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There is a feeling among republicans
that Montana is a republican state in
spite of all that happened at the recent
geeral election. The returns do not
warrant any claims of this kind,
ehiely for the reason that the "more
sumerous house" of the legislature, as
the statue books put it, is democratic
by a clear majority, and, as the mem
bership of this lower house is chosen
by counties, its political majority may
be amumed to represent the political
eimper of the state at any given time.
It will be admitted that a vote on
governor is not always an accurate
ganO of political sentiment in any
tate. In New York, G(overnor Hill
bad an enormous majority, yet the leg.
ieaturs of that state remains firmly
republican, as it has been ever since
Mr. Hills advent into state ofece, in
SnS. The counties of New York are
Iargely republican. in Montana the
Imerease of the democratic vote in
stroag republican counties is the lead
lag cause for disappointment and
ehagrin with the party which Mr. Car
ter led.
Tbe victory scored by the republcan
ticket of the territory in Itos misleads
ear republican friends. The figures
that mark.the surprising majority then
scored for Mr. Carter are constantly be
fore their eyes. They know perfectly
well how it all eame about, but they
.lke to blind themselves to the facts,
bees.ae those facts take off the merit
there is in the figures, viewing the situ
ation purely from a political stand
point. The naked fact is that, last
year. the democrats allowed Mr. Carter
to walk of unchallenged with the vote
o the territory. There was prestige in
the big majority, of course, and It was
at macount to Mr. Carter this year, sav
ing the day for him, ust as Cleve
ld fabulous majority in 1ss was a
tradition that saved him by the skin of
m ossth in New York two years later.
Tbhe ft is to be kept in mind that,
to last the democrats had
thse at party in Montana
tfr years uncounted. We are to re
embesr also that the party carried
the stat when delegates were chosen
far the constitutional convention, less
s1ham a mnuteths .m
Nemethess, it is true that the
pdemal future of Montana is not
easy to forecast. In the eanvass Just
elsd every demoerat was in line. The
part leaders "pulled together" as party
Srarely do. The strong desire to
wir was shared by the humb'est fol
lower in the party's ranks. The propo
sition was first of all to redeem democ
racy and to that work every man bent
blmsel with unselfish energy. There
was little negligence, there were no mis
takes, and, with the exception of Mis
soula county, there were no rebels in
the ranks. So far as the future is con
earned, democracy enjoys the immense
advantage of controlling the legislative
branch of Montana's new government,
an advantage of great account in its
political aspects just at this period in
the history of the state.
The future of politics in Montana
will be nfluenced largely by three con
siderations: first, the relative degree of
fidelity with which the incoming legis
lature reflects the popular will in all its
decrees; secondly, the manner in which
the large body of Montana's new citi
sees relate themselves to current poll
ties; and third, the spirit in which men
now prominent in party councils ac
espt the triumphs or defeats that are
mare to fall to the lot of individuals in
the distribution of political honors.
Returns from yesterday's charter ele.
tion in Indianapolis are not flattering
to the sojourners in the white house.
That city elected a democratle mayor
yesterday for the first time in fifteen
years. Three or four days ago ('hair
man Seligman told the Helena JIurnal.
that he was too busy with the state to
look after Lewis and Clark county. We
shall bear now that Mr. IRussell I. liar
rlson was too busy with Lewis and
Clark to look after Indianapolis. And
a it goes, right under the very drip
plags of the larrison homestead, from
poor to bad and from bad to worse.
Turse are tricks even in the Austral
am system. One of these Is explained
In the October number of the Fowma.
It works this way. . _. ,
A.set arrayswih ea nmber of mum that
They are toae VuIvc b much be their rotes. He
hen brIahtaoe aieLa bouh a body,
Sseed.· thant InthUaintauom to put a
/spat /ý/ r" ae to bens the ballt paper
be - so himwm=I This the .seter.
ib pseety ter mbetebll paper.
ores In. tser bees ezammed b y he
-/ett htas ~e mt~b It .smnoret, Into the bel.
hs see harlu as s we. The tbird
h mi whet aef ebe. mud us -
pa has ee o r
usMt maime s i utai nte
.m ! ir i ado at thes
0 orl wem s b the matOe -lser
lnlTw.. It woeks this way;
a -eis ds I ri mdi -
ash s eime sale smsn h tolms air
0 Same mr wisinn. is LedssW .
ME ss as ans desvesees alwshe se ath
60- a ek eauip ass he ha Ved
am rig. The Wh enM m the sheek S. tm
beser ma -6 bb hm 41mr .
It dos not aN tfrom the oater
Yoacr' u dsaio that there are
uy ,epubllan boe who work
this racket; andm indeed,. seording to
all that republican newspaper. In Mon
tamn are maying, it was .xelusively the
republican vote of the territory that of
sred itself for sale last election day.
However that may be, these extracts
ar give to bshow that the Australian
system Is not altogether the thing that
it is cracked up to be--in fact, the
writer in the Foram, while regarding it
as in some sense a defense against in
timidation. declares that It Is not an ef
fective defense against bribery, and he
speaks as one who has been both de
feated and elected many 'times under
the system. -
Withal the Australian system has
made friends in Montana, yet we cannot
re.lst the conviction that it is a sort of
"man miUiner" affair and we believe it
far less satisfactory to the average citi
sen than the "vest pocket vote" which
was getting Itself established in the
Fast Just as the craze for the imported
plan same up. In recent years the
eastern voter has been in the habit of
receiving at his home, by mail or by
messenger. a copy of every vote in the
field on election day. The registry lists
were open to all campaign committees
and to candidates, and the distribution
of tickets at the homes of voters was
thorough. The voter fixed his ticket to
his taste, put it in his pocket and went
to the polls without hindrance or Inter
in some cities of Montana with a rel
atively unsettled population this plan
might not work. At any rate, we have
the Australian plan and it appears to
suit. Republicans introduced it and
democrats are entirely satisfied with its
practical operation.
The law providing for aepital pun
ishment by electrical appliance has
finally been approved by the courts of
New York state, and Kemmler, the
murdere first of the race to be pun
ished by that process. will be shocked
into eternity without long delay.
The Australian plan will be operated
at to-day's special election, but the
voter will not make the sign of the
cross. It youare in favor of the bonds,
draw a pencil mark through the words
"against the bonds." But let this thing
be done decently and in order. Please
to clean your feet before you enter the
precinct, and do not under any circum
stanees ask the oleers to shake dice
with you, because some deputy mar
shal might hear it and tell it to the
members of your family, thus robbing
the occasion of its saered secrecy.
Enter the little confessional box with
dignaifed gait and stay there two mla
ates by the watch, so that your pencil
will seem to move with the deliberation
of a prominent citiaen and not after
the manner of a coereed yearling. Let
all your action be wrapped in as
much mystery as possible. Do not
whistle within seventeen feet of the
ballot box and if you have bar checks
in your pocket do not display them.
The Judges will know whether you po
sess property without these outward
and visible sians.
It any precinct officer addresses
you, tell him promptly that
you can neither read nor write the
Warm Spring dialect but that you want
to vote the straight sewer ticket, and
hand him your visiting card. If any
man whispeas in your ear "haat du
erwhen." rush out and telegraph to
teligman. Eschew gloves when you
go to the polls and do not pass your
vote to the judges on a spoon; a fork is
much better form.
Put your ballot reverently into the box
and as you slowly leave the place let
your prayer ascend to the throne of re
publican grace for having favored you
with Australian seerecy, with United
States Marshal G(. Washington Irvin
Second degree. Esq., and with all other
politieal mercies.
The Ohio republican papers find
themselves in pretty close quarters this
year with Foraker for their candidate,
and they pause in the canvass to re
mark that the state must have a ballot
reform law before the election of Itiuo.
The republican legislature of that
state, however, recently refused to pass
the secret ballot law, although the
measure was introduced and strongly
urged by a republican.
The reporter for the New York
Tribese who speaks of the clergymen
attending the episcopal general conven
tion as "a well-groomed" lot of men evi
dently did not spend the raeing season
in a school of theology. We shall ex
pect this worldly-minded reporter to
refer to aspirants for the oAiee of bishop
as candidates for the futurity stakes.
The city of Anaconda has no bonded
debt. AllU told, its liabilities are hardly
three thousand dollars,' aside from the
city's share in 15,000 worth of school
bonds, which cover the entire school
The proposition up for popular vote
to-day is that the city issue bonds to
the amount of *I5,000, having ten years
to run, the amount realized from their
sale to be spent on the proposed sewer
system. It is learned that opposition
to the bonds has been developed ia a
thi i wll met be etve
he s the enu the s
ag argg eltisas to gs to the
p sed thee Mbs Mi s tmh g.men
that moet ertalaly s eommn Mt to
very property owner in town. The
progresiv element Ia Aassma
ought eartainly to earry the day.
More than ones during his esrser.
Nunrv Vllard has bee a reigning sen
sation. The latest steory is that he is
againa to be president of the Northern
Pacel.-whieh Is more tha probable
and that a consolidation s t bring
that line lnto comblnatlon with the
Wieuonsin (entral, the flaltim re A
Ohio. and other roads whch will give
Mr. Villard the control of a string of
rails from a Jersey ('ity pier to some
point not yet definitely ixed In distant
$itka. The report is denied by the Bal
timore & Ohio people, but the story is
running its course Just the sams; for
everything goes since the demoerats
carried the Montana legislature. Two
days ago the community saw all the
light and airy plans of the Manitoba
managers unfolded, yesterday brought
the Villard sensation, to-morrow will
be the Union Pacittie'sday. Meanwhile
we always have with us the story of the
liomestake tunnel precinet; although
the republican newspapers are elaim
ing copyright on that.
When Mr. Carter was telling Mon
tana voters how rapidly lead advanced
after his conference with the depart
ment at Washington, the figures
quoted below were not at command.
The Salt Lake Tribunes, republican,
Th Park fwnned gaprs that the prie o ted
ha* "advanced sts per Wte r .e. smetary Win
dam's ewrrular manrurtioms were iuamed." and
adds that "this repreents the dieram be-
tween pmt and ess."a The latter tatemet
woul be are I the preie were estab
lished. Unfortunately. however, the priU f of
lead has not advanced, therefore the eomelalusl
fails. A premlawt genatkman who Is vitally in
terested In this question furnishes as the follow
tl. as showtag the true state of the maes:
May .s to MJasl. average prime for lead.
per hundred..........................
SJuly to i July I average prictor le
From the e timof hearing up kend question un
July 1 to July 31, average price for l
per hundred ........................... o 3
Afu" Ihtou t 31. average prime Onr
lead.perw m.afre............... sa32
Neuteme 1 to teptember .4 average
price for ead, per hundred............. 315
An averm of 4s.3a. To bave Ilpeed the
prie of ed lb per tan it would have ad to ad
vance to 4.e per hundred.
These figures interfere with all that
Mr. ('arter proclaimed during him
starring tour.
I do deretst a ma thalt' elose.
And uthelmaore, adas;
abs it a pretty is ea
I Me Le ihway.
'T.s pasim yma aft lampire her
Wth very mnek aeseets,
Ift by "the other way" eaou aes
The oppose dih-eewM.
Is It he eets a he ohe t to feet.
AMd pre.,, her to Mds.
Pray hemves th b w0l mat have
Th bel her eth.rr's bat.
Chicago boasts of ,0 hotel roan..
He roomas memo to be baeer tham boe
Gen. Boulanter is eontemplating a trip
to Africa. He evidently wants to see I
there is anything under the sun blaker
than the recent election returns.
Sir Edward Watkins, the EngIleb e-.
ineer, delares that he can tunnel the En
llbh wchennel and run through trsins to
Calcutta. If he keeps on Sir Edward will
ot hIamel la nto a hole.
Tie wreeking of Scanlon's hutcer shop
in New York by dynamite I. still shrowded
in mlstery. AUll there is about it the smags
manufacturers have got to be more are
ful about compounding their ngredients.
or the law will have to draw the line at
It is not often that one will exert one
self so hard to please a child as Mrs. Kate
M. Nye, of Louisville., did one day last
week.' A little hbo who was calling on her
in her apartments three stories up oe
presed a desire to se herJump out of the
window. Mrs. Nye at once complied and
was instantly killed.
The Chicago theosophists have expelled
Mme. Blavateki, alleging that she is a
fakir. If this sort of thing is kept up,
eventually the last member of the soelety
will be foreed to superlntend his own ex
pul~aon. The scriptural injunction, "Pa
kir take thyself," cannot he suecesoafuly
carried out in the long run.
There are some breaches of conf denes
whlch cannot be too mirongly denounosd.
The editor of the Sutton Aderti.r, who is
also the ~utton postmaster, take. pains to
Intorm his readere "that, In our humble
opinion, Colonel Waunam.ker is a ·ge
tleman and a scholar, and we unheseltat
Ingly pronounce his celebrated 83 pants to
be the best in the market."
The students of Knox college, Gale-.
burg. Ill., hung the college dignitaries in
elfy last Friday nalght, and a large crowd
of colored people going home thrm an en
tertalnment were so badly seared at wlat
they supposeed was a negro hanging bee,
that they seattered in all directions and
aroused the whole town. For ways that
are dark and tricks that at the sume
time exceed the highest expeotatioa..
the Kno college students seem to have
won the pennant.
Vumr the Jaekinimvile Crttique.
Thare wars a-young mo and his uaes was
And hewn woi hoet freck coat:
His hair a n his tcmr p eas d 9hsJ cr wd tiu t
Rib his hair wa the color of tam.
The bdhe all id. lwther widow. wi or
"Lor mest wha a aeke young man."
There are said to be furt-two tnue and
OIcem at Pf or erIt uiunios le ed twith er
Irbd1 wiss. It Be rrpgmd they oum
trsa the disease whiliout sn s --am
c-t .P the prA~ieis.-Ris Prss.
----a Now for We* Vt.~mlm
W~ s fallesm 19461
Now OMa we have hemwd fro Mmbea,
It I to beho ap that the West V im
will amake " alors to hMurr up ek t
mn- ske larmnie Te-memwi
After 11db our Monaat. .urhamgee
aind th.oar a~m'4h a be,--we ame cauamat
that both partes carried the elwetm in
t*mewtate. _______
Semesany's are"eI Ote.
P.o the New York Nm.
Wbo am the "pod poliol" of whom our
always lively oontemporary, the Chliago
Hmrahl, spekl. Foreuinerr am. tho curee
of Cook county.
Teyh Are Few s" War duetweem.
From the Drover trpublMea.
The latest French goseip Is that BoDi.n
ner's friende have denounced him. If
they al1 spoke In chorus the nolse wouldn't
he heard half a block.
Were Massy in It.
Vram the LTiuavill« CourfearJourvaL
The dreerton of so many Vermont
famas ban been explained. The former
omcapants have none to the towns to run
bogus medical colle-es.
ram thLe Clelmasd PMa I heler.
The republcmkn candldrae for governor
of Mimissippi was once denounced i the
Cleveland idear as "the unmung Semd
who massacred union prisonere."
L't Yeer LaItS Meo Slim.
From the ('hcaia Times.
Ever aorepodent, telegraph editor,
aompositor and proof reader la the eoun
try having attended different Chinse
schools, the nma of the new Chine.e
minister to this eountry appears in a new
light every thoe we see it.
Very Like It.
From the New Yoerk Thms.
The admismion of lead ore hfrm Mesals,
in which there M a sprinkln of liver of
more value than the lead. e duty,
when the law impoes a tariff of one aml
a half ucent per pound nm lead imports
would he like doeoing an osoter in pepper
-ae and alings K mll pepparase.
Veast. Kaeatiaml Temng OM Age.
Prom the New York Sam.
The Hon. Hannibal Hamlln has been
working destruction amung the Maine
partridges, ad occasionally dasenin the
fandango at a corn roast, the latest tash
lonable amusement in the Pine Tree
state. If there has been a sprucer and
chippeer young mass in New England
since 1e0 than Uncle Hannital, we will
pay r ewS. d for his name.
NWe to me easesed At.
From the FWlmre Coeuty Mepubleam.
As we went swinginga our cane along,
walking to the depot at Lincoln last $a
urday, a man canse up asout ive paces in
the rmur and aseesed his upper set of teeth
out upon the walk, and as they went to
roll past us they ame in conteas with the
eon erue of our eane and a tooth was
broken da. We felt badly, ut nothing to
compare with the other beller.
It Uhume *Va Up rWMt7 WIIL
From SW UMOM&apolS JourMaL
Election in the new stateo reulited
much -s was anticlpated. Republican ex
poctation of party success in Montana
was rudely shaken hr the resuilt of teooon
renUon for delegates to theoonstitutIonal
convention, and UtmWuh Ot later eam
-an was nmade with are"l earestnes
and with all the assistance that the Har
Aeon administration could render the re
publicans were prepared for defeat.
What the Oeveemam la4gs
From the seeon rraver.
The governor of North CaroUas Is, 4
eoures, talking in "a sarkautik manner"
when hbe sugge. to Secretary Proctor
that Vermont would be a partcularly aee
state for the new home of the Chirshabus
and Warn Spring Apaches. Thisets not
precisely Ia the urbane tons In which the
governor of North Carolina made hi his
earle remark to the goveror of South
T. UMsmar at It.
Frem the River Prei.
Up to the moment the polls cloed ever
republican and every republican new.
paper in Montana said we were going to
have an absolutely fair election-no
chancme for raud. Registration and the
Austrllia system insured this. The mo
ment they discovered they were beaten
they changed their tune and yelled:
"Fraud I fraud l" "What strange things
we do see when we haven't a gun I" Fun
ny, Isn't it
KImeert d Enst2im.
FPrm the Ka CitV TRames.
ome o of our fbaetious e~hages are In
llined to attribute the democratle victors
in Monatan to larLge anumber of Miss-
rlans who settled in that state. It I. true
that Mimsourians have done muach to de
velop Montana and to we her the e.se
lent reputation which seh now beares, and
we hope and believe tha It is true that
they7 ad amuc to do with bringlen about
bher crowing groer. the eleetion of a demo
eeatic governor and a demoeratie eIsgisa
nsr~ytLBlg Oree With .o.r Li.
Vrom the Wastbston Po~a
The esteemed Atlanta Cbm~tisMtioa 4
nHie the statement made b amsne other
esteemed contemporaruy that "tbe wild
plum always goes when the Indian does."
Perhaps the CGbtitution is right, but from
the limited opportunity we have had of
Judging the noble red man's character,
we should say that the wild plum whieh
does not go when he goes must be the
one that grows close to the top of the
tree. Pretty nearly the same hin may
also be said of the turkey or pullet that
doesn't go when the Indian goes.
A smmti et Merer.
.hamki.r.. P. sa, to P slps eee
Miss Ada Koch, the daughter to en
Mayor Koch, ot this city, felt a twlteblhi
of her right Jawbone recently while svrlK
Ing an aunt in Reading. She entered a
bedroom, followed by her cousin, Katie
Shutlt and while standing before a i
sar smiled at a humaorous remark. Whe
she caught the reflection of the smite she
almost sank to the Boor. She beheld a
face imae otwith the sM Ies of e
rshat ofshpe.
and weird espreesson toused h
to shriek with alarm. Miss Koch ealled
on Dr. Rsese, an eminent sian wh
maid that the trubl e was
Psofh the fal nerve, nbut bwas ae
bet Knoc'sh tace Lu repose is beeussI.r
tbut now whese sa nts its e"sprss is
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