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D!. D. J. [email protected]
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V. L. ST. JU;A$, A.3.. OLD., C.M.
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J. R. 3*XRXXM.
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T. 'LIAIT, Algtq AMi Commte at Law.
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.~R. P. SRO3KH*l
Attorney at law.
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mesb· Is Etrelt u Jaeky oeak. UssIdesee'o
Motz~at the Umns HOWL ML
3t4NR4CON D I -lM IRIl" .
(Next to Memans Hotel.
Anaconda Real Estate Agency.
Maines rokes oeal M CoamScoveyaasoners.
The Be Bras.us of UiqAors and ('igars n the
Thurste Blocko,r oaner aand Firs streets.
unsiagr, artt. kmrett,
Wholesale and Retail Butchers.
Famlly nupples a speclalty.
AS Orders Delivered FYr dt Charge.
hep on First Mtreet - ANANt.iDA
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IDOinmaTc. IPORTrD AtD KY wanOS.
The Br .d cHKAPwRT toa the ity ofr
utse to Purerhae BtoTS and NIHOBIt
is at the BMOLD B0OX.
tO WeL Park Mt. F. H. BlAW, Proprietor.
Auee - - Montana.
Warn Spring Liaery Stable.
The Prlae Turnaouts Anacoda. New and
ousZssons~c Ronas ser adieSe md Oemes
4 ar= b Flm VL fthe new atatc.
CHAS. W. FRENCH. Proprletor.
IreL Mrea, WeLe ad M9ain, AnmdL Mear.
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0.eera of thee te't Sn League with tSa
simpers of )r. ('mwaim-uetaateas Die
vespeeaets Preamked--Uverel
Arrmete msMe.
('uHICaGO, (kt. 12.--Onne of the boldest,
most corrupt and infamous plaot ever
brought to the notice of the public, was
outlined by State's Attorney Longe
neekr's right-lhand man, Mr. Mills, this
afternoon. The conspiracy not only in
eludes county ofmccials but outsiders of
high standing. Several arrests have al
ready been made and more will follow.
Not content with the bribtery of nen, an
attempt has been made to drag even In
nocent women into the plot and thusm in
the end which the friends of the defense
in the ('roain case have been working for,
for the past lve mouths.
"State's Attorney Loagenecker desires
me to say," msaid Mr. Mills, who was com
missioned by the state's attorney to
talk to reporter "that this plot
has not been diclomsed before hbeeiue it
would have defeated Justice hId the In
formation we possesed been made pub.
lie. We cannot now give any names or
details, but the outline of this consplracy
can now be given to the public. It will
he rvmnemb~r " continued the attorney,
"that on last Wednesday afternoon an
honest younr msant who is employed as
forwardiing clerk in an e~stablisuent in
this city, was examained and exeused for
cause lit is understood, though not stated
by Attorney Mills, that the name of the
venlireitnan who it was attempted to briabe
is G. n. Trcht apat. He is foreman for E.
N. Page & (o., oil merchants, of this
cityLj. . e... ..
"Thanursday aftenoon, 'said Mr. Mills, "a
very pronillenat eitisen of 'hlcago enltered
tibe court romln and privately eonluluuli
eated to thie counsel for the state that his
foremanln the veslnie imnan isn quetions,. x
fore Ixling calkhd to tle jtury box had twnen
apprmoaehd by tew tmilifr of the court wit,
an offer of 1,.001 to vote. for thw ea qllvital of
the ktfeledanlts.. He sakl: *Tlis in lint a
cocrk and Iull story, acnd I bilng it before
you iln tlw. iltrest of public jenstice.'
"He then Went away and tiw. n,.xt
morning olla4 of tiNe codnasel for the state'
wenat down to the factory of thw manll
whtse foreoIsatn luail tn.eal offered tie.
trilte and 11e inOilnwiIt he saw the for-e
natl ie recornislel hil as ta t11 naa whom
loneswty leld nislepenallten." Isnd illpre.se.l
itself uponl ti en ounsel for tiw state while
Ie was sittingt ins lury otxx. The
man nmaele a full stateine.t alnd was rne
qulested by tlle. oUslnel for tlh state to
conli to thes state's attoewy's ofllee and
re seat his statemlPent ins full. Tine anIla
witlh iars iln hisl eyes said: 'It Involves a
frkclld. but if it involved lyself I would
uphold t1we law anld ordetr.'
"The glist of hisa statessnelat, which llil
subael~swently gave to the state'* attorl.ey,
is as follows: In obledience to the sulan.
Ino.s he cutnle to the court house Tueslday
afternoons and sat iln the anlte-ronasn, but
was not * alled. He came aganll W edtes
day mlornling asld stayed in tiTe anite-ronem
again. At about 10 o'clock a man came
frNom the court roon into the anteP-rnemn
who was ans old friend of thle v',alir main.
The fact aimo appears that thw wives of
tie two lmen were frienlds hefore they
were anarrewl.
'Tlhe lan who caslse from. tlhe comnrt
rsonn siaggeted to tlhe venirse nlal ILhat
they go out anld lnave a cigar. Whille
there tie llmaRI fr.uI tie1 comIrt-rslaI msaid
to the venire. an. 'lDo youl wanat to snake
nuoney'. The ventre manall ininorcently
allnwered. ('ertalsly I dti.' 'Very well.
You get oan the Juiry uslu stick for acquit
tal anad you will aIve $1.M0U0. The contract
and arralgemeslt canl he carried out with
yotur wife. It cal he arranged thlat she
shall wear a certain coloredl dlre if the
molley is to be paik her ons a certain day.
If the money is enot paid hler on that day
she is to wear a differnt colored dressln
and the contract is to be off.'
"The venite snuan turned reIroachfully
to hi friendnd d sal kl, '1 am not that klid
of a man.' Whereupon #e hbailiff re
plied, 'I am working for ts court.' He
then pointed to a buggy standin outside
and remarked, 'That is ny horse and
buntg .'
_Ti the noon adjournment te vensre
man went batck to his plae of buines
and subequtently returned to the court
house at 2 o'clock, after which be was de
tained and returned to the Jury box,
where he remained until bait pas1 four
o'clock when be was excused for cause.
He left thme eourt house Intending to re
turn to bhi place of business. On leaving
the court house be was met on the steps
leading to the sidewalk by the man who
had attempted to berihe lim. The man
turned to him and akid: 'Where were
youthis moon. I looked everywhere for
you. They sad, we will nake it five
itboumad, and. damn him, make him
do it.'
"It was too late, however. The bvenre
oan bad been eteused for earse. but be
at onoe returned to his plate of business,
baving reproached the man for puttina
such a low estimate upon h m and re
pmd~the facts to his employer, who the
as day reported it to the prosecu
tion. Puearm t to ra appointment the
venire mn attended at the state attor
ney's oloe, and havinlr made a full state
ment of everything that took place was
requested to stop into an ante-room and
the bailiff was sumnoned. He proved to
be one of the bailifs of the riminal
court who. durinl the trial or the attempt
to procure a y has been in charge of
one of the five iers Coughln. The
bailiff was questoned the state's attor
ney and his associates. but professed pX
found igranuntil the venire man was
called from the ants room The veaire
man was requested to repeat the state
met he had made which be did, whers
Me e. att woe a ls.
btees S nw. a- *loa
aths m uthis~ l.temrnm
Ythe da "ese a (11 tlw. c e1
nsi to sten an br. are at bsoaute,
sTries .ar lt wlb btle ý T ohe i rm
wu .daPhnurtle. Th. .,t-ol .mwl
They seveal a mo-e d amesh p Iwar j
tion against the law of the land, a ennm
spircy against the Jiersiprdetce o at this
eoIsr, that will startle the contient
whnllllit inolr knownfit at eonspir.y
tof enmifction. ofTudealty., a onespiray
involving nme whose names will he a maur
prie to the country. It is no e=xagers
thn wher I Say that you cannot riy
the damnable outrage of te con racy.
In the taking off Dr. C'rola ind the ama
ner in which it was done the whole world
was startled. This econd conspiracy. will
alike startle the whole world. It is an as
sauult on the very integrity of our istitu
Accordingr to the statement mlde
by lawyer Mills it was the
b illS soloe'non who first attempted to
brite a citisen Ticharnat who wis after
ward to he su.au mwdn as a juror. SoloI
mnon alsu is the nan whoru ca tnfusion
was obtained. Solmone turned over to
the state attorney a list of namwes and ad
dreamse, sakI to he pspcr tive Carrupt
jurors. ly two of th list ad yet teen
saummanoed ad nlither had yt been cm
sanined. Solomon saik the list had been
furnished blhn by bailiff Hanks, while
they were sated in the court rmoon,
just behind the Cronin i spmrtia
whom they were garding. Hasnk. h
makid til, would be given for a "liled"
juror, half to the asa in the hot and half
to the bailiffs. Last night the men on the
list were interviewed by the chief of po
leke. tOn.e uan stated that he had been
approacshed with an offer of 2.0ID to go
on the jury hrby Fred M. Smith. a hardware
man. Another eltiern was also similarly
approached by a dcitlaen. (VDonnee's
part, as tokt by Mr. Mills, was similar to
hatb of Smilth's. He mounded at least oae
man anmd offered him .$1,00. (Vomaell,
h o wars aresetd ea Le the evening, Is
said to have contel that a xreon m sn
derstood to be Kavan.augh maranteed
that the noney offeredl wou e forth
earming. The muppoed corrupted vetire
nel were carelf~lly ilnutrlcted as to their
mlaneer while being examline. in court
being told how they shoukld answer and to
be gruf with the olawyer for the kdefeuse.
The oll lt cl of licd-tmentLs tgivemn out
about 10:*a p. m. rcontalul six ssumne:
Solowmano NSmith, Kavanaulag, ()'i)oenell
and Joseph Kolll. The latter i a frulit
detlkr, who it is makl war to go one the
JIlry and get $1.U .t from HaLks.
At 7 o 'lock this eveningl the grand
jury had agrl.el to returem milliet
neats againlst Aklxaeskhr J. Hanks.
Mark >amloni n, Fred W. Smith,
and Tomn Kavanaeugll Halaks lan
been bailiff for eight or nine years.
olomon was appoinatd bailifflr a year andl
a half ago. Smith is unknown about
tlhe court thue-., usad Triui Kav'
anaulgl waes engilmeer at the cousnty innsail
asyluImI durielg tlhe "Isullekrs' r.lgislae."
amid was mixe:d u. thleir ease. He is now
in hIliness£ aurI straulgr. o say. his partlner
was mllnslemltnm.l for jury duty, Iblt was I*mr
emptrily chluallelgetl by the state* wlisel
h1is e.nna.u.tioel with Kavalanisgls was
A fifthl inldk-'lntent was aLgreed 1u4pem
agaillst Je"r'tllinl 4 'l)ohiall. whlo was rle
celntly apl*allttelt aS gau+jer at South ('lii
c'ago. At 10:U0 it was re.wrted ,that
two adklitiounal indcltments had mbeet
About midnight. whenl tIhe special grand
jury adournled, their report was shurt aillD
formal in character, except for asi immtinma
tion that the Jrores ielieved Lthe llut to he
more wkle.spr.d thluan was lndicated by
the sits indktunents lreturnedl. All the inl
dk*tid pesons spent the nlgtht ils the
county jil.
Judge McConnell e.vnvenet his court at
the. appoinited, tile this afteltnn.rmI to pro
(eed with tIe ('ronin trial, but imnlimediate
ly adjoslndrln until Monltday. He an
ioulled tlhat IfkL state's attorney Imal di~e
clamelt the case coukl enot Iproced to-day
witheut injury to the isahle* linterests.
The Kpam.mpal C.ovene.*l .
hNcw YlKtc. (.kt. 11.-In tlt· Episcopal
convention to-lay Dr. Elliott of the cun,
nlitte-r o andtwmi.nWnts tot the cginstitutitin
reluua long paper and pr.eentedt l remolhl
ti|ot that itn article. 0 it shall be change n
frmnmll snmajall ority" to "twao-thlird" so as toa
rna., "tdathinoiustitltiion i shall iw unulte.r
able uall.sis il veirln eonvelstion by thle
churcbh inl tWo-tlitral of tier tlia*i*wes whliclt
naiy have* audopted the same." eta.,. also
that Its article at tlw word "majaUrlity" he.
cluanltge ins two plac1te to "two-tharls,"
and taidd "provided that thist ansludens-ent
shall take effect after tine general contVeil
tioa of Int1r." The' report of the consnlit
tee on liturgical revision was tIlera takesl
up hiut the house adjourned before tih din
cussiots ended.
(Ociaal ee.. t lr mth Dases.
ST. PAt, (kOct. 12.-The official count of
the recent election in South Dakota was
comnpleted lst night, and the result was
to-day given to the Pioner Pres corre
spondent at Huron. The total vote was
75,747; Mellitte's majority for governor is
'.litiUt; the nmjotty for the coastitutiona
67,164; the uajty for prohibltion 6tl5;
the majority against minority aepreueuta
tlon 12,tUit; for temporary location of cap
ital Pierre received "7.S,0I. Hur.n 14,1144.
Watertown 11,970, Siouq Palls II,7U4,
Mitchell 7.516, Cluhatneriat 24116.
hte Dei.-e.s at Nx iagaea.
lAIAOAIA FALLS, N. Y., Oct.12.-The In
national American escursionists arrived
here about 0 o'clock this eveningl, afer a
pleasant ride through New York state.
Before leaving Albany the Argentine Re
public and Chillan delegates joined the
p y. By order of the seeretary of state
Stn during the entire trip will tint
turn a wheel on lunday, and to-morrow
at Niagara is being gladly looked tor
.ward to as a day of rest. .
A Cosy Wemam's Jamp.
ST. Lol's, Oct. 12.-Mrs Louisa Ernst
who has been sufftling from denr~entia
for seome tms eluded her guardians this
morning and went out on a bridge and
leaped to the river 100 feet below. Fislher
main saw and resaued her with a skiff
and strane to say she was injured very
A Ueslgmastea Repersed.
OMAA ( Oct. 12.-It is currently r
ported here teanight that General Ma.la
fer Kibal of the Union Pacifcl railruad
mU am as cmsem m M
kuirU las Usoma
he* Uatsovlaw n d..aae. am eaw.pw.r
is tSe etowimam capOeas -
c'qesrlhigted, ti,. aly the X. Y. A£lr4ntd lrrm.. I
B :Ls x. klt. 1.- - It i elieved that in
e*rr.dlry's int.rvkew Pritwe IlmlnaWrk en
deevuwml to convince the case that tih
IRmugmpren peace alliansc wasr t .n-agre-s
sivte and dlirrtedl townad l the realilation of
the oltelts of the Rerlin treaty and as a
Anatl sroke that all the griat powersr el
repting France. were m iied to plrvent
or shorten a Eurpe.an conflict. It is he-..
himsl that thie Iijrme*-e of the English
quastlmn at Kiel wats itwant to isnples
upoli tie. camr tih. fact of Enlaglishl '.oan.mr
at iol.
Just as Eapiror W illias1'ms visit to (to11
stautiople nmarks thel almrlptin, of Tler
key into the Iec.* kleague. Hismaarek in -.*.
resemmtelr as advisissag tw ('sar thaIt in vew
of hin .astlitikea, HIasisa hual meut akNet a
poiAky of cowlntiatkes., re.log.l.i. Prin.a.
Pe-a.luhanl as nrie of Ikulgaria. anld aid
the other great Iiwirrs iln .retlesisg sper
swumenut ea.4re .s lpru1ramnmn that will
ultimseatrly rIl.ult illn .klrrmel armissawinllts
and increased prop.erity. The gracious,
tehavior of the ('lar toward Rismniank at
least evening's dinnelr is a lnutabhl chabinge
friu his aversion toa~enrt thie chancellor
an listerview.
Nevensy hourre were uke.trnyed hr ise.
an the villagl of SteMttin1, smear Wulrstmsar,
to-day. ilay permons were injured and a
laI numncer are homnleks.
irr lk*vki n, Imekh-nt of the Han
Oft oourst of Nuand a noted au
tharity os marittne law, will he the lead~
I-n G rrman delegate to the Washigt~oa
snaritiume congress. He is nlMetre to
ask the congress to entend its programnme
eyol.ld te(hnkal squestions al l consider
the gsents Ilaterenlioulal l.aritinme laws
with a" view to tthe arcptante of the misn
ciphes regulating the i.etlenment of di.
putr like 1the Hebring sea aud l ishery
trouhhk. If tie e.f.r.terew adIhere to the
seersnt limits of its i.ewgrlnmew Herr
RIkig will propose a special cralfe.r
enee on the eclhlekql slestl.tkos. Thlls
line o actkion will *realahly the arranlged
In conjUanctkn withi EmnglanId.
TIwm Empr.e PnFlrericksrk gave a ullapw.r
to-sight ilt hmoMur of the. t'ar.
Heegs SMaarhlm. Urn. 1w fi.lb CaIstmt.eaid
Ur Ls .(. p r US....
Sl IiA . rON, PI.. t -t. 12. -The greatest
oif Its kindl iot thin wa.rhi. it very wir ile"r in
e.wthl,&iuus g. statsl. ini time IHaim tln.,i of
tin l)ksLt.a Masmnufamauturilug i.i,º,nm,& y nli
this wity. It was bilit few tlhe C aimlwnlt Ste
Ht-a1 Minliag avmmaimtym of L~ake~ $uIls..rial.
Ne .. for the sºuwrsy of liltinag and ill%.
hauirgiz:g tne ..tailimmgs." the. waste f#an
tim.. 4v)itiMdr liii S-e. int. time. iick*-. assal Its
uitm·ta"r is tlfty-fliltr fa.vt. whilea its weight I
inm ti.tivt 4ul5.rilti(Ill will Is :uJ5 t.I31. It
is ea£bllQc At $4113(l-wilil. tunels ide* of,
Its PtIn~brtlawm' e5 ruaity eall iIN. f.a,n,.at1
front time fzset tmt it will nre.4iv.. "locl 0.la
vatn- safih~iaamt wsmltl aevecry tw..mty-faumc r
ikirN to cover aim Zaire (If gratuid at, fesit
4ik.p. It In arnml..l cao its Mnte"r edige" will,
al teetlh. rTls. gear ,SWtWSnts. *gightien.r
in nmmmnln"r. oare u.auk- osf tus iris.. atnad tile
titv~h are nuuazslaa-eal.. It tasc k tw.o if t.."
ille.t j~rfa.at tuina-laiotes it, time woIrlal I
dlayis and taights to. ait ttes. to-eti) ttalie, andl
ties fiumishm is ias tunamoti as glass. Tim.
innantim wliese is smpI ow tr(Ii aiim tw, Sw uas
sl. alijuistial e jllalls (f east I .. weigh,
jag tweiva taSms 4aalm. Sidiml it Is estimuiitta
that its (li/t iat thi 44)51155 l imitms hsfawa
~asking . umingle rwvnhutlosn will nait he
laws than $I.N.IXI.M
Thaereeghbrel. eld at Were-tm Park.
MoneKIn PARK. (let. 12. ThIe 1)iIiana
yearlings. uelkniaging teo Major Thnsuaas.
anld pI.rs frouIm the( staih*ue of G(;aet Mw
ri, w i.we- sold ill the padtoek tol-day.
AnIIaI the highll sales, were ('ailasn cla. c..
Isy ('yntmbll. P. Ltrilliard. 2I4MU; Asall.
It. ., Iby Petrari*l. W. W. Ahkten. il.(N);
BeslEh Bolt, cis. c., by Hyslra. Dwyer lBoe..
$2.10; Pisauier. I. hc.. hy Hynmra. )wye.r
Bre-n., I2.:Mu;: Iost ian. ch. f.. by Kiag
hIl. J. RIr"e"nS, $1, I); Mis.s Winakl*. Ih. f..
by VellF.low ('riaft. *allaaune1, $1ti.' i; ("Irr.u
tiona, h. t., lay Hinlra. Ye. ali.i.a, $l,MA ; ' i
King lIi.t, hlr.e., lay Wi.nlidl., J. J. I 'rrm-ll.
2*,tId; lioIrri.ar, *lsh. a.. by liralnmhl. J. J.
('cuarll. $2.441; WaIlter Ge.rats. Isle.- Re-k,
ht. c., lby 1t1li.t. FV. W'. Wallmarn, $,.141;- A.
Keyc.mne-rs, Gre.lamem.-r, elh. f., l.y ilnlinre
(Gltsrge.. Haseltallu .. 2."d).
Tim 'enrmrepgattliesaiast at W..-es-ter.
W.oLsc 'rI.Ke, Masan., hkt. 12. At ther
('onIa-gatiunal lntu.etilag tumlay. the ecani
lraltttc oni a In(entrial iwa ta.- elatioase of
sorieties to churehe. prseerated a report
reorannsenading that a nennlsttee i 1w ap
ipointed tor Iwringr atsut a uiiilon of all s
-letSi. so as to save separate sorietes. is
peel.lly the Anmeri an botard. under the
control of the churterhes. Hon. J. B. Grin-.
anet, of Iowa, thought the Americaun huard
a too close. 'oTrpo.ation. It was voted to
appoint a culmanaittee to ait with the cau
aniswer of the m'w-iety t4o uonaldrP their ue
lation with the chla.-he. and the council
deelamd its opinionk ina favor of steps
whkih will make the s ocietles iepres-umnt-
tives of the churches.
Neraeem Yl3led. Is wEsee.
VJr.rNA. (kIt. 12.- Serious floods arre
po4red in Tyrone. Several dauans i the
(Mlgl river have given way and the
roodl- funtry looded. A number aof
ve been carried away and roll
rod t Beis ilter.upteul. Th tower
part of the Trietnt is inundated. .
Pertaeid S Ike r laomes.
D.lva ('ol., Ote. 12.--A dispatch from
Keo. (Colorado, Says: Fi.s tdhe. this
morning buarned . Jas Hotel and
three other bulkliu. John Phillips en
gineer of the Jumbo mine. R. ('ash. eat
pester and one other were brned.
The ehrrs.ha Net Iadly lsamaged.m
Naw Yoaa, (ket. 12.-Agents in New
York of die .Late Line have recelved ca
hbli advlice that tbh State of Nebraska
was not .crleamly damaged and that the
pasuengers aem an well.
Admlrarl Pertr lMetl seter.
Wl(wrorr, R. I.. (C·t. 1.-Adanmiral Por
ter Is much better and was able to take
breakfast withL hi family this morning.
He propose to return to Washbingtn
Slew a G. M 7Mu Iheb he Sw Ents
AiVwun, Ga., (i.1. 1!. -Tie. ad meau
wui th shos d 1 C. of M.Gunwwr is
hIr. swame Pwreisu alu Deemhs ·ts ~
ii w adFia lt arte,117. was eunactnd uapon the streieu of War
umtatna, Ge., today. In the killUeg oflJ. M.
W. Codl yb C. K. McGee as. Cady had
Just rldale in iont the cSouanty, and, mser
alighuag from his tumsg. started tn walk
up te streelt. McGrepr.s who rw bins
from aeo the street ereuned over. amit.
dLrawin a r rrvulvr. Arel three shets at
('ody. wo died In a shaor time. ('lady hal
hae m inIdited by the grand Jury for as
sault with intet t ssuordtr I McGrsgo.
I and the case was .eI for trial at the (e
I tuler csurt. whisli was helel in
Waeyentitn this week. ('oily was
i1ae'ed musaer nons of jl 1 h
I present at this court. t when
Ithe Court 4'055viIWI wl dy was 16434pe 5W.sent!
avid aithaagh a bnchb waramr was issswd"e
for his arrm t he 'ouhl enot he f.un d.
I 'ro.nm after thee cnsart sdJ*srn I64 hrs
into town. Mc~egor af tergibs. killing.
ately e"vadeil the law and llaasteel his inr
5rnetunate eiettIanes in leay ifoe. it was
more thluau Ihsan Isatun" usihil stand. If
I the etuarts wouah ldeat iuuemishl tlii astausm fuw
trying ta t uetseeinatle maw I etN."niiiaeiI tat
clot it nyw"If." Mc ndgnyr is u nieilnsud
i tis'utu ty ilk hue Iesr.islataare. (illy wasr a
tpe .uaiineut eitleesu 4)e this pdae-G.. acoci wit
searrlte a r a Mae Whb KIIte a Per-.
vlaa Pvtaewr.
NAN VMIAe$slM.5t. (kht. 12. Sis yeasr ago
there arrived in cths c-ity tfrsu S.outh
Ansseeria a beautiful half-breed woman
known an the Peruvian Princess. ihe was
a tative of Peru, as was ier nilother.
while her father was a ('hinem. nie.eUhast.
She took up her reialdkese in the (i'trne.r
quarter. She Ilnally hbrean, tw I.msn
pasion of a ('hinese named Ah Turk.
and whbea the boom was frtr usnder war
in Southern ('allfella she accaenlnienl
him to Lua Angeles, where he openesl a
uh r dy. The priat's lived in a hasnse
ols tve stt(re In thtt city.
(One morning in Pewusary last her
lfeless blody was found in her
dlwe..lit withl a baullet thbaugls her
heart. Ah Turk ell .ppearedl and nothing
was beard of his a ' ershouts until oasese
wee*-k agn.4 wthen Ala .as.n. a Lms Alnlehs
('hi.nes. received a letter frulo Al. T-ck
dlated at LakersfiWeld. TIhe Ietter inclairel
whether eveer, hing abolut t.e nuerler of
the IPeruvian Ilrieess htal blown over and
whether it would he rufe for hilnt to coast.
forth finrn his hiding phlit. Alh Kanns
claims that Ala Tslek wa thie. ,sserersr r of
the Iprilnses. He a.e*rts that he f.rsserly
lived wilh her land that Ala Tuck i.1.case
Jeak.s ll and prrevedLeel to kill hewr.
Ana effort was nel.d.* to flnd Ala Tuck in
Ikskerattvlei,. lslt Ier haIl hhe-nnuw aware . t
Ala Snala's caxslnur* anud fleet th. city. Iht
I c ew direct to itn i r.t eiwe frcst.
Hakersf.lI and Iot it abelieved m ale
rnle. ldsaIclig in w* (bIhusme quarter.
An Altrgeld "nuspirnwy Agmiest a ("athaal
EitrSl Wh Iwevd a Priue.taai.
Pmn urmeitk. (het. 12. AttwneK y Wes. S.
ImSrd. .,f thisi. vy. is. gsr.((marimg tu." sari s
115*ry18i5Nsrs. iii MiS iiuten~ietlg i&Eclim Itioi
suit. Stll.r Weir Is a pretty anid iftatlli
geInt yoneag lady tot Ilyiars wE... liveel with
hemr mneatlhr. Mrs. Ilui." 1'erir, in the
Tw..iity-scwevnthl ware. Miss. W ir fcwn*eu
as~tmru,,l a attauhelmiiwmt frer a yumiatg asian
p *aroll· I1t'tIij )( ItCU .O) I).(
Mrs. W..ir alp .as.el a nmarriae.- Is.-eaasa..
mlwe is at Vathlneal. while, E171e. is. a l'aurniet
*riit anId i s, u..iaiurr rea the. isale~r (Ink.,re t
I' alted Amuwrlcrahi MLeaamaes. leisra
utaaaaaW. t iiwahwe Er luce ag hte.r tohneke
he-r rrlatkNas with Ummgl.. Mrs. 'Weir. act
lun nn thet. adile'." of Pathe-r Ilerenaanl. elf
Si thiehaael' (aenhsam ('athaelk cheareli. e"n
tineS"4 aeh char..e *at inate.iseiifiliitf against
her eldaiacat.r uelar, Akkmmaln artisama.
also a ( atliulw.
Mi.s Weir was. arn-rec tel anid teak...o te
Aklernian HIartnwnm's. uflte. whe-n, the.
Ak-naitan. the priat email Mrs. Weir
aeanisai..euS tea rrmeasee leer if ghe* wianlel eli.
nii.. Emeg".. This the. girl rftuaeel to eml.
She- was. thin take."t tea a e-nta~cet at ('r
Sanlsease. tI.. wlwme star is. imiw etpeatlhuawe.
I''lu. Jegnicr Mw euauiaae h ave. takes. m, ta..
uumatter .aiiel will 5aeaidute. the- palrties." .ni
A Stsugesrum EbvguluaL..m.
SAN FKAnM4%4(0. (Mth. 12. A i all few a
nle"tiiig oe the IlA-htaV eel .. atuv. am &ilr
l artla. 1*..t.4l in (4 hainatown. rwv."alus tim
strgsmmjtha madm lIMh.hI*Mn"M ofl the 4 haita..,.. w"
.nrt w .miety whiibus h.. IN-1c1 *erw..rilsrl IIn
( lijtimi whim.'e time iiiipimmg g"INshlgeet. Itg
..xi.tenecr isre+ was kno..wna 'ly teo time
anemtsmmlrs. oast it loan gr'.wum ,mmmwlve lately.
aid it is said that situ.- tbe Iwigrnsmaiag eel
time year it has adre its poewer f.-It .utalueet
it. eimmnuies. It was eamigismally fomundemi
br native (9him"s. te n~un·eU tile ovetftlja)w
Sthe Tartar yrnaty and has now he
coon·. like the hitgbbhlnil- wnietlee. a nsa
chine ftr blackmnail and ve-s -an.e. Its
peiliar fustern- is that its vic-tim are i
mov-al cosplietely. no trace of the e wpaS
peenglef s e-rve as a cline to the crinme.
His ('ine.rs are said to have utea.e death
at its hands within the last few nouttta.
but their relative. can get no facts ahout
their fate.
AMether IMarh AalieO Cm.
Forr WAtr., Ind., tet. 1L2--Henry
Brubaker, a wenll4. o faser of Hunter.
town, this county, disappeared eight
years ago, leaving a wife and sil chldren
hehind him. After four years had passed
Mrs. Bruhaker. believing her husband
dead. marrined a farmer named Conrad
Knyder. Ye.e y Bru akr appeared
at his old bhaoe a explained that. actu
ated irreistible Impulse, be had e
to (' o f i and made a fortune.
told of hs wife's mmar e be areepted
the situation and today
returned to California.
Masar Veese VWery IL
KANMAS Carr. Oct. 12.-The Tiwus' Se
dalia, Mo.. special aya Senator Vest is
very ill hesr as the bome of his sister.
whom he is visiting. He has cancelled
all of his enagemnte., to speak at tar-E
reform plenkic. The senator's aomplaint
is a bad cold, distr~saing cough and pali
ful neuralgiain the bead.
A Vltu* I.ssesreyd Sy rtes.
Sonamaur. Ky,, Oct. 12.-The illage of
Varwood, four miles north of here, was
Sdsstroyd tr £ last alght. (Jl uee
a home was lft~ Twro persons amw .Is .
The Ioes is not yet known.
m a bi p ou mfw w
Kva UlMeelNt atCI t a to a
Aetdisaly MIfasd fr a • b
lI s etver--A Wd.ew
('l.'.e an., (trt. I1.--OJe of the In
pleslnsg nmyser..e that has everom
the ('hicago polls warn the ladlig e the
d.ea hlgy of pretty Eva Mi'eheU a
Grand hmaklevanrd one moranlag ear the
middle of last Novemher with a bhae In
the head and a lwbrose in the sitle. It Is new
relatel that wha has slrase bee wrgd.d
as a foul nmurder was. indemed as amMsae
and that t .r persons to who.e reee.kl
ew. the. aridelant was due have afrained
front giving their trrrible sewe to the
puhlk, fur r-asnas plainly obvious Ia the
light of the allegedl cirstunslmace. The
the.'ry of the police. It will be remes
I.*re*w, was that Miss Mitchell had bees
drivsnll with mene nmar who . had killedl her
h.rasui.. ie wuenld not submhit to his will.
.*,v.ratl arrests follkowed and an appae
ently strong rase was made
neit against Fk. .nl.man T&uonas Masterso(.,
with whnlm the girl was in the
habit of chatting as se pannel the b ga
shanty at th.w railroad creelas In gdng to
and from her bou.se. The wand Jury
falked to ndtl any Inalletments ih the ease,
and i.,ny came to believe that the giM
had been acikldeatlly streek and r
dlown by uens reckless driver. Muart, h in
now declared, was the masley at IEv
Mitchell's death.
A nuarridl men. Ist i is .aid, a wMw,.
both living in this city to-dayl, ai
people of wealth and ocial promlassee,
unltenatioally causemd the girl's death.
A liaison had e stsed for m ae ime e.
tween the two, te the goesd
were in the habit of vislting gd M.n
club hnume oa the boulevard aid altr
supper returning to their seepe
hesss. The man drove one of
eat bormes the night of Miss Mitehei.
death. Ona laving Smith's club hm he
murremlerld th renlas to his bl . me.
and, i.th heing annsed with wi, the
helrsng was drivenl at a reeke.a it
the darks-,m tbe form of the girl. who
was crossing the street, could anot be di
.'srted at a dlatssee, and before she
fully rawlisrd her danger and could stop
ankle. the cruel shaft estruk her with fh
tal fetrwe frusa behind and dlahed her to
the. fgrent in a dying candition. The
sinful pair .s·tp the horse. hut when
thely rualiel tt the girl was ftally
wound.tikl they drove oe toward the eity. A
few .month.s ag the wkidw was eerstu.a
ill and fearting that she might die eam
tk*lI te thwr daughter that shre drove the
rig whilmh kilkld Eva Mitchell. Thedae. b
ter tltl thw" s.*.ret to lier .weathesrt.
Mfr Jab.a Urn. ...r.r a Diverse that P.
May Marrty Asar.
H A.v.. x. N. S.. (kg . iL-TA. Minima
imtfawtiu, of the hoar hers 1w. t e
fuwme Lonsduo. annauaciag shat Major
GeuW raE Sir John Roa.a IL. :4.. B.,
neand... of the Britiebh toreq in Can
atad at lwuee t ~meklisag herns as headqnr
ters, Isai huen grant.. a divera' . itn hi.
wit.". Lady Mary. The caum Irmltuig
the. mparation have Ion hbre a mowre o
wratadgl te hoew andt rotoimi nlitary
Sir Johnl i a aandre.am man, am the
'shaiy ait. of twOu a veteran of the Inda
mutiny asetl various AIghan and India.
E"asspaiglsM. Hr in a ieon f the late Sir
Hlughs Dalrmype Rams.. He was mnriaed
its low11 tw Mary Maclml. daucghter of Al
wandhr Mac Lrud Hay. Eamq.. of St...
lwuwuwm.. Haytsew.
Him fut'"itn mervyk'. took him murc. hem
hIewla. wh·re his wife inslmeed on remaim
img. S.he- was* yoewesar than her lumbai.
waist. I·imag e a vivackouaw nature. s oumbei
to rimmienk he-rself fur hi. abusear. Frith
otewr ansi it..veiiwgd lahita an ierams
hi.. with uwatriwnwy a. they were Iajndo
tIo ta-r niwattatias.
L..artissg of him ill treantmnt Sir lJoh
re(fasanl ti, live, with be,. but woul doiha.
I.... hae allowed the- useasda to de cast
had " bweet. .mw..ca him arrival. mt a heamUs.
fail yeaeiy girl. taw ,daugtthr of a 'atn b.
gra mme 1 ii Itnu . N.S.. awn u trrsdat of
tine .tlit Aaaldiwatm. whema he. wooed and
weem1. IKivu res e lru'Yiwisg.wrre imwetltted
ti smmake lusta free. to wt e his new love. who
ji thirty yer. Isam is juior.
A.sI.s' Now Ow.,.s
( u..u s.ºr. tit. 1'. --(u. ("uulry. br i
&at the. hegul of the' uytaleuate whicb par
liawrtd Aatall y.tcrd"y. sym datht she
(utter is witbeimt a peer aesnwag the vosU
horses. Azt.ll will be eb w~
fnsun Terra Haute to Lelmml m
whern he will aeauisin untIl cold
and then probably be taken to CalMib.
With the. advansatr of the e MIiht
(*ol. ('unoksy thinuk thme NO&Ia
reedy et aununr to bewa the rsesd be
entered atad srtedmin riwear tm~
at any place whore Sh.ew is .mui
huugpS UP to make ft an i~domm .S.
l'outa~r i also the owin of Joblretr.h
fastest in L the wauki.wth a -reed
oaf 2:l4Mi.
Yasuer's Deestmem _..i
Whents: Etazw Oct. 113-The .tie Sm
morrow wili say: Kectaryse Nhbb Int.
renderd an opiica to 1110 the 11
Sematora Mamirmeo's rera i ter
sad that eader thib
tif leatde mmet hit by C .ar.t e
mr. rh u rr rh
nor. - i~ q~rilb h
At PbUaafrlpba.-Atlede~ T. Usho.
At Cohambuin-Couabusb 7. Breakigm3S
At Lmua~ville-LowinvI~h 44 £mmý
City 4
As ('incin nati-Gann. powspini as aw
c~Jnmt of wee uuowmdo
af Lembbew To" ~mi
Dumx:Kw%,vr YvIL-U Pa.. Oi4. IL-3. V.
Arkwrlsbl'u lumber yard at Horicb Cft,
amnsining abaual IIODM to" ofhmhr
- rn.isfrbawm~d Ibi - womarmisg.T2h
lam I&M611:W" h alnmmaý
Semb of amaw
[email protected] noau
mae. WRMDW m a-A.e

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