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The Anaconda standard. (Anaconda, Mont.) 1889-1970, October 10, 1889, Morning, Image 7

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As Mm~vft ear e. A-N me hamm
i·rl do Whip bembu Lt %be Ie amw
NW SUM Wall Is - Md =Me r the
wIho wighuet. akip "I 3 .-Znasmd.
.ike ibake Cn" AaaI Gibsas am
fisgod Ze W e i. h
Calltanif clA hCasbuse asked
to offe thaws a pues.. sand If thu~ey acep
im umý that his finish fight with Car- i
roil for 8l8. a sw inea V The ibght
will pvoba take place ia 4exio.
1b 3Bd, nt l tum the emspioa
w stall in Colorado. was reventk
1esumNvdtath Heasefano stock farm of
J. N. O e In consequeneoa f a n injury
eceived in the pasture while evkidenUy
Wine dmo to roll.
' Thbeonlybroi dm uaro t.at have e.c
roMduced two tallions with records of
-:) or better are Columbine, dam of Au
Wo. 2:16. and Ante.olo. 2:194, and
Waterwlte, dam of Viking, 2:19 , a-n
ambrino tGrl, 2:2D.
The pennant-winners this year are tb
New Yorks in the National ItMrue, Ohnhas
in the Western awo-latiou, Detroit In
the International lea1ue,, and Brooklyns
in the Amerlean asaowation. Time Broo
Slynb have not exactly settled their cas=
yet, but they are sure wilunIer-.
Those who have controlltd the hmuine-u
*ay that this year has .ten one of the
heaviest pool-selling years on the Grand
Lcrouit on record. At the Buffalo meetin=
over $4000 was Itn the pool-box. Hart
tbrdcame next with a7&,MOU0. (leveland
*adul $M) O and Rochester SU,.O0X
'i vano Ti:mes.
Te Boston and Daltimore clube will
tart w next morth. The places da
Brouthe and Kelly will be Iled b.r
wtSag sand Brown. The New YorkL will
stme te a etion as St. Lolls on No
vember 16. and together they will go by
iy d uo Man t. Deaver, Fuanlc
Jamnes B. Gray has us been banee to
Maryville Mo., for thepupo of hip
plng nineasteen ryearlirngs t% by aws
t*us, o Weethebeer N. Y. ncle Jim"
to bereaier winter at Morris
ak d nmake the eastern tracks the
enter o b hi operrtions. He will break
end develop heun e ther for pr
- t nalnepol paper says: Nega
Lioan baa been openel by the bratber ood
f b.ati plee for tohe pu.-base of
the Minneapola and St. Paul franchise,
in oader that they may locate ball team
in the twin cities this yea. The deal is
yet in embryo but the t. Paul mana
have been oeared h10,000 in cash tort
frachib . Two em r of the broter
hood bave been in Minneapolis for the
p)st two weeks, and, it is eald, have made
vorable repos to their chiefs.
Walter Ornat's stnr c ame mon.
warn mski at auction at Morris Park on
Naturday. Elkwood, who won the 1S
luburban, was bought by Mr. Kitteon for
S.G. H.e had two plint, and will prob.
Snever be sent out to race again. It
Is understood Mr. Kittaon will take him
to the rdwenheim stock farm for breed
ag A e other horses okld
wasý ello for Midle tone' for
Stm1g, and a chestnut colt by imported
GrOat Tom for ~O. A number of
ya ft Milaton Young's stock
were also sold.
At Fremao Fld lMarvi who is In
ero ber of the Palo Alto stock hfrm'.
S ezersced Sunol at a rather sbmrp
gi or tena minutes and then noadded or
word. Preskient lewis Leak tape
.: e tbel and the ma.e was start ed on
. Se was doing uandl, and when she
reached the quarter- in secoad those
who knew he.r al qualities wer W_-e.
led she would a her mark at the
w . taube's Teaser, a rannin mar
took her up in the bee
hraouut her to the half I. 1i530. Sunol
never eefore showed such speed la publi
and Marna kept uruiac her. She abshed
the sam~emneini 34B.
The San Framsco e semin r contaias
this account at the fhnmus Ally, Sunol
and the war lan which she broke hsr rered
at Fremno last week: Sead Is a la,
w1e lae6edark-bay lyl, witch black
mane and till. She is close to 16 bands
high and was foaled in the sping
She was sred by letioneer f dam
Waxana by Genera Beaton,
emas, a thoroughbred s bm
as o Sinalc mithi o tse of tud 8. and
Jar-E See shows that the three greatest
of Amerlcan trotters were bred on the
same theory, that of crossing standard.
bred trotting srem with nares containin
30 or more per cent, of thoroughbr
blood. As a yearling Sunol was not se
Spublic, but arvin, her driver and
trainer, is authority for the statement
that she was at that age able to
beat Norlalne that made a record
of 2:31 S.he made ahe dst ap
arat Ioen hewr rsad form, and e.
wnall the stakes in whic she was
and closed a brilliant season
anr mile over the Bay District trac
last Octoberin 2:18, loweringl Wildfow
er's record of 2.1, made over the same
track on October 99, 131. As a S-year-old
Sunol arst ppeared at Petaluma on Au
Ui. w ge w aeftd be Lllan Wilkes
after wining the Aitr at, the time of
the race b 2:iS342, :17, 2:2. 2:3. At
Oakland, on her she retrieved
her lost laurels and ished ln front of
Lillian Wilkes and Margaret S., is1,
2.4, 2.:3. She followed up this Womy
by winning the Oaident stakes at Sacra
mento, where, on Septembter , she was
henored with a walkover, and, ameom
panged by a running mate, she reduced
her reeord to :1. Four days later she
ain deeaedMa S., oR the reel
In 2:034. 2:21%.9":
A ieee u..trs Shals"Ni.
Posa the Thbemsviie (Ga.) .terprise.
'I pronounce you . an and wife," said
Judge Mitebell in his office Wednesday
morning, to Miss Sallie Stephens and Mr.
Delli Myrick, a couple who had -tepped
Into the judge's office to be made one.
And they walked down stair up the street
and out into the broad and glorious coun
try, where the birds were singing, the
golden harest being gathered, and
the little rills singing on their way to the
sea; where the sky was blue and the air
pure where wild flowers were blooming;
where the ·ntle breses were wbhipering
through the pines; where the arom of
new-mown hay permeated the surround
ngs; where the song of the resper was
heard; whore the grasing herds were seen;
where the sunlit danced through the
overhanging boughs; where the green
vwhere field wan ýad hibi and dale
alternated; where the mdmanm tilled
his fields; where the bo
paths meandered through wooded lawns,
and where dame nature opened wide her
ar to rreceive her chidren.
laHppgr rural couple r Happer they than
many who .ow Ihmn hyamen~ altar to the
ided halls. where wealth glitters and
hn hsways bappier they than mhan
who start on the untried ourney of mar
Ionay from fower-bedecked chancels;
apper they, in their rural simplicity.
thea many bridal couples who trd on
Brnsels carpets; happier they in their
srric country hone than many who dwell
1a stately mansions. Their wants are few
=uIm l:'Ia ? 1Y adS - a Sdv bIak
0 mew" o1 f*e& hsppi.
mmw. not e" 'sI. a.
1110 PrunbmeOf lIme £coaluar Agai
VMiw C--M-- -
Wa.MmmupdlS Se~aFuam Ca
"W o k Nmtowft hrl
The purelMcase Ir Mexivo of the pma
hma atof Lower Callformrn iat is mmU tham
HlWiY. will camwbef h Cinkmgr-m a-rn for
Pe--mlderaton. " in luaU probability under
-mr favorableic~ana than ever
The senate committee on Inigation. re
crofly inveetiating the subject In Call
foania. found at the extreme south end of
"tate a tract of bottom land, the extent of
which is m reat. the soll being fertile
but practica ly wordtlems unless irrigated.
The land coukl tie watered at little ex
pen-e, plenty of water being availahle
near by, and all that to necommary heigi to
cut a canal to the Colorado river. How
ever, the only practicable point at which
this can be done in across the Mexican
The only satsftatory way to acconplish
this work would he the puriches of Lower
California, and it is thought that Mexiko
mniht be landuced to nell. as the land is of
Ilth1e value to her. There ae any rea
SonIs urged wh the purche houk e
made, one being that it would have the
effect of lving our Pacific coast line a
natural termination, just as the purelche
of Pkloida completed the Atlantic coast
The problem of irition Is rapidly
coming to the hfrt, and there needs to be
but 11tb doubt that the report of the sen
ste commlttee will show the complete
easlbillty of Irigatlon, and favor the
quistIon of the peninaula f LorwerCall
Japsee OGrls Nut Prmsied Se Leam
From the tan Franrere Chwreafri.
The Anerican bark Spartan, which ar
rived here on October 8 from Hakadate,
Japan, has a Japanese crew. There are
only two white men on hoard the craft.
Among those on board when the vessel
docked were two pretty Japanese girls,
veritable Yam Yums, whose startling
beauty fairly dazsled the eyes of
William Murphy and other el.s
tom house inspectors. It was al
leged that one of the young womnen
was the wife of the veasel's steward and
the other was her sister. Commissioner
of Immigration Thornlee thought it best
not to allow the ir ttoland without an
inveatitiou. He accordingly sent a le
ter to ' Phelps, who in turn re
ferred the case to the surveyor of the port.
It was finally decided not to allow the
women to come ashore until their case
should be thoroughly investigated. An
inspector was placed on board the vessel
pending the Investigation, which will take
lace on Monday.
Mr.. Clavlanmd In 'a'ble.
Wa.lntu.. luIlqsle to he liMivWe Courer
A beautiful white marble bhut of Mrs.
Cleveland, upon a pedestal of black and
white smarbie, is now ocupling a coner
a Mrs. Wilson's drawing room. It was
left in the es-narthal's charge when Mrs.
Cleveland went to New York. The bast
is liferise, and is the workt of G. Scanki,
Genoe. and bearm date, 1N. It was made
from impesslans taken whens she tra
veod in Eu.ape. The marble repree.at
the head and ·ulderehowin the chest
midwar. The hair Is dressed in the style
that I. now familiar to the public as thmt
worn in the photographs extant of this
ar u lady. in a cl on the op of the
flTe atN u sr a e Idea d, and
the fon s h The dram I a
knitted underuarment made wlib qua
mýmin at th neck, edeedw m
bir mm ng. anda knt shawl ftal
ifrm esihoulders ~tin aall larms the
nE tof the buMt. The statuary will be
sent to Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland as soom as
they are located La their Madison avenue
house, near Sixty-ninth street. New York.
ThIee U9otatloem Are Reveld and Car
rw.eted very Day.
i4tuar--4lranulated, per In. "C" light brown,
-s.oo; pulverized II t A, New York, $13.0.; ksat,
$13.10, Maple W Tb *Jur.
(.ofee.l-Market strong; green Rioo. i.e;
Ctota Rica, [email protected]; Java Mandahling, 40 :
Mocha, 3740r; roasted Rio and 'usta Rica, 22)
2c; roasted Carali, sc:; rased Moeha and
Java, 3seflr: Arbuckle's, Mr.
4 e al-Jaan. an'*.Ik Kulish breakfast. 51r
1t.0); Gunpowder, 4ii411.00; extra Young ly
son 75r.
Pickles--Pir keg, Is, 61.25; as. s2.00: , 62.50;
1io, a..tMe.50.
imothy seed-rPer ewt,
P»»tatoeu-Caltfornia. 2r.
Cabbage-Per cwt, 613.
Eggs, per case, .-.nit6.00o.
Butter, per I.. ..at-4r.
Cheese, Iuxr b, g(0iar.
Fruits--l)rled piples, per 5-th packages, .75c
St.oo ditto sliced, a.-b boxes, 14c per b; peaches,
Hat lake !1ec apricots, 2r1; evaporated ditto,
we; blackberrle, Ic: raspbMerris. 3Me.
Califorlia fruits, 8.0on.oao.1 per case.
3-1b ttandard tomatoes. 63.50
-lS ttandard corn. La.3o.
S- b tWandard pea,. l.riu; s~ontds. $2.75.
S-b string and I.mta Ians, 62.75.
lbried Beans-Navy, 64.00 per 100 b; Lima,
"7.00; Hayo., 06.2s.
Whet. No. . per to0 b. '2.00.
Corn, craked, per too . St.75.
Bran. per 1too b. 61.S; bran and shorts per 100
kur--Per too0 ,b PillsbIur's beLt. 4; Ogden,
S3..1; 4Mtrague "l Dasy" -3.ld.
'orn meal. per too I, 62..*0.
M(t meal, per 100 b, 4.Mi.
Vresh Meats-Pork tlc: beeft 03re; lamb,
quarters, T7rI. no: mutton 18TOr.
galt Meats-Hlia. itOJO)r; baron 1Ic; corned
beef tor pork Sr;: MIsausae 12.I tIc.
(oml--lr ton. hnrd $t 1, soft U.LU.
Wo'd- Per cord 64.50.
Hay--Per ton -i.fo.
tMtraw-- lr ton *l2.61.
bats--Per cwt. W2..o.
Anaconda Livery Stable
D. G. BROWNELL. lPornmrrsn.
Buggies. Saddles and Horses
for Hire.
Osee ia taN twat rest. Amasnia. Most.
lb.C*~m 4ht0d~id. ronf
1h.Is upon the WheeIn s o whether goods
to the uiero( of ·S1 be Iswil up o the
cre"dM the it at fAor for sewenge pur
p~~m lb. bls WID Vl
e vw the bosds.
Tbe vate will cmS Ua therefrom prats of the
b.*hr* in swhu a mmaimm r h b. remaisng pitt
shall exprems his rate the ameatkm mab.
mttIed. J. 3OalwUl i.
tCi yleik.
Union Pacific
Principal Points
* * THE DEPOT * * *
em iRral mmdU NIa h . toel of
S. D. 5u35, city Tlrk.c Anast.
J. A. LEWIS. Ueseral ARgem.
No More Delays
Nor them Pacific R. R.
The Dining Gar Route and Cýreat
Short hins to alI
AL. THROUGHn TRAINS are s3quseps w._
ulman J Dunare teae way.
s wn..
Through Pullman Car from Butte
The Fa.. lIme * ..i from Ckha... (ai
at d lamee ! Msans.
Peerless Pullman Coaches.
Palatial Dining Car.,
Elegant Day Coaches
rI Oeammodaulkm orf (uss
of curse.
For dr. .....S.sa.Io, 4.38 mad . p. as.
sadall athrosu podinhtm a to M4.
Paul. Mt. Louts (lufrhkgu; alum to
pots West, pis: Misaouha. kpokaae
sPortmand mad man
Fra ro . ........ .. . ..
Far Ninart Der Lodge and Uarso
(Fedight gisa)........ SM a. a. and IM p.m.
RIcamabip tickets forapoints in Ibieps via
may ulme mriang thet AlanU at cheap rates.
For full Lnfrmaltlia addrem
CHAM. MI. VEN.. lieal Paseesrr A gS
JAM McCAIU. Gieseral Ags.. i Me aim N..
Opp. Bonsai Mcrcantle (t pany,
BIatle. Maaa.
Montana Central
Manitoba Railways.
betwe4. naeiat. &Ltte. elra, M .vlle
low Open for Passenger Tralc.
The 06,17 U. rufiUEn Tuarae 1e~a n. ais.
Luinrioms Dining Cars.1imafltlIymv('omb..s
ad Fre. Um_-inlg Cars im ' rammati
ger~ betwom
Sa.fty. C mset m" CGauy br Our
1r. 3. raIL . nomr's. »b.
L rP. ru. r . Meu
Gan make Better Time by mail in reaching every
point in the State than any other
Nev)spaper in forotana.
FROM the date of its first number the STANDARD will have
Sm more readers than any other daily newspaper published in the
Northwest. It will have plenty of interesting matter every
day. It is good for office, shop or store, for mill or mine, for hotel, saloon
or rectory, for farm or fireside. It is a paper for the people.
Try it for a month. It will cost you one dollar.
The ANACONDA STANDARD gives particular attention to its advertising
department. It directs your attention to the skill and care and taste with
which its advertisements are arranged and displayed. No newspaper in
this part of the world can match it in this respect. Each issue of this paper
will be a model of the printer's skill in the display of its advertisements.
The terms on which the STANDARD takes advertising are moderate and
every prosperous business man in this region can put himself in communi
cation with the public at rates that will pay him handsome returns. If you
want live advertising send in your copy or write to the business office.
Strangers visiting Anaconda are invited to visit the publishing house of
the STANDARD. It is complete in every department. It is the pride of the
The STANDARD is an eight-page daily having the full service of the As
sociated Press and a thoroughly organized special service which brings
news direct to its editorial rooms by special wires. It is a Democratic
paper. If you belong to that party you can read it with profit. If you are
a Republican you will find in this newspaper a fair fighter and can have all
the opportunity you want to "talk back." At all times and under all cir
cumstances the STANDARD will be inspired by a determination to treat all
men and all issues in that spirit of fairness that distinguishes successful
journalism everywhere.
The department of the STANIARD relating to news will be most complete.
Its general and miscellaneous reading will be edited with greatest care.
' Men and women will enjoy it and it will be a safe and suggestive paper in
the hands of overy child.
C. Order the STANDARD sent to your address. You get it for three and one
third cents a day.
- r

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