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The Anaconda standard. (Anaconda, Mont.) 1889-1970, October 27, 1889, Morning, Image 6

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WinS betr? 114 Tiirn mosm an thet km miii
'turn a imm-s~ boa wrovd qainkie-.
Pair awfully r"d
·* L3 mli ou urn. g w bu Sr hoos
3hO vow bom wltksmi r h i u rem.
= mamas1.4 ' mol. why. tSka is l. 4t bet
-Dark om ~orsdN why h siiImarty?
'tis ms ta atrySam.
]MUR on had--ak. m. unay awe wesor;
aS a foi uivr.
Wr-w we prsfyet. as, I saim fssmrsq?
Forever! I am him mosse turning away.
F or Ikwsd m will loovo hn top hating?
v.. as. Ijpay nit. What. a , aTui James. you
WI mL. on I hbom mi wil
I wiuvaw a sw'4* lout why ofd Is ..
Ib had am au rw..1" a 1.4tor.
Its I brie him Ws'I - yes peorhalssafter all
I will Sake kinm fer wswms t.w fie hettr.
-pr 8nw Ar s A s f" XhVrw* Vp* Ifforkf.
3El.tori: Ned Matyn andI snyvlf
were chs.. and rnietum at tle gralmmar
eool im hle flaw old ity of - . (her
birendsalp was very fere*nlt: it seetmed to
o as if it o.e ever ifall; bint, on lea.vin
the city, Use masr crowekd thoughts that
pwsm spose a youna men on his entrance
nto ta wora ld, if they fall tnhliterateouar
Worts a~ etion. left it, as it wer.. falut
Atmarke of time past.
B a tranee reolckkeacnm we* nest as It
ow stude.ts at (usy's, aul nr tfrilaship
was ewd. A it h.pprnwd. being Isaes.
t. of n.wr onrls de.tiy, wer remolveld to
whar t.athelr assIaier the title of Per·ival
aed Mosaty, eand we wew fortusate. esouigh
o ascr . thel pr etkn of the late* lr. a Nt-
by lI the thriving town of N - -
(k . pIktehs was a uimevma. asal we
worm taUt ueurlmr all ee*le.nt poaitkIo.
We had bear murh occupkld anad harItI
worked, but, hv one of thone chaisge.
whieh oabetissel a scur. we we u sekoely
afo with Httlk or nosalebg to do. I was
m seim this unetwasnd leiuru * Se nLk
. over ofes o theo fenmkahie iteosm
-which our ledr presented a nueneroes
.ad ,sosar. e reoed. I had bem epre.iarlly
d up ase, axwaount which lul ha ne
. aourrearlest - a asrasin Mr. Graven'.
which had bens marked "akuhatful" In
the asmead 'rr, *"v doatttfal" Is tht
third,d "htad" In the fourth-whan who
shoeta pegsseat bief Ina our little ao
ideaa but le* .eritale Grave
"boatw." saki the. "I have emea to pay
yu that 'ewe hill o' milie. The AIgurea are
'uas, heat if they wete ever mo
Sainit the kined o' mnan to
.d the amount, for have never fgu
umay bitter journetys you have hait to
- s me and mnise all anraim that h asanman
asd now I've got te nsew tenget ar d
ýl/ have it. tlotwar. 'hre it Ita. o£7
as evecry lmlfpesnny of which e hort -
erde.lervea w se l ought to olaver hld
Sadios Ans *eat m iyi his eanvas hag
at the etabe, he ditsplay the efull aSonunt
I shbialag inetal totlle estemrIU sEU fartlig.
I coulddt't lelp thinakitig of time lahorkue
homesty with whk*ih thew. peap lasanwt
have eamtme this moneyu. aul with what
a oane.esIew view ouea is s it to sank mas)m
the Items aro a k.lger. The slanlnery still
lay anti the table wleins Niedl ramsn ins al
e-oma uk i bi esear friklnd (sptalid Wiil
IOM . oure lnew.a.nt anti 1e e, i IMihlw.
" .uery."artl terave.s'" waid I, "whIat
do you Wilk nf tht,. iakl felleow. Anli I
was thinking. Neel. as l tiange, w"n* elhill.
the case-huadk very tight. adel you year eelf
full of heseasew e.aer.wr, I waekll take, a
turn nmayelf this ve*ry in git asd Iiver Ali
Thoman, tih harpiet. ef wiansn I lavea
hea a g is l ae.eenIalt."
("apital kel. 4d4l lauy; at )yeau liall. khat
what a night ytu LaUIIre*.v* *ass. It aOenwr
In larshtK, it rainls asal it bIlewW. andil ls*.'
all inuaglesahk. l.t thling* lIs tlhe way of
"Yes." sakul Willtuglihy, "It sansatn't I)e.
to.tisbt,. d.rctr. for tin rkek li younr trap
to N. Is worth maseh salamn tlniae ynou casn
as. to ge.t fir it.'
"(NI. a fear thlel. I elurs't nlisel thn
"I dam l ay nIa. mlut lMapp tlhontlh
y*ou shal hive-. lyw l+te aiii arn ti_.e
---m., and Reeve disil drlve yeou. He'll
runs you over In style. Inesl't nmay Io. for I
Insist upsa it. T'ihey have daw se Inthigr
lately. and I know It will .allwlawer yfur
--.mlort at anay nate."
"I sacosd the kisd proposeal." uaki Netl
sad the. tbsing nuee.sd nu plekasattl that I
.uW i sot refrue.
In due time a plendikl pair of grays
weer at the door, and I was howled alons
to a.ny ldetimatliok. It wans *ertailly far
prvferldle to a peqs dtur.-cart. N wes
smeihs nragIbedLa I rather tarily reanemsa
baed that a tikket Ileal not I.u.sml se-uretl
for the entertalInnaesnt, and shrove at newe'
So the mnus.k* lhop whMCre they werel* .nkl.
I eatered at a fortunate crisisi for nl (m or
two tikSets Ihad juolt E..l. hbreougt hIask as
tse purehaser wasr lisuklrn'l fruenm wingl
Telling ry .ew.v to qauake hlhne rlf very
comnnfrtabk dulrinli tlh. ilterval, alel to
tbe *a14 whul thw aflfail was IlghigH.d I
entered h Ilhail. It waI weBll liglahteIt nI
deu.- ely r prekl hlut the platfrwna loIoked
ratih kld. TlItere was th" 1arp) atntl tmlu
harp alone. After waitillg sumnH. little
tint a rathetr lnsigrnittenault lwrwu nlaa
made his apwan.lrunu. by its i ule .* alid I
tblought it Iokel.l ver) etlllsl to hIN thieret,
little dreunissas whatr ni inaigletan was be
fore ms in the forns iof that lttle nlan.
He asemnstttent, aidI fuw twilam~rn. I was
the abject slave of that naman. He Milk with
ste what he woldk I was itwt Irul. I was
tlitary, uwas jubllant. I wais suInk Ilt soft
delight, alnmost to oargs! In ashwrt I wa
rmesmerad in a halo of lkworkius ,muskc!
What could it h.e ? urrely lot that one
heap. It weanol as if a whole hndul of
aagellc peufornrers were hoveriag absout
one. I a partkalrlya r aen to isaurslal
a-to but teve[r ldl bee sto eote
tely ethrlkd. His Intervals were
oaa Int.ervals t trnwust, oleDy to . e se
eded by ew raptures; atel when at last
all was over I felt that I coukl beseech
bhL to sume. Bu it i was all over and
with te rest I ha to o forth into the
miaht -
In Wut It was a fearful niglht. Thege
was a high. cold wid with iercely best.
ha l.. . d coaaitg fe the brilliast
it was almost impole to disrern
pa jasmacad. I out 'Heeve !
SReeve he?" said a voa e idkl. "Yes,,
si. amd a palr a e mogrard to she
Burn. The doar of ub. hougha was
the weathke, sad we rme off. the hail
-pe in ser dy agaiet the windows. I
rw w wer gol she rih way.
As$ Iedr t hle stormn. I oo fell into the
iasuau.~ poar"= p The glamour
s- fl etaved. I dreamt the adivine
-uio-M- a that harp were selU with me,
e steemw anid that I was eainpelled
to biow. I went on throtgh brambles.
. h e.eds, over rivers, over moun
a~dmA aecud snot Mayty flight. At
to aeond. ased. strum to
ImwIin d lla also. At kleus,. at
TteL 2swrd i music eased,
. was over. The carriage had
p. s the graveled frontage of what
to he , and what really was a
SI a su the sieasnig alighs that
4 me bm In all dirMti4 for the mansao
beflor which we had aopptrl r.*nmd IUl
minated tbroattout Its whu *eteslt. Vor
a namenent or two I coudk not dihioUoniN» t it
frma what I had tme drwnine; baut I
asoo lct nayslf out and pere.vid at a
burm e that the woubnaon beftre aw was
not that ao nUay friemk'altain Willokug. h
mnd that I could have mnitaken it frw his
"What is all this, s.teer sa kl I.
What ve you don- with nw ? TLhi in
ino ('aptain ·WIfugihtb - "'
"O*(. Ir! Ioh, lowr" mla the arhbnens
"I've heen amnl druv' hbone the wrong ei'
ulernan. Ob. lor! nlotead of Master FPr
I've drur' loneI- the waruen felna'lIu."
"Thi is not (atalw HwiTucughb!y' ca-.
Vrh-*.d" renlikteld I.
"No. ir," hkl the frightenied fellhow
">o. ir. no! (Captain WilknaUllagy's ear
rltw w Jas iit hchlil meon wallirn for Mr.
Pe-rrival, *Reve tkold sn.
"Well, thien. why on earth dki you take
me iere., anula. ?"
"'i), lor., sir! How coulal tell you werp
a wrong pqsn'le'knmai YVm ising aout,
'Shreeve. Slhrerve!' a:nd I hearl the- door
h.lil, aAnd I luIl cInouglh at d) to look to
mny "luors; for tiey WIs very skitliah.
Therv. wren a Isreut aisunilar of thJi~stg
almit, antd yu(l mIIuqs out, I*Drive. ot1.
Shlonreve!" ula I I diruv (n; and, oill. lor.
I've Ia-cll iad drievM' tieW wromg . 'ImI'lc'h.aaL.'
"And wl.e'r i am I aw ".'" uid 1.
"WVliy'. Mr. yosi see as how yMd*ere at
.~auirl. I.llimnM','. AntI. oa. sir. id tell tIm
sqciir nas Ioaw I etelaiI't l I'IJ it. or eios* I
aml a relill alislls."
By tlhi tinn. i-everal servalnts had v-one
(eit with l glhtIt, c*rili: "trIl. Mr. Fre-I,
e.tei in in, , i- uei,*a in! Mimi Etnlic in
More than ever a stionishee . I wai o.t In
to the hall nl was o useredI Ilnto a room,
a.ull in ti. nkldst of a group of horre
stricke*n face... I riety .splaincd that I
le.d hee.n totthe conwert, alad in minstake
.d uot int the wroun broughanm. not
dilserning in the roagebe.s of the nigrt
that the eatriage before me war not that
of any fIrke*d ('aptalna Wllksglhy. andl
mkiled th the. fact that tie anaues of the
oacheawas appeared to he 1e sanae.
As son as I hgmeam to speak I saw the
moesly dl.treemed ~lce of a ine old gentle
man, who had mat heaped su as it were,
la his cehair. heWl. to hrihten, and be
now bmart in with:
"Dr. Percival ! Bet I dare may you for
get I have had the good fortune to meet
you once bef..o, arid it's Imeaven's kind
erovience lhas led yoa hetre t-aight.
lh a nistake could easily have arie n
my honues beIlg the aunme color as those
of Captain Willousbhy. and the c"acb
mans mame n o clo sely rean.uahllos
the other-.threeve instead of Reeve.
Your wary hme tan, would alsc
1o part of tie inearasey her..
Best. ohtt what a forteunate his
take! for youe will rsae mar dear grl ; for I
cannot believe ymu to be too late, and I
can, counfde her to you. doctor, with all
faith. ('ome, let us lead you to her. for
her e.ase nmost asegent.. Poor Elte fell
through a sheet of glaur in tihe enerv
atory, amd has wuasdled her arm ins such
way as to defy all our attten pts to stop
the bleeding."
I warN sd to the patient. RIhe lay oa a
.nea*th. and the eastiftul girl looked mole
like a entelork lfgurer of wax tihan a
human heing. The whole coich was he
taahthled with blo h l. and thie nmanmy haend
age. sate eati with it. NSeanln women wree
areoundl her. and I neakl hear a pna-l-tr eims
whisper. ".h1 .till hil.eele."
Fronm the alparas.ee I .urnmisel. an it
trsn~sdl oat ~wrawertlyb. thlat thr bwrachial ar
t.s~ had h.wen IlleasKtaretl.
TherN inwlikie'lt basudae* was at oa.ce
stripped oflo aset ona e of l the attaseled'ats
wasr nuale to oeiasillern tlhe wouaaNkltlartery
finrslly with time at- lnlash, whilslt I rapilly
ext.,inp risezl a tolaraslqae't with awslah asia
te.rllus asn esill Is. INr-larase"ei l a nsel eaN
n.i~leettl in sin stopltai tihe* tow of Idleuael.
that eveils I W43n asntneoli. lt tao "e thie lo"se
mea*talle*ql i)y tlis fratiil-lewkilsag fa.n Ire
fusers* e. na ial. lha. i Ea hlIang I, a falsatilng
aicnditioan. Ieat isn all h*elr or twor. .a
tile nrlaslt of gently adlhaillin
teriing mt ialslkantlI.. I IEugeal to
dim-.'over searsn of revivila esitnelieleasa
si.., aMiU I th.ught I mslglat k*av." to sIUk
out lteam- y aultl thei inspliaiataL nacrw
nary tol *Iiu a oulr wounllatl platie.alt isa
safety. apiality ln .ve'ry elustape- wras
per.used lsUlan nse, hut I coalht lot wait.
a 1s the* lgrnay were wtre otsa.* isa rl .arliai
tns a to drive me to Raanse-y's.
W'e starteal tf fuark ly, and Iaul trar
ckt1 ashnslt a lisule when tie ealaehmnms
imasl .uIkka'sly ialiedl ulS houatilag oust:
"HIultlo. ir! wlhat's taii'. sassol.. one hams
got a regealar meama hea'r. /b. lot It's
our own trap, Iasl when*r Jamicsl I I dois't
k-low. It .meraen brokelas ilatualthe. .
I hastenedl ouat of the' crrtlag"o t Io n,
as thet ain land ohrmerrveti, the. tanee wrar'k
of wheat inu Ine'in a ka~-carat.
Tlhe sunw was still fauling altlhouell the
hearrkae hbad uonanwhal t ahated * TIut ian
thle unikst of the windu I thneugit I I.aranI a
feebl*e vale'.
The darkness was inete*nue, bt, taking
one of time carriage lali nalml I p ree ak'd
onward to Hlnd Iwr.ppe. t osni on enulhienase,
ancl eu.vei'red with *lhmeak. tieL forial iof thin
Hitullluy I alserlht. TIw. nIoenw wal fallilng
1ie tin. Insrw fellow's fna.e,. andtl in splite of
his wrappimIinm e I n IIIst IaLVye inlllte'rel mc
v.*rely frnuin ca lhl.
"o thals Mr. K.rawesy . saiud 1
"It was ionHsuy." smai h,: "*it's now a
brasisdl alsd dish*lcat*el mlas. I've had by
niso twnanus i jdlly tillt. of it. That luanps of
KtHaine tlhlat y'nIs ev .grnite kleasmit.g in
theI dark I wasi going to say "acrcureald Iw
theme wlo laid tlwhn thi.rtel Iha amliad
ta. hews. aand tlhrewla it against this ilnfter
nahl pk'ev' of wall, and I Imay apply for aly
ealspNaamIIIsaltkem tlund am coos al naasy Ihe.
T"'e paen Iruste of a buris' i e ml. rtely
done for. and has h'.ns keap okff by Januwr
mmne.where. Jamns'a hillnLelf having all to
nothing the Ihe-t of it."
"We'll, RIHamrs-y, what shall I do? Iet
us take you up iln the eaarriaGge."
"I'm lhanusd if I know what would he
the tet thing to do." saki Ramrney, as it
1not hurt at all. "Nellik will moon be here',
I know, when slle l ers of It and gu.e
ing fream the tihse Janis went she can't
he long. I know. She is a farmous trd
clas. old fellow. an. d will arrange every
things. She knows what an arccklent is,
ased is equal in every enwrgeasry save this,
nlmrtsoe poor agirl" -- -
"-ut i can n0ot let you Ie here and
frees; I'll take you to rout house or to
the (.ldalrs. from which I have just comn.e
Syou may guess. My ame's Percival.
ant by a curious mistake, I have beues
able to take your japtlent."
"Thank God. Percival and thank you,
too; for the thought of sis dear gfrl and
the anguih I have asuereed o her c
count tas been far wors to me than all
the nasty raps and bumps these poor bones
of mile have had to bear."
"It is hard to tell you now; I was coming
for you to help me set a wounded arm
rlyht. Have you any instrumnents ?"
Yes; I guessed smouethln of what had
happOened, and here i. ay case, on the top
of mny head. Take it, pmry take; leave ne
and oto e br."
" d no ! can't do that. She is all
right for the preent & we will lift you gent
ly lnto the cariage and Ltake you home,
and I do trust that bruises will prove the
worst rt of the sbusines."
"'Ga my dear fellow. I ama tonpltctly
smeashed! tut don't may a wonrd to Nellie
whe she comes. I hear her coining
Roamsey's ear war quick. for strailnis
hard amidet the t of wicnd I fancl.ed k I
could bear the mound of alpaumsachilag
'D)o let us lift you into the 'arriage be.
tore Se larl commas and m pss'ms v thas
tarful esark or seeig=as you Ai maup
tiqmy good fwk moo, I bad rather
Meanwhile ana the Mrsomy night we could
plainb diUminal.h the ha stomum mu' Ls
oharm d saud 1 whee.& UK; she
fierce charge of a fir brigad moach.
Ing nearmr and nwarcr. Th pird
however brfam arrivnat' the mea.
arehklentan cram qyvUY n md autaamol
I consa in all t his sd mroa I war ew
riousAmyu asime to catch glimp. of tam
Orlrkd"hrb,4tab Nellie Ibut 6 of s o smm
the rallier muasacWiua appCinsen 01 wosumni
kind I had isasaalned with nerves of steel
anad arns 1 ustrcngth, tre ran forward a
alight mand erlegmt girl of moase eoighten
or aissctseeCs year, stremd witboUtt cmn
fialm or apparent haste In a wateripeau
Mosel lonIv.
Nbil.s had puiurrd from. a iu malag
tih Moor ed wwlam t an as
meatt--s with mawy uows amd k.-
Her efaree o amotenm was four--.two
e wemsen and two ws with a ple
tlul ot d leasntr. ran r
ward a -Ibrother as if she knew whLlse
to lind him by larinet.
"Oh. Nellie, dear" he said, "I knew
y.e'md coam quiklkr
055?. is moot hove seemed an age to
you. How buet eas sas be Edward.
Unih th. agmls water., dear.
"The very thing Nellie! (bh, I have
b.e0n wanting It an.
"Now. dear old Ned, we aae going to
move you. But I see Mr. Elliaun's ear.
rlra, esm. He tlIo hm ee before ema."
"Nus Mr. Eliwsom, ny door, hbet Dr. Pe
elval. who yl a snogs fortunate arcckkn~
was attenUlisa nwy patient and had comne
to meek Isac."
"Aand ths doctor will help u wil be
"He will certinly if ou will allow
him to place hinimlf unr yrour gukd
asIe." saki I.
"Sir I thank yus," replied NellMe. "W=
will lift poor Netd now into thisr van.
Where are )ou hurt, dear, that we may
not hurt yous nme. "'
"All over. Nellie. all over. I know you
will take mne gesatly."
Aemd well se anarsled her forers.
There were altogether seven of me. One
stood at the haore'' head. to prevent a
m-ovement, one li ted the was, and the
ret of m gently lifed Poor Ned an to the
-matte... He hoer the operation without
a gron. althoewb it must. Indeed, have
-bns ua further of agony. I implored
him to allow eae tsfo hone with him and
e to hi injuries, ht e would not hear
-l- i.
-oomeS so ne as masoon as you nave un
imbed with the dear girl whome life Im pe
kons to so many. Do not neglect her a
single nlmenrtt. I place her in your
hands. Percival. You have the case -he
off, sir, this very muonweat. Nellie is a
nurme amnd doctor all in one, and I shall le
safe with her till you eoue."
The wise Nellie said: "Oh, doctor! it
does aen~n selfish hut ronme as soon a
you cnt do; conu. ! for I feel mismelf thort
oafhly hlrpleam in mrh a umd cme."
h'lmt ould I do? I was dlvk.l he
twewne the two, and I felt that EKfle Ellaeon
had the prior right to nay poor services.
Nevertheless, as we went rapilly hark to
the* (C.tlar nay heart alnd thou ght were
with Nellki and her brother.
On reel'ailall the Ellisomse I found tlh
.u had nreturnwd by a Iainl conve*yance.
He hadul foud WillouLrhy'- tutan jm.eilsg
up andl d nows . In greut distrelsn at hsai-ve
klt ne, auIHdl hd g. a n.Searn the nature of
tle jk..e a.s e.n makl. l, adl Ihad sent RIteve
huslam. at which I was hwartily gladl.
I fMneued I.r Etle inl a very adtl state.
The llaed was. wnaela swolle, and di."meul
m"rld. aiseD thee mlee.*Issary operation was
tire.se.a. auld antsest nslmisfetl. I would faisa
have waited fwr furthler alIeista*e. . Ihlat
tlae. urgenlt niatalr1 of the rene admalitted of
mno dkelay.
Ine a very suhort asIte of tinm the skill of
tihe n.st etstiiwiett Muirliteo in the e ountry
was srunare., aiteId together with the fauily
we watel.tl thrtNglha Lehars of great alnx
kety. In the advtcatetl morinlsag, lhowever,
we nreolvo. to snatch a flying visit to
Ronr.eey. We fousad hin fearfully in
jured -a fractuered arn, a fractured ri
alel intternal itdurhwu.
I was glad of tlhe very able asistasnee
that was now at handul. His cas appeared
.jkalmrate, land wlesll we had clone all, we
e.rkl only shake sor weads iln mnlnous
We returned to the Cedars. (har pa
tienlts life here hunru uponl a very thread
laut nay dl*etingulie.d colleague was
pk*ased to cotnplinI'nt mae on aiy pro1mpt
asnd energletk actionl in the nuetter, ayian
that If the lady lived it woukl he tbrougb
lMy n"est are was to teklwrah to
partner, and for tern days anu. ni ta I
watelatd tr tha. heaekk, of Elite EeirOl
oelly varkrl bIy uhay rouan over to IHu*sey.
At th.w expirmatile of that tinew ElIe,
though atill very weak. was out of dasiP
and I was free to atteed say nedU l
And Nellie amnd I have attendedt hinm,
and tungetler lhave manenagel to e'nnluct
lim* rather large pr"uwtlic for tme last six
mionmethm,. I leave visited tl ('telars daily.
,andI Eli e i* Iow quite well, anId (.Captain
W'illoughhy. whlo is* tcosestatly there anid
Srimnnisnar over with gratitudk. to nyself.I
k.leern-es that he will moon take her Imte h is
own keeping; and that he will lhave no
imore glams-hreakiig if he eall help it.
They caln all now afford to have a good
laulgh at the euxieense of myself, the
Shrleeve amd the Reeve, and when one
out the other will shout. "Beware of
grays!" But nothing came exered the
grateful hospitality of the people, and I
aml asa son Ill the house..I
But bow shall speak of may other pa
tient ? He still lives its his petty bohaxe, a
hopeless wreck. I havec rhasl l oart.ts
and taken the invald, and Nellie as nmy
assistant. No worder her hbrother
shoukl say, I'll wait for Nellie.
She makes bone beautiful, and her
brhther, even with all his ead aMcetolte
cheerful. Her hone it twhe bes od
home in the kndolla, and of course I love
Nellie with all my heart ; and, what s bet
ter, Nellie loves me--nd what is tbest
still. elli is minela. She does not brein
tme nmch wealth, but I ama as rich in ha.
ing such a jewel as "'fty seas if all their
mands were pearlns their waters meeter
and their roeks flee rosld."
Ne Kima.d o.
A Nebraska paper narmee this educa
tiomal incident: "A higblb school girl, dam
A, breingu told by the teacher to pame the
aentenee. "He kbLerd me,' eonsented -
luctantly, brecause oppoed to speaking of
private affairs in public. "He," she cem
menerd, with unneceary emphasis and
a fond lngering over the word that
brought erimson to her cheeks, "Is a pro
noun ; third person , s r number, me
culine gender: a gen t n pretty wel
Lsed ; universally considered a good
catch. Kissed is a verb transitive-to
much so evulrre¶er ning indiet.
tire 3Intl --Indktlngl aec-tion I drrt ad
third persons, plural number, and govern
ed by c.lcumstances. Me-o everybody
knows me,' and down she mat.'
Chiarty. Swees CLuariy.
Vrma ULe.
-Madamw, can't yeou ive me msnetbhin
to eat ? I havent bhad a mouthful for two
"rer.ainly. you paoor reature. Take
this piece of chewing gum. If treated
kildly.r It wiU last you four days."
N. « [email protected] inm . SOS"
NeNenwW 11. wmw -n
us..w- m..v. Art M o
At M uS. 4dkh si~ bus hehar=u~
peeimme -s" .I. e des the ugmwiim
vedved to I. umeems in the weudehu
wish emoh elurwue i use Iowa
Mes w) Yl
Dirks The w mrr and %E Mr m. ..w
bm dol b h ý. whew. he awemd at
will mmd tl. 6usd .1 la.Isb etins gb ..U.
It wE - o a vahamb. e Issi- . bit lb
was amid me dusd bu hb abousrd sa
-w while be was ebbe to bur rape to
S lbwr hbd wi 3m. a" SM-osv manwia
a sIsk o1 f-r. ha.ka emS bm thb. os.
aid he aet bideff to wart e.Mwlwss h
ropep off ose Ib. poet. M was a hmus,
cl-q Erut.. rswU busy fr esm lak o s
orsebm bust be badS stuus jaws, mmd enu
aevwsul the mpe.
II was a few minusle hefem' a o'clonk ia
the meorning whten the salaked oget of
the trmt to at Wes and I)visio
streets ad dnraggin his rope after his.
Mr. Bloater disovered the fuitive and
ave chase, but the dog was oa to bi.s
ansl taking the midkklle of the down-town
grp.car track be ambled at at brisk
tat, with Mr. ~Bal asd hlisn de hay
e ou s th trail. The al ear lad not
eaome down yet, b.t te cable was under
wa, hunuansinag alaag at a lively mrate.
Beoe te trio had ove.*el a tlock the
thewed a p, roist and tfratyedu tend of
the dog's rdapelthaa lb. slot
anndfoundt l. Ti~m th. s peat
on a spert that carried him several laps
abhad at him puumeer. At fire the dug
showed a disposition to ha bamk, but the
unseen power below ave him such a yean
that he was glad to start up again wiher
he found his brakes woukln't work. No
with a low. sad aoan the unhappy dog
straddled a slot and started on his long,
k.. J yur . - -
IVithrl and .oa with a )pe Jack-knives i
tlher hmnds followed the fnerd grip
ar to (:hicMao avenue, where te nve
_u the chase. The d was too swift o.
tn. aand heslds he hahd dt c .t L"
secrd wland. They were t'o 'e up
the dog for lost seand return home whe
dn. bag, tho.nglat something.
".ic. ath " he fl.-h- If Nerow
taes the ? o ts e eloop allhif he'l
h.e aek this way IL a hal or h.e
quarters of an houer, san wlat' the me.
ter with waiting bere and cutting hmn
loose as he slides tar ?.
"By Georc'e that's o; hut bow are we
going to know whether the cuassed brute
will take Clark or Wells street on the
Coae backr :'
,We aoat ntow what ,efu ego u.t S.
you'l stay hIr. I'Hl go oter to ('lta rtata
and one of us will et blnhi," epled the
ileakouas as he saped away with his
knife sti In is haseld.
In time neantiane the dt bhad mlade th
Illinois street cursvem n afety anid plun.
eld into the oldk, damp depth. of the tun
nel. He howled with tetor whlen he stre..
tlhertare of the el.trk lamps. but ats
aHi ng that he wasn't hurt he had good
usese to ieave his pre'aious wind. On he
miel aep tih stefep ilweline.. out ilato
tI. Iw-"a..I*fat Sabbath daylight
tra lingl t goctl.. In -eaoisig Ramndle
stree.t l. narrowly awe.au Kel eollklisrL wi
a milk wargon, hut tie. drive*r saw blis is
tins.e to ptall up. H. lIha a ,clean chute. to
Moarn*. stre*et. welwr. h.- iuade time tuna
with lais hituldquarte.r in. tie*s air atid yelp
ila at every jtas.ap. teI.twe-ea La Salle and.
Ikearnrhna srven .l li*laa.ll slhot at li.n
ualller the iarl.easiol that t Ir poor -rna
telre was oald: hInt hle wasn't. He was
smimipy annoyme'a. - -
TIwN doeg ap;nt lano tins in looking at the
sen.lery alhoing lkearb.s estr1retn. heat attend
cia stritlby to folonring tw. thable. DaLsh
isg arouLnIl the cnreM.r of Dearborua at
righlt asglanto te l twrack I once Amor ap
peIw IWl the turnewl. wh*eR e the pet
ki takinr tw Iaa k trail iare
hlin with new hope. When
clinaling thel grae he overtook a
Swede whol wars sandinh the track. With
one wikl glance at the bloodshot '.yes and
famln-fleIked ch tls the wretclhedl wede
lropped hei iall of sand aned tried cllmb
up the smoothl, whitewashed tunnel wall.
hut tell hack inn a filt and h.ad to he hauale
home in Yerkes' new patrol-w
At tie powcrboueue Nero'sri p took the
Wells strset witch., alnd the was moon
rushing hack to the utiees of his infalncy
and the home of his puphood. When Mr.
Bloater saw the ~oig oming he knelt down
on the track and hekl the knife-blade
acws the lot. The ae struck the keen
lede and the exhauste dog fell failnting
In his naster' armus.
N.ro was taken ome and peat to hed in
the woodshedl, where he is tnow enjoring a
nauch nwedeid rest.
A Party et Vieitors who Canght the
mestms. tUfawares.
n'rum the Washinuton Pust.
All the music lovers of Washington
kn-ow the brilliant cotstralto, Lisale Mar
nicholk . tMrm. Frank Vetta.. It Is only a
few months ago since she gave up her
Washington hone to go to the one her
husband lwovkled for her in Philadelphia.
Like ttae plain, matter-of-fact little woman
she is, she plunges into the mysteries and
duties of houmekeepiag with perfect de
light. The change fromen stae life to do
mesticity is alwa~ railed by with w J.
she doeJ not hesitate even to arm e f
with a brush and scrub off the white marble
bearthetoes., those large and penates
which do duty for door steps all over
boe was sed nla that soull occup
tion one mo- r not long ago. with a
handkerchief tied down aroud her bead
in the good old way she learned in Wasb
ington, when a party of her swell friends
drove up.
"" Is r. Vetta ia? " the eapposed ser
vant was asked.
SMrs. Vtta Is not in at preent," was
the very truthful answer.
" Can you tell us when she will be in ?"
" Just as soon as she finishes wasblng
the front door steps." she replied, with a
nmerry. lush.diincoing her identlit at
e, ease tlawr.
rom Tmow Topics.
Mrs. Uptos ,to her huahndi--Charley.
you have been with ne nearly the whole
evenin a gm and make nuaýoe ageeable
o Miss Brere or Miss alters. Mr. Up.
searn But. m dear. Irr k uo
think we are f of ah d at
is dreadful forms, ou kntow.
A OQset mcl-Oe.
Irmrm Tie.
"Good evening, Mr. tiekbt; you smut
oine to as. ne aain msne time." "Ir
but I wasn't oing quite yet, iss va.
you know. after an lour's/ene..
A uoamaat Mi~at.r
rve She New Yos Wekty.
Giuest 4t'uplaiungrlb -This bh4U o f i
Is all in French. Waiter treaaahrin[ -
Niver you nachad that, mur; tshe oot Is
- -C .H ICROO-
LAd Mmar er he gemsses *fslsb at ofe t Lr -o0,.
Cs..msl stes. a uln, and I.mdehg dU3 als of .,.mosimw.ah n
M etrag*mi-.- Dfwm lasamem A..aasdu. aDM I a t ma d i'
MaeM ePes RCI·-·s ducNee WIf..
Geared and Direct Acting,
Priopeeral and Developueet HIolets. Bulla e of
Wire Trarrmways
Tre Vasalea Maelblesn and s mbs C.aeelatmtoa. Ueletie Ligb Phat..
ANlb [ocr RIad Roo.k DRiis. nad Caapueseeom. Otis rlevatlof, ewli'
Pumps, t Blowse . D Esluglea & Douglas Saw Mills. PeaavemaIa
Diamon D IrU ad Mt. C. a.wfmwaath eatsems.
United Seam.e We.tric Light Co. New Maven Ma eine Tools. Masse
Reduelas Valves.
-e -
OrNswuAL W.VsTrratnx MANAt.
Sole Weestern Amnte fr
Tyler Wire Works Double Crimped Mining Cloth.
But & Packard and Laird, Schober & Iltchdl's
cNomacu Marrcy u..
] Desiring to close out our entire stock of Clothing aud Furnishinf
Goods and handle nothing but Boots and Shoes exclusively, we wil
continue our sale of Clothing at Actual Cost until every garment js
sold. If you need a suit. a pair of pants, or an overcoat. See r
prices before you buy and save money.
N . C. PRBYSCH LC..O ac O..
Next Door to Bank, - - - - Anaconda, Most.
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the best News
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