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The Anaconda standard. (Anaconda, Mont.) 1889-1970, October 13, 1889, Morning, Image 8

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1 i 3i b dM m 'r. y
" -oegooe Weamten Wined W1 Ntatbed the
aHia. Was a wesS o N n
Ween h Was rIW
1p1 l th iemmse .t the teameerd.
. .s.r ate. 3s.-The bnaewht, .,wema rk
M.. U Ip, aS7 e, d h Sala LaLk
r ., nPr ,,, ,. n t t . br r the
w.pmerem a the MaAnDASRI was smnad. t
d ay te a hanatastistos of the tale
ent sn amew e otanled. It is said
tht a ea-m panminemt dealer in Batto
did the eebsed from his wife here a
_ _ase age ae that ther afterwards
r reedm Ms usder somewat dilresent
elmaee . At any aer a th renders
at TiMs STAnrDA M) bere will he inhmre.ted
;i the story as pebliseed hp Tle Trieag-:
The followbn retory. osusetional as it is,
bat llleatwss anew the boasy-mired tru
ism that Truth Ia Stranger than Faction.
The p ar e wall known in Salt Lake
and aH d tamoug nausam are not lv-.
1., the .haracters il the story will he te,
aqgnlamd and that trials and trihulatlans
attend manustlardlke coedlut. as well as
the fact that the AS of Divine Provi.
dee often nmsyMeriosey hbut surely dl
rects toward the inal trilsph of right
ad Jtaku e will alon, troughl tem nedius.
-_ thi narrative-, be nmake niore manifeet.
On a wet-bndunl Union Pacifte trainl
Sunday were two elekrly ltoy imas-er,..
bound for Wuttes. Tre trains had just
pasmsd Rork Spriswg and tie ladikea insist
ascertain r. meatinsrg Gmrange. whether
they rcoald In arousl by l giden. The
conductor told then twkice tlhat tr.y must
change case at Granger when a Salt Lake
pa tm o ,xasnining their tickets told
thes th need r ont changeL at Graniger.
and craling hack tne, conductor
gmade ie aMeient totm t b, wlhic
he did with a very bad grwc.
Tbhe ladies tberupn began o to k in
ekidntally of the w.hiese of like in gean
eral, and thore attlending railroad travel
.ng in partieular. anid Mee feared very
muah that her bank acc.sant had beroa
burned up in the Butte ifre. Inm the mean
time a woman with a youthful fa.e of 21k
ut withb meow white hair of 0, came into
She ear where the two were talking. hav
ing bees routed out of her berth at an
earlier hour than she thought was newe
mary. (Bn mtcuri.a a most near by and
thlng oneto the trend of the convers
to involunstarilL intr.hoered hre
st e tlsnn: 6 Trtbes. troules,
rar ob. I have had troubles that
neither you nrw any one ele haver any
oa-meeption of." A few explanatory re
marka ama both skies Imrhugt on a .mutmal
acquaintance, where.upol the late emonwr.
who gave her namne as-well, Mrr. Han
derumo will d- ave a rcital of her mat
rimonall el rieimere that fairly thrilled
her listeners. Mrs. lamaderran was Ewng
Ihb . nd Ibrugt up withl a ol kl anon
la heruo muh. as maight he inferam".d froM
the fact that in her fatl~r' hburs a mingle
piece of furmlitlaer. a drawing-rwanm table.
aost I.i D. She caI . to t hils eouwltry.
however. to he edte.ate.t, and here shbL
meet. lavelt anul aarried 1aae.-ruem.
ThIey caulM wIrst. wIherw after s alluny
vk*sisiutk.s tlmely Ilnv.,lt.º .alt LaLk. City.
and hIse. Said..sek-l e enslggesl first ii i
eIaris." willth i well-kntowu Main st.h -.t
agency. asil afte.rwarunl went ilt. lsnlelte"r
work. first in, thlli citsy and tlhela i 13eltte.
"W*"hy." ex.clainsrll Ih." narrator. "l've*
liveds in dugout.. ausd Il huts anid **lMsri
e.'.*dl all sot.. otf elk. r ti-ati.s with that
sanl. at1d yet. was hailpskr thlua wlhem
livinlg in tiny ftlthrr'n ehIvanstly alsisl,ate.l
ianum.. I*t'auue* I love.l nly hlaln*
hlawel." At HItt.. Ihowever. alloult
faeur years ag.s, the.r .l.uuel .anH..
$askrs*ns ssaumlife*sted smyu lth.'e of is.
unity. The allrnsdl aleSl faithful wife
nimmqlialtuly had a hl.-al plhyksilin, whown
she trustel iauplicitly. eatnilsai. tlh.
patien1t. Tr" ..sketwr Naki that SaUlerhasol
war really off hIis stw., alnd as.lvimu.l .r to
anuls himn. rive+ hisus off. alsd if Ihe wantedl
to go away by hielsm.If suarwhsere to ket
binl go far t1" ltilnsew iNlse. To l.ake sure
of thel rllalllity of the advice. Mrs. San
dermo unt a her Puhshablad to I alt Lake City
for exausiltsatiso hg a prnesllineust dl
rle.o* t. e Iwho corro.m.rateal full
the adv*ie of his Monstalsa Iswd
cal hbreoer. The* sorrow-atrireken wife
h .ad ins felar a truthful report. as
the be ot her life de nesud upon
hlis derisi. INocesflirand r thiaadvk'e
from two somr es wkich ashe tougtht iusual
he ltbrstwarasy she went off to Pasladea.
where sa bougit melnu I prwrty, paying
alf eewns and nrtragan fur the rest.
assse.whie kee pllag ans eye an r Butte.
tibortly a letter wa rew s Iivesld fresis Mos
tana advising her to coas.. Lenm.* ririht
away. aus ti.liu*r iasd Was in traulb. nbn
aomr sue weest to flted linl in a womanu
scrape. whk sah Ie hl .ne.. dliftleulty in
rlaring lsp with his asisnta"e., aund in thetw
me.~lailnse the s.ianrwgags anisg by lkfalillt
the Pasade.a. Iwsls.rty was s.-oimail by the.
- .mortgagor. However Lafter tlr eamLLLe
buas"ad Iall Rot hlit a.tl-ctails ch.ur of
"tble wo(lulas ins the "aLm.sa" at Butt.. Iar
s.neuat to usakkeljsy rewcovaer his amamn.,
and ressulasing s-ese..cilsb to his wife. lhe
wesnt with her to Pasrua.g and aidld aer
in1 rlnoverilag tLea lniN~)larty.
Eveirythinlwelnt loely fur awhile.
us Iprlwelly .6lss "rasl *glrw .rst
less, and eeouwihg asa *nly isa
imane again skippedl off. tw wife
knew not whither, but as sbhe sulpomwl l
back to Butte. It was noot klong befor s.h.
reived an anomaynsous notI. from San
Pranelso stating that her husband was
there and for her to ensue right on to look
after bhin. To MNas, FranhCloo went the
r wi., lading there with only a few
dols ear ?poeM. and not knowinsa
whick way to turn. Nuddei.e, ln one o.
her perplesed anmn s somthinr u seen
ad to whilper in her ear, with a shock
almost like that t a blow. "Go to the
lsnuamehip o Flkfes!" Thither she wesnt.
md after a &dl at persistency on her
mirt and an alanst as persistent mis
uderuanding on the part at the
erks Mrs. I anadkrum dimcovered,, with
the at of r husband's doorcrphe that
a anweg inswr rscis his
had mailed for pdne. ustralia, edmnte
the asie of "svev ,' in comnpan with
a Mrs. Mary C H.kilmanu at Brte and her
two chlldre. Thhe sorrow-trkkern woman
dem.rslned to follow at once her lemne.
rumewayr husband, but how mioold she pr
-me paem ? he l had . but a dollar left.
In her di_.re. she turned to Spreckle.,
who Sm.rlly listeed to her story, and be
esmalg hltorested rave her a pmns to
3er an eame t hi weamels, after takingso
wateL for eeaurity of payment of fare. and
maw her *-nstruection to go out under the
rtadisg man de plumse of Smith.
At the same time $prxcklem quietly
mNlt.chac.r d MMr.
"Sa " ailed br the very maces ve.el
that bad oarried the runaways on her last
etward trip. Of course the lonely pa
memaar was well caed for and the other
se rd the w flt delyfor
Set mally made up a pMure do l to
bp. heafter the ship had landed at
Alp.r Thmo did this becaue the coud
s that Mrs. anerson was a hlhlredu
eased and well red woman, evidently
eer m ead tdhe did noet wen1t to
wu her feelg proers at charity.
So tlis meat UIe pere was presented af
mmes nllne dnetmds
~as. o two o marw n srm tarn
"ý th womesa wan s WINS ·
wats em lam
at mt. I am s. urn
imius -a what I
hnad b bee au m v
kvowt about tnb."
...heebooIns Wb i was te -
tig cm pInat! toar tass . weYlS had
ne of thes Skilenesg~rr wa themse pr e
born u"o. seled." and snow ea.ob
to keep her mouth At all events
here was a clue, and a warrant was sworn
out fora " )evesa.' " answes and through
the asistameNe of memetrn of the crew of
the vesasel ase lhad eaoe out on, he was
appreheLU dl at the docks. Mrs. ander-
ana then sarp.nsed her insane hLusband i
the prison and about Mglgte.ewd the life
out of bins. as he as .on s epested to 'e.
his randesother's ghost as to mar his wife.
She gave the Insamn mant a very severe
talking to. ordering him to get down on
him knmes and humbly beg the pardon of
the woman he had so asely wronged. Otn
recovering from his astonishnmnt "tev.
ens" tecale obstinate but haintgm the lady
had the cinch mo hinm he cravetd ler w-a
don land he t him out cot o ail. Then
wihe .t ill Ie fi..lllow do h.e tell laer he was
on.e. witll her long ago manl that a, was
living with Msn. Skilnmal, with whomn Ih
illtentelkd to stay. No what was the In
jured wife goingl to do about it.' 1he dki
tlhis abhnet it --h1w had him rearrestedd sub
eqme lantly, ald tlhis tiew ibraaght hin to
terlms. He. had £.?L which tie Skilnmams
woaluan latl irgves liisi. with whichk tihe ln
naellm imnn thought he coukl huy oil his
wife. Ht hell that hi. was sadl lIft. She
took lthe £) andl thenl talked to hilm so
pointelll that he concluded tir heit thinga
Ia coullk do was to rermnsunm his Iornmal
marital relations, aind the two returned to
this coulltry. r ming directly to Sallt Lake.
in Ncptembnr, 118K. They had but little
mnomey, as the lnsane man s frugal e.ma
pmniou had secrrel prm I1ssession SM
lis Ilttle pik.. But it was asertailmled that
B6,au worth of Ontario stock was imm a
local bank, and whlch formerly belolwed
to alnderon. though it was now In Mrs.
Skilnuan's nname. A Malis stret law irmn
was engagedl to have the trmnsfer set aski
on the groumed of fraud, hut, sure enoutgh
who turned unexpectedly to answer the
sumanlons but Mrs. Skillulan herself. The
situatklo was desperate. Mrs. Sandersouw
resolved to get a revolver, shoot the au
thorees of her woes dead amid then ensd
her own ecistemu1e. Tihe Nkilnmal wonian
heuard of tlin. and bhoemllilg frighlteLed.
uastele-d to tranlsfer thle stock to
Mrs. Sa.itkdmsu, andl left for San Irann
ciseo. Auld now the ilasalr nnall witlh his
eyes oen to the elsUrmuity of his offenrses,
amld tlws deeply wronged witfe were thel,
re-unlited for gInod, andI they are lnow in
hbusin*es at Butte.
Mrs. Samlleson tolk l er astonished
listalernl on that l'mnion Pariil tralll tlhat
sI hlad a reld ii pickle for then dee(to-s who
hale Iast aII that ilmsanlity kaldge witllh her
hlua.namild. The ilttes doctort ha ll least two
iclillren. wlairkh. she claimled was a viksita
tiolm of Plrivlielnace and as for time Salt
LUkes lhaysinials, sil. Ilal give-n himn the.
se.lh .hll ofl a talking to., uliedl larelil-lted
thlut evil wiahdl yet 1esfall h1,1is for the
g...-viouas wnmun Ig l l tlam,, helr.
SIe l atl tomsantt Mr.ory of a Poor .eo.rh
man who MItrrtel am H-lres.
SAN ANIsN.o. Tex',.. (hkt. 12.- Mr. (t'anl
Iell for a tlutseher of years taught school
at Ataws e*ua Istetotlhl. thi(s ll(unty, for a
very museage.r nalary. He had Eal ore) d in
Anwerkia for twetntyyears. andtl was lsa fur
their alh.ul tl ea wlwin s first started.
HIresetly Iee left hwere for New York, whlre
Ise. lased to betteir hitssaself. ts, arrivists
tlhen. he rleivuCtl Iews of the death of his
wife in .Setlatsd. He lhad rnarrkiel tlien
whenel a )outlh and ite was a lasjie on. tiee
hillnlof |)huske.. Sth was of genl family
and lier Ipseple were wealthr. Thepy o.
jctedl to the inatelb, andl after the nar
riag-e a1 nad it so iIpilkeasa.llt for tlme
ynIesI lit ieple that Bell is (k**eexration n
sotv~ed to neek his fortune. its the nlew
workl. He had not the assuNWy to bring
hiss tride with hinm alwl was unwilliseg
to nulhjer.t IeMr to the privateness of a
hard life. He hade her goald-bye. and als
pro.lsisel teo wait patiently untili Ie was
able to return for hae. I She wellt to her
I.rents atnd Iell turnel his hLaek on tIee
aand of IlLs nativity. He was eperlletik
asl erenotsnical andl willing to turn hii
leanl to anlytlhlng. He tried lfire lne thilng
and then alanther and chilled hy disap
polsatnwllt he drifted at lasu t rto uusthwernt
ers Texasn asnl earane a eneatstry putla
gcnrus.. The old testless (kdsi.Ie to lie al)
alsll doinl overcalsleh his and hle went
miorth aga.ni . TIhe stews that nseatell hitsll
there niakes hinl Iheir to £Il.UUO, whicIh falls
to hlin tlhrough lils dead wife. The nmosaey
cansr tIo her hast riIesitly througI te
dteatlh of her pawlrt.lnts. and she had writteln
to Bell Na lhsrt tin1e beflre she died.tel lltinm
hins that they wern rich at lastt and laid
dinig himss ('0, li(ems'. He r ut worhl of her
kleatt alatl the large estate left iprior to the
rc-ptian of the missive. Ins a tiart
broukess letter to friesnds Iwer I hlstatel that
t exlepects to mail for Seotluaeld its a few
Advert lad LNtter Ll.|
Letters renaining unclaimed in Ana
conda postoflbe for the week ending
( )etober 12, lt0:
Asdrma.n Ikrk Houluronk M.s. I. ('.
Anmrwm A.JohJn '.me 1t.r
Andarws. Juha Kukla, I bark
mtak, Ilthrat ardt. Iamaphr.lt. Aaton
HItantnm Mrs. Mary lauex. Juth
ýýtrland. Mrs. Julie Lanarl, O. 3I.rry
IMtrtlud JioYtnrdlul (Y .lu dwl. "
trsh,..A. Jeno Johs.
Iehtr & A. Mte. Jte
Iamti. lrrt.r Mll an~d. A. ('.
_rtrkmtm. Mrs. lInma Imutyr- A. I.
Ev rs. (t'mrtes M. ac'llqta ur
.t.iuld w, J. I. M bt s. J n
imes. t. J. . M. ee.
(Ilren Ian tiJ aJ n te
Houd iu b. . M dI r . e iC.
it. On cat wll
lected for each letter. If not called foe
within two weeks thue will he ment to the
dmad letter olBee.
JAMWes M. Moon, P. M.
A Megre State Ljnebed.
MmrPalt, Tenn., Oct. 12.-Robert
Bria- .col.redwas lched at Heenando,
MIse., thl. nIrnei.as for auuaulthag a wbite
weo . an.
iM atwet atLa
sonS AWO STOCKw.,.
$.w Veaeb mobo.s
NE W Trne Or. 2g1.-!er as U,.t t.
Im weeks tI. afesk mehar w esmuam
w --r~OC1C-(· ~ tr
dub~ [li. fremw beer p eat. tsdv..
The market rimi. busyr ..rv. a oOw mmde
The M Is m IMahbyr hither 11
sigh. mud w U. mb a eb.ui r sa for how
aigmifasM bsetir.m.~ Mtmm ý xis.
SL r ea st. ·w~ll llw
derlu(Ir~ls. heemmeu oLmr ImI ad
yammii ~ Uifr. .Zlmkmg Di .S1Sc. The
-r we, wphrswk.
Th d.SmgPm wi:
Tb. eloait glotaiaw were: _
11. wti rwalstwr' tt P 1 *..... 16%
p.M.4{rseawein .. Nebi.... 11%
J. M. ('3b'.. I (I wus..... i
.J.M .4%epum. ts' *. ' (muttual.. 1.1
ala ......... fIx EI~ pii 't...
Alurdism Kqams I? ,Etregm 'a.. mm',
('a. Nashr.e...... >r . i
('utva..I Is 54 e. 6 g',; . ms's
Pm' al Par.... ...I s a, «ý
I~kawAmm.. ... I. el', T.'.
Lrake Ilba. (i... 1la4st Ism.. K.. 11
tewibeta P.i;e. im',;
Ysrl Ez m I aWL~r K... lap
14 ~l rrn 11'4 : 1 .. .l... I~
(ICaLn ·I'·Wtral. sLU rC '
our I'~ic... un , Am' t~a te tal. 2
Mony easy with nao loanu. Prime ,ma&.u
cmattile pmp·Iw r l 5%.ea 7c. Stea luag tx
ebauagr q .1kt and steady; sixty day bills.
4.I.% demnand L*4.7.
Millln quaotatinon na follows:
ws"s(n.. .. .. ... . a 4tl0(;orfl s : ·r
lh·x*herr........ ... lnd'gw $ wnm.e.. 210
Pet.. and l~k*Swr.. 2 TAt iloijuke... .. .
t'wlatmtla . H.. K. &Millr.
Eh)wllar...dla. .. ...MN T'mnfnahl..
roruwn Iasin. ... Mien mieltmtauam...
('aidmier . . ... Me'a ... a :r
i'4d4,rakl4 Ce. . Mutal.. I .
('mt. ('aE. msa \a. A 2 Mt. I~ablo..
*'assals l Is ... 4. Ntarlu.... .. . .141
111tver (lay ('vt ..o hr... . 3 a1
1Int l........ .. 4 hkadeata . 1 3
Cm*IuDlmmimoe eat Ilywt·uith. 3t 0
*hsalwwmdt Ter. .. I431 an Mste 3....... It
tl sarka ('on. 4. I m.f k1Wrrs N4vstala 301
loulil and u('trry . I as MmalHual Huqm Itint
Hale amwl Nnrerusm. 2 i Ul'mahm ('0....
H Uhlutke...... A TA at 4ard 'I .
burn ver........ I 40. VehlLw Ja-ket.
ostonº atrks an follows:
Ath. Ta1k. lid 7's as Mi.('c.('Oeng .. I%
ha gail "s aI wus 1.i
taliru d.. .... 2m".' " MtwMow. atI
Rurllnglom........ .... iNan IWtp......... to
_('ojpem no muir nal - Lak e O ctm ber . $1O.M.qnt
L~DRO Pteady OU~n~mtlr OF90. Ti.,
quiet sad steady Htmslts WD.0
Tlb At.-r.y-ep eemn ata 1 a Mmalls aren
gIly ID.spp.am.
Wn'xwptar , (klt. 12.--Tt.rr hi a split in
the. Manitoiu eabhinetl. and accordllin to
street rullwrn it iN aeanud by Attornwy-Gen.
eral Martil hlavin ggot all the profiltu frMon
the Ntortlwrn Pac.ifle coentpany aled rn
fltilag to divdkk with his cnlklaglur.
Vhlwtlar trtie or Inot, the attoruey-gie.tnal
base eliulapllar.d. TIe Prow Pr.. usayr
teforel alytlhicn can hi. one by the
I.vwernmaent it will he Iseen.Utary to
flnd Mr. Martinl. No on6e known
whe-re Ishe i, anot veISn blie collh eag.. .
.4t.ra" week. antL he wellt tlnt. He tried
hardl, IveeasI to t(W exteelt oif lying. to get
away tlaallleti.e. He wenet to (ktaw"" alld
New York. Mr. (ankes, pern.kl.ent of the
Northiernl Pa'.itle., wa itl New York, ulln
htatwrt.t laills antli Mr. Mairtinl thenr are
little private. inawuiesl . dela.litagll of glrat
lnterest to tihe latter. No. . esht Mr. Mar
till wsen1t tla New York to hIak after tlwe.e.
Hle w"as afterwanls mses.I icl lorlasto. at
which plaed, all trste. of hins i
liot. It is sas hitl that hI. wlent to tIhe Paclia
(iiast lltld til.e geeneral thewlif i* that lw iu
s.uuiIewlh*re u.lht ill that dire.tion., hit
wiaetlwer llI tie l'atrcifle to.ast or in Bt.tautl
hay no oel. arundllll the goverlell.llet Inilte
illlg satl give the least infllemnatierls.
Hre Feals.d from sa Asy.lu and West to
Momleral With e)mly *. .e lm Ie PakeL.
PIrrT's "ts*, (Mkt. 12.-- Intelligence was
rtFe*ive.tl laat even.lsq tuat Williamn J.
Anursting, Ilrother of Frank Armustrtlag,
of PlttsNatrg. hlaud INn e s fioumnd ins Montreal.
Son. e werks ago. Annatollg alisappeWarm l
fhnnH ail ansyluln at Merelantville. N. J.,
whelre w hadl I.eers plaaeel for treatmelnt
whike suatferinsg fr.un tempwrary mssental
alh rratitar. A reward of $ItU was ofererl
for hisL apprehewnsion. asad search was
uisade everywlhre. for hinu. hut without.
avail. snIlltil ts Wo eIsindelay. nelaUage an
rived 'raon lhIangasslos. Ireland, stating
that the aslusinlg man was in Monltreal.
Armnstrongw anuak is way to Moontral
with onily 82 In llis proket. He. nhse.lled a
Ipsitikn terre ainil weut to tleI Youeng
Mesl ('s hristiall Assoiationl. Sourse pe
.*uliarity in his uannlser and appe.arassee
Ieel tUhe mscretary to suspect tlhat all was
not right, andl as he had del.elared hiss ni.
tive plitaE to Ia Ik Itliigalllson. ia letter of in-.
quiry w ,s slt tith.r. h )alganullnen is
Armatrognltr'N I{late of natl|¥ivity. 14I Ilis k -
msription .ing rse uise.llw tler'.. a cahle'
gris was sent to Pransk Arnmstroulg, of
Pittsburg. relutilg the wlwhretaullts of hisi
brothe r.
Thoaught It Wa Meest for Him.
Ja.st before tme train goillng .ast lft
B.lffalo a heavy-.et, rld-*lhe-ak man with
a grip-sack, got ihto a disputae with an en
gineer at the door of the haggage-rooms. I
did not hear tihe first of it, uays a Detroit
Free Prs writer, hut did hear the fat
man may:
"If it wan't right hero I'd lick you !"
"I wish you'd try it " . eplied the other.
"i'll try it soon enough! I'm going to
lay for you. old fellow!'"
"And I'll lay for you! Mind, now, what
I tell you! I'll do ou up before you are
nan•1y years older!
The train started and rushed along for
o0 or e) mikes, and then someutling gave
way on the engine and we camne to a stop.
It was 11 o'clock at night, and the brake
man who ran hack fell into a ditch and
brtke his leg and lantern at the snaes ms
nmnt. Ten mulnutes later a accosn e oda
tion train canje booming down uloma us.
Its engineer saw the train s. tianm
to slow up, hut the loc..aaotve
struck the lasa car with fore
enough to ling it oR the rails and turn
It across the trak. One of the rst pes
ees ~tobmet out was the red-headed ma,
ard one o the Bri ame he saw was the
engineer whom be had quarreled with.
They looked at eebh other for a few se
oends, and then the tamveer put his thltab
to his nao and sneeringly enelaianed
"Oh, you will do ame up. will you I ad
a nice lIttle plan, didn't you, but I didn't
work! epeted you'd be up to this and
I bad the first berth at the other end.
ay ! Don't you feol rather flat "*
Astter rat eane at ase aUssIelis.
Cmcncuo, Oct. 1-The Shevriteh wing
of the socialistic labor party met In con
vention today. The delegates claim thbls
is the only regular convention and that
the one held two weeks ago was uaumthbo
VThe i(ty ot !ewe Yeork Psei.
N w Yoer, Octoabe IL--The stqmsulip
City of New York was Roated o' Romee
shoal at O:M6 to-eight.
ft*EOAY~SWyI IftS.
3muoth gte 3mwm as @ai.MI.t a....
r..t a~a O~ewllwo
Pusem 2' '
4 b w . "The 1&e1 -?r 3. b I
miba uumbmbw
Ci i tir ri. d
.1w.6'N om !i Mimm em mbur
TTime, 13M
Ke. Wseco~vesw~t.l railwy M·Wlstw
Wd . G. M'i hd
, (let. 1&--Tb Ivy CI
mect~nc abased to. T. mults ware:
Thr.4omrathe mke-To FTe nle woo.
Myuuour seoand, Prince Howrd third
Than. 1 :17M.
Taraes-la lr newl - Hanley Sharp.
(amnte(' fldoe usconad Keyseaga.
tirtj. Tim. 1:17. w
ia et- hths m Merkkn won Beak
econd.I ehr third. Time. :1 :%.
Mile-Fannie won. Bob Fisher esecond
Suasv.nlr third. Tne :41(
woes. ('racksman second, no third. No
tense takeon.
Moatss PARK. 1k-t. 1.-- Tdar's events
.eulit.d : Twjrear-olds. half mulGerIl
dine woes. F.loeans serond, Mlnuee~t third.
Tiha 46k.. - - -
Fall toet handicap, two-yesar.oad one
mlle--livoanla won. Prodigal Ssn suecnd,
King's owsn third. Time 1:424.
Goat huck handclkap, thnw-ear-okls,
luik* and thruo-witeenltha--enaorilta won,
-Longtreet meosid, Buddkhist third. Tinme
2 :ts.
Two.year-okids. five furlongs - ('ivil
Service won Pairy Queen second, Pall
Mall thinrd. Timne 1:0.
Three-yetar-okl. seven furlongs Zephy-
rum won Dcrtion Iewc.nld, Sparli.g
thirdl. Time 1 ..
Mile-Emation won Defaulter ,second,
Now or Never thir. Time 1:644.
* Jaso as PARK, Jet. 12.--The attendance
to-day was very large. The winners were:
Mile and one-sixteenth-Benedictine
won, Jennie McFarland second, Ben Har"
risons third. Time :I M34.
Siax furlongrs-Strkleeway won, Fits
James, naonnd1, Volunteer third. Time
Grand national handicap, anile antd a
half- -Raceland wos Filrensi second, La
vinila Belle third. Time 2:"S34.
Kinney handicap, two.year.olds, four
teen hundred yards-The Fan-Pan colt
won,. Burlington secondl, Padishah thilrd.
Time 1:2".
(One mile--Kin ('rah won, Tristian 2.,
Diablo Wd. Tine 1:45634
Fourteen hundred yardls-Drumstick
won. Mute 2l Amrab Ml. Time 1:24
listen Poram nutte.
A genuine New England supper will he
given at the Methodist church at South
Butte on Tue aday evening.
The funeral of a little chikl of John
Shea took place this afternoon at 2
o'eiOek frient the family home in Dublin
Gulch. BHurial was in the C('atholic cen.e
Antolmg thom* r.egisterled at the Mellkr
mott to-day are: W. R. Moon of New
York. N. V. Trent of Salt Lake, J. F. Ho
Tal of ('hicaego, A. H. ('ook of Helena. B.
. Hanlilton of ('hiaago, N. WV. Met ousnell
of Heletnat. A. H. Kayton of New York, E.
S. Staekpolme of |ecr ltxlge, A. G. A.
Mu.eller asud H. ('Cklinirgton of New York
G. W. ('onk of ioaton, Mitss M. (uomk ol
I.AwdIl 4'rrImia AT HY.ma.;!A, MNTI, ..
(lct. II IN W.
N\atle. I9 here~by gthrus that the tulIuwitmf.
naisihedl ittlcr hIas tlt-t IEM'ie 44 hiM Iltentitn li.
make Iltai Ipru(f in .ujmymt of him claiLm, and
thij aiti MIruuf will hU e uade bfore the clerk of
I.. pru~oba t leUet 'f Iierr Lodge countIy, Motlt..
at leer Iiedge. Moist.. iotaS Nv. N., L . o viz.:
G~ardn,.r Iliud .I no ,r-emaplttIs. No. 9,M0, for
the nw. se'.1 M.. k, it. 5a n. r. II w. He namesc
ijie folUYlwinlg SKtes. t prove his coUtlnuwMIM
rcahdrawr ugH.. and .uIlvatIlo of. sald handI.
ix d : JlurJ Mtuekey. INlrtn Vincent, ('harlte K.
JIniCM and Allwrto btcr eaw. nll o4 Amaiumoda.
WM. L. HOGO, Prasideat.
W. M. Themate, Cahiier
First National Bank
CAPITAL, - - $100,000
('omarne4vd tusimes April 19, Iam.
Buy and sell Ikunstle and Foreign Exchange
and transM t a gIsrraIl an g k business.
('olketbons proeedptly to. K
change drawn m lsotado ., Kdlnbarg.
laigow. IluwbUn. BhAut. Hrrn.
Hamburg, Berlin anl althe
ladi cities o urope.
Almerme EK ha NatIonal Iank... New ork
4rumba Natiml Klin ....................negalsh
. .h ..a.. .................... .....(a
t , Brownke iC ................... ..
erLn· Natboal Iank ................
Clark & Iarabe ...................... Deer Lm
_ _ _ _ _
Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Doors, Windows and Mouldings.
,[email protected] [email protected] ,N 11 .LOwV.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Hay, Grain, Feed, and Hard and Soft Coal.
Agents Continental Oil Company. We carry in Stock a Full Line of
and a Mull HUl o ROAD CARTS ýt bes" ieat Fw..
Qeud. CaM, ..ia OvUr Ch~ Plo-w..
A~ et Pete0ne e es.' Comeoed Harness.
Semit Wameb omCo.'sawe and Tmck Daum .
ICall. ad o..leak luh or s ek. mL" "* L l am dilih laM Mes, r.ad , d euwe r ii. Si,.ilg e ,
J . CARiOL., Mu- e
It's a matter of interest to every
In, Woman and Child in the onuty
..... TO
And by not spending a DOLLAR until you
have examined our IMMENSE STOCK of
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots,
Shoes and Furnishing Goods.
Here goes $2 for Si in a sample lot of Men's Un
Again we offer you a 5oc Ladies' Heavy-Knit Jer
sey Under-Vest for 25c. Our lines of
Plushes, Silks, A rras, Cashaeres and Flanals
Are marked WAY DOWN. Our Ladies', Misses and
Children's Cloaks are immense. 'Tis a fact we will
save you money on anything you may buy of us. Call
and see.
One door South of Postoffice, Anaconda.
W bh o le e l and 1r 4 Il deaf r . i n
Wagons, Carriages, Buggies, Road Carts, Har
ness, Robes, Whips. Etc.
Alm wholemat e ommllonm Dealers la
Thuraton's Block, First Street, Between Cherry and Cedar.
[oradute la Phma]
Dealer in Pure Drugs, Medicines,.
Chemicals, Paints and Oils,
Window Glass, Fancy anad Toilet Articles, Statiomery, Cigar anad Tobacco. Poe
acriptions accurately couaposuded day and aight.
First Street, - - Anaconda, Montana.
Carriage Builder, Blacksmith and Wagon Shop.
A Diemsm_ pames . dil w erg AukoMr. rmar
-,.- .,. ,, m twe i ai- a ... ,,. "._

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