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The Anaconda standard. (Anaconda, Mont.) 1889-1970, November 24, 1889, Morning, Image 6

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all lbtdk I ranhi S.vc ba.44 blea an.
abas w ... Mins mad hin eanie Ity
 itr - 1 i nw rMk
n" atr s d~ww t ni- ubtaile traa-y.
OF ysi de t te talrw~ay hpear ypbtea~r. bane".
It is very pihe aimnt hbee. twinge fm imw.
Hp, I a W~er ka yn·awy oS
ngaý iuuihau gtrum*-grimalltagal aaaub ned
HIwmenawvliadatan anal ateer. I~t~mgla mine' eyes
Marý ai dwll .wi a thy fiarat anal fawn me' fair.
V11 I .aar~wia .d 1661u.r lb mey ,awsw heart in
And at dawning ..f ac.r I "aaara to e ea, n"..'
I abeaMi like In know if at ala. ha .amne
eato anwrme' lie alsd, fear eano I eand bet...
r~oully nwr laj is an. ehd Man..'
With a wished laaagh at hia aegual eAt -darU
Anad If aan that mdai hway sao aaaaanlaer
Vully two. feel. as was ua-an~sr andl right.
t'eathl hra .'a ar uuaaiaaaza Geo gna' hecr. I w".aeelar.
Half srnie a Ails as I headlSaat ought
Ah,. lney. though minauat and a~tata.
And e'.aertly aama 'in n gnhaal arm ay.
Trel ano ad ustry. themesaa waanethling ia. it
That meawlea the heart Juint the samea 4w-day.
Andl I wamnla.. when may Sltle. etay is emeer
Anal my graaslaiialhran ilt 'eaath thiam amid law's
It they ell say. 146e hatl jeust tarua a anbi.. baer.
AndiM Iraw anai trader a wife. ab' mnal.."
-L anian A.. Wow In Eu Inddaa un Jamrwd.
It was a dreary night in the winter of
16-.. tuarkle hewavrry fg flled tlhe nue
row, uammavory streets of the metropolis
ald the lusang amid eye.. of such ulnfortu
eaues as chansr. to he ahroad. It even
invaded the saslll, wouc.ns sanctasms of
the migst watchments. Interfering with the
slubmher to which the Il.nates were both
by age anlid iltcer etitled. Ac-rms the
river. in tse dlnlgy. Ill-pauves llees of the
borough, the lug seensnci at its worst a
light, warmisls lhasar hteing the onslly iadi
caltion o tithe l.r.aencl " of those shops
whkih still -mill repen, nameP round
which small, ill-wind asrn.hils. with the
most unmsl1takable latstntiosns, persist
ently hoverdl.
"A sweet night for fIalpadts." mnuttered
yeoua I Ur. M.satyu. as he dissaed his
self .oenm i chtalan*c enoItI with a pu~s,
anll felt his way along hr tappi.I with
hisa stout stick at the house-walls,. a pro
.eedling by which .e head already severely
damaged the legs of three of his sulrerlelag
fellowereatures, andl poked a large hole
il the kitchen wislilw of a fourth. "Anad
mow " he comltinued, talkisng to hinself
for ate s.ke of ncompany, "fo r home aid
apper l a fir. Ah, aludl a patiellt or
two. pera. . W~ho knows?"l
At the cheering prospect his spirits
roe e and he hbaallgIl stigltily at the wall
with his stick isn conesequeace un[ltil at
eth c llombing to a small street ome his
ht bhe turteel smuartly flown. and libr
iLna.toe urn- of his owns fkor knurcked
"Wio 's thret" cried a shrill female
voice in responsase.'
"It's I. Net." said her master. "( )pen
the door, suy good gir."
"No6 if I kenows it." was the. cheering me
ply. "Yoa take iyoars.lf off. youa ll snan.
whoever you are. "rTlre's two Inhll-cligs
and tllre s, en with loke*l gusIs stacualigs
r ne.L to ma. notlhlar -"
"'l -n tn..k dur. 11!" - en!u"en her ana.
er tllcrough tIhe key-Hla*. -lDoant y15n
kouw low? "
1s it I1* n'la'Ik or i» it II prpsnuid
tbe damsel; 'hreanatw if it's 11 (?411ek stay
.). ckcIve eaws. auaI if it'" 9t eº'c4Ieuk your
vok'. dclyeiv . snun. fur thin ekietor aial h.d
be boran* at 11 stal inot IN-fun' aaiti, oan
deeiungt tine fog, f I shoulel say a gIsal dew!
"t)an.1 tine ( lax!'· "ra4d tlhe surgelosl.
sharply. -"I'na hock alreadly he.raume. may
patk'nt'ne .aul. (lomnu", otsx*s at 04w.-!"
There was a enwri'kimg anud sbootiu of
bolts as he ilanlisield rspeakiag. the4111
.iow beisng reamtiouslyy .emcId .lie twered
an angular wouamna a. scull, 711 year".
whom- nwrv(313 fave earlwl l rd .iirt-4ly rle
saw her nnnaeter.
"'Iam asking gromnr {unirdn for k4..pi~ng
roUM4Ia l4Nug,,u.ir. 'maid sblk. "iuat ousi unevi~r
knowse. whn s wno, asnll Ama4lgisag by tie
noires analruumauiigmi. abrt * lena- run ii,,
ang. nouns ltib.' cr*wtn.r tan-snaglit."
"Annyl*uly tuea-n h-n'. Met?"' ir't. tel the.
surgeonu a. ias 10 mnniutemt'" ..,ter, ie sat donwsn
Ite o a ea4tinfly fftill 41 144-3.
"Andc as like Smirlednir yciu weunid in.. to
4)5M'ti tlb. i11Ka if an sa 'i4luit had arrived."
1 iii. I .ikjun1 leave- a. 4)153i41 it at aon.,M"
usid Bet with de'isiol. 'I)iretly tinny hanE
mused th. wotIl anrekk'nnt' I Mh43u14 Inur·e
openiedl it a1n41 .luaInn.'a'l it."
Her tnusta-.r., suumiliig at lair 4h~votieuf.
drew IWia chaiar tern In.. fir% andel having
tanfnnlly illitld a IunHsg day piels. fell t43
snlokulng withn uL ir n o f ggre att *.u)-nuiymnit
and 'Oltai' sL 1'intun. thiskling it wouul Is
e'tretnafly unlihikely that hem weenidl Iv- elis
tuitxel at tLnat late hour, in. diimmamsse.I hiI,
r tainer tobee her Lj4rt4a in tihe uimiglnllr- I
lung Ineaa,... an.I Ili left tee itnmsna'elIf.
lapused lute 41 ibwul *tiidy.
i i. hlat aI hl. Ill.i thlu.e rh o{ r it amigt
have Ise.ei thei uinelxjirtc.i deithl of lis sus
tie*nt; whatev..r the 'eaIse,. lhi tlminagllat
took a vCry glarºhuy " ctg'tir"ll lnu ihdeu. .taLul
INw. lasnk liis leiul l*ilnitalliiaglly as. Ih
thNlaallh orf tale ftiatlare lprnm.i ts. His
Iallnol waniot IaaaIk" In nrc -ac.lerfalll by the
Io whic wisi'b was lrge aind dark as.d pai -
eac.ll with Oak amnd ornuasnnlntct l with hlat
tered oil pirtralitu of th. klad acld gelnt
wortchie with wh~mn t cIlaislmni ncmne kiil
Lship., mlaore r les.l reote., who suiteld to
start at hilis tuo-lnight le a particularly
ghostly. Inot to say w.oodi'l,. lnanulllr. lLe
sides all thui nlit was in lOVe.. alnd tlc had
Ito soneslir hullt a nallaglaitciet ciuntle ill
the air -.cnd placed heIr ila it thani nam any
thing lut airy landlord calk.l for the rent
and the dr.lan was spoil~d.
He bad bee.i sitting thus for solmw tilel
Ilurning his wuos anld lppillg a glarss of
hot cngnal. whicha I ha ld priepare.d wlion
le was disturbed by a loud. ilalwaritive
knocking at thel fruont doe.r wlereat he
snatched up ne, of thle gutterinlg candlle,
and naLrhehd down the marrow stairs to
open it. The feeble light of the candle.
wh.a he had done so, showed himn a tall.
---m . built lsaun of mkkiddle ae, whosem
n fine pogarticns were iuIcreaswI
by the iag which ilung ti theu land ei
agerated n. TLe seuuronT ielted that
he was richly clad, and also that the elm
boused hilt of a sword protruded froa lthe
skirts of his coat., while hlis face, rnu
osls powerful enmotion, was pale and
"A.e you the surgeon ?"' asked thLe aew
coner, ahruptly.
"At your service." was thle reply. "('one,.
The stranger obeyed. and waiting ulitil
she sugon had ecured thie dour. foI
owed b up-stairs.
"Earnine nue!" said lhe. taking off his
laced eoat and stLandimng pale amid upright
before him.
"Uifasten your shirt." said the other.
aIImt lI with his strange humor and com
•ih a stranig euaaninatloua.
"W lnquIed the stranger, when he
had lalshed.
Nysero iseM mio da th wun.et
Ist u ntrZ , r th [email protected] ith
what wo «I at all this sM7 If sou
are in on kill uyousslf arn c a k
with son. esthorit as to Is th n
"I have no ineftian ot cesastutlg su.
el," wU te Utiria the basiyr .L
suen.s.r lf s .ay is s u kn ow aLt -e,
heat I shall never as the light et this
aniglht upon earth ha. Atly Interptoed hal
twee.n oue anld the heaves. I hate se
The rsurgr , lisitening to this strange
o.ethearst. tunse to the table, and fllI. a
glass with Iwanrly. handed It to his ested
edssinay satienIt. "Twill pust heert iato
yess." sal h.e.
BHut nut a unl." said the other, and
shuaekl.risag envulsively. tdrank it at a
tlrawilt, thes, placing the glan s on tla
table ie dlrew a pearse fres his pcket assad
eker)l at thei surgen. "Yeuar ee?"
"Nothinssg. I know smnt what yeor trutale
is. hat I wish that I coule help yoe'."
6I'en rsmt all hel" makid the nltalr, ual.
y. nwovies tow rad f door. thsn pauslsg
as the surgeon took sp ame of the candles
to light him down he maid. In lraesolese
tones: "As you shall jedge if you ecase
ton hr."
"My all means," msmi Mostyat. heartily,
as, replang the candle he poked the lire
and drew p a lchir forhais visitor.
"Twenty year, ago" aid the latter, ae.
e--ani the proered meat and leanilg lto
w..d the .urgeon. "nay cilrunlstanee
were verl direrC t 1 wat the y are
now. Youns . and eonssg I had at the
death of may plarens, reje-ted the bread of
dela.teeulsee offered ome by relatives. and,
full oef hope, had -osne to Londo'n to snake
any fortune. It proved to be harder work
than I hal anticipated, and in a very
solrt while I was reiuced to the verge of
starvation. (ee dlreadful night of which
this is the .hlal a•nolveriary, I was half
crusa with poverty and despair. For two
days I had not tastel food, nor ddkl I see
the slightest prlpet t of oltaiminla any.
Added to this I was deeply Ila love*, tou
uluappily tihe Interferesee of those w
shoikl have heels tour hest frieslds ke.pt us
apart. As I nrouched shilverilla in the
gatrret which served sme for a hllginl, I
thik I must have gIone a little hit uIad."
He broke onl msrklelsly. as though uaswill
Inl to con1tinue' , anul musret l gl.ntily at the
"Well," msaid the surgeon, who had been
listesling wilth iuckh interest.
'"Have you ever heard of couallcts with
tihe evil one "' demandedkcl the stranger.
"1 have heard of such thinll." replied
the surgeon, on whose lsuirits tl e occasion
and the visitor were beginning to tell.
"I snmoet oew," said the otLher hoarsely.
Y'rouc'hed ty the. empty grate, which
meocked aue withl its e'okal hlr and white
asiase, any thouglhts turnel. as tlougl di
reete lby ovue unmeneem werw to all that
I had heard aud rel of enach werpactls.
As nay innid dwelt upon it the mubjert lost
mu-ch of its Imarror unatil a genatle runldiag
in the naegllhurlhoal of SI. fire drove I we
witlh quaking terror to ny feet.
My fear~ . hwever. werel heat neseesnltary
and with tiere ekteua misaniona
alled uou an my unseesn visitor to k*,ld sue
his awful aid. As I spoke the ounmade sacl
Lenly Ieasedl amd a voice eemneda to c'ry
nay ear: "Write.! Write!' I dragged a
muall tablh into the moonmeIllllht. whl.'e
straggletl throeugh the tRrinrlann naesw of
tihe window, amld with aney owesll bhued aend
thea mmiselrable- tump of a peas wrote* omut
of darkeem,', pNelelld. a's I did muo. with
thle lorrihle colaneloeomse.al of uonemthls-g
.li tlw r.'nre watehlilng sme. 1 vowede that if
four tweaty years he gave lme wealth atind
the- poess.es ofh lher whas l I lovedl better
thalles ay owmn life, iay 'ulll should be lte
forfeit. If the next uenorueam hbrought
chasege of fortueee I slanskl take at
for a mign thIat loe ladul acepted any
coaeditoas. I signed it amso
swooleuat. IWhen I awoke tfrim tle sleepr
iltoe whlkh stupor had ratrlgecl the welam
wa lss. llainig lrigttl ly into snay foul lodginma
amid below wae am neweralger who brought
ilse tle aLrws of a large fortune which lead
fallem to tne thlerugh the death of las uat*cle
i.eal tfrtl.l thiat aey rmash vow h'slalel have
hadl anlytlilg to do witlh it! NSi..e theram
everytlhligLu luw peiwrerel with Ise. I
enarriel the womanlu I loved. We haves as
large. familly. I hIave kept Ia.y ses-ca'r to
myself. To-nalgt at 12 easy tienae explrs.",
"A.lother e.lmmeidsee fear you , twesl."
said tlle visitor, whose fiaceu wae' snow livid.
t"Inl it IImaOIalasIg. wheel I awokeL, the
agrss.llveleat wlkich 1 had klft oae thle tahble
leal di sap.elarel."
Msletyll roe, land takillg grea't arsn
Inot to eaxti.jguish the' nltaeusl'. s tlrl tlhe
*AA I rulapused tamy death wuldd Ix a
strki By naatural one.. " etauumiauea thme strata
gr,"r Sa thuglit 1 would coassilt a surgyeoa
luam uneter to sex whe'thmer law bearn wa,
sem411 or whether I was to dle. as I have
saual, ilt as IM.rftM'1y miuttural ais;.aalaerowimsg
to itrs elmsaw'e. A wate(hmisasi whom I nmiit
diret eutl mi ut to your dIolr."
"1)o youea live ai tit*- neiaglm rlmeir d
""\o; at %V'esmisiiamer.' was time. r.pi y.
"atl uiaviag plut call saay atlacirs las otinir
asset wihinlug thatt myi dlear onest, shselama
noelt I' witllma'i,'11 of gtay dienthL I hluvav
INe es rrasmlillsg ialmomit thIe ,'tr ts to IBatt t it
"Alomae ."'. ues.rleel the' witamdrimag sear
""I -hIsgee" 1541,' said list- atheir, slaaaelder
"II.'" gunideul ly amae.' esaid Ith. searmgeommi.
.'ana'asutlyy. *tetenm tea your horne.. aisel
forget all alout this mIajasturlrts catlmsIa t
you fuamiy you ilava"' nooak...'
HisA tu*4amlnawMait slmoek isis head sand
turned to the door.
.-" ouKo 14) roatm about hsa the fog
agamma . asked Mosetysm.
L' aleste you will last rshe stay bea're. naiad
the' i~tlit'm' giasua'im at hait wistfully. "rotai
aLret Boat nervous? You do ucait thim Ig 1"sbll
all*- *.**
*'You will die' of fright if you die at all.'
asaki the suargeroms stuardil. "But stay, and
welt aoua. if yoaa will." Amid to avoid time
lihamlos of ils gge.t he poke'd thy tier a.
til the mresulituut blase aslamo~st caused thlt
('amel'ms s to sliull tLhe iistlve,' toat with envy.
For molrae linag thM'y sLt silent. 'Tl'
strLeets we at low entirely d.es.ted land no
Ioundl save the flickering of the fire dis
turbtd the silence of the room.
Then the surglman ar er. and, uponl
.lu1pitahle tMugIlts intent busied
hinlself with the little spirit-case
which stood on thle sideiiardll and after
sundry maost musical gurglings froml the
bottle as it coeuiddl its cvuatents to tlh.
glar es appeared in his place aganll with
two stealisng Potatli ns ..d a sugar-bowl.
"C"(ugna," said he. "witlh all its itrey
nature sultdued, now itr its tranquil old
* Thanks," maid his visitor, takingl te
pr.tofferd lass. " The last oast I shall
drink: Long life to you." He tIossI off
Ith collntclts anld againi lapsdl ilnt silenlce.
while the surgeon slowly snauoktrl his long
pio.. r1s-)ovaing it at intervals in favor of
the spirit be had so highly iastluns.denal.
Halt tal hlour passed and a neighboring
churchl clock slowly tonued lthe hour rof
1t. One hour more. The surgeorn, glane
jig at his companion to see what effect
the mouud hand upon biu saw that his eyes
were closed and that h* breattjd heavily.
Xmeter lt hWe"
ema 8Me hs eo thes
-imn. a d w nit. * I tIe tew i. u
low, ald th* r h the hu re ald
moku tme I to the & ne soe - hair
aeemed muddealmy to l lros In trost of
him aMd tl.e to be abmtat heard l ,y
For a few mseonds it m. emd hi- e
losed. WLenr be opmrsed tLe tw tar
was out and Lte Mae In fiast of ai dm I.tll
mat in ste elals thbogll It head id now
fallen an bhte t. a r l df a horriblt
f.wr he aimeaod bumarrdl a the celtck aml
aw that it t wa Just uapon te stroke of 4;
tbn he sprang to the ikl of hir sdrst
nd eld the writ ne arest to hinm. As
bM did so be startel back with a wikl cry
of lhoror, for mase slippery thing, dartina
mwiftly between his f. vasuishld in thlr
gloom nata nelibhorilns monTer.
Kre ha rotkl recover hinselftbhe nuan i
front of hint stirred awl asrll and rilinlg
lanUteamlylly to his fee-t ausI~l stnlplly at
,him. "Wiha's the matter?." he asked at
k-ni.gth, iln *ltawd tinrs.
"Matter!" lshosate the still trsalilgis
slsrrre. *"Why, it's four houars palt nkl
nat hlt anli ary 1 alive and welL!'
Wlth violrIt start. a he retnemnlsrcel
his poliitoi, the straIger ilal.Md at thle
linantle-slll . "q'uIr o'cllFk!" maki hb,.
"4 o'clo.k! Tlhik GCod, there wa' not
coamardl t" TIhel asnother fear tP mw-d
hibl. ".l. it-is h1 clock right "
"To th ulinutll." said the alr.r~on,
standilsa .vsraly hy wita averted heat-l. a*
his visitor. heedil'i. --* hi- preseme,. fell
tlpon his krees and huried his face Its hiss
As he roe, to his eet the old e.lsurch
chek slowly struck the boer at 4. app.ar*.
lar to bohath the listeners to do so with an
emnphasis as unusaml as it was welceme.
As the last stroke sounded the strlnger,
who nould even now hadly realirm his
prnition, threw ep the wlndow and ex
tended his head. The fog had diapps ed
tse air was crisp aild iear, ad dis
tast rnumblillg of the early smarket-earts
betokenled the beginninag of nnother they.
"How canel I to sleep?!" he leasinqeale.
clasin the window, and tuarnisa to the
"I drgged yl or drink. It was tle only
things I nould do. You were ls sueRh a
strangel state of alar) that n ou w.Imldi
either have died or sone mad f I odl not
done so."
The stranger extcncled has hand and
c'iaght ti yoessgl mergeon's in a Inialhty
grup. ."Yoe rlan a fearful risk I lealppoi
thatI had died. My delth would have
la.es attributed tl the drug and you woulki
have heen accusedl of sany murder."
"I chae.ced It." sakid Ma tyt simply.
"Tlhwre was no tisCe for cos.skleratioea.'
"It has Ieen. a strange besiness, sakid the
other. "What calull it have eesnI that was
in ny garret that night,. and what coukl
have taken lthe wreenent ?"
"Rats," sa Id lotyn, smiling. "One of
thetm frightened ne terribly Just now. but
it would not have done so it I had not
bmen Iti a very excited condition. The
same state of misad, perhaps, though in a
isulker form, that you were in ao the night
you wrote your agreemneuit."
"Tleere were rats in the* roa, I resnecaln
her," saikl d t stranger. "het I laerer once
thought of them. You have saved my rea
nos1, if not aiy life.." aand he eain raspled
hims by the hatad. "You shall not aidl tase
Nor did he for, akkided b his Inseasce.,
thef younlg surgeons rse rapidly to faa.
and forteune, whichr he shared in the slmest
liberal nnasnuer with the girl for whoen his
poverty lune loeml kept hila waitlmgy.
t'Aa mtwr.' Jonersu e.
M rsrap Irewer Tltre What a.s Meew
la.ese amd WIhat Shlmiel He Iom.e.
Framns th.* Allmbly Arar.ns.
Rt. Rever.lud ieigh Richtrmond Brewer.
wlu has Leess stoppilng at St. Peter's rne
tory durilng his visit to tle city. Is a noble
looking agetk.i anan, with a kilad and
thoughtful face and a very lastelligent
pair of eyes. He I bisthop of the prolgre
sive state of Montana and hla. Ieen h iden
titled with its church inter.ests sinmee his
sojourrn there. He is earnest anl d cn,
lna.llilng ill his spIeech and quickly wisl
all audlkence' by the power of au. attractive
presIene. At `t. Peter's church yesters.
day sImorning he prer.ahed a power
fill and inlten'ltilng islenlarsme to
a large awlience. When ques
tioumed yesterday by a reporter of
the Ar.o a conleersnil the ftar away state.
hie er lieel: Wleent I rent to Molultanla.
alout nine ye.ars ago there were ahbout
40.,tU Ipeple,. tow lw of Ianire thalll 4.J
populatio. aeld aIbout fifty anilho of mall
way; now the territory is a ltlte, has a
o~upulation of 2M(ullt. two towinms of 2!,0100
earlel. and tiherre are nearly 2.0U(I mmnlesh of
railways. Time* tihree ntc.-ets of snmilsilg.
agrilealture and stock. raisinl luake It a
prospeIrus counnitry, and the tkhve-lop
,auent in all these due'partmlentms imarea..es
year by yea.. Tie church grows with the
growth of material inlte.ests and the lts
enaaw ill pollUstkHan. Nine years agoe we
haul seven, erergyanmen, foulr chulrehes, omle
rector)y. :75 eomnnlusniantt andt a little
over $l9.O0u in chearch prolperty. To-lay
we have twelve clergymen at work. six
teea elm earcihes. live n.etorle'semmle luos)ital,
1.25)0 e.mnmumnicamnta amnd aboumt 1;7.0U10 Ils
chluarh pjrrmerty. Tlie growth la, Ilbeemll
a r.aly ye'.ar by year. the railroads
ari.e extealdinag. the lOroplation Is in
'asiilll anad eIll towlls ar- formIting.
Mly g'rret nleed ill lergy.mea' l to leullllpy
tles..' towns, go iatil the. valley andtl am.m
itg eamllss., preae'l the guespel alnd plant
thei kigleldonm. Hilt Its orderto luhave, the
miesen I msetas htave. thie' mIiC·am. to suIpport
themn. A part of their support canll he
raised ols time grounld. ased time rest aIIIIst
conel. friell tahe East. Now is the tinme to
lay faunelllatioaes, U. d I could tIIe elghmt or
tell amo.re elerrgymen't thala I have te. gexxl
adlvatarge. Tihe people tlher anre ge-n
Ceresnl ill tlme aupplort of tle all pealhlic' en
terprises and te churllllmes. Biut fo the
nmost part thley are withoutc large um lan
andt arel des..rvingr of help. I nre.eived a
ge'tIerx.s help troln various dioceses.
parishes and ialivkiualsl amid for that I
aul, thlualkhl. The work done ill the
present and thie money expemnedl will in
sutlrn, go results ill the futre, anlld If you
e'xple't Ine to ekl the work that you sent
anie o.t there to do, ye nmust give me
your hellp int its acomnplishnmelt."
Time orstory at St. Peter's yesterday
amnlosllllte to 1148.78. This was givell to
then missLion work is Montana. The bishop
preached at the cathedral at 4 p. mts.
Drawinga 1iellg.a a WAes.
From the ('hiaro Time.
"Yes: I've been a boarder off antd o
for many years." said the mno ath-faeed,
shaboy-genteel stranger as he threw a
small pinrh of tobaeeo crumbs into hisl
"At times," he continued. "I've reveled
in bournd and lodging at i0D Irpr week.
Then, again. I have lingeedI with suicidal
intent in a $: per week layout. But never
till I struck this town did I nmeet a land
lady who shoved a respectable religious
denominuatkia one notch below a merub
hoarder in the moelal wale.
"The other day Lknocked at the door of
a house on the west side. It was a tough
lookins plaeOt. with the sign 'Working.
menss Hmef, by Mrs. MelicNrun.' strung
armss the front of the buildiag, but I was
Ia't wrnst ine bees me s iin t 1 wa.
boo wa W I ko imwa b.aw mI
broke. So I go" fuy and aur MUrr.
Metrbarue, aued Stusly eaked erw bow
mmy balmder he had. Shie basal:
**w tofellr. if ye want tr know
(N'U SelU . yL bIv elivin boarders an'
wan Pruoeusnrti."
"I've bees woundering ever lice.,"
mIaend the emoouth-fl d Mtu .r, i thea
ulady umean aytblisyt s poeMal tIht . -
nuark. But I c ame away ased l- the oth
er Prasemtasit alosse in his taory."
TnuwlrraamkItt& ku Er.fIWy thard mr.
First-Class Turnouts and Mod
erate Charges.
VWI at,4.L Sb4 of Mato. Anmwma. M.u.Smum
Has rutaidMlwd a brambk La Amamarc .1
WbYvc a1 may be ba"b U 6mba sad LiM
es. --I fth.S
Obgs: Isms 1, hell.I W M., NOim-I
Me'alaaa r~aic Lmit.7 JIgawakrr Lu Psab*e aL
halt., aiaurdayw. L t4Maws tliukr. at
.n.". A. M. JAC O II. Maaa.r.
Anaconda, Montana.
OPENED JULY 1. 1559.
Oat."f lth 1d~..s laft snowC 5111 mn ..gly 59
puuintaat hostelsa n the Lmateal H4(51a. Thtwneagbiy
llrepruaA. Awi *sr.wkkid wills elevaLors, electric
belbA. Ore rlaaa.s runndng water. Subs. .aqn.
IwIa. pen lire sisutuw And ll moduaernl euover
Irnlati. f.ustuas ea mate alani alude. ('uliuie and
servce strictly prsat-.law. Hates train
$3.50 per Day Upwards.
incmraiihg It, sze acata chuaartr of rarnms
IrKl~ IIAIULIAUUH. Mauagetr.
PeirmamntUy lcated ia
At Southeast Corner of Main and roadway.
Private EnItranet at s Broadway.
Medical and Surgical Institute.
Kanas City Mob lan Franclson. Cal
and a'Iutrc TY. Maowaa.
D1r. Iebig & CO. are regular graduates in med
tuel and surgIery aend usptciat praiittIners an
thorized ly t ae istales of . lmismsuri, t'alfornlia and
MOtNTA N A, to tnat all rvmlic. erv.s s and rI
vatle' lseass ( whether amused by lmprrudeane.
Ex.t aa or ('teiaagioln I, 4emiaasl W .
talanit loaaes), NeXIoSI I bºWUlty. (Ms of mexua
gkbwer) Nervouus l1ilbuitr. thmi of aerve
faree, I)letae.sof the liiuw ,lls IhaonIrr
4a+. (I.iet anld 4tirktture) C(urd. 'trable cas.
ý N etted with life meabership. 'lhargi (' low.
sands of case cu.red. All lnaulilaes are em
erally preared for each Lndividual amsa, at La
l.rato-ry. ,o lnjurious or puloious creapounds
No Ume lnt from ausimmss. Ptatsh at a din
tance treatwled by letIter and expes. Maedide
seat everywhere tree from e or bareakage.
In dimeases of the Hkod Bral.He ran
Nervous system., as well as lAver K an
nI oiher chevnrolr "1 m
Write for lutrate papers s Deormities,
Club f ee t'hervture of t ar.or
MDslaes of me a Specialty. Separate pa1
Leeon way ela.blet Mredceal and saurdral Insti
tute making a a pe' ty of Private lDisea·s.
lblood diseaes sceomfufly treated. M
1Poisoxn reNmoved from thesystem w
mercury. New Restorative Trett for l.o.
of Vita Powe.r. 1Pernsas unable to vsit us may
be treated at haume by a..rreost'adepr e. All om
munkatuoas enat-iettlhaL edirt-la or Iad1r
aments sent by mail or expres senurely preld.
Ore perm alintervew rrrd. ll d -
ualt us, or send history of yar case. and we will
msed in plain wrapper ourltook Free expIllnagl
why thousndls cannot be cured of rrivat.,
Special and Nervous Im eases. Seminal Weak
ares. aperuwatatrrhaw. Itanigaen.cy. Syphlls. don
errbe. Gtiret. Vuarkole. et. et.
Dre. slee " o. are the oat r r
a ours from to and? to p.m.; or by
- t in ob aercure and U eases.
Ne.wtn Srus. are geseas fr male o Dr.
s Itnavigorator La 3se caw. 5masD.
G low. lmw.I~YI· awd ' - t-u, I111'--- d t . Haws Grab
St Ummatmam D r .. Iammmom .Auminim U.. Dird. I.mlmlyam mmd US.
MII. - Campemim' Re u. 1 s Works
Geared and Direct Acting,
troPv.oesg and Dsveopm..s Robin.. R lls.u .1
Wire Tramways •
True anning Machlns and 3alhr.e Com.sneuator. Electrie List Plant.
Agents fo Rand Rock Drills and Compre..ors, Os Elevators. Knowles'
Pumps, Root Blowers. Kingelemd i Dougla Saw Mills. Pennqylvaal
Diseoad Drell and Mfg. Co. eBarawanath Heatme..
United Sta.te Electric Light Co. New Raven Maebna Tools. Mass.
Reduelng Valves.
-. - *
Sole Wesmrn Agents fo
Tyler Wire Works Double Crimped Mining Cloth.
Burt & Packard and Laird, Schober & Mitchell's
enCROSE!R MITc.,..
Desiring to close out our entire stock of Clothing aud Furnishing
Goods and handle nothing but Boots and Shoes exclusively, we will
continue our sale of Clothing at Actual Cost until every garment is
sold. If you need a suit, a pair of pants, or an overcoat. See our
prices before you buy and save money.
Next Door to Bank. - - - Anaconda. Mont.
If you want
the best News
paper in the State
of Montana, subscribe for
The Standard.
Its rates are ten dollars
a year. three dol
lars a guarter, or
$S a month.
The Estes & Connell
Largest aid est Aserasat e Lambr Ia
leer Lege Cutj.
W0o AuD CO"A ALWAS 1 S90.

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