atj paituatteit
iat Fellabity LtnS..-. byiat sit-n sta atNcal usam
Tb. ()tllior n·imtltt'l to ti.- tii'ur. alloi.
fnldiwg it "l.,..eal. Isr".aka aitmei at almair in ti.
mvelr of the . elaa. A Iacmrili a*iight mautt hii
iUtU. SIta11tlt11aiag ii tin.' a-i'lltr anf Lime ru
wa th. fratil fairui taf a whnite girl. i. r
nlakasbldt.' iiutglttai tiy at tattituaul ama Itarni1
u mhrug·a.n)ua t. Hatt fat'. was *iwla" a
(kitlj4 whilet. r lutar giaautm anal In an %ita
auttursil uumamar. Aut tin.' margi"ntl emptril
sl, h. e taw~n himj asail aitmama1r trill
bhl tlirt U. lis anu ntaathintg hash tA d14..:.1
tittimets i ita inui4 taliti. ''ht ro t li., sari.
K(estay astta,,nita'l tam u'risiaaaIis t- liaitas
.'nagr". ili Nt imiar inital IN..iiag Niti'Whmatt
"uuHeia euInnal , it wast May anu'asfr n'i'-xat l a.i.
Iwras a'. "" tisat MiNa wait 11w Iit frlaasatly
s hanttb, slid ti' utfrttabatanata girl tiasiaa" lb-r
"pasitiaun asia luN~isu.' quie-t. Shes was"
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tinmakiar tin. girl. isasntea'a thmat ,aiie lisa! in.-'.'
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a p frt'fcriti ajarashit lilin.
KinsLton Wlns the, trlern tl Imnsh.i"p top
n Head- EHLhr Krentr.
(dG"r. +.r.. L. 1. Sep*. 17. Thim w as thw
first d;tay of ti. fll newetinal of the. iHramk
lysn Jawke*.y c.lb. Tihe nme* tigil jlimt tie
llininlg hIds fair to .e.lipm allt .tlr-r Insw.
ugils of ti. year. I)wy'ar rullrtlw.r lave.
r.ewrI lansarne wortlh UIP.iJ). With lle. orw
two exic.ptions all thIe nented fly.sre ,f tn.w
spOsm are quarterledt here-. TiNe uslss
i : five furlwslg.s Vhlssnte-r woeu in
F. edhanl ome.Ynwl. iMasstoa. tliaingl.
anasl e lhth, Strkkwlsway won ill :t.lay.
lB. .sond. Joe. LA.. tlainl. Tlhae.
mu'silfr. actlanr won iIn 1:15%, lha
asi i, Teusmamrrut Sl1 r 'Is Hit
(k rkntail handlkcap nill. and o esrth theel
weatl the *startersi : Kinlgrtmwn. Rae*land.
Exile-, Los Angelm, Hadge*. ('rsa*k'asals.
Tnvagrn, ( )rillamanue. Ja.* ('n*artw.y adl
('.4etes. At tilr thiln attenipt if tliy westli
witha (rlkwsna,. (MrLttasnnaI.. Kinlgats·ts
ansll Badge il frnut. They hualnhe h ueas
tifully n tis . renls te tlhe stand hlt RBwle.l
les hby a -east khlnsth. Bedg. was sMtill
h.lelisng a lsagth at tlr half-enlk watL withl
Li' Agos An . mtl ('rswkuuanl apped a
lengeth sand a half efore r('n*s. Rape anul
was fifth anul thrat wasr as Iear triest am hi
euakll get thnrsualtsut tl. re.i.. At tlme. es-n
of time tli". er aesalrte.r-. ('rae.ke.nmll hind
werked. himaeeI.lf to tRw fro It hut IaLel.
aised Jis. ('e.urtal.y wetr" at ahin eart.a*rs.
Paragosm h.eeutle ('ortes. Exile. Kii tsei.Is
lsit Jep ( Heeartney, 4I riiaslaIse. ailld
Hiw.ilas, i we*rs. iut eof it
At tlv. suite Ilost Bwulge a1el L sm Aalllg.e-e
ws.le'HI v..l tel·raes, Kinligton l i4l '((.
te. wetren *loee lgip. r.rlem th Iwlsasul elf thei
stretch to tlme wise it was a pre tty nrul.
Exile. Killgttr)l. UBadgse setd L Anagel~ h
rills ainm.est l.Ip..iee. l'letl. is Mllrplhy
eslowly hut unarly f ruge.(I Ki.trmeI's inosee.
In front acll aate-de euisehr tal.. wie- in
that p.smitiesl. amliglty cl.ie.r.e re-mt th*. air.
fer l)wye.r IBro.' istnast hone. Ihadl w-llm tle.
()rie.sital haslelka-p f.r I1e*. TIn*. ftlinh
wais alllsa.t asll .*uxa.t ieemlIsterpl. rt ef time
lrnsklyl)ll lmstsli.ala., hleta ne.isly .1srnsrat
ilsll tlw- Il rt tHIr. TIn lt.thleal flnisl, wai.:
Kinagtoln fieat hby ha -.eal, lAm Ange.l...
wuet*edtl a hme-ul o.f.ner. i .alige., wie. was*.
h-lstul il fareat eof ('lrt.l. wihs r.ils as en
Iaslrkaily gemsl ne-t.. Tuavarse Its Inie it.
('raLkasnluua, Je* (ll.elrslawy. IaI.-hlIsel aisecl
O(riflanle. f.ll.ewe·*l. Till.. S:121.
Vive-.-lgitlmli et ia asl.ied i.ilnmamy wmll ill
1 :t1. Halleht ('at ". ..emel. ("..rtlasesl thainrst.
- ile Aanel ucsml.-eixt.ltiat Vivid al snd
rridtle-lit.llt rlas a tellast twast f.esr .l.e." im
1 :52. (utkkl-a Rell n.e.mesl : stsl tlIh rell-ulff
Vivid woe. la 1:M.
Ma~w Warmer Will \..t Aetwpt.
W %saH1NE;Tea!M. $i.-)t. 17. faaj~w Wnternr
rptsmrtll la'.t uight Ins,,, ikevr Park
whtlw~r hi. went , lea .a* tfaet *irn"iiiWiit. mosil
it is .meless.teswl led- will ncnais, s auveral i
days lam 1%Wa'.h*i gtºns. uiMaj.wr W.aafl· .r c.1
."limud to talk few isusilii.ile. (( ht his.
frieds'. s.ay Ie. Eu,., susci *5.s Is) is. saiss.! ,et
In Uc.45(r II,. ()tn. ef {wins.l.sit dfw1,5Iis
Kiesido. Siit liitidti as. t.. Taisme.rs.o..idl -
I I"s.eeeW titielr 11,4. .hangse.l e'uoissllle.s esf
afaits. l,,ent.sus. a, ssumslsr of naus s. twre
osr thim of whiawh lha.. nost Isanrtles.est "Is..g
namasiel. Tlwh lisemillitiu.s.. a. far ats kanowis.
anr (sen.rrl S. Merrill if lle.s.lwa. eXeesmas
mnasaeie.n-as-e hi.f oIf tiste G. A. Ii.. Jeelqe
i I Jeh1 P. Ite-eal4. esf !inO iie 4 5li'%. ."-x-ewl1
nastinder sf iii. (;. A. Rt.. Frsel Kesefie"r.."x
{w·ccrsI ti II +"Il(, it Ifoci utnallw~lis. EIL-PO,,*i lnr
Agenrut ds.wll.. of Syrurv.a... (.esma"raah I harle*s
1t. Irns.;n. e., 4 jis~iumagii. 1itu} WV. A. lie.a.se.
UIu:K 1.EanK. Se.jt. 17. It i- s.Iastql ter
might tinatSe litj. W iar.i-r has. nt e1·liasmeel
tlhe dýtnmif.li.s. leine.1i. He" s.til lnsi.4 th
iumietter naunher .veusisl.rnea~trnss. Maii. Gses.
S. M.urrill. osf M.Sý(u a.shseratts.. is. Ieliiv.tel
tea he the ..llaly esther Iassi w hai. 1'n-eialeet
Harrniou in euns.aktrisg.
Boai.m.d Tbt. 'rev.r..
WE'tL1KE.-BAU . Sept. 17. -Th. (·i.a" of
Mary Glynnws. of Pittton. wale .alkoml Ill
tlwh eitnlinul CourtL taay. Slt I'. w..e90K"d
of psolsoulng br another andS aln b. ing
iaplicatad l n 1vluohaling herv fath..r-l1-law
.emae ,motlu-r-iua-lAw sonu. *,u .titsa Aga,. It
i.' allged that lhe thrb " vitl-tins we-re
musqkrtd 14g wa Mr. Mary t.lynn amad ler
huihand V waud. in orate-v that they
muight obtain inurance. minLoly.
f Threat Vrram dr the glppwv.
L(osno. Scpt. 17. A k~tter.cgued 'ak
the ippr" bar beena rereivud at a news
alg tm3 of th city Ln which the write
.tarts that in about a weekh another EIu
der will he addejd to the Slut oa WNhite
i ie&upSI borrorer.
low I.r S. Ncw 1.i* sd wrfual s S. ..ar.
N KW YORKK, S'ept. IT. -Juitah Ne."tartalt C
lef Nesitat & Meyer eel Un. Angele'. assd
later apt Neu"tlultt & Haasa.nsass eef Pem~thainwi.
br S gllh . iub.l~ at very gIiMIrti A %IS&l&y 1S
e~w York. Jiwly. isa the. Noye kno.ew him q
Ils dast Inii'rane i~a. haul Tneassa.ensers time
ee.itiatmint cain u lslgie *'rrasnd. Ile Is 1Irwek
ismag fr hsis wife. Sihw was %ti. inh..la
Jiseeel cot Ntew~kteern iw'feer" e 1w tari~rleu ler.
Tlswy nmeareel t, Ptwirtlasd. whaereSw lsit-Wtail.
(."d hemr is. as tmeassatifel ihons and gwsve tier
curry l b~llrp that his ·.w lfilrlartI· · ilN·t,lue 1
} r.Ndtl n,1"it le. Slav was (L·º ea~lntIut N, , .,
Stasv in tIm. Vt-ehftiit Stit iadl ,sasle tfr
? gsaeti5 a i.it . tee ?%ae5i irsime'ai. te. who re, it
*as'e ·..lil. miii e'eeIimisitt.eS 1111ssmy iimligewrs
tiicui. 1
She, left Perltlaael astilt ise flow iii New
Veirk. Slue iusasde the' aee.esaimeksum. "ef a tv
w"eeiuiI55 eat alseelmisig iaumsseie who. rlnew r
faslr Istr. . ct( tme jml."sa-onew siau tnri-I
Iom hmim ef gasy Now Yo.r. maid wause extveee
silgly *sle'aseent in. Ser aemire' set frIemme Ltslsl
anti tassi(r tlt~·. But Mra. S··lrlrulu l nilsa I
luhve Iteas1 sot a little. BiwaeeNeiuitel te
wake upe name uIseunlism i .n ew Yorrk atmdl
itsail hereself ii as tekeifetfl eertashieshsnamit
its Thmira-tyr-et eltrmst. 11w.· trnerns mzunnatiemt
of tlier friesasS ioat, as tr aset.. tiew vie', lutiset
Nave e ol at Stase am w " . f *astistal smewsa. i
Iwtat sels- aesgm{easre t", lee.. ileet rs . assehel toe
hIer loet. alt hearst eel-etjiraste alnheiIt Iur pllansmi.
is spgite ct ist faset timet iw IUusebusiwl. Ierf
aivi s math tel f(r tt hg *v.retlriytn. i. ell
S* avsr isg witl the acid ef frl.,la tee i
huSce' lse'r t.. nctuarem witht Isis.. 1Imeeeaigls sels
·44fi esautiuly titltileiite'lnt anIdIl hunt 'ems
living her sewn life asimeL lmasvsmm liner lewie
wacy. lair Iassetmasse hass slet agiseti si ye~t.
He' is willinhsg tee Suve. all tlwh e is~ru ulnah
rieliesmie if ncasly Isw fluty wit{ tease hlis. wife.
He- still Iete's 11w. will estw'ee'el.
P I- a)Rl.sjee. (Pre.. Si·et. 17. Jiwlsh NeS
ataut. wils, is isi atWel ii isvuiaIl ehneqUsstelm.
,"fesm New Vemrk as lutsismg feehleeweel his
tr Istant wife Its New Veekr ini as raisns eealrr
.,r te itwlsw'e' her to tef*rte' antt Ir'ttunls It
lw'r lemma'. ls very {*NrsentleIt iii Jewimsh
Veer the' {mhtut tha's eur femur year. M t..
Net.ietsalt. as Iwaseatifil etite' sruusttte. al
w ays fase.Ssieulmly tn~sslsiim~vltSE luei n a h ·rte'
esmie'otssewse twrmeswssaelr tm isrt est-ret. lie·r
lssm4tity waIs tw' Stalk est 55101 sItud the esmsvy
tit wossiaes. Nest icing ages ilse wasit tee 144 K61
l'raselu 'av. leet rutmartiel here'~n" sveras I i
weeks. sages. (harinagg the' atsietlesme tit er
slelttsl nreeestly aimw- vleiteeI as weenhasm as
S Nekasis'. kniaw,. is. Mrs. Ealeb'ulssu s. the
witlemw get the lhuesske..gw r whe. eemsumntactei
suiclic~it SIS heHr asroturlt at Sp,kun,, s unt'·
smmeeatla. agee.
With thlisi wenmlan she reermntlpr I-t fea
New Yeerk witwout teer easelssamdl it ktsnwl
-ý e fe."r fattwer. Mr. ('eelwn kepet a small
elelnp410n setnem in Etmrewka. New. wsen' ssot.
wias qluite a flet while' yet a yessig girl.
MiuaamEw4arwv Pr,.... Agtaw tl aklmag
Wains the. Vmthaatlf · Pelltle..
Ikorn-ix. Sept. 17.- The e.e'..itive' ens,
aisth'. of tke national aa wlaticme cot wool
- ~ ~ ~ - Lr h hsinin
The. eammotinn of free rarpet wulnl I. one
of the principle topir. uvmekir diwumm*mn.
No action bhasa yet ben laken.. hbut the
a...oeiatmlu'u quarterly bulklti n uaut pub.
liuhald .ay. e~ditaueily: "It admitlerdl that
tlwe 1117 ietela open e'arru s wools were not
deralgtwae to w~rY. a prtecmtmon duitie bht
were itlismepeme far pern4y reveteue peerp om..
We cannuot uuhuertihe to tit. clainm now
masd that ellti eam leave. w, changedl
In tw"maty ye)ars that pe t.-tlve'duty e meow
ektwirmahP and wosuli b advamlagtuata. The
Aggree.ma.w t ie heat the. enedltl lbs..., en
iluting whih eo resiwed41 all measlty tier
iii. eele. daty 4i0 11aare.i t wwal.J has In..,
I amereaeeI aed lhmts.,mlfeil by tap..
oft tirw. IPrciat.mey oar hIghly prealeetlve.
dumty eame ehe~aiw~r gruaie' wmhik Iaeil heal tom
arMcetmaele0 its tdm ..4 eumtry 'if wewalr uisami
tar te timeme nlaty inumrnt~rt for l,,h pearn
mu.... Macaufsm etmmmerma woulel he it tllte.d
its ismmle.timeg thct leaw gV.Mk.. .a camp. .1
wol.' ul.all go mglaim1 tlie free" list. Thme..
leew grlade.- of caurpet wont.. are- about the
emmly raw saaa.triad mma5e whie'h a r. ven.um.
eleety was' Immmgeesees. whe time gaove'rrolnmae t
u1 i.4-414 mamesme)5 fecrims wimieLh it Sae mait wince·
lie. mm sssac.%m. fear it ie looat these" fil time
,senate- taariff bll pmrou1use.el4 teo mene.wv.* It.
Argasmiac t 1mm s avl.r of fnre. carrpeet wo.r.l
ie veittiy elmemegne than that w mleime was
isaaeei for fr- *- kkS'. The dcllteelty ins t11w
wiay oºf iirmmag thfe nansimfarctmer thes tfll
isneetmlit of tie. peminmelpaS am4.' trimn, ithe
trimemlt. 1am ..eemanteg cat the . etajtewse leuesie..
tips` mitae iftleatioamm smec.e.....ir feir tife 5sc
vemmti.aam cit friee. WW'.. lbci4 1iti.. .lll.iiumty
to) loe tie. c-moly valiid .argtsmmemm that eota Ine
urged aegacimmet time fyree eeieaee..inmmo oat .an
past wemeii." Time iree.44iitm' oIt tim. ie·
i-eemtiv.. ee45nmltiitt'e cure' private..
I)harlmag tie. aft."ritraa , nr-cslutieu. were`
ame~Leite cLeelarlmag that time" Vcety-w-v.,mt i
e.c45mgrerw. ride. eel tipe wps.i- ltei dets... tcjrne
,immuaafeetmer.cl *meimimmef Imtyhimi l·i, r-el4u
tiksm im, 4cittk. 6 le u w.l ci ci a. to ei.tresy
tiwar cn*.mmm emusate) eIoniua-ter. eralawiaig
iseurew.as ii sea r rtut1 ot, of cirtaism Igeucl.
lamel fleeSlimag tilt. m1uarket that tlipe wuNrhcie
smaaimimfcctmalrer.. o the. 15mit-41 State.. .laimelelh
ewe*upy; that wo ok'm suleamefactmmua'ew .k-"
meuei"I a sstiskwe of tie, tariff imm whieaei I
then- ..iiall itl every immabanW.r I.4 geJLae..e
u5...na tim mCaIwaufaetmmred1 peiuliart tII, full
calesult .0fy . PeI(ile dusty nl.eeese..y tee 5-.555
sw'aectk- w lati'rer rste'.. sit dhuty iumeale .sel
icytiay r. qialr I'. In. immajmemeci m~.lm raw
k~ia;thaat. as. .Itsetimmgt eimtie.c affoeil
macarly !s a'r vcent Ie... ;icteetium
tleat. was... ecemmit mme..4uauasy fow tie, cie~vel
uctc eI~at sof the itaclusatry wite-n the. rate. ct
Itf7wire ti:ed, tie. aaeeaciiatleae deietaumamm
4alm ieer .eeee inm time ell vtaie.eqm ilutl..w ana
:took for ties. seeiipticm oft time. simgle' ramle uf
dulaty cam auieacalde tea ece"b 1ei~rraayn;a of
tism- wexiea 1.55 e-heeimaie and ear the ie smdoleliti
e af tlm -yctemia of mama,,l) Immisma.. it i.. ie4.ci
shieat me.. rata- of cluty ol aw~al ramt k.rest..ci
Sthe. Amu'rlk clungactmaafttcarerm. wheels cart
aae.om.mjaasie'd by cojrre.ee.mac1rsia da lie-...
o-immi.lm~swetey anad 5.raiteetive. mapeati imemca
femeteer.4 artieles .amalttsiaemt t., emmatile tie.
t Aucmrieunue mamuumtafa-tauar it imekl the e tu e.
macerke't. -1'lr neeulatlose.. umeIaau-ly aurd
en.npliatk ally protest iagalaa.t cakitag hti
wuoleeme imuluetruy acy longer the toothm fn of
peolitlcs.. The eaietplutirs a will be. wata
matted to th. anual antobes I a F th *u
Stkeuse a lrrllur I o b held is NewYourk
l .1~ ucrd
Tb. WryeýBau 4.mv.~A.mts.
t'HEYKnMNK. Wyo, aept. I.- -lu tin. tim
.tituatiouu cowmw"entlaa uob-4y the. Murll
eemsultrte e.porautd in fa44r of univenial
sufs... UCuaphsUl. of Lmnaauie, n.abeit
ted an arlmd nwmt that the omnans muf
frae ypank he ubenittl imtyamttlr to a
vats of tit. peopl. T hi wa 1lt.4.
law mU 41 .4.r amIMr.
WAIutal roN. 1kpt. 17.-Mi.. Sanlli
hUM of Alaska. was tadaty appointsd a
a.apl.t In the inte'rir departmnet.
SOn of Burhol'e s In M-4l
rested For WrltI Clicmm Iabim.
A 'u1ga......, Tewa MIIW.Ed rp sty she
.%rruc.t .sTWOof te a me P.aiw.
i.ge-mt (Siesr. em ripr
1aam. ('haruf=.
ST. Pat t.. Minn.. Se-pl. I.. -Aaosnymunns
1-.1k-r wrii.-e-. lave la-eu eanuoluag a great
meoauoijti(o jat Krur..n. aulls. ceuluty. Le.t
to-r. iaj~.- luse-a ua..wru ?wn.uuck-amt me-nt toe
t1." ti. w-q.5a grs 31i toa iiiolivkidt· a - wnhrrl
IfI` ti.-,, af itsn- vile-.t .hae-rt-.-. Tim.
I'cltmatl `ituts.. 3fltlbeaO-titj, lae- Iao.ej tit
v.".tigiatiiji tile*i.· rw and1(1 y."t-Ord.y tat
nrete.l Asewaot K. Aatl-,nwnand N H·nry 1).
Aisutin .Ne s atIMWrO laf .oenolinlg anaoogyncoui.
;:oal tiaro-at.-ming ltie-rue tilnaeugh the- malls.
The-s gu)ilt) ..rtie- ho..ve- w.-n erding a srm
!flie huain.,ue ine tumihe of ettst r writling
1 he-re- have l ~w-n r..llar~t·al a utrro fort
irt-r"m whkth arir- malaswmwl In uva.- hbe-i
writta-ti lay Andog-rwoom auil Auetin.
4 )ene- h-ctir was Me(ta tIo Si '%inolna Kr
go.h.aolwao i. tin t- gtiia"oo-ef lesr-alt aewusoint hadS
tii.- .ig stauiere eat A. IL. J.Jhnhataiej This
· *,lnnllrc ltirt H. in o.e-atking o .a eiilrmw
t c..a..."rvi.".". In Sim- St. Ps-ter',. C:~i..+spul
*itmln.Ia. rallo-d the. e-ue-nirue a jwlsrftr~,u
I .vs".";' aenl dasl that to hide it. trw" rlsar
iio-1-t1 It was give-ia In. St. Pa-ter'-e hiWl. At
1.-r i.1-ekinig of the- partailpasitao Its- writ.-r
I..iaiO thijt ti." rhk-.f prf~arnher was. Mr. (gil
hu-rt. who, ia in.. vote-tlaiwr than Bishop Gil
Sm-i-i. TM- se.-t ie-im was an ao'oani of a
I tlitrti(Mul e-uoalpop y'. Iw-ene-maua e. andi
lhe. es- ailmii·(atnim-ain eiatked with a mtah
nIlolit ihuse Kaeasn warn It hadly off foe
I aemlamue-eiio-ii. I r iant privrate -tter.
won-w of a net-h nu-P .Irrhlg naure-. Mae
rie-el buliat.- have-s ree"-lve.d theeno eusatatlwing
e-harng Elf if ~th-lily againuet their hum
Ihiiii,. and aoulvioimg the-ni to rrure a di
yarsn-- ie-uagh. es-itale. aitcmore-g. Yawns
ladlevto have- eltonee-e-e-ivede ohue~e-ne- kite-..
ht'w r~la wi, arne-te l an- ewsrnilaat me-n
of( Kauwsl.
Aaule-reau hs.s. he-e a jttatio".e-f the- pm-ae
anatl is at (,n·M.rn walltln g ar his."ansnis
.la~t an Ir*llna r at Karnenl, hie hbond
I having I ea-is t to K ashiniavt a. Austin
1w a iaernio-isit it-rhant. T he s~bk-f wit
t.ouoo.-.o anr- Mina. U. E. (ire-ra s, a lady
liggi*s. - A J. Iwe-ath. a eneehait, anti
F r-141 K. Jesolyir, aaulastaist pumtnweue. The
- -aiiainaiklo ar hw -i f bhefe- t nitrd
Stab-u". 4 "emmlsgeukses-i M-C'afe-rty Ohio frn
rl sia. FR.. .zamnalittatioe of Anlm he
wali at I1 o -l.ak. The- lett- pyrnaewh-sd in
-vl'.-."n.-- agauinuet bun warn net. wrutteet Iii
Mims Ge-rrekol a.-i-andmg her f Ieanr'wal
j14tissflf IMies (k wauiutl Is a isidrar lady
in year. of age-. She wishedl tha heer aman.
hio- lnt kianow. Shte testifiel us bhavlag rn
e-eiv.evlw the h-tt-, in yyeeiae-rn.k C. V. Cue'
tiger antd W. J. Mullikinof the Curtim
ileaittsge.u e-efle-g.i appeaue-d as wlen-uimes,
and after aen' ng th writting with that
if Anehvreete they (trnti&d that rewooer
maay .lmdaa-ite hbetween the haadwh-l
lag of te h-it.,r and that ea the ase-ied.
~ Auedoe esi andS Antia ~wa heli to the
- -ga l n.W in wa ke- and In dots"
me" go LandIman Smakared.
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