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The^Standard^ is to-day the^Best Advertising Medium in^the Northwest.
The^Standard^ Prints Every^Day In the Week More Papers^than any Rival in Montana.
RepublicanSenators Who Have Their^Thinking Caps On.
TheWhit* Metal's Chances Scho-^field on the Indians-The Re^^appointment Deal In^Senate and House
Bpeciallo the SilanJard.
Washi.m.ton.Dec. 8.^The silver men^among tlie republicans of the senate have^been trying to reach an agreement to se^^cure the passage of a free coinage lull.^As partisans, they prefer that the agree^^ment should tie with members of their^own party, but it is not improbable that if^they cannot get what they waiit in any^other way, they will combine against the^election bill. One thing they are alive to^is the fact that success depends upon^making terms before the elec tion MM If^disposed of. They would probably have^no difficulty in making an agreement with^their party lenders to permit a coinage^bill to come to a vote in the senate, but^it would be blocked in the house. What^they insist on is that it shall have^a fair show in ls^th houses of^congress. They will not agree to any^^thing being done until they get some such^assurance. This is said to lie one reason^why no attempt has yet been made to^change the rules of the senate, though it^was contemplated that that would lie^done at once if it can lie made to appear^that a change of the rules is necessary to^the passage of a free silver bill. The sil^^ver men will probably vole for thei-liangc,^but for it to so appear there w ill have lo^be some assurance that the bill will be^taken up after the rules have been^changed.
Aleading silver senator said to-day that^tney would amend the Ten Coium lini^^ments if necessary, to secure the passage^of the silver hill. The difficulty is that no^nledges can he got from the leaders of the^house that the bill will lie allowed a^chalice for consideration there. Ill tact,^it may be said with considerable positive-^ness that there will lie no time for the^consideration of any silver bill in the^house tins se-Moll unless the siivi r men^force it in spite of tho leaders. Tins sit^^uation is liable to lead to a combination^between the democrats anil the silver re^^publicans in the senate.
'Iml.. . Willi lliu I nite^!^States l...i..i- Again.^VMNMi Dec. H. In the senate^Paddock presented .1 protest of the F.trm-^ers' alliance now 111 convention at Oeala,^Fla., against the passage of s - t onger^lard bill.
Shermanintroduced three bills and one^amendment, all of which were referred^to the finance committee. The new bills^are as follows: To amend the law relat^^ing to the refining anil parting of bullion.^To amend the act aulliormiiy the receipt^of gold coin in exchange for gold bars,^and a bill authorizing the redlining of^subsidiary coins of the I^ 11 it^^^ 1 States.
Shermaniiiirodnccd an amendment to^the bill to reduce the amount of the^United States IkuuIs to be repined of^national banks, and 10 restore to chan^^nels of trade tlie excessive accumulation^of money in the treasury. The amend^^ment limits the compulsory requirements^of deposits of I nited Stales bonds to the^amount of $o,UU) of bonds for e.ieh and^every national bank, provided that (In^^voluntary withdrawal of bonds lor the n -^tirement of national bank notes shall not^exceed $3,^i0n,lWi in any month. The act^shall not apply to deposits ,.| Loinls^to secure deposits of public moneys^upon United States bonds de^^posited or which may be dc|iosi!ed^hearing interest. Any national hanking^association making deposit shall be en^^titled to receive from the comptroller of^the currency circulating notes not. x^-^ ed-^ing the par value of the bonds depotlitl 'I,^or the actually paid-in capital stock of the^bank. Another section authorizes the^secretary of the treasury to issue United^Slates treasury notes equal to the retire^^ment by national banks below a eireula-^tion of |130,(XI0,l^in. Section four author^^ises the issue of United Stales bonds lo^an amount not to exceed $ liit,n,^it,o,^ii, to be^redeemed at the pleasure ^f the govern^^ment, and to liear two per ceil', interest.^They are to be sold for lawful money or^coin certificates, and the proce. iIn an-to^be applied to the redemption or pureli.i e^of ('nited Slates bonds.
Thohouse amendments to the senate^joint resolution for the issue ..I arms to^the states North and South Dakota, Wyo^^ming and Nebraska, extending its provis^^ions to Montana, was concurred in.
Theelections bill was then taken up,^but before dray (unshed his spcei h the^senate adjourned.
INTHE^Several Small
I|i sud Acted
Wa-uinitnv, Dec. I!. ^ Saturday next^was set aside for the consideration of^bills reported from the committee of pri^^vate land claims.
Thesenate bill appropriating ilun.UOO^for the purchase of additional rations for^the Sioux Indians passed. The senate^bill for the retirement of General Sioms-^nian, with the rank of colonel, was also^passed. The senate joint resolution di^^recting a request to the widow of 1 1 il
Grantfor permission to remove her hus^^band's remains to Arlington cemetery^was called up, but no action was taken.
TheRatio to lie One Representative to^F.sch I'.f.UOl Inhabitants.
Washington,Dec. 6. -It is understood^that the republican members of llic^^n^^us committee have reacle I an agree^^ment ii[kiii the re-apportionment bill^based upon a representation 1 f M mem^^ber* In the house. The present Itotisc^consists of .'tit! members. Tlie ratio ol^representation is one member t. each^173,091 population. This is ahem tbe low^^est number which will permit each state
duringthe next decade to retain its pres^^ent membership.
Thestates which will gain in represen^^tation are: Alabama 1, Arkansas 1, Cali^^fornia 1. Colorado 1, Georgia 1, Illinois -,^Kansas 1, Massachusetts I, Michigan 1.^Minnesota J, Sehrask - ;. Missouri I. New^Jersey 1, Oregon 1, Pennsylvania -, Texas
Washington1, Wisconsin l.or 21 in all.
lollcial S, liolielit'k XlfWS Submitted lo^Congress.
WasIii.v.ion,Dec. ^. In response to^the st uate resolution asking for informa^^tion respecting the disarmament of In^^dians 111 the Northwest, tbe secretary of^war to-day transmitted to congress a let^^ter from Major General Scbotleld and a^mass of otlieial correspondence. Gen-^m| Seholleld in his letter says:
Tli.-ie^\m be 110 practical disarmament of In^^dians except by making them actually prisoners^of w ar aud holding Diem under melt restraint^thai It will be llll|kisslhle ful tliein In senile arms^er ammunition. This would seem to require^such a rhaup' 111 tlie gt-ucral policy followed 10^the Irealmeiit of wailike tubes of Indians *s^would .-out in in- the niilitai ^ eoutrol of those alio^may have l*^cii subdued until fin-li control lie-^ciiines manifestly do louder necessary. And^this, II Is suggested, may possibly lie done by^joint aiiKiii Ik-Iw.-cii Hie war and Interior de-^luitiueiiis 111 siieli a manner as uol to interfere^with the measures of the Ulterior department^deemed best (or the nwh/alion sod material^welfare of tin- Indians.
Twenty-six Millions to ^io luto Circnla-^tlou Presently.
Wx iiim.ton, Dec. b. The secretary of^the treasury has issued a circular invit^^ing proposals for sale to the government^ot f ..iiit.im , ,f 1 per cent bonds. During^lie-weel, ending Deccinlier 11, erJl.lMJO.UO^will be paid out 011 account of pensions.^Thft. tfiftihtr Trlh ftjWffjWf m lie paid^for bonds under the above call will make^fLi;,i^^i,(K^l to lie put into circulation with^^in the next week or ten days.
'iini|msttiollol the Next House.
YY^.mum.ion. Doe. ^^. CM McPher-^son, of the house of representatives, hits^just had printed an unofficial list of the^members-elect of the next house, showing^ss republicans, SU tlemocrats and eight^fanners'alliance, tine district, the'.Mh^of New- York, is set down as uncertain,^anil one, the second lillode Island, is^marked vacant.
TheInter state Commerce Act.
Wx-niNt.ion,Dec. It Senator Sawyer^to-day introduced a bill to amend section^live of tin- interstate commerce law to^provide agreement* for apportionment of^tr.itlie may be entered into between com^^mon carriers subject to the provisions of^the act.
t.eueml llrooke Tells Them They Can^Have til They Want if lliey ltehnve.
Simom KocK JLOBMOTi Dec. 8.-The^Indians of this reservation to-day drew^their rations, all the families being repre^^sent..!. Sitting Hull's wife and boy* were
Inn . Agent McLaughlin had arranged a^pi.in to arrest Sitting Hull but he received^an order suspending for the present any^urresls whatci er.
Sr.1'it 1., Ilcc.'l. A special from Dine^Hidgo agency says that several of the^hoslile chiefs, a^ comiiauied by a nuinls-r^of Mined warriors, came into the agency^this morning and held a conference with
10ner.il Brooke, lie told them to conn-^back to the agency and cease hostilities^and they would get all the provisions they^^ .nited. Tli, y went back to their camp^to rOpOrl to their followers, making no^promises.
TheXI i ueral Hill Mining Company.
Hvi he Standard's Ms-eial W ire.
liiitk, Dec. 8. The annual meeting of^stockholders of the Mineral Hill Mining^company was held here to-day. Very^nearly ev^ ry share of stock issued was^represenied. A boanl of five directors^were elected consisting of M. P.. Pinney,^prOOidoBtl U. Kt Pinney, vice-president;^K. F.. Parker, secretary: Is B. Caliler-^heail, treasurer, and J. W. Mishler, su^^perintendent.
Thesiipcrinlciideut reported the com^^pletion ol a bunk house, shaft house and^blacksmith shop. Sinking has been begun^on die I'lii-foot shaft and will be carried^on until the depth mentioned is attained^The shall is now aliout :HI feet deep and^makes a very encouraging show. Assays^made to-day under the directions of tlie^secretary ol general samples of ore from^the bet!, in of the shaft returned consid^^erably over Ll-0 ounces in silver and two^onccs in gold. As soon as the shaft is^sunk lo a depth of about KB feet a steam^hoist will be erected and work prosecuted
011as large a scale .1- possible. The ore^nun' being taken out is stored and a ship^^ment will lie made shortly in order to SO*^cei 1.1111 a.-, actual milling value. Should^the ore continue its present assay value^enough can lie -hipped to pay the cx-
peti of developing tbe property.
PresidentPinney is still east placing^slock and is meeting with Haltering tur-
ItMade Mamie Veil.
ClUCAOO.Dec. The jury in the case^of Mamie Starr, the |Hiisoner of th^ Now-^land family, to-night rendered a verdict^of guilty with the penally of imprison-^1 incut for life. On hearing tho announce^^ment, the young wom an screamed ami^fainted aw ay in court, remaining IIMOtV^scions some time.
Anti-ParnellitesGet Up and Leave^the Room.
Itwas Full of Passion and Bitter^ness, McCarthy Leads the^Opposition Out Hamuli's^Speech to the Minority.
Loadedfor Hear.
FromIhe Indianapolis Journal.^Toa 0 tug serenading, eh
Tom What you got in that paper sack
DickNo. They're . ;-g^. That oil,. ^^fellow of hers is calling on her to-nighi.^and I j'i-t want him to stick his head out^ot the window and thank me just once.
IlrlamaterWants Time.
Mi:mu* 11.1.1. Pa.. Nov, h. hate this^trasttaf Uelaiuater A t o., bankers, issued^a letter saving that depositors would I,.,^paid ill full if time was given. No esti^^mate of assets and liabilities is yet given.
TheirCreditor. It ill H^h Now.
St.Johns, N. 1'., K ov. ii. Waterman A-^Co.. who did a large fishing business 111^I 11 ilhng.it^ . I^ ne I uled for f.-ii.im.
Iiitsll*Denies It.
\\'-1MM1.11 . I'cc. 11 Senator Ingal's^said 1^night that Turner's statement,^no nti I n 11.. Ocalu dispatch, is with^^out foundation.
Lompon,Dec. ii. The associated pres.^says that Gladstone's reply to the nue--^tions concerning the Irish constabulary^and the settlement of the agrarian diffi^^culty as indicated al the request of the^committee of nationalists w hich visited^him yesterday was less conciliatory than^tbe people ex|a-ct.
TheIrish members of parliament reas^s.milled this afternoon. The tlrst busi^^ness transacted was the reading of Glad^^stone's letter in reply to the committee.^Gladstone remains tlrni in the determina^^tion in no way to recognise Parnell a-^theleaderof the nationalists, ami hi* |sisi^tion is emphasized by a letter in which Jhe^offers to conduct negotiations with tin-^new Irish leader on the footing of confi^^dence to that which he once accorded^to Parnell. The letter was greeted with^cheers by the section of the party opposing^Parnell and ironical cric-s by hi* support^^ers. A stormy debate followed. Harry,^Sexton and Mealy made a determined^attempt to bring almtit a final settlement^of the question. They insisted that there^be an immediate division of the members^on tin- main question before the meeting,^namely, the retirement of Parnell from^the leadership. Filially Sexton gave Par-I^Mil his ultimatum to the effect that if the^di 1 i^iou on the question was dela^ed by^Parnell after ii o'clis'k this evening the^majority would hold a meeting of their^own to depose him from the office. A^scene of great excitement followed and at^J:45 o'clock a recess was taken for half^.111 hour.
Whenthe meeting reassembled the re-^|Hirt of the conferring dclcgati - was read.^Mr. Abraham and John O'Connor rose^from their scats simultaneously. When^Parnell declared the latter had the floor^Abraham persisted 111 an effort to move a^resolution, but could not amid the clamor.^He then handed it to Justin McCarthy,^who rose from his seat and was appar^^ently about to read it when Parnell^grasped the resolution from his hand,^saying ho wouldn't receive it. A tremen^^dous uproar followed, and when quiet w as^restored Parnell said until the party de^^posed him he would remain chairman.
Harryretorted: ^You are not our chair^^man,^ anil added that Parnell was a^' dirty trickster,^ which raiised another^uproar.
ArthurO'Connor appealed lo friends^to show every possible respect to the late^leader. McCarthy said he had only n-eii^toa point of order. Someone handed turn^the paper and the chairman struck it out^of his hand. Parnell said he took it from^McCarthy, hut the latter insisted iln.^paper wa stricken from Ins hand.
Ilealymoved that Abraham's motion be^heard, but Parnell refused. John ^ 1 ^ ^ti-^lior then moved that the meeting call the^attention of the country to the fact that^though the original resolution was al^^tered to meet Gladstone's objection. In^^still refuse* to confer with tin- party un^^less Parnell is removed. This, he said,^proved ParncH's contention that it was^itiqKissihle lo gel a diiccl answer from^Gladstone. He believed Ireland would^resent this.
TimothyIlealy caused another tremen^^dous row by shouting:
Whois to In- unstress of Ihe |iarly V'
trie* of ^shame'' came from all parts of^the room, and Parnell referred to Ilealy^as a cowardly little scoundrel w ho dared^in an assembly of Irishmen to insult a^woman.
Abrahamgot the Hour and said that^since Purnell refused to resign the mem^^bers would Is- wanting 111 respect to them^^selves if they longer delayed bringing^matters to an issue, the chairman having^ignominious])' treated and torn McCar^^thy's resolution.
Iarnell^^That i* untrue.
Abrahamdeclined to enter into an^altercation, lint repeated that it would be^shameful to allow the minority to con^^tinue making the parly a laughing stock.^He proposed an amendment that Par-^nell's chairmanship be terminated. An^^other squabble ensued and r.irnetl de^^cided that Abraham wa* out of order,^VhsVMMM Mealy shouted ^bravo.
Healy,^*aid Parnell, ^I Mai stand^much more from you. The ametnlun nt^is only adiuissable as a substantive n o^^tion.
ArthurO'Connor proo. di d to argue^that the lime had arrived to 1 . rise talking^and to put all cud lo what wa- rapidly be^^coming i disgraceful farce. ^1 ask the^majoriiyof this party,^ he concluded, ^at^once t^^ record their decision. If not In 11^then cl-cw here.
Parnell^You know it is not un amend^^ment.
JustinMcCarthy t^^ik the II..or. He had^hoped up to last night that Parnell would^still help them out of their terrible dilli-^culty. He was disappointed and it would^lie a wa-te of time to
reduced.1 hold this , I, ur still. (Cheersi.^Although many Comrades have left us.^Ireland has ihe po^ .1 till their places^and send us good n. n and true for every^one of'.hose who b 1.. h ft us, audi little^know our gallant country, if I am mis^^taken in ill.' opinii ., thai the minute she^get* tbe opportunit) -he w ill freely exer^^cise her power. Tl stand in a most^contemptible poslli . that of men who,^having pledged then.-elves to be true lo^llleir parly, to thtir leader and to their^country, hate hoan false to It.^ il.oud^cheer*!.
John111 oiinor's resolution wa* then^put an 11 arrn d by acclamation and the^meeting dispersedi
Theproceedings 1 .^ McCarthy sec^^tion were conducts*! in private.
Tliemeeting, by 1 unanimous vote,^elected Justin McCarthy chairman, and^proceeded lo consid- r the following reso^^lution :
We,tatISMSXsefffl$tthe Irish p^ili.unenlary^party, Menial) renew si 1 ^.Mission to me prin-^^ i|ile, in our de 1 ol ion to ^'n.h we haxe neve^^naicred, ilia! the Irlsk part} Is aud always^must i^ main imlepeaarm of all other parties.^1 ni t tier, we declare we ^ I. n. ier eutert.iin any^proposals for the settle!..1 i t of the home rule^1 '|iic^li^^n. except such a* satisfies tin* aspualniDS^of I tie Irish parly sad Iri-li isnple.
Theresolution, which was proposed by^Ilealy and seconded by Sexton, was unan^^imously adopt. ,!. Th^ result wa* iiiinie-^it^ l^ communicated to Gladstone.^D| on learning what had been dune^t.ladsioue exclaimed, ^Thank God, luune^| rule i* saved.
i.ladstone,in his lett. r to the Nation-^alisl meeting, acknowledges the receipt of^two resolution* adopted by the Irish cau^^cus, and say* in purl that the question^j rai*ed by the publication of his letter to^Morley was Ihe question of leadership,^, I Inch is separate and has no proper cou-^1 ^1-11.hi with home rule. He continue*:
Whenthe Irish party sellles this question In^-^ Ii a manner as w ill eti ih:.. me lo renew nil^t..liner relations Willi the Irish paity, it will be^m^ desire hi entci witti.oil prejudice into eonfl^ilt-ntlal i'oiiiiiiiinl. ilion, nt occasion inny serve,^111-111 all aiiiruilmeiils ami siil^oIioiis of tin^inovrincnl In my plan for the home rule meaa-
I assure you it is my * -a.- n. incs lorw.ud
111the Hist faioiable opportunity a jusl and ^ f-^fc, tin- measure for horn rule I ns-ogDi/.e au.l^1 ..lllcst ly se, k to uphold lilt Hide |K'Udellcc of Ihe^bull ivirty no less than that of the liberal p.my^and acknow ledge w ith satisfm Hon Hie harmony^pi. i ailing tiotwecn t he SstBM tun i IM When^Ihe pit si til dilllciilty I* lemotid, I know
ol 110 leisou to aUlln|^ale lis lllleiru|*loll.
Ilook forward with coafideuisr, as do mi l^oil, a-m - to ihe formal ion ami prosei ntiou ol .1^measure which In ineetlni! all the Just claims of j^' In anil, will Ik. wise obi nil the appioxal of Ihe^|s ..|i|e of liic.it llrltsili Finally, I will remind^yon ^^f my declaration that a Mil hoin ihtsoiisI^. ii. ^-. Hi- n- is bin on,- -ii.iinnb .^ thai nm^Is- of pal lalne lo Ireland. II is thai SMMMy^|snni.sl out by llauiMin alien In- railed alien^lion to Hie iimpiesiiiinable |s^htical fact that u^^paily or loader could ever hope to carry s scheme I
forli.iiieniletli.itilslii.illi.oeihnhal ,ou
ciuieueeaud supimrt of tin htsh nation.
PoiderlyTells Them Labor Saving^Macuioery is a Corse.
HigherPublic Schools.
OneOelesat* Stirs Up Great Ex^^citement By Declaring- Ha la^a Lobbyist and a Monop^^olist From WaybacK.
i' m i, Fla.. Dec. b The farmers' al^^liance this inoriiiiiK iliseusscil the alio ml-^nn-iits 1.1 the platforni ailopled yeats ril i^^hnikuiK lo rc-lrn tinir the power of the^sjmMmI 111 iliscipliuiiiK editors ^if alli-
theailvisahiliiy of calling' a conference of I^the various railroad presidents. The ob-^jci t of the conference would have no
attyerasssyiAtsMsre ihun dm promotion of j
harnnmyand g.k-l fellowship among ^ Imtftf WIllidID Of GtrHUH'S
railwayotllriala, so they would he a unit^111 tin cent of a demoralization in rates.^Such a conference would lie powerful in^precluding Ihe possibility of a recurrence^of any sort of demoralisation. Many^.In- 1 I '.-it j i- !^' f^ .re Hi it 1 .inference^will la. held.
I-t Mishap lo a Tank Opoolng of a Mis^^soula saloon.
specialIn Ihe Standard.
M in i.i. Dec. 1.. -Kngine No. .%4 left^here for the east this morning pulling- a^fri ight train, between here aud Ihumer^I an axle under Ihe tank bmkc ami the^tank was thrown off the track. The train^wa- pulses] bark by a switeh engine. No*.^^ I and 4 were detained several hours by^j the mishap.
Thisevening ^ laborne's saloon will he^I opened in the new brick building in front^' of Shaffer's hecr hall. Kd Rhodes will^I la' chief dispensing chemist, and as both^lie and Alderman Osborne have many^, friend-, the saiaofl is bound to have u^i good patronage.
Thisafternoon the inzrllt people eom-
UncompiimsntaryAllusions^Modern Journalists Koch's^Lympb 6aid to Kill as^Well as Cure.
MS,pew S| Opel s.
Turnersaid that during the Kansas^campaign Senator lugalla had offered^.v..^^' for a roster of Ihe Kansas see re la^nes uloue.thr inference !^eing that such a^roster would largely increase ill value as^the alliance extended into other states.
Tow-dcrlyaddressed the alliance dele-^gal, - ,,t I ip,, un,11 h ,11 Una often.... 1^He advocated reform in the employment
ofchild labor, insisted that the govern- , ^^.,^ ,^^^.,,tlulr llew office in Ihe
menthad a right tmtrol railroad., and^JJ^ ^ M^jn
PLRILSA Terrlli,
If Madks .^rouble lor Ihe
Lkwis, Dec. 1. Th, Hritish steamer^M irvl niil from It.iliimore, November -7,^for London, arrin il here this afteriie.ni.
tinsM morning of Issjsflf 1, almnt i^i
milesoil shore, tic- ship eilcoutitereil a^IcrriHi' gale and the decks were sw ept by^a tremendous sea which killed ^ aptain^LuekksWsti the b. itswain ami MMBsl^ciKik, broke First 1 Hhccr Lloyd's leg ami^-even ly itijure.l StMSfSj ^llhcrs ..I the crew .^Nearly everything movable was swept^away, nieli|.lni^^ Ihe bridge, three bunts^I and much DSCk material, of .'^.i^^cattle on board, o were killed and^many more so injured as to la*^worthless. Thcsic.iiid officer, w ho is ill^charge now, says the storm was the most^j aw ful ever witnessed by him. The eondi-^' lion of the ship after the waves struck
her,Ihe sillier. I if- of the BJMgsfsl MH
jand sM frantic 1 allle wen I, rnlile.^I I nited States marine hospital surgeon ^^j have tahi 11 ^ hai l'c of the woumhsrl men.
HeavyUeitiauil t'oi Hold In I.0111I011 A^New toil, failure.
Nt.wViiiik, Dec. 1. A London s|M^i nil^says there is a heavy deiuaml here for^gold, ami from New York the first ship^^ment was aiiiioiiuci d. Two luilidred ami^lillythou.-ainlihill.il worth of gold was^fin ai ded to-day. It is probable addi^^tional parcels w ill be shipped next week.
Asslgulueulof .1 Illy Itooils .Man
Niw Ym.k, Dec. ^.. I dwanl II. Amiin-^doivn, dry go.als, ,- \ 1^1 W.utli tn.i,
iieh- a |n 1 ^ Till ., .; ilnelll lln, uioril-
Ammidowiisaid lbs) astigiimeul was
mad for the purp^i-^ of pMiccliug the
IIIill's credit.irs and Ins personal credit^^ors from any annoy nice likely to result^from his connection with the Ititlcuhuiuc-^Manufacturing company.
thenmade a fiery attack U|kiii the^employment of lalsir-saviug machinery as^defrauding workmen out of ihe right^to work, lie was especially Inner against^all electric devices, declaring that capi^^talists in their greed had even cerin icl^God's wrath and sMSS^raUstlM lodotlu ir^bidding, he denounced sectionalism and^said; ^V^ matter what politicians may-^say, we of the two sections are together^again, and together we will light monop-^uly.
Thissentiment brought forth great ap^^plause.
PresidentI'olk'a suggestion for a na^^tional legislative council was adopt, d.^The committee on president's m^ .sage^made a report in favor of retaining the^official resilience 111 Washington and^making his -alary jr.^^'. Tins w.i-
adoptcd,the action lieiug ill direct ^ |
sitiouto Macune'a ncommendatioiia.^Before Ihe evening session adjourned,^however, it was ri -olvcd to endorse the
Siltnihil I /^.Vn||ollll-'.
(jciiileincnhaving ill charge the call^for the third party convention have re^^ceived teh grams from Kansas, heartily
approvingtlc'yement. They -lieceeiled
|.-da^ 111 securing Ihe signatiin s of l.'i out^of the lb represenlalives of colored stale^alliatici-s now hi'it1.
Atthe morning session of the alliance^President hall of the Missouri state al- ;^bailee, exploded a bomb regarding the^Maciine, P. Ik, Livingston tuvi .ligaliuii^w hich came near splitting up the conven^^tion, he securatl tbe sVaW am! drjelafed^In-had not signed commi't ^e report ics^tenlay because il was not satisfactory to^him. he started to rend from manu^^scripts hi* ohjc, nuns, but Macune'a ad^^herent* raised objections, saying the mat-^ter had la-en chared yesterday. A tremen^^dous clamor followed, but finally^hall's friends prevailed and he read^his report la had not signed the coin-^inittee report for si'vci I 1 ^ in-, la-cause^It censured President Polk un justly for.^writing the Norwood letter; la-rausn it^^ lonerali'd Mai inie, although he openly^ad 1111 in d before the ciimmiltee that he had
p|o Georgia and funned a combina-
ti.uianioiig the alliance legislatures in^the interest of Pal Calhoun for I'uitcd^Mate ^ senator; because Maciine had also^admitted that Calhoun had loaned bun^f ,i^^i; because Marline further admitted
hebad remained In days 111 Iigia
lobbyingfor I'alhouu's eleclioli; ksMH^M.u line had adunlted he hao for the pasi^year traveled on transportation furnished^by the West Point Terminal company.^Proof had al - ' been adduced e b^ Ihe pol^^icy of the x' oioot and the^l.eorgia-t/'iioo'. /^'.'^ in. 1 lieing in Ihe in^^terest* of corporation* ami iminnpoliHts.^'I hi* change bad been so marked as to^nave confirm, d lUe suspicion of outside^financial 111 t1ii. ii^ --. I he reading of lln-^ikM-uiiieiit was followed by a tremcud'ms^hubbub. Finally, as a compromise, I ,^iugsloii of Georgia sciired the adoption
ofa motion making the c^iritinuanif
lln-investigation a special order for tin-^evening.
Iti* understood a 1 ^^miiromMo ha* been^arranged, Hall agreeing to withdraw hi*^pop. r 111 the niter, si ol barunniy. Al the^evening sc-smii Dr. Maeiire addressed^the convention brielly, denying the Iruth^of some of the slalciiicIlls made by hall.^Then hall said while he withdraws the^written explanation made by bun he d a -^not change hi* original opinion, lln^speech w asgrccPsI with mingled applause^and hisses.
I I t I 1
123 2
buildingis admirably adapted to use as a^printing office, special attention being^giyeii 10 ihe lighting The t;aztHe and^UtJ-.Mi'mn will Ik- almost direr tly across^the street fno . eh. -titer.
hsinploii Flit Ileal. I onley ami Is Ilea^leu Iiy Kenuett.
Hisi ial to the standard.
Hiu x y, Dec.ii. 1 ho lug championship j^^hooting contest between A. J. Fisk, the^champion, and Frank ( onIcy occiircd l^^^ttf at (he grounds of the gun club. Il I^was nt ii'i live bird* for $aO a ^ule. Fisk^now holds the championship medal anil^under the terms of the contest was not .^obliged lo shoot again until January. He^was challenged by Copley and decided to^hold the contest tieday. The match wa*^largely attended, a delegation being pn ,-^enl from Deer Lodge. Following 1* the^score:
Klk I J 'J I I '-^ 0
Ionley I # I 13 1
II I M I i I I I
Thesensation of the day followed after^^ward when Percy kcuuett imnitslialely^clialleng. d Fisk for a match under the^same conditions. The challenge was^promptly a^ ^ epied and the conlesl which^followed resulted in Kciineit wiiiluug by^one bml in the folhiwing score;
PUt-tItlllll'ililll^'.' .' I I 1 * I I I l-M
h.hiiillI I I II 1112 119 1^I I r! I I 3 I I I I I I Hi
This:*called re marker h work, each^victor winning hv a bird. It i* nnder-^^Io.mI thai a man is here from Deer Lodge^to bark ( onley for fl.unila side against^Fisk.
A Minnesota Man M100U HI* Own Son^Near tireal tall*.
Op.. al [li-pllell to Ihe Slalnlanl.
(.1.111 Ftm.n, Nov. ii. S. M. Kmery,^proprielor of ihe b well nursery, of Lake^City, M nines.^ia, w hile hunting in the Hell^mountains, 4(1 mile* from here, lo-day,^uiisliH.k his *on, j;t years old, for a deer,^and sh.'l linn with a ride. A messenger^'arrived for a d'stor a few minutes ugo,^and say * Ihe young man cannot live.
AIIimiii's II.1.0 litrer l,oes I p.
LiyiUMi'iri Fit.i . Me., Dec. !^. Wil-^liani Fiirnell, proprn l^ir of the syoOSM^mill* at Willon. has failed. Liabilities,^$70,1*11; asset* ^ ^^'.
furllnr. He suggesUsI thai all agreeing
withhim withdraw. The suggestion was^acted u|ion.
Parmll was left in the room with John^and William Kediiioud. Lcumy, O'Kelly,^Byrne, Hl.ilie, Cortielt, Joseph Nolan,^Magiure, Harrison, Dalloii, William Mc^^Donald, ( oiiway, Ouinn, ( laticy, Ma^^li, nicy, Hayden, Filsgerald. Ilarriiigton,^Kichsnl P^^wer. Sheil, ( aaptMU, John^O'Connor, Dr. Kenny and McKenna, and^the ^astfaU was resumetl.
ColonelNolan argtnnl that the Parnell-^ites would hold the key to tlie position,^Msd concluded b^ saying that what.i.r^may bs Parsisll'i position in\he next two^or three yi at^, he would be ranked wiih^O'CouncIl at tbe greatest Irishman ol lln-^kaat three centuries. (Cusers.) Others^having spoki in.ell -aid :
Thede-r'.ei-, knowing wo were going^to Ireland lo-ux rrotr, clamored for a ik -^cision, because (bef dreaded the light m g^of public op in Ireland. Gentli men.^w e have a-on 1 sslay. Though our rauks are
lllngl.arslleloi iiiatlnu.^Ilosion Trayi'kr.
Ihope,^ said Mi- ihngbatas she U .^gan to put on In- bonnet, ^that you are^not going lasting lllil r- unday uniriiing,^William, but an- c^ 1. ^^ to church with^me.
Iam going i^. ebun b, Sarah,^ i^ sHi d^liscuse the matter William, doniinig h - u rcoat. ^I have
battMM impresseil W ill^is a man's duly to am^morning, and to put I^of the world for a tunc^ami does ope g^.cell ^l lo hiuise1*.^fishing till after ii
ihebs-bef that 11^I nerrice Sunday^l^ Ihe pleasures
Itcosts nothing^^ -ide* that'^ he
l ain't right for
TheLetti 1.1 l ove.
Kioniihe Boston I t i .
Mrs.Wanaiuaki -' n, bare you read
theaccount of Mk's marriage in^tin- morning's /.
Mr.W. My d^ ir. I^ lid much ratio r
thatyou would n . 11 ; me marriage no.
lice*. 1 think y-^' tgly of having
to.in Left out of I1 anyway.
Why,John .
Becausemarriage - a lottery.
Uar11, Iks lir.^I 1 m the Florid* I
Ioiisiileriug l; ^^'' attitude of
'.ii. ce and the sb . . ^lations of Ihe^National and th. I'.avers' baseball^leagues, universal i ^ a. ^^ :^ not such a re^^ality after all.
The Siii.ieine Court of Kansas Xlaki-s^lie . k Work or It.
Toi'lKS,Kan., Dee. fi. The supreme^court tikis' iiiornmg rcfii*cil lo grant a^writ mandamus applied for by C. K. Lole^^ I^ I ^. w ho demanded a cerlilicate of elec^^tion for representation from I.am co'inty.^I...I..I. II ba-cd his claim* on a provhtinn^of the ttate ooaStitatitSB, which girSSSsV Ii^i/rgani/ctl roiniiy in the stale casting '^f^^vote* a representative in hgislatun'.^1 lie case was no ^ I great ini|s irlain c.^for if bsttsWI ktsN ailmiit' il If oih. r^republican* slsetsd a* delegate* would^have la-en entitled lo the same privilege*.^Most them were Ingalls men, ami ihey^w ild have given Ihe senator a majority^of two 011 joint ballot.
Thesupreme court held that in no event^could the meinliersliip of the lower house^^x ...I 1.^ 1111 uibers until there w.,- a^rhaiige in the constitution.
I.oan Associations tine of llutle's
Iin po 11. ,111 Filter pi Ises,
'lln I i.hiiiibia lliiihliug and Loan assis
ii.ill. .ii, of Denver, Colorado, one of the^no.-t 1 r^ grcNstye ,.f the iniMlern building^soi-ieiics, baa establiHhed a very large and^successful branch 111 this city, with some^of our leading business men a* its officer*^ami local representative* of the institu^^tion.
Ihe iiicnihcrthip embraces more than^Jul persons, who are carrying stea k to the^extent of -^Hie J*i(ji,(^lii, which is larger in^the niitmler of im inher* and amount of^^ toes sub-crihed than any or all of similar^institution* previously organized in Hint*^or 111 Molilalia.
Tin*wonderful growth is due wholly to^the plan with which business is conducted,^being as 11 is, copied largely after thai of^the I'.irklieek of I llglalid. the largest^building society in the world, having a^paid-in capital of more man |^ci,Q0u,UJ0,
Theloltiiittna is destined lo lie the Hirk-^bcek of America. (lur remarkable^growth 111 Molilalia is bin a ndb x of Ihe^business in all other states. Note the sal-^li nt p.mils of the Columbia. No bidding^I^ 1 k .his. No premiums. All with.Iraw-^ils. No f'irfeitures. Absolute security^^gsl 1 ipiahly.
Ih.a anil other cipiilablc features have^made the Columbia im, representative^aJsSBffietaS building and loan association.
Therew ill Is- a public liioctiugoti Weslues- I tmuhlc is m^ known.
t'IPJ'r... ^,.. New York
Beki.i.vDec. ^.-Tbe Heirlu Awiytr^glees passage* from the Emperor Wil^^liam's re. enl tpeerh on school reform.^One point thai the ^ uu.eror especially em^^phasis s is the iimel ^t hi the higlier pub^^lic schools in cramming youths with Latin^and Greek instead of the German lan^^guage ami Cerman history, especially the^growth of German institutions and the^j idea of luminal unity. Modern history,^he declared, if rightly taught, would he-^l come in finitely more valuable than tbe^j chronicle of *nti.|uiiy.How,he atks.were^so many young Germans seduced from^I the path of political virtue. How^was It that Germany produced reformers^of society, to many men nagging at their^I own government while commending tbe^goverui Its el ' ^ ^ MskMMi It wa-^simple ignorance arising from defective^education on the .-. . is of modern Ger-^many. Hie higher schools must t^their methods. They must make the^studies l^^ar upon practical life; reduce^the hoy*' book wor* and give them more^time for healthy recreation and training^of body. Ihe present system tended to^^ward an over production of highly edu^^cated people. Journalists, bo said,^were high school pr-shn U run to seed.^He approved the saying of Bismarck^anent the proletariats, whom lie called^^^hunger candidates.^ and from whom the^ranks of journalism were largely re^^cruited from a class dangerous to so^^ciety. Finally, he declared, he would not^license any more high schools until their^incttnsls were amended.
Thenewspaper* generally shandy re-^m'IU the emperor's references to journal-^i-irl. The Vu'ioun/ fSasefst says instead^of their being hungry candidates, many^high stale official* are only too willing to^exchange their posts for positions on the^press if tin y ran get them.
Thelatest developments in Koch's dis^^covery of a cure for diphtheria and te^^tanus have been hunted to lest experi^^ments with animals until yesterday, when^the remedy was applied to several human^subjects through transfusion of blood^from animals noi tusxsptfcst to diphthe^^ria or the hacillii* of inlanu* It was^b ond ibat the nlood of rats and mice had^a destructive effect on virus of diphtheria,^while the blood of rabbits, transfused, had^a similar effect on tetanus. Before trans^^fusion the hliKxl must fw freed from co-^aguluin aud otherwise prepared.
Professors/.iinssen and Bauer, lectur^^ing before the Munich Medical society,^disapproved of tbe use of Koch's^lymph 111 private practice until the^cbances of cure are better calculable. K^patient in tlie Vienna hospital who was^under treatment by Ihe new method died^suddenly ^n as the reaction follow^^ing inoculation set 1 n. and a 17-year-old^girl who was inoculated with the lymph^yoNicrday , at Iiirfesbruek, died from paral^^ysis of the heart.
SrwYoks. Iter . I .. I'ohurn, the pugil^^ist, itiesl this .1.011,-1 i-onsuuiptiou.
1110.11\rise, Dec. s.^The .oiunultee baviug^the mailer lurmargskes lepoit, .I 10 faior of a^draft of a republican coii^llti.t..^n.
Cii s-!^ x.|*.'. tnepi.lenue of diphtheria^l^rr|*irtcit .11 Lessor. Minn.. JD mile* east, with^JD case* sad three desllt* to far. The disease is^tpreaillni:
Washinutom,Iks- ^.- Mrs. Miller, wutnw sf^Ihe late SSstssjnsf Miller of I'alifnrnla, ^heil to-^-.!^^ Irs* Uses safsriSK with an affcuon of^. Ihe ggSSJSJgt
1111if y\,1 n . is-, , u. The srhooaer wasrh^j drifbsl ashore St Paninuet Fork* Thursday was
11^ w.^.l li.'.l i.f IjN'ksport, X. S. All hands^t were drowned.
1in. ..is.. . Mrs snell, widow of the^sssfasrsd anlliwisite. Asx.-s^J. nn. u, lias re^^newed h^ 1 I^ t^^ o J.^.is^) Uir arrest ot Tas-^otfknd lilt detention until identified.^KrwHy.ix, IV.' ^i A uumls-r of Ineneula-^' lions have bees sueie by Dr. Poster with ihe^lymph r*f^ 11-d fnau Profesaor Ki*-h. It it uo-^| derstwsl thai nae ot two isxtieui* are greatly uu-^proiisl
its. t\x in. IVe.^. toeorip. F. M irshacli ft^Co., saddlery, ntuwdthe srres! of W. It. Cteve-^land, oin ^f 1 ^:^ rks. ^^,. tunl einl^e//i.st
-.1 * i..,|. II- .'. 'I Ul'i . ..1.111s Ui Is*
lelale.1to et.rn-sidrni l Ten eland.
Nr.wYogs. Dee. ^. aleorge WashUuton^Smith ^if -sin Francisco, and vice president of^the \ ..iragua canal couipauv, was to-night^taken lo Bollet.ie hosn.t.il nisaue. He lias been^stopping at th* (lilsey house. The i-ause ot tbe
JsyGould xx - -1^IBs Itallro.i
N'f.WYllllK. Dec^llllltee of the I'111011
(enersl Meeting of^I Presidents
Theexeculivi coin-
P.ICIflcrailway held
ameeting at Hlie e of Jay (iould i^^ ^l ly.
Gouldsaid alter the meeting. ^'The
ipiesinm,,f 1id, ring the Ihsiting debt
ofthe I in .11 Piieitic lias not altogether^lai n Ihe ^ubji-ct of the executive commit^^tee's deliberation*. The I'liion Pacific is^all right and tin- earnings of the road are^greater than ever. The nature of the^meeting to-day was largely a discussion of
day,December loth, at winch tints those^w ho desire to !o ^o may liecome members,^hi-o daily paper* for place.
Mr^rtSga Draw* II is, ( hecks Hathsr Too
Hythe standard's S|*s i ll Wire.
BunHec.i,.- Nash (irtego, a barber^doin.' biisities* 111 West Park street, was^arrested to-uiglit on complaiat of l ^. r^A KsOMg for obtaitiiiig money under^fal-e pu t. use*. I.arly last Monday^morning 1 irtego called at the firm's place^of business and induced Mr. Kinney to^rasli ^ check for f^-\ which he^drew on W. A. Clark A Bros',^bank In the afternoon the check was^preiu.'tiled al the bank by Mr. Lcker, who^was informed that t irtego Had no money^un '!^ posit ibsra. I Irtego wa* then called^111e^^' 1 aB I pi 11..-ell 1,1 settle ll'.c matter in^a few days, but failed to do so. To-night^the linn lur .ol that after he hud ob^^tained Ins moncf from them bs bad g.'in^^to th, Aialon and s|ieiit it and then at-^teinpic. I to obtain more money on a cheek,^but le i rtiisaad several other facts
whnIi. alo the know lege of Kcker 4
Kiniicli . .11 .1 tin 111 p. decide upon Or-^lego's pfosst ntiou.
Ii. is I., .oiiit* lor 11.
Fromti,. 1 Ml MS Tribune
Mi'rnapoln Man How doe* il happen^that 0111 v. i^ la-t Tuesday was lugger^than yours .
m.Paul Man 1 hir people did not vole.^They stayed at home lo spile old Porter
Pitt*i. 1 an. Dee.*.- T1t*^ strike of yanl hrake-^11,unen at lilenwood, mi Ih.- Balti-
gtBCS*^ 11I110 railway, still ssaiimies. The^Wheeling .-ii 'UBriltxiUe division is ba.ll) ktssks^adeit. This nwrnint tr^ 1 ^ Imad .s.iniiany *t-^temptcd In more fre ;ht. nut so tax ^... .seeded in^^sending out only iwu trains. The officials of the^mail s.^y 1 bey till Is- SSSI lo raise the blockade
wittiintio- Dsxtnksan
I.IbcdIbPost's t les-tlosw
Ity(he ^UstiMB'l special Mire.
littir.Vov. 1 I Iswinh Post No. 2 G.^A. K. held it* regular election of officers
thisevegwith the following results:
tBMSBaadar, J- J- lorfc; senior rice com^^mander, I. H. Jackson; junior vice eoni-^iiiandcr, J. B. Scull: chaplain, J. D.Jenks;^^luarterinasler, L. I . Holmes; officer of^tbe day. P. Fox. officer of the guard, VV.^G. Rodebaakl surgeon. 0. B. Benson;^represe 1, tatives lo the graml enraiiipment,^R. G. Hiistoa, J. IL Jacksoti and J. B.^Scott, alternates, O. B. Benson, P. Kom^and Thomas Kafferty.
Msioi*I* is Irouhls.
Bythe Siandard t Masfuil Mirt.
Hii r . Dec. '^ 1 he notorioua Mataxia^Suprcu ,ut i* in Jail once more. TMa^mnrning ^be ws^ arrested by 1 tracer Big^^gin for grand larceny. C. K. McGtMMtl^made . inplaini that she and a man,
WlniNI1 1-' 1 l^ lined.
badrobbed aim of CD and a watch and^chain, w lis be was visiting the frail^Man . in her den on Mercury sires*.^alcGoweii is quite an ^I I man and waa^greatly the worse for liquor al the time its^claims to bars been robbed.

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