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VOL.IL^NO. 171.
Ilas anyone ever stopped a mo^^ment to fitjure what a credit bus^^iness leads to^ It is estimated^that in certain large houses in^this city that 85 per cent, of their^business is done on credit, pre^^sumably to be settled on the next^pay day. From a conservative^estimate, based on 15 years' ex^^perience in a retail house doing^a credit business, we can correct^^ly state that fully 20 per cent, of^our credits weie lost entirely,^and fully 10 per cent, were out^^standing over one year before^they were paid. Does this pay^^Cannot any man or woman pos^^sessing an ordinary amount of^common sense see that in order^to do business at all they must^make some one pay the accounts^ol the 20 per cent, that are lost.^Who is it that pays this^ Why^it can only be those who pay^cash for their goods, for although^there may be a gnat many who^do not pay, there arc none who^do not intend to pay when they^get the goods, and if you attempt^to charge these people more lor^their goods they will not buy^them. It therefoic stands to^reason that a house doing a^strictly cash business as we do^can and does sell goods at a^much smaller margin than I^house selling on time, for if we^did not we could not get the^patronage of any of the S5 per^cent, who buy on credit and the^other 15 per cent, would not be^sufficient tor us to exist.
TheSenate Passes the House Bill After^a Sharp Debate.
TheBill Locating the Agricultural^College Laid Abide Temporarily^^Opposition to the Proposed^Mineral Land BUI.
Thisdepartment has been^rather dull lately, owing to the^fact that most of the boys were^supplied before Christmts, but^now it is time for the clothes to^be beginning to wear out, and we^are ready to supply the defi^ciency. In short-pants suits we^have a large assortment in a 1^grades, especially in Jerseys^which we are offering as low as^$3, and from there to S7, the^goods being largely reduced in^price, h'o: larger boys, we can^fit them out for Jfj, and from^theie to S25, having quite an as^^sortment of cutaway frock suits^at the latter price. Come and^see us, as if you need anything^we can suit you, antl ^!o not for^^get to bring your purse, for re^^member we are
Wehave received in the past^week our stock of spring over^^coats, which is large and well^assorted, and will interest any^one who is thinking ol investing.^It comprises Meltons, Kerseys,^Corkscrews and Cassimeres, in^light and dirk shades, silk and^satin lined antl facet!. They are^beauties, all bright new floods^that have not been kept im cam-^phur lor the past season. We^have in particular one light-col^^ored Kersey that is good enough^for a banker to w ear that we have^maiktd at fio. Another in a^dull gray, an entirely new color,^worn veiy I irgely in the Kast, at^5iS, that any credit house would^ask you S24 for. and not blush at^that. In medium weight coats^we have a full assortment at a
trice that we wi 1 guarantee to^^e lower than any house in town.
Sprr'nlto the Standard
Helena,Feb. 24.^The senate was the^theater ol' action to-day and theru wan^brisk debato over two important sub^^jects, tin. agricultural college and tile^bouse bill for tin- repeal of the gag law.^The bill to locate the agricultural college^at 11^ reman was knocked out in a motion^to postpone the matter until the steering^committee it h ard from. The figlit^against Boienian was led by Senator Gib^^son while Senator Hoffman led the forces^for the bill. 1 be bill to locate the state^normal school was also postponed.
SenatorsHedges and Goddard spike^against the bill for the repeal of the gag^law, while Senators Henuessy and Par-^berry championed it. Two re|^orts weie^^nude by tliu committee and a decisive^vole came up on the motion to adopt the^unfavorable report. The vote was:
Ayes^ I; vies, Gnthlard, Hedges, Hoffman,^l'owcr aud I liomps -n -li.
Nays^ Keeker, llufonl, (llbson, Hennessey,^Mails, larhtrry, Itcdd and 'limn ton^ n.
Thebill was then placed on its final^pas-age:
AyesKeeker, llufcrd, (iibsnn, H^dues, llen-^Mssty, Mads, 1'aiberiy, Kcdd, l'tiniupsou,
Nays-hayles,Guddaril, Hoffman, Tower.^Attsent, Card well.
Ecsidcstins the following passed the^MaMMl Senate bill for the appraisal und^disposition of statu lauds; house bill to^pay for keeping of convicts; to pay per^dieinof officers of both houses; prescrib^^ing duties of additional judges and relief^bills.
'Jhe following bills were introduced in^the house:
llyWlialey, No. 101-A Mil for an art to amend^Hcctloii i,n i, II11ti division eoinplicd statutes,^eoni'i'i itiut: lln* tdlicc of load stipitv Isor.
ByW.uk, No. HMh leliet of A. t'. Witter^and edicts.
llyKearh, No*. 163 and HH^Appropriating^money for the rare of slate propeit) and tile in^^surance of ihe same and to pro\ idc for the rare
ofeel 1 a ill slhle plop, I \
llyWallace, No. Hi.^, Providing for the evaui-^Iuaticii oi tl.e work of tin* rode eoiiiuiisKion. *
llyI aton, No. 1. ^; hi ^iilatiiijf the si/e of coal^WM at coal mines.
No.107- Fur thr brllrr protection of lish and^game.
Themineral land ipiestion came up for^discussion this tnorni.ig when senate lull^H tM reported upon by thecommittee on^public lands. The lull provides for the^olllee of mineral laud commissi nr. wl.o^shall lo ik out for the protection of mineral^l.i n i from encroachment of the Northern^1'ariflc railroad. Two rep. ris were^handed in, ull of the committee reporting^unfavorably except Chairman (lark.^Mr. Frank fuvured the bill in ^^short speech and Mr. Good^^man opposed it on the ground^that money expended for the commission^would be wasted. The MM ittee seemed^to think that Montana's representatives^nt Washington could look after Ihe inter-^^ sits of Montana lands without Ihe em^^ployment of a state lobbyist.
Thefollowing house committee reports^wi re made^Favorable^The bill annex^^ing the Cook City A N. I'. It. H. to Yellow^^stone county ; lavorable^House bill No.^11-, concerning assessments; unfavora^^ble: The bill to create the office of state^weather reporter,
Thereport recommending the redemp^^tion of iimiseil ruilroad tickets was laid^on the table by a vote of 17 to 10.
Itis daily becoming more apparent that^an extra sesfiou will Ik* held, hut it is^doiildtiil if it will lie called until next^w inter, us it is proposed to give time for^a full examination of thu code. Tin^steering committee met again tins even^^ing to consider the necessary hills to be^passed. Six or eight were suggested. The^commission will moot again ti-morrow^and divide the bills into three divisions,^the lirst to lie acted upon first. It la^doulitlul if even the first list will be dis^^posed of in the lew remaining days of^the session.
ihehouse committee of the whole^recommended Ihe re nor t of the special^committee uppo.uted to consider the new^Helena charter; tin' I.ill for rai-mg the^waters of the Jefferson river for irrign-^li!ig purposis; the bill prohibiting trusts;^senate hill 10. apportioning representa^^tives for the different counties. This lull,^prepared by Mr. Harlan, is hurdly worth^considering because it will not MM* It^llxes a representative for every 2.40) pco-^pie, but takes our from Deer Lodge, also^the joint member for Deer Lodge and^Hiaverhcad, and adds one each to Cas^^cade, Missoula and Turk.
togetherwith a twenty-mile strip running^east and west, was thrown back Into Al-
turoscounty, which, for convenience of^dodging constitutional provisions, is^called Alia county.
Lincolncounty is given a comfortable^abiding place with Shoshone tor the^county seat. Ilellevuo, although centrally^located, was not made the county-^seat of Alta county, the legislature mak^^ing Hailcy the capital. Hellevue made a^long and victorious fight to win the^county seat of Logan county. It liad been^the original cause of the creation of Lo^^gan county, which at first had a precari^^ous existence, hut the validity of (be act^creating it was finally decided favorably^by the supreme court of the United^State*. Now L ^gau county is a bit of^ancient history, unless the governor^should withold his signature to the hill.
Thereis still left an appeal to the^courts, of which Logan county will not In-^slow lo avail itself. The new constitution^provided that the counties could not lie^divided unless two-thirds of the people^effected should vote in favor of division.^Hut the legislature has cut the gordion^knot by burying two old counties. Ac^^cording to the new bill, all the county of^^ficers of oltl Logan and Alturas counties^are legislated out of office, the governor^being empowered to appoint them over^again to the new counties.
Lastnight the people of Hailey were^wild with delight over the victory ap^parently so near at hand, while Hellevue^people are in sackcloth and ashes.
ConcordMembers Red Hot With Rage at^Senator Chandler.
Oneof the Prettiest Reoublloan^Hows on Record and Dr. Call-^Inger la In It- Lota of Trouble^and More of it to Come.
CmMMMjK. i . Feb. 24.^There was a^highly sensational sc^ lie in the house^this afternoon w hen United States Sena-^lor-ehct Galbnger aud Representative^Green, speaking to n tpiestioii of personal^privilege, emphatically denied the allega^^tions of Senator Chandler, in an editorial^in the columns of his p iper, that these^gciith men and other republicans had en^^tered into a series of bargains with cer^^tain influential democrat-, inimical to^the lull rests of the republicans. The^democrats mentiomd also replied.^Mr. Green applied the epithets ^cur,^^^coward,^ elc, lo Chandler. Pillshury. a^republican, offered a resolution calling^on Chandler for an apology and a retrac^^tion. Angel, republican, said that before^the resolution was submitted be would^like to know whether t handler is sick, in^^sane or diseased. After some debate the^resolution was tabled.
sumsat the disposal of the president for^ihe same purpose, the whole amount of^expenditure for the year not to exceed^f J.V '.OJU. This was agreed to.
Win*a Temporary^lie Mart.
Chk-aco,Feb. 24 ^The M mm read^won a temporary victory this morning^Is-forc Judge Collins in the suit brought 1^by Henry Crawford to have a receiver ap- ;^pointed. Thecomplamunl's attorney ob^^tained a reference of the case to Master^in Chancery lloyson, but the defendant^at ki d the order l^ set aside until answ er^hail been tiled and issues joined. After^hearing the arguments Judge Collins^s tu.d further proceedings before the mas^^ter in accord with the |^etilion.
Theanswer of the Monati management^was tiled this afternoon. It makes setlsu-^lioiial counter charges. Henry Crawford,^former general counsel of the Motion, is^accuse of being the real assailant, ami^says Alh y is not u stockholder at all, but^simply Crawford's tool. Crawford, it is^cnarged, is inspired by a motive lo wreck^the re el and wreak his personal aud pe^^cuniary revenge because the present man*^agemeiit would not burden Ihe Motion^with Crawford'* Indiana Midland road.^I nst.lines arc enumerated of his having^caused lo Ik' publish,hi false reports con^^cerning the road, etc. It is expressly de^^nied that the company is insolvent or^likely to become no, an I the records o' the^company and of the directors mtsetingH^are exposed. The p rsotial charges of^Ira ni against Prcs ident Hreyfoglu are^dcclarid absolutely false.
Hisi.tut of the Lost.
NewYork, Feb. 24.^The name* of the^members of the crew of Ihe American^sh'p ^Kliiaheth^ lost, outside of San^Francisco, arc as follows: W.C. I tarda v^of Oregon; N. }^. I'ciidleton, Maine;^(ieorg*. C. Hannah, Pennsylvania:^Charles Johnson, Norway; William G.^Statuand. Finland; Wong He, China; A.^Honey, China; A. Anderson, Norway ;^Peter Jaclison, Norway; F. Pigec, Hol^^land; Charles lieinert, Germany; John 1'.^Annan, Sweden; Carl Leiide, Sweden;^Alfred (^ranholin, Sweden; Frank Daly,^California; Ed Lee, Pennsylvania; Louis^Marie, France; John Winslow, England;^I). Hide Norway; J. Kedfcrn, England;^Hans Mndsen, Norway, and James Her^^mann of Maine.
HirkelisollHid Not survive Hi* lain^ surglctl Operation.
Chicago, Feb. 23.^Sir Knight John^Dickenson, upon whom the remarkable^skiu-graftii g operation was |srformed a^few weeks ago, died to-day al the hospi^^tal. The grattcd skin was growing well,^hut Dickenson's stomach was so weak^^ened hy opiates administered when the^various operations were performed, and^also by a long siege of illness, that it^flashy refused to p. rform its functions^and Dickenson wasted away. It will lie^reuiemls red 1 - of his brother Knight^Templars gave each a piece of hu^ skin^In the liopt* that the s|xn la d lure when^the cancer was removed might he healed.
shittingCeenllss aud County s^sts In lbs^Mule of Idaho.
Specialto tlir Standard.
Bellivi^. Make, Feb. 24 ^It was a^blow below the bill that Logan county^got yesterday ui loMi when the home^passed the Alta-E nc In county bill which^aTayM out L^gan and Alturas count. -^and gives birth to Alta and Lincoln coun^^ties. Ill the .hutll ^ of names, Hellevue.^the present couuly seat of Logan county,
Itlines In Idsho.
(Specialto the Standard.
Illi.tV \ i k, Idaho, Feb. 21.^The Na^^tional Farmers' Alliance and Industrial^I nion movement is gaining rapidly in^this section aud promises to spread ull^over th*^ state, judgi' u froni the success^in Logan county. Ilay.trd T. Tcmpletoti.^the national organizer, has within the^past few weeks organised enough lodges^in Logan county to entitle it to county or^^ganization under the Miles of the order.^Tic- canvas* of the state will soon be^made, nnd it will bo thorough. There^will lie no let up until the Farmers' Alli^^ance is fully lepresellted ill Idaho.
(let lteu.lv for It.
Washington,Feb. Ms^The special^ewather bulletin bureau says that the se^^vere storm which took an overland course^from California on Monday, and w as cen^^tral hot night over Wyoming, is this^evening central over upper Michigan.^Heavy rains have fallen over most of the^area traversed liy the storm. A cold wave^of much seventy will follow it in the^western ntul central states, extending^south und to tin' Atlantic coast.
ihe i.si. -i i mm ^ hin.
Washington,Feb. 21. -4. cable mes^^sage from Minister F.gan at Santiago,^Chili, says tint the I'm ted States steamer^Pcnsscola arrived at Talcuban on the^20th, and Admiral Me' aim reports light^^ing at Lpi'ipie. The rest of thu country^is Irampiil.
Itis reported that the cruiser San Fran^^cisco will l*e ordered to join the IV mutcola^aud the Baltimore in Chilian waters.
Deedsor n llrule
Chicago,Feb. 24.^This evening Joseph^Hauler, a workingman, fatally shot his^wife and dangerously wounded his^mother-in-law. A policeman, attracted^by the shots, rushed into the douse and^himself narrowly escuped death, wrench^^ing tie- weapon from llamer after a^severe struggle. Hauler's wife had left^him because of cruel treatment.
Ano'tirrllusted Trust.
Boston,Feb. 24. -A crisis has arise n in^the nil airs of the Commonwealth Loan^and Trust company. ^ hecks presented^t.^-day were not cashed, and Vice piesi-^d. ul Mason says the coni|^any has voted^to liquidate.
lator Life.^Ni.w Yoiik, Feb. 24. James Dougherty^tin m ane lover of Mary Anderson, who^-Lot and killed Dr. Lloyd ^ f the Fladiush^insane asylum, has tseu sentenced to^SiUK S-Utf state prison for life.
stuns SriiHtom Ir.ely Crllirls* Certain
Worlds Fair Met hod..
Washington,Feb. 14. ^During the^i morning hour the land court bill was^1 taken up and passed. A long discussion^i ii-iied regarding the carrying dut of the^; outer of business arranged ill the repiib-^[ licaii caucus. Some said consideration^| of Ihe appropriation bill would consume^I thr remain ler of the session to tuc ex^^clusion of everything else unless busi^^ness could lie expedited.
Onmotion of Sherman, the senate^then went into executive session. Among^other confirmation* was that ofChailes^Foster, seeretaty of the treasury. The^sundry civil ap| ropriallon bill was^then taken up, consideration being^on the worid's fair paragraph. McPhtrtou^referred lo the large sular.es the otllcerj of^the exposition hud voted themselves and^Inquired w hether the committee on ap^^propriations had tukeii any position on^that subject. Allison replied tb.it on the^organisation of the exposition fcini.tiin^was appro| rialetl for the I'uitetl Mutes^commission, and the commissioners went^into ihe i xpenditure of that money f. r^the present fiscal year. The com^^mittee had re|m^rte^l an amend^^ment fur a limited appropriation^during the next fiscal year. It was ex^^pected that machinery of ihe exposition at^Chicago waiuld speedily adjust Itself tothe^proposed conditions.
MiPhcrsoii, still referring to the large^sular.es. said fear was expressed in some^quarters that if that thing was allowed lo^go on, there would be very little of the^appropriation ol $1.50U,OUU to Ihj devotetl^tti any purpose oilier than the payment^ol salaries.
Allisonsnid it was not Intended to con^^tinue toe present p.an and arrangement,^H was expected that whatever the otlleial^stuff or luuiiagf mi nt might be in I hicngo,^the great hotly of their compensation^would he paid out of the fluid raised for^the exposition by voluntary contributions^or from the gale receipts.
awloyinquired whether the amend^^ments reported would enable the lady^managers to hold meetings. Allison re^^plied it wus the ^ xpcclutioii that the fund^would enable the lady managers to hold^meetings during Ihe fiscal year and in^the next Used year. The fin il vole wus^taken and the nno lidni. tit reported by^tli^ committee wus agreed to. Farwell^offered an amcuumi nl to include the^word ^t'lllccrn^ hi item oiii'^mi nl ^^f the president of Ihe commission,^the prcsitteiil, hoard of lady managers,^clerks, etc.. und to increase the amount^from $40 IM) to 112'.Ufl He remarked^that lh^ re hail been some friction be^^tween the local committee and the^national commission, but happily, that^friction has bet u done away with.
Allisonoppose I the amendment as be^^ing in contravention of w hat the commit^^tee la-lioucd to Is.' wise. The amendment^was disagreed lo.
Theamendments made in regard to^the \v^ Kil's fair are as follows: Reducing^the item ^ft r the selection, purchusc,^^Mparation ami arrangements of txluh-^its of the cxicutivo departments'' from^f.l.'.i.OJJO to ^ V ii i^^i; striking out the | ro-^visioli that {of ihe amount be de
votedUi the Latin-Ann r.cun department^ami inserting in II a provision appropriat^^ing to the purpose uny sum remaining^tim xpemh d under sictioii 1^ of the act^I authorizing the exposition, except that^;...'^^) of such sum may be ei|n ntletl for^the balance of the current flscul year for^salaries and other expenses, including^the eX|h*nses of the huly managers; strik^^ing out detailed ip ms for the salaries^und MpMMM und inserting in lieu of^them, the bulk of the appropriation of^tlh.OOu for salaries und other t I|m uses,^including cxpciu.es of the Isi.irtl antl lady^managers, und | roviding its ^ xpi hdilurc^is to bo approvt d by Ihe secretury of the^treasury, and that the government is nut^to lie liuble for uny furlht r salai i.-s, colu-^l^ensatiou or expense.; inserting mi uthli.^tiolial parugrapli that sums appropriated^in Hie bill for ihe World's Columbian ex^^position shall he deemed purl of ihe $1,-^'^^.'^^^ limit of liability of the United^Males on account thereof.
TheItem appropriating $20,^^H for tic-^ncoinage of uncurretM fractional silver^coins in treasury,about f ^i.H^^J.0UU abraded^M*M the limit of toll ranee, was in^^creased to IT^ i.'MJ on motion of Cockrell.
Plumboffered an amendment, which^was agree tl to, nil li ig to the m m a pro^^viso requiring tie- secretary of the treas^^ury to com into d dlar- the trade dollar^bullion ami trade dollars now in the^treasury, the 1 x|^ use thereof to lie^charged to the shvi r prollt fund.
Theparagraph untie r.sing the use of^unexpended balances for Ihe prevention^of epidemics, gave ri-e to a long discus^^sion. Chandler moved to place further
Inilis Uou*s.^Washington, Feb. 24. The house took^up the hill to refund direct luxes paid by^slates during the war. Caswell of Wis^^consin made a speech in its support, and^i ummings and other* spoke hi opposi^^tion.
Caswellof Wisconsin offered an amend^^ment providing that no money lie paid lo^any state or territory until the legislature^thereof shall have accepted, by resolu^^tion, the ^^^.m appropriated in full satis-^fsction of all claims against the Cm ted^States on account of the levy and collec^^tion of Ihe tax.
Oate*offered an amendment reviving^for one year the right of action of tLe^court of claims, under the provisions re^^lating to ^captured anil aliandoiietl prop^^erty, elc.^ This ^ub*titulc was ruled out^of order, andOati s' ami ndment was lost.^Caswell's amendment wa* adopted. The^previous question wa* then ordered on^Ihe bill^yeas 174. navs ^i. Oate* moved^a recommitment - lost, yea* ^4. nays 1...^The bill then passed^yea* 172. nay* 101.
Houtellopresented the conference im^^port on the naval appropriation bill.^Herbert of Alabama made an argument^in opposition to the proposition providing^for sounding Ihe Pacific ocean between^California and the Hawaiian island*, for^ascertaining the practicability of laying a^cable. Houlelle and Morrow supported^the amendment anil the report was agreed^to. Conferees on the direct tax bill were^appointed, and a further conference or-^il'-rcd on the District of Columbia appro^^priation bill. Adjourned.
TheKtreggle al Tokay Put the Kgypllaas^la a Tight IMare.^Sl'AKlM, Feb. 24. -Further i^artirular*^of the battle at Tokay are just received.^When the forces approached each oilier^strenuous efforts were made by parties of^both to secure the shelter houses just l^e-^yond the lines. A company of Egyptians^and dervishes Mixed some rum* anil^poured tire on the enemy, killing over^lull there. The enemy extended its lines,^outflanking the Egyptian*, and a parly of^horsemen. led by ^ Igmaii Digna,^threatened the rear where the^was placed. Egyptians^brave stand. however,^the situation wa* critical for^a lime, they succeeded ill repelling the^enemy with a severe los*. At Ihe height^t of the light a trans|s^rt of camel* ami^' mules stam|^edeil antl the ilervishe* got^| among I be in. The Egyptian cavalry^' made a tierce charge and succeeded in^driving Ivack thu enemy. They followed^the dervishes, hut the latter tied prrclpi-^tatodly. On reaching I Ismail Diana's^second position the Egyptians found ill^the valley an Arab village, the mliabit-^anis of which poured out and begged for^pardon. A number of bodies of sheiks^were found, ^ Ismail Diana baring exe^^cuted them for suspected treachery.
Wornn Who Killed Icgalls and Glory^Id toe Fact
Mrs.Foster Oeclaraa That Her Fol^^lowers Want to Act for Them-^aalves and Don't Propose^to Travel With Any Parf y.
Washiotox, Feb. 24. ^In the morning^session of the Women's National Council^the subject of tein|ierance was consid^^ered. Miss Willard introduced Mrs. J.^Ellen Foster, president of the non-parti^^san national W. C. T. L'., who^-poke of the work and alms^of her organisation. Its great^central doctrine, *he said, was total ab^^stinence for Ihe individual and prohibi^^tion for the state. Her union believed^that absolute political liberty was a*^much the right of women a* of men.^They believed it wrong; to ally themselves^to any one political party; their repre^^sentatives hail received aid and encour^^agement from noble men in both of the^great political organisations, and It^looked like bail faith to ask these men far^help and then combine al the next elec^^tion to defeat them.
MaryE. Lease of Kansas spoke on^^Women in the Farmers' Alliance.^ She^told of the condition of affairs in Kansas^aud referred to Mr. Ingalls as the man^^we women of Kansas had the pleasure^of defeating.^ The Farmers' alliance^nuinlwrs half a million loyal while rib-^boiiers. She said she thanked God that^Ihe alliance congressional representa^^tives are the only men in the councils of^the nation to-day who were not sleeted on^a liquor platform.
Thenewly elected officers of the coun^^cil are: President, May Wright, of Sew-^all, Intl.; vice president, Ella Diets^i lytner of New York; corresponding sec^^retary, Ituchel Foster Avery, of Pennsyl^^vania; recording secretary, Isabel Charles^Davis, of New York; treasurer, Lilian M.^N. Stevens.
madea^ami though !
AnIlia*** nt a F^w l^ay* Reaches a Baal-^dsn and Fatal Termination.
Wasiiiniitox,Peb. 24.^Se nator Wilson^of Maryland, who ha* been indisposed^several days, died suddenly this evening.^Senator Wilson wa* born at Snow Hill,^Mil., Decemtier 22, 1X21. He graduated at^JctTcraoti college in lail ami studied law.^In I-' '-' he wa* a presidential elector on^the democratic ticket. He was a Judge of^Ihe Mary land circuit court from 1K7M till^IsMt. when lie was elected a United States^senator.
TearhsrsHaving a Talk.
Philadelphia,Feb. 24.^The annual^meeting of the deportment of superin^^tendent* of Ihe national educational as^^sociation began here to-day. kMM^^alives of different branches of education^were present from every state ami terri^^tory of the union. The principal topic^t.-tlay was ^Compulsory School Educa^^tion in Illinois and Wisconsin.^ Varying^opinions were expressed as to the right^of the state to interfere with private or^paroelu.il school*.
Mlrhlgsalit publicans.
Jackson,Mich., Feb. 24. -The republi^^can slate eoiivelilio i nominated Judge IE^M. Montgomery of Grand Kapitl* for the^supreme bench. Poler N. Cot* of Cor-^rund, and Henry Howard of I'off, Huron^Wen' nominated for regents of the state^university. The platform favors pure^ballot, endorses the election* bill anil the^or the pay- i Ml Kinley bill, and favors the purchase^by the government of the entire silver^product of the I'niletl Mates.
Thelinn In ^ ain.il*
Ottawa,Onl., Feb. 24. The dominion^govi rnmelit received a severe blow to^^day in the election of Hon. Mr. t.dmon^as provincial secretary of the Ontario^government. In Hamilton, nine months^ago, (iil^*oii was defeated by the con-^scrvitlives. This illustrates tl.e reaction^in Ontario in favor of the bls ral party^and their |silicy of unrestricted recip^^rocity.
l.lkelrto he Washed Away.^Vt ma, Aril , Feb. 24. -Great excitement^prevails to-night. The Gila and Colorado^rivers an* reported r sing olsive here.^Any additional Roods will wash Puma out^of sight, mil's, the levee now being built^is completed by to-morrow. Huilrooil^communication east antl west is entirely^suspended and no telegraphic communi^^cation is possible with Tucson.
In.I. r l.loativ I Ih'hU
SamHkiinakiso, Cul , Feb. 24 -The^prevailing storm has assumed Ihe di^^mensions of a 11 mmI. The waters are ril^^ing rupidly in the rivers ami much ^lain-^age is already done. Kailroad track* are^washed out, bridge* carried awsy and^several houses along the Eyttle creek de^^stroyed. All lb^ families between there^aud Ihis cily have moved b-re.
Fea d n^s
PRnrinrifrr,R. I., Peb. XL ^The body^of Professor Hancroft of Brown univer^^sity, whose mysterious tli*ap|iearance laat^Decemlier created a sensation, wa* found^today ui Dyers pond. Hs had not been^in good health some time before diaap-^pcarancc and it I* now supposed thai he^was accidently drowned or that he com^^mitted suicide In a fit of mental abbera-^tion.
HeV* asu't la It,
Washinoton,Peb. 34.^The silver pool^committee resumed its session Uxlay.^Senator Jonea of Nevada said he was not^personally interested In silver specula^^tion during the present congress, and^knew nothing whatever of any silver^pool combination or organisation. He^was well acipiaiiitetl with the silver men^ami tptiu- sun^ that if there had been any^pool lie would know of it.
llulldlag1'lsms Approved.
ClinAt.i^, Feb. 24.^The world's fair^architects to-day submitted tothe grounds^ami buddings committee the local direc^^tory plans for buildings in Jackson park.^After a careful examination the plana^were approved, subject to modification,^which may lie made later. They now go^to the national hoard of conlroL
TlisyArs ^ outlriiietl.
Wamiiim.ion.Feb. 14 -The following^continuations hare Iiccii made: Lieut.-^Col. A. K. Arnold lo In* colonel of cavalry ;^George Stoiieman, Iteutenaiit-colotiel, re^^tired, to be colonel of infantry; Edmund^Wells, assoriute justice of the supreme^court of Anion*.
MorsHtHlles Hrousut Out.
Sl'KIMt. HlLL, V S., Feb. 24.^Several^more lushes were recovers*] lo-day. Con-^| Iributions for relief are coming m fast^and telegram* of sympathy are received,^iucluding one from the tpieeti to-day.
Crsr*Pool Players.
SVHAcl'sK,N. Y., Feb. 21. In the pool^tournament to-diy the XwSSSe. were:^Sherman I Lutllngton til; Eeusjfj IM,^W aril o:^; DeOru ljU, Struwe IE': l'owei*^150, Labordo 146.
himf, Feb. 24.^The 1'rince Nspolenn Is serfs
llALMMour.Fch. '.'4.^Cast. Charles Thomas*
Illlt.sl Mat. s ii. iv v, I ^ 111 ft, died lo-il ullL.
I'muin ritiA, Feb. 24.^Chief Koiciaeer H.
IIWhite of tin i tilled ^Hates navy is dead.
Piin MMh vi . |eb. j4.-The losses by t.w^dsy \ tlru aggregate siso.uuu, with ample insur^^ance.
I.osison,F.h 24.-Mitchell sntt Siavtn are lo^annulled lor disorderly conduct in lbs club^house.
Kash as C| rt, Feb 24 The severs cold wave^has canst d a dr p of v. decrees ui temperature^since u'Hiu to-itay.
li rsA, Kas_ Feb. 24 -The house hat^passed the Khler lull, reducing uatsrugrr rales^to SSBH a mil'-.
lio.ro. Feb 24. Henry ^i Mpatilding. ab^^scond.tu^ ^ asiuer of the Aver Natiotial Uauk, rs-^puic I and .urn nd,act himself to-dsy.
il sols t*11, Kc''.. i The river still rising,^reaching 57 tcet .' inches to-Ouclu. should more^ram fail iu the upper valley, serious trouble Is^feurrd.
tpis a. Mn, F. I'. 24. - Neariy the entire busi-^ln s. p..in..ii of the town was liurueu to-day.^I h. I Sjfajf. hfjBNtMi f lo'.uuu, w nil insurance of^alsHit one half.
IPssv Foitn, Col.. Feb. 24.- A prairie firs^was started hy a I'Htiitioiive to-day and to-nurbt^Hie ctaintry for sever^J uu.e* aloug Ik* Mama^Fc l^*d is 111 tlalilcs.
Kvn-vsiiiv. his, F.h. .'4. - Kelly's l\s^per^I shop and J. I^. Casxpts'll ^ sfawssaf hurtled Us^^light, together with several cars loaded wan^| grain Losses aggrrgale ^U.\om.
Sr.*\^iiK. leh .'4. Kicnard F. o H* true,
inl..iiel of the [wenty-nrst uifaulri, U. 14. A., and^Intel) In command at Foil Sheridan, died Ibis^uiortnii*. He was ejst *S leave of sbseuce.
l.\i..'V Feb. .4 - A siatrment nusdr by Dad-^lei.ctiari;tsi with the murder ol ^v'arreily Nell'*^in \\ iiii^ i ha|iei, deuies tli.it lie ever ownisl the^clasp kuile which it wa* said he sold the luoiu-^uii: after Ihe murder.
\i Voita. Feu 24. -4'. P. IliiDtingtoo sad^the diitvlois of the old leva* ventral Hsu way^extBfSaU) have heea served on K-half of tvrtaui^sns'kholdrrs with |*|s'is re'iuestiug them to re^^lieve Knsl Poller, president of the Central
iiust. from tile position ot trustee of the rail-^roatl ceuip.uiv 1 he palters allege ilist tbe road^i a. I'eeii ituuiipiUalcd l.i the delriiueul ^ f Ine^^t.s kholders and to i.,c Lvu. lit of Totter and the^Boiillieru ^aculo.

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