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The campaign has reached its crown
It joke. Osue day last week the Butte
ter Memdsta made its periodical
assault m the bold bad democrats be
longing ia ts alleged string of million
ires whe are goinlg to coeree voters.
The Inter Mosautai. posted the
names of these meen in bold, black
type. Now comes the meek and lowly
Helena Journal of Sunday and says:
Thbe IButte later Mountain has made
a slight error in its list of democratic
gentlemen who demand protection to
their millions. The list contains the
name of ('. W. (manon. and the amount
placed opposite his name is *I,OU0x).tX).
Mr. (annon objects to the use of his
name in this way. lie is a republican
and considers this the unkindest cut of
The republican prams of the territory
preserves ominous silence regarding
the new constitution. Almost without
exception, the democratic newspapers,
while recognising the weak features of
that Instrument, have urged its adop
Mr. Tools and Major Maginnis were
ameng the men who rendered faithful
smrvtee in the cosatitutlonal conven
tion. There is not a man of prom
emnce on the republican ticket to-day
who gave his time or talent to help
bSame a moiatltation for the new state.
while Mr. Toote and Major Maglnnis
we. vexg thems lves over the thank
s- tak, Mr. Pow erlin amid the al
Iue om Europets dhionable .r -
sent, sna Mr. Ca ought the
seeasdon of his library to formulate
- phrases with which he Is now
w nlag his political rivals and seek
g to overtur their well-earned repu
Ths eask t in point of unselbsh
servies can be traced along the
ef thi two political parties
ale th rermnaton Montana.
11 Waesas Jeurml might take this
Sdr seoser kdeadly parallel. We
Sart be moprise, however, to Far
I . rasr avow, b y Thusrday or Prl
.1 h h uisk th. is IAp t et
webo IYsU·m. awint tha
Wele or Vr'Mhslinis I wpnt Is
tae kIao. That mwoubld ia
I a·wmet·rU of MT. Cartr.
Do the . sbMeam Salnd to mwppoet
the new .omettation v
United as never beftoe is Its history,
sat- ie- In behalt of Its e.am es.
and .nadmt of the justice oft ts
eamm, the demoeratie party hopetflly
arters the edsrag week et a eampaign
that will be memorable in the mals
of Montana. lhe weeks already spent
have brought multidld ev"idee of
gr. unairness on the part of a reek
less opposition wheh, through the
agency of a dishonest registry law,
planned to disfranchise itises be.
eausa they are democrats; they have
busn stained by the ladecency and bit
terness with which reputable men not
candidates for oace have been assailed.
On the stump and in the columns of
republican newspapers, this cowardly
warfare has been persistently kept up,
In the hope that real sasues might be
obscured and candidates of unques
tioned fitnes brought into disrepute.
Forced to make this fght on hostile
and forbidding ground, the intrepid
leaders o Montana dmocray have
faced the opposition without flinching.
This hour finds every charge disproved
and every barrier triumphantly swept
away. The campaign has successfully
exposed the dishonesty of republican
pretension; it has shown the close re
lation sustained by the demoeratic
party to the past achievements and thei
present prosperity of Montana; it has
gallantly defended the record and
the good name of every demo
crat on the ticket.
Now that the elosLng days of the
canvass are upon us, the STANDARD
makes appeal to all democrats to carry
to its successful conclusion the struggle
so auspicious in its promise and so am
pie its assurances of final victory,
f every edtlaen will but address him
self with seal to the duties which come
with the remaining days of this week.
A triumph sweeping in its proportions
and spledlid in the measure of its pos
sible good results is before us. Catch
lispiration from the superb example
your party leaders have set. Stamp
with the seal of your contempt the men
and the newspapers that have stigma
tised you as eravens and branded you
as attle. Answer with your over
whelming vote the taunt of those who
assert that you lack the courage of
American freemen. Shut the door of
political preferment forever against the
republicans who, representing this very
county in the halls of legislation, have
openly advocasted the doctrine that
naturalised itisens are unfit to hold
the ofke of minLng Ilnspector. Pat on
record your disapproval of those who
have maligned men whom you have
been glad to honor in the past. Twice In
succession you have marched to victory
under the leadership of Joe Toole. He
served you faithfully and was the first
to swing open the wide door through
which Montana enters to take her
place in the slates hood of states. Six
times, without a single break, you
elected Martin Maginnis to the highest
honor then in your gift. He gave you
twelve years of unselfsh service, and
no man could be found to match him
at the polls. (let ready to win once
more. Send Montana Into the Union
under the guidance of the political
party that achieved statehood, and
make next Tuesday's victory the grand
est ever scored in all the circle of these
"The Ilonl. Joseph K. Toole," says the
ielena Indepe. deut, "disposed of his
opponent and the republican talk of
campaign slander in a very neat way."
In the course of his speech at (hlendive
Mr. Toole said:
I have spoken In the kinadit terms of Mr.
Power on all t.earcua. and yet it i. a trifte sur
prising that theb republkan lmawr insist upon us
saying unpleasant thiuag against mar wishes.
The ateer Mountain on Monday evening chagedl
that t i state central ronulltter were publialaing
a large Uumanarr of ilmphlets making unkind
revelatiokmns aumw ing Mr. Iower. I want to as
sure yout and the puibUlk that nothing of the kind
has bee. done or will he dotne. Sur repltblkan
frirels shoukld alm their fears. They are ton
sensitive on this subje et. A party that istroubwledl
with surwha nightamare an afraid to wake up
in the morninu for fear that during Its midtsIght
vigils mae unsmavory disrkmures will be made
an r uhe muselai no solsd hoe of truth. If Mr.
Power knows of any reas. why he is aunit to be
governor he ought to stand up and may no. I
cannot be driven into saying an unpkleant thing
about him. The pampnlets which ma alarmed
the I.ter Meamatns were *4a s co~rie of the on.M
istiation of the state of Montana. They are as
harmless as tthe breath of a ruse.
The gentleman who introduced ('on
greesman Heed to his Helena audience
the other night made a bad break by
presenting him in his neighborly re
lations to the lion. James (I. Jlaine.
Thereto hangs a tale; in fact two or
three tales hang to that little neighbor
hood quarrel
There is no telling to what hights of
nonsense some of the republican news
papers will soar during this final week
of the canvass. Nobody can forecast
what the Helna Journal, for instance,
will say bee ae next week Tuesday.
Its latest efort is to elaim that Mon
tana has not been prosperous under
democratic aseondency. It got its tip
from Mr. Carter, but it out-Carter's the
republican candidate in the scope of its
Democrats have controlled the affairs
of Montana, almost without interrup
tion, for a quarter of a century. The
territory has not had an opportunity to
per unde repabilcans, as they have
b kept out of power. The conelu
slon of the Joureal is, therefore, that
Montana has not prospered at all. But
wei ..mdmo~m dlesa" met somaml
with the *lwtms pk.1rw. wiub, In Its
day, te Joif thea palied in ordar
to t.U.the worM bow remarkawy pros
pwa05 the territory isL
The Jwvmara only Meapa is to mt
up the VMS that Momtam owes hw
pa-t growth med preMet utmth to
the benign influenae of the carpst
baggers shipped out tous by mpubal
amn national mimnfiratrsii. Tvme the
Helena Jourmnl winl hany venture to
dothat. L_
Cogressman Reed, who is new talk
g tariff for Montana. wants to be
.peteer of the house of sepreentatives.
He muant be eleted without the h elp
of a larse group of New E iland r
resentatives, who are pdedd to favor
the removal of duties on grades
of wool, and who will help to
get other raw material on the
free list. Mr. Reed's views on that
question would be more valuable just
at this time that his broad generalities
on protection in general.
An able republiean newspaper
printed in the West has lately declared
that every western representative or
delegate in congress ought to oppose
Mr. Reed for speaker becaue he Is tim
enemy of silver and cannot favor bi
metallism. A concrete dedaration on
that score, coming from Mr. Reed,
might put him in the right light before
our people.
China h.a negotiated a loan I Ham.
berg at O wmmma The emperor must
be Intending to appoint Tanner to momes
The Boston GQ s remuarks that Colum
bas with all his nautical skill did not di,
cover the ste for the world's fair hin lS_.
Not by a big D sight.
It is announced by the New Yerk Word
that President Harrison's invariable des
ert at dinner is pie. He no longer takes
the c4s.
A Peoria. IlL, firm has offered the city
autborities $75,00 annually for the es
elusive prIvilege of selling lquor at reta-l.
It Is ansalt the raIes of the trade to trust,
but this looks like one.
Secretary Trac has soaid his house in
Brooklyn for WA to a tailor who will
have his shop on the bst floor. There
will be a oose in the house now, If there
wasn't before.
A eweler says that i you ever drop
your watch into water you should put it
Into a cup of whiskey to save it from rust.
lng. This advie is worthless i ayour
watch bs already in soak.
The emperor of Japan has Just taken
pr a beg.ns ~ nlas he will run It
moneover on the European plaa.
A pretty type-writer and a dude, both
employed In an Ean Claise, Wis, *e ,
came to hlow last week, and te dude
war disobrged. The type-wrter as
case to stay, and can't be kno.ked out.
Our republllan riends sould see about
this. Taylor's bustle manufactory at
Bridgeport, Conn., employing 00 gIrls,
bs shut down. Theb Is a growi lm
psemsson In America that the bustle is not
afforded sulieent prAteetio.
Achires and Mesy see about to join
Genevillier in the ahuorbtion and utillse
ido for market gardening purposes of all
the sewage of Paris. This style of hrba
tif mayr paom Preoebmen, but M.
Lubin won't etet anything frnm it.
The New York T.ibs. makes an argu
ment for the good sense of the alf on the
ground that fifty things. will frightena a
horse that will not in the slightest degree
disturb the serenity of a alf. These srpub.
licans are always bragging of their ae
The pointed toe is again out of fashion
ln England, all the bootmakers to the
nobility having discarded it in compliance
with the dictates of their csmtomers. The
suare toe is more vigorous, but the peers
of tbh realm think It won't hurt their
feelings so much.
The maker. of the big model of the globe
on exhibition at Paris have had to alter
Africa twice to represent recent geograpb
ical discoveries in the dark continent. If
they would construct a good rail fence
and place a native of Ethiopia in one cor
ne.r of it, the representation would satisfy
Bishop Fowler. of the Methodist church,
fronm observations in that country con
cludes that China is preparing for war
with the United States, and that the
slaughter of the English-speaking people
in C(hina may he expected most any time.
This will hardly wasbee-washee. I the
good Bishop would hit the pipe occasion
ally he would take a more roseate view of
the (',elestials.
The Paris exposition has awarded a
grand prix to Prof. Howland of the Johns
Hopkins university for his photographie
map of the solar spectrum and his con
cave gratings. We are not kickinl
against the grand prix, but if we bad
known of this before we would have sent
over a few views of Sheep Gulch and
Chinatown taken with our own amateur
photographer's outfit which we are conf
dent would have made Prof. Howland
look sick.
Clvilltion is getting in its Ine work sa
the ost hopeess places Last Tuesday
ses Claton countur, Mo., farners eausht
Martln Girta, a negro hbihwayman, who
hid jls hold up aun relieved another
hraner of Is. They wre about to Ibaeb
him when oae of their number polated
out that only seven were present, whereas,
h id, It requ d twelve to make legal
lynching. T conserentious tiramrs
thereupon took the highwayman to town
and turned him over to the authorities..
Law and gompel have not been eaeled
Into Missouri In valn.
Ruodin, the sculptor, has fliashe his
state of Bastlea-Lepage, and the mon
ment will be unveiled this monath uear
Daunvillers, out of eight of the village
overlookitg the e1de. The painter qears
bis stuauH blouse and looks te the
distamee wbM his brush toucs the pa
me a.sne saens and agos.
N-aib oe amas mi .m
when or. Nanwssma te - amde
s.ti he to hlWak o Lat, de kad et
at DuL,, Q.r or Tame .
ietae Waeise The1 aee w.
mpUea thi~ek tae Is am m..own
.1 useweamir"1mt he Mewmi etleese
bemaar t"0e ises wn re- w ea.ms
bales plat, whbk is vep dissemumag ltos
the ,ep-ham egse ats gaeWdids.
A Wirt wAft an ma .e
The plas and agamr nmaumtaime Uo
the United teees have rk the kepues
to nsaclal mamees asad awre ogaalelms a
trut. Te ew as head does not give
the dbsted infaemdasa that hbad aerlne
aw inclhded la the pelabie rle inm priet
It Tae m.. emeses g9a.Mi. 'Bme.
Prom the PhilMdelphla inquirer.
The worrs fair acommittee o siHes Ia
New Yaork s ablot to make . avigor s t-
fort to do asmething. The sbow prgamre
it s making Is *d-lppolntiam but not hope.
less. It took Col.mbus years to permuade
the kIg of Spain to get a m e n hit.
masse eema.ss or 0.,e.
From the CkM eeUmImes.
CIncnnati bad a "smamred coasert" Sun
day, but It was the mdaet of a tver u
ehristmn-like row btoh belowe and after.
Cineinnatl earn stand # to forego her Sum
day bwee, but she must have hear sased
conearts eves if bhe wades in Sunday
blood to get 'ern.
mL mbsep Ita te PILhk.
From tse ChpImes.
The national conlseence of wool manu
ctere, In seession at Boston, decied
that the wool umiaes was i a bad way
owing to the hib promeetve tare, hut
they do not want the tari removed. Ths
I. like a .beep with a heavy Seem on a
hot day looking askane at the shaers
shears and wlhing tmat he might feel thb
refteehing bses oe his bare bamk, but
refssing to be relieved of his load becase
it would put him on a par with animals
that did not wear a winter overcoat i
summer. basme people think it Is better
to be odd than coafotable.
oe--~sa rtag bau.er.
From the %a Frnamesima Iamar.
The sugestio that Mr. Logan should
be made pensi com sionerto sueeeed
Tanner does credit to the beasts of its
oralgnatorm, If not to their heads. It is
likel that th meuplus would diappear u
der seca an admialnstration of the nio
once with a velocity that would make
Tanner ssan pensrious. With her warm
woman's a smpathy for suffering, and her
especlally ardent smpaty for safferaing
veterans, Mrs. Logan would fall an easy
victim to the wiles of the claim agents.
eseelt uarvhem' Dilusemma.
.rom the Cleoeaad reisisaler.
Major Warner refue the position of
c--o.as er dof pensions. Few men who
ar. worthy to ll the place will care to fol
low Tanner. The Grand Armn men have
been assured that the Tanner policy will
prevail, while the comtry muderseands
that the coarporal was removed in order to
eradicate the etravagant policy. No man
can administer the obce now without in
curring the condemnation of the Grand
Arme or thu remalnder of the people. Con
sequently the oace is likely to go bteasng
unless Harrison appoints Private DalSell.
Edison smkes a great deal; the more
work he does the more cigar he con.
Coaored Cadet Flipper, who acquired
coasiderabls notoriety at West Point some
years ago, Is now an elsent oseer in
the Moesaan army.
Miss Helen Gould always believed she
had a mission to teach, and even mow na
stru.e four mumie pupils, members of her
churhb. at her home.
W. K. Vanderbilt's steam yacht Alva,
which is easily the han mest and sm
perfectly appointed pleasure best nla the
workd, st $00,000 and the espense o
running her is said to be about 610 a
The colored cadet, (Chales Young, who
failed to pass at the June eaunmlna.on at
West Point. duly amd up his deselwlies
and has received his diploma of gradua
dton. His assigasnmt to a mecond lieu
tensany will follow.
There Is a new count of Monte Crlsto.
Marquis Carlo Ginar of Florence has
bought the island and its title. He in
tends to construct a resk4ence there whose
splendors will outdo those of the grottos
of the late Edmund Dantes.
Tolstol, the Russian novelist, although
of noble birth, affects the life of a peasnt
and the trade of a shoemakrer. He dresses
like a village artisan ; his shirt is soiled
with soot, trousers egrimeod with mud,
and his whole appearance is that of a
workiniman, a day laborer, a down
trodden Russian sert.
Mane. Wyse Bonaparte de Ruate has Just
bean robbed of Jewels worth £r,000. One
of these ornaments is a pearl of unusual
mise, arranged as a brooch with brilliants.
It belonged to her grandfather, Prince
Laen Bonaparte, and was gives to him
by the queen of Spain, at whose court he
was am.assador. It was valued at £2,600.
Mrs, Harrie Beecher Stowe was poor
when she wrote "Uncle Tom's Ca~in."
The last e was written in the osee
o her pubisher i Boston. It was a cold
winter morning and she arrived at the
store halt looese. She stood over the
stoe half an hour before she was seue
ently thawed to hold her pen. Thee.
mionths from that time she rscelved a
chlseek for 10,000 as the Brat payment aon
the sale of "Usncle Tom's Cabin."
The late S. L. i. Darlow had a very ma
allection of Central Amerian igens.
Just beor his death he sent a lter to
the trumes of the Metropolitau mauseus
ha New York ofering them his eoilletsla
andu appoltlang an bear ald day when he
would be rea to deliver them. At the
spe.iMed time a respraeetatlve of the
pnt*in called and learned that Mr. Dna
ow had died the day betoa.. The easeu
tars have decided to carry out the esa
neat lawyer's wish.
Alamos !Iaed.
Therse was comsderable "ghoulish gIe"
malnbestd among the aund rs
O:toed re.netly when the proveos
W.areetmr olnese on thei h dip
nutaries tof the univwerity was -
me amallthu ant d ad ts oIhe
o allwfa pe o of his to rn at
Lage wtbo a mmels .
Dry Goods Department.
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Clothing Department.
Great reductions in all Summer weight goods. New
Goods are beginning to arrive and we must have
space. So if you would look to your own interest
see our great drives this week and take advantage of
them, for the time is limited.
Grocery Department.
We make a special point to keep everything that is'
only first class in this department, as out past reputation
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