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The Anaconda standard. (Anaconda, Mont.) 1889-1970, October 18, 1889, Morning, Image 8

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--a S s t lhV M* 3.0 Kbg
mee- ____m wto a Umeis Lm s.t*
$h. Paves, kSL. 1.-Am .elegl eamhda
m eth Ne. Pad wee. empssd ea
len u pep thi siteeme. Te.s wes
oes. A. Whiem, wthe - him ame am. 3l
h. who MSks m et an he .t
Se Le aa t. ars ot l dd a t l . .a
viah t hi. thr The mrke. bether.
s- eur·nk NI .t- . the euclew.
T-hedhim. hwhd .hmead White's
sSe nrS to h eI.t, ww aw. ea nwed
with the ms.. mle lrn weeks. Tw .ae
raw mowehte, awakeslmesu alker theam hi
h.oser. he alrm ..id thatk hi. .iLderi
tentk we mus" sad that .he hadt .
ed. womB o Whimle. ron d i'sd
at s.e. deenseed. Wilskuut waitlag to tell
Ni emothr he rushed over tob e sto l.
1 the WImeeoen Cenbtral road and
leerinme Igeoqr that White sad his .le
tee had tk the ArB trasin for the city.
He was doati detective work n hisr
own da onta. Anoither trailn tood at the
eetlsa reaudy to leave for the .Sty and he
jumped aboard. Arriving bere he went
Moeset. pnikw bsaskauarteri and told
et uti toUrLit. Cook. The otlxlcr wept
with him to the Union dept at ore and
Sthe enetn tar sthe. mrl'traunk was
found. w. . UTh
will nme here orthe tMtru ," he ma
"and then we'll et 'emn." He et down
on the trunk and ; eered to wait.
Shortly b'wre 8 otbcrk White appeared
at the aUmn, intemli h to cluck
the true to Rush ('it "That'. hibin.
shunated the boo. and the ponllemina
nahed him. The girl was outside in the
waitingrom and her hboy boher war
aons anhrau hoer. Slew broke down
the tbeegged to he taken hInee. She
wab taken to poltse bt.adqasarters and her
nother telecraphed for. Mrs. Ptelch ar
rived a beaur later and took harck her
penitent daýtehter and triisiuleiant son.
White was lrked up at the (central mta
tion enargod with aldution. He i. a
marrierd man, hut has not lived with his
witf who Is now in Virginia with their
eil for three years. He thad a pass to
Rush City, where he had contracted to
work, and d pun eraed a ticket for hi.
gunag inamaurata.
pmug nawraa.
a Q- ssueo woeth, wk.o meMd Nis
Wshlr. la to Itareb.
PoarrmANn, (re., (et. 17.--A Yaung man
who ha. beet cutting a wide swath in the
west eame to grisf yesterday. Vi namte
I Geo. C. Hasewell, and be hall. feen
artet, C('~n. He is tall and aadsomse,
et atbale build. THi mnousthe ago he rotb
bad his father, a wealthy Hartford man,
of . 4) of rgltstered United States
mded-. and elace t ha. beenu h seol the
e--atry. He bohbed up hero ton dsaa
iand until ypeter.day had been maklin
al swells green with eavy hr his lavish
.peltditur.s of mney. After the rob.
begy, Nm. C. Has~well. the usae, started
on a chase and vwiste. the principal ities.
1e arrivled lq Portland esterda and
whille walking about the city eaw ti nep
hew. The. yuungr nun wilted and goin
to hi.s htel prhaluceml 14OUIU0 in hoade and
quite a sone in coin. The uncle and neph
ew started for Hartford last evening.
One S. Wkmm ?ratars Had tS.* I'Saktd.
Excla*dbLatou I.ints were drop.i)edu by
the studshnts of the exh-Beaumont haspital
y.atskrlay at the.ir temporary l.esttlre
rnswns. FIErtet*lnth str-eet ansId Luas
place. says the .St. Leuas ti ulJw-lfm*s.ru* ,
until a sort of parhlr eyshlnue was set
prrating alnIat ti I.n ssuj~ct of thie loeturl,
Frank Edlaertorn. Tie case was a s-.
markathl. onm,. and brought Texas to the
front onte*. nIre".
It happ e.nl this w.vy: Mr. Edler..ton is
a nan of :tm years, is Itwight. mwxileh ansld
witty in a qailllt. quiet way. Inst a way
that mctuns h.ltsd tn o obtasi nasUe dlay.
Nlatlrs has ba en littlel Iankind to hint,
however, and to remedy tlhis Ie soughlt the
aid of St. I-sais phyuis-ians. All that i.enwd
to be s.e matter with Ilin, was that bhe
had a haw-lip. a clekft alate. twe healsas
front sne* -ye . lashedl at an acsate angle
erums lew yrlsl. of the other, allI 1 had
no eyu-.awws. Still Slis buad tot d-teredl
him f.mnl a wedudisll with a very hand
mne and estin ahls lady of the Lote Star
state. even t.honh the waist of a niumstar.h
was added to other omisions in his make
u. The lady dkil. however, and after
ease years Mr. Edgerton saw another op.
potussllty to wend ould he bul ovevrrnme
the har-lir .uhata-nck. Hence his visit
.-eee. Dr. Waldo Briggs saw that this was
a ereinarkLae ease ansd ret his whole staR
to works in an seWurt to ener·t a cure-. neau
timsm kertsaring sn iMr. lEdgerton as u"otn
plently as tlMaough h were a teat-teemk.
n s isaaguratiss oft y'esterday's lee
rtue Dr. i esUn.rllmated the npatie.nt's
to tshlie al Ibu- In. knlsw of. anId then
ike*t :
'"1 thilbs I've* gsot tlntmll all, sir, havlen't
I ?"
"All but Stlls." nrL.lied Mr. idg'rtlon-.
and. uI oTff a v er, .lk.vev.r. dke*.*.pive
wig. dilyed a lins.ad as poleshel d as tin"
ma.tiners of Lord ('hesterfleld. To say
that the clas. was asiasddl westid he a ger
t.e statement. Not a aslspicion of a lurk
nal hair -oeld hi elntelrtainsd.
"How long halve yrsn Weein san bald "
asked the dortor.
"SWlne my birth, sir, is as far as nIu.ll,
Cy merv in me," he replierl, ioly enlljoying
their asosiubnent.
"What, wholly innorent of hairt " same
in a chorus.
"Never knew of antybly having an at
tarbm. ent for one solalted specimen. The
wr is a cut. one and even fnoled my
wife for a long tin., but wonar n will get
to the bottom of thin.."
The nest leeture at that eolleg will be
a mieomeopk"l eaminatikn of the eper
deeis to ascertain whether any trace of
aes appear in the cul Tbey .elleve it
Ls bnoenmal, hut he says: "It's just the
way that nature mad. ne and I ain't
ram-A merge&=* at UtO&le.
IDzimiB. Oct. 17.-- The Pan-Amneriran%
arrived hew this morning and afte break.
famst boarded a steman yacht for a trip up
$be Detroit river.
Axx Annow, Oct. 17.-The all-American
exursMion arrived this afternoon. The
eia was deeMrsad and thousands of town
couen"y apple Uaed the hill sides and
res. T ve inrs were siven &a enthu
i-"- riatoa r- U- the 0 S atudents of
m um MibausiTTsty. which Institution
bEtInapwtm After ifbn wre axewp
«a t deleirafta attended inner, as the
ifi90- «orw -n~ BifAnsaladt-ib
no Knew.
vVem 3)vO% Unaso.
Do~tr (to d.f p«AIent) : 'Deatb does
m d aD, mALy 4taar friend." Drina man:
* e &aedk.bw You and the undertaker
VWr bille after that"
From tMe Mereoo Tnowdele.
I.. dWW you'we got time." "*Ye; be
m from43 German." -1 thought 0 o."
'.wbr -Kw voice rIm&4dr me of
Uahimwa m.
soIs. h b oa wb o ai w wi w~ doib
hkmilf -.6
Uibe maui.a emmgn, fhlsw herba.
how fall tm pusim ý Z7lk
Nobishmlooks =so Uk oa
Ula ahfmmde gesi Imlsam hev huesw
MUV eamp -MSI nwA.
in am tow = . oh w aits SU Wims
I Arearmp Iuowpr&*..
Last ver sft~i-ve Sin..peemd
ee~s awrla amid ..kWi a elust
Apeaeding to pa pmr vin &A oeuve I
s~~wa 1111 r sem" at ml warpa
Wve first.m U
Tbe7 maw thee hvdbseda waow
and ,:oriaiba sboy won't &poll hef'w. &boy
An Ohio dlem hudfIm Il, hs ý
17--yeMrod daaldnn ei t t m.d
dro about the ecountry for thriee weeks.
Her a..ls eeeeded any that her father
ever made in the atme igth of time.
The anual et pa r maI In nome t the
arnies of u.wle i d64 In Gremt ritaln,
£ in Autron-m dry, -. an Germany.
1l tea In Russia. Rwteeral ceomee at
the bottom f the list, with an mnnual east
of only £7 per man.
Young Miss Wilus: "Where are you
oing, papa ?" Mr. Wtilras: "To the
peninrauce meeting. We intend to in
augurete a movement to save the poea-g
mes- of the oUsantry." Yoarng Mis Wilges:
"Ty and save ai real nice one for s.e
will you, papa dear?"-Terre IIaut A.r
Harold P. Brown, the electric espert.
y "the resatmenc of the human hotl
as JM00 ohms." A slim young man wh.
has had great experince in swinging at
wonmen at Sunday school picnic, offers to
lay dollars to doughnute with Mr. Brown
that it I. nearer 40,000.-Brookym Eagle.
It is exprlined that the handamea for
tune left ql the late Prof. Loomis, and be
uethoed to Yale college, was derived from
tL rs le o hi. hooks, ard i rom
his as a profemsor. Thea upaaa
tin is rather susaperfluous, camdrg the
way college protessors are paid is this
It will, perhaps, strike most p as
somewhat odd that there i a stady .i
portation to America of Irish auntinsy.
ears. Aeoadilg to the errlae-naher,
a certaln number feNthuelastl Irishmen
have a earing after teir nlatii e o rn oa
conveyance at certain periods of their
lives, and straightaway sed over to Ire
lead for a ear. Ors however, the
cars are urualy laid meld after the novel
Most people take it for granted that be
cmuse musk I. sold in what is called a pod,
therefore it is a vegetable product. But
the truth I. that it is entirely an animal
produit. heing a substance found in a two
or three inh esac in the body of the little
musk deer of Asia. The sac when tied
ap and dried goes h. the name of a pod
among the hunters who bring it into mar
ket. Prothl there are few things sub.
ject to such adutlterstion, as one quart of
pure musk will scent thousands of parts
of senme other powder ninglkd with it,
and as the pods sellfronm $15 to pO apiece
the adulteratiton h its profints.
The Wellt-Vised Wi WeMsalda't sippler a
La., HMasead.
Not ninry yearr ago one of our suburlh
wna tlmrownw int. a state of great agitation
by tre selaratkil of a married ctople.lnltyu
the Pitt-laurg ('ornmerri. l (lasete. They
ue.*mnt.l to I.' living lhapily and setting
along iaieily, with the excr.ption, that the
lIhulland was, tcousaneltly out of a j.lb.
Thni,. however, was far from hbeing a
sounre of worrimnesat to himn, as him wife
was well fiAed.
'he took a different view of the ease
and gave him timely noti'e to quit or get
some emplokyment by which e couhld
iuake enough to keep himuself. He pre
tended to hunt for work. but always came
in with the sae.e story.
Whenl the time was up she Ipaked his
grip. gave hinl nmaoey enough to gut out of
town, and bid bhin good-hy.
He didn'klt think she would do it, hau
when he found she was earnest he quietly
"'"Whor I manrried him," she maid in de
ftetue of her action, 'he war getting a
good salary. I hald etnusaagh to keep yself
andl wan willing to do nay shaie toward
building up a home. He lost his situation
a year ago through negl ai.cr. Peeling
tlat he had nw to fall back on he dkidn
carg whether he worked or not.
"Ti.e wenlt os andl lmy effort to get
him to go to work were fruitlems. Then k
was that I aude, up my antilad that he
would do no goodn as lonag as I had a do
lar. Several times be wanted to go into
speculatiosl, n aIlay capital and got ver
grnalmy be"uatla. I wukln't consent.
"~e.llag tLhat 1 hiln't enough to keep
both of Iss I en 'tludv l that he could
nLakl net better than I in a tuasle with
tlie world. I sent hi.a out.
"1t was an u.t of w.I-p..wrvation ifo
nmyself and ebildrean. Had he remained
we would sooan lave hbee on the verge of
want. A. it Is the children and I ae cer
tain of a coafortable living. Had he
shown a dispoamition to help muppowt us 1
wouldn like to have bhad him renain."
Was she right ?
The verlict was almost mnantm i
her favor. There were sme who hld
that she was as much bound to him as he
to her, and that it was her duty to saha.
her fortune with him. This was the umoral
view of the case.
From a humane standpolmt her action
was approved br all. Had her bunmeand
bsmn cruel hearted or dissipted she
wouI have had mosre smpai ht mder
the csuenmstanes it was cmed to bha
shrewd and legitimate business tra._ra
Now that the deposed husband ha t
tled down to butminess n one of the terr
tortes. and has a bank areusat. it looks
very mcl as it his wife had doe the
What s'equwill he is past Ladig
et at p enbut t will depend entidely
twee~ them. Iu it is of the sae.n. d.e.
sort ther will peobhably eomn toagthe
ga. --- - -
Item L tOR (c'y tomis.
Dont throw any eS IStses over y
sh .idg ths yeu can gut n ro alty shd
D't adserte teard d tradr male..
pew m wi.Mang to turmish esu te o the
Imall. brt.
Don't blae yw urniue ad try your
cellar wals l trysng to ete wh the
Don't lean on an editor's shoulders
when he's at trk. Ditaribute yowu weight
more straddlgh~i neck.
Don a d o iticbreanh, at to give
h s er ond h. breath. Throw hib nto
the ewr and porne. the even emor of
youar way.
Doa't snlag in the mussle of a gun If yous
can help I bti osa mut do an, lt the
selsac n be "Wi t Wlngs" r "Sweat
s" modi awrns so nomaW 0111 sm
now Week mmbmý
now Yawm. 08L I.--2%0 sun mshes,
-06 Wase heavy a"n favashb to am hwr.
nou., but empu~*wa ~
the day mw=d bad m w d*
but weak aes o mewt Sb. 3I pe..
nmeal .1 Sb. asoolm of ObW ;W4 Hal. The
oath. mou'r. Ha" b mahmwrlaw lower sip
eftba aml Nadi 3P~soes. p. IunI m
T~mawe~m~ix Reek ba""n a"
cbmpeae &cobe somin pe 86wod 12 1
oftek mrumem 44"W d I*.k&
weass 1% seek,. RLPwA 1K Norwuuems
-. aVM. .1 PeelS.. 1I 3.8. A4 &
Gowmumemt wmee dbullm a" lmuoA.
petrolugm-8stae 0ahag nosl at
~ lowel WWJ%,cls..
SIAK bffp" IAD% oweml JSSLhO o
The ~ an. atsn uliuu oe
ILqeaatbee war2:
U'. K~ 4.64as. 12% 40o1114S~
C A R 3 2 kI~ S . 6 M e
1)ever& I G...I" Togeas Part.. 19%
Frtp......... im ITnigm Pal 454%
Kawiaa& Tue.m. II to fcieed....i.
Lake Kbore. ...... lia, Vailed muda" Zx..5
Naub..= LI. ...~wu 30
M~mmuuCl PCif. Wfi'S AMaU ('4It4e Oil 40%
Northera ParAlle.. 31
Money ont call. striument, ran ng from
60410c. cloned'( ifaltren- at Ge. Anie simwr
candlea papler at 5%*t,70. Ste~rlingj ex
change. quiet avid maeady; sixty a 11m
Uiming quotaions as follows:
¶..li~h.. . -
her . .... ....... ... r. r ..
(lbimad 1 G
mad Beia . HNaNbs.
Caldw~la. H.... ! a~o. i'lUler. ....
('helar.... .. ...- .... ýtitto...
(subI ............ .... Me $rsa........... $
CeliwadsCe....... 1 20utoai.. .l I
OIn.CaL.asd Va... $ l1. Nhli... .. to
( -Ma I'ac. .... . ..lt aris............u
Deavr (l q Cm '.......~
k..... .. .3*
.... 1 'r aM . 1
a. i at Lbal m.
sa <...... f r o Cl . ....
"* U...... I aiYN~rº Jaho.
Nafaloa socks as folows:
At._Tsk.. asm is t,"Msz~a. Onp.. 14
Itafalo...~.. s riiaaUre
nominal1011~. Lake. OePobs· . ij1B.T.
Lr~sker and hither, dosa-stir Palo.
Tlr, quiet and stead: Strait· pD.90.
1.w .. u.w. A1. Ur el.m ..d Cso
rrd~ ~~~ flgbtr~~h;Ub
broýý M ý l waltll ý rr A.$.0;Yob
$13.11; loaf $13.11, maple r f fae.
('enee-lbarket .trueg" mes 11ý3Ce
('eta RBka, INezk*; Java Ml alt, Mc
Muoha, [email protected]; roasted Wlo and leea Itka, fos
Our; roasted ('arbaio, Zi; r.-.4d Morha
Java. 3M~rr; Arbiswkkei .i O.
T..as-Juluai. 34(Or; kEuglish br faetms. ikh
$.10; (laau Mpwd..r. 4Lks41.50 r; xtra Vouuag Hly
I SWil. s '.$.m
J'iekh s -I~as~rn-3 gal., $L50; . IPaL. 1.12,0; 10
Iy'aUtor-0l.TS per cwt.
Cat ibmeg- Per Ewt. 3.
Paggs, Ijar case, $2.00.
Wilieltr, per 3.. Wr(ýOtr.
flalt.--DIrrd apples, per 5-t+b packagts. iar
$1.00 dtito .leetl. r-tb Lu, ones4l *ie..r f " penrhm,
' sall jLake lu. ap'le(.. "K": .vappraal d11*u.
5..; blackeerrlee., lIe; rraau errb.s, Sae.
('alitorida trNll., 63.0eitZIVIpr case.
3-Lb N tla ar&l 63n t , a.
3-tb Mtandard corn, 25.00
2-tb Niaadar~l pea., $.2; Useondsi $2.71.
-3. strinng anal IMma buen.. t.7L
oHrd ream.s- Navy, $62 per 100 f; Ilba.
7.20; "Mayno, 16.ZJ
Wheat. No. I per am S $.. 1
(cem, crark..hlbper M;, *6.75.
luau perIM *. S1.1; brae and shoals per UM
(hour-I'W r 1211 aI~iII beel,$4.JS; 0(iem.
$2.20; $tragls "Ilra y "u.U
tuorn meal. perm q. i1 2
rrek lMeeats-Perk lie; beet mata; Ilb,
swlles. 70"01.0; wtP' 7fipiYe.
qua-~ loL inlbumi
$11!lits-Haw1m .; barem fie; .015.4
beef le-" pork 15r; inumwe. 12'4®1i..
('.al-A'rr toe, hard 515. soft J0.20
Weed-Per curt $4.00.
Hay-Prer lsu $ZA.01
Iraw--Per lol 012.
(lt--r ow. 63.M
A lUg Dstls.eeae.
From Irs-k.
Mru. Nelwhnml: Whsbt Twenty cents a
pound fa* mackeeld? Why, the man
arroms tse utreet only asks 1$6 ents!'"
ishbmonger: "Very goos, madlam; but
. must .emnember th.a any fish are all
and caugih; those you see opposlte arc
caught in naists it mlakes a diiterence, you
know'" Mrs. Newhand : "( f course- -how
stupid of am'l You imay give me that
large one tlbha."
u memms Nad Fate.
Frunattr New YVwk Weekly.
Mrs. Gaikl: "Oh. Mr. Shrill, stop a
moaent; I want to speak to otw. Have
beeb home saince mornin ?" Mr. Shrill
No." "Heard anythinl'? "Why, no.
What do y asean?" "Obh, I cn'tbe the
first to tell it; Indeed. 1 can't. Tbelth
bors re sayin' that rour wife ad M.
Hansom leas elopmd.' "Well, waell! It's
bis own r.lt. I warned him to keep away
from her."
Anaconda Livery Stable
D.0. u OWNELL P.oruasv.m.
Buggies. Saddles and Horses
for Hire.
amNs rmf PI UarC-. ýmt a am
Ji.t me. dV M
Umm ar s
Principal Points
* *THE DPOT * * *
S. D. Unr3 . CtQy 1SkU A4M.
J. A. LEWIS. Gerl Ani.
No More Delays
Northern Pacific R. R.
The Diving Gar Route and (reat
Short Line to all
ALL THROhIUiH TRAI( are Equipped with
Puman1 and Ining (rs ach way.
Lamt auan Wet.
Through Pullman Car from Butte
'The Famues Time to and from Chicago, Caada
and Emuierm ul.t.
Peerless Pullman CoachM..
Palatial Dining Cars.
EIegart Day Coach.,.
Cetemt ý aan Cura aa car of Traha Pusa re
Mouta na F rs Free
.1 Charge
Fr lAnacda. I>eer Lodue errlsa.
Helenat PhPbUE..Rlseoig... s.M a. ne.
For Aweaada Deer aLodge Oarrin a.
adL aD through p *amL to dt.
Paul. L Louts aa faho alumo to
ppi viz. Mt Ioula. hipo'aIe
Ira n. Ta. D I'3ltpad sad ea
Frameir ti ........ s .. , a. aSa n p. an.
soy ie crmauag the Allb A chumep raL.
For foll Inforuaatim addreu.
ClEAt. S. VIEK. (lest H ~._
JAS. McCAIG. General A't.. Mai Walaat.L.
Opp. Bonner mroaaU trCa y.,
LAwD Orrucu r aAT3swA.. Moir..
Oct. NMe . erb II t t . 1 (
ammed uLsetr baa led nctd f~ his latestlo
-i pe uppoort a hi. l·e UPPO )b oim. sa
thea b. og at nip enal _wi be mini bwefoe the ¶vh of
the gwobelef cOas of teu LeDge esat. rr..
Dee leg. ot.. em or. is~3~j. tn
the sw' c aeeec. a.w tp. 53.t.5 f mee
the foaowim witmeesee to pero im eoatiwmam
JWes rmin Liberia1t. Uaoresc wjt
tl. w. .;·
--DAL..R II-ii
Lumber, lath, Shingles, Doors, Windows and louldings.
sIII-1.s I.Me.IIaD DIUI 198 L.Il. *
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Hay, Grain, PFeed, and Hard and Soft Coal,
Agents Continental Oil Company. We carry in Stock a Full Line of
from QUArTZ GbA.s is M P IG WAGONS. o s. CLARK, PtRY. bTUDUIRUIA and
saO a h M . 3OD CAUTS
..d tlt f OADc' Cas- t
I s-d - IS...-, J.T. .CMOLL, ias. .
It's a matter of interest to every
au, Wo mu Chll li the Couty
-m TO n
And by not spending a DOLLAR until you
have examined our IMMENSE STOCK of
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots,
Shoes and Furnishing Goods.
Here goes $2 for St in a sample lot of Men's Un
Again we offer you a Soc Ladies' Heavy-Knit Jer
sey Under-Vest for 25c. Our lines of
P.thesn Sils, Armres, Cbsems and FlaTne
Are marked WAY DOWN. Our Ladies' Misses and
Children's Cloaks are immense. 'Tis a tact we will
save you money on anything you may buy of us. Call
and see.
One door South of Postoffice, Anaconda.
Wholesale and .etail deler.s la
Wagons, Carriages. Buggies. Road Carts, Har
ness, Robes, Whips, Etc.
Th-easn's Block, First Stret, B.tweea Chrrm and Cedr.
[Graduate La Wharmmv)
Dealer in Pure Drugs, Medicines,
Chemicals, Paints and Oils,
W.dow 01..., Fascy sad Toeet Articl., Statie ry, Cigars mad Tobacco. PR
.-,pti., -,,.imy *emad,*d* day ,nd .aigt.
First Street, - - Anaconda. Mon na.
Carriage Builder, Blacksmith and Wagon Shop.
ADm umsw M i r n . mi d ,_
~leNEheim6a tL ~rgr

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