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The Anaconda standard. [volume] (Anaconda, Mont.) 1889-1970, September 25, 1889, Morning, Image 1

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Nnsc Ovum Joe. vti on..
--A ýIrr * - A new/u Msi na.
F. L. ST. JUAN, A.D., M.D., C.Y.
Slin -suas an s..amd sre. a(.`Jna Nasding.
Cbss o Flint It.. a tlL Jawe Ialmldim.
U.s Roomm: f to itA. M..2 to 4 and 7 to P.M.
PEACE fitA~tVPUBLIC. (4l.*
'ICVi&K .
putt threSt. Aauunula, Mont.
MAIN ST.. OVKR BAnIS?* .* A'EVO' b'rwmK.
Amasonia - - Montana.
T. O'LEART, Attsruj and Cumle at Law.
?nntioee in all of lhb Poate and Vniled altLes
mouts C d rtvos ý.. .an ll laoM. I wial at
trntoa rtt t Miniet r1,nt and MOakn
Law. w~l t5*sctut. I4 .sao. and Inrurane'-. I )hrl
o Jerty ý *nv and itnL ('dl ct dl. cMkr moots
alndse. Anaconda. r ra*.
Nomr. Fint r Htw..a Main and Oak.
Anaconda. Montran.
by a new procesm. All clasues otf lhtal Work
eaecutc In bLrt cltam tuannwr. Artl~ral
*R. P. BRO3,nLN*
Attorney at law.
Q5ee In Darrett & Ja*ky'. WUrk', Main .treet.
Anaxssa'uda, Montana.
H. 3. SThPHO NS,
(Next to Montana Hotel*.)
Anaoonda Real Estate Agency.
Mining BrokerC('olictors and C'onveyan.ers.
The Beet Brands of LiauMors and Cigars In the
Thurto B . Corner ('.da and Flrst Nlrerts
luayor, urrentt a unrtt,
Wholesale and Retail Butchers.
Familly supplies a pr.ecalty.
All Orders lh-lvered Free of Charge.
Iop an First treet - - ANA.ONDA
"eM. 7U RRTI'4*
The BERT anMl CIIRAPK.rW plawe i nth- C.ty o
utelo to PlnrLhae ONTn and SIOOKVE
is at the IO.I) INMIT.
s West Park at. F. n. ntIAW, Proprietrr.
na . - - - Mtana.
iHas the Finest
Fancy Cakes, Candies and
Ice Cream
hat Money c(an Buy ! KRitv AnE mterf
aue! tOlv"LBr laTriaI "erEastern
and be Convinced.
IM West Park Street, Butte, Most.
The • Morris * Cousins,
Al work pr.aptly done and a perfect fit guar.
iPar n l Ilmonrnlo itel. TIke the First
Hallway on Main street oR First.
Having Purctased the
On Front treet. Anacoda.
+ A. J. BLIX +
bs rmpau to eonduct a art e aa hotel. Nome
t whit help seplayed.
Pl~r Cla Board and Lodgig.
as. 0 per day. R..mble ates for week
A *rr bsu OMh l1g By a
(l Nlw ..w P J ,aft
Seem..la aSfw a aIwswr ('ua..aiuu
I. the Um. bab.at thkaga
Yb. K1I1" aad
I'HICn t.n, Mept. EL-A frightful eisester
to a meaburban spassenger train oursred
to-night in thUe outhern outskirts of the
city. The Chlalago. Rock Island & Pacife
train which left the main depot at 6t:W
i o'clock fo Blue Islalnd was crashed illto
byr a fIright train at the' Lake SlNie alld
Pallhandle cr.esing Ietar Eightty-hvellnt
rqeet. Th4e pse.neigr trainl rwa at a
standstill, one c.achlroj.~rting over the
rolssing. Into this oacmh contailning
about sixty persons plunged the freight
train, traveullng rapidly at right angrle to
Ithe R~ck Island trnin. TIL. wreck of the
passeniger vrcheuel was instant alld cenn
Ipkte. Half an hour after. four ke.ad
hbldi hIdal htrta taken fro thew dehri*
Iand the numlnr of victisus was still a mat
ter of esnjectuere.. Most of the ple ap itn
tihe e aeh were resis.ietst of tihe sllrtulrhall
towns of nWashingtln .illghts and Morganu
When a thourough sseawh had been c an
prtted it was found that three wo.wel alnd
two men had been killed outright an.tl an
other mlan wast in a ldying curdition. Six
other perrnes werew seriously ilsjuredl. Tine
latter six unfortulnates were hurrkiely
conveyel to their Ilmlnes sear at hauntd.
while the dying lnatn was takenl to tihel in,
stitute of the nisters of Merny. The five
dead were conveyedl t tthe morgue. The
list of killed is:
Mms. KazLLy.
G. McKrc.xal,
FarD. HulcaExn .
Mua. BRowN and als unlknownl wonallas.
all of ashingtoen Heights.
Those. s.mt seriously injurted as-*:
Ges MIL'UAHY, .Seveonty-sixth and Wal
lace. streets, fatally hiurt.
Masm A. W. -'rr.wrs.
ANTON Slusmcuse and Plll AKEs H .tAI)uN,
of Washinrgtos1 Heights.
The otrer hmrt sursnauined hut slightl in
Another aeerunt of the aurcidhnt nays:
Five ialre aent live" a mki tihe penalty of
wanton earlesmnessl of a railrmoal ltngiiner
a i the coriaWr of Vilimstallllnes avenue tLanI
Eiglaty-.Sventl.h street, this city. Thi.s
evening a s uhurlman r traLn on the RoIk
Island rlid. left thel Chicasgo dk'lP*t at
6 :18 o'cl-hk. At this pOint the Waa hinug
ton Hilths arltmehl is caugllt lip by a hllun
ny. Tlhi ervening the ear was left an
usual. winel a unnumeant later the pImsen
gern weet horlrif*d to ee Ihearing dowt
uponl tiwinu at the1 rSate of twelve minel an.
lhour a heavy frigllht train on the anse
road. Tlre warn no tirme for
Ill·bt. The umewseer reverd his
engine. hut with ahlnnmt undladimsilalhed
sperd it plowed into the paua llsnger tln.oal
until the Incoumntive war hkkkdn entirely
in thw wrelk. Wild hrklrks and grIasmrl
amalllloulld the bormr of t4ei disasnter. Mld
asr the steanm fornwtl in thlliek clouldsL
ararndl the wmene the terifreld aspsRtattrw
reali.ted that the ill-fatedl Iasweng.ers w-re
Icinlg rosxast.d alive. Willing hands lent
all assistanae psssible. bhst th engineer
having failed to Ihut off steall, the teatias
cheat was blown out by the shaitk of the
collision and the keath dlealing vapor
llased forthl teaselel.ly for anearly all
houlr. Strange. to uay, not a *irson
was killed by the collinion. tlar Ins-
of life being snoely attrnlutalehh
to the weaklingl steam that enveloped tihe
coach. The ek-ual as' takenl out were fonmll
to he literally rmn*stel.
Thle wrack appwars to lhave. Iren, etiiir"
ly dlle to the ahlanmt crilminail qark.li-nsulmW s
if Englliaier Tholsbley. Thei amlslatagc0r
trllli was onl tinw. sintals were ouat att Ii
seetnaplauor anld yet lir. freight train, ir
garntll ns of tlln and signllals, plluageld into
the etealh. ru.umlingl at a spled of twelve.
ililne aln lhoulr within tth clity lilmit. Ieitha
Thonlalbt ancid bli' fireman Jilnllxwd aind
eaca w.l. The enatI.iler lbas dissaltlsare).
Vctrei.s rl the ueber Htorromr.
QuCUEc. S.ept. 24.-This nlionrlilng tlhe
labortr, at the ruins call.ed by thle r.ernt
land slide heardl a slight nuin lnder a
heap of wreckage. Dilging vigorously,
they Moon reached Josesph Kemp. W..l.n
extricated, Kemp, whoi I 72 r"ears of age,
was still aile to speak after lhaving bel
Iuritel 10( laiunrs. Stimuliantst were- nlllll
ite.red and IK)IN'. alne lti'ertaille tlhat hie
will recover. Shortly after hinm was takven
out the eorpe.e of Mrs. )'lk)wd. aged 72
years, whil.h was .adly anultilatrl. It la
expeteud iou e ll and IIea will Ihn foUld short
ly. TIhe oroae'r's inei.aeIt int1 tihe. nae
of tht deathl of 4U viatills et.lglhdaI tlhi.
mnort lug.
Evklience given at thIe inlulleas to-day
tendsl to show clearly that tihe. laelll sli
could have heegl gurFnkhl agaillset by ,pron
aerly reguIirlg thie c.rack. ill tLh e litf ueane.
vISrA Mo.
MU.keam Lead t.eoe.
AtLnLt.I'ut.'. N. M., Sept. 2.4. -A
spelial from Detlntis t thie Irumo-r ,rS .'ays;
that at a nlt.tallng of nliiw" OwVle.r atdil
lusainelss 1nl in that city anIl vi.lllity
stronmg r.aUdutliotm warP acldoptadl .argiIng
fire imlportataiou of l-ada or. ilsitut t|.
United Staten froti M-e ko atssl nuplllati
cally stating that the illlport duty nle had
ore would crille a sllwxlti1g ,uter-pri. a
and drive M.l o to adopit realuatury
intasures to the de*triment of conmaleraial
relatioLns with the replublic. Tihe aw·-a*ting
was inon-prtitu.ll anid well att.ainlt+l by rn
publitans as well as dteuamarats..
A Miaalela Clerl.man.
LoxDox. Sept 26,--The *l r ways that
the Rev. Mr. Burrtekll, who racently dis
appeartl in a mnystarious manner. uaikel
on August 29 for Montlral. ho...itl under
thmen of Witlson. Ourtheld outensibly
started for Ireland to deliver addrsaes in
favor of the government and ill oppcsitltln
to the agitation its favor of Mbon. rule anl
it was believed by mlan that hae !at1 with
foul play in that en.ntry.
PeetWa to Mamersha..tta.
spr.icI to the mandard.
Boarro. Rept. S.-It ib the helklef of all
wellol.formed lmn and partisan oshrverr·n
to-night that Lktenant.Governor Brackett
will receive a clear najority on the first
ballot of the republican te..torial con
vention tomorrow at friksu!s of
William ('rapo pueat that latter will
be nomninated.
3.Jgbewebga "MetN we a Resb[nar-OM
NA LrnAeseaoo. Iept.. L-Toamuy Wae
me a Lao Aurkss Cal., and Pruak Mu-
ply of Ikentlngha m unglaud. fought to
a fltnib at the Californla athletk- club to
night, for a pure of $IWNl and the feather
weight eamplespk hip. Mmphy's weight
was 119 pound.. He was mecoeda, hr
Martin Muarphy and Patsy ('.aan. War
ren weighedl about 11t and bhi setotds
were John ironakiolmca and Pakly Gorrnan.
Hian to'mok wan referee.
Freou the first to the tenth uretut ther
men fougbt warily Murphy dheinl moirst of
the l, while\ .arren savle hblarself
h inchlnagr. He sev.suml a trifle ligtht
alnd sliplatl easily whels Murphy aushdl
him. Murphy drew Ilwul l ighttly from
WarrIen's mltutth by a ladnl hft bantder.
In the lbegining of the. eleventh Warrlem-'s
left ee. was scwellinig froml tlw efferts of
blown -eived while e.aeayilnr ti, duuck.
Mu sy's fare was almn batdly e*it.
In the twelfth lrouusl Iurplay gIIesiaheNd
Warre. n M-verely asle had t ppnreltly
finished hlro. hIet clinlae4iIg suaiv.alhim anati
he casne iap mfu.sl.
Froen te thirtelenth to twenuty.-.iglth
W .arren .oatissaled to rel'ive Mslarilay's
left-hanskr.. and a rlght-hluaisl upls.r-ait
fhll itn tin. face witheaNt illy e.lgI1ial effort
to nulke ia mreturm. His Isla theuil of staigc
aing blowii. was I'to dl.ir hp i Is ezlll. ren*iv-i
Ing tllNmen tin Ih. le.ft iear anieil sa.ihkh-r. He
rese'lves wssspe latl upslrlacllat-s ils thlli
wal'. Is flrallting. liowever. Its. i.iintulod
ile oplpNtoseiat. At the end tll tls tial
teeatllt eh cmll he was tlhrowsl, a, Muarp~ay
swungll awauy lafter a clinch.
Fratcl ti*. twenty-thlir l to the twenty.
alxtlh uiarren ganuatally fored time flnl ilt
haig aId at th. e.sel of the twenty-s ith
Mulrphyl was stag-gerinag anll out et I Imreatl.
He. frenlaweilme. Ihoweivr, ilsn tin. le.xt
rcandhl Iat le.t armnandll altl il l Ilt twenlty.
elghtha wan necarly knec.ke.l oiat by a rlight.
hanlehr oent tlhe' ear.
At I o'e~Ie.k. we--tern tinweI. flfty-se.velr
rousclst luul w hse faaglitl. tIIe. Iaes. delleiai
liitt '.
(Caamet. el Mf twe rs P,..rm e.. m tlw M
smlt of Nel d ay'M m.$*tt.lo.
PArsI. NSept. 24. -All tlw msulelnr I lof t
cahileet have .eturned to PariM. Tlhe new
clialller will he Isumnmonel to mteet il No.
venwlhr. It is .utilate"d lthat the wql.a.rt
tf the (ove-.lSenelit will i)prijrlu.i a~U lie
erate rePenaliceans and i II. ellentrn of the
left. TIhe cluhallur Isr eerrtailn to ulnul t1ew
elkrtiolls of lloualllalger al i' ('int l )lllou.
Tler erlwa.lk-lala jourrul anr Jubilant
over the r.sult of Sundlay's eleatloln, Altla
ray tI"e nsei..n hillot will only aul to thew
MssitMes of the nr.palhlkaisln. TIwy a lrt4
Ith defeat otf Ferry auedl expre.s the hlot'
that his ahbseume from tdhe elanaum-r msay
he only telmaporary. Tlhe Ir, lb, lia Foras.
ealinr mays tlhe smasltry lha's 'lr telh a go..
elaliwelt mnajority and showna that warn
tirld of fo.rmmer .l vi-lolms land dwinrcl telw
chamIultN'wr to attend to Iatkiuttal interelt*. to
the rexluinku of the pruoble.n causing di-.
Senalous.l The J.,auraal ulew tk4)ast lhas mn
grrat (onsfide.ee In the wisdonm of thi
noew tl' arhimi l ai d HenIamul Jnma
nals expres. dalmpjuimiatnmaat at the ..
mult sand may they lhoia the I e.ead hallot
will ntrlnligthen sthe I.oitlnei of the qopp
IwaNl)Ox. Sept. 24. - In an tItervikw to
day olmalanger akli he ehaI no Ihope of hli
Iarty having a nIJ.jIW it lah Ite . new eluaima
IserN odleptntie. He, I" wever. hadl N ni
muclh faith Il thie fhture. The gIovern.
mat, he I a. i kl, ha. hd everywlhen.. 9tl..il
vote~ with ravn.-like elaurltaltermtlia". 'rTI
el.iulkamn nmajority woukl pgrove sagmsam,
ageah.id andl they woukl mlood he callilel
hill to powe·r.
Tb. Evme(awE~iwcutl she Jury.
Ngui Yo'&K. S4~.pt. 24.--CoJ~lon. Ye·llow.
lnluflwdt h~im aehlreu. to~ tIw Jur~' ila Iii.' Ive
of ce~rtaiaa point. witib lv...' eoraus,.eI. Tim..
tine' mary woes l'ngltlim. (ha, time. ~wimele. m*lu
to time. rT~l.* cr· cl~r umktgts ar tlar jimtmrIs
Ibis... Time), W·tI* takysi In limer veu*lart
amme*·lan ainl~ amaked In ma a· ilw· t ntsl~ of tim.
mete~~nsigtituiaer. nes~t. , Lawyrl lruaesks~
~,timeh reeunlrer'w nalingu. Time jury wets
againil smeta turt/k.
Art IItr :iW oiIruk. a.. time',lr~ isary lmal t.I. I
The New (ruiwrr ('karlestuw.
WW a.HI oro. Sep. 2'. Slu"rrrttr T i
Tracey dtaridd to ahoy tob iwee4it tlif e e·w
cruihRr ('hurh.stcatu hut liii, not wivce!. any I
ordekrw to that -tall, a. 1w In- i awa itinag 1tH.
iaatioiti of tlif 1.tir~auaa Of ."aincl~e4ritaq atdi
eotnstrufetiofa. whi."h are mnow I01mw4lctrilIs
tlai official raIwwrt cost tn. last
trital (of tln -v4tn..lM. Tire (iarleston
(luring ia.e trial gshIiw.il iam avm. wjw..u" siwI*·
of lit knSots Ifmr hou~r :and~ a *me.WlE4 IlWar of
over ti.UU.
The I.aei.at Colaral.simt. rsbg..
WAHlIXITN,. Se pt. 34. -TT-nilght the
friends of G(reral Powell. of Illinois'. isle
hojw sfal that lh- will too- ,&44'tE4l by P'r."ji
dent Hiarrimn4 m-4 l*o1S'i(Wl, etwuiiimi-. .
General Powell i.= u resilint of lIklleviiihh
and as paronaimeut G. A. K. faits ii. slat
inrtiun. A. H. ( antllwtlll. of Kiansan-.
wimewa. nelie" hew beema b*uswl jaN -ouanewnjepgn
with. this' oftole. in mulel by weisternl aun..'m to
1. really wo"kiuqg ti.-' ls'.iintminit as di.
tric't atuornu. y for Kansas.
The Om aha BatS S·tayers weld.
OMuAHA. Neb.. Sept. 24. A sueq rt gm(
aIng of the omDnuahua la hall ass'awietion
to-dat eleekide to zslveegt thxel prIorfrifecium
of the I3totaan club for thfe. stale of tsh. e.m
tirn. Omaha tWarn to that (ity. Tfe" p.Ach
ahle result will in- that 4 btuaahn will 1mav.
no tratt ina the. flkI . lext y)aur.
*arry Daags by a Storma.
JAcKf0oVI aa..g. Fla.. Sept. 24. Re'jorts
tnsda from various lemealitie. in the swtut(
indicato that yeterdmayss wtorel maw a eli
astroau ome to pruperty. although nao fair
the.r h.. of life iw lm liortedl.
2hrrateteas Urwte in Yagslad.
irwrlat to te IStandard.
LANDON, Sept. 21.--Ir,,l.s tb.e m:mwter"
shlut down thee coton oteraativet lava- (I.
.*ided to strke to defeat the. cotton 4-ernler.
The" !uovenaet is likely to sprad.
It bMI * IktSbn Ias U a
N. M. a "Asia ar Uwumlugf ON WN
-ai Thai hr Near
PAmatcuaatteL-uia. W. V' SN"pt. 24. The".e
Ise now In ,t'ser-sate twrt the trial of a 17.
yell-nM4 girt naveet Ella KaahIems.em whowsse
life' forWb.. mealt s*in amentbselias. ha. ti full
of seenaýttoaes.. The* .'IlaIUII agaltust leer is.
that of be'rsw selealilag anal ttuel . l,.,
sltaree. of tee` erii. san' rar y nrnlanti.'.
Se ' 1tiew ago sie' wasl visiting her
I lwtlw u farn luaelodf. Thmnaas. Hankey.
Tlhe ta*r ie a wea.ithsy re-l e*aI .at. eawnar.
t 1" lte arteiimg Etta wase aniswsiteg and el ets
a Ilne. torse.. After a swean-l
* for w slays. tee- bwsK ' was. formnal ill the.
girl's. 1r.s.ssiaete . Whilte- her erapteerers
Swere d4 11mlg as. to whi at tai etia with lea-r.
* Etta ahqpleel lisle. tiew river still onl lus.ea
lhaek. rttel eesaelkavuael t.. swineaerweu..
She wits. .rytiil eal,(unn l cited labu-c1l in
jail. lwr t rc k. atil t l a rturteel to her
eremle-r. Mr. Hacektey teek pity nec tsh
yaliitle a11d refossicl to (*mce4 tale. A slort
tihems after suaetlwr Issees. was. ue~teaing.
The hors' was. tgratel tie the- Ksecarwhe
river. atel late-r fenneel tiea the tile-r side
ii tihe Ieseee.s.%sa of Elta. A see'
ont Unee her yeeeatlm lWote'el hIer
frecnt reae-tkue. itt weeks. later seea
sb. 4 hesrswe hems Lewis. 1eicley. wase 1uar.
nearel Isersss.lisa. ·ril h~ue',~ caerseir aeie
sum"" "ntss the' t hit..ea c tlrtonl c(1,t
hewgt hack to tie- Palcaumlla eamemeety jadE,
h en lm was aesetneel seavenit weea ki.,
wha.,, gaini thee e'slf tlele'ae af tie
jiuaw. tle.r e~messesel sletekl lii lIesw e anml
fled. wase Wa. pandac eaasetearet. wills 1w
Tim. oug a ldveamtsrre only ubsetls fnwe
nlttives eº tdetetile'it. Her youath,
iM'asai ande gener.al eetivlate~ee in aemiana
ways. have' ereateeal seysmeupathy ice tsar faevuu
awai secae of Sthe .inest gesill.euiaa t eitiwan
a of i'atnaamm eoeaty are' itstefeatitteg
selves. 1n sse'e'trilag her re'-ease'. E lee trice
"(will se~iaelhetet laaet a weavk.
A Wealth1 laag Make Marrilager Make.
a Mema.ahlme.
Irlt iKISept. St. A U.nuett.atnumnati .1.is-iw
1U411t WESIIWEI Ie.ne. a 41 y EM twos& ag'O.
N illriau U. lraIi.br. Jr., SENU tif .º Euf the
Ie*Ei4ng nwOl ,'..tat.- E0w 14F0 441141 ea I~lItUIIEt,
of itualneseie. aidl a ,nernar of tlm w I.oui."
m "Ale Uni .t eoGla ej r & linoukliy. e mmie.t y
we.uat tIo \W(..e Ualeot, with Mi.. Lydeia
\\tieiqee. aisel t1.+ tw~lWE SE ,gisrrk.tl. Mis01
Vitotar Ina b* lNItne"ttE. IIuIlaNu.NUI4 ,cul 5t
tEU4tiWW'. tilE EICIUIE (Ohrf a1 wIk eOw nr.iilidie
at TPInueyr (ree-k JUnti.EO.
" li tlnr o tin- tins eof (ilaew-r &
okw k. rl a VigalSr statrtl Inilo .l IAN
ina Hr " allot Miseo WtImevrme w s phLUwei
Inchae .. \ uUsngRrAleral**y h uIIW Cli ,am
o tl heMr anel ".i SE) mnak. sr hisl
b. .hir was wlling and a war a wr
sulnther. heat trnb knew that IHadleyn
iuarematr. wine, at eX"serllingly iatiraeomrtie."
w.nuIi tm&.vi.r give. the~ir ceiloseit. ... tipe
to1n,.U.m wIA joluinneel uismel el weeleijuca
t tas a Nl.lae.e. a gnroat NIIUELItiEIES ill M40º
VIeS' elre".e, f.or liraehley imnveel in Siteo
tluigesut EWliE-i) 411141 wit,. nregured.l y) the
nuarrniragallol lEceEt El.f I Uhl i44V taos u linE.
humStt e~ate1. HHia linus ie kceowim all ove-r
jEows. f-hi ant~isW Laaty los smite t-wakuaowum
its Ihlleae1mme. 114viEV hag IwI S"tEW tit it fe"w
w;=;%ks Sip- ise. LI far asC is knIuwn. ro -
MglOEOtutIiOLt" :an wweothl y si manst 31he Ilaus
we'eLeie. ripT- featilwr cof tim. lW· i ienVolm
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iu..mt.kra l 3lrpurtm Ikw*sd.
I ELtv.cvr.. 4apt. .M. The s.mtksi*nz.l nr
I."t iar..ul in a Niw Vurk rtguI othair a*v.i,4ra
cati.., lus.t auglht tha&t V'rtuak Pint- wasM lii
arwnjtrt.w s.ºf the wvlwa(u. whmr.ntly tie. First
ematis carnl Ixiwuk ac this .ity was rc'.e actiy
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ii.- a.ath.crity sof (heiit~ sof l'slii.. aaTrisy
aaul prsuusaima-at 54. ltiv... .f tie. sity. It
Isas weii knouwn. fast Htht Pitw wasp
m~ricca,..y ill sat Mtiuulvamsohi* s at tie.. tiaaa sof
.put s.f te, fusel ttiast 1' is Ie re* r
airviect fur swsulaeiniaa a la.4sl SELISS at Kate
IaN('ity asst ao f1"i.trl, · go s as 1511 81$ ,,i,,y
'tlt·crl. '11i." is 11,w lyltly al 1 N" isll( t u
elm-atE fruit, *tc"nlait.snjst t sf ti5" sticle.-,.
31.rriu.. Out In tb. Wet..
Urr.,, 1' IL~lK. Svlot. LA. I'r*·*itlt·clt Ilcrrri"
soon arasl S aanuts.r D)avts rs(tmrasl tu. I".".,
Park too-n-agiat afte"r as stlany trlip. hi
ruiiuisi I·obst1tly. matd). uuia l s i1e prs*'si.
ulunt's isuukkirntasussa atas high. rbciur twsrts
I d . suaak t h satirs-ty sorsts~t hills fns,, the
.tsunna. Tacarsnar.sw" timN *.a sia i 1t aisatl Mira
*-x-ssº. a:-wuratsar andi M~rs. He-airy- (:
Uavis at Pui r. argil Mirs. Eiah itia Ion
will atts-ni tue" s-.m"ttgaiaii as- siCe-&stj.,, I
.% NisimlugN flUmu~m".l.
UTIC A. N. V.. t '4. l:alw~&n1 St.
1Walwiwtbl. agt.'e 34. .,t Iliu, nuuh.
Uha tmlL1I..'im YD"L thial zift.n11.eu.m fn.4a,
lImi, rz&.itinlul ta, It 1h."ilmt 'if aiwimt 46,114
vIcilr*. and w m 4 arri.Y1 nut laver ill*- !iii.
atnd was.' u'."n ic. ckwa..,..1 rmi 'icily int.k iI..
gill %ratY" of tlw" .srs .u1;1Ut .".)1ltl Is. (uuld.
N 1. ke..Igualba.u A.%.cphd.
Wý A!4fIC i.T4,1 Sclt. 24. The. wtrc."t;&rv
if th ii. triswmary" hiii, zuYptseItI the ." c..i/[i.:º
ticml fit Ilr. aiuma.= I. lirtcatuall it *I'. dir i ciii
the inutt ii, tauk.". sIT..c 4 )t..icImsr 1:.. EI.4warci
4 b. 1.. ac.laº. ~ ."*u et int&64 .itfll** i.: ninw
a'tilli ass edir..t.wr with ih.' unmlc·cr...t.tidiu
that N.' will h, e r* aiu cm.t.ml eto the. eIir. t.r.
'Ghilts' o, a at. t1 me* til..Y ltweuN/N $ seauatl.
A New Hetal H'. ru d.
DISKen,. ?ogi. A. 'The0. aww h1ui*I
Prinee"ton at 13u.-lins %i iun. (e.lc.t.. thepro *wn
Irty of its- Ruetm a Vista rland numdl Ies.
pr0,.*UwIA c.""Nuapesay. MHuII..l early this
,nawnihag. The- km'. is 1.' 3..eM1 imsmmr..ul fe
SI3.iflN. It in supi'wwu t1w. fir. w as sf its
e.a"diary origin.
c.r .Itsd Hi. Ih.md.
WHtIrmLmi',. W. 'a.. S~ept. 31. Its ii"
ehulrit .Yurt tohay ther easa' of the" Skata
v-. Harry Seyhktli. imaeliris~dl fear emmahe
situp t11 fund.' itf WlirLing. was. .alkml
Thlre d..fe·Iaa l Itfikhml in recqrNaa ama1I lia
hagad was f.irf..itedl. yhjolerl- wiwNr,
alstal rI . uiiknlowii.
Ad.gag i/ing.tm( aems Moanf eke 9ie 1`1.
Luauw ~ 00.' U .e. a Seinae.' Sbwlu.m..
WAagei~loN. $A. 2k4. --Tb. wiini
6EotninuIsis nqr of for gewral land ulnce
bas invnted a nmodon to review tLbr de
e'ialekt of /lernlindaioner StctrkwkC r n1
F.4wruary 2 1w. In which ind..m niy h*u
mrheb l hl id.. in tb.e S.licur amei tera(;rmhrv
Indian nwrr rvatito, wases nethael. Tim- Inu
mnhimwnt ise usulr lands to 1 luge"mn pmwkvid
fvo Ineni~ntity in eaesr wb.'m, lands an.
oist sw utNmerwim. sliueiwie..l of. Tb.. asstiiig
e'niamistif.n.'r isleius tlwt tine lath at"
:itch rmlti nis. which lit- within the
Iwwlueidarle~g if ttIl two mac wne.
nrservastiem.i0 1 rsr slims e.it of withiin
tie mes. 6 nitg ..f th" luaw it,..
follnraiesg r44Iie)S(o ay iatiar ini lim. atim." ii
1'41,1w" sihs. I.lt- 16li410 Sleist the- ..clae' iicss it
right to .'e'levt either Icatdls ini plase. tlmrmssf
Actiuug ( nunalsusi0Inn'r ?%tsnit .ini ihsewsisg hi,
ste4imlemm says: It im sl'char tlw~n i.. can gal
jiremalt isi.tn isi1 ini Jutdiciahl sl~issmuwll ass t
lIii *.WR.4tf es 'rtcs uitl w'henel wstkil*Sum twifl5
withini Isldian mssee i.tJsems eat tim.' tit
of ine' taklng ..ffsst ..f tim- gncat. Tim
winetlner I stun right ew Slnt .sn this hislem I
felI ::caf in f: Ilewing Stht ezlrtsinhen ..f ie
.m~s'stler? sif tse* inmts"i.re Its Sts.is iiwu11.nels
"I 41.". 1 I." fasts in that e.sae e' &art eetsn
Seair in thes.', aide1 tisn r.'nrf net-u.k.
tbes elesiesioms suf Fehrhuary =S. ices'... And hle
float time "lta te fit I Irs'ge u ham ci right to me.
le'et idsm.suutity few se-mes1 stestj..inm lyinil
withimu ttH*' Sil-Smt anuiit (nrmal nusu Li imlitei
rs"servcatieit. As te call otlmer e)sa.-tkieu
t. sNuhimim 54 144 t isnla att list,. tm-)-lr i I
es.rvs-it feer )1mrs-r asetiotI mutuslir times lta
w"ime- tie'. lists e-seuu. lmIus'feur tt'le-art
Ome-at few awsgwrel. T'Isle eh''cesiej., li n
gcrl.-l* a igmlmemtcumt. ia it will love-tnm it
.tll similar -awurs. sif whis-h thain' an-s a
large- i usmuluesr ina eljffs.st *mcsrtus est the
A VIas Lady's mu setaN I Her E'Im"Iw
watti Lage-r Urn. eafaL
Ni:w YUIIK. S1-sit. 2H.- A rewiu ulatie- null
riunge teik ptlace-- he-r tews eitther clay. I-.
jilte" IlW' c(nre-as i.ua.a .g.itieu f time- laetyu.
{r.atmts, t,.-ovewg- F. (1-tOSS of (isieloiniati
IN-."at1N" ON. ieIIIetU1( d .of HIYIH·IYc Mllardrt
(w-an.-n" this, city. sg l ltu~ly'fath-rl i.l
thes 'rile-r'll 'Jsa.ly aige-tt cOf hes.(' miaark
Ste attulmnsip .-enpum nty. The famnily I.
origiisally fn tn K.-tssu.-ky. (uytewt'
fathe'r, now .kcel, was as WE-ulthtt
aet.-amt~hesat cIWilE?, nuiel cosmitsuoiik-4listh
ultd-rt l IK. I.-." I the- tonw-ntwieh) rue-,- wnit
the. Natrhe-g. truest New t srlauns kmº St.
Lolise. fsear ye-ar. ago
£ athias easitme Is, %ew York net a vis'it I.
an 1111.le-.. WiN.. Is. a bnw-mlmr oit the Iserclmae
e(e-italim r (.e- q.tw ae'saaiiste-e wllh'
Miss ( :1..1".')~·t. vii.d Nrf-.nwt·.at
Wave l1tfeseNm#-ei tmalt lIes mlight Iw-e-eset It.-.
sesastee w-Itemt lilagme-he tse-alittI ef aige-. Aft.-1
his re-ttwra freueti hseiisuminai I-rfasnil
we-re- .,see-ree-imeese rte-" *iire-ats tripe'
tato Ste-r1s~jal thei-r ehlaahter tluel
('ayton Intel foettud a1mmNl-r les.'
heat LUsuaslly selN. la-atrue-l Iis aeklre's 6lik
ee~uaatetusmieaitaa with hint freun at trio-r."
1 lenus. iII Ihns~klyute k llims7 himm ktelmne e
wlw-ime-ver ewkylrp)Jur f 1. Hcr fanmil
e Innu of this elso. atwi Iprepared to sea
r Blaeamehe toi asa. meuiaewh 13 sewaN
to start this a/nrtuiitg. heat n the mesa
t(itne' Clad sthi1aa.teW-I) 'ILaytn. who ar
rite-el rc.atptly. After vis'itinmg twe .est-i
( utst.Nr tw 1 ce.upe' were we-t-de-el bcy Re-v
/ er. aisilisee1 alt 11e55t t- lay at the- rneeded
- of the- ('huneh of the- Hilly Spirit. TINY
i. ...... ..... ....rt. .. .1.. V1......1 1......
Vamoose"" EKAt.t.a Gam..".
?4S'eai-o to Ihr M4tamafls.
WASEEUsNEETEEA SN..p. I. Thu gnv."nm.
iise t&E" tEI.tiIUNlfy it tl3WeY lflt(l·tI 1I4.4-64#83
E4tk4IE whik'I will EN3I04" 3w law, tlma lcail
hw.ru * lf r.*m.r."waitatlver f ufttl.awml,.t
TIM- N atIEIILuSE) Wy."rw I1...1 4 swag'.. Flu.
htree."Mt caw- is that .ut Easton va F. l'IM"Ianl
guf '1'cu.lmugau.." whitglm ,autak"aw 2.3· layers,
wuil.* test- l0lm0ltewI I t hiat op t 1madul yin,
I aua1mgt4uem. aif Maryland:l 2.~74 guaaga".. TIM.
('OgIit.wt4,tuta an" I lualuuauw . w. v ). mnjaii. i
of Vtrifini.º ýýw.I~kll V. N~iw,
.d Viracimuia~ I'.wu y Va. 'aurv."tt,
ofn (.lmuatlai.a Milla"r Va. l:111.,tt, tf S~anaI
(a'naliguau Iwis Va. Ikitlua I lu. ..f Vir
giasla; KI. ragaim Va. H.Mvk.-r. .ºn Miamiº.
Misti ; '1lmra4 vy. (lark. tot Aladwtaamu Akinl
."w. I'c%*,ul.ata,,a. Elf W' Vi itmia ; Malhufl
Vol. Ti. r i... Elf Almal,,a: Hill v14,33 a..
!:fy, ee...if ýiwiwissii; i·* lrlMlri' Vol. Iiull1ll·k
.ii 'lamr.l.ut . lF..at.. yin l'lu~lamm gut Fant..
in..: l4.,utlnr.Ir(utu. Va. ('g,4·. .d Arkatuusaiu
-Mc4.haimlw vs. C:kL(rl.E161..t Elf Vi'eginI
*1... ..f th. flail Pjwvmew.
Si-. I.11l I%. si, t"I. 21" The .dlitw, mi 1
siMirtitmiC lMSSM·r iii th11k vily Stlkn m'i.elv"pl a
latter fre mm at InameIshMar cef t m. lIemem)la s"Isal
alip.55kJ455g tl*. Ii, Y º aseY w sl eul it, tmne.se
Skll 3n.1s mwata..t. 'tils* Isl4Iyar wtyma LIs
iul.a 1lmia tlw" Ilalu"rl will rasn thei-. 1haea1 t.
mcalttlw 1·N11tl k h is u SlistiItkt". Ties- avm·a
wham.º.sw Imalijisal it sin" 11m'S likaeS) m.º in.f
lairare ".nallies ami eemevy wlthieust ksummwisa
whatL ine its mat.ºaw fam. the.,,,. It wall maseimlnl
Ine. ai trmaml-fe-r t.m flaw ma. tim af alirflftamfl. w It
wall ce muaulsact atitwsirm is, at samere" IsieNrel 111.
eil'. aimstatlemiaak t.1A151tlr.
9 " *Ean-ed b IhY.r.tl.. Tr.Ulhkrn.
LAx'KPra.w. \. V.. \.".I. 4. M.w~talr ,
M. SIaI(tYwIlarth. ang.*i 7l y."arw wua* f4uhl
iu..i jin li.. *ltliv. tbhis. auftrm.astm with
IM al.·t in. bl.. braiaa. A 1l.tt..r ..ujl..ita..I th)
124" was. uin'u! oaf life- amid 11444I ..ljast hiinta."4l
Ile wA.. the lfired w irll thI .ih(..iit Itis %A
N..w Y.vark. w. uhi..tri"t uett.rwn.y of Niu.
+n. .eueaaty for llfte..aa ye~r.r. tasel was. ai
* *iiitiI.". majr.mmae ..aeavt jmmItelam t.. fll a& v*
.snnsey its IM:1. Hi. re,,..rrie-I la...t s.s.prat
lh.amaewtL. treaeiblie art- ..mid ta ht) Y." 1.r I1
a... L
Katd I. r 1rr1r Fight.
avidi Ff:rlI&" Vllinil hKm. I&4gaM K. fuuUKI
is ala .I..r.I atidul fatal 1wiui fight Iinrt· Eu
da1y. Ii11 attw. "Oc l ruu.lma lcrutatmli. with I
MIk l.(lgtluanutmar Nolw. hw',k r % iIlimlmj aa
nraqk. wmlm ighamu f.*ll tut lw gv' 8.a.aA aU
I wVn 1. .astat  aswa .. ".naa Ha au r aaa a ..
TLtr M.$...e unto ew1
T.%naatVaon. a apt. M. --Thi m- aiauih urt
recta Navara haft railed fur tcla Rift n'nmt
On board the 4Ko(Wve isr a ef*haltirrio
frIomi It. Sultan sl dargest to onk r tkw iIa
awdiatt rtlea w of the Spaanish mailurm rm
relbly capture by Himamr.
Thk Now Yek tir~rapkhe"" WaMapd..
tKW Yosr. ..I,. :M. The (&ruphw.". al
afternoon paica ulal paemur. has misiatwIHlei
publkcation and the utfec is In tha hand
of the uberiff. The cause of the mraispe
I sautn is maid to he lack of funds.
lr-- 41h a LMSIL ,
A. bari.m r..t.. S. Wb .b She KIM
04 tSe Ta rr 1'. m Oe wIb rp.
smg ('ml.,. Tb. On~
I S:w Y.1NtL. S."/rt.c.i<, ully 15* ) peppy
Were- pjwm-tm eloay. The- runt of th
olay wain lid. fliit 'speial race. in whksb
the-. kitng ..f the turf Klnseman, tiresIVr
nri.llme Ivy Murphy. pwniual udwk the who
a length in front ..n Raee.ianei, owned hp
icandscr AegurHet Riienvt. The- pare w
very 4m~w in time flne sieearttr and paalug
ties -taeiml aftLr .lshavin·g trave l a qaartw
S.ref a smil.. Ka celagd ledl by four lemuthe.
At ti. emel nd.. tie. threr-qsaarr.. Raerluaa
Swae two lenglatr in lhe van. Klmgamen and
Lana Angeimes were lapped. with Tenay
then- kMagti- hehinaL Making the tean
for hne.. Lim Angel.. wa. uaten and
ILernee h.-gai to apply h1. whip. Hamll
I tos ascdi MeLaegithlicu ae. Went to work.
- heat Memphy nwerely hank Kinguetoa up.
t The. gm&nace e gam.lly rempneded, and
r= ea wlt a rus hi wae. anWn in the ran.
Haeielasml was then aecnet. Tinny third
andl Lie. Acg.'Ie war steel if it. The r.
in t a lent flrturlneg wan terrilt host uKz,
t sju. ie. wilithe etik 1 euiitenee.wct gal
limped saeler thue wire a winher by a
tlrugtim, ice 316y4.
Toe. fr u(tional line, 24. 51hI:IG
1:4tij. .EN4U . a hal nacveed hetter tiat.
1IN" l."M nrrrnl.
Fleer .'timer reeUite. were-:
Sir furtong. -G re y waon. Magiie B.
w i onIl. Jun.- Ihy tters Tines I :t
Mite S asciiw ' nig wo. wGobS
e"rn Kee-l 'seceme, Uonawart thirst. Tinge
%% slow stake.. for Iwo-yar oV.1. si
a fucrlemFg hLe'sar won, Rupert. . eauad.
ti sicacija thinr. Thimne t:3.
mlI ),55. Mile --4 srik.a.naa wows. BDa HKari
M, Wen 'setisl. istnwia third. Tinw I :4%.
Fiv. fearionge- Meritlen wom. S4am
LI m.ira. segmusl. l'ukinel H.cast third. Tirn.
" I tit3.
Fiuv furlonge. Pearl Seit won, Grisualdi
y ineeqm.la*cc Y4me ahru.. think. Time 1:l1%.
wlar laub.Ile.
Iw sr tw . Line-. `cpsc.~. M. Th- we-tbwr wa
e'Ie'ar sinai. th' truack gwl tr d ay. Im the
hatlf nail. Aunt Kate- wnn. Sirster Gcneta
.'r neui* Slvdr Lbake third. Time-. t.
IHalf a Ro ika.' Magi woln. &4aanuantha
...aui(g. Fakir thirn. Time. 11o04.
Hanmdi."ala In." and1 onie--iztt.'nth mille.
?earyw won. ('anese m'ew'on, Kate- Malone
thinr. Tim.'.44;j.
Thnre'-.luarer mnals 4waen.p !o: wow.
Iletttiasa we'urel. Mapo thint. Thu 1:17.
Saisford stisk..e. nail.. - Blareny &tuae.
Jr.. won Kitti.' ('he..thaam .arrne Bill
Le'theINr tiasin. Tin,.. 1:4!..
N. v.vn-el ghdn mle. Lecy H. wain,
.wnui . Homale third. The.,
s OR ANIPR~w. [ -e ý--rrf
.bans re'aehceI hemr 'at es.sgs.Iv. fures Are.
rstian it. IfrMeiwu fewesta. tMan Mateo
.minty. south of tde citr. The' re I.
r sgw. :adlng tn.dey and a nmunesr f rw
11,ie4 a-re in danger. M. Mueh dauegyri he.
aaimauly be eng due-. There emn to be no
)Hsawe't of chu~king the Asame. mimr.
thesesgi mYIa nmY ars. now flbtleg the
t1,". A foat fire' is ea.n raging near
t" Santa lne.se aserth of this city. The
aeaueStiTn Is. vary eiey and a dlmaatrone corn
" nlarratk a wIsrand.
W.w verb IU wpr lka Wueugc a.
ttw·in In the NMeauada.
SRURTI1I A.Sep1.M The repuhleinassLkat.
eexmnlt 4.. Ii -tiny k.riele to nae. Cbhmeo r
M. Il...wew few te'napuuuay ebalrnua andi J.
Siaia PawFasett permeanent ebalnmam. The
fitlght ewer julge thf e. emar(t of appame lI
exexiting. It i. aamnnuuel that T. C.
PIaitt It fr Halgit of Hufalop, and the
I.ibitrie.n baa 11 aakl. on A. S. can. John
t t'lirk·, laru &r tl tie- place with dad
Cyrwlr I~whi. Iy figure. that be- was trts
alt year l a t t reab ' wars In the
st yedistrivt. 1t Dries leadedl fur admie.
514,5 te time eimfl*utleg aud wau reufad.
Tie UrrtsigaM. at Ar" £ul .
'n Ie4Atie(. .ept. 20--aJuor Powell, lchif
of tim geedekaigleal sure-ye, who baas beenl on
a tertmlane. an twh. the eateial ru1t mtt s
&mr .srtigating the irri4btkein of aridt annde
i Is in lb. ·ity. He seid tme arid iaek tha
IaIS Is- irrigasted and ,naeie produdtivue 1
the" rtsat. and territe ie. visited.I will
£1311 mout 1, cove~r daze- hutnlri.. naillioun aa1"t
lihe inork of the. afntuite.w wIl be the
``ºrqi aatiao uwit waMrt tapesI the advise.
s e iliny ofte .Y)gaYridtotal approprrtianr ior
I rurvt~y.* il the axiail dii*lrC.tr.
D-uplu.Am. is a 11..e. rae..ry.
Fti . N. V., S.-pt. .M.-- Three bur
' .ln .l .m14)ly.a u l Hibharihuauu .'ho. fm.
tawry w.ri. tlhnwa inlto a paniut thi m anrte
ilo by tI.. a t.hmaariog of gum sn the baa.
mikislt. Etig'im1..~ I'ierwuot ate a foum~aA
w.-re vary eriitituiy injured. T. so
r 11 ,.in*hl.mk the etitire buaklag mmd
bhrk ut all she lar. Over os. b
alnY1 sirlr aarrup.Yt by giro Foapr ar
I lijga.1fro mrui wltsduw. to die rults of aa
t p:. ,itag 1MwidiInI.. Aside. frogu mnor
Iartlirur torlc of t wen were injured.
At ('hlvelarnd - -Cleveland 4k Phlwad.
li:t 5.
At Pistaaugr a - Piittabta. 13. Washing
At Indlianaima*ap Inldlanapoias 12. Now
'urk Iti.
1At Ilt.x.klyn Broklyrn I), C'oltumbu11,
At Chlic·;tgu- (biago5, Uortoua.
,('o.. airy mieax caunmksiom inw.
gI av." muaiaaa a formal offer to their .wsedbi.
or,, to euumproeuir.e at 5734 ewer r
tlilar. The creditour to whom the
ownS/t has been pmeoontwd have repo USU
their willinstww to r e- the i n and
have the firmea nre . bia .S.
MmI~rv.y.."r-Gwmmt ofmrata
SWý ýt.itIMTU t Sept. IL-Tb. .O
kllou (if Guwe Eatng of m anaw -
the prsakknt and forwarded to4bS.
-Ors"d Cleavit 3.... Fmj.
a PuI LAOk.L IA. N.L , SL-T. U-
I- cimeit taorts watt poMpin mi 4
1 rain.

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