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magnad 2amveslas e9ar- am seret and
a- s.C-- o amet e
lima, a«W om
0·hd- mmt.
eo-thm ato the mahppy maeWmeMa
we mthe aýset of e is oa aldves -ei
eeu wamtss aenyar yokeon ene. a
rt--«-»»* out all rlHbt, bin It (* *e-r
th Aoefarl. I(f NtbCw) T M uwwerd
ory i ave tb bare ec beoare they do tamt
teye tup pop t little of two pars O
*.rde It In sM? wary. But
ptee, out to he On * wtlmnt r manyt It.
It sea tsal eny ob of these homantanme
think o ftndlnt) • pnulet whten they hbae
mlas tn eout an s t trto h a undlea o
late of lhk. If there was a law ahgaie
yo o loks rpaunnrlnri ad atherig re
fie they have not all t he enouh t
we .esppMon the little cusses woaud
evade it in sdme way. But
thee aought to be a sentinesat against It.
It is o lss enough for theme t bantamu to
think .of mding a pullet when they have
ame, d uy enough to hey a bundle of
laoh to bd f ni house. lutio tihy se a
it whed ooks lieu and bifoes they aro
afrk tto are not hd-a tohe bhae Irough to
go round, and they begin to spark seal
spry, and before they are awane of the
nasseity of narriage relations they are
Isitehed for life. and before they own a
eook store or a bed-stead they have got to
et up in the night and go after the doctor,
No frihtened that they run tbemnlelves out
of breath and abuse the doctor because e
does not ren too. And when the doctor
Vet. there, there i not linen enough ins the
house to wrap up the hbaby.
A certain society young woman of the
.apital. writes the Washingtlon corr
pondeMt of the Chicago Herald, is agosiped
about in an unpleanant manner. She is
the dauibter of a prominent ofRc-al, bas
hore an excellent reputation andl is beau
tiful, but she hba become possessed of an
ambition to shine as an erotic novelist.
Sbe has studled Amelie Rives carefully,
and haa devoted some little time to Miss
Ahi Jackman. who denuded her brain he
fore the public in such an unblushing
umanner. Rhe had her work almost (au
t4eted, and it it had ever reachel
,ok forun the covern would have
fairly quivered with passion. She did not
INUuIe at the limit--se stepped completely
over it. In fact, she went no far as to em
ploy two words that are not in the diction*
ary. The work was complete aml it was
adu by a publibher who a d to spris.
the mensation on the pubic. But the
young woman's parents began an investi
gation ust in time to save her, temporarily
at leat, from a very unenviahle notoriety.
Her father could not he persuaded that all
time spent in her room was devoted to
soclal correspondene and her toilet. Fl
nally be found out the truth, and there
never was a more surprised parent than
he. The hook was suppressel in its in
cipiency, and the younl lady s iin a fair
way to receive the .mhlent of a protractel
European tour under rigkl chaperonaLe.
Why can not wonln do as Iesn do, and
write to each other only wihe we really
have something to say? And why must
they kiss each other every time they meet ?
Kises are really not agreeable greetinrg
to exc.ange. Very few people know how
to bestow or receive them in a neat and
satisfactory fashion. A slovenly keis L.
really a very detestable article, and make*
ane dislike and despiee the bestower.
Some butt at the kibees with lips made
into a hard hall for tbe purpose. These
alnost give one the tootbache. Othere
hestow their dewy lips upon one's
cheek n a way that makes the
recipient rope hastily., but furtively, fora
pocket handkerchief. A third contingent
kisa in a d and chilling way that say
plainly enough: "I kLts you because I
suppose you expect It of me." I alway
rympathbis with theae. and would gladly
al In with their views.
Let us make a non-kisaing compact
company, and see how many of our ac
qualntances will join It. The rules would
not forbid a kiss after a long absence, nor
would It interfere with lovers' kimes or
anything of that sort. but only combat the
ustom of daily reetings by osculation.
Mrs. Maybrick-almost forgotten now
in doing tier nine months of solitary con
finement in her English prison, and daily
does an allotted task of needlework.
Those who follow the wretched womnan's
*areer, as it nayr he studied from time to
time by the prison iMxlotins, will learn
with interest that there is considerable
thought as to dress in this prison, asbhelts
a lady's estahllshment. Even in prison a
variety of tollettes are customary. The-r
is the nrobatlon clams, in which women
for the ftirt nine nimonthr wear a lilac cot
ton skirt in summlner, with i blouset hodike,
a square of serge for the shoutlders, a
**hecked blue and white aprom, small
white linen cap with goffer
ed border, and a plain un
trimmed coanre white straw bolnnet. On
Sundlay* white aprons and neck*erhlefs
are worn. In winter the lilac drel is re
placed by a thick blue mere, with a neck
embhie of the same material, ald a thick
fawn-colored circular cape is also allowed
for the shoulders. In the second nine
montth the prisoner is a woman of the
third clam and wears in summer a plain
blue cotton skirt with stripem, and a square
of brown merge for the shoulders. The
bonnet and linen cap remain the same in
style, or distinguihedl as it may he for
want sut style, and white aprons and
inekelrletif again marten llup the
prisoners on the Sabbath. In winter
the third-class women wear brown
erge dre-se and lawin-colord capes. In
the third nine months a female convict
ecomnes a woman of the swcond claln.
and is allowed the distinction of wearing
a full blue cotton shirt with white spots, a
blouse bodice of the same material and a
square of green erge for tih. shouldes.
In the winter she w4ear a thick greeta
=erge gown, thfe tlhr details of ther dres
heinl tile ame as in the prereding clams.
In the fourth period of nine Inonthi she,
hecome a womanm of the first-class. with
little, if any. dlistilctlmn from the second,
aid this re auains till she in witthin nilne
months of the expirution of tihe eentell-e.
when-happy time for the female convict
with liberty so close at hanld arain, mshe is
dubbed a woman of thl- speclial clas.
In England it Ir the law tlat wlhen a per
son hires a domestic -ervant, unless it is
otherwise agreeld the hiring is for the
year. and if the employer wishes to dis
eb.arge the servant before the tine has ex
pired be must give her a month's notice
or a month's pay. So the servant nmust
yive a notice if she wishbe to leave.
There is no such law in this country.
While it is very frequent for the mistrem
to expert a week's no tice from her ser
vant before she leaves her place, and for
the servant to expert a ainilar notice or a
week's pay before llmhargie. such notice
or pay lP not reml|ired by law. In the ah
sence of any agree1neunt between the par
tie.s the mistress has a right to discharge
her servant at any time, with or without
Iood cause, and the servant has a righrt to
leave any time she takes a notion to do
so. The fact that a firl is hired at a cerlJ
tain price- per week aI.e not rtluire her '
teworkh week sat. mh a hiNW only
milei r. a week'. hB^tIB 1u UMF^qNW
am -w- I It^^w bahllmtawy.^
The PwAuMTDe- egu. . at ulaod.im.
h-- «U ser*o- Tory wmem, - ad $be
WorWn'. UbHUg fedietmnu umhws at.
0 jam as swung UbMrl ones.
Tbh rersotr of meet oar fabioesable
city buwehfe mIght take a hint ftwn tw
Aruebhisap of Ca€tsuhum7. who. a few
Monday. ago. follow ng therzample ot hMs
U&MrM -of ow w ro -MBUM
upon $be suhtcot-itn cburhm. advie
I'M them what was beteulag to the bouse
of the lard and to followees of the meek
and lowly Jesus. Aevording to his vlItw
a plain and serious garb was mare In
kelpn« with the spirit of the place than
writh SL tlittering furbelows of fashion.
Tbf tckarc ti of any one of our up.
town phufh(os remarks the New York
World, would furnihb Just an good a
text for a semuon as did the gaily decked
wf"-Mef In the Englfish cathvdral.
Tberesly o better fleld for observini the
display of elegant toilets than a chureb
on a brigbt Sunday morning and many a
woman, if put upon her oath woulil have
to admit that she had lost the whole of
the sermon hbecause of the charms of her
neighbor's new Paris hat. Infdead. the
chlurches are NO universally nuale exhibi
tion places for fiue drl&sing that the lack
of elotbes is frequently nmae the plea for
non-attendance, and in the ilistrartion of
fine toilets the original Idea of worship is
almost eutirely lost sigbt of.
A small. black-eyed woman, auhout M
yeas of ae. giving the name of Mrs.
Mepted,. arrived in the town of Warren,
Minn., on horetaek., on the evening of
the 1Mb inst., relates the St. Paul Ulobr.
and stayed over nlght at the home of
Henry Wheeler. She was up bright ami
early the next morning and on her way
to La Croas which she expected to reach
that day. She had left Dever, Col.June
2, on horeback, and was on her way to
Rochester. N. Y.. expecting to go as far as
('Ch-ao with her horse and the rest of the
way b rail. She made the trip two years
ago Horheter to Denlver. having
her lhoue shot dead under her by by a
deer hunter within Xa miles of Denver. On
the last trip she used a msakle. heat this
Sar she has a blanket on the hore's
hack instead. She carried a revolver and
un with ter, and when she started hal a
lage St. Bernard dog. but he went nuad
and she was ohlitcd to shoot him. She
had a quiet way about her which was at
tractive, and was as quick as a alish in
her movements.
(larkaon won the pennant single-handed
in 18I6. and be came near doing it for
Boston this year.
Tkos. Eutawlea Are Upvined mad (or
rItfd O Kvry Day.
Rugar--Oranulated, pr lMe. *"C light brown.
r0U0; pulveribd H & A new York. 613AS; l1oaf.
61.K. masq. to lb um.
C A fifrket sro"I; rN U lo1 .mN;
Omwga KUika. Ia3.15i Java Miaaiahlins. 40r;
Mucha, 37440P.: rusted Rio and Costa sUtia.
27c; nmauld <'armlh>. Mea; nagged Mocha&
*Im- Eluapowder. 4aeo6lJft; xtra Young H>
"fcklef-ler keg, 1s, 61.0; 35. »2A; a. 63.0;
th - wt,
patsumis-caUboral*6 se.
Cabbage-Per cwt. 3.
1mvper %c, SIM14 A
fmu tS e arir a *ZM.per 5.0 parka-s. 7TW
I.-sdittodleed. b bog.. 14p per %; peache.
al ak-e ter - aprieota, 2w; evaporatd ditto.
Me; bleeckitefr. 1Bc; rampherrie.. wc.
CaKfornia frults. Gs.tiNSOeae
3.3 Otaadard UleMtoe. =.
2-0 Htandard corn, WL71.
3.5 S :aad"am dp *sal a; soeoad. . I7 .7&
Drind Hemas-Navy. Sam per me »b LIma.
WCeatrN. I per NO lb AS.I
emun. - eJ'jeriniM C. SIA&
Banm per 6. SIAO; bran sad ahorts per I-O
l~rPer No lb, Pi!Phnm's beat. 6; <>ales.
iMtrague )l~alym im
Corn mea. per lea 0 PA,8.
Oat meal, per lO fb. F4.Za.
Vreuh Meats- Prk lWp; beef 18O1r; lamb.
qu= m rT.l.oOW mattes 7 0.
@at- Ham laftisr; ImacaS 15m; corned
beef MW , pork It..; sausage W12'"i«e.
Coal-rrr tom. bard VIV. soft 49P.
Wood- Per aond @4.80.
Nay-Per tea 4t.85.00
Straw-er- tan $12.40.
tfts-l Per cwt. SrCS.oo
WM. L. HOGE, Presidnt.
MARCUS DALY, Vice Preat.
W. M. Thorestem, Cashier
First National Bank
CAPITAL, -100.000
Vtonnmerue"t Imminew& Albrit 1-# two.
Ruy and sell 1enellc and ynrlgn K.rhange
sad laawta getwral lankinh Iotiasinutm.
tlakwtlon pnomuslU aLtt r Ito. Ex
change dawn on ?'Ammidon. dInlo..mrg,
Giasgow. Ikablin. Deltaut. IMuria.
Hambug. rerlin and allthI
leai cities uof Kurotw.
Anwrilva Exlcange Naliunal Bank New Vrwk
thasha NatlL*ol HPank' . lu"ai
Wellg. Fargo & 441.... lh FnumSn uwl'o
M1IN nas Ran- .. . 4
HIue. htnwuev· £t4 . Ata
Me=ranrts wnatkmnl Stlank hele
(lark & Saralble Slhur l1awl..
Corner Front aud Main Mtrqtsa.
The Finest of Imported Wines
Liquors and Cigars
To be found In the city comaamtly nm hand.
An Elegant Free Lunch
Bserved both Day mad Niht.
vr~t strt Anaconda. Mont.
+ - J - T."- 4 " = - M +
The Only First-Clasw Family Marktt
in the t'lty.
Union Pacific
on Mas to am
Principal Points
* * THE DEPOT * * *
urenirl Railway aMld amumhip Oe11e. toot of
Main stret, Anacauda. NuMoban.
S. D. SEKSE. City Tirket Arget.
J. A. LEWIS. u~ral Ag(rt.
No More Delays
Northern Pacific R. R.
The Dining Car Route and (reat
Short Line to all
ALL THROWU4H TRAINW a Equipped w.r
rulmaai and IMbln C'arns eci way,
East and- Wea.
Through Pullman Car from Butte
Tbe FraY Time to and from Chl.o. cam"a
and .Ma.a rulta.
LQML R~rIna.
Peerless Pullman Coaches.
Palatial Dining Cars.
Elegant Day Coaches.
Calowlstkpig Cai La cinhaw of Train Poters
tor neeommamodlaa of at eefd Utim
mostana FPauaeem Vr~
of ('harui·
For AnacOda. 1oer i.Oetge 4anlgeiU.
Hewena. Hnllipatrmg ane . M&Uuoula. - a44 &- w.
For Anond...a. .. a.3 a... 4.31o and '.. P. Mr.
For Anaconda. hleer IJulge. Garriusi
and aU thrunigh pointa Piast to 14.
Posit. )f. 1Iwmit and Chiiago; aloeI to
pmini. Weal. vix: Missoela. Mpmilan*
alls. Taumma. lortlnd aid Man
Fran .... .. .. 3.00) p. m.
FoR Immf rt, tIe'.lr Ilo ge andl GLarrisoa
FPre-ight trafasi ..... . a. In. and 9.00p. mn.
Stecamahip [email protected]* few oil irvints In Kurope via
any tine crisaling he. Atlaneic at ch*%p ratws.
Ye'r hill Infoirmation atlelre.,
tIIAM. S. VKV. i.ceniL aawenpetr Agt..
St. Iunot. 1% mn.
JAS. MeV(A Iii, ieneral Aggt.,.xM Main St..
4)lop. Howne-r Me.nuilt. Conisa .
knit.. Montana.
4'nr -
TH I.-.
Montana Central
Manitoba Railways.
Il-twern Anuamni.la. Hlltto. Helena. MarsvWlle.
*L. Mlll, Millllta 'tinm. ('lli..Cl a.
all laiit. Ea"t.
Now Open for Passenger Traffc.
The ouly UPr nlnnlnse Nlle 3ltpin'tl Cars.
Ianx Fre itu ainling ars, lotntival I -ti »asmehn
m oDs rre 4kr« ptsua CaIu rs (eM Cawua'lass PuIPD
gers, betwees
T11fit.1WS Huatite daily :I 0 a. ni.
Safety. Comfort sad Courtesy for Our
Rutte to lt. Paul la 40 h.Aur.
A. ,'. IV'4. Iten. Mu arrg. Hnlea.
1. II. I.ANcIl.KY. G(;-n.lTM At . ll~reua.
1i. R. I»AW >'. 4 . ,l;. Ayr tl. Buttl-.
S_____________________() 0
Can Make Better Time by Mail in Reaching Every
Point in the State than any other
Newspaper in Montana.
FROM the date of its first number the STANDARD will have
more readers than any other daily newspaper published in the
Northwest. It will have plenty of interesting matter every
day. It is good for office, shop or store, for mill or mine, for hotel, saloon
or rectory, for farm or fireside. It is a paper for the people.
Try it for a month. It will cost you one dollar.
The ANACONDA STANDARD gives particular attention to its advertising
department. It directs your attention to the skill and care and taste with
which its advertisements are arranged and displayed. No newspaper in
this part of the world can match it in this respect. Each issue of this paper
will be a model of the printer's skill in the display of its advertisements.
The terms on which the STANDARD takes advertising are moderate and
every prosperous business man in this region can put himself in communi
cation with the public at rates that will pay him handsome returns. If you
want live advertising send in your copy or write to the business office.
Strangers visiting Anaconda are invited to visit the publishing house of
the STANDARD. It is complete in every department. It is the pride of the
T'he SrTANDAkl is an eight-page daily having the full service of the As
sociated Press and a thoroughly organized special service which brings
news direct to its editorial rooms by special wires. It is a Democratic
paper. If you belong to that party you can read it with profit. If you are
a Republican you will find in this newspaper a fair fighter and can have all
the opportunity you want to "talk back." At all times and under all cir
cumstances the STANDARi will be inspired by a determination to treat all
men and all issues in that spirit of fairness that distinguishes successful
journalism everywhere.
The department of the S-rAN.sDAk relating to news will be most complete.
Its general and miscellaneous reading will be edited with greatest care.
Men and wo\\men will enjoy it and it will be a safe and suggestive paper in
the hands if every child.
Order the STAN.AM, I sent to your address. You get it for three and one
third cents a day.

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