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The Anaconda standard. (Anaconda, Mont.) 1889-1970, October 10, 1889, Morning, Image 1

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!. i.. St. J3AN. £.B., M.D.. Cu.
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-7 M VW~ "L, Ist. MLJma SomI.g
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T. D. [email protected]
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VM · - Am- Neo.n
J. R. 3*XRlRMXN.
AMmesud - - . eNM
!. OeLKAR, Attmsl .ini Cmr at Lwv.
Praium in ian of the mlate and Uited Lates
--Y. ! =W iT lerursS~iee. Prop~
des.S VIntwa rest Main mmd Oat.
by " ere r ur rd U SS ar AUilr
Toockt !YidW.4 re. okatM.
MR. P. 5BROi3N,
Attorey mL Iaw.
O6is M Drretr, ac Jacky's B oe. Malm froet
,Ammmda, Momat.
H. 3nt. STBPH .INS.
S In Detrt a Jaeiky blok. raetans A.
(Next to Montana Hotel.)
Anaconda Real Estate Agency.
Mining Brokers,Co.Ulac4t and Cosveyaueers.
1L0 Best Braads of Il u rs and CIGars in the
ThurNa. Boek., Corner ea and irE Streets.
isiager, arrett a krutt,
Wholesale and Retail Butchers.
Family Supplies a Specslaty.
All Orders Delivered Free at Charge.
nhop g Firsm Stree*. - * * Ax.roNDA
*u. utr.RTINI
SImarnrc,, IMPOaMrD AWD lEY WNW?.
ns ·us'r .t cHu-..-rr p , sa as c... -
LS USeT o .uchase O ne 1 Ad Be city 6B
is at the OLDD oT.
o West Park St. F. IL Biaw. PropriSetr.
Warm Spring Livery Stable.
Tbe Flnes Turnout. n Aaconda. Nw o ad
oDIaPDjC nor3sas a d· Iine a ed OGm
"ares. L a m ak the mew aile.
CHAS. W. FRENCH. Proprletor.
irI srest W. T Maim, LLmam mm Mot.
The - Morris * Cousins,
*5 skee poema 4 a p .sifo f smat
V3Jmmmr brl~lrei.Tk h
---~-tirya Y·LgroM oEZUi~ rei.
On FroM Utro. ,AamelA
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WAsasuoroa, Oct. .-The ople found
much to adrmid and gratiyt r sense of
the hean.tul amd pictauewque in the ap
at the g~roumnd o the Whiet
h tonishe on the oceast.o of the in
emptieo tendered to the visiting Knights
Templar by President Harrison. Fromr
the mouth portieo of the White bouse the
-.- was an ideal stage picture tras.
med to open air and set in
a oarder of nature. Rows of ChM
lxeath tees o each sile o the
of mrouns. Other rows of lanterns en
elreled lmps of plants and foliage ere
and there, while at various points well
adapted to enhance the efect were circles
of small colored tnass globh. lightedl h
elcctrk*ity. Within doors the decoratlons
were also varied. Potted plants and cut
flowers were used. but were relieved hig
Masonic floral designs. Over the door
way leading fromn the main corridor to
the east eroum two American al were
draped, while on the oppositeide ans
facin those who entered two large na
tional ftags ung in racefnul folds, and on
them the words "Welcome Sir Knights"
were placed in red flowers. The recep
ti began at 8Iz:a o'clock, and wa to
have lasted until 10, bt owig to the
reat throng that desired to 1ake thU
presklent's hand it was considerably after
that time before the last Knight
through the lie. Thousands of Kanight
and their lady friends were received.
The ateo were opened at a quarter
Pji eTht. The reception omnmittee
entered and forming in the corridor
were presented to the president and his
Ipat, who came down staisr promptly at
So'clock. while the Marine hand
pSyed ""Hal to the Chief." The presi
ent then took hi stad at the entrance
to the blue room and the band shaking he
an Thepresident was assisted all
ts menmbers of the cablnet except Sree
tarles Blaine and Proctor, and hby Mrs.
Harrison Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Windom, Mrs.
Rush andi Mrs. Noble. The prsentatlons
were made by Sir Knight Myrn M. Par
ker of this city. Tne knights, generally
attenlded by one or more ladies, passed
quickly through the blue room.
To-day's spectacular feature of the
grand encampment of the Knights Tempn
-la was a parade of Nobles of the Mystic
Shrine. Thte proession was formned near
the treasurr Iuikling and marched theltce
by Fifteenth, Ninth strets and Penslnsyl
vania avenue to the capitol, coemtter
irurchin thence to the place of stacrtling.
O)unman Temple, of St. Paul, caused nluchl
amnullllntmet iuoueia the spl.tators by (ca.
rying tle "')hliket," a astrong cai
vas sh.eet with cunveuielit ildlthl.es,
upon which candidates for admIission anl
tossed durin ginitiation. Amongu other
prominent trmpesk was IElKexel temsple of
Lkenver and bMedlila teauple of nIllmaoIa.
Memnlwr. of De.lvetr temple at imntervals
luringllthe marchl uttered a ~auliar cry
indicative of their ur. e of haviang tlle
At the essioni of the rasnd encanp
mel.t this afternoon tlhe Iowa came ca(ll
up. Past Grand Master Jamn H. Hop
kilm of Iowan chairman of the commnittee
on jurisprudLnet, Itawulglt in the report
which recouunmenked the adoptiono[ a eo
lutiln whichl began by reciting the passage
of the resolution of tihLeo years ago that
caused the trouble. It then pointed out
that it was the duty of the mont emninemnt
grand master to enforce .slr temrs met out
Sthis resolutions and tthat the grand conl
manderles of the state of Iowa had beent
disloyal in not obeying the edict of the
most eminent gransu master, and were
censurable for this action. But the coin
mittee was of the opinion that the grand
comnmamntkry ald subordinate comnuanl
eries of Iowa had been punished ufllci
ently in being suspended from teanplar
Intercourse with the eomnlanderles of
other states and the order generally
dtroughout the country and recom
imended that the order interdicting all
temnplar intercourse with tle grand
connmandery of Iowa and other
Knights Templar 'f the' United States
he ino longer conlsidered -i foro. The
re olnlnelndation of tie cilmnittee found
favor with thIe IImenilersI of thme gratnd eni
canupment. A love frast prevailed oil all
sides. The resolutlone of the coiumlitter
was adopted and the grand counn.lantlry
of Iowa was cordially welcomed back into
full fellowship. The commnttee on next
place of meeting of the tri-ennial con
clave reported in favor of Louisville, Ky.
The report will bhe acted upon to-morrow
Chleaage .Weeds Mere P.tael e. ltles.
WAsMIIroxo, Oct. 9.-The commission
appointed by the postmaster general three
months ago to examine into the needs of
the postal sterice at Chicago have re
ported at great length. The commission
is convinced the postal service of Chicago
is and has been for years inadequate to
the needs of the public, .pecially in the
minesae to and adds that "public
forbeaance co erngtheclseumstan
Is a matter of surprise." The statement
as to the business of the ol mahows a
rate of increase for the past Lar ears,
gre than that of Nw Yrk, Philadel
aaor Boston. The report says Chicago
the second largest ole Ln the country.
and second to noe in rnee. The
comis.sieon. -.a.ne- construtslon
oa annease to the present building, enlarg
a the nte lor and the tke. An .crease
ie,- ell force is also recommended
to facilitate the busnees.
BALTsuoas. Md. O. .-John Si-en
burgerr. onsltecd of wile atiagSng was
puhicly gives 1 Ilasbs at ibs whipping
po. to-day. The prisoner was .ripped
to the walt ad his arms and legs war
fastened with steraps. A regular cowhide
was u.ed, and each lash drew blood,
snberg's back was left a raw as of
in lesh. This is tshe ffth whbip
in Maylaud sines the passage of the
A .Ut.sa IaMI~ud.
&r. P*ruL, Oct. f.-Tb. Mlwaukee rued
bas been indictd lq the Uaited $Stint
brand jury far vkdntioa of the Interetat
ommeerce law. and the trial of the cause
will be of iea po~rtunes. testing as it
will the right d railawads to acarg
l-a rafts to Inoeri p tohannoS
Peal sad WiampalI
SWOSm aeMase Wemse Vstsm
rems mnm Irsmebsa e mme~.
MAn PVans o., Out. L-As an eary
her yst m e OMe. Uneby.
aueMM and emrabh mand whe the pe.
Mee emeidar a sew mesetamen eaptse, in
the pereema PFauNe Towuseed and
rFaniae Isrl, spposed to be well known
counldsee women I.rm the E~t the last
uamed being the one agaemst whom'Teaas
Jack" staked AM lis a amne of poker
about two pears age, and whom he brought
to this city after Le bad won
her. On Thursday evensin a
yousg (entredl Arnerkan who gave the
nanme of Jean Augeter sunt the pair at a
restaurant and was told that they were
membera of the Fannie Davenport "
Torn" company. He mought an instr
duction and invlted them to )jin him in a
glass of wine. hbut the womnen were eoy
and refused his iviltatlon until they were
assured that he was a stralsger in tiMr city
and only made the olrer for thew sake
having company. Ohne glass of wine faJ
lowed another and msoo the trio tha rht
the restaurant too noisy andl prem'.~lrd to
another place on Granmt avenue. They r.
mained there sinruin aldl drinking for
several bourm anid then Fannie Lyle .x
lased erself. sauying that she was unwell.
She had been Igoie only a few noneneants
whenl Pauline stated that she must see to
her friend. Ten ainutais later Asr-te-r
m·nt for the waiter to pay the hill anil was
astonshetd on opening his pocketbook to
findr that it had been picked and that $1St
in hills and gold bad been taken frnom it.
He notified the wproprietor, who met his
waiters to seaaeh for the won.aln. Aml eter
also wetnt to search for them. anid at amout
2 o'clo4k he fOlmealt theta lt a carriagen lI
front of a ..atter street saloon. He nman
aged to capture the Townsen. l wo.uall.
but the other succeeded in getting away.
The oflcers were then notifled, and after
an hour's work located the Lyle woaman
in a house on Rutter street. Both were
charged with grand larceny and.vagrnery.
Yesterday nmorning when the case was
called in the police court the womien
asked for a con.tiuance for a week, which
was granted and ther were locked up in
the tanks until the policke can investigate
their records.
Au etr has ecured Crittesaden Thorn
ton to proYscute then. asad, with lUeto
tives Basolan and John (offey, he called at
the city prison last night. The wcrn rn
have ucreteded in vietiluising aeyveral
men about town, but esraped the mnesel
of the law until tlhis adventure because
their victina did not wish puiblicity.
Tshe ran-A mutrea DIelgates aspameet Tbs
ammleta.ee of Thir etl . ad a(mures.
mWILIMATic,, Oct. .--Tiw local canamit
tee conaducted the Pan-AnaC-rica dklkygrate.
to tln Wilianatic spm.dl catteon oenallmay's
works. where' ti le lalrgates saw tiu. evedtu
tiOll of raw cotton to ihte upsl-i produced
rcady for market. Tine Iurty tinen wellat
to sonth SlManct·aster. wlwre tHe milk nmills
were inslgncted. Hartford was ralrclr l at
5:11) p. Ia. Hlie the paarty dividhal. (Ina,
StSetiuot went .rrver te Is.utl rnlate sight
wienll, anal tlw otlewr witha (Ganeral Hawley
an(l Vik.e l'Persiuknlt allld Mata.i-r
Hill of tihe (Cot ananwry wWork.
weant te shlopes of tha;Lt a.lts.r. lPr'ntt
& W'hilney's gun shoalsa w-ere next visited
by the tlrat party, anl tine making
anld ox.rationl of tine Ho.telnki*.'
multiclcargle un wter'e Imuleiteal.
after whlich they were driven to tihe Allylt
house. At aanother place the otler dlvi:
lo, of dtklegaates aw how hicyclce anr
atluuk. Tie last factory visited was that
where caligraphsl are' anak. at tile rate if
twenty-tive daily. The South Ams.rkians
expetrme. pleasure upon di eoverillma that
tihe sachines, if they coukl not speak.
could at least write Spanish. and ammlde
of work ia that language were eagelrly
sot tut.
l)Dinner was given to the ex.c(rniotints at
tihe Allyn House. at whk-h Governor
Bulkley presided. Speelne. wore tanadek
hy Sellator Hawley, ex-Seentlor Hetnaler
son, Mark Twain and several of the fo-r
eign delegates. After tiss a public reel'e
tin.n was Eaekl at the capitol, lasting unltil
Natiseal Ca.rmell e CelagrgSllamallss.
WOacwruaw, Mai.m. ('St. 9. - The tri
ennial national council of ('Cotgngatiional
churches met in Plymouth chur.h this
afternoon. The permanent organisatlul
was anlnounced witl D)r. Syr.s. Northrop of
the Minnesota state university as nmoerl&
tor. The seretary's report was read. Tim.
(Congregationail unioln of Englanld al..
Wa fte asks that thie gI(eeral rnplerenta
tives of 'oagrl. ationallismj il all a Irts of
time world slhould conllvenet ill lAinda. at aiu
early dlay to delilerrate oil grave questions
affectilng tte faith alld churich of Christ
which at ipreisent are in debate througholt
christelndol , anid to confer oli matters
whkih especially concern ('ongregational
ists. It i. urged by tlie seretary that tLhe
quentions be early cosklleidre. D)uring th
last three three years NI9 churches have*
heen added to the roll, nmaking a total of
44. The increase in the nua.nher of
memberstlb reportrd i at .
Mayor aoma'a rm Hamd.m
Ntw YoSk, lOct. 9. - Mayor Grant's
stand taken in his letter of yesterday
agalinst insufbcIent protection to human
life from electri light anud kindred "live
wires" had the effect of bringing repre
entatives of all the compaies to his of
flee today. Various ep ntiok a and em
cus.e were gives, buhat a. r became
warm and gave all to understand that
from this on be was oin to push tLhe
matr vigoo . To shs electrical
L~l'TZlh b put the question "Would
del oucaEh a live wire at all'" and re
oied repl n the negative. Tbhis he
informed them was a eonfelion of dcan
ger, whieh must be remedied.
P.mair4e lers Thrasme OS. Cloed.
Sr. CLoUD, Mina., Oct. f.-The prairie
sre. are making progrees toward the city
and duriny this forenoon burned their
way to witin a few rods of the Manitoba
west ide track and the city limlts. A
immense lot of by was bured last night.
Tbe smoke is so deone in the city today
as to make it mpoible to ee further
than a block. Unless rain comes soon the
lss to p opert will le lleavy
A Yeing Ceyeat-KMiter.
SAcaAMnsrTo, Oct. 1.-David Monroc.
an lyearold b'e who Uves at Folsomn. s
the base oeaooe-killer of the county. He
brings n b hatch.. of sealps every year.
and today delivered 91 to County Clerk
lHamUitos reeivinag a certificate to that
elet. Te oung bunter wilU rceive a
bounaaty oi o n t ealps. Monroe has
a rlae L id is sa id., bring down a coyote
at every
im .ým B hr oI Srr
atusttttsm mto Watt.e Kmadeiver
S. Oenrwwr tSr Will
e the r'.uh
speild to the Ptaadd.
olt'Lsa.s., (kt. .--A eteemnninedl e-wort
to overthrow the will of theM perple of
Jelfereo., anuity was naulee by the re.pah.
lUen to-ay. U'pon tinr aa.rmlinag of
the branru l of crsneumiminer. to can-vaus
tes volte of ttlh late ek.ertion, pr*wntee
aIalsn.t Etlnutingl tae vote- of tGold. Flint.
Whitehall and ('ardwe.ll we.rte. ltred by
Rhobert Fiwlter and A. S. Swiggert in he
half of the. remelnlbi.an kwridlative tieket,.
on the nemt trivial and tltehklal roumndls.
At W'hitehalail it was claianel uolly three
jedge fhttile'iltet .a ek ctrtike day insttea
of five. TIhe two askltitiknal Judge(s we.r
noit ai.bINsimlltl by thir c.t.llty conn
enimimir . am uatil Se.p.temnlee..r 2.. sad
ther lantie'. of their ai.noiuit*
Sleguet wenr* mIst Ity mnail ."s
that sLay. Tihcy we..r* se.nst ereivs.d lntil
noome of .hr.tiull dlay. eidnal oeai of litih Jel-esw
on appliut.tl was Ua ilkemowm ins the pwe
.iIno'l. TI1..w three neluliar jtla~ger.. sIr
fore, tnlsedlctel1 the elah.mtkes . Al sIaiIuceurrl
of tlrael or unfairse.lm ils auuLk. At .(;1l
Flint it i. claineld the ubltic were' permit
te.d t.o alptrsch within tlsre. feiet of the
polllug iac.., ali4l at ('ardtw.ll tin. plllinl
plae wasi crlmgsretl front the uchole latussm,
whter. .atelud wars iln mealon, toe thle post
[email protected] ename. 8.*
0old hrear y.
Aftrr a .t.mnuy 1f w.notrnas wpion. In
wWob aIapamuemsts were iawk by Meesarus.
Piuhr. arwi .¶t andS Hay. and rejelled to
er Llewme+. Jray and Puaker. I n cnma
mlrkmsim.r dekiceal to c'anvaas thea whnk.k
vote. and allow the eonte.ut to hn. earricl
hi As 1 - iaiek w p orts to ta t nro h e3
rearh.-t licknae In an. .zxa gemateah loran.
and Mewuam. Wllia Walla-we. Jr.. and N.
W.M14.4m'eawU wer disratch d to thw wren.
on a . we al train over t1w· Montana C(en
tral. Tlhe arrivedal at 4 n'lock andl foeur
evevthing ealtac. The ..f elial cenflt will
he roentJkted tmwrow. It will mactu
chatiaj. rewuak s atlreadly announcaned, eseela
by pr4Axs ek'etimg h'lIwr over Carl
well few .tt. senaatoar.
All" d Isuslduawmt ?4.4.. steering Fity
~~lr~l Yr~llrrr (,rat.~ y ~n
RA!. ii YA14) (Jet. 9t. --".Vilirj N. VFa.. a
private Isamakir, was' urrn- is.sI hen- luis
wiqek amid stw Iamgtmis'h rl.1mm jail Si Sa
('Iuargs". ca~t atiaimiga 16..tiss' mmmals~r f.il..." jigs
t("uw44.%. 11- t"Imargias w.-r. jprsf.n'ss I i.y
W.41 lanieq Smi.th.im isa I~º"i"i. shy ty.,
Fomgl.uad eighteen tnsmtht ago. I~frsYstly
,mfwsrt arrivimag l1"Ibs. .Y jlsei sim dsls'isit w~ill
1".. sac S.tit).J sirtli sit suistisisl~s sueds k%;1) lam
1135 sli.aa,"y.tslis 5)11 crassv Uii 5Ncirwi ls#I t sIns
ilmmm tasigi Itasrii Ig s.,t ail) t Itir t ii,,t u1.
tsplit tM. Slasla" hs I ·ilrin l sas iN la*am'ma
F'l ur th.*mmuwsi &iisrtmi) tss'c 10t " Idsi gajl. A
,mmsiisil gof hr(i.I1 t.)mhi. Iii aIiriat.Ins Itia dra
mmga tim.- Jewlry andt saurlh. la a ldintrit .ai
tuanasy Iini iii.tluasia Iiitsar S t gr asal jury7
wha.. n~turomr nma iasiotamsmmt toml.!I Is..r wa
gs'g*t t.) boail Iii s.ta.ali t *.aAIgb .losoIil.
lh. Y mpwmrer dust ('rik as.
LAmNuoN, (frI. 1t- (bum. gu.atd is lik.ly to
rw.'.zt fr. th1e- visit of Emrmam..rur 'illiian
to jallpluUH rea."tatly. AllHwg list- alate.
timulas 1w" auwkm wns a.. to tie- B 1.1mg.'r
of illitrfinrU Npurm. II iiglntm.I· . An a;.
prninimlat4 tultuiata Iwimig wiiveea 1k'
hlusamtlmy e~lpgsrd his smarlrwinma thli.. .in
te'mmmm of mmwwh a cm.,mmlitina~t of smiigwdar ig
ttImrmac. in f t mmutatry act wealthly amid a)n
Igim l the msaeb ..f .ivili latlon.
Him. nm mmotnrt.n wrel, muyweat.l to ts.
hum-mIs. wimp ILast no thus' inm layIral
time matlt.r Is-ton- twr awlvI-'4*f manI
nrmqsating t o-no to u fl t aIeflba.ed. TiW.
;mmrwiut.fltt amlwtatmiriw walt lauve fw sorw mnmsy
y..arm. kepgt tell, qameimion oin fr'm' wimmumiasa be
form" 1w puhlic. Iln marl1. mi tiwir diasmur
agiub a ".xwfrim.Imms. .. *md at twt thaut t1w.,
im irs p emwlm.m t oft K**mining the-jr Iha.Imr 4nawim
...1 with, mama*-m..am.. tout they .-tinmajdaina haitter
ly mit tie- indihiffrtliniim minf mamaul t p.m. .pI.* m
hUgh. Igmiitimua saic tme- ºigmeua hm.atimty ..f
a.tlhm'r. w. mimk, nmt 1ha.-it&.t.- I., Jnrwlulm
*mlmal.atiora tism- Iiaresmi of ummma&&Iminara mand
aanmareLay. anad framakI, may thault thm. craoa
flihihl ;emplme knaow 1mmº tiaaimim uanrmadl.
Approv.m!g th. Ilakr lptr- 1Ill.
N.:w YOKK. (fkt. 9. TtIn hxnard cif trade.
and.e (t"litteeU h os trat.sportation ti-(Iay
diresuedl at .olraklerar l le ngtil t.r sa.w
anklirulp4ey bill pie.e~mnd by Lawyer Jdolat
L. Taurl of St. Louis, and adopted by theL
matiostal conv*entioe of tualel ae tnen held
at Mlinmespolis .pte.tlswr 3 and 4. A
toumelttee las bhid tie bill under aonaki
eration uuue tisme. To-day tbhy reporte
unanilanmaly in favoluof t. nmeasar. ('ol.
Tarry was pe.luest and explained the va
rious reaturle of the. hill. The board
voted iL favor of the bill, oeals one vote.
bring east ins the negative. New York's
menawto and repre.enstatives in le ongresm
were mesauriallaed to work for its euact
G4d Jeam Mt1H At IS.
Nacw YoMM, kct. 9.--A call was ismed
today for a convention of the girc.aback
party to noaiuate a state ticket. The
conuvetios is to meet in this city on Mon
day. Oetober 21. The call icoarporates a
long addrem sined b the chairnau of
the stale oummte e e,.o (O. Jones, in
which a gloonmy view of political sit
sation is taken, and the democratic aId
repuhl.cea p are Meverebl conkde-w
We. by lb. Teeate.
N KW YouK. Oct-. 9.-The ooean steam
bhip rae fromn Qu(tenstown to New York
i mtweeo the Tuetonic and the ('ity of New
York resulted in a vitory for the Teutonuk.
which arrived at r er duck in tae North
river at 6:U this evening. The trip was
nmbade i es days. nvea bhours and thirty
sminutes. The City of New Yourk will prob
ably arrive to-tnorrow.
Mr. eed Mre. asrases.
SALT LAKtI ('aI. (kct" V.-In a at of
drunken jealouay Robert Brantan shot
his wift ftally here this evening and then
shut bimself dead.
C('ucAeoº Ocr. L--A dlgpateh Ikrns Mi.
waukhe ars that private bme( write.a
ty Prraklat ('oib . the Wisomain C.oe
teal to the tekthholdes of tsie oerth.er
Paeile rwod revens a gigatie railwayr
..i .-. l lat that will amneti tah ew.
oatn and revidttaias mrailway tralie.
Ttb cawolkttie of tihe Wi.eeuln ('en
tral and the Northerm Parfe qitet. on
an asunable tra.fl agwre ent wars the
rite steep. Heary Villald, throsghb the a
liasce with (harle aswl Joaeph Colty,
had obtained a maJority of the
N.urtharr l'acie anad a mraiatlon
its rilroamd circle is iromi.ed
within tse trelt ten days. Henry Vii
lard will he restored to the preidesnry of
the Northern Parcllc and one of the great
eat railwary c.solmsklnktios of the wortd
will he coss.msnaeard. F.ven now cºe-*
tract have* tBeen sigaed whereby the Hal
tinwMre & Ohki raih.ad Il to ewnter into asl
a e*set with eauasumlklated Wiros.n
in Centlrl and the North'ern lracifl rail
way lisas connec-ting the twwroceans. The
Atchison. T.p..'ka & aSata Ye systeIn is al
ml Ia the dtnl.reaching Miexikr anld u.oth
ris ('alihftrnia. ('hlcago will Ie Inulh.. the
(t.SitsW for .4.i ti l th tmhee.. !rtn.t ratit
way lines. The Nircl.rnte l'aiteilr will Is'
*ext.endeiakl fareun Plget Ssswlu afitl built int..
Alaskal. niakingr a etisu.ul.a liri. fr.mn
New York to Sitka.
HALTsM4)KKr. (kt. 9.- R'egnlting the
grw'iat nrilway r.e~soletatatl t neth.aw re
wantlel framn Chirkago Firet Vise re.kide'ats
* irlande Sntsitl, of the Rlttill.r.e a (4 )in,
saik thins ,ur.wninsg: Thelw is nothing isl
it." He. lwlitve.n the rense of the rumlor
Ikes in the fact that while* the. Batltisnmur &
SMhio ilnsectiona party war in ('hicago te
art0tlyv they Iukleled over the. terninals of
the 'laojnsin (Cemntral compaoy there.
TI.. ta06te Typoebtb"...('adema (epteim
reisa. ruFrauke or the TyMhwu.rs.
ST. Lwort.. (let. 9.- The Uteluid Typoth
'ta todway took up the. Inte'ruatnnal reupy
right quealeuu aand after a bog eh'hate
alzptda resoluteiton M,. appoint a delwate
t the. net cunventkloeeof the lafrnnatioesal
('.pyright I-aae in New York. and d1
claurng approval of the priuwcipleo of the
ilut.ranatleueal copyright law, sand ew
pielally of the provision (bat cop.y
right Eooks habll he printed In thN"
i'it'alt States. The eetmsulittee to
whaich was referred the unjust pwratie'e's
4f certaln type. fouerle rk uan d ynalkate.
in prlmstee". "i''i H Jk. ,sick. a nreIot uts
?/ :21X e'oll culiukanlnlui1 ths. Ieae'tlce. 4,f
ýitruishlntl teº irrvr(*plnslihk· wartkr c.HI
piete. " atltee to he palelefr by us utisag nadeLe
a certain guttaleI of the. p.. re ee*itse
nteueathly. aesal the uraaetke ve.f ,e' lWanca
fueetumaer ie forreel l sihg s.nlarrase.rl ."w
taebli .Iiu~aetdst. atoll Ii~s.teegE eef 'ife"rinig
tiN'S,. at I*Ma4ekl male-. e'e.tstluaml,, ttie'It its
s,)'rleti4,ai lto the, 41e.Srinue'it stf time. eraft.
'1 Ie' I'etrruihthtt t w1114'im was nmfs"rt'el ti1.'
eight-ho1r yq.w'etlnts was glivetsa until ter
11e4.r.W U) tetete.
A Mama YM.4Img a W irh 1k. MaY..r I.
It.yw. ..yd Si. 3..Iga.
1'llklI.4N ii. 4)nr.... 4k-1. 4. The- arg-.,at
ulialrEvEokE.E aam1anler of E1a.w1, 4 t'rw.i'y fell
Iwiig4 tor ..riE Elf . r1riai.a Mll l&&wl.as i&6t4.
l ass. ..u aI&sIUM4I the. wEu. nIIIE. .if ' na tLast
1.01At 14114 iMUE.' iui..aa of that City 1110t tol
niagllt 0ai6l a.I..gDi.'I r414,I1tai1ai 1 .h1mi1aitsa
tlat tII94 city fflenA'Is. aidl he cElty lf Iawl .a.
iEolI'ol avid tlanrasaggldy cle.an1.. tit*- sdtn"..
anel favEwiltS the inll"r iMe , f Iii. lieecac
fetr Ut =1.MM). J. 1). cowuIgh ,
a IWInilW ..t tlIi Eclrlflii, nutsac
a vikoet attack Ell Mayow Wiw"l
wright £1nd Memurs. E'tolkr said
1'.WI"t fllavwraIt in lii. .aaw strain. Mayor
'41a.l1wrlght am.. ii' it tfomst hints.-If.
mand tiii. ga.qtinug saw.ant. a howliang sateih.
whaihla r..faaued 141 a E.l.. £1i7 #Ez lauiatlel
ew dres."nw of 11w ntialyear olhk·Lla r"ts.
.119et withewat hi14-*-*. j.eru anal *hm.ats.
Fr' .ma' at Eivalenindns wle- autad. lt tlwh
arsiwt that the. asew ayt amul twusihera uif
tim.iiacil raalgai. A euetsuaaaltl. Elof h/1 was.
iiliisiIhct. tol w:itclh Iii. llMnI( lgin Elf tIe.
cit)y cE'EI9aal ae-I l 4trn l.uL rn fr a tr lwI ntanat
.if thE E"itlsaiM.,, at tim. gugi t.E16"4ti·/l.
Wudlhrbkre 3%Ime.Ip MNo. BNerrd.
S4UtSI 11Yr.4D, In)d.. (bet. 9. The, neag
nillhcst aetolse Inaaua. oif C c-e Steal.baker r
warn aclmaniaa ,mntir.ly ehtwtry.e4l by tIre thir
,,a.,naigmg. The- rauai.lnrnr.* wan tirw larg.ats
stuled ta.tlie"ct in Ihe. want. Staaehesankerr Is
tal)Utaat an it ata.-auitar tot th~e itsaterutaatIlral
a ,,anr.*n.u. aii warn torn hvu rtetat.rr talit
tiast lieuely its thini I54-1314. able tI.e 19th, igunt.
'1'M runt uf tare fanaily. au-eaw., Mr's.
StasaleIbuk."r eandIlw-ar grnelelmoilel. are- alee
sway. .rrn. StNal.4uek.-r ehirruerv·re" the
fine- in, tict- eIuru.-t sateb-r tw r -ar stairway
It wa's euum.e l by aepeaucat·amas e alunabea's
tiara euf saIne cil rag.. trw * )untiissaasad
I'ss usinag stnl thrnew, ina theerr. Thu
flanme 'wsoreNal all ne-n thee. building in act
itenerelihy short thaw. The wreatsts bha
a tearrurw e-ucagt-. mand Mr'. Stualeabkei
larwlahf was found uta theerrtaa'e hairrlj
*essasihle. ehangeun ruessy beamed and -clamp
begt her gratsmde-hlkiIn hera anus . swite
to the careful manner in which the. alur
ture wasr buil and its suppaaad mtcurailt
frgee ine.. Mr. Studtbaker carried hu'
denim ios t ov-_
WAsHIeUT0rN. Oct. W.-The United
Sates Eprvas companty, which bas the
contract for carrlinal all govermmnent
moneys in transit, has raised a fine point
o Treamurer Hustom by declining to
carry at contract price money frosm the
trerury or sruh tresury to firm, banks
or indvlduals clnimnga t this is not
overenm t money uler the contract.
Mr. Humun aintains that all mones sent
frain the traaury or naub treasury is gov.
ernment money, whether sein to private
lpatie or to governunasD oricials.
weeukend by a Weterepeat.
BvrrvAo. Oct. f.-Tbe tweomasted
sebooner George C. Plnnae was wrecked
off Purs ('ulbore yesterday by a waser
spout which cau up ulder the veeel's
stern and tossed her about like an eg
shell. The cargo of :10,00 tbushels of
wheat was nmuch dmanagd. The pro.
peller Pnersll rescued the Finney's crew.
They say that four waterspouts were aee
and avoided befuore te fifth one wrecked
allear eat a Cesl OSI Ftrm.
Paovnraiuc , R. 1., Oct. 9.-W. A. Rob
ineon £ Co., coal oil dealers, have a
signed. The debt is placed at l ,000 to
~UL aboust $104,0U0 of which I. in this
itmy. The yet unable to umke agy
Pmr~i~ bnbu~ - Ibum ma
BuIsm.pe$M Uaumf a 3t~mmsurs U. In.
te vmm-u. . S .
RAP. M~a
I33AN A rutLga (at. !.- Comnpld OW
turn, of yesterday's munikpml .16e1
shews a swesplu vfictaer for Sb. dý."
icrat. They elr-te.d the mmyor. lerk. mmd
a majority of the council. while the bahol
of aklermen is now a Us. The rspmhli
ians had a majority in the lass council
taut humird. This Is tbe Sirs electioa of a
democratle mayor In flfteen ymew, and
te tkm ocrats are jubilant.
wrlat ras brss . lreeemday at (Cluelmass
sad the New terk rarka.
('-N"slsNaATlt. 4k. .-- 'The weasher was
p)luansUt toWLlay, the truek fasit and the *at
k*a.la.e*. tNNul. Th.- re.ults were:
M. aide fll tiles~. lyer-kl one-half
namil LAtiieC . won, Emily S. meesed.
Mladam thirdl. Time .l0Y.
ThLaw-year-ul and upwardsu thiuireen
mins.-nths., of a made-Prltcheett woe.
Wet.ks .rwnnel. Ko-Ko third. Time 1: 6M.
Thr.ue-ye.ar-nhls, flffwen-slkteentbs of a
mile -l.asI Brook we,. Ltterol seemead
Ihasder shirbl. TiLme 1::734.
All ages, thrle-fourts of a mile-Di
Tlennsa woe. Hurc'b aseosd, Qum. m of
Trasnsap tbi M., a('rlrey on Ealreb was
lirnaJsaliltedl. however, for foul drivsia
a-la Queen of Trumps was given eiusef
plh.. with Major Tos third. Time 1:14.
Thre..-forths of a mile--Bllly Pnkerlb
ton. wn,. ArgFst second. Unlucky third.
Time I :l.I3.
Two-*elar-ods, 3,. furIoeq-MIitnlb
wont. antrke econd, Aue thid.
Tis... I :it.
Momnsat Ptas,. Moro 1.-The essi.nsml
dia were :
Plive furlo.s.--ligstons we 'aron
e-o,-na. l, e RBr k third. Timne 1 :o.
*ve* f.rlrsas-Gl.nmouuad was,
Brrown 4 bhartk second, Gypsy Queen third.
Time t:2V%.
(lne saslie Heyder7 woes. Harsharg see
.nd, (seats third. Tine 1:4.t.
Twoywar-okld, six fu une
TisMe I :li,4.
Mile. aid onte-eighth- won, Broa
aleaaart m ro-d, i an. wnisne t . Time I :.L
Mile and otaM-siateeatb -- Maid ti Or(keaS
nos.. Zae-Jhyrus seondl, Vivid thbir. Time
Ji Kmat, PARK. (h'. 8.-Jlmwh7 Dhay. whi
#we imajarnil y)r.Mt.a.r y. tier ini a pewarieuua
.".,ualta.,Itn ail (Ii.' luapital. 'koarday'a n
,ultr* w."n·:
)l8irkel tWw-y.'a.okla. altmle StraigbS
4 urrin. (. wuma; Addis 'I'. r.ejnI, Lord
IDal..usma m thinr. Tliua 0:50.
Muie.lma tan.-ye.rt-.4alm, uu4e mik.- Lit).
Aehlik went; hill lk ris us.+ua. Hyperion
cliard. Tauaw. I :444.
Finrnai utaake". ote anl one-halt mlum,
tw.. Mtstrt.im -Vfrtiiaa went in atJt Winoua
I'.mamrt.'.'ia laaigulrst dants - - (psedweil
went; Brava wa' .114. St. John tbird. Tium
Mile and .,u.rý..iawcn l~uth Irish Ian won
L)sal4.,I ',",amd. , liian thirst. Time 1:M33.
I'l rce-fonarthas mlle-- D.+eption won.
Nrewmuav uaqntl. Breit thirdt. Time 1:1*
N.:w YUIIK. ( M'S. a. -At the Ivy ('its
rar up-ay~ij the atk'Indance wans large and
tie. weathe~r wall pleasant. The resuls
were :
On"ie mile- -Peruaaaek won, Dal-ma
mttriad, K.erwton. thint. Tinme 1:4A34.
Sit e urium,.- Perlek. won Prmtkhmr
uii gnfld Wild (lae~rry third. Time I :I7ý.
Auaaavawl handicap oe and orn...igbth
mikim.-(t rilamnnw won,. Iceberg weowd.
lieu.. thin/. Tihe ul:&?57
S.even taarlunga-Mtlegiden worn, Beck
.e.i a al. ?4iyrtura. third. Tires I:3)
Two-y.'aa'.oh., five furlong- l
W40,8 a rima.. L~UwarsU era , Vantlaa
third. Tisa. 1uiM.
Pamee. .J ohm WIng.. Lmi-'m.
A rw Yom&t. (let. L.-The annual mgetag
of she Western Union Telegraph eo
paaty was beela tao.-ay. Thu okl board of
sirrtt~wWr was rf5letEd4. The atalemnen
uw t(he ttwsal ye~ar ecadig Jumune ltsh show.
lh grmss .*arreitaiws to have iweit SJ.7N3,79;
aIJI~reutaio 1S40.11Me $14.566,12. sacd neta
.v&rsaangw ýiG.4iIU51; aua tuaaraeu of *1.l).
47U (ever 1lw atit" earnamuee ut the gieviosta
).*eir. Afttr the. Ieaya.ut of ()iva*gatuMl aUn
all elua·rguue tIlmrr wu&g ae .wluu fr gUa the
year's I~eateiuaema of *1U..cM aking tham
total surplus tee Jumie ul blill.MH.
Y~kkaa A.Om.5 Chk~es M.hst
('.* &I)WLL.. Kaiu., (ho1. 9.--At a aseetiag
ef westren e asleanees to-shty a nearonoel
tee the (hlrkasgue Live SMuck Ezhang war
audopted, which will be ezsenaively cew ..
lateal its the range cutntry. It 5wetinu
,oaus5 thee tofluieiOSA on ch IN
ago as unjust. and asks the
of a rate of charges which wiU dig
the cost olf Uelg castle according to their
caUaIns Tim 0 ab Oeb=
Maw TomE, (Jet. 9.-Tb. gunmrl {um
ecoav tlon began Lt ascond mannal mas
Lag r this year 6o . The pH. anm1
Savaan a4 HM ( Westrea raibem, is
a a. railroad aoLbt t. am
-wilrtion. representing mra rllr
Whu camba Wa Loft 0a<
t rrrwA( Oet, $.--Uemafr Job. MIn
man. in a letter published hrom. soº1e
reason that Canada was et lavltedto pm
Skcipate In the AWU-Amerleam .omh.
was that the Vuited 8af"* emet
formal relaisoas with Te Cadia
ersumot owingU the dsped.ie.1
adla o Great aritaia.
LAn she Whesw sofa loft
PI1v.. 0.. fct. L-Baarrl Uudar ·r
Lmwmace HuIUIePC both ahea r tae!
ae., bare been eourhiag a
H~uttr herein th hv*e~b
th mamin M ffiin ealbi
shot hias 6taiiy. )'una
mite -0 ,
noe itt e.LII
As fir-~ N-L-I II·
City i 3" aasiasg dm.bmmm.
Art ·
At Lrcut.,.-4Ai~ bWh UP~ f

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