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The Anaconda standard. (Anaconda, Mont.) 1889-1970, December 07, 1889, Morning, Image 6

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3~wdb luriked within Ukw wt4%I of her erhek.
Aud in Sh myrie gade ucuost her hair
And I he. tiv. r~wbb drew n-u L.., i ncelr.
Anal ee he, lfme.w~ham. thrill made- usrovesg toen
ye.!. not the hieelat"ngd She ineshil aleak
Ta men demth-lod"e we-n*, mas muauwanc
Thaus..tou.. they ahieawmm.'.. a..e~uug wit the
Whirli esuaugh lisir "sunavoom its wild owism.'s"~
Brm'e AnUvoy whenturr I looem lee think
4w al Obuess Wert and all thase ekmlagt tuS have-'
7% Paul enmealstol avtl .o- er ton l.. b rink
4curaiele wsw. tlama. haveusl Ice ld's @wet
From 1l4% eato( gll) I vaet sert,. rcfrauau
That i, her arms Wert - st %uah saul abel leraiL,.
.4 Wexresmei . UIee.
Th. m:ewtres*tseis - Jk.ontmlt (.wk"se
WIS Who Woola a Therov .
Fnem tie. IMshdalyR KIaglr.
The reretl .peprte tren r1man FPraeseiun
f thfe divorce preceedliagw brought by the
wif at Lieutenant ('owh.,. of the navy.
who is a daughter of eu-..enator Allen G.
Thuieman, ot ( hio. nviv*e interest in the
couple at Jamaic anml Rkhnmond Hill.
they havingl l ,rek(l in tboth places several
year., hat lonager at Richlaonela Hill. where
the ladly owns a fia. resklek,'., pInrelhed
p on the brrkhoe..e of Loane Islanl ax.d
comnnanding a picturesque, view of the
saurrounding low-lying country. withl J-.
-nak'ra ay asl Ru .lukaway kach
Ui p.rsps'tive*. The hoee leas a soultern
exposare. with a glanr frontm wlhihl give.s
the mr. o a ehlarn anld a warmth in win
r truly captivating. Mrs. ('owlt. bad
the apastement arrangerl for the special
eafert t oher distinguislledl father, who
visited her. oe an average. twire a ryear.
It was furnished witll tlh dwni.kst of
coeachres. anud tme.. alH the urtal wool
Moor were emhellishlel with imnapoerlel
Sags sad skins of great valie. and artistir
merit. A tall. gaunt okld nakl, onl whrsem
eadiiant asme reslel a pair of gol.-ribhhel
eyeglamsels. kept Mrs. ('o.wl, cosstant
company aul. trottina allter the_
two. followed iivalrlahly a Japan
es e Is IsiLng I Ian ILsmall sLtatuLre. very
maucb Asacrkcanial. He coeld swear by
note and was partiealar aout hlis clotlus.
Mrs. ('Cwlew kept a carriage aIdl rceasion
ally the horne woaukl resa away to vary thew
mnotony of her' life, anud whlether or ,et
the animal was consrioke of any spe.,lal
eanurea in the ecuitenwnlt of tlw ea.e.a
saioe. Mrs. C(owler fiueanl th novelty of
an upset hoshs agi.eahle andi exhilarating.
bt'e wan very fornd of adventure
anld eol and calculating unlder
the m.Ilt dlanme...vears ire.lenl.ances.
After ato lwwlm".. f 1 I;:qr that.cm tl&1 t.we ty
) invest frou n a Jadlea Riu-1i,.nl ( . 14 -'or
,lek ~(retirnted 1, tlh.a villas". I, remti411.
His wife wasr tIhe )'ooh e..i dlattwlat..r cof e
Sgnitat TIhurnuama. atil it was. its WIIItsto tof
Mr. andl Mr... M4airntajek thuat Liewmatanitt
and Mrs. (i,'twI.e eagmma 14 visdt the aneivist
Long 1pilaiad savatrai ill the firsmt hat~ttatmee.
They liked it. TIh ov-a-reretw of Ari
Mat lI "I i 't L4.4. 11314 niwIlnyIl1it1ll l
"as Herriertam uv,'nea.'. hail l..mlse a..
it wam. it wow t4mo o'susII l foor H'ow- , '.'
antl their ketammel of 14m. 44114l o, they
obtaipedl Ituartelr. ait Mrw.'.l'%at Joplatimpi'ema
teamnilisag hou '. the. c)141 Previlp)to-riato Iimr
.orcoagl torpeir o#f Valtumas neeul C'limtlhrbn ave
now"'. The" I*m' viirm wer.' art rviestula at
bus.' thme)r. a"s their imtistn-r . 'Tihelie's.
tenant watt taut iin lgi'. with th, .'aamiies..
Iunt Mrs. ('oiwleod l114l her Wily 1iim*nt 4E'l'y
thiilg antid Lhe k..pt Itiv.i. W'ave. The hIuly'.
mlost "Ieuect jwt wIm II hIujirle',M Jul141lll'1
dcg. wlakh-Ism ihe itaimicile avo a pomp it tile
Mik ad.'.. lobvi uia ammul larvouuzIt t4b Ausierica
wilt-I flr w llUl1lM1li hs'eaama,'4 datlavite'id frItsa
the Asiaicak' maitaulnw,. Sll'. 114411S14. theI
nanmagrul (l..ee..e E'.ye4 411351 exhiibitedl tdowaril
it all the alfectiusms gof is voidat111r fear her
Itrut Imoru. (Pead. tof tit#' nLidl Wiryant.. ill
t3w Jt~nlotomm1 IIIIumJie 141 ttook it dioliike t.,
t1Kw little' atminmal. aimidl, h..itimg Vold4 that move'r
feelitig woestl kill it. waps lottrticoalr U),
move thst it ne.ve'r wenit lutasigry. 4)35.' tha)
(1ee...' iya' fell ill. It. lailkimlti na'fuam-l
tov Field tro the. s196a816 tnatuelllt &11541 a Ia hatl
iihysictiul WaVll 4.16ll1l41 ill. whob 0sam.0loyee
list 9.kill tP r.'lmaiilitatte thll' love. M -.
(owl,.. wouromeed Chet's Eyve ta'ele'rly lIt
*'.lay aUi14 a 4-Ol06rb"I W.IDIIE1411, Mrs. liftiomtms,
Sallith. wait 4eamiPRODY4ed nst wastela 4)f thle
nsifflat.smo tust tim. ifllaairttee lo as..eli ra''ivul
all the l'are that l'mltll Is. ' hN.t4l),W. (Il a
Tim' elagg lied iWl luiit of .evrytlhemta. 1111.1
til g'elf toi MrPi. '4 ..wIe's. wel illtl'11m-. A
pot of lls 1ia0u41 ii us..ei (111lki14 nt witll& dig
laity leave leias 4PusN44sj eie' 114-lu1 fr.,ga it
b"Anrlie~ltwitemom.. mb111,4 lum8 u-414 pcat-4ul
on a lac4e.oven-4I' ivilltbw amel lbevr
n61 Ih*- Itatal.. cof Nrs.. Smith sto
timI'e 1103,1 tof lirth.'r-iin-Liaw MIet lrmstiv'k,
wilt *,v the I... l' Lay itsl ati' ftor it tley.
I 'r1t-liske'r Ejv eritt witm n-ualmss.'uI Its m
that tIhe fl'1lutiill. m131 lN.G5lI*.. I ý.i55lltflm.
"o- lont viil.'u is na s....u.l -;.'akt't - imifais
Si Ideltty .1.I ill e't-( 'Is te led.r N!il. arisslitk's
ganulet. iLl"' WI- w. Ia lom 115sm. a fial 'ralme
se~rViev mad %4 -arN.k
Ahbaut a year agip) it wa1S milUlllnulsne1 int
the local ew.S.MlalNr. tlhust Mrs.( '"wl.m was
goint. ta CKmaru., l.. ia lihi in e. mte.snpla
tkxl a tour arnl .seasdi l wrkld. Lieat.iemlt
Cowli hA.dl Irlnr .nll.nrl.lII utll aty, uatl
..I. did 1nut care toI kee.1 itr i... MiaMe piea
amSll live eillliarativtey ai.li.. It in al
batl hUm tilm. tIlrt fl.our. IIt. ou-lUcIault at
Irenellt is s wiow lady. Mrs. 'ettllllore,
slie of tlhu. V.,ir HllmlrI.Al. inmml hit Hllt
hasl l iwII a fashiitii.tlIh. rew.trt it .r smiic.
wnre for tlie l*aseiii.t of 11w 4latsstit .of t ii
lkusurriletiol. ntstdl itl.e irtal.ts were "e
IkM-teI frimas tll sll lis tiie. inih.. 'l lia.iYll*pli6 llt
yoiillg Is"*iople of Murray HillI. H .uiI Mrs..
c(owle- elr* le up hlir Ii...us. K.1 ihrs't we. oat
t (lºhuL 1asi(l bi1 lll I r fatll.r g..Hlhy. tie.,
Japaitiem attra'dalat ashi d Miss l ('wllq". tih
lieute.manlt'sl ist.r. ia.t.lla*u iltl hiiar. It
was miaruiiatl by wix5iel.ty iII JuI.ailite attad
Ilk'hllie soid Hill lhat ill dile tijli tIe.
vorc.d IfrunIt her hLsnhaiLad tier., l.uvr ti.
the lady's frilends a uliragre.able m. rpri-.
No per.", ll, hat ever ds.-.rvevl a rilpllle of
dlpkla-siarw. its tiwir ilarital ren.tlimas. Mr.
(owls satllu*.l Iln asll IIeill umler his witf.'s
control as If he w.r-* her mwom. )lrtlllg tie.
pre-ide tial cap.l gnri.l of Ilt.4 Il. f.ora.t
hi. dignity and rrank ansd laautc.l
of what would cnn i to pats in
his afflral "'whse any father In
law" teasine vi.e-preilident. It was rilght
after the eamUnpaIg,. is whih Mdrs. Cowle..
won fani by her devotion to her father.
that Ms. (Cowlet left for the Golllen State,
aId It is not unrearsonable to IuplsuI
that ite had In her nluiad the projeut of
tbe divoreeo at the very tmle that her hlua
band was antirlcpatiu plronotion,. tat i.
is doubtful if MIr.. ('owkl. wolhr . haveL
carried forward .hr prpolurlo. lal Mr.
Thuranl been elected. So far as uotw.r
vation could Idetenrllillne li" )ilt.
Lieutenant ('owlh- didl lnot Im,~s
as a lady's mllmi. He. was lig
and fat, loved So dress well amd live
Sand felt pro wlhen atlrlnm.aed as
iutenat puablcly In thei prellenle. ofi
asragers. lIe d hinmself ot hil-ai-"
tie soe-ml&.a-w Allen G. Thurnian, anit
- Inaan who m Inde his acuuaialtaleu. was
ever lflt log in isnorar of the r.elation
.hil.' It won difren~st with the ")old
eiman's" aber mon-in-law, r. MIt or
ii. Hs weoud as mooun be kicked as
have it announad as a matter of rlo Irl
ction that he was the life partner of th
fairelt daiulter ao (Na's favonte wan.
Shet was oal of *y life an d uied toD
hr keams lat innocent pleasure. WAn
her Ymounr lu hemad pent several years In
ith Ajiatki- sqluadron she went to live on
the *tatlon following the flee.t fo port
-o port. SbL traveled all over China asd
Japale, collek-ting on of the finest collk
tlons of criu. e.ver hen.oeht to this caoun
try. It was always a woedetr to the folks
t.o the statico where Mrs. (owlems ot so
nstech nHmue.y. Sbhl apparently spec her
hlmslantd's annual pay every nmonat. She
lavished nmnney in all direm-tikotn, bhlt prin
ibla. smesead no hl. ewnm about dotg.
Japanese pdales aud Cheas tese.e
were all tie Ocgetd of ler adoeatln.
Peolp reamember almnos as well shoam
he. der dear Imaam1uile doas ai about
her erratic self. At onea of the geat naval
talls at tie NorlLk yari a few earm aao
ashe apprase n St hail rouen with ma .s
ersb.k. littleaungrel pesuwI in Ilr rtun
and n.ver let g., off hIsutme whole even
ing. Nthe traveled all t bhrugh Japlan with
a roliek atteladant anIi a smaull dkg. Not
even a naktI attended) her. They Jomnu
aIeyed y oenesaus of a gine rickshaw -a two.
wheelel vehicle drawel ,by en. e()w
day the do was crushee d under thLe ig
wlmeel. SMh had the* hody c tremae
narchaaldI ca nmst elaahoartely carved
c'ablIet fngi, a templ)de anl set till kelpsm time
ashles of tihat sklg in it. SNhe told the of
lner e one time statio.l that Ishe ismld tl.It
for the ca..net aLnd .e ry wet* lfally sear
prisedI at tie price', for they sak i t was
tEar me uladomest they lhad ever seea. Ana
otler thing that is told of Mrs. (owles'
dklmyem-Ira.de is tlhat lse used to appear
as thei porch of the nis~Ipal l.atcI ia
Yokolhamna c*lad onty In Ia ule..Io. A
kinao is a min gle Io wing rgain.nt of
gIosanser silk that Japaus.e wonman wear
in their private ariatuaelnts wheu tisa one
hut their humilande is in the house.
Mrs. ('owlek brought kinononam lomne
with her andH woe' tlhenm constanutly imn
dla."s ill New York. Nie .r-ceivedl visitors
inl thlenl at the Lafayetteh. wiure* mime lived.
in Astor place. Thie wife of asme of the
working olle.kersI of the navy went to call
on Mrs. ('owlnes i Astor place. Mrs.
('owles was umllialaag d.lauiatikally eml a
divan, puffing a cigarette. M. warn clad
Iun a summnery kilmonu that claunl ais it
wet. Nhe says tiat Mrs. ('owles
rose to greet la., but iluinewll
ately afterward thresw hertwfl fall
lengtIh ee the divan again. A
listte later she rFM hriskly aund gettinag
a corkm-es.w a.ld a Ihottle of chapin ag-e
pressed tile visitor to Iave a glass. This
was kdclined. heat soon after several 1gn
tinllesen canme 1in and c(rks poppeIl ier
rily. TThe kLiuno dll dl nt disappear.
evelI whaenu tIle gsatleunlse arrived.
Ne.la are annie of thie crrc.atr.ctlkes of
tie. woman wlho laniuned her hullsanl dil
Inot saupport . lier. Hl i I now ila Washlling
toem withi time Ihspatrk. TlIay have man
A u.omg madym Mistaken C.es!me aem at
the Prodigal Men 1iiustrateed.
r'm.m the Washingtia P0.4.
Tie diflimulty of pictorially represent
ing biblical stories in a way that thle iasoral
behidl the story is properly supporterd
foslul aseaple illuastrattinm in thisoity within
a week. A nImst estiamalel4e yoaunag lady,
ther techer of a SNunray-achool claus in a
palrnliseslt church in the- nortllwest r
tiosa, saw in aai art store three engravings
rmpresenting the history of the Prodigal
S..n. Every oae haI seen them. TIhy are
ahnirarbly kdone. In the first the Prodigal
is surroutdll hry his hotwn coeaapalilons.
Girls in bacchanalian costunse enltwine
their anrus about hins, while he holds aloft
the wine cclp. (thers are casting dice and
whirlilg in holitrouus dance. He in wast
ing his mulstaue.a isi " riotousl living." In
the se.ond the prodligal in demkCted headr
ilg snwine,. andl would falit eat of the
nLusks. Tattered amd diswveled. Ihr is a
pictuare of haject misery. The third shows
Lin returned home. His aged athere
clasps hims to his lu1sun andl iesw thaIaks
at his return hou.e, while hisil rlher goes
oust behind the baher to kill a bob veal.
Ina her inlncence of minlad the sweet
ytuiusg lady reversed the pictures. asand got
first li the third place. She luld it all
fined to explain the parable to, her class
w-heen her big brother discoveredl thew
"Whlly, air," saki ll . '"you doen't Jiltelnd
to go ilnto dkhtail witlh your SNuidaly kidls oa
this story. do you ?"
º'(.crrtaanmy. Arthur. I think it is very
miket ata.l and apjruriuate. especially after
Trunk aqr ivinglý. You a"-.e . Iher . lithe si -
Igal in this first picture all rasseld and
snlswrnaihe. Ixar fellow. N is right nti(c
l..kinsU. ta, xhult deser e, all the lan ish
nament ndu l hunger he is wre-timm. mn this
'.4'@iild lie luau re~tuna arned a, ndau his.
poor' father in Juset a'. aladn to awe hint a' if
he" hali Iuaea a a.xsl l'.uy all hi'. life. amid
was. juset enulamagn hcwk frinn (calif.rgia. ai r
Auastralia .x"t ir e ( aha. TFhere is the lur tluer
gEHilEa tai kill tihe fattedl calf, a'.s
niaght tto. amid hera i'. the third tomie. wherlee
thi..y' are all a'atimnng the fattedm c'alf and
uavinmgý a famiuly n'.'mnrnnu. Jusmt s44'." hitw
allit *lonata' hilii. 'is'ter are'. 'lma'ir (I'.4.
ttuiesmi ar' it little' ala'.'clla't.. hmut 1
MammIhuim that was thie, faaiaiomu its tit.. toldl
'he' big lrqthr sroamneal, and thment
kiuadly amid 'utly lbmt firmaly expilaiuies
thant s.1me hnu~' gmt the. i~iituar~" m'u'uur'.a',.
ludaL thait tAL.*. girl'. wem't hls' '.i'ters at
all, bait '.uuma t h.r fallmws' sisters. Tm.'
ms'la't't.'l at " HON-.'I''.a' at the" WV'lI,' as
''Hawsk of Ages..' sto. it i~hut~iiirniili oi
Joha lMt..tm.ao', P 1-auller.tl .
"On" oef tl - flsalniest c.luaracter.n inl Hawn
tosm, - Il snt its the Rtintry. smaid a hate r..st
thl*lt of tilre ilniersl Athlen,. to a St. IArliiN
lt'. jeuba.la uans. "iN Jal,1. Stctihen. St.et
o11's origein is wrall;s1.d ils Ii.yste'ry. "':1
tilt hea. of la.ilt as rnlllling raIe'. enll tihe
.onsumaanos fair a IlIate of It.rans. HeI fter.
wan.lrl was 'easi aromnllel mellinlg Ialwrs asadtl
n15 a nIa.naugarmmr luey; thien he got hlanl of
mai illttrateIl ipawr; tIIhe.IIIe laroaalght ost
tle Esaglilsh lialacurs at time old ('osnlailue,.
ltank of whele. Jornlm, Mnlarsh & ('o.'s
,st*r'* Iai 1nw: tli e lt Itreanrl ins illhastrated
and polle'* jisrlrnalisll. -show Ilauilae'mas.aalll
what noltl. Now the con'.,trlds the. tilamtl*
tl.'atre'. rullts a tlieatre' is Ne W York. nasal,
the biggest pIawusliop ina thee (unsltry, anmda
owls. a big iste'rest ill the Bostatn Herauld.
( il one a x'F*ani.rn, whel M]odewlkal was
playinag at the. Globe, ishe Ieetuarl.ed a bier
to lie. IuIms iln ole of ber s.cuna, and. it
nIot i viallg Iet-na iprvvlkel, the. Polish
cousauteus sIlt tao tetauj stating that she
wantuld a bier.
" ' Wants a beer, do.s se ? ' kl Ste
son,. " we'll, shi' eana want alndl lie blowedl.
I ails't i/rov)dllsg beer for thsem outlalsd
ish players. Tell her srle eanl't Iave it.'
The male'sewsager retearsaeal to Mhudjeuka with
St.etun's nsaeemae. a Th countes.u was fu
riawus. * Go tl Mr. Stetson,' slhe said, " a.dl
te-ll hIhl, that uaunle, I Ihave a ber I will
Istir goI oa isa thie ne. . act.' The lsa.selsiger
dully repelated the tsu naage(. * taIe won't.
wons't 5lIe*?' "m sceas.r. l Screanme.l Stetsonml.
* well.. we'll see if she won't. That's the
way with tholse furris.ers; they always
want Iwer-- ee.---leer.' Tien as it re
lestling. LIe took 50 a..ntl ftronu. Isi pwekekt
asad said, with a deep sighl: "1 aI sup ea
I'11 tave to let her have it. Her.., go sld
get herr a gallon.' It is Iteele.s to say
theL countem got her tuier."
Looking and planning for Holiday Gifts
is the work of the present.
We cordially invite the preliminary vis
it of inspection and wish to impress you
with the robust fact that we have no old
styles, no shop-worn goods to force on you
at high prices. Our stock is all new, and
large additions will be made to it in the
next ten days.
Opposite Bank.
Third Annual Ball
New Year's Eve., Dec. 3 I.
Committee of Arrangements:
James Richey, Mont J. Pickel,
Jas. M. Moore, Dunc Graham,
John G. Morse, Mark Williams,
H. R. Brown, Chas. Ilinze,
WV. C. Converse, I). M. Smith.
Reception Committee :
ion. Marcus I)aly, James Richey,
Col. S. A. Estes, John Iseman,
lion. WVm. L. Hoge, James Johnson,
Ilon. A. L. Kempland, Joe Canovan,
lion. Otto Stallman, David Lewis,
SIon. WVm. M. Thornton, John S. Dougherty,
lion. Harvey Mahan, John McCloskey.
Tickets for Sale by Members of the Company.
New Blacksmith Shop,
.Oe Block West of Eate A Cnsuel's
On short notice. Carrlae and MIghs I.oned
in the Beat Mtyle at lowt Possibl Prices.
Horseshoeing a Specialty
ollt tnhoroagly ulnderstands all thie diseases
I*ewaliar to the feet.
Tr4tting., Ktunning andl Training Plakte made
in tihe Ilo.at aIpproved style. Gltve u a c aill and
leaal ouir pri.ens.
e'IIAn. IIt.ltl'"l. IPrp.
Main tireet. Near Front. Anlan.Ia. Moaut.
IN TIMK t)awrttI(T 4 0f' 1wr(T tIm : trco'NTY
cI I hwr t*tg... State of Memtatnwl~. -In the
wetter of urhe' estat.e of Imetiarstue I'Iei.wguar` de
tv.'au.el: nrder toa show cwaua why ..r.Ier io a~lot
real estalt. idhould nut be Insode. I'erre. Imeofae,
the· ua.ilmnhltra.*w o(f th' cst*' of1 rl:warhta
Iclc*(cller. deeeasd. having lied himl peli~on
Iheeini Iýr. dlag for an ord.er of sale cu thr mr e.
laticif nd'.r deded.'l. fo th purllwec' therein
i s firtt. It Lattictfc w ocert14 by (tIm. ludac of
said co~urt natt all wmeru·n mnerest.el Intb e
tat. of sai ult .SC'WW *d u W ltfiwe the n1w m l ih
trict 4'curt onoM Ynday the 7th day of JammI
lam, aount rimen o1 f u faid dae, at teur
hau. in said Coiunaty of DIer LIeds., to show
nrsaw why an o" der should nA ti gran t.d to the
uaid Ieirrte Irguutlie to sell o Uah ,cI tUre roa
.atat.w at the si*d de easefucharslt.' IIIIIoquIP'
a shaull te ne.ýesary. And that a (0o3 "o thia
crdler te putbitcsh cones a week for at treat foru
sLsmciI-mave weeks Ln Anacunda Itancarc. a mewa
,ua*ur printed and published in sabl I- lo Idge
l'ountI ). ML1'IIVKK. Jude.
iat llteet Anaconda. Moil.
* T· * ·rC H * · *P M
TA. Uhlu Ftvet-Clan. Famit f V rhet
in the City.
.1. .1. ACOBS,
()V II'rTK.
tais sutauslrlhi S Ia lW 4,1otu. In Annendsa of
Where aiso may 1w had the XMx lean and luWS
aita t4ate ITttery Tickctt.
Ofce: Room 1, Faclic Ledgi l ouse, IMair-s$
M'ntana ta*tr Inttery Itauts Ink Pubr at
Ilattt.. S4aturtday Ih4-. 21t Meurt tfrk.t at
onte. A. 1(. JA( )I11. Manager.
Anaconda, Montana.
OPENED JULY 1. 1589.
One of the handomee.t and moet eleantly ap.
pointed hotels in the United ttates. Thoroughly
Breproof. and provided with elevators. electrie
bells. Are alarts. runling water. baths. stealm
heat., open Are plas and all modern oaveas
lenres. u·sms eve suite and s e. Culeine oal
.ewvee mstriesly atrt- a sU. ate rom
$3.50 per Day Upwards.
-*ording to size d character of oome
DaL. lARUAUGH. ElManger.
* f-c H IC RCO-"
Ami Mmsbiswv for lb. v.smU. Ruima. .Sn Ore C,. AIumWl
Csme.sbwsaem SuIbl"t sad lasuhing DslbIru at Sb. Maaok.o. G...
hs M asaim. Oruan Iummom, Aamm.mck as.. 3.4, LznkbWam ad 3l.
MYl l. Cmpa.aah' Dedmsasi. WOrt..
Geared and Direct Acting,
Prospetins and Development Hoiae. Budkle'e of
- Wire Tramways.
True Tanning Machines and Embrey Coenentrator. Electrie Light Plants.
Agents for Rand Rock Drills and Comapreeare, Otis Elevators. Knowles
Pumps, Roo Blowers, Kingland 6 Douglas Saw Mills. Pennslvania
Diamond Drill and Mfg. Co. Barsgwanath Heaters.
4pled State Electrie Light Co. New Maven Machine Tools. Mass.
Redueing Valves.
-o -
Sole Western Agents for
Tyler Wire Works Double Crimped Mining Cloth.
Bart & Pacuard and Laird, Schober & Mitchell's
,o.rO*eC MIrcLt....
Desiring to close out our entire stock of Clothing aud Furnishing
Goods and handle nothing but Boots and Shoes exclusively, we will
continue our sale of Clothing at Actual Cost until every garment is
sold. If you need a suit, a pair of pants, or an overcoat. See our
prices before you buy and save money.
Next Door to Bank. - - - - Anaconda, Mont.
If you wanU
the best News
paper in the State
of Montana, subscribe for
The Standard.
Its rates are ten dollars
a year, three dol
lars a quarter, or
S a montk.
The Estes & Connell
Largst sil lest Asrtimt do Lamhr l
e.m LeMg Cetj.

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