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The Anaconda standard. (Anaconda, Mont.) 1889-1970, October 18, 1889, Morning, Image 6

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Ilk, where III.
-=-a tr ~n L L mad.
lb. ea e viptd w
T rain'ce. a mf a wD
Thqr Ibe"f- haewi
Mi mob is Ut... flu emma bUm tis
The . A&- that is nr' ulrrd.
If#wasall em kiwi of laig.
~b h Uinfbar gait Uk~
,ol - Ihuimu p4 tired.
NV ei. U. MA4agtWE'K.
Prom Dasles Mesthly .Magss.
"Yes,'" .peated Job Watkins. "she a
rived here by ast might's stage, an' the
quiis, what's ths wer tamp gain.
-- do ablouht It?" A dead silence followed
this q.a.m te group of miners gpthered
--ound Eaad's harnot being accustomed
to deride as poinat of moality.
"Wal." ventwsd Bob Tlnaelt after an
interval during which every man's emapt
as was replenished "what I've got to
is this, "that as thing so ar comfort
able up at Dick Wagins'. let them be, an'
-a it's clearly ag'in female human astier'
for two wives to sit aong samlln' ina the
- house, let this woman go Iheck and
in oldr to make It aseuar', let euesman and
man, hlp in amld make it wuth her while
to o without main' mothin' to Dirk."
A ds hbands went to as nmany pockets.
i prmetdeal r.powse to this appeal, hbut
-oo aIweatd = as Joe Wathins, who
appeaed In the light of public proeseator,
-- stepped forward. "That's ot the
I say that Wiggins aster be pan
Ishd he's playedl t meea on this eamp,
mid If I know the hoay they'll play t back
M hidn to a pretty tune. Why, when
piot died over to Mouth Fork mow
a.Ir, am' Waggine went an' brought him
er over es his wife. didn't thisa yre
a peak well didnkt t iseak ost un
eamoindh well, at Wamis t"
"It did," res- de te crowd with the
omity of an opera chorus.
"awar other. e a miht her thought
of that wldder, but en' more modest,
why W no got ahead, and the caam
_W-Wllnn; but now here's.he
ee a ad knvin -and ar wie turna upl
and the qouetion is, what's the camp gain
todo ihoutit?"
The orator knew lia audlince too well
to make the Infrmngement of the marriage
la-w the chief point of his Indictmaaent. and
herrdoe dwet on th- delo used red
Wrasins toward society at ct'. Fina.
Dik-shoold have laid the muatter heforet
them, should have conikled in theta as
men not ulhfa.llir with domenstik lealnlc
Ity and in that cam' theyr woukl have e*en
quite willing to Igolre the first wife and
mur himot L in e inapendig troaeute.
i had not chosemn to sat accordling t.o
pmcede~t, .oeeeq ar atly the camp felt
ateagel d diadspmel to liste n to Wat
"I .lsay" pursued the maoern Aristkler,
"tehat Justice hes gut ter he dotce."
"But they can t Lothl have hiaen," ne
marked a th.l yhtful bhystander. "" What
becomnees of .lo' wkdow, if tlai* stran
ger takes the pt ? You mer, matrimony's
a kind of gamen in whkhl you cara't divkle
the stake."
"That ain't the pln't; it's the prInrerple.
Rabl.lt's Find ain t o.t anythin to nluch
and ter spare in the way of puorality; it
ain't a heatima out and .verlotwinlg wila
virtue to that extent that it camn afortl to
ept a thing like this ano h."
An afilrsative mnurnuur ran round the
rowd. which was quite r y to atone* for
indiv ehoerteoinulnr hearty in
dormegutens of abstract Brim ciple. 'It's
been a rather dry measo in maorah round
te right along, snd I take it the c•amap's
ot gin' to pas this tissue it will take a
l fin the gamee, and Wiggilll has got
oer get."
Jack lefray thouht that Babhbit's could
withhtand worse shock than this, and
moved that the matter h left In the hands
of Dick and his two wives.
"P'm with you there, pa..." saki Bell
Thnapsoni, "and I elkon therm e isn't a
man 're a would wish to go you one
~ ns that. You bet this is Dick's own
t.ra mne, and if It comes to moselat
--..a Ie rgot to may is that the man
g bot ao straigh flush of that mault
This lohral view of the siltuation
wabtd hearty appltausse hut as Joe Wat
is W nted thea rFelligla.t e lemenrnt of
e P so far . as it cotuld he raid to
ust a his asrguenast finally carried
he day. It was evreltually de. de.l that
the sb hold eet the utag by which:
W mmCwo.uld arrive the following night,
eascort him to the nmeeting-house.
where, In the presrence of hii. two wives, I
-e bsould tear his .1ntemcne mo hani - I
WI.Ot trola a.t. ri:M .< I.M
S * * * *
Watkins. aftfer leavinli the aHlOnli,
turna.d of in Sth diretionl of %Wagg.."
homne, which differed frml th1- iurround
Inl shantiem by rmWuo of it.s eleilinasei
within and it little gardena without.
Whast evil brilrg you hewre Jo. Wat
-ine? No god. I'll he lound,' maid Mrs.
Wagginla confronting her unwelcomen vim
'"It' a Christian duty, my friend."
"K.ep that for thowm you want to de
"Wel, now, ef it conme ter dereiving i
gaues I'll bwv tsr give way Utr Wa.aiin: it
-pears e ef the could lay over the hull
aUap at that."
"What do you mean ? Some of your
is, of course. You are a horn liar and I
ant believe youou culd speak the truth,
wem by seekient."
"Go on. mum; don't stint yourself; and
IU allow you're powerful pretty when
*you.* msey ; but maybe you won't be so
- u whae Mr. Wain come. to
heb her rigthful place along f Dick."
"What-what do you mean ?" and de
-md er effort to eem unmoved her voice
i anMd baer lip, rew white.
Oh. 'roe begnniang ,o look skeer*
r r s j eMt i- In."
" you won 9-tay there. Tell me
!wiyou msan and when Dick comes-"
**I . m whben Dick comen he'll find the
- 1r this eamp onalubrious. You ee,
his t- wifeo' come and folks are kind o4
---i * of you by your old name of Spi
i4reme woman tggr as if she had r
ed a tblow, andyet i1 seemed am if the
mew- eas to her as the fulllment of an
' dmd.i r her th.an as a revelation of
eaf aiawr Delancy was her name
o-- the S« s. Shbe's got cheek
W n a ad a laub that yer can kete
- hlwa p South Fork mountain.
.wbuy baeme wron do e Wtei lovely cri
t .m dtk l hbe Mu Diek's s-tr gwt,
tds lve leave t's id T"
_".Tm. YeT. - the~_'. duwr muad,
"Yes . T oey s--t--g o
em'eese ser sthnies hwFd dd &I
sthe rpl llimt -wa
"Uilmom. you snake He did do t. M
orenst bt h m and nmy poo edr
"ie dldi when wrembhesr like you
would lve made pverty amd my love for
them a tansmptatl."
"Whast -uforllvin' tImper you've
sae Mab you'll wih you hadn't bIe
o pst wie y e hrhe vedle' aglht hl
to-mavow nlght. Tlhe e willU htl
at the asA. d tk him straight uthM."
r rawbl she stood looking after her
old enenr as If unable to bramp the situa
tion. What was she to do? How could
shee avie lick ? Should she take her
children and flee? No, that would he
idle. She knew her husbtnd too well to
think that he would allow her to acrifice
he.slf. Her eyes wadered over the camp
whose liht shone like lre flies thoub
the faint veil of nist, and then turned to
the nIeighborinl mountain, with Its belt of
ines, utll atlat they t o the r ol e di.
ltat outline of the Sierras. The hot day
had been followed by a Multry night, and
the momentary brei e which lad bruht
a little frchnau4m died away as suddenly as
it had colne. The place was not beautiful;
even the softening grace of nilgt was
powerleu to roh it of Its ugllnses; and yet
to this woman. It had a fascination no
words could exprems. It was home; and as
the tbouht that she must leave It cane to
her, he looked upon it as Eve may have
looked on tie parden whlen its gates were
about to clme behin. d her.
Must they he driven away berause the
wretched woman who had destroyed and
deserted Iwr hus.lxnd had choien to (imne
hark to hinm " Dick had told her the story
of his nlimtrable narriage. (nd she had
listen~,A to the cries of her children and
the promnptilg of lher heart; and now
this womann Iad found hism out, und they
must go forth henarm.
"Oh. Dickk! Dikk! Have I conme to you
to ruin you? Must I give you up? O
canlnot! I ctanaot !"
She rkied aloud in her ag.ny,lookinr up
to the solemnu inidnehlt sky. hut no answer
came to her from tna starry dome, and
nature slept voikelmes In the hot, windless
The neseing house at Rabbit's Find
owed its exieteace to one of those sidden
hursts of emotional relios feellsn to
whibh nmen who lead lives ae
quently prne When Mrs. Wll
reachedle meting hounse ber
was alread there, and without a wead
she et nd stood his sie. The two
clasped andr s and slently into
each other's fam. neither having words
tempr. the eell that posesesaed
of the pulpit. and near him met the .
rline of the hao, smiling pleasantly on
the company.. The crowd was unusually
well dressed. So man hoaled shirt, it
was remarked afterward had never been
meen before in the camp. It was the dry
season, which a ceusted for the gat
sendanee thenajority. however,preerd
banl2aMI around and disessmlsa tle mtter
out o .r to listeninlg to Jues elosesece
"Tlings her t~rs gettin' lax for some
tinme" sait Watkinsa, "an' the camp's Ue
.klkl to nake a stand, and Waggais hbes
got ter git that's it, he's .ot ten t.
There's tiwee thi.gs as BRasit's Pind
cans't ataend -bhou satelin', crrookl dealin'
at catnI andl bigany. The camp ain't
manewuaiii*l,. l.t that's tihe verlk*'; and as
lclk W.'ri hes eekrtedl his lovise' wife
and narrr Sliggott's wkkier. why. In
tenar., Ihn'a grot ter it."
The orm n uea for a reply; heat he
for. it coslkl he givesl. lick, turninsag il
rack on Je. adktresrt hbin Judge.g:
"PFve years lago." he makld. "l married
that misateel Je.rse.i. who left asoe after
s1 luhad spenht ay slsol.sy aeld d(riven ne
to tdrink asld kdespair. HIkoyn you know
what I was wbhesl I clne here'; yoa know
what I ame snow. What I was thlen was
the work of that fied, wluat I asm now is
the work of thls goodu woman. She in my
wife lea thes iglht of (tld and iln tIw smight of
all lsotewt anem. Yonder is hell; here,"
clasping her to his breast. "is haven.
She is any wife. my own trase wife, and d
tae law whicL mays she's snot!"
A thesnder of aiplause broke out on this
sp et.. in thia mlLt of which Bob Tianett
enterld thle building.
"HSakes asld live hlnilstnaiag!" he ez
elainasel as hi, eye.*s Ill on thw de.erted
Arladuse, who at that mnoment was vigoir
ousnly applaehisgll the speed. of ler The
mesau. "Aa"* yo.u the deserted wife that in
fernal hypocrite has b J.wins about ?"
"I)o you knaow her?" asked'Wagglita,
eagedrtr. "If no. u can tell thean what
mart of a womaumia any boyish follyl uade
nay wife.."
Naot y our wife Dick. my hay because
I'd aarried her te yearr hefo.*, and I wars
number three."
"C[ofoauad yea, Joe Watkinas" was the
aunepesed e(inder of the much nar
rked woman. A preatty mess you've got
me into; but you never were worth your
"What! Did yot know him hefore?"
isoutedl a dosen vokdes, while the advocate
of public ..orality trned from gray to
"Know hinT? Why, he was my first
venture. Y(s may he sure, gentlene,. I
did not know nyv own value in the market
when I married hisn. He protnlawd me a
pile if I would cose along and work this
Iame. He'd got a spite against poor Dick
and his wife. I hated to do Dick another
ill turn. Upon my honor, now, Dick I
did ;bat I'l struck nothing but I'll luck for
"'Don't ,T m'ame." replied Dick.
grimly. . hat I havejeatlearned makes
me very Ia eyo m. Bt as for this
bound-- ld beo urned on Joe, who grow
elled at hsl feet in ahie terr.r.
"Don't shoot, Diek, said Jack Le.fr.
"Such verminam asot wrth lead. He is
aevnie for Get p.w you eur, and
At dis n ,w bys, .rSag for ' and go.
And now, boys. stla t for ad'e."
A st ONetaisl TEstepheae Uapsersee.
An amusing a edotI s old about the
rseet encperenee of Bare , eon M ttenach,
the Wuasemnbxeg mial-pr eiset wit
the telephoae. His e.elleher was aely
ia visit In~ llioo io on at Ulsm.
m Uope ting athe slghts et he tow.n i.
company with his .slatives and a Ham
burg seator, he went ate requesto
the lanter to o poetoea to try the eow
tesphbl emection botween Utlm and
Stutart. After rlagi g ande askil to be
comneted with the Iueege oaee at that
townl the iamiiar viesofle w t neery
servant was beard asking broad Weu
temhee dialect : "Whol s he T" To Herr
oan M1lu aebt's reply. "MLaeas-rprseeieet
MiWtnaht "-there case he Imlpatsu t
saswer: "You e bhle*eds aoen'try wand
g nrea me i nt *ts -ipip'eidont is not as
Ul." His emelleny replied: Yes, I
E r o o s.- servant would not believe
vo6oe of the m·siseer, and save ws
well now evasive amwer: " A1 = -=
tissemsn have e out." The vams ate
as rder me oeroee. Time ervmre as
al erst the eoummnsat ene with
aseeevallSa that his iaefetuertL
was quite a ditye et ble fs what urhe
0 - d to be. s" t * was -ot going
is be ngo m se emelt .
The mews .1 the emam we i
Mam ais to W Dam loemwh Ias.
as and .1 diusse a. m- e.03y
La-v -md hm ldh. I m.at
a*uhdn the pamthse m11, of be* Oe
birelf morely pa "eP ls," = tIpedlep
Mr. Blaw iins haoke wat mln b the fatev
-of Mr wom Gr , the late hs mdam ofy -
state and thue fSamous Dr. Damree s ame
hosehld rwehr,. A r eoat m peopled
have *apru ed surpe that a atmsems
Seemls I aas hig a *peou on a Mr.
Ilseo lul was foola enoo a mueite bto
wasw Is" dauuhter and a man
who, no muater ow diiba
,gushed hib father mt y hive bsewis
himself merely a "fddler." Be perbeps
Mr. Bl(aie has taken warning by twhe ar
of Mr. Gr vy. the late pres . Mt of t
renc repuwhalk, wh was coanre ted with
a similer problem about a dopes tear
a waind was foolish enough to permlt h
sclal ambition to intefer, with hisb
fr. manvy rers before the pem . rr her.
That i to m. r he was the n et rofvis
ehal with a trdlpu ha t, tbick uaIbllh at
sapoulshe whom we .ee draw with tu
Irrat the e bhueor in the paes of the
Pularis ol of li papris. His le p d beent
a wasle-wonma asle was his hoavenkeeper
for oany years before he morried her.
Whirle . Grevy was ptresient of the
chamber of deputies his daughter
formed an attachment for M.
Capoul, who was at that time
at Me verhy eight of his h eand tbhe
gapela Lot oallParts ( returned
ep arections after the annter enpcnon
to operatic tenors the world over and their
engragement was gladly sasetioned by the
parents who thought i an fine maat for
their daughter. But when Ganshetta
placed hls in the presidential chair M.
and Mme. Grevy began to have higher
aspirations for their daurhter, especially
an a distinguished anit wealthy swell
named Wilson a*ppeared on the Scene as
a clainmant for her hand. Caposul was dis
minsed, In spite of tie tears and Ioteta
tions of the heart-brken girl. and started
fer America whore, in the Joy of success
and popilarity, he soon forgot his nmortil
cation. M'lle Grevy married Wilson and
the result of the match is known to the
whole world. The son-n-law took to pec
ulations of the most reckless kind and the
iherst of Indignation which followed the
discovery that he was traficing in the dec
orationm of the Legion of honor was so
stroUn that it swept poor M. Grevy from
the presidential chair into thedeep shades
of unenviable obcurity which are the
final porton of many ex-kimgs and prei
It is posible that Mr. Blaine, who is a
close student of history -both ancient and
contemporaneous-took these things into
account when he sanctioned the engage
mennt between his daughter Margaret and
Walter Danruromch. late leader of orchestra
at lte Metropolitan opera house.
EMiatry of a Great sems.
When P. D. Besham and I started the
present Arbsasaw Traveler, we bad, after
paying for the type, just money enough to
get out three issues; but as I had run -eu
eume me, walked--so anuny papers without
any money at all, I felt greatly encour
aged. It was some time before we began
to put money in the bank -nladeed, our
business in that direction has never en
Joyed a rush. There were times when It
was a strain to pay the printers, but they
didn't seem to fn.l it. They took tlhe
onaney as emotionleasly as it we had found
it in the road. For a long time adver
timers were slow la recognisisg our "un
rivalld facilities." They were extremely
stupdkl. They didn't coae around and di
ipute any of our assertions. They silently
aecepted our statneenta. but eeurtinued to
neglect their oppartunities. We seat them
the following circular:
"(leatte. e-The Arbansaw Traeler
now goes all over the world, and it is with
difltultr that we have kept it from going
to hell.'
After this statemnent had been made, ad
vertisements began to muve towards us.
(olomnel Ben Simmons advertised for a
stray calf. and John W. Fillpot put in an
announeement to the effret that he would
not he responsible for debts contracted
hb bhis wife. We sent for Mrs. illpot and
told her that she had been insulted. "But
what am I to do ?" she asked. "Madam,"
my partner answered, "put in an adver
tisenent stating that you will not be re
sponsible for debts contracted by your
Nhe did so and our paper becawm a sue
cese.--Op P. Reed.
Olsasrlma Autammm Lavem.
From the Hartfoed iot.
"Rerginakl, dear. can you not take the
girls out where they can gather somo au
tumn leave to-ormarow T" "Yes, I gums
o. But what I. the matter with the tres
about the place There I. as good a v
risty of leaves within 100 feet o( the houms
as there is within 10 mitle." "Oh, the
rl. don't care anything about the leaves.
inald. They want to eat sandwlhes
nd elly-cake in the woods."
There is talk of matching Dominick
McCa'rEr to fight La Blanche for a big
strake and a 85,000 purse.
oemwr Irom a"l Wa Ise&.
The Finest of Imported Wines
Liquors and Cigars
Ye Io bemmi I a e st em.-, 3a - hmi-.
An Elegant Free Lunch
srvm boa aF a" MO .w
IN Ot.fi, 8. m m iM.
+ V*..tJ*.*. He *R+
1A% Omlp FPirt-CI.es ePl U Mer
to tA. Ceite.
Stationers o Booksellers
ala.eas lews Iai.
Contractors and Builders
Hinams -a aI a erwa.
PermanenUty loemed I
At toutheat Corner of Main and Broadway.
Private naumrae a a Broadway.
Medical and Surgical Institute.
Kansas Cty Mo. M Francisco. Cal
Ir. LUebig & Co. are regular d ain med
lene and sur ary d eal practdtioMr an
thad by the states of Mlour, Callfotem ml
MOINTA Ato treall Chr ocNerv. m. -V
vate dismease, whether eausedby Ilmpr t ee
IKxreu, or (C'oataoa), Ilaminal Wflumf
(might lo-meb, Sexual IteblUty. (lo os aem
p r). Nervous Iebilty, lo of mrv
row) IMmeses ofr U blood, (nPhl amorr
bh , l tleet amnl trtture) Cured. urio e
nuaat wd with life mmberskip. Charem low.
ousad. oa ases rured. All medie arO r
erllalu pryred for eah Indlvdiu Ont at Lfr.
Immudory. oijurkois or poisonous coponds
Notinme lost fm Husiness. ratlts at a dis
tane treated by letter and expeMs. Medlene
seat everyWhere free from gx or breage.
In ltdise of the B nlood. in t He
Nervous syl, as well s Uv. idn
(lravel 'mplaats Rheumatlsm, y ad
all other ('bConkl dIsease
Write for Illutrated papers on Deformitiele
Club feet, Curvature o t he lpne_. -_ Tumor,
('nosir. (ata-rh, BronhteIms I h1s Ese
rBld e.Bye, Ear. kin sklad Snall " d.r
r. Pl ara atn
Ilr of Women a speelalty. Separate par
lorm fr ldv patleta.
The only el Mle Medlral and nurgical last
tute makig a specialty of Private seas.
All blood diees succeko y treated. ypb
Illtis Poison removed from the sye wit
:mrrury. New estorative Trem nt for Ls
SV ower. Persons unable to visit us may
he treated at home by corrsmoadere. Al com
munk-lath ronlcdentlal. Mrdklrns or Instru
ments arnt by mall or express securel peaked.
I c permuaoal nterview preferred. Cal ad dn
sult us, or send history of your ase. sad we will
mend in plain wrapper our Hwnok Free explaining
why thlouanud cannot be cured of Prlvate,
lperial and Nervous DIMeases, emninal Weak
nems. Apermatorrhlw*e Implmteon. Hyphllis. (tea
orrhea. MIleet. Varlkwtr-le. et..c .
Ir. IAeblr & Co. are the only 4 8uallied or re
IM>lMIHile lletlmalltr left in Motanua lice tle
unew meInl.al law.
It )mlr hionur from n 9to .i a Il to 9 p. m.; or by
a|lsMlfllntmnt In olshiuclre aIUI IIrgent *aiens.
4JrNewtomn hire. are aients for sale of Dr.
hl.lglK's Invlgorator in Hultte City. Montana.
WM. L. HOOK, Predest.
MARCUS DALY, Vice Pres't.
W. M. Tkeratee, Casier
First National Bank
CAPITAL, - - 100,000
Bayr ad sell Dmmeale amd PIga 3..a.
COm I ba ý l iNe a b
vý*Rl M APO p3S" 5 :'.
Clar - ---l-ý l.'ý. :2:i:2J22: 22: 222 D .' 4 ,
Guaranty Loan Company
Capital, Fill Paid, $1,000,000
OaMs tmpe.ly wbll . . S.em..
Carriages, Buggies,
ime m alu S. a ma a ams .ma, g m
MAW -nr
c mms m a aemip, ~ m mh emse. Gam-.
. Iisi- , Dm Iemts, Am-su, Ubk. U, k i zsg.s a.m .1
Mb1age osmpsmls* R.deres. Weeks.
Geared and Direct Acting,
T pueall sad Dsvlepmes .idk. Muimr .
" Wire JTrarrvays
Tr Tamates MIlo- ..d uad mabrr Cmeemat. r. Zestie., LIM Pis.h 1
Aa4em~ for euMd Roek DrU. sad Coame.mpo, (oi. Zswte~.r. .ew~l
Pumps. Most Sow.r., K.ne.. 6l i Dolula Raw MIk. P.aurtle.i
Dmad Dril sed M . Co. aMR.rawaaut. s ..
Valad SIes. Netrioe LUbht Co. New waves Maeliae Tooes. Mam-s
* Redeska Valves.
-S -
OmNuraL Wrranu MAxAoam.
Sole Wemste. Alofts for
Tyler Wire Works Double Crimped Mining Cloth.
But & Packard aid Laid, Schober & Iltc.ell's
cRoomcqW Mrrcum..
Desiring to close out our entire stock of Clothing aud Fumrni a
Goods and handle nothing but Boots and Shoes exclusively, we ,
continue our sale of Clothing at Actual Cost until every garmen is
sold. If you need a suit, a pair of pants, or an overcoat. See w
prices before you buy and save money.
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Next Door to Bank. - - - - Anaconda, Mot.
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Domestic, Imported and Key West Cigars
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JOB. F. MURRAY, - - Main Street, Anaconda.
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