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The Anaconda standard. [volume] (Anaconda, Mont.) 1889-1970, September 20, 1889, Morning, Image 1

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uaser moun. cn X Te
___- -- 4
P. L. ST. J3Ali, ., M.D., C.L.
Smles. a - , en k. Joi. 3afIO .
Mem. Urn *ter nA. U.. Yr S NE 7 fl..
PYAC& ; V. A . PURI.
Fist""et - - Anr.Ia. Umd
Anaood - - - montana.
1. S'LUIR, LAtstey C Kuw at Law.
Prraoto. In ,.ul of the and trnited Ilterr
oaurti. ('olkuctiooa doily made. *InI atsi
K- lia t ngumc.. 1rolp
.rty Renied and I nta C'UorC(Yd. icffiue nlas
saudl 4 Btatl t lcok Iornir Firlt and flak
atreeta, Anaaonda. ]
P. P. CHRISM . D. D.5.
we~o. Vista Nrn~t Iketw Main a d o and 0"a.
by anw of I~entaI vº rk
men ac.s Artielkai
*A. P, 6E~OIIIN*
A t "rr
Sbi I3rmmt* & Jarkys Block. Main 1r cst.
Ammuema. M..ns
i-i. W. ST P I-IeN S.
Otjo ·in Barrett & J y 1mkk. BIhrld.ia.e no
UuiUnndl UItear~W.4 t WeU ,lk Mu4,WAt a htel.
l a n I T ' 4al ak t .c . l tl u H o W
Next 1.o Ma1u inotel.)
Anaconda Real Etate Agency.
Miming Br iwtrrmolile44WS and (onvey'anftS.
The ass t ainda ofU¶UIt aad C(lPa i the
Teta. sIMek. Corner &dne sad VIt Khvel.
mInua, urs S umnU,
Wholesale an etail Butchers.
AOrd mers luvrer i Free ad Care.
IIdr a p F festret - - AxAEtINDA
mw. M R.-ITI N -
DOe"rt M)rrnOu AWD K5t WE.
Ie s t st the OD itx.),
s Wert Park lt. P. H. nHAW. Proprietor.
Anaeood. - Montana.
Has the
Fancy Cakc andies and
Ice a. s
Mas Wes tPark etrea Taus., Meat.
imW. Park hliru DM1.b~. Meat
JOHN MA4IItIII. P- n.pwrt r.
J4oRdda&, Sept. 23.
!+,naig.ent Extrmr 4Iay* Th1 (unwurd)
ssotted by her o" win i~ exe~lrser"
a ororl I uwral
smIer aSe prmmlly orin er b C4.h..
WrMeam by >Edpr 9~hY.
____ ~.ýp ',1r 'a M c uty s
Mr~e 0I ls~ c *a[altl's dare.L~d
uluti r th 6.SIa LaM OSe
Dur the ?t aIl Tr.
AsgeAtte a i lmeiln Paem v- Great".d
in thi LaM Twelve Metanw-ltaes
In the 3Pun.at Leaws Ia..a.
im.ed to tC' cag s.
WAasun.oN,-r .ept. 19.-Tbi ann.ulal r-
oet d the actinlg a('maunliaosIwr of the
olle. William M. Stone, Itu hbeen
jdaiunitd to tle serretary of the inlterior.
In eopqemi bi report ('olnlnaissionr Sto.u..
aew to bte aeaum llanntion of IwanI. as inI
tisr e e hrbih hald bea left over froln
faror adminiatratiots and w lkih was
IUlus to the bla crtasing work of loal
id es. TIh sy.yste~l In frewe he say,.
was ret pronmotive of dte mlqedy dilsptcei
at bamalnem esperially in the cauos of thle
boaud of review areataed by Comsmludoswr
Sparks. which hre aholisbel as a hindrance
to good, safe and quiek work in tier offr"c.
comsmitting on Mr. pairks unfortunlate
aild unwarranted ,eampk*ioas thrat a witk
rr)wed system of fraud rnevailed. Mr.
Mwsark' assertion that the proportion of
fraudulent flitngs to the total aunamhe-r of
of filings nsade and relln1auisldwd may ih
e.atinluatd in round main twrs at 1($) per
cent. Mr. Mtone says: This wleakwalk
airra inent o claimlaalnts on ther puldic·
drlsuilmn shoskl not rave hren nInadw with
out the nmat conclusive evk-lener to sun
tain it. The, report goe on to may that no
general mis.cotudlt on tlae p.rt of west
'nt settlers has been fewism. DI)ring the
year 701141 agri.alltlaral patents wo.r is
sued covering 11,791.119 acres. of otnl.
Thie increase over the preceding year was
nmore that. r.U.IOM.M - ars...w Mineral
pateI4.ts to the nnumer of 9V1 erverling
an acrage of 17.tM were is lsuet. There
were patutekd for tiN heneflt of ruilreituls
ualker the law 425JM6 acrris and under the
sw.anup land graulal to states. il,721 acrws.
State selections undelr educational grants
were approved to tbt. extent of
acres, and lands to Indlans patented un
tder various sets to tthe amount of l.AaluI)
The total cash r ceipls of tihe ame flronl
salees of laulnd and ten's, were ' a
dc.-reause of i.ore thanl thr.e million li
lart as .lmlnerrd with the previnous year.
IDuraig the year surveys were accepted to
the aI ount of 4&M4,372 a.re n. plrlaeipally in
DaLkota, Montanl a ad New Mezec.. ('os.l
mi nesl-r Stonel calls attention to ..ertaill
allowaneru s made to depuIty surveyors by
the first cniltlltdker of the treasury In the
ye.ars lNti antI 1na47 wkich,. ila my opini n,.
were gressly i.re.gular.anl a palpable usur
patirn of the powers.and dut lspe'ial.
ly lhenluong to tie csnomunsl ner of the
genel land of.rce. The rart r efrredal
to the sllasmettled enullto of private land
claims in .Sew Meio amnd Aristaun anl
the urgeut need of cnagremloumal action to
settle titles int these territorier. , re
ferrisg to the art of Mareh 3rd. 18k,
whitkh authories timewr -srtary a tdhe In
terior to adiurt ne.th of the rallrod ulrar.lts
and it aly ive bee.rm errmnaeaously certii.I
or patensted to ,sunmenns.ce proceedings to
cancel themn. Tie raerport states of pending
sel~trtions 21.N010, 8t acres have heean sass
petlted awaitrln action by congress. At
tention Is called to the iact that nswre
tihan acoo,00o acre of land have hcets
clalneld ts.derl then swamp laud ac.t In
varios states, Florida aloene. while hav
ing a total area of hut a...t.,W, htavilg
Ibts flled for 22=l,40B ac-res a s wamp
There can he no doubt, says the report,
that large quantities of land Lanu miting to
nmillnas of aerv have aeen patenlted to
the state errnmesunly as swamp Ia .dwhe0ns
ha fact theme were .a idl aeup gmn agrickl
tural lands. The work of euamillng l ex
parte mineral enltries Is saik to he two
alld Ih half yrnrs Is arreears. The report
rcummnends that when a hnmtteald or
preemlpptni elaclrnanlt receives a patent
and mineral is disenvertel subs-guently
on his claiml bild ertificate shall act as a
bar to any mlning cilina upon discovery
lnadke suhseqilent to ealtry'. The report
rceoennaneud thl apins,'lal of hluwr nrlatilng
to public tihber aid. the enlactllsent of a
general law, plain, eorncise aui asmnnis
takeable In wtanilng. Fewenr fra.dulent
entries have bterm n made during the year
than for malln) years past owingr to inl
reased vigilance, hut aeveral wes-. are
Imentioned In t reprat whIere .4yrulicates
sought to obtdin teal lands hy rmlduslelnt
nueans, tand in one ca, had they sa..
mttedl, the coswnitssioni alonse woul.l I ave*
amounlted to ZCllrU.JU00. Thae oleningr of
Oklaolanu is refernre to ia ti. li njost imlt
xortannt eve.i*t for several years I in ti Uad
nmislistration of the land oilRk'.
N$Iver for oek Mlnta.
1~'nHI Nxur.x. Sept. 19.-Se.e'rett.ry WH.i
donm bas decide.ui that in the ptur.lmase of
silver for coinage into standard silver dkll
lars., he will hereafter anecept the I.,.,west
offers for tiew 1man1mat required. l reviderl
the price Is within thel market runt as r
qulired by law. This reverwn tie prwa'tice
of the deartmneuat unkder tne Lase admialls
tratuda nof maklig ounter offer, and is a
return to bthe prarti which prevailed
prior to Itltl. Th changeO In time practice.
ie said to be due to ernleentatkon by
hankers and othere, that tie practice of
making counter offers was in effect an
attempt by the igoveMremen. t to hear the
silver market by foreing down the market
rate. Soeretary t'indem,u. is *gemakiuta of
the matter this. afternootn, mad hi . ietio,
meant maore than appeared on tl.e ..erfarne,
an d was not to be uasderstextd as ini.lleat
in a any elallnge Iln the poliy ofl It:e iadl
nlinatratioton Ie the anattter of tlue e..,inag.
of slUver.
NEW YoRK. Sept. 19.--In11 tlw Ive. 4a-p
to-day Edgar W. Johnson, ex-attonuy for
the ('iniinasLti Hanalilton & I)aytol road
and ex-Governor Huadley, of ( hio. teUtl
Mid. The latter saki Short spoke. to hila
about the certiflcates which be hlad aigled
in blank and was tokd that it was all right.
'"I did not amthbortyu bort to stan tw cer
tiicates ahead and give them to utau'awr1
in fact no such conversatlon was Iwkl.
Her Nhort's tet waas g.stu over at
the paes. o IttI awhich ltestifed that tb
signed no eertlaea/s until advised to do
o by Governor Headly. Tkhe witeum
swore the eonve.mattio be bad with Short
was only in red to certfrlate which
lhad wbeen aus out to be ignewd. This
tstl.un ay directly opposed that of Short.
Uardesre lay r gagmde.
PAa.s. Sept. I!.-A-c.dling- to advick.
received by curso there has re
ently bes. an alaslne g outbrak oat .i
gaudage ia Mliaedeai. Two hladred per
sma are .emd to bhave baee smd.e.sd
anudbd by bri.ad during the .ast
two muostbs.
AS IPb0...1 S. Ws. lagtem ..i~
Corn~ed ash a aby.
WA manxwrox. Kept. I!.-CnstsakkmM
coaarasns wma catus.d in W al bington i
eIssty to~day by the arnawewrrts.nt of the
I m'4,int mnarrlaage of iwa M imswahbr AWale.,
daughter of a;-UCIruussým..-Gone.rml Wok'., of
tbs. tuavy. Mn \. Minter (.wik*tt. alai of
this city)·. The. wwn a ·tlal Dot Iskept we
cr11 ay hangelr. owing to infortlosatkn
that a child had rmtescmly tace bent at As
txtr park. it e ssttated thai the nuarrmiag
to0k pIa4e over a year ago. the crtliicateI
heft0 wittw rasl s by two trhendn of Mr.
(it**la~tt. No, nuullo iw iven feestie lst ays
tert in thliis asITadr. Mr. to.Ade·tlt ha. l's'.'!
Iook. a1 upon an tine eaptadl saui
totr of Misse Waks's fastet Iws.ta yeas.saw
althowof -Isis 414ss.Es5t frN~as
belatinkling of thm. trths. He- is
s.malplsytd in tlw ptuMtu-t f Ifile. andi I, as
salluinesmt and vcry 4opulatr temberr of
thm. )',iaid a m shau. Mrs. (vsslsutt Is a
hlontlk of strilkIn hgeaut. an1 tar a year
hass heels one.st oith I-th. of Waahisag
MIr. lusaslett Ishf h eeshimaglgau a shoMt
tline. ago foe AssIsury siark. andt ont Issing
teiwraphew d by a& frie'ndl that hi's pws'ae.
wave maereasar) ila this city. r~plkid that he.
Iha hest'n sit~cft's sy arrie fIor f ver a year
atndi W.&* uaSAvo Isaih cyls.(tsissI by as.. ad
dition tar his faimaily. IU. W&&lsss me
fused tos talk sem ii. ssmmhfa-t. assss.
lugvi that hi's elamaghte"r had as rtL~hI us. m.Cry
I privaaleYly it silas. c insh1, anaiI that it wsousIl
l's .asadimils.I fist hint tea entetr intot ta
I n shlia-dissurssio.nsit tie` nactter. Frisetlds
of thi 'opstIte a that Mr. wosltlstt 111141
M iiss i t'h wet' niarrtiel pr ats'ly as yarr
ago, oand tha while- they nulee ass. paaie'
I amaimnnsmesw.stslt of tIh fast it was knows. I
to tlb. twilit-'ms fusaily uadI to west' of Mr.
i (;crelle·(t' c~lub frie·allr at the butt, of 1( ClY
swnm1'mm"1N-s". The. lwrIic. n pareuml' hated no
tatjse'tisa to lbs ss-mrrriag'. It wiassi te- to
rON. t rivate r'.seaesns. whihls 'sri' nest .x
Vtais , amash 4.5 Whleb·i' their frilends ac Slat
eel cal hash ur*ls 14 give' to tie' pssblic'. It
is.a 4'stkk q straasge. that Mr. (ondh'latt
waitedt to acktsowls'shge' Iis. muarriaage atstiol
o latt a stale.
Ameuutv l'Aask. SeptA. it.. -Miss. hiJaius-w
Wakle. who is mact yet 21 years told arrived
hs-te Augiast 12th amid wenlt to live wiltl a
frikendl. Mrs. A. Rive., at 512 Seventhl ve
inan. Oarn Thurssscha. Amagnust ". a girl habhy
was Mor.. Mrs.. Vahes was ls*is-gnaplsr
for and arrivedl o the earliest train. Suel.
ue jlcntatb thes' ?nalsg wsmaal wa's tr newvs
to tanrissm ( ettagr. nos ThaireL a&ve'tu N
14 ar berets aave'151k, whnsrs asin still is.
TIN-to Mr. Nics lslu andI Mr. ews.llehtt a
rivscl rseams WLas.singteem. until thIe latte'r a'
knuwlslgeel tIe' ysWsn(g woeasan ass hiss wifs'.
Ame*rle.as Killedt IN a let em am slad
in the Carrlimhea lesg.
WANHINxE.TO. Stept. 19.-A u*abl In as
heswe .a.ive.l at the*. eal.rtnwalt ate state.
frot the consul at Kilgstone. Janraka,.
saying tlut a riot oresarrel at Navava
Islaed ies tlhe ('arrit"an sea ila which a
aieuub'r of Amwrkicals wer, kilkld. The
diately upos releept of the sews of the
trouble. It is hlarlt'dl at the navy lekpart
nwlnt t ehat te Galekas l* now o.n her way
to Navaaua aulnd will woh.hly arrive. to
niorrow. She was at At.. Nk*htlas Maole
Hayti when the news of her visit was res
-eivel at WaIahiieta. andl was at nes
seat to Navalsa. This land Is rsunde no
particular Jewiudlktlse, leat ie regaulekd as
undaer the. jirotetein of the United tateer.
It is. aki to he owned by ass Asnwklan
eeln.pasy of whkah Geeseral B. F. itluer b
a senemnher. Iitil ahln U) mailem ftngis
Kiagetsonas aid i a gurae. I lalnd.
BALT.IloC, l Sept. 19.-The Manaiams
Phlspbhate co.nmpay own, the ikleaI
whelwr thel rot is epoartedl. Yesterday
they Mre.veir a ahlerlan frowsn the Inar
te.r of the vcuwel efetril L to a revolutions
henre. heat gives non part akatran. Another
crbltegralln was rc..lved to..ay, hIet tlwy
,adek no nie.ntior of it.
()ttl'"ers of the Nava.as GGaaue tei-llpssny
in llaltiuaoe say thelwy did hear by als in
nsutllins l hip of seanl. litlhe truekh, abut
),1ly y.sterelay hlal a e.ahlehbrae.ts y way of
Laeledtoin ic whkih ol . al.clmatioue ie Inule of
36ri. IlNsaSt. Yvosad iaSllty.
M vAY, L.wnuxua, . Sept. 18.--Tluw trial of
Mrs. RNotl Ray Hun1ilntilt s rwunrtw l this
111l~n/iu t with arWlIEuuNIt for th1w def.*atse.
This was folºlwed by aan arguausawst for 1hu
Ipro(nlktion.After "4m t lNw lit le
live~rn'd his .11143YlF and O N' · csec w s rr d e11
tql Ott- jtiit. TIN- jury s mt~ a..t1runae4 a veur
dlir"t *f gtilty of aatromriuns oiuusasiht. Mas.
HgIiilttm wu*as Ileu intts lib. (mart rwn4.
%lij~~.j itIa.h fouripai( of the juary ueclng..d
th.e va(rdlvt mia' fe"ll haI a. mwtrnxl ell Otl~
fl(w. 1rualms Hitt dratuatk- m...ia* h broUgt
teuli' tu, 1Iimlaat (-Very .*yR* iii 11w cuxrt
r mull. She" wuas ,usnte,,edl to two years iII
thle (lint. apriam.
Mrs.. Eligatw~t Rapp. proprl..tr . of 11*th
SotE /istlage:. whrwe the rowN eat sasuld said
to-nighst that rl..d was earityg fr the hahy
sander inmarusthgur from Robert Ray Ham
lthem. wwod sukei in a c da 'wr td wha dsin
Ilaton ld w krkln iun a drayar two what aid.
position would he made of the inlsw-ent
eausa of all the troahier.
tl..htlu. s.1 orserd
lC~crttw trtrtw Wc$.p4 1t.-Invrhctig ntiun
biry tBp. stae ofik 1.1.ul a prtike interented
in statse aeewritkes nntialnue to develop
caiw. of hraudt alnnsat ..rsy day. It now
appeawr that wiurgvry has bee. added to
theft in the frau'tullet floutIing of bonds of
the slate through . rliuinaj .&arle...ncwss of
thme .staates truustet rv&ltr. In aiddition
to LtX rJOU of (·aimNelij4Idtl iotmIIad tttjtII
whicLh htcre,'t Juayuuct Itaca just 1w..,.
.toppud soul nmany of which hai." Klauau i-.
n~i tjtIoukib past on the asarket mnsrtcaul of
-s~iu cane. kld tluera has 1hm1a diutew,
ertdin private Ibonds a numahbr of femur tpsr
.tnts Isstuel anejr net 121 of ItU ua&m
known as eemeslsitutiouaal houIds that &arm
clearly al over Issue.. This ervesiau i ,i
etotigaa a. thlat the iznautheisrlaf l ý,,mela
Iuraued upon thea market will aaunolt, with
oust. frosu the lute ret fund. tom nesarly a
nailkha dollar.
*mrul at 'New Ytek.
NSw You. Sept. 19.-Tbe tiottitg rmws
at the driving peak today resulited as tel
Iows: The track war fairly good.
In the 2sm clas. trWtting-Edward was
fIrst. 4ir Guy acad, East Brnfney tildl.
Essex fourth. ameSt time. 12 41j4
In the S21m class, pacing -Hw Pointier
was d IL oPlt o giebp e em eond. Cn.n D.
third. G. U. M. f urh. Brst time. 2:10M.
In the 2* class trotting tuutiftrhcrl
Moonlight wor the .,rat and amond bra..
Bcent tunme, kil(
AwpNIsr U~ctr/d tfa r.
IV .srnuosorn, Mept. 1L-S. V. J..vomi"
ha. Iwct1n appoitd gauger of tb . Flrst
('a ifurnia dJuSkie
Terible Accident in the City of
• Quebec Last Hight.
Put of the PuFmos Ctals Crash Dow
Upon the Town.
Iftyn Prl.low. . tslls d t.ee HMar B *i. KIIi.Bl
nr VInlls Injured r , leI.gr for
she VI4Imes. .f t he
tOt"KYK.. sr~yN. v.. "1'4)-1ai))( N'*rrrU
t15E)41Wsl154 t, ifI nsf -k slidt frt, 'Cal". tla
nanne. tat Ilse 41141 of Iha.eis. Terrwiue tall
('lsemplsii, setreet 31) fee"t Isul)w. ek'nw),
Ishlug in ems elwe'llings. Up to m,,ldlight
mix ihnlcfIc luad twen tsakei frewu the ruin.'
Thou. Farnrll ,I114 twellif hi ."hilnVe. silwe
two ehllulrdi launied Bleurk. assdt tine Call
ktlnn alhikt. Ftrmn."11's nu~IY-rCill-ha ulll
hert i tlernd ar.* still in lwv nailm. Alwuet
:5 1M-rM.º11 , Thar.- IN-4n nr~rl.~"..l freesi till
ckLflrr Ixa~ll)" itnJuln-tl. s.nln· Nave horrritt-t
legs and anal., auavl ,tll res on- Ierrlby naa
tiluatle 3and c* wiie l. It is au eeewu l thnat
30 IM'toii h Ian yet UI&ck. tll nnile . Tis
(114wis evav."r. thu geseul in a umebsel aviuam
em - 3M) fee"t Iun length anid 15 tAID 2a fee"t
h~igh1. It iI. inlenjseehale to Ugly ait I$ewer.,it
how labiSI5y laie 4k1111 sueS weauneleel. Ee.-ry
(mc I i w4Srkiig healna-ally asue sand., dimt
erltirs ass thle- night is. utenseely dlark a.,et
ekeeftrke light wlnis IuavE h ·a.ei nusttrittee.
lti/uw e':. Sepat1.21. 1:Si a. no. Trie amss.
of uewk cl-taeuNlied train the. sifisl idel, left
A vacant ulaue. of icstrssullluary uinwe
sros ulgak-r Ihlega-t ii Terraee. susud that
giest uiaen iiiwehe is galw- ainsasafe. Thlirgt.ei
arM.sYs. ausd fWeaerta. es wetssehe.4l eave- hee.,.
takes. oesu. Tie. pcil.llnary eaiLusage will
1W largs. A fswee eat ANN) sie'Iu li now work
ing ou time elelaulis.
tries. f *ilwuelgu, lsIp." un- Ihesnl Erims
hs"iaeath te" ekIwlris heat iiea lwlpa 4"1411 Ii
given. `'. "1-l ittl e Iit ' p* rog ress is hu·ing n u a
ina rauv-.ruing hehlese owing tea told- setulusa
ekau m asanslllt af rcIk eove-riag thisan. The
b aey of a wnesusan na u-l MrsM . Harris.eu
ban jusut lasen pulled oet of the de-lwria.
More nress are falling aeld it is fered the
whole hesealeka fe aing tll hlglaereut ja~it
of Qege4aee will give. way.
N. Uetsre. to 496mgw meai His WSIMP Wake.
.a tMartliag Admau.e.u.l .
(CHt'n Aun,24wpt. 19. -The- TinsE. t..gtsaaW
mew will re~pet that Jtimat I4IMIEI, wise wen.
nasttkiomsI in the e'veaiaag pap."eq an a
xuiihb' Cronin .eaaspee't atmt maki to he. in
the lwklhelwi, wa uw t hiss Mlasse ts-aigiat
having juset rntun'uI frowu a trlp tn Inrsasad.
Hostly bI a ws.ii.4o-1e grom..r. lm aua INator
view hi. unab~ritstiaagly asiamaittel having
left ('icago the dly- fsallowiuag ('ruawiaa'
eiiramsontaratltae oil a viiuitine trilm as i.e
put it. H." ae"kuaaewieldgd Iswing a eat /ls
he-,r of til ('lua-asu-glw". taut hse -tels-sal
""napisstieally tlhat Ihe n-a"..v.d
atay lni its Ialatni aw Fr t alaegel
or Isainvitg gsa,.. thenss fear II)' rstu lI aUwr
penn.. Hi." metatal thast he" w~as. uaam epaisiaatle
with ('remsin, ( '.usal.*y es. nrake",. Eat diet
kneaw tietestive. WhEaa.eaa. (ejsagglailaaus few
mc r usrtawt-r. RemkE) wass fewinaerly i Ir.
isamiasts haimuself. A Tilesev r.gearte.r rs
tuatuacel tea the aiukknleraae. laster is. Iis- dasy
s easl iaatervier ws.i Mrs. it*mkly. Slat. .s
preur.al laanear at tlt 4('n aima uaasunarer. asal
sakE willse,.er iaaassianaaal eas san .f it tinay
bade Eassaa5 its Ilrsand ias aa.watla.
6 Wlssre* wnr - ye i whiot tiad. lass wan
f Cae-.iveE" ausked the. anwte1."r.
"'W." wals' ast thisss *Neiatlt .d.1
weasna aga(eI ssplaes atly 75) yeasn%. reassise
'ilast', thel isesll anme e. *lssinseteE. "Peaw (i~nl
- wake" hal ).nar teseagiw; what iesr tihey
akaastw" ; wheat calla these 4-111 ta."y 4is, ta laitsa
aaaywasy." ansl is nsaying Asia. reaseinel Esesek
as aemadeistaly as aeise. e"assams. Mr1. ili)(sely wits
elutamas fer as aaaiaaaats" at5al thiaga tusk.. iate, as
ua.nee lusagia. lie. .aavtratiea wait
n taskeaa tI5 Ely tin f Ie.'iee tauaaa. 11t1c41 .4a4."
atiosa alitt tias. slulissly. wins Ess.svssl tes Es
K ran. iIekly'r' aestlaa. repea"ut thes eatrat. ,
I t .eisrfsmases. in." agaita bugged bE Pa.
Ilselly tea k.ep seilctsis. *"taliiaj witla ia..
eheelarestruist Y n". ne1ss spn to l tu knaaesw
Stasthisiag at all odf tiEas 4 noso at nl .·."r.
EUNºlliUIlf all all III %EN* " E~ifah ltu~arIMtF
t4.rp.. $ ?au.mr. Mrsm.wer.
Iknkr(,?4, S'rpt. 19. I'pº to amman Majer
M.-rill thaw nrier..lV.'l van mo `linu.itiraa of 1ii
aruppiuta nht as I.*·aaim masmaaim.'14rarr.
H. seagl tut a r'nrt.ar: '"1 dol't wallt the
galaw-. and it I aiaoualal .oaau all t ray aiwim(tial
intaifiog 58 laa.rr at as. well au nstay *s.
umumal Ek.UinI would Slut tak. it. Hut it
lm I f¶irn jw v.mei onla fil anld asa. tIeaattr maf
dalrt). l trmivewl frosa t"(ue.mraal Ctalra. a
imera"nca .atlviring aa- t.i taake. tIe l Jla.'.
anal adwo aotelegrianas. frw, (:.*aerul Vain.atihi
Givnmral lsaw aaul ottwtarw." T'Mna. i1' hatl..
ulmaat~ ita tII." ualamlie act Miarrill'.. fria.la.
that IN- will iu1aeeIt thIm. aaliw ,isatauaeat whaYam
lia.Eui 'ARK. Seagat. 115. 1 ar..wjmg..aat Elmerr
M.., i la nts 31.1mtinmly wivm.aa N1.aj. r %Varaamr
espg. II. lisaw ae'kmwl hmirea ti n. ..mna.id.lr lai.
eIkqliiuaaioaa. utid it is witatemi frn i, thin
white ttuMum ~ (a(tage" that tim jari+ielemat
ilimaIelf m... nimot knIow taa-lalat ala.., will
Ia. mm aaaamuiw~daeijam *d lºeiausiaw1.
WI.. i.. t armu. L.Stlr..a
(1114A(0 Se.-p4. 110. All 11H" ,neurtaissg IWs
.eatry about Li (Casuw' tloaughatel r liavisig
fuanmissha cvk.lIII.. that Dir. ('rluula war
uhsnkterd hy an, rrui.'ury eel fthe. ritias
g.wvrrlnwntt a. the. plot of ther aa-ralkle
troubhl, to be,,.itkt the. prbsoniw tmnw onl
trial. Sltata Attorey 1 LtHVI)"."ker
lutcr at It,,4a4d .Intrtl out that attach
kutt."r therm. hut adtia wslls am rrkk sc."
45m1. evyua if it we.re. it woom)nklot ahffect the
.vrklad agasitrtt the. ;riwiaaawe. auing to
.sow their ciuiaatilo with the. plot.
I ýIKUlmtb 1a a Roar.
«*1AT3MvIL.LL Mi... Sept. 19.--A t Han
Idoiphl. Mondlay night, a Eight oacurrtul bes
tweema Bob and Ike Carr and Totn Cwo
nit lb. The Car hbwitberm wert uarted
w a iths rvolv'ram and (o".uataey with a bowie.
Bob Cakrr w ilLedr . Ike fatally wuuSadl.
but ('oaa wars only ulightly hurt.
Eqawl to a Ulgbg1y uw.u.a/a~aS Trvawwd.I a
F awr ('Auo wnrw.rr. Ill.. Wcpt. 1*-- Tiw
that beve tae.hk *clse lethr( une ur tkwtrn tnllru
dust .Ivacr totk Ilciatr mIs etlewertl Illinari
eweealne'gl hewt a elay or two ago. Mtcnere
t rcay. s ue*le..Il te1eehe'r well kuecwne ina
M.,nriiue aetl a Kasnle'Ijde .o ietle. malleit Bin
ue'lIf tler'unr tie. Moert. aamid aahlelel ia ntllsW r
. huaidt.-r to t8- t."rril"lc erinu' . .t 8-ve yeart
aegeu. At that theel' 1- ray Was te'-aaehsng
ecet...l em1 n )I nl clli. Ill. ii." haul a hsamee
w,etu Wife- iccel twec bright e'-aildiren. Anmecim
Slo- vi-.iter.n at hise leenee· was 'silliaiii
bie."tc.-la. tie.' weawltll.'et farne.'r iteelth
li.ºiieeic. llietetih liteel like." is primet'.-. aeteeI
lhics ftlcleerc win-e oje-t1 cetuel tee.teueiecte. Mlr,.
(.ray woe' ehluearuee.l Iby lh. lavlcle eliesuhiay
cued1 his. re'jcsc....e'.-Iiega~lw cetmeslele'."
teir s1eeciettes time- eeiS~ule at 1161 tie.'hIr wac.I
a ..el.je.eg I lf geaeeupll eatalcet 4 olneeuei11ma. Iseeti
!dec c*· (l.ray c.-ve-r lce'ret ia wanl of it. AtI
loat t8-e talk reawa"le-el his e-aue.. aiwd le. el
te'~ae'ltee eeuoke* all isere'aetigataecea. Thle'
lnee'eetigasie.s wa.. feille.we'el bcy a n14ris leea
which Ie'" ,c'rtlely tf hisa wife' 1,1el frie el-t
were' e'uIeea.e.u. l~nsy .-ameglt ilmemue lee an. 4
aIlertaeue't its his owls Mheees.( ornatE .i-.c
gce'.e e-ac se..'1,." eulaat." few llri&y.r :amd tlOwe.
eelmect twne em e1.u~l.
Ibse'ts he'le gelecel leuibl fw hi. life'. e.f.et"'
ihag a larve' causin ..f 5514)114-y. *1'I.e" NeleewºI
eIaUter was uelamucamet. HI. 8Iem hc1tei. se
tirust. killimag hiues wiltl twee sle.uti. le'1'me111
phawee-l t114" nr-'elter at Isle wiL.' s e-r( t.
Slt' .e.re's1ee4e cud *uhe'eeell ln tc'rmr.
'I'le'r.. we it nemcrt. smd ale fe'll f le'sulj
eugcee tlis t esly llyo lI' luanr lsn aer.
tbrasy Was arre-et.l. I ueal. afte"r tle. trial.
l6e" was .. eee1,t 1...1 tec osw' ye'esr Inlbeti. jeeue
teit.l (t '). lie' wa. r iareleuc·e- after wervimml g
twi, e.uetlees. H.' lueeaýlet ha.. c'hhichu'' aelw
the" wre~u'k ef hIsis Isleeuueie~lel tee thies Ite'.'.
He' was.. as .ha mgg'lo m ns e've'r sft'rwunrl.
I." Iesv*-v ceiileel c ratt'me.h'el Iaunsaee'uss.etr.
His mie'lui 8lee.1y wa.. .dulse.rvl by e'very
cu·e.. H." wase' alt-Ttee ta Lhue e'heileh'e. a
girl of IN iiiiI is bacy of Ill.
lrctntly he. wn'te' a Isis lr e'tte'r to his
e'leihlr'e'me kladling theses Ine Sthe mtlact '-stkwar.
inn tenns that hli. Ilne'ti wars teo BIesury.
a IH. eLu'tile'el Ihiw as mouetlh ago he. lead
Quase.- all an'aemg'same'uet. to slwe.t hicerlteI.
aced ts. weawslsu faihel. Twice' aitu'.- Be.'
sttac-m t.'m hi.. life- esml faiela".. TwIme othe'r
uight h. lay .hwi.,w fecu Ithe' c ,h tIsa
scesmiw' we'4as&e ltte hiss heart. asset thi littlme-e It
1".11w the'itt~wlly e'Ife'et.
lt Trled Nt. anad at Nrtwki. and Warn
3*mnched ttn..trl.
,a'Ti.U.' Tlg III.. the famb 110. tituS wa tun
iw4IeltIhy farnuwr livinag swar thal. plate,
Wall ti"..qI .art of &.IUI a slay or two ago
Ia u uham~l ct ..f ianrpr it a manler
u*,,tutllhiy aft("r the fashion that wan wn
plciyr.ul ini awwIallflg Jacala %inana~rnaan
3&ar East l'cwtlaosd rueiaIYr. 4 Ite of taw
,,Iurarlwr.. aproauhow Gk-ion with the
av.aw rd sal suar of *aarrhaainu land. 4 In
the. way l4a iitap.rnt11 She al restate. they
,uwt a tramnp. with S n1UU which ha
claiumed 1o h taking to letr in U'tL..
Tb· tramp acid 11w onwt warn
rIjX 1/M/ lust t u.A hi. haul hiate ýI d1
of M1UU., by a tharui-ecenl antone salrp.
T. e saual ceuratr wag sursued.u tk kiau I
tttrn. d to townl anti .In·w &,4NuI f rros 11w
bank. and he asst strceaaedr nemilunrn
wets the transmp's $I1,4l Tl. uumoney wsn
ra~ntedO Inn · bias amid n tp(ih U n, to
hold, whik bharper amembr on. dlrew
lhw trans, lst. Itown as tat Itw coruUd
crath the' trai,. !%.lther hen ts (Wstaree
sinc. aiwi G -ien.'s but[ wer muassl te eou
.lain wuanl Iwlarr.
V'Ivu Dayi at Lme.sa~flw.
LAU4"I,4* LL,.. Seipt. Its. The. aeats.smn
nw.titsg of 11w" licwaluvillb Juusk.*y e"ls
onw~twnc Iw~n* tn-day. u large ernuwl boing
flu' tawu k waw g.uul assil the w."alwr
I)1wiii5U hMSIdieS. b)lf tninti" l- (lk.a
Hem-lu won. K.'milwu.rth ..". Ia . mttua.smb."
hamSn; tinu.. Gal%.
Half tuish' buitw '141491 woff. IA.tLa S.
wtrt..wl. Fukir thilnl: tinww" 30%.
S.% -v.rn-eigltaha guile Mirth wiwi, HIniir
g"..n.eml. lu.'ki."r ttinl; tin.' I:
lIlw'gwas 'stake. tlrhn--f .rtha small..
A vru.slk' wash. (4 .atit.l., m1o0~.'.tal. Nit.k
timinl; tin,.- 1:14.
Mtile l'aamisi. wuna. Gkx~kner wm-onl.
wons. Sju. taut" r m-nwS. (laure-hill ('lark
thinS; tauiap. I 1:t.W%.
4'r 11m4 , 'AII. "e,i. 1l1. 4l'laiinuiai Smith. af
tied-' rnimeo.e.iitliiiitii As..ea.'iutian, has&M is
s""" 1 :. 4tE111414111 took the e{wiM.ti.,ttl it the.
(ianraeliaas ltMcllae sl{,as,,wen r eltlfer·,stiels.
whirLa was n~f.frnel htee IItta eat the mernta
snetinLs ian 4 'Ihe"asrae H." rul..g that lv. all
Immlmee'i sme rA 4aas ef('iaieargee. salsae lels elirtq·t
lia.w w*tweeme ('thicuage, anad St. Paul east
~f the -.tliseeiesi(eli riker ied-(amsacl j ao Iea
e"ifl." vanl gtM;it.mteel railway.. vYi Winttlipny
j,. uatleewetI c lit *ti nirvtslts I... thean
the.n tew ins . itart via th. %urwtlaena Pa wtri·;
thmt true.a all trrvitury secuth. west amil
vseeethwrest of (Iihi. e. anid St. IPaul the.ea
mweuls shall tamake their Hates Iseud ton the
aedlthkua cit laicl. to tlweir ehller-Httal
natcs fen t lehhlsfiag or St. Pattli. paevkdlmag
salt rit-e slus.) nset it amsay imestaaae.v l.
hulgqhr thlan theri Skl's II I reet frots sawer
peelmat via tow Nett-inat I'arneitle.
fusd.. TiraubI. I. A et...
Kmlr x a's. A. T.. S4-pt. 39. - The rep*Iduw t
trnsehlr with Ihstlur. it, this eletimaly is
waitic at eax alutetl.e.t as fur as thes- whiet
t."Ittrrs are teue.r mi ali. A timunkIIere.&ate-I
io tt . %i..t( a hi-two-4.1 lir n-sat Milticinls ..t
the. tImlimuis. wl'e lite ci wLteHImI 3·nte te cvast
cell tie. etlel etsI(.teIti of teucrsaimag the. telt,
tmeee'e &"a ael cethegC ' h.ln er-ty ..f time shadt namil
Muatl elivielimIl usc. tlniWerty .Itl..teel tled lii
easteeni-. htgle 1 ee.rleeige lreeestl.i is eeitliej
tl.ie seate.eI.
T1ImIrrwr w t a ub t V h u.t
(lltA .t * ~jt. 19. -The 4I~n.wru-vas will
aik ilscauiry &&laii bte L&.aadiug lulauEMr
tlubl u tl c u· Iuatry ft-Ittrtlilg thLir Iea foer
t111t for 1l.." I4M'atMol of 1he wokl'w fair. i
Thr ee bnruu~ril andI forty-tive r n·plir hav. I
tow-o r."..iv.d fromu all crtiiuu. of the
coUlstry. of whbkb "i favor C'hbyagu; Jlº
%"w Yurk; '3 rwattari,.g.
gust. as lerrwI... ILb. mArly.
SAtL LAKt CrPIT, 1bp1. 1I.--Mrs Hiram
Mull of Malad, fda.. ban given birth to
mink-to. three begi and tbe girls. They
weigh eight pounds altogether. All are
quirt hearty.
Mr. Ttebenam a*rgs a etaum.
R AMrluM~urox. Sept. 19. - Ameistat Mee
rtary Tjch. mut suffercl a relape last
evening and Is raid to be threatened with
8Igribe DIa mry af Is $ bONmsM
Ke ~lrrnr I~r hi lut O y.
Mary Kimeey S ramed.. U'p -4'ueeed
I., Sb. t)eus eq·~
N aeheed.
N k.w YEnKMi, Se.pt. 19. Mrs. Mary Kinn.*y
has ho-e~n missing iiN %i."pt."ntlrr fth.
:.ttel her fric.n.sb anel relatlve' werr . errb
ammw fw her all ,rver the city. Sirme l..
chscth ofl ler hmecasml Iast May. Mrs. Kin
neyli has efl."n In a c.L.ngteva stateetc cf
tointl. S1w eecalek hut to- e'emnimeleqL Aftr
a t int- it was' tletkiel tata Iwt nltial wee
yleltlimngf t.he lb. ,rwwee .,t afmi. ti... anda
wut." wa.. .et ma ue her. Moe. hbee..,.
cw.w.e. anmlI.lt an id, that her, husbhandI
was sitil alirve andl 11w u.Ilee we,. (ce
.cealileag h1111 frw he-r. At that tna.a sh
wamaeh're.I ahett the- artreet lIwukimig few her
blmuhmenel. and4 fwcr.epantty aeckewml pmuwlkwnewm
.wm clduty- wilme, thy "twe.rte.eI hills oi el- ne
aileitag. Scahle'ny sbe ehaumge'e anLd thoutaght
the jamlika were in puWsuit of her. The.
s abe. aleha~lr l tin-eo. She. ran inletlallways
+itl4 sik kt-ser aeta whem saw saw tlme-n ap
I jwewNlmng, atntl toleL her frieºNe they Wet.
elh~asing hier tmemo lnte'tmel-d adriving he"r into
the river.
TINe clay of her dlasptper.rane. alIe wentS
Neridlg.'t Leonard. is wemcsn who wasle stop.
p.ingt with iner. cec an eeasmel. and when.
the 'ski wetenaum 4'fw · lack Mrs. Kinny
wasl g.se'. aidetmt Daeegt her among
utiiaw fatUtilea in theb hoes.., hut cuiakl fid
nu truce o he. t'araemr wan tro bout
Iwr lost ae.Mstwll of her eefalitlea aewl halt
t ekai*mi wuemme-t aemanuart the aae`ig~ataueouus.
%ot a truc'. th sew nilacang weomman war dea
e'ewenel. It was them ruseppacad that abe
bete thrown lemelf Into the river, and lb.
tue tgikme war aeurtnhd aind &th waters
waclhe-et at cwe-wy skip but gave ten token
of ten- ,nli'lwsig wmna. In 1w nuaem tlnt
thme' hml ey cf the- otnne began to aetke.
titewe'a we'r. wieel lit mesta of the apart.
nN.te's. matl the pill.. input pse at t d or.
to kite their qetatlltlrn netlla- wars
igaf.mntmel of t. deretive enadittha ci the
I plne. Smelt t40k tin ulnotce. The amok. I.-
I cattn w~sw"a- ide time' te-hants aain impteal
eel t(t tive c wetn't. Ihtetrng the .u-ent storm
the- aticke- rc'tusmede to th.- kite-hena ame
INY·ualw· tlnhurrslr.
The- te"anast then nuadr a e'eulrined pr-.
te-at to ithe- leatelkud, at Ie bhe eutk-wl a maw
to elesma tIse- chiany. The flune wee wide
and eilkilly e'olslr a ttEL Mrs. Kinney cr
c-,)i·tliee the. top~ fln~ rw~ en te iae ape-slug
Iott hew parker wee with ate widr ean
tlejc aon the ketwue' Swa. The naine em
played to re the elhhtmm iwret up cnt the
costly an odorlrnae-el that cheys r hi c
with th.e wtl. He pebe atoned
with ape-rat be dbdaitlw
gmialwel aI t ulatuitSleee a-ma urcacbhtg up
with a plain gold ria Lbaugiug ut lb.
hn a fright sand reig tr I
vcstyagtlagt wan sauee med then the hoa
onyatM-ty Kisey wasn diaeowewd and the
A uunumer ot p ttrenadfremena
helped tat t..Imov the hBiek and tear down
the chinmwy. ad aoat the- .uaaeatad
body warn rmoved homn in dirntal biding
Balaurbabto wew.r of a romgn Wesmem
WINDS, I Trtarl r( take~ resin.r ol
X*Kw Yuamu. %%-Pt. 1f1. --Mary Martin. a
y(nUU1 waunruaa who was sant to lbs Kiaym
(.aahnty p...Itartiary. ha. been trana&brrd.
to elm. Luspital at Paushaa, where eke dit
touraw will ..ndmavug o Basal ut Sb r mu.
front which .1w. ha.. a rmawhahs poawer.
ti1w I. Ututki and eatranwli m.uaslliw, ho
a/nw"1 s~se thp strength oaf a Meagasas. two
It cotuly lar f et .ia inc her Ito highi unatll
litanixtl and has the hand of a chibi a .im
ye arm. Whaens srrweatl itls r'klym sbh
It n cv sain l8 a 01.. Ltn the steeet, sad
it nryuirwl Itve- asll t, armrt her. S1ke
wler "k.il upi its an iroin .t. mand an
hour later trrlsaiwd 3th mrnwet bhg awP
w aeriang Morha)f him. having hoi the dbor
smeasul erawawle out of tlb prisan. Abe
wars givet thea .1aaun gae at411. but a few
hLoua' later wars fuae airing herself in
thw lu triuiei Jr. Mary had .snapped th
hare cot her cell thsaw a if they had bern
mstk-ks of esalinsg wan. Warnkan Hays pan.
I uewla-rm fer tine ( · 'trsnR.nwt of the h-mnalso
laminac Iits oUs of tlte ativuetgea CeIa in
*arlmis. Mary atgeaitly maentittedl to bher
tralcrfer. unl tlits fuallupwieag ,ea'nwring the
dlim-..ver war snuk. that al· bhad mLis
e-at as/au. She, war. arried t, another cll
andt is mmricl gsuard platesl over her. Tbe
girl emcal-al frwau the euauir" bysaeul
larrflstgrr nsa a wrteath ftaer the paarpwraset
ranswwiaag ths saute troan the. law bell
alwl afct rwarela. taking tat! lbe luck. She
wYwsiss' rmrt nsal h ked us de ru dL
rwthtltlen rnnarin kukr.~ uso Jaa·Y
1 .wrna ranait"a her 11Stanal s dn wa
.I .lmrg~a.l tatha aginrmamal andl takeIn I
ti" hospital. Mar a-natt atennt fIr ber
e mwuarkable strtIsngt
W Sinner as 4hwr mne
(;KatrIrru. Spt.. I. -Thr weather: i
daJ war ei.di aanu lbaat.nlmg. . t ~e I
k*,mdiauet. was large.
Trhmruaalw r mike Maladmes., woen
Kitsu (Crah. b orud: Tipataf. thin!. TIme
I :1t%.
MiU. anal thrrm-mlitewnb- J. A. . wan;
Hummtrum. arnal: Zephryus. third. Time.
('u ve~r makes. thmy.uarrrt of a mail.-
Kingrton wort; lrgpoter. actond; CGrral
din,... thini. Tiuw,. 1:19.
k .altuas a'tak. agile and omnerqsarr-
Teumasy watt. S4enoita rqugdi MISm
('raft. third. Tine.2:a t .
Yive-..lgbtlm suite-- Wot) won;
Major Diuly. wau4M~ul; Mlaster Luir. third.
Titn,.. I :tN~4.
Mile- Now or Never won " D.41 -s
et usl;: J, (Couaey. thin!. *Inw. I
At Leaiavlllt-- LouisvUS. 6. C'elw.
nall U.
As Kane"i (1t--Kangs (t'f a as.
Louis U.
!.At PbilydeIpbia-Ablwtfr. 13, 9esbl
At C hfra..-4. holt..r 19 f
Ast ( 06ob~urr Ply
T A Now Soak 46 .u lr l
Wee Mepm.W.-T .
v d-w b m-
\ L ULr'~
t~dk ~·11..:

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