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The Anaconda standard. (Anaconda, Mont.) 1889-1970, October 13, 1889, Morning, Image 6

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"'1hbnss H Sa Itent -rm
A own who wishes Sisat he was dead
Fur he .ever woul sadvertise.'
A Complete Story.
fPrm au rtse Year Ramesd.
"YTeu ought to ne aadmmed of ouaunelf,
Owmstdais t"
MYr. Joke WaIear spoke wiet comkler
abl earg hls, but without produeoiaUe aa
visible ejeet an the smlluin fbee which
Oweandlen turned to her from the window.
"And why ounst I to he abunmed of my
elf, tylvia ?" abe replied, mood-bun.
aredly. "When a person is very much
bohred i dull London lodglnnsg may not
that permon take her palntng to the win
dbow ad mlake a study of the twick and
ortar aon the oppamite skin of the stree t
I ammsre you. iylvia, that when it is In
ithed-If it ever is finished-it will he a
moat original thing in studies."
"I tell you , wen," repeated Mr. Wal
term--Ignoring the explanatlon-"That
yor ought to he ashaned of yourself.
You know you don't car a bit to make a
steady of bricks andl mortar any more
than I do naelf. Yoa only wanst a real
good excu.e r uI stanading ther the whole
morning and lookinlg acms the street at
the opposite homni,."
"I confeal.m"raepld Gwen. with the uanm
imprrterwmhle senik*, "that you ihave fath
owned nay motive,; hut I antu not iIt the
ureat ashamud of npsm.lf. You me*. unlesk
I were to drem up as a houmminakl, I coukl
not staill at thel window for Simon. tal a
quarter of ami hour without mai. nres*ret
able pr.ntenm*. I tlhilk Oht ilmslne'sity of
mine. n.fkert. renlit oen niy inlvenative
power1. anid I ksi't srelly *ee.," she. re
sm1edtl after a plamue. "'why shualk yst lie
turIne inca wleaam" I aiu il utel tel n is a
haondeinms Prin e. ('harming who lives
over the" way. A .seulu)ue of years agre. Ih
fa.re yoe niarrk'el. I gue you woekl have,
beell ealmhle of meuilthing quite* as +e{pn
mene1lke*-. Yeau were n i theln anli I antm :1
now. If yaes flirted as you know you
did." -
"Tbat is neither lher* ewr there, Gwese.
interrupted Mr.. Walters. witlh slightly
brightaenl colkor. "1 nmay have onle silly
things iLa mrr timle: but there was always
sonia nowl. to keep Lsq le is cuer. I aia not
so partikular wit. you as gnmther and Aunt
Lury were witlh nse."
"Mother and Aunt lA( l" rrc&rhoed Gwen.
eontemnptoasly. "Youaw l't enwan to say
you anr going to take amn the tone of a
mkkwll-krn wobn ? I woukln't he ukil
die-aged justyet, I I were you. I thought
at fi.rst whlea I tl! youl abloult Prince
(Charmini Lacrous the street. and how ea
gerIy he watehed us ounse or twice, that
you were goieaL to hI. quite ans umch
amused by it as l am; whIet salkknly, for
sonia imnrspli ahk" reasmn . you draw in
youer malss alid harve a violent attalck of
wO s lc.k-" m kaid Mrs. Walters, "yoeu
know quite we'll I did slot etcerurage yue.
You kInoaw I have slarceely sIece. tlhe nuass.
"Well.. you llad better conic to the wits
.'&;g ,and l at hisn now." said Gwen.
wish tln saae ulrulled *equanitnity. "He
is at the window 1or the twentietha tinse. I
sanukl thdnk. (th, dear." and Gw'mel
gl.hed "to think that w- arc oly p
nstcd t hfw yrde of street! How wide
in a streeCt. S-ylvi I haven't a notion,.
Whlat a pity tlhern' is san) mutual frkIend
who colsk Ituidlge it ove.r hby an iLltrnatlus'
"w(;el." Maid Sylvia. makin;g a slehlsden
attemsuips to tlurnl tINw eil)l.Vr.atimnl. "l"elm't
youN thillk tu-hmay we Imaiglht 1o andlll luy
those things for Itlh drawing rwunsu? Wa.
hayve' m*ari.ly alslms anmy slu)jainll yet."'
"Sboppinmg," .eja".lated Gwes : "sho.i
ping has no isatr··rnt laft fIor msa. W'lat is
te. uMw olf goi.tl to Liberty's andl choutitg
pretty thimgs fIor a lrawing raann is asinL
out-of-t1h-way ('orisal village. where n.s
one knows oae fashinas froeu asnother? It
And Gws.a.auless lmarv.ld another miglh.
"Poor Gwen," aid Sylvia, looking at
her ister with afretlhouate cone-ere. "I'lnm
araikd your life is rather a dull one just at
prleu'nt." - -
"You are afrakd" re-wG wen. "In
deed, there in no doubt at sal upon the
subject. Nevert.eless. I at not tte per
son to bhe pitied not. I'm not absolsately
olallfed to live year out year in at St Pin
nork, nor to tae to the"re dull London
Iodin My lord and mastuer is a dream
of t futeu, a castl in tle air, a lay
Aigure on which to bang all any kdolal
not a aradlyh-earded personage who bur
ea rou sand himself at the remotest corner
of No Man's Lad. anu who only comes to
town to burrow in the liraryr of the Bri
ish museum. No, you needn't call me
'poor Ga snt' it would he mor, to the
' if e 1fyu celed yourself 'poor l
"Reallr, Gweindalen- --" egmn Mrs.
Wa but her expostulatlon was nipped
"Don't intuerupt me." continued Gwen.
"I have ope.usd n lip now for the lrst
time on thils mahjc and I mean to ua
one or two tings ore I close them. I
want to ask aplain, straightforward
Why did you marry Mr. .Wal
"I maaried hini." replied Sylvia, with a
slag of defac in her voioe, "because he
asked m to do mo."
"And tha%" replied Gwendolen, "is not
a reason worth giving. If anyone had
told me two years ago that Mr. Walters
was gn to ask you to marri blm I
hould rave inmagined you dropping hinm
a ur and refusing him in these words:
IHonored air, a woman, not to may a girl
at IS, may not agaarr3 her grand
fatbher, eUdes whi cr haOe of
tfmW jam- wlfl hw maorh isrmadI
itI a a offer from my «mast'
brateerwn-lw. O. fivita I" =jd low,
Cwren sIxbA ones snore. -I thsI
madea wmake. It hls always
tome that VyM were I* He
when yro areepted Mr. t. Tm
miuht as wenl einsen to your only stkeer
that ymn Ceanider you w a litleovOrW
hi;nm I" orl .ri Hy lvis arfly. -bow
dw you I Why should I reret what I
did? Vou oftre may that you never saw
any one so kind to hib wife -a Mr.Wahere
is to uMr. I only hope that you "say be ma
fortunate youelf when you remalse
Mmml. Morvovew, mother approvd of
what I did. You know it was r fat
evionfort on her deathbed to fuel that I
was providled for mad "th my buhaad's
houme coould he your home."
"That is 1Ming the 4questig.U ra
e Sylviaobe te 0 Iam not re
I.rringto Mr. Waite,.' conduct since
ryor Miaur. hut to your own hefore it.
1merely want to hea~ the story of bow
and why you fell In love with ylaur buge
hand. HIa Ifning and peaceful clapansi
tkan are hia usost striklin uailities. and
you were not the girl to he fscinated biy
either one or the other."
*1 Love is not a msatter of hard-and-fast
rulea." said Sylvia. Pe P le- nay fall its
love without kinowing why."
1*I kin't think no. There umummt he' Hoine
attrattibis. If I coutlil 2me. any for Inyelf
I womldl not ask you. For inmtane-. if I
bestowcid nay afforctions on yuir tp(M4te
ne-ighbMor, the rea-osn would hat mlf-evi
(lent. I Mimotakie -wel no jasmtitfration."
» Shouldn't you '.? Well. I mhould think
a youngf womtaint who handedl her heart out
the winldow to a y<MuKg man with whom
mhis ban thever etshasfaed a wonr woMIld
nas.l a co-l d.al .E .=,.m-. tio.
"Nay skl Gwe-n. smilinag, "t would
Just be lo at flint might. Now lset un mas
Io for a moseasat. that Mr. Waltern was
ikerinsce ('hariningl."
"I shall not emplra ansrthing of the
eort." ilnterrupte~dMrs. Walter, with an
angry. trts. "Nor will I hear any saore of
this kind of talk. It is utterly pearpusele..m
and shows very little conaskldetkin for ny
"I am mr," maid Gwe, penitently. "If
I have vexed osu. It never smesnesd to me
as if yau coual cree what one said; but I
will ay no more about Mr. Walterm an-r
way. su¶ thlre in one thin whbkih I did
want to ear about Prince (hamrmnisg-hbow
I wiss I knew his eal naamel-whk is
that I am sure I have smes him before.
Does he strike you in the mane light ."'
B .t Sylvia shook her head.
"I've b.mely mee him now." she makl,
beading overhehe work. "I caught sight
of a mart yomsng man; hut their name is
legin and they are all much alike."
"I beg your pardon, Sylvia; bt you are
much mistakeus if you think our oppasite
neighbor Is jeut a usereotyped young man
of sbbion. If you haven't meea him he
fore, I'm ma I have-only me-n him, ~ea
know; not made his acqeaintance. I
mat try to remembher where. We went
knocking about mo much In the old
d.ytat it is dificult to recall msch
"Gweendnen." taniswered Mnr. Walterm,
trylinl o niake her fair young face am
aeveerey l matronly ab ahe felt she. ngbht to
m1ake it, "I meant beg of yots to talk Ino
llane of tlhe young Iman wlho lives oppo
site. I tell you I will not cosuntenanu e
yoert trying to get up a flirtatiokn cross
the s tree.t. If Mr. Walters knew he would
Ix esxtircuuly annoyed."
"'WouiId ihe" saki Gwenl, .letierely.
"WVell, if yns tell him. niinie you ni.ntiikna
theI fadt that the' Prince ('lhanulillu' sk.m-,
olestratkis have, gn-e Iryoneld tin. limit.
of eurkmity. Hle lIasn't dkiller' l ythilag to
whikIs the iiernimlsaent of isouplh aas~tl raise,
itan oje·ctkiesl. He i3 Ilnuiley alllloist a fix
tulre at hi window."
Amndl ths't MIs. Gwe~nd.olt'a Rive~rs wetllt
hack to her daulI., and Mrs. Waltiers thIns
INMgais to look ik'iIly entirsruml ill wthe
shuldinl of lwr essl~arukk*ry silks; Nhut it
was t it ao. tiw ItI'fre shle sviuki ile.kie
whether siw' was htlnkigi at terra tcotta or
cardlnial red. P.rluasl (wesla mInoipollia.d
tiN. stucih of the scuant allowance of Loat
Slvia sk Gwen that night, as they
weltt to their PInIIs. "Jeslt coi~ a in here
for a nIoswmnt. I'v, thsought it all out
stahst Priwe ('larmning. I've bee
puaslilag over it all eveniglll. l)klnt yous
notik e how quiet I was? Now. donl't look
inismatktist; you musnt listen. It's quite in
tcntstlia, and the.re il nothing to s(ekl
nmp for."
"Well. Gwen, to sruak frankly I am
quite- tirdl of this ronmaaleingl about our
:malprite ne-igll.nr. You talk of nothing
"Thn..'s nothing else hialf l I iIterst
Ingto talk of," retorted saucy Gwen. "You
pwetI.m.ld to he btord Just to trease isW.
But you will just listen to this. IMk you
e.iienals'r going to RoulogIne' with
anot.eer? Le-t nw see; it was two years
agln last Julsl. I was at elchool at Mliss
Parkisoan's, and I was no Ja.al.os of you
havinhg such a nice launt. Thets another
wrote to say that alukhagne dkld't agree
with youn at all andml that you were going
withl au1nt LuaIy down into ('ornwall. alnd
that I could ncoin to he with her ibstead
of you. I thought it was awful fun.
thlouh it see-nut a pity you haId hbe.
knoack d usp anld couldnhl t stay o(n and
have youlr sharln of it. That was wrhen
and whern I nsaw PIriner ('harllltil, ; he
was stayilll at Illulalui. too. ainill we
Ilsoul to wsu' .lin tat tit E.alathli..lmen t. He'
was 1ntll quite. hlatihnsoanel thern gui hi, i
nI, In; t I took tlw gripatest interest inl
hinli. I ievinl have- rnanenllllw riNd his aimn1aw.
It Is Halrvey Ve'rriier. Wei did Inot knsow
hill. Aloth.r had o o,.f IHer prnjud-liM.
against hitn. so you would niot hlavi
known halit e'ither; hut perhaps y*ou Ima
tkil hlils onuewhtre. abuliat. Ik y)'u. re-
Umclnis'r" .
"I really can't tell ymul; Ierlhaps I did."
""No woInkkr you c'an't rr-onle..*t." laugh
ed (Gwetnda>tem. "connlkkrlt. aou went
straight off to St. Pinnock and bewitched
that con frmed old bachelor. Mr. WValtrs.
I think myself it would have been mann.
romantic to have stakl on at B.Duklne and
have hewitched Prince harmling.
Mrs. Walters su a yawn. and
then got up from t easy chair.
"So now you are uatisfed." she said.
kissing her sister. .Good night. I am go
Good night dear. You look very npale
and tired. London doesn't suit you. Make
baste and get to rest.
But when Sylvia had lain down she did
not go to sleep. She buried hr face In
her pillow and cried quietl until the Sep
tember dawn was struggling in through
the chink of the shutters. *
"Miss Rivers, sir?. Yes air. She is stay
ing with Mr. and Mrs. Walters--first door
front. Shall I take up your card. ir?
The name on the card was Harvey Pe
rier, Mouthdownshire regiment, and
Prince Charming, who had handed It to
the iodgin house boy in Iutton, found
himnself followinl boy and card up the
stairs to the first floor front with a heart
besting so loud and fast that he could not
bear the sound of his own feet as be went.
When the door of the drawing room was
opewd he foalnd himself in the preence
or a mlddkl-aged man with a kind, rve
face, looking out fro a shock of i
hair, and whose whole appearance for
the strongest contrast in that of his vis
Prince charming looked a little pusaled.
So did Mr. Walters. The name on the
card asuggested nothlin at all to the nan
of letters. He bowed to his caller and
asked him to sit down.
S"I hbe your pardon, r." iegan Prince
C('harhin. 1 took thw ilertv of sending
up the card you bold to Mis Rivers."
Mir. Waflc dmv bai:
aim' ^ ^ i~o p
MUlm Div..," he on" slowly at ltt,
60 "Wring how under mr e-w. Abe Is a
0-er - -" - --I
br«,"toke in Mr. -io.brilt
- I w, of reo , f s e If
mmo amI you to be so kfa i - to Hesrton to
we whe I explain the rea-s of amy *0WL
Prehaps It will he bomat "kt I abauid
have wonM you ttt. -a I «- swam I am
doing smaetising a little sissnil 11
Mr. Was"We howd Asalft. 68T Sminer
was notan. hot not mambindly ad him
vimitom was far too MeUas t be .-ily
"I will not nMuke say »h»Ht«crii-nr »»
aambke." aist Prince *trnw. I m
not lowver at heating about the hits. It
is just thim: About two years ago. at Bouf
leiQI-, where, Miss Rivemwa ~r Urna
with her Soother.I fl "deperatwly in lov
with her-"
"Just when I fell in love with Sylvia."
urnuiml Mr. Walters. andi hb felt very sy*m
"1 was horribly hml on'." peruied
Prince ('Chanwwis. "no LjMd Rlvcrm thought
I acted dilMiusmerably in tSelling her daugb
Saw the Ktate of sny feplings. SIM1 was ex
eftmalvl &Siiry, asset I sun«Mh a Wragt fogsl
for nwoMll. TiW fact was, we- wee hoth
mu fnead of each other, and so unitssp9."
"Poor y<Miiag things!" said Mr. Nkattem,
ftcllnigly them.. an be thought of the- light
hcartcd (,wortkleian ime added: "But she
lais cot over it womnderfully."
*4 hatwardly, ifrlups," replile Icrinc.*
Charming t6_Hcpht wnymetf whfia I
caught sight of her fram the house up j
site. where I am Just now rn t
she ldaked much older and nse'e wors.
Beat maybe the distance deceived rme.
However I am usear* she will not have foi.
tmten. Looa at me; you woekd'nt think
I have suffered serious heart troubles.
Yet I have never left of thinking of he
and hopin for her."
"tl" saMid Mr. Walters, with a mse
ou s.mile. "But If you eaekld snt afford
to mnarry then is Iitany use of yur think
in renewl,. ymer ortsp now ?"
sr. Fr0ertain " repd "Ferrer
sturdily. "I amn ill a better position now •
I have got out of all nay diLkBultkies I've
oettled down into being thie teadiedst o
meen-all for love at her. I have a good
appointment at Chathauma. Lady Rivers
cauid no loner refuher me aes trhe ra.dm s
ae formerly eured. I hamd, I spite of a
my efforts, quite last sight of Mir Rivers
until I maw her by chaese ht.e. y I
bef you to put me in comnuakneauin
with L Rivers at once?"
"Lady Rivers," answered Mr. Walters,
"Is dead. The young lady is snow ta
ward, but itn this matter I shall use no c.
eerive authority. It will rest, so doubt
reatly to your satisfhetion, enstrely with
r to give you your sawer."
Ferner rome trembling with unexspeted
delight, and held out his mand to the man
who spoke much words of comfort.
"Sthe i in the next rooen." went on Mr.
Walters, kindly. "I will call her."
"N"o. no," in.terposed Prince ('irming.
hastily. "If you would kindly allow me
to call her nyself. Nbe has eesn me
across the sme.e.t. The murprims will not
coinm upon her withtoomnmb of a shock."
"Bly all anuea.s," umid Mr. 'Walter.'
obliglaugly. "t i*eam the middle kaor, draw
hbek the portiere andl u will thd her."
Melanwhileo he. obli gisly turned his
harek and walked to the winkdw that I.
might lot he ill tlhe way of this constallt
lover's weklcne.e hack to gidkly-headed,
gusxWhd-heartedl Gweslatn.
TI, ea Ferrker went to tlae ukr. asnd
as.niaring it lsotly. *talled ian a tone searc.ly
al*ove a wlhiyqmr:
".Nylvia! Sylvia!" Tl*rhv was at htly
sw..r. "'ylvia tlarling. akln't you sHI I
hanve e.nDe* Iae!k to ysni s""
'i' all did niot rim.lh Mr. W'alters' ears.
But hi dhkl Is. hear a bitter cry . s if of
ail, uaulnl tlhen a scltend of stltihel uium;
it was a strasirlg.' Iretingl to panss tstwt.eis
lHeoig-iev.rlel. utill-lhollafal lover".
He. msuml lxatiesitly drumalnin onl the
window for a while. until hl w heardl ah 1Isty
rusah of feet aeross t*w lan. alid and dlownl
tlhe stairs. Tllw tweavy frolnt door opened
with ia Jerk anld eleedl with a hbal, ulnld
he smw hii late visitor, with a lale,
strickell face,. hurry alrmos the street a l
e-nter the hmtse opposite. Then be thought
the hest thing he caukl doak was to take his
uat ald go to the British mnsseumu without
disturbing the ladesk.
"I san so extremelye morry," he sakl that
evening at diIne. glancingl fronet his wife,
who hadl evkkietly been crying, to Gwent,
who was quieter than usual. "I'm really
very sorry that Gwein lad tint a kinder
welreoiel to give to her old friend. He
seemed. to nwm a g rxl sort of nlan. and I
was nluch i1ntenested in what he told me
of his kove story. He was uo sure you
woulel ihe glad to seem hiiu. ('ualt you
tlhinik it over a little, Gwen. and give ilni
a difflernt anaswer to-emlrrow ? I really
liked imn. i'd go and call on him with
I`mless.nr. Shall*" . Gwent " Will ysa isot
let him eome' again, .tGwel ?"
"He* dklln't cornw for Gwen at all."
sobbld out Sylvia, ksperarte.ly. "I oulht
to have toll you about it, only I dkll't
like to. Gwe,* woukhla't lhave thrown lehia
over if Ish Ihal maukl all the pe.anises I
Mr. Walters looked again from Sylvia
to ;wen., aslt fro(tn (;GwC tc Sylvia.
"Hlow terrihle mail!" "he lannureatl.
"Puerlhgms shrae gretsp."
"Pe.rlms mcsti. dclaw." said (;wo.: "lint it
is a great keal worse for Prince ('lurnan
long. Poor l'rince' (Charnuiag!"
TLre Mysayrtlms Llte and Plrailathropm
Merwiers lo Jldge Mlle lHlm.
The death tIeltelnt'lr 14 of Judge Milo
Oliin removued a singlular claracter frmn
Georagia, says an Atlanta letter to the St.
Louis (;lo-lk.wMe.rat. A nuan who lived
the life of a reelume. mo retiring and ullob
trusive was his daily life that he was never
heard of outside of the pale of his imme
diate neighbors except in time of epi
demcls. He had perhaps the nast singu
lar and striking indlviduality of any an
in Georgia. He was over six feet tall,
slender, and bent with age. Loal white
hair fell about his shoulders and a long.
pointed heard reached nearly to his waist.
Have where the use of snuff had stained
his mustache his hair was white as snow.
Within his crown of white hair was a
long. wan face with deep-set eyes. a kind
of benevolent countenance, yet almost
weird in its pallor. The plainest sort of
clothes covered his long, stooping foram,
and be looked like sene old partisan of a
foamer ae.
Milo Olia eame to Augusta ffty r
ago from New York. He pactc law
was, sometime in the 40'. elerk of the
tiuperior court, and subsequtently elected
a magistrate, which be held for manr
years, and p to the time of his death. Hie
we a singularl reserved man.and If any
body knows th story of his lie that man
is not known. He livd to hnmself. Seem
ingly be bhad torn bimself away roen the
scenes and associations of his young life.
and to no man soar as I l known. did be
ever tell his story. He had some irtends,
and he was ever a faithful and ardent
one those be loved: but as in each suc
emeding year death had narrowed the lit
tle cirele of his early associates be did not
seek to widen it, but withdlrew more with
in himself and grew more and more like a
Most people believed that eamse great
his *ochungM ad yound n is whole
ear~. INSm ltýes
kneos.. IJt *4asB omlmt kS adlasmn
Into-y is Nb"use. o mmm to have
aknth Jamm Mil.6V
pr <n i nm d - imai w. to
Dariag the A=lo b ymbrboa
A u u m sa . fta u **s i l oT m a g e,« 1 1^tfl t hsl
fwr, id -. moos -a h veovwd wos,
Years dhoi.. w t wIII Jud. (1J
di NA atU rne*lass a" for«Nthe»a M~WO
waa to be fomud. lHe knew noas rK
.-wa- too dantgerm. no diw- to.
ranirouaaotop hi b week oea rat
Mtonrmg others in mHe w-a no pro 3 1
Norfolk.i - 1h SofM~rbUt
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eats fro b thef . He nowed hack to Saw
and strandeg and reported to the reief
committee for duty without w e of -Zi
kind. He war tender, tirlnear, and intel
Wl~it,. he reached a patient's bMe he
nefird no physician to tall pia what to
<do. lie had mare faith In his long experi
onse than be had In thbe nedidal trainisg
of anud t physigand, and there wa always
I a mnall mortality awoir the wages which
kine d. Hedw. Not only t ie refsea money
aId cohtly preaedts, aut he would acwept
no mirtly teotimonianl from iteim, whtle
tie. Haid other orelulatiosI hiut he never
nreidean the h adInl noc ointm iold elicit
MIIo hilm anything of hi.. niM'f-esarficing
work for puilcuatlon. When he entered
a matricken city «Ie preot easned notwhic
fnio himil of h isl froic part. and on his
retusn honi nothing of the privations he
had endured, the service be had rendered
andl the thanks that haul been showeri
uIpon hilsm.
Stationers ,' Booksellers
-DRALER.a 33
Poaneaoe News Samm.
1 ,
Inrmanently kuratd ln
At Mouteaest Corner dof Maa mad Broadway.
Private Entrare t a RBoadway.
Medical and Surgloal Institute.
Kan.ss City Mo. FIT maiVo. Cl
ma rl UT C ITY. aMtams.
Itr. UAetMig & Co are regular graduate ed
lrine mad surry mad prartloaers au
thorized by the states of CataUf rlai amd
MONTAtA, to treat mU C roleNeu d Prl
vate diseases, iwhether caused by rudeace
Exess, or ('aatagkla, seamnlWl Weaknes
(night los.es, aexual Itbil ty, tksw of sua
t(nkers. Nervous Ibility, (los at serve
-are-) israses oft the lblod. (Kyphllts. toaorr
har*s, 4lret and StrkIture) Cured. Curable cases
urmatml wittb lle member s i. Carge. owr.
haumadmof ses . cured. AU medicines are es
pegral.y for each ladividual cas., at Ir
- . o injurious or puotnlous compounds
No tiUme lot from bueliness. Patlets at a dis
tare treated by letter ad expea . Mediinae
ert everyw here ftre frs wm or b i.
Is dhisases ao the MiolBraiLnHea
Nervous syltem, ms well as Iver K ae
(Iravel ('amlr ats humatm, aimlys mad
all other ('rvoo d sares
Write for ilustraled pers u Deformitles,
(lub feet, Curvature of the Np tiles Tumors,
('aner (Catarrh, Hraochitler inhaliat Klrc
trkfly. Mn4eisanu, Paralysis Epiilepsy, Kidney,
iltade er.Ee, Eiar, Skin aInd ka d and all air
Ilteases of Women a Sperialty. Neparte par
kors for lady Iatlnots.
The oun Blitable Meleal and urgical InstL
tute mninag a Swecialty of Private Iseases.
AU hblood diseases sucretully treated. h
UItle Itso removed from the sytrma wit
mercury. New Restorative Tfor hLome
of Vi Power. PIrrmsan unable to visit us may
be treated at home bly corresaodemne. Al cor
municatioms couldentlal. Medicines or lnstru
meNts seat by mail or expr securel packed.
(npe rsoas l ntervie preferred. C(a d coo
suit us, or semd history at ease. mad we will
ad I pla wrapper our Free ex lauaag
why tbm anot t be curd of "vwr o,
bli(leet. "a r1oele. yp s. .
Dr. L aebla C. rthe o .uUe re
sposJtb ila lot ~sa the
S hours from to bad to p. m.;or bl
a emeg obseutrerrIu w caases.
Newton Bros. are agents for sale t Dr.
igs lavigorator in Btlsl Ciry. Monama.
Carriages, Bugies,
Te M.ot bdet toek In AnaesdIa. u to
>ýx nsssr.
*--OM iCRcO-
ALa I4lnm i W. a.i.mameL. edemses f Owi s. tba
C.mesetrmalem. msehine and L.ahlms., Rldelr. .th. lbmmbh.Gtab am.
ee Minas...i... Dust m In. Aammewda, Ms.. ad, I stut Bad a.
Me...l. C.mal.--.e--' Ri.se. Wek...
Geared and Direct Acting,
Prmpetnlag and Development Heil.. Dunlders o
SWire Tramrnva's
True TVamnsl Machbln. and Emlbre Coeaontator. Ulctrie Light Plants.
A msa. for Rand Rook Drill. and Compre.or., OUis Elevat,., Kamwlem
Pumps., Root Blowers., Klnglad & Douglas ew Mill. ParwlvUal.
Diamond Drill and MfgT. Co. armgwanet Heaters.
Unied Seaes isetrie Light Co. New Haves Mahinel Tools. Mamsa
Redueinas Valves.
Role Western Agents for
Tyler Wire Works Double Crimped Mining Cloth.
Bart & Packard and Laird, Schober & Mitchell's
cRoUesn Mt cuse..
Desiring to close out our entire stock of Clothing aud Furnishin
Goods and handle nothing but Boots and Shoes exclusively, we wig
continue our sale of Clothing at Actual Cost until every garment is
sold. If you need a suit, a pair of pants, or an overcoat. See eur
prices before you buy and save money.
E. C. PB=.YSCLH L.O & CO..
Next Door to Bank, - - - - Anaconda, Mont. "
Hvins peehbm.ed tA. bamaes bermenwl esadnet.d by asinie MeNuly is new
p-rd to fatuis hi. cetomnee r with athe Iest brends o
Domestic, Imported and Key West Cigars
To be found la the alty.
fresh and ebolee. A well assorted stook of 8TATIONER.
JOS. F. MURRAY, - - Main Street, Anaconda
At l m mM. I a u IL
mm Seat. mer vst. SEA. It.
. M.7 NDOLI.,
.assBEM Vmh Vr'~Same able v. . essnb
Wan .· *

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