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The Anaconda standard. (Anaconda, Mont.) 1889-1970, December 10, 1889, Morning, Image 1

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DR. D. J. [email protected]
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F. L. ST. JEAN. A.M. M.D.. CA.L
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Fwo stres. AUsSoU414 MOaU
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AUormey VA LaW.
eMse in wU & JsakyaLs Bckk. Main Itreft.
Asaooed&, MoUSA ._ _
t. n=T, ANtlue nm Csinie 9 Lw.
~~6 ~ ~e.o of~mI~ ea IrE and Oak
Teeth Wioss as~s..'. e~~i
O.. Ia Damit S Jasky bleak. fleetimais as~
i~i~tf~i~ C~·O~f~ Orrfteas ;
(Nest to Measam MItet.)
Anaconda Roal Estate Agency.
insare nbiso~me a el corseaaors.
Iflter, fmrrl t sraL ,
Wholesale and Retail Butchers.
_aop aým Ps . - ._. AWaMDA
(orrWowa Ta YrANs)
g...... .. - aoMan.
French Nurse and Midvife,
was as tl
.-em emuI. Frost-t., Anra da Mst.
Hass Full and CoaMpIe IlMe.t
M' L . E0ODS
ANACONDA, % - Mustama.
On Front-st.
AST S0H-.T., - As.e.a. , . ta.:
Stationers > Booksellers
Merchant Tailor
!o r PA TS ...............'...- -.
rlioNT.T.. - ANAC)NI),A. MONT.
Lndon Restaurant
F dst-st., Detweem Oak and Cherry.
ALL MEALJ 25 CENTS. Iadludin
Turkey. Chicken and Game
I ae..N. sEerAthUin y md len..
Tryi b i its a m ImWa's has
emer the n thrm.
IMe , embene .1 LLe ma Peeg Slmm
Wessel.t o vanamreoe" ---ss-.
eld-- L0 CIn U-BSo t Wish
Use Shea Iboolartsw.
Lasnox, Dee. S.-Prince Aulguti, grand
ann oa Dam Pedro and son of Primes Au
g-at of .lass·eabs who iufleed gretly
fb.tn cl.ll and fever during the voyage
from Rio Janeiro. is aailn all. Te ism
perial family han not yet decided upon a
poltcy, ral not yet fSled upon a place
where they will sogoumr in Europe. Many
favor the abdication of the throne by both
Dolu Pedro and his daughter, the 'oun
tesm Dn, in favor of Prince Pedro, the
eldest mon of Count and Counteas Den.
now 14 years old, with a regency under
Prince Pedro Augubti of Saxe-'ourgK, the
other mon-isn-law of Dona Pedro. Prince
Pedro Auguati in 24 years old.
The steauler Atrato luh arrived with
advice fromsu Rio Janeiro which c-unnrm
the statenlenit that a revolutioIn in BrUIil
was p)reri)pitat(ed by the attempt of the
goverilsinnt to rmnove disatretedl troops
*stationed at Rio Jasseiro to Brainumn. aend
the revolt was confined to the military
students. General Da Fonseca, b.ad of
the provifcial gove.rnimet, in mressages
by him to Dion Pedro of Novemnber B16
maid: )Denocratic "sentim.ents of t1-w
nation combined with remenitnircit at
the sysltenatic repre.live meaosurim of the
goverinent against tih arny alnd
navy, and the spollation of their rightsy
have brouIght abou.t a revolution. In tlhe
fauc of thiu situation the prasnliee of the
Im.ierlal family in thle country ist in ipoN
nilble. Yieldilag therefore to tlw rxigw'n*
iesu of the national voice thel pirsvisional
ibovAnanent is enolpelled to rwqluestyou to
leave Brazillian territory with your fainily
within A Ihourc. The country exMecw-t-s you
will know how to imitate tle examples set
by the firt cnilperor of Brazil."
An Enrlllilliessa, aesnt of an imllortant
Englisli hlnk at Kio Janeiro, who wal
aboard the Atrato, said: On Sullday the
telegra|ph wasur cied. No Inousages were
delivered, niot even theme adklresed t t he
British .oalsil. I went to the consulate at
10 o'clock in thle snorning and was stopped
ty sohlilers. Mr. NicolinlI, actilig British
conisul, was stop *d also. We feared the
exclhailng would fall to nothililg. hut the
provisional governmemnt notiflne the Eng
lish tank imnalaerr if they allowed the ex
change to fall their establishment would
he sipplrem~ed. Nothing colhld exceed the
feeling of kindness- which every one, In
cludisig the provisional illnistry. enter
tained toward the eniperor, but the eow
ardice of those who ought to have r-c
sisted wars e-nltemnptible. The wioultlh
clanMwe were timorous rather thans ilnif
ferent. The only poslMihle secesslliist
movement will be rm ti German. The
o 7remient peovidem againt the punldita
ion of anythnlg ulnfuivorrhh or disaftfet
ing. Even tel.rrain.i* to foreign naillstersn
were qalietly stllilpresmIl.
1Te Iaitalintr ti thi. mainrin at thi i<';iil
of a smiall bouly of milKors amd inarir. s.
tried 10o lssplrlke what la- Iblievel to IN. a
ir.volt of illfantry at their harrackn. hbut
thw mlnarilners fraterllisedl withI tih - r-eel=.
wh.o niumenulllllll the inislister to mlrrUistih-r.
Thin he refusel to do point blank. indl
tried to drulw hi revolver. The lsolliter
ilnhnI.dialEly shoL hissl down In tlhi pire
orCtce of either Generil iD FPonmesa or his
aidt. Tlh dliiulltiic* d trcpsi anitic-ipatud
time ~erlovllcttlt witiIl mnov ui&liint tli.11i.
At the Ieaul of two r3lililwtll of craalryauln
a hittery of artillery. DI) Fonuica ietr
roinldell iSt S t Allnta bairracksl, where tlle
niinistrcis haid aliinu leld. rTih. trool ini
siki fraternised witl tihose ountlie. Tlhe
harrack gates were thrown 4PInIe and thll
,iiirlinteri wit"ne-mMl (Geeoral .De Fol-sea';
triiniplhal e-ntry alld exit sualelUt by tihe
troolM with thet cxel)tioln of thle foregoiaitli
iltidelit. Thils ronlclalthul tihe- liaisiese.
Teolegruln wert printed in thlt Rio lpalrs-.
totrylmadl show that Elurope was apprn.vilif
the lchuianr of ri-erie.e. A telehgrain tltlat
LondolaNovellaiisr 19. fro.a. Rothla~i'ildis to
the Illialuice eaiIniieter was pemllihetl il:
EngliLs ainl P'Et4lUiPew. It expi»reedl
RotlihMhiild,' untrlfti.nl'l atisfitaltion with
thle a*uuranct* of tiM' Itovernlellent that it
would udhliere to all corltrats,. alnul alto ;l
Ilops that lthe governlliltlit wouHld *triir
every nerve to uIlutistain tlie .litir* vast
diliiil oft Brntil. Tin C'onir,, erri,
d'(ppurth pulishmie a stateimn-it from Ri)
Jailn.iro. dlated lkeileniwr 6i. which staite'
thlt tkarlswos. nliiisiter of liuance, l. hd re
sigil-aIl antld Ie..'li replaced lby Seiir .Sal
dintihli Mrenhlla.
It in stated that tle. sor-alter portion o)f
the hishler ettlc.r El of tll- Hiraniliaii airnimy
ar 1ti-airclmil tst* andl joiteld the reIpll(liism
tllil)iority ile the reeult urltloreek illn Itrzil
unldr thel l·lii-f that tis- demoleu, tratition
wau to1 t. In inerely agraillit It-w mlilister'.r anil
not againiit the eliipirm. TIhy nlily .-
carille awure of the trOse fIa-ta whl-ll11 ta;.
luad gones too far to retrace thelir utepls.
lWhenu the r.volltiion tgtartel tholna)ltIll9 of
stdltlelt it arlsmed themnniseves with revolvers.
rifles and sworld aand thre-autenl to kill
the imuperial family. A boat nmantl..
with stuIdentl patrolled the harbor,it t~in.i
tbeir intention to intercept the emperor
while ie wai embarklng aind do hin
The order of expulsion has I'ben cx
tended to Admiral Prince Augustus of (c
haeirg commandnkr of a Brazillian iron
clad whkich i expected to reach Europear
waters shortly via thet Sme i canal.
rme ea s slee .l Kassseed.
PAslt, Dee. .-Thee. was a flereo dr
aste In the chamber of deputl Coray
over a modest bt DeBoulde that the chain
her declare valid the election of Bou
layser. Depasty a lmrante was re
peatedly called to order. Partisans
Skounannr r were mr thoes usua u-l vi
let and bie oppeaesta pushed the paslsio
of bli partisane to it limit bl their con.
semptaoue r efsresr. The proposition
wea rejected bwy U to SM.
INtDIANAPOL1,. Dre. 9.--Upona INiig Up
priled tlo tlw dleatb of Justus Rateimbotie.
Getaa..rul Carnmahan imatied ordervo thate 'if
fteers aced Sir Knights, tinnifonna ramk K.
of P. will wear . hudge of taltmartmaIlm f-Pr ad
layes and! dlivisionls will dtape warralle% iii
mulu(ri~lig for a like period.
POISON In the Wicbmr.
TACOMWA, Lkv. 9-Tlhe faltily cot %fr.
Fcwylv. couulrimpLag ubutlmr.r threel 4tluild. Irei
&ntl a hired girlwera- all clats6-r·ii'.IY
uMPAs'OsaIe by ea-ting "cojgh Oil Hl.aim.
which lodl becownme nainv4I withg flcser fruit
whiclatim ar breed wam roadl.. Had it tac
been tor proaupt medical attevindutive tile
results amlight have proved fatal.
A mew Phas meUni o smble r m
Naw Yora, Dee. S.-Ti moe t mtartigl
mld mwmpeatet additm o to dWC'aveMimb
ealb ieandal ham causto tight lawt.y. The
WaIrd s authority fnr the esatm mat tht
pr0ipt imforUmation whi ich ls raearb
this eity ples an erntlety mew fam on
thm mirserml huainsm. It Is aamerse
that the 1H'orelf i in prmeiakMi of infw
artiou that a nlarjrity of the "wnmmn
gmn" who ftiquelateill anti were inilcud
for a onlkkcratlien to visit Hansmnel's so
call.ol cluh rorm were6 not hboy at
all. In orler to avokdl seiusk-lon
a&ld to wante ff ITs a ltlr. theme
"mncemsenrrsO" who visitedl the t'av
endisih Sqiurme club honmr we*re prsuana
bly of the nale mex; as a matter of fart
they wrem girls, raunlial fnim 11 to 14
ryea. okld with hair clilppj l short. faces
hrowned by walnult staiisr aLI lait
c*hasagil by iatrent aud ltrsistelt pric
tie*. TiMe majority of tile childiren te
bas. .led wery girls. Not less tiha 70
ihembers of the hirelt maicty, andl I
mean by that evr»ytlrinl that thel adcje
tive implies, were osmetrnetelm in this lie
testablel ihminlesl. They wer rystellenati.
timorougbly so. in their tIwtteIIs. Tihe
iorscn.tc of a)ly nuilleI r of grirls IMeer 14
yiars o. age i ils 1n alul IhIeMI, sno Illmatter
how titals(te. w.uild natearally attract at
te'ltilon, aslil it wai at tim i ilnUtanue. of Osle
of theW nifmt notedI naml uleler of tlie nollle
housI of oMasicle-tstr l.t tl ill dilgisi.g
of Nse was 1iumle.
Tine oullicity riven tlirclmali tle Iti'rld
of tlhi fiilat of Hmlilllmulticl t hisr enaItry.
hin arrilvil ill New York city. lai utoplpiili
at tlh ('hristl)opher stmet hotel. ali then
hii iualilkn jotrnley to P'llilade'lphias cre
ated a ec4miuationl. Se~retary Haninanomll
reminatillel. for Ieons tlhna fort)y-eight lmhoiur.
ill thii citily. after regrinctritg Ilin naIure
vith a PFrel'cl hotel keeler o mallhristoplHer
strmet. He twtrayIel a ki.owleclia' that lie
lot-ievedl linmuiei to he msa-ertedl hy visit
imig a nalisua r of lllet*tioina() le re.ortms ili
mItcliat-ly after him arrival. At tlhe*me
plau*.s Ihe nuumle tle In m t nearehili alil dh.
tailed l in liryl a to whetl.r the po)lice had
Iwei lookilIg for a mIllan iulltle n l ttoll of.
G(ruvemlenll. He* emolcl Iint c-channge Iis stat
Ilre Inor time I.r*.ral rnaolltir of his fllgare
Ibat he ulmale aIt eftfort to cipltrilisae hIlsumel
by addlisll to the Iiatuaral hairy growth of
Ilis faeo a Ipir of clonely croppedl lidle
whiskers. His naturally tale enolplexionl
he elutcanlge hy time uadlition of a little
roaige oul thie clMeek hones, antid hli well
waxed nurtirlmtae was ecomahtil oNit straight.
The boy. Herbtert Ames,. who acon.lmanidl
himn% fronm Lo.ma.don. wan not with himt when
he mnade tlheienuqiries anid iprparationu s
for a jouriny irlanlther city.
sltdlle (oald'. Trick Ia Ogme Wek' Vmt.nm
lal i460se %WIm* HMl $13.4.00o.
NKWw YoRK., Ik)*. 9. Ekdli Gouldl reap
,earetol iln Wall street last w-ek lUmtnl msade
:*tork market Imeart. glaKd. Dreary tale
luyve htrwe rlMrrent to the effe.ct that thir
Intreretinig yo.neo nman had refourend. amd
was pated i to his a ed fatbMr never n m
to toy with the stock market, or at leant
never to I%- sin tatterly wickeil an to "*-II
hbort" that ftond .rtint's riatth-tnrp rail
roNtal sto(k. Hilt thIe rnevlat oi catlll
tl.at tlm wiles of the worll liutl overroam.
him. It hliii1*nieil lately that Jay Jouldl'.
c<iler onos. Georore. org<amlse-l a |mxxl
ill Mis. mari PRactifte sNtik. piro)g)oing to
hall it. Jay Go;,l l liiilmif elit eoaly iap
|irovedl of the IlsesIlseb. helt tol k a per.
lmotil "ilnts.~-t" in it. PrlIadl1, wer rr tkIn-i
ite.i, Ir.roke.r wer.re himl. a.dsl all ti- nmia
nipllation mniachinery was put in twadlinc
for vligrowMie action. ·SotIwhow tIse boom
failed to miaterialisw. TIhe c-lil|ue worketl
Airil latid hoiiht hmavily. Ttwy lifted thie
imarket by mailn tresntla uil two or three
mwsints ahove 70. bhlylng emIat at the, top.
Yet the price gRot klown to i6l. The more
tlw pool neenlltd willinll to Ihy the cuiaier
it hali seesieil willini to ern- e out. Now
-cnies upli Eilwil Goulul. who irl.atsi in loat
lirodtlerly falihlion over the. Nlinmouri Pr
ritic hig l gmsiI diitreamse. (;Gorrge in r»lmlt..
Jay in undone.lr hut Elldlie. It wic'ked as
ever, a.ll afrforl to tcl eIu.eoiuh slliiliigr for
the whlioe fuimily with anr average
profit of fivc fuall polints on 25'.(0KI hluare.
of n.tok. 4or $12A.OUO a the lprofitlt of a
singrle week.
Whot. (CapL t Ce erldwa.
)LE vmts. (l.. Dee. 9.-A ape.*Ial frrm
Holyoke,. ('o.. .Maya: ~Sc*~vn Inaukeil White
(.*ap* last night took J. I). Hetusaett and W.
U). Kelumy. two proeniuaent attorieyn. frumn
their htel.* atNI not allowings thlra to
diream drove tlh.rn Iwo sutllen inso4 t.he
elinal ry. wheree 4they ad,,lstiiteer.4 a niont
brutstil Irorsewailplllg tanllI warleri thitn
to leave the country. Th1e i,e.rl.etltoer
thenll left thle Ien and re.tulrsn to town.
Bennett and Kelmtr were* lnevral hitlra
eachilg hoIl e. and towl.y are its a criti
cal conditious. It is thouualat the. WVhite
Caps are knowa and will be arreastedl.
The trouble Iran grown ost of the colasIty
mcat war, and it tIhe gulilty partle* are
merured mensational result. are anrtici
Hea.vy Vn,1en Itu Now .urk.
?Nw YonR. Dec. 9.--Whitney Co., dry
goods commmsuion smerchants, 73 Wortb
street assioe.d ioda. This failure I.
thought to amoust to 6IOO,aO. Is emused
oeeosidehab euciteamet in the dr goods
district, although it wasr not eetiy unsm
ported. ·The ams ar r expered to mak
a Ngod showing for the crdlitos. The
cam. of failure I. the reat numh.e of
outstanding accounts which could not be
Muvuusnomuo. Tens.. Dee. 9.-Edwin
Plchrebr. a prominent angu cltimeno. was
shot and killed thia morning hw Frank U.
eleph. a y*oung attoeyrs. Pletcber and a
cas.panion called on Kelph to demand a
retraction of a ne.ow em artl.le. In the
altereation which f d 1Melph wan
knocked dowrn and beate. and while
etratedrew a revolver and fired thi.
hW ·billa.ol
owrssma Masl.r. Miruh..
Baaz.II. D-c. 9.-A n.ueting of miners
was held yesterday at Dautanutad. Esse:.
and Gelaenklrc-hn. at which it was re
solved to wait until the 16thl Instant to ·w. *
if all the collkier owners will acetrlspt )w
advioe of the .,e*n collier c enllalittw
which recom..nends a rcrIreln of the grriev
an-ce of which tshe men comlplain.
('eri4tag No Eneta mewgemr.
BoTwrr,. Dec. 9.--Dspatches frona 1w
elearing holues of the leading elties of tIhe
United itates anld Canada sHw tIhe stotal
.rs earingruls fur the week ending l t L
cember 7 were S.l .sl17.&.a im i-ereuw.,e f
8.2 per cent. as copalred with Uim curr.
sposrding week last year.
UIm"ar PrmW~ WIll Tabe m OICWa
Mrrul hea~ h11h' wQgmu
Mbt Acattern Moee With the Approval at
the lress and p~sabil.--6may Tlbout
na" slay Their LOW U9pemete
NeW ()RmIKA141. Ibee. 9. - There. wa-s no
diainmarlon to-clay In tbe rnldcat wick-la
Vlowel the body of Jefferson IDavim lying
IU tati. at 11". city hall. Malausy lariva
d~tricingsmare uim-ad in untursaimine. ('Ciy
aim may, UmIa. c rOw iecrlimar teircunn
staop" o1 Cite Camme.p ~entary Pramwtor'"
la 1".Mfting haignco Smm of'th
Mr. iarim. wit very Craaefstil anti written
in a kindly aivriet. The P1ciaynmo. cona
labmatinor ua 11W failur. elf ?e*wretary PIta
W to take' 4bnftial sntIieo of t3w daltth of
M11 1)6avis. may*: **Wt. .an' stronglly led4 to
Ok W asiamation, tOuat Ow weeretary uuf war.
fo Iur frnim iat. tatliig wnring, ham &aleg4Dct.'l
what 114 .uelit-vedl tunci whnat We Ie-iee.
wý .& wime mamd ae46oama-rvativa- etoart,. im til
The fcIlelwisaf was the. telrclerast a eitt tt)
Horretary I'rewutw:
I bmek,. time hNenstr oftiatll) I-. :mmt,wris ),-41a tin
th Il,,n. ..Wf.ers. -i I b.tl an. .1-e It * a. . - vi.,ti i
of waor -f the. UndeI 1 d&t t, *Ia.IIa lite%&l.ai.
tbm lima fulleral Will libk.' I.W.. I be.,llmmal. It. at
ma) .'r .4 New 4, I..na
In ntrsjm w cth.rcett SemwrtLtary I'r'a41
smet thle Istliowtitg nressurag':
WrAR l)KrAwrxM AT.
re the /icona. himarew .4. %Akvp.ae.Vyr
r letir te'h'grets t at intniing nw.t. lteu. duath .1'
M-I ba .s a. rte'.,a %4..Its lea m'takiamtM frirs,. ausy
4luaI ;waitmi thereinU, I virmil. not, andac l laspi.
se. mi 5141a lthe great imerrw opf It:% f~tmitl) andl
Y· frIit'aalm. II , vicas I.P all.. (It. rialht .'.ears.
tbul,., al4.' It-r tall. lsit Wall, I ALi" tIell
antI1. tlaat Its adhloati-or in Joe'. pill lte 1 by it Sills
asil'e wihAntla amidIar at 1,4111e a11 ijeral of' wit
aY " smed wall IliI·h eelt la.* time' Iae'aarts t 4 all
Out Pl'nd.e'. ftEIFI~C ma 1111 N *'-'E01t.
.'. re'itrV ,f Wiir.
Mom thars fcwty t (mbissand lwa*)olt- via-wo
lb. runtaain of Mr. Davis yo-tmicrlaj. Flevr.
at offsrilms coantitaw eia to wir iti ^tis tialo
aelan 114sw Ilks as it plact-' at sato laaam'
at a atisk cof fleewer.. Sneri)e ofl tim' larlipiaoaI
&04 titet leavaeIs low So m k C ittle we-rew. s S by
er..gifl.'itat.' ,sdtleIvt ra t4lt'lia tl, aseemy
77w city ' im Illing tste with .tnrlaimirs. tie
misam tusig term.'o brieefi ts v4ta'eratma. fr'uma
nimiW let tim- moutlhfrim stitt ''. ni* r mpliwjny
.lu4111g1 111141 411))a4'ejmaif-94 Wiall 1111 tiI,. lia..'t mIIt
pimomlmsg '.'r t44'4-it ama tim.' P-satisat. lialitair)'
4*agitgmib .s fremui Pl AIlt.aA llim.
Totsuva'saa. &steel (.4'4)t' 4 ltkq. nlmrt*
isinr.d . (msa'lmamt.ure satill iei seathit t Owit'
0* Ll. B aettam count four t.11, sle
ILS, H t', I I =kffg Ynn
%I tvise ;611ta In. . Tbie. wark of ds.ecuatl ,f
edamite'it~ltv taloomt &fee Slat''int ja'ity w'ill lee'
its ttotitiitthilin'·..'. All ptimeepa #of eaem-e
sileant. hotmisa.'mm liaaaaua. hUllkst,, .'te.. w'ill 1w
Ieamxivei lW'e'eltm.'savaiy. ''li.' lammacral will tack.'
!bitr4e ss& ittupeet. L'v4'74)'gLiirklll its tlee
city wimll Iaaartiv'mpsis'. Is i.a itaarrumm.'e tea
tatka phlvii. f'tiiii tOpt littleammay 4I tlf w #etatelit
illel 4leulilit Mb til' ge10itbj tkAcy Wlt-0.=m
it-e Ciatir,' 4t'trcitim..ty fnrauc 1i lafisyitta'
I I eaI lse.
Ad eontederate veterans. are very nsaeºc's
plhea d with the hatherstl t plrtl whrb
..rahteriaem the ne reaunaurki e,f ('ataln
Ja~ob Gray, of the Gr(i.el Amry a.f tse
HIeputblic. numkb efo eae S t e.mrcutive coen
mitee Iatindlay naight. ( )l that uwvason
e sntated that w. waukl hei. peremel as a
skulaer of hlb. 'elited States, to hneIor the
netInor7 of the illuhatrkrl s patriot, onisller
a( statemanal of the mouthl. Hte rouk not
forest tat Jelersumn Davis had he.n also
a soldier of the Vsited lil tate who hal
renderedl lietisiguiqtil wsrvkc. or fail io
n.r(rgluei*. thaut gnat nred pwrr* nae. Jeff.
teson DIavis oalauli. a". a ga·llanrt .otlier.
he acrorekld a mskaier'. hurial with Weverry
show ofj newsn.emek..t na$msect anel love of
him pe.ale. "'i it in agnll t.," e-mtilsued
(aIa.IIl (g;ray. "lthat the* nly of tl" hka'el
eiftain aslhall hI. thme ilot. tIhe e'enwtery
UtI)I tInW Ah.,oulelrs of old vete.rU,.l . I as s
rrflmiemletatlvi* of tlw Grand Arsay of tI.W.
R.peailie'. shall tcrtainly l'emlaneed to haveY
tihe' right to neasist il ti. iM.rfe.rauieie'* of
that maid. homeorahle ehaty. It Ie leanrsevel
tlh*t all army omtl'ra. while the.y elallm.eot
take lasly oflieial actieon ils reg.nli te. tI.'
death of Mr. Lkvi.s. lave. gnrat rtesect for
lais as ai awe.lier neid staLte.ime,.su amil will
attemiael the flne.r.al.
1lec Klp its W ake. a chitaa.(. elbrailea
a wn~e~..
CrnIcA..o. l)c4. 9. An auliimep of 6.000
INupa stool all utatio.. ta~noewblage of 10.4MM)
**amthuaia stme aINrtat.ar. to-night witma..rl
the dedicatiomo or f the larg..at aIndS gramskut
ucjaerntic ntrea'lore" ill time world. tie. ("hi
c.ago Audit rain. Five thLou.woa o t ca ic
Aigba decorauted twh interiocr of the ceus.
ail slumetmre to t. heijghttomcr of noonday.
AS1t0 mitautes pealt 'clrock tgmi eveqa
hag the prorisaelenol party euatmod the.
hoges wemrved for thmu auedl as the rust
atadlisos fully rro'ognlaed time chief neg
i'trata of Uto auation, the aomxentsay a
plam opeaaedl inato a lng continued ova
tion. Among notable. pro ow tat were Pr s
melons Harriau,. Vie. president Murton.,
Privatm eeretary HKalfard. First saeatant
Pos msserr general (I larkeO and wife.
General K. A. Alger sndl wife Judge
tcveubsm rood wile. Gov. Plet .11d wife of
1ll&inp. Geid. Geeo. (rook anid wife. Gov.
Meeiamu and wife eat MLnnaeota. ,Gay.
Larabie and wife of Iowa. Gas. Hosed uf
Wieeouain. In apr priate iaaogrusg'
MaI rrgio.r wekumdthe guueste of ftle
erelminag, atied to eveermy (ourScoali alluion
ti t~e priesl deat. govermrn of aurv.cummdiug
ontatM, suedi ocificorie of time Camoadian pro.
visaeeu pnemeat. the amudianee respoomdrd
w o ofappisae. la contluding.
ilae mayor haritaeql tise guest to Anotlhr
I eooseoon eel ovoma greUter Imapartam"ee
whimeb would Ihe all era it (aaic"aqoa' ls 1
taeo1hro yaors Leimee - the wurld's fair
Pmwaaenso Peck. of tim Auelitorimons
assoclatiuta. i.ctr".elItue-l Pr.k-ilemt Harti
seoule. wlao, uaeau:tmaei o'locwly t " ithe fronta ajed
lcr.wimag to list. gre o-as aswmllago.. e.puko as
f.,lktw :
LAUPIK14 Arii I 5tm.O~NM4 All Oet My WWI
Leajwr teae-ae4t, Ie~ir 1,n".n mecJ.1 Uaoeasl.4orrm an
...Ir l.. u s.he.. a- t!:. rera-.eo why a haul e f .t
r.uslaaaoaocpnl tee Icr e.l.w ct b. a* l'cOiaht. I ldu t
I 10501 1 laoved. moo %.ew ..1. ti mmaaigaaal.eumt arcw
1.041" jceemotal.r I . r Isel-re .e Ea tal to steal, la
muvesl% , hat tat. r- amuj stoIS-1 rany ptre-a-n.
wryl.-y bs.c i."Yao .alaA.La of 4k fit -Aena~. whoa mais 10.-h
It..uagkt useler lbics w.tchiaior noel Wuajtuetll-.a
a came. well aak f r say uticr meease'a
loae that whkich Im terr-c prreented. I
a.9 Notns be-a-teiy o-oenxreataae w upeon
lUae audtaplue aal and aaaueatea ii of Uus magnas
:*<r caMoifld witnalet amn e nqueal i tie uWeUtry.
a-. ao au I kow. wrthuis ams *uam In lie
wr. hate re I ar bead use o-uiste in sthi
multUt sarhit.t.ure, t hs taIste- d im
t-im, which Ies am i d l nmpirutll . H
S whmpt en. mv wie wmm.
_-t I- tMI W ib thmemis aid.wmm is
.a t Cim ra In Inah r )ainlU hi
ao ' i . . Iwo NMtwAm. am hour t ' -ew3
uwa agreWt rtW 44 mlar * irive ar*d fv-d
4drr ad arhite rln triueaph as this.
VY wIll i s me to tIulmk the ma yrw.to Othum
ur wi f aths anoecdakes., man to tmbak
@lmod cc l rita sem with whtam I t(day have
bers hrunsa iato permam ensntart. for those kind
*ess ams remspeit with whkhb yeo have received
We, and ryou will peranit me t4 thank yMi.s, my
ftenow Citl..nl. for the n-vtllatity wllth which you
have kindly re*·-i-rIl mr bhrr to-lniht. It is my
wrl thai d hiv rme ht icl hlli mynIll iMur . IH' nU
c 4 tf awr. · t".utad li hi|fn h - it" t 1t ,m¶I. call
. wish lQ hat hthis ralhi wuh Lo te
anll 41f n a pmsitukr ple-* that *( .4oldhoessa as retd*
"flee otlning 9i 4 lnoor frpnt tuhl to 't, ian
asuc proepl he. frnwy a r in the .iar- (asItnessn
to thisme enjloy n.ntrs 'unresl uru eat stas tlrltan
mente(s whli develop the* withl of nman. II In ale
homir in Insirre IlHos wbher milnls are heavy
with dailyV trial and in thlis mangaiirent. eo-rhaglted
iresee . lift thenI f.r the tinh oust of thIoe
drll thi lltes thoi r llt, hwer hIl...ge where selw
shomelil lite.
A cantata, eo)nsuiM d telw aret yaifn.
wits 0i4igr by a rlclMlr oI& vwco-m. after
which Hon. John N. Kunnelis of Chien*ago,
dellierred an adtldr-es. Then blhuaule.r
Patti, eonrtle t by Manager Atlan*r up
pt'aretl taitl was rieelvel with temnrl miil sh
applalue. In a umse that lhal i.ut noi.ne
of ie aweoeti-- r power. thel woxrll famedal
<caitnllr e ana the l mniliaur m n yn"Hsitw
Swett l.i.uIs. AntelllitVio fsolleowct-l .mi
Patti r')~sInl dstl wit lls Iw "Hliiete-r's
4 'loriss," wlicli aftnreklti woni.-rfiai' .vi
iltite of tHi ai wel r alli tlexilinlity of lM-r
Ill.trv ll iess voice. I xa trl*il aite-rillil
w.trr neaile to **livit anlotlihr st.elg, liit **h
reop ,|<eell meilltng a 1aiw of acknL.kwl*.leg
atisesit aiel retire . 'wo etlON.eti.is wre
rt-iadirel lty ilwt A|o>ll clil>. maed a e'.in
cerlt by oulir.gti a ld rmr h*tra, aftr whiitl
Gtover****** Ff. *** n' Illinr ist, elelive-rAl tse
deal rateor adildrai. TIElw t..orcl't. e of tIel
ervlslsig Ia losii . with "Halle-leijhl>" lby the
Apol rl 4- .. It. IJoisteil n ly lthe Hitol'i l-e.
INr )iANAPOiit.i )e*C. 9. lPraemiilrit Har
riionl *lpenttt Sntailay very qeuietly at the
reiekilli' eat his l on, -i-law, Mr. McKee.
atuteslilsa cliiaslilh slwoniIIg amitl e*veti ig.
At mi--,lirht the party uiareilt-l thelir pri
vate car astnl Sth train pulldl leut for (hi
(I'Hl'Ai . lIrh . 9.-Prlemitk.nt Harrison
anel lprty arrivedl lwre this mornitng toU
luartwi«el-u4t in tli il. dlic<atioi of Sthe treat
utaldiitoriunmi tsirblidig. They wre mant at
thea utatakarts of the c'ity hy
liclasel tl y Mayor Cregrkier. uail .wroicht to
ther allnion elepout. TIhy weI're i(nt there hy
a lihavy nils(itry escort attlll cssliteltedl to
stl rfe-sdleei) e of VPre-tTrit-k W . Perlk, r»'*
ilent of |tlw Atalietorium coiiaantMey. After
rentillg they virited undl its|Mer-tel tIr
aititrisllta aill thlis afterometas, I-wid a n*
c'rle.tie t t011w I'isioln IagmlIe' laih.
Vice.-IrtkiemS Maortunm mulal wife arrivel
in the city yesterelay to atteu-itl the. <Npe*-aiigi
of the &itllitsriimsn.
Aft.r l-avitall the muelitorillln hteillitig
thie- ps>rmildeist was toiisis<t'-li to the umiardl
of traclte wint-re li<- rmes-tivcel uti ovrattios
fr.riei tOhw afme-ul>|letl |ialls anltl h)e*ars.
Uek luSk y sad teuras tarry Ofth.e YU....
-laam Nag. ita..
Wamtiwvom. D. " -S.--I« hib pnl
this suorenlyai She c luepisl rrfmw.l I t be
dehatl of dJ..ffw nss D)vlvs. He aqluoated Un
i~i)is'. w..rwIus: "Weli nu flk he l..warl lust.s';
witl, .'haarity ora rnhl."
Mtr. C anasmt.. of Illsinois. frowin Ith. cnhy
mtill.. .Ma rule' nr"CI.irll a trealullos which
was aate'l, ssatlsnriwlag thwt isis-eke, S
151)riN)I Itunlii g 11t41 ueleeI v.nmlitle'.
of tlh IH"t,...
Mr. Puyns. of New York inLtmtlue'l a
hill deflinig he uls at...of the uelrr.ag..as
arms. It salds tn his pnrwem sisums Ith...
of diasaruring ofce-r, witll a hsvswl of $W,
O1. A nusnhec of resolullhs were lntro
duerd sind refterre'd.
TI.. ways avid niussa. cumiasrite I as
followas: MecklKr.lurr.lw,. UrSIye.
WDingle y, McKnnma. Pane. W. A. Follette.
(,avior. ( artile. Mlli. McrMillasm. Bin'kehn
ridg." o1 Arkansas aisul Flower.
(in s}ýjruuswiaratbuns ('aesamo, Iiatutlet
wortlh. L.4 eausam HIn.kLrmsou of Iuwa.
Pmeters. l'. wgsweh. Ieshh."ta. M.wrow.
lrs-wer of Ml.isa Alla. Hollows. Forney.
l4ayre-s lUrw~cukua .1g. of Keistue~kj. andu
(In a~larct ial as Rowll. Hontk. ('oK~trr.
Hsegeam,, Slwrmauars. 1lhslall. lkar r.n. Green
hacig.". a man-ti..a k. I'risp, ( Iferrell. ( halls
waaita., Marsh. 11oluei of Ti-a . 'Filed Wake.
)f lIllinusis.
4)is tolol iegs --Town'..,uL of Penlusyl
vaaia. Itill~ace. of MusssalausIts, eaelg
(hisauij. oI Ptl'ssmsylvuasm a.
T'lhe o, ,sislomc is Jmaul Kelley frotus
amwmslwrrlmag Elf that way . ande stiecans c.uss
mailtte it eu ll.ais'."al ay tI.. fsu-t Ithat Iih
wnnZ. (f, Spc..rkcr Read rrar n u(stu(,, y ( l ."
4'Zcmg-.4El fI1,., fsartlm..r s-rjic.. ciam thins u-urns
sasitte." fill u&V'ilE11t I *f hi*' sig'- saudl ltse..s.mt
*fiU.tii n otis.f traealtls. The lsmsaker ts.,
*,rivami"dl a ls..srssl [email protected] fosr blot by
uaskitsmg laius .-lm..srlra.est let liar e..smsnittse
lawns1 as. lii.. asa.,. Ite..
I3 the M.ast-a.
WA4*Hlll.º1TOU. Dec. 9. -A large nueanhr
of pe.titions acdn ias.e6hurialM warw pren
uitedl ill tlIe melinate tUis. y anad we-rr rt
ferr.te to appropriat. e L.osalitt.es. A lar'ge
number ..f hills weren al intrieluced.
among thsem bills providing for lbh admi.
skrna of Idaho and Wyonaln inls the
Henderson olfered a prreamh1e and reso
lutloe, whi~e was agreed tinstracting
the eusmitt.e on ag ultUre to report on
ti.e wuhjt of the produIcton of osugar
fan. ble, abroad and Ila the 'nllte
tatesem. ands what leegi latios, if any. is
nseetmary and ksirarbke to gw-oum te* and
arcelerate that inlasastry in this country.
The ustate then proceeded to the conkld
eraltius of elleletive busineus and at 1:10
adjourned until tomorrow.
K.t by ma 1silm.Y
Runs. N. Y.. Dec. 9. -Tbb mmaraing Jam.
Gi ron. aged A yearn warn obo acid killed
by ama Italian named ark vbacbs,. Cil
.a wan (wadrunk and ramuaq a daI.turhsgme
in thw e nrgthorbo d of (beebo s bour.
KIlled In i U.... s t3 Ibum.
(ow'sasu, ail.. Dec. 9.-Saturday night
at a hw~w of quwatlooable cbarcter a
luam rainwd (Cimtbuaky mhat and killed
Mrs. E. J. Smith of San Vrancirnco. Jdal
ouby wan tshe. a'moa..
All Were Mtrdarea.
?.ANcuIIUA. Ifr. 9. -('oanurulritartio,, c Sit
ntuu"-zre 't 1/r. Prt5.-r» atigA *arty has
by I.;7Ji Toenails andti attarckcdat a sud
taigtt. No ouut t iu&wul.
N.arl. th. Meuralr. Eblagt.
Lort zo2 * IDe. 9.- Diapatlebe hfom Aak
laelk.". Si uh Aurtraliat. .ay leerier the
Isculler. is dying o~f Sypchoitl fever.
A lute dispatch routa Aaelaki. reports
tbua Heury Searle is tluwl.
sad aets a s __
s. I s. S bhe -UmN a
as Nelemn.
Has.snAs, te. .--Tbes beam s.pg9
smtastsivs met his afmers. at 4 oditis,
ut as no quosuam was press ab ma s
meat was takes m atil ena.eww aO S
o'clonk. Speahker Dlas.h was dataped W
a late traia. All wall ha pammest as ta,4i
.ow' m smsion. The regular htmimsie of
the houase will eommnoesme *..me, e amd
he carried through as though umlder or
nary rirumnstsacs. Caomsml s wil le
.-.ned and everythss g will be dme to er
pdlase mnatters of Importsmee to t
The rphalmiesl senatmrs enst this en
Ing at an o'erk.k. The brief a.d ame
neas nawler was gone thnuigh with and ar
-adj.urnntea taken until 10 o'ektsk _
While ther is general eupaetaaey to
snoen tekiisive niove will he mad. tbs
week by tin republicanesn thbse I a
mmeasas of knowing whst it will be.
The Is.-t that Watson o IfatP eVsse
the .efteaId .oplpoent of ter
Nassnara. i still an town samts b Imi
that the conespirators have not aska.
their wshean- to seat himn li the sasts.
Governor, White who has hae a i town
aidt in an Isterview yesterday that he
would declare Watson seated I he wee
liutenaeats.gwoernr. It was gsnsralljy t
lieved he,. that the reptablican comnpire
saws will ent lar to an openb def t
law. Th... is a great deal of chaln
gsu. p about the reputlkaa mssee
eandklates. A boot started for Carter
fLr senator was quickly killed when ha
opposition to the dlverr interete oft Hs
tasa CaMe up as as arguamnet against him.
The latest ,senatrial eaadidklats iso (aoln
4eg OI. Katon. thew urreuneral
t is ths u4ytht the woueld pve am h a -y
satbe s. htte to slip in st here L
tweem Her.sbeld, Haters andd Power.
The puhlic letter of the deawrltm'ra se
resentatives. nsa.e a s..eastin. The -s
publklcae are unable to give anyr biti.
et answer to it. Tie cmTameratle tsg
lo.ur start in the week with the aIra i
tersalnatko to sansd .uum as their
eithmn. TthemW aW We
in their ranks6, though aae
suh Indicatioms Lamong the rumper. .
The rump swes this eveniag b 1
nothing naows than discusms the p ie e
ter of the .ahenoeratie epresnemve
Holwey made a howl over wheas he esId
a vkatin of cossndencsse.
The "fneommpeolle VIler.
S-r. trl-loe. Mirc. 9--A apnW to I"
IJbpbJme froma ft Pel sa: Emwl IL
(OtrnI. uantil lamus Friday nighlt e-sbd
and lmkk#-P.r nw I thO MYinnamepolis do
piarteflnt- 4Io the St. Pauid IPi.s-bI Pr . i
sumaioe"tmi #of having miarxtel mite nrv. wbdcb
embilranuH.Ei iii.. MfisnIealoPoi Tribue, buili
ilia coa thr nilght tof %toInber S1o And in
whic-E. voo-ve nion kuut their iivo. HH we
cimatraidmu to risiay night with having
WaN gomiaa0l imst181 r 1rr1-M.t. He admnitted bin
gilt anti detsr.I.I tev114) all he vviilk u to hep
.1ii, .4.191c!;r 1% s tmi cu-11 C"At aw bel"S
,rho tr-rrM iru*atmamr wo," soon ataeted tb
I lrtnoop navel tihm Trotbune hbuilklng tn hid.
Owe e.v dltie, m .. inIh guilt. He wa sn in IV,
aiga atnm.,,mueaehly deniedl lie t vwes Y
mv~iimt..t 111444-h6 deuamti~pgm smith SAtMi wa
iisium mesa, Iw tfNtild pruve an alibi. 14
trehbeva 11 dbwifahl ise duewt, uv gashasaw anti is
it. acat oaemari- top hips frit.mula. He bee
hines, *mmarie-d imtmmat thie.. nionths.
MaeMY INee M OSc.mmum..r i.
7.Ayzm.Mw. Dec. f.-H.au HL Klan
has r-clvel a ogeratulatary Itn
trute Queen Victurla and the Kbedl,, e
ray lºr. Stanley attende divine srviett
on the Belt a?. mesa-at war Turquoise ya
te-lay. In a I rlef address o the crow he
'.mill thia be- euet...kwrrd UvIvguma'm
naastle bad fallen eair his sheuluber
that tots W. ri howl *'.Ily comened. asj
tarot b u eoul I devote the remanad.r of his
lifetoIi it.
1t,,in glamha i. still In a 4,wrraeeor en
iitlirn. butt Dr. Hark. hopre nr his esco
cry tailless cwuplilrati~nn uS In.
ksir. Park sends a beulleisa from
snayo. re rpinrt an i nqgwoe..n.uS a
a.zalitttlija of PFmin Pasha.
Death at a PrrassI.St Beebe.r
New Y'tnIwK IDec. s.-Hiarvey Kennett.
onew f the olleeSt and mst peaeaiaseu
Wiall stret operati er, died saddenly thb
Heavyr Uas.i. Arviina
PVz. "rrr. Aria.. Ih . 9. -Tb. bravia
fall of rmain evr known a ib is M in m
baa Jumt eiaded. the r.in-tall fh v dL
bring 4.76 incbre. A bumtse, ai ip
Vend. river, on the Prsenat i Alimam
(entral rmalead. went dawn prstan tas
a pummenv. train was ctwmhyt N. The
.mnie emal 1ne iar weist In,. thei
NO now was hurl. Tb dams and dH
tbe itsa Mining eompsuvr was aj
sway and te ftndandto. oft1
mU nwrmuYId. Teb Mw. is >M .
Huss Of u( head e sa is ak.u sr -
drowned in Yards v lf7y
ALitompeud Tvipt. Y'ms.ýpy
INDIN A roLIM. Dte. !.-lames
Jobta Arnokl scut aud fatallytir
him wil. Car. .4eotw 7 wuttamim
Poo and turn.J1 te revolv hr an I
m-ad first. Tb. wound Lnbktudh.
wus only slight. The abeo att
by ter aanuunernant . i wit thalt u
wus going to leave bli and pp Sw*
Lou non. IU. 9.-Am omiassa pbuinI
rsw)t* s thas the £nfleusnas whimb ha bu.
strite general in tt. fPor quim
dat.m. baso appeared i. Two
.amts jare uulehr trawuinmt.
Sr. Paraaulamvm I)D. *.-As 3tu"mo
nwn bas been arrma d ate
whikl c.,uugi In ntaahinW at t
batteries and tiar" at tbat p~
jwonalsing daocumma" wamtoe db
tuwud ---------~ rr,--
VON arSaWTruoP. Due O.-Ham
a'td bis tand h L* r -- ·l r

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