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The Anaconda standard. [volume] (Anaconda, Mont.) 1889-1970, September 24, 1889, Morning, Image 1

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DR. D. J. [email protected]
wm1WIUo DEimir.
-yo . Jos. mrmr Co.,
F. L. ST. JUN. LU., M.D., C.M.
ltomm ajeam assret. SEI. Jeam bundles.
-~.s lus VIvA M In ML. Jess Bundlea.
4g· ineu l s: o I*joS. ][.. 4to s ul d b fP.X.
VEV A NCUER . &acl.lý. t T
ktJ #e, Anacomda. ]lust.
UAIN U?., OYES mAR35? " JACK3Y-. etc..,
Anneemib - MaStan.t
I. VIZY, Atteimey AM Cmulwt at Lu.
t irasbei In hl of the satle and United States
seme CMlMeninu pmmns IvM. at
law. tbl I i b Innr Iraa In s irsuramc. Htn Pue
wt aIM S Acuste C oAilt4Cd. timec ruuma
dUs, tanner R t Vir't sad tiat[
srtre. Annuinda. w D._
Sbm Firwt HItrnt IBetw.en Manl and Oak.
Aea wood. Montana.
b I An s ,.la se of Li~Otal Work
. I i~rat manr. Artlclal
Teeth Without rPates.
"R. P. BRO.ntN*
Attorney at aw.
Omee lN Barrt & Jacky's Block, Main atreet,
AmnaeomdI Montana.
H. 3K. STlPHi NS,
Ot Se in Barrett Jacky block. Residener onl
aeefed street weu, o|. ite Montana aHtrL
. _"alY ytta~LCe to. t re* atte uo .(.
(Next to Montana Hotel.)
Anaconda Real Estate Agency.
Miing rtokeb,CoUectors and Conveyaaeer.
S1.t amadam o iqurs U .a Cgar a the
rsa.a B.loc.k Co, r mad Irust etraee.
Iuuingsr, rrwtt Barett,
Wholesale and Retail Butchers.
ramy supples a atpeelaty.
Ar Orders Delivered Free ObClhSle.
p ea First Street - - - ANAOWDA
*S t. JuRRTIN*
(Orr-Orrs TrIS RANK)
zbu RST ad PchasOO the city of
ls at the UOLD BOOT.
a West Park M. F. H. BaAW. Proprietir.
Aaaeoada. . . Montana.
Has the Finest
Fancy Cakes, Candies and
Ice Cream
That ose Can Buy I Rivals Any aMtern
and be Coavin.nd.
1t west Park trest. Butte. Meat.
The. Morris., Cousins,
All work promptly done sand perfect It guuar
Pw~mu In Delnwculo Hok4. Taket lb Fr
Ha~llway m Malo ·siet oRI ºrrt.
Having Furctiaad the
On Frost Stre.e, Anaconda.
+ A. J. BLIX +
an prepared to comiucw a Lerd. beteL. ?ione
but whitc beip emplayed.
VIeW~ Co~ rn oe mmd L.~r
Sate 6W per dap. R1ess.e Hates for week
Wa IaN Im Ifmtuls mup
Mr. a Ma Miwaes Chasaed With K ll
s-g am llasu ee hlMea o WhIsh l Was
Afterwards Peamd AUiN
sad t'atuarmed.
KAWss ('rrv. Sept. 9l.-A special din
patch to the 71mew from Eldorado, Ka.,
says: The details of a mob trial under
lynch law of Alon.o Edwards and his
wife at Hamalia, for the aallegel murder of
Henry Bloomer's -year-okl chilk are of
most revolting character and reveals a
story of Inhumanu treatment smekl domnt
with even on the horder. The child it ap
pearn was left in the care of Mr. and Mrs.
Edwards while Bloonmer and his wife went
to work in the flelds last Tueslday. That
evening the child was missing and sear.b
by the neighbor Wedlnesday and Thlurs
day failed to reveal any trace of its
whereabouts. Mr. and Mrs. Edwards
were not suficelntly active in search to
satisfy the minds of sonmiof the neiglhbor
and consequently suspkl*ion was arousedl
and finally the nab took charge of thets,
one portion taking Edwards and t.e other
his wife. Mrs. Edwards is a woman of
very nervous disposition, and when eons
mannded to confess tlw crime umsnkr pet,
alty of hanging if she did not, finally said
she had killed tht ehilld acckidentally, and
that the body was in a creek. Search
failed to reveal it. When site was again
dragged to thi nearest tree and having no
statements to mnake, was pulled up alnd
kept suspended ill the air until ler facet
was black. She wa tlhen lowered and wire.
brought to, the leadtkr told her if she did
not tell the truth she would he hanged
until dead, and her husbanld buredl at
the stake. The woman was too badly
frightened to spewak, and a.muming her si
lelnce to he voluntary, the mob again sui
pended her until learly dead. After re
viving her, tlhey were about to draw her
up again when the father of the missing
child interferrld. saying, if they killed
her the body of the child could not hte
found. She was thlen placed in charge of
a guard. In the niwan time that l.ortion
of tlhe mob which had Edwards in charge
attenmptled to extort a coinfesson from hisim.
Hie too, professing innocence. was strung
ilp twice until nearly dead. Friday nsight
the prisoners were placed ain Jail lre.
From that time until thsa mornnug a usedb
varing from Mu) to 1,~W has continually
surrounded the jail clamnoring for the
lives of the accused. The sherlff has kept
them at bay. Early this n.rning the
missing child was found alive asnd well
sitting on the door step of a farmer
near loialia. W her the child Iha hteen
all the tinme is a mystery. It is suppwoed
the child was kidnaped and eturn~ed
whe it was found- the emseit mst
of its disappearanee was causing trouble.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwards have been released.
They are still suffering from the effects of
the harsh treatment received and an at
tempt will he made to prosecute the klead
er of the muob
A.m asy' VIs.y see dr Nes.a.
Bosrox, Nept. aL.-The great stallion
race at Beacon park for the Balch stake
for $1,000 was trotted today before 15,000
persons. The weatherwas perfect and track
in very good coadition for fast tine. The
betting Just before the race was $100 to anO
on. Nelson against Aleryon anti 15 to $16
against the field. Nelson was driven by
his owner, Alcryon by Robbins, June
mount by James Goldeln. Graly by Crit
Davis and Pilot Knox by J. J. Bowers.
At the tenth attempt they got the word
to a fair start with Aleryon leading. Nel
-son won in 2:185, Aleryon second. Pilot
Knox third. Junemnoutnt fourth, Grant
last. Nelson woen the second heat in 2:17
Akiryon second, Junenmoult third, Pil
Knox fourth, Granby last.
In the third heat Nelson nearly dis
tanced the field, Pilot Knox second, June
mount third, Granby fourth, Aleryou last.
The crowd cheered wlkdly and flowers
were showered upon Nelson, a floral collar
placed around his neck and wreath and
whip were given to iMr. Nelson. The
crowd broke onto the track and cheered
the winner for several ninutes. In all
three heats Alcryon made a splendid
showing for a time, bent broke badlly at
critical stages of the race.
Tb.e h.upublbaams Were Afrald.
Aalxunoxl, Va., Sept. @2.-At the opeon
ing of the campaign in this state Genersl
Mahono addreked a crowd of repubhlicans
to-day. David R. Taylor Scott and ('ol.
Barton addresmed a large crowd of tkdem
crats. Both nmeetings were in pr.rmeas at
the same time. Overtures were made by
representative of the democratr i speak
er. to the rejblicu.ns for a Joilnt discus
sion but the latter dec.lined. Judge
Hiugbesof the United States district court.
who is here to-day announced hli inte'n
tion to support the der oratic state ticket.
He has been a staunch republican sines*
the close of the war and is considered on.t
of the ablest men in tihe state.
Quebec'. Terribke Diameter.
QUcsaw, Sept. Z4. -The remnains of s*.v
eral victims recovered yesterday were
buried to-day. Those well .qualit.ed
with the locality assert that the number
of persons yet missing is greater thanl
fifteen. (~ln. Cameron says not onely
houses on ('hanmplaine streit a&djoilling
the heap of ruins, but all houses out hbotlI
sides and the whole length of thie street,
numbering about MWU, should hex d.serted
because rocrks are daily loosening ad
tumrbling down.
Fraaess ?4.w (.vermcmaL
PA na, i ept. iL.-'Te Tems says t lwh
political shades of the new chamlbr will
be much the mamne as tlhme o the old. The,
Lberte says the chamber will not underge. a
change of balance of parties sufficient to
have serious influence upon the future of
the republic. The result of the elections
made a favorable impression on tlhe
bourse, and prices remained firm through
out the day.
sallway AeetliSat I asueasrtts.
SPRINUFIELD. ]Mas., Sept. 2B.-While a
two-ton stone was being swung into place
to-day by workmen it struck a train of the
New York and New Haven and Hartford
railrod u as it was crossin Main
street and crushesd into one of theb cars.
Three of the passengemr were severely in
Woe Ur Plsl r"mm the Cmese maI toI
Whasgt to nave .a.m to "mfaini.
Po.rt,AND. Ore., sp. SL-Jao Hall
day has ueus amstet an a char..e o
bels a hlitlve free. Juticek, heat is mow
east n hall and is probably mamkisa his
wayr tward the Canadian braser. Whe
Be. Hlladay died a swarm of ha.,iar
crdltoes swonped down with innumerable
Judgteats, and ree.ratly the state circuit
catmrs Ilmsad an order of sale of personal
effects of the hded aman valued at mnwre
than $5DaA o. Joe Holladay, as one of the
receIvers of the estate, against which he
has a large claim, refsedl to sign the io
tike of sale and ed to o the wilds of ('lat
sop county. Otllkers of the court sue.
ceeded in arestingr him one a bench war
rant and brought himm hback to this
city on Satu.anay inorseing. He gave his
wordl of honor tht hep woull not try to
e'ampe. and thr offiers pcrmlltel hina
to visit his home for a few hours' sleke.,
but placed a coreon of anen around the
place. By trickery he got away.
About I o'clock otn Sulday mlorning an
of.ieer of a steamer rulling hetween here
and Vancouver infornwd the authoritie
that a man of uslipkiious behavior hal
come aboard his boalt, and, shading his
face with a slouch hat. had taken a state'
nanm alld gone across the ('olulnhil to tW
WVaMshIngton shore. This proved to he
Holladay, and on Siunlday he was arr"ated
in Vancouver on thne' lcharge of beila a
fugitive frolln justic. He. was rleose oi
$1,nIhal. ll, and hats since disap..1anred.
tdeclalrin he dikln't give a -- for *tl·Un.
His behavior the lmist week. Iaw .ar
tainly not been that of a sanel Inan. There
is a suit Inow pendillg against hlila for
(.000.o for the insnanagepnenlt of his
brother's estate. It has p)rwedel a rich
eon ii for the lawyers, morse thanll fto0,0l
having Ixeen ieial for attorneys' fevet.
marlag at tireveeatl.
(GAva.Nxon. Sept. L- -The we.ath.r wasn
fine to.day and the attoendaince aniM and
the trul*k in excellent el rlition.
Sweepsrtakes, % mile--Lady Margarnet
won, Glory wsentd, Ilanl B. thirdl. Tinme
Sweepstakesl, . Iile-- Pontiar. woFi,
Grenadlier sweeend, Latitte thirdl. Time
Handicap sw*epsltakes. 1.41t6 mile -
Huntress won, Belliwax mlesetaid. Blelle. 8.
third. Time 2A%54.
Spe.ulation stakes, mile-Lavistan won.
Blue Wing lselond. Salvini thiird. Time
('lhittot ostke. 1 1-111 mniile S.enorita
w-li, Aiiruia setne.L. Gypy Queena1 third.
Time 1.51.
Three-fourtla nlile- Kenwl.xl lwon,King
William seunald. ('ivil servie. thlird. 1Tina
Swe .lstakeia 1% nmileh 'alel- tei, won,
Belle loMr wl soai, Joe L.n, tiainl. Time
Mauged Itmeltll Is Jail
MowrArcas, Mlk'h.. Se.pt. . - rL- .rfge
Docile went hognw intosk*atki yesterday
morning to kill his wife. She was not at
honue, so George thought his step
dau . ate M . ,woud I m il.i
he struck her twice with an aste, ut did
not seriously injure her. She escaped and
Marshal ('linnier went to the house where
he found Doelie in the cellar armed with
a sharp knife. The marhal's revolverwas
knocked out of his band by the infuriated
man and a nles.e stll.e ensued, during
which C'linmer was stahed in four or five
places. He was gain., however, and f.l
ally downed his man and got him in jail.
Last evening, when the turnkey went in
with loel uppre supper, he wan found hang
ing trobn the window hars dead, having
committed suicide. The nmarshal's in
jurke will not result seriously.
tile L tlsrllal Itsee..
LoUIsVLLac, Sept. 21.-At C'hurchill
Downs today the weather was pleasant
and the attendance 2,000).
Threei-uarters of a tlle-Eva Wine
wonl, Mabel second. Wary third. Tinle
Mi-Mal wons, ('hurnhill (lark see-
aould Amos A. third. Timw 1 :4m.
Mil, and om,-fourth-Brandoiltte went,
Bomnita and Wannie tie lheat for secouJl
place. Time 2:11
Mill and oewesit.I etath lBirthday won.
()uthounldl second. Warplak third. Tlinme
Five..eilelth off a mile --Honpful waon,
,alit." wrsevnd. Sunny Brnok thirdt. Time.
I :16%.
The ('usll Mulrder Trial.
C(~eI'Auo.S,ept. ' --In the ('rmtin 'case
tol-(ay during tlh radlillng of the colrt's
dcsliotl ien it. t Wh lnr na (a. e)rile)olner
KUlns wial ve.ry niuch ecZ.itetl. Several
titmes Iw. tricll to ris., hilt was kept hack
by hisi attor.wy, Porre'nt. W.lIms the Judge
had.l le-clul.d lhe got aup and ila spite of
als attornley brgan to speak. "I want to
speask in nyl own laterenst," pirsistedl he,
"Jendge Lonalgne-ker told nwe I houldl lone
nothing if I was illuooesat. I want hlim to
tell ne. for what lt keeps nw ina jail."
"I am coislicklring yNour matter over
now," said the. cort, alnd Kuns sat iowall.
No additional jurors were .secured to.lay.
Thge frih DIc.etsm Cermmmsra.w
('HutAuo. Sept. 2-. -The Utah el-ctkmi
cons.lnslonlers practically comuplete.l
their labors today. and their report in
now he the hands of typewriters. A fnal
nmeetlng will he held to-morrow. Gov
ernor Sanlltrs said this evetlilng thlat Gov
ernor Rlobinson's mbstranalnittee is salb
stantially wiat. the e.l'wa1aninisOl agrtdil
upon. As Governor Robinison in an iln
t·irview has anallouncetd someowhat radical
views of reforlrns awe I.d. i it Iselievedl.
the report is largely a refIection on tliwe**
Adelrmsa KEmplmal. Matters.
WA liNtiTON. Setpt. r1. ('llWgr.snlllan
Anderson of Kansas says thel lispatet of
yesterday to the effect that th1 presidlent
through hin a had deserl.d ('ongre.llllanna
Morrill to .onsikder the piroptsition look
ing to the appointment of the latter as
comnmiassioer of pension.s was c-nr..t.
He says he wired Repr-esentative Morrill.
asking whether he 4 Aultersona nmiht
present his name to the plPreitk.lt, bnut
that the presdent knew nothing whatever
of such action.
The Vaalkaer Trial.
Urrr'V.o, Sept. I8.--ln tlhe Falkner
trial today James Faulkner. a hrother of
the accused and president of the defunct
tank, said that easter did mont of the ane
gotiating for money for the btnk during
the last few years of its existen-e( after
his conventionu oration and ietore he oh.
ained the loan of Roswell P. Flower &
(o. of %UMOm. The anotant afterward rate
up t,. $ttI) U No part of this amotunt e=
celpi the Is.terest has beern paid.
's bertle TrtmMt ga
In Tart Lady.
On th. Eva .a Me Marta.-e me 3)ule -
ealr.s Weh a MarrIed We an- A
4(lrat wsrdat lto thae w.etal
t'Iele. of Vert IaaPm...
W YNvxv. Intl., ept. .. - Rous*rt
ie.'s dia.ppearaarlc . n i Ils1.-r a
-ry, atell he. Is dliarsqeel its a rran
ty inl wlhk-h lie aelelh.led alt e.nviahle.
"ia. For two years Markli hIald betre
u ta.t.elle'lnt of ith. Jllny Elee-tri.c
ILarb aibNlsaIlly elf this city. He' war anl
Inytai- of ek-trica-l (tevrki.., anld was inl
p.tpt of Ia stary el $1,t1M) a y)ear.
hk-I was hw.trotlhat to a bliss Ste*er of
(' o.rstowla r . Y., nil was t I .av n mar
rv4 hIer oll Telwreay. She I. a ladty of ne
anataulh. Ieauty and has an amlple flr.
A few stlh)s hfor' the" late1 sre for wthe
weidinlgl Ma"'kite Ill4ed a trsunk with ap
pael for his a tpronwahnleg w.eklinlg, teuk a
rcl eaill esapply of at-.)y. anlt left with a
Salish I k llr fe4 I'ir'rnlitown. lie.
nevsr arrive-d thletrr, anud lin strelmalge. li.
ap{prunr.el' attractedvl Ielm.ernl atte*ntiosll.
Slorly the trtlh e'aneu. einat. IIn liast Tulr.
dty a friedsl tle.lgraplael to Fort Waya-a
aeeuaintail.es that l. e had nleit h.1afmki It.
Alhany the sthay pre.vioes,. hael stuakena
lhands and talkedl with IIIIIs. andt 1kald me'la
aboult hiis o en vietle'llece' of tIhe Ilae'estal
aberrnlatin whllch no0se Il tml ght woel de.'
plain his strnMlf1 atin.. iell.
Tillw it w.ts whipee'readl that Mrn. raenk
Falkelr of this c'ity was ablu, ahmellt f.rei
home. . tall ltat site. had left th.e ay
Mackil hadI. One wite.t'm. aftel-r atusetlwer
appeardld. and it was bhruitel abtmlet that
for smrer* than a year MaI'kk* Laild 'nu
taiin"l eatutlrkeia1hle. relanlienUs witll thIe
wronwla. that he hIad lavished n4a Iney is5ol
her anld thet shel, the hanaoreeld wifel of a
well-kleomwnl Ihlllaela nlul., h4al h adaee1,ltnIel
houme., iesllllnd alse hotuoer to foIllow this
It wa alhown that Mr.s. Palker hadl mat
a tele'grapn whkil inste.r-.*ltetdl Ma.kie' at
AJal ny. ansdl that .h. rleft eune.w m1aw11.
htikier afte.r hint on a grnltesselelhl visit ti
(Ohio: thl t dhe Iad Joineld Iises in .he-ewlt,
and lthat hw two linat gra.e s I ('4amnlla Ito
On Friday two telia.rriutll rae..w.I Y.rt
W'aynI.' l)" ftl. . el ( rN'.l.eltowi) l staltisg
that Matkik.'. treaslk lla t arrivel t'se.r.: tli.
other f.n,1 Molntreal. msyiag that tl w
startel ait onl.* to Ist. ('aladlasl city, hNtt
failed tlo h nd the re.., a they liael
(kutlhthut alreasly sal.h fewor Es.ri".
MaYrkile tad gLoasl falaily enlaserLtioan.l iln
Maryluwl, andl halu ailways luese h1 i.pulear
bere. The. iaeslpit nkin of hii flight has.
been known heI. Ifrawn grlhaotl. anmd has
Ilivled a life,, this liason akkle trre frosla
any breath of slandal. Tk, h dilgrace.
brugllt lupon hint by his wife'. fliglt hasIti
Ipldetely prostrated Mr. FalkeLr.
err' 2-- ~ - ----
Piselaet MIA Talks.
lpertal to teI mtandarl.
NE:w YOaK, Sept. M.- -Prikle.nt Hill of
the1 Manito.h mays iIn anslwer to inlquire':
"I aet not contenillating ayla deal with
Pn-· kk'nt Adamsll nor with the No.rthl. u
Parille. Inrgarnl to the ('. I. & N, it i. all
fo-alilhne.s lI to talk of rttinl rid of thei .
B. & N. by rahlningr t. Its naxileia
gradele only ablost sixten feet t the
sulle and it eitl tons.qae.nl ly carry ilslee
c.ars and mlee tfreilght with em est nol osne
traill than any of its otnlpetitnew.T. The.
"'. B. & N. hla mano lcal hellaminaee and it
can do tihe through tmhuise.e.i at a profit on
very low rates. The fItar leas.illtes fer
expicrt f.me the Iwothwel.t amnunsti _to
elt y ahout 215 or :) i*er cent of ithe wlho.,
-so that asklde flrus the qmwtines of ratee
there" is not enough at IstakeL foIr tihe rIu
to tllght civer. (.;el crom. art' now a..
unuil. Tiw sllnaes.ae in the wlw'at crop of
the ple.snt year in Mitlnsemta anl IDakota
over last year will Ih. n.re tlula 17,IU. (JiU
b)seirwls. TIhe whlat i. alrteady hlegi.al rag
to. naivoe rapidlly towiaart ter.isuial IliCiate.
The e.rop will 0he r.e.a. If tir- i· tai. will
:atly wu true.l to tlhwir own ieltellr.rct they
Inave all they eisl de atlel a Ipwr ·,me.yu
IN. LanE.G roaed I .
('INCINNeATI, Neapt. :5. At a tanee.ting of
ti." diirtetrw of time Anmerfrcal Ims.e hall
aeew'iatiot to-eay. the' dllaput.' he twe
thIm St. LIruis Aimno BrMnekiyce clulma. in tie'
forfeite'd giuiie*a of Se'ptctneiwr : th and Ntb.
wame takemi tali. Aftear a Beong eenumeuitatlomg
emil iee~erineg tie' metaatein.'ntee of iem~thia elee~...
ts.e Iraun ule.e'ide' usmemm a mort of esama
preaeniw. awarding Satmaruniafm gamma.' t~ ti,,'
It. ouis club andel remnittinug tiw Htie oni
tI,. ground thnet Umspinre Gnoklh nmitiae dum
tieacimao was wrnmg. An to Sllmelaey'e gai).'.
the' horard gave' it to, ilrerklyme tiny a aeon'
oWf tatie.' to Inothieltg and IammI emrd a te.' of
$lMiW CM tile St. Louie cll, few feilineg to
alni 'ar at Hiuigweme lark. TIN' elire'e'tm
a ,.., (m'ewran'mat.k'e I that thI' e'rVi'ieYa eaf
YnF l Gotdsanitl. as. uummpire. I.e. eiiaee'on
.IkSmatm to the. Amee'haa (. i'wrrr.
Sge'sial te, the Sttanel.
Nw V YUH . Serpt. 23. Tie.' . leegaete te
the' imeternlkmhmeai Anmerileanm eoegnus frneu
tlm. Am'ge'mmtiaae' Rteklnublk. S4e'tee' Ke'g a
S;aeina Ptmue tem i Seqmew Maueae'l Ijuiataaaa.
atr" efl board tlhe meteanter City oef i'arma.
elm.. in Ne'l w Verk N '.n.i ey. TInM' eLel'
gutes fruits iaiivia. Homeimsarmes asd Sailva
deer care' ce. the' ('ity o Pactiriee. 'Fime tim~itee
etatee eleigaeta".'. I'iimm N. Itliecee. ('llT se.
lt. Flyn't and Anauirew 4 'arenegie' noew its
\."w" York. with ."ee.emmumtte'e'me iar( n te.
I.ammish Ana'reaen .,nenm ial ameen and
I e'lm;maime'r tinta' Me enma'm.'e' ill goh tlng r time·
I )W, tern we-L14mIi*.. thHIm.iI.
Kce.w at a Wetdlm.
Stw.1aW to the Mi4anitard.
H. =ZLE'Tua. Pa.. tie'i. 't.`L- At time wed
dinga of Joewup Limikeak.. uani Mary Eluvar
a tight occumrred hbe·tw..sm the· gutets. Ass
wihiuti sbuts. were fired. knmive, tt.aurieswd,
lske·rs uwd41. sisirri Anufstwd and viesima.
.elswttetsd. Mike MI. Guge~r sand Johns
Kse.kic wel letabbed in the back and sick".
asset ..ewe~raI others were imajredgc and e'sr
rice! hulome. Another fight took place yea
te-retisy at the ti n.w." ut G. enid. dluring
whichb ib.. deucis and sawijidowu. wer.
lr.a.keu. Ysaid eing gete and left for
Ceim ard ..vrras Se.yt'eUed.
$jmw.e al to Us" st~anearci.
KssEQo3'ms Vs.. S1ept. Lt- A street stage
liass is to be ecrtabliaheesl in this city to rut
ovwer the prisCeiIsel thsrU Iifan into
whic h it is. the iintention5) ia U! a wner..
t.o :slmuit only white psusa~n~gerw.
I~ Mw rl uLImW Y Ups a6 Oh.
TIw~1g h. Naa a a~nt. aslpma
uprria o th I~an11ar( .
PAsta, Se~p. .L-rp to it oe'Iex( b tr.
nlht tw ve esita have hp.'n nfl~l1aNl it am
,aoutmod of Mitt erk gal dlvialeua maot of a
total of 57%. In the ears of theme S1B cite
tknim, :91 may he rtartedeld as de-fisa..
whl.k 1+1) will he H(lj c to a iecotnwl hwl
lot a foetnimht ISrwa.. l if the ' W Inwnrhrre
whouw ekattio art. declarwel toIn ik.inite
theme. are :U11 Ime.1mhliemm. ciaiuting of
1.N* n .petua.rirust and 57 rualir'als. The
worts Won hr Ie. e" pgwmtnts
of the gItflflh'lt and4 itt the
of ' limumlanglrtM, e nryalIrtst..5 Ilea ..
partialk.. (f 1w" Itat) e'etlm.t which ari
still subj-et to a wm.".'eel halhim a forInimllt
Is·twr 137 an- ahhwslmatarly 4rta1 tn result
faruaraIljly ti the' jiv.ernamwent. Thirty
liv.. agwll he won1 br the e atgwwwl tful t b nil
live ar r kwbt l. I slw tn ."olkwlirl
eleitorlal elirvsinama, front whit'S. 1eo 14 *Wi
haws yet hiewin naiv.rel. gi'rt'lewtit vie
t..le'. 41w' &alnamly aseaitgil. Noitlss than
lii; rowtKihlWrm' it the. formier ebesnniwer ea
ik~pgtksie hare' votummta..ihr withelrawa.
fuinuu gaiticaL life, In aeu tint to whicb
thlmity-niame. nwtjSiam s nmeniherme of the.
fearnuer c"hass hIr.' rnaeei reel their
eePti." friam., the(imr eonrntigwlnge in ithe
s'ja n. of el etarrual dekfeit. The' luit of
t aji'55l..mms ten who isavi llama thew been
hnun. cat .ý1t o activi' jtrtiasw~ntary lifi
iialiehuki tS.e nalns. o ."t-lriemtw Minsiuter
I Siee~s. ·. ex-Primnw M.imisete'r (usubmiet. ('loris
Rlastagis andti Jmmla".. The' iekweitiamo f
!lnimsj,.tr of time Intte~rier (eattsstaam.e, oft Mb1a
later of PuaWIk. Woarks .v es vi' . t. of ."x
Pnruarie' Floacwtt, of ."x-14iaslateur Iewkny.
uaf Asslriemax Iassalammi LUtr. Tameamet anmld
Neuaa m.t willall uSEthre t he. Iallotttel a fort
maiglalt Smeuee. Anwomml tlhmit wlw, hare.
hee'am ele'tlaitely .eketil .ýam (ahaMme4 Minis.
ter l'aulie.rerme flihat. who is ,msarrwel to as
( 'T1iea t ata'y. kii'smae'h. Gn el.nt S`arrlasm,.
Hart. Ih heaswuanae. lAraim,. iilloa. Hens..
huimmmlu Iaummates atnai Miasiater of Jimatiaw
TIk !rmehl W.ie*tiae s.
PAntI., a'iºt. S.. The IktIelanlgerins
c-lainl tlmhat tIe ge,",ral i* eihrestd Pfrmo
Mntenalrwe'. They say that tm w·ejri-tkem
CI tiwme lhanllnaerisst vote, at Usmla oi tim.
Iduliullg ,lsttolns was ilk"gal.
Truesmdtem. Ir eL, .meelh.
J ~K m( tVII.LL. . Via.. S..t. ;I. A to.e
na1lo of u1ret vInlewne. eIm. e dm l vwer Pablao
iMeaim. oiln the Atlnic.lati* ..a thiis iv.'veilmlm.
It anse." in time umentiw.lst, an will.lut
warlaing euAllpt Ihew Iht.li ke'lning of time sky,
struclk Mmrray Hall. an inInanllwe. telch
lteIl aietl twli.ted the' rMnt, frnl tIhe Iluatils
stra.torte and towlr.is. huarnt iln the' winlow,
aneld sten, oe tlhe we.t skle. andl left it In a
gre'lndrlly hluatter el I asDtitiI. Prit
(VN,' ill. a Iny .t1 yearm s tdl. was stan.eiag
b a hIrs~' a1ul huggy near the dtaineilIng
mavillon. TheI hor'e, ve*hirk anll hiny
wee. lift.d into thit air ani bloAwn ntarly
!1I) fet towtwar thw. ie.ah, whe.re they
we'r. founel lt naminuter la terI dlal. The
fuwr.' of the wind was scaru that piea'r of
timber welre dtrlve.n btueae tee two llath
Iiuariag of the railway Utatkoa. No erkaaa
Inhtj to pmnot i erpee huyonl the
dkath ft the (O'Neill h. ('ottage' on
tlre bherb eraped with 'light dalmage.
l'lT . trunado envere an are of nt over
mse.ve"ty-lve- feet li width. People and
huikltings ouatskk olf this tirwke we.t. nslst
Tm Argue lew aselte, m CinlaE.
SAJrTA F. Sept. 1--After a c.matinunea
semaken of SM haourn New Meskxo'm meate
consstitutinual conwe*ntin, ckmoe its labors
at 4 o'eklok yestelday nmrning, Wto iset
again if deemed neewary at the call of
the prfklent of the convention. The
conve-ntkao decided first to submnit tb
consttution to crlagrae. if that hody
lshoutd pas. th1 enatalilg art ithe co.tstitu
tkit to Is voted upon by thIe people within
tll days thereafter, hut shouM congress
refumse to ar th1ee the eoenstitutien to be
vosted on at tie next geseraal ek*ettkm. No
1.4th1i.in will Ihe hhkl for state oufllke
unltil Ne*w M.kL o iLk ad*litted a a state*.
TIhe, eIsvenstion ntmeasorialis*el ncollgrs
for asl eatra Grant eft pubnlkc kmnainr foar
pIgullikL elmIul Iwearpows. applnhliatd a coen
naittee' r of a..e from earrn e celuty to pr.pare*
as ash klrer to the pe ople amed also aule to
se-ungr e.. uirgieg suposn thein ti.r, neemsilty
fear tie adnlamtiuil of Ne*w Mesko asu
Mmier is Mst ]Ms.dow.
Wat Ka.HasasuC. Sept. 31. Yesteeday
nerslaileg Warren Sclenlnll. who lives near
('atawis.a, notiktl that the grass in osne
of his fihls lkiuokeel a. itf mule mainal bad
be sa eitilng it. Albut 5 o t'c~k in dthe eve
Iiilg hw returned asnlted witlh his W'ia,
chlester real* ter and fIted a whole tfaniely
of hears in tiwlfaeld. TWi* two old ones
were gnrassing, asst tR e CubL. ahst two
eInslthl ..kL wer.e plague-sl.g tlAir niuthnlr.
Mr. S. "hI.IIn whi.tled, which caused her to
railmne tLr eaId, and he phlinnted a hullet in
,her leatrr . Mr. .ehnoll the s learlned hi
attesltiosll to the cul.1. ate*m rf whllieh r.e
.L Ili hasunncls and slaowel ntight whiie
the otlwern clinhled oan top of thle feean. aid
watched the dying nasa)ther. A taullkt
api.we killed thessn, ansl as the last one
fell tie all hear which hlud ade Lu. o at
Inmpt to defea-d hlis fauiily, turnld tail
aisl rail.
Kagitab t.emy w1E r.d f.a IPapr 1I1b.
13nIeTUN. Sept. Y.4. IPa1,.. nuel llaetuft l
Ihero shuts have. received a circular fwou
Irmeras i&4wtilg III whaalI of anl English
myaada rlal askiag if any pameer r sIaIL ina this
mcles, eaf the. c taultry eeuul he heag1bl.
anda whmltak weeakl be. likely o, rnove ar eaf
itmal ~Ireltahle.a inlve..t/uea t. Tlhe nlaau
faeclmaretwr e 5M)ufi l thath eny thn llurt elfer tla.
namumorcel E leeglah iaaveieel~ea. andeL they are
by Itan IUejala.. ellaNl4r..Ia ..r it. rale., may
that Ia. eynauleaae. wiUl naut glF· a featlatu
at all in lhs e. oultaty. It a .Iaewur gloat unea
of tlie imal.hae.gaaele off.nreI by the e.ynrael
eale.a ie that tha.. euutagryee. ee the- mcillk
will heet lie- uleelurbeel. buht lluwue resajal
their tmu~ll places. the. iaaelumadee War
rhutw ,aeisesaaere ly to lake. the- func oIf a
clhacmge ' of n ewrreebip.
The fprewh.as asgar MIwmry.
Spw.elaI toe hew NIabdardl.
Pan L;A ahaLHI IA4C14. t. The Spreackels
augar relfatry will coaamwnace upuatioma
(ýareuibr "I. Five hunmdre hadts will be
enupkiyel at the start. thlu Slare tkels.
Jr.. wuukl awither cuaftnu Ilmar ekaxy to-daty
that blu fattier Eal ha cvlmuarael grwoud In
New (trkazs oa whact In start snother
refl awry.
Mllakig Thiug Warm far the Mar...
M[ALACI, SetpL Yi. A repert Is current
her. that the Spanish gunboat "'uco
drillo" was Aral ugaua by ruffiun ma the
Morocco coast and tlw 1ambuat replied,
krl inylag a numsbe.olf Inoriisbhs houses.
failm of a1 Imemo Fulw Elm
In Mhcew
Th,. 0S*1 .4' ~w"e. c"nub a CO. Floss
onlaiy KInobarvwmod Their Lin
lolifive U in A tkv man
duwdm.4 Twt u.m.
('His A~ .'n.Sept. 2. -The mammoth pub
lishing huniaw of El.ford, C(lark & Co.,
which haw a large e.stahlishnewst here and
heraew-he in !Sew York and San Fran
*'eiwm. we-nt ta the wall t.lay. This after
•11t jsadIguent was enterel agrainst them
i h thei irrit ct-ert ila favor of the First
Na.tleHal ilmnk andl . A. Maxwell. At
t.e-Ihinaants were- inseal, heat shortly aftr
dI.. phi..L was eised by the shertf. A ee
vvivcer was appointed by Judge Sheparld.
The. failure., while' a surprise to the ge.
"ral peahlic, has been e w'cpted for esar
timn- hy thsem* familiar with the rlm'e
standlling. Lawyer Newman. attorney for
.ver.al cred.ttors and also few th recive'r.
sald three thing.s were respons6 k' for the
failam.. Ila tat the* enttire plant was de
trnyevl ys fire. causing a keeem . over
*$1f.OU). The fler prmnptly resunjsed
business, hat dearing the last two years
e..fearel very heavily by failures of
.'reatumner.. The rollapse uof e flanrm
iesrn ..o Ira. iwei aslontse kmles ta1.s about
iti.,Atm. In addition to thi.. eoenpeltii.m
Ietwrc.-i e.aste'rnr and western pes.lisherr,
iuhrticealarly of stasldard works, has heel
I. brisk that their market ha heegn al
nrn.t ketroye.l. Newnan makl ill hi.
opinit.ln that the asets of ther & nIreupay
anarsuemt to ahmest UOMiMAI and liahilitIes
nshnut the samne. The principal eMeditorC
are ('rowe Printisn es npany over $1W,tUN,
lmnaohue & Henn eberry PTa. First Na
tional hank of ('bhiao W4).Ut M . A. Ma
well 1:St,.0. eB.'st~ es these three ate
hewavy e'eeitors in New York and Sean
Franc'ae-n. Another lawyer
thel . aumlw of the falur
Andstrew Mc-Nally of Rand, McNally
& Co., who is Belfearel' father-in
law aus hee.pi backing the- Irm for usam
tliae alld that his rrmf.al to endeors the
ftrm,* lusi*-r pernmpted the Pirst Nathional
Imnak to eInte'r jeadlllgens. The attorney
th.eseaglt if Mr. M'Nally hadll not disoma
tInale his supIpoIrt the rnm might have,
pull Ithrouglh. Thomas C. Haunnoned, a
Inwllnnr rof t. firm rf Walter isakley &
(o., leatlw-r a-rebsants is re.ceivesr. His
heli.l in SIni,tIa. Prior to the appoirat
sn.llt of a raeeiver, Donahue & ee1.ne
hery. wlho are the largest creditors, fled a
hill in which it Is stated that the broken
e l.uryurstie.e's captal ts SEMMIMU, at wbheb
onwa Sau0o u has e ps d in. The amm
i asew-to aecrunding to this hbil manount
to less thasn .IU, UNwhile the ita iebted
mnes will e=sced 63J3W.
N1W YORKK, Npt. 1--lBe 7 L (lNark &
('o., pehltj,~heg (his g and ew York.
were attached byt th srl dy to sat
isfy clams nn e auu tug bto S UJE
The NOW C(wlaer Chae dt.a.
$ accsAl In lb.. Mlsmimwrd.
W A,.mannone Sept. 31.-The wepurs of
the olk-jail tril trip at the (bmrrlm1m at
San Yrmn.-iso was tmade public bsa-d.
It flnos tht the ve..el Is fwlly tp b
coNhrmet p- n ad ·sp oi>eadoesa The
maximum haru power shown was 6Y,&
This is 1U shors of the rmet aud
Involve-s a tenalty o fS I on the
nnttractr. the vomei Tracy will probably
accpt the vessl.
Tb. repart of the naval based an s e
private ship yards &A PaUwtleaul M a.ine
stews they uen with .Ub ca sbuull
:ontoe stel veases if dSsiae.
Serpeht.sa C'Sebs .1 New work.
$g .W to the standard
SAKATUO.A. N. Y., Slept.- S-A lage
mutnher ot f kleygates have arrivedl fr the
nwtling of lb.- state league of repubplica
clubs to-mntwreaw easil she conventian an
W.-eln..uued. Among them were K. 3.
Hoffaiul meksklent of the state leagtw;
W. H. V pilleans. chairmuan ofth. ezco
tivie .-wuuinttae; Jeawn. H. Poster. exlper
.at the natiluonal le.la; Sheruban Shoab,.
John W'. Jacobus. ~Smith. Jacob Patter
ists J. A. UrI.nnauan J. A. Steicher and 0.
U. smen. caun dkites ar tat lakinmg
for any uelkr anl maoe are coming.
Arresto as mm mhsste.
si4w"Ish to 11w isMeiedrd.
Nw YtvK Spept. 31.-Simon Barnas is
uniter arrest here awaiting the arrival of
ztraulitkun paperm Ivrm Austria for em
h-acltig ovir. UU),OW guilders, about PhO.
JUD. a, a nuaaialerbl. portion of it h-obnging
lt twh Austrian government. In his room
In Hula&.-a where be was .soppier
was fotundl securitie-s and daoJ
worth over 'JIUOW guleikrrs. auewr ad
milled his mei-tity aid rcknowledged his
guilt. He ated visited the Paris ezposition
anld thught he was sl- fromt .:tradlition
tt..p. as th Weis Nit e...
?4Wi to the kStanans La
W.AMHIRU-lruN. SeWpt. .--4,urete ema.
being puhat down at the white. boarn ad th
furniture put in order again for the rer
.f tLhe preekl..t and family on Satavday.
The cdikhnsa amr to go to lmtiauapolia
with Mr. and Mrs. McKee to..kia sad will
not he at the white boure gain before
('hrlatnuaa time.. (hi Wedatimy~i at seat
week a reception will be ivea by
tle per aidleat W the 1w a.gatee ot the
Aim ericanl .onue.Ua.
AlrAu .Iungers. 4.j
ttIwlwii to the Stmlanard.
WAuaxHIaTow. Sept. Yt. -The depaut
Sawat of etate has been oficially imkemared
bait Vcte-Adnajral KaIsuekoff chief In
wevu r of uaaine atUillery, bar been ape
l)biitittl by the Russian go rsment - its
rwCpntutative at the appreachiag bet..k.
aatkiuaaa marin,.e vaarem also tha.t
Hirnuata 1)eepan. rnpra n opal rear
adanairal will represent Atatria Iltegaria
iu the aunfereaace.
Elme..'w. Niew 1 - -- r.
DaUvzu, Sept. 21.-The new ba'erU
tan theater. ander the mY-amesu t of C.
& M. Hub, opened tLeaighe with "=lt
('ole." The theater baa u ading'mpiniý
of 2.110, and I s iartdrlhrmt.fitmh
The house was crowded to t-'--- w
with a very fasbhioeble asrein. +e f
pe fortanaace ws a decoded gn
Naw Yosm. Sept. U-LNCpaim
Mount Washington stabter 4M
molt saow is .iP sentueba. .
tbin bee been Br di t"

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