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Ofthe STANDARD is In the^New Windsor Hotel Annex, No.^21 East Broadway. The Tele^^phone number is 258.
Advi-rtlsfiuentuwin N^ rerolvM at ftis Hutt*^vine* of thf M'ammiii) till ^ o'clock^1'. II. for lnst-itum In the follow^^ing nun nine's |iapcr.^The fTAVTiARn is rloliveretl to Butts ninicrlb-^t rs twrly every morning.
I'avhp'.v Kink - l.'ullor Skating,^inn ai imliKiA-Mine, ut Hill ran'. Vicuna^Ladies' kiu-licstra.^KlTi itiK n i oMiorr^ Variety performance.
SilTerBow Park Property Taken Oat^of toe Court.
HoHad an Idea That Ha Was^Grossly Wrongtd In tho Sala
Ofthe Propurty, But His^Action In Courtis Ended.
TlioCarpenters' union will meet this
John(i rant was naturalised yesterday^at ttie district court.
SuperintendentLaird of the Syndicate^limn * is reported seriously ill.
Mrs.S. L Wild and children are recov^^ering from an attack oi la erippo.
Mr.All. li, ntivaiiii- agent of Lotta la in^town. Lotta ^III open in Unite March'.!.
Thesalvation army ha* replnstered and^repaired its hariaeks in Kast l'urk street.
Thesale of seals for the Jueh engage-^ment iM'gati yesterday and was very^large.
JamesA. Miller, the rotund nnil genial^cuv editor ol the Jntrr Mountain, is again^luul up.
Mi-sMessie Lloyd leaves for Helena^this morning to resume her work ill the
I'atSullivan, who is in Watcrliury,^Conn., writes that he will he hack in^uhollt two weeks.
liluelliril shipited nine birs of an es^^timated value of ^H(^,^I, via American^Express, yesterday.
\\illlain Williams will leave for Salt^Lake in a few days, to eiulinrk in the^undertaking business.
Sixteenliars were shipped l^y the I\i-^cille Express company lor the Alice, yes^^terday; estimate 1 value, .'^!^'.
Matlb ilges of the I'arrott mine is very^ill. John t ook is occupying the position^of eliift boas during the illness of ihslge-.
Themotion for a new trial in the ease^of the First National hank vs. t h.iuviu^was overruled yesterday liy Judge Me-^llatton.
Mrs.\V. C. l'.itterson. w ife of the man^^ager of the Western Union, and her^child left for Anaconda yesterday un^account ol ill health.
FrankM. Murphy is the latest candi^^date for tire marshal. Me has many sup^^porters in the city tire department und^^nay receive their recommendation.
JamesMurphy sturted to clean nut tho^Combination saloon the other night, but^before he could get fairly at his work^Oltlcor Duhcui was sent for and ran bun^in.
Theengagement of the Natural (.as^company closed last evening. There^was another crowded bouse which pro-^flounced the show the funniest of the^season.
Itis thought that George I'etrirk, the^flitntlauiiiicr, has jumped the city. His^case was to have been tried lie fore Judge^Nc^kirk yesterday, but by request was^continued until to-morrow.
Themil presented at the Comiuuc this^week is nil unusually attractive one.^^Pinafore^ as a middle piece is the prin^^cipal attraction. The version rendered is^a clever hit on the original.
DeputySheriff Uus Kuddeis brought up^a craly man named O. C. Connor, who^had been a smiling the cur cleaners at^South limn . Connor was in the insutiu^asylum alaiiit live years ago.
Thecase of Eric lllounpiist, arrested^Friday night for stealing S^^ from a faro^layout, was called in Judge Newkirk's^court yesterday. Illoinipiisl faded to^respond and the cash bond of fftO given^for his ai peat.me ^ was declared for^^feited.
Charlesllorucger and .loe Reseller^w.re trying to ke. p warm in F.ust Park^strict I ist night bf lighting a lew rounds.^Just as they weic getting o\^ r their llr^t^chill (Min er- Hi gums ami Walsh hove in^sight uml i scul led them to the station.
Mrs.E. J. li* ui, t^t me GsrHsos house,
deniesthe slutcuietilH of Wat tier and^Flyuii to the sweet that she was standing^in the door w ith the bsKBSBS and wit^^nessed the outside trouble. Mrs. Keiil^can prove that she was not nut of the^room alt. r lo;;; I p. DA.
liirliaitl1'. Scohli. died yesterday at^Murray * OillSspts's ho-pital of pneu-^inoiiiu. The funeral will he held I hurs-^il.iy ut J p. m. from the home of Richard^D me, corn, r of \\ ^oiumg and \\ o ilman^strceis, under the bnsjnobs of the linighls^of the C ildeii Eagle.
H.A. Slev. ns, alias W. II. Harris, was^to have been tried in the pol e., court yes-^tcrduy for discharging lire arms in tin.^city limits. The prosecuting witness de^^clined lo up ear against htm, ami In- was^discharged upon paraseni ol cost*. 1'he^police say Stevens i^ a Kansas City crook^who jumped a *.'^,^^ (I Isolid.
bssbssss aleI Heavier.
UCTTK.Feb. Mi sfllss Mali.hi, one of^the tjcst-ktiowu resid^-uts of Huttc, fur-^tin riy boss carpenter and tiinlieruiati at^the (iagnon mine, returned to-day from^the Salmon river country, iduho. He has^been busily engaged erecting a ten-stump^ipiartg mill there tor an Illinois company.^The mill ie a gold concentrator. The^many friends that Mr. Mulian formed^during Ins tun years' service with the^Oagnou ^ oinpuny and during bis term in^the butchering business will he pleased to^learn that he weighs sixteen ismimls more^than when be left Unite, and looks six^^teen years younger.
HoMas llsdly Itemed.
BuTTs,Feb. 24 ^J. Koss, all employe at^the Uoston o. Molilalia smeller, was^lia I ^ burned yesterday afirrtioon. lie^Was pushing a car of hot pulp, and ran^Into a car runner ubead ol bun. I he^car tipped backwards and covered luui^Willi the red hot tnetal. Nearly the whole^kfyid fell upon him. Koss was removed^to ilc home of his brother and is reported^to he in a critical cutiuition.
Butte,Feb. 24.^An important decision^was made by Judge Mcllatton at the dis^^trict court this morning, dissolving the in^^junction recently issued against the Silver^liow i'ark addition. This injunction was^on the petition of James Ilia ke of Helena.^The action which was practically ended^with the dissolution of the injunction was^one of very consul, ruble and general in^^terest, in that it churged Edwurd Iteutlie^of Helena of a gross tratld and a shame^^less breach of conlhlcucK in his relations^with James Itluke, the plaintiff.
Thecomplaint slated that Jumcs lilakc^was, with Edward and George Hcuttic,^the joint owner of 1H0 acres of land, one-^hall of which has been platted ami^mimed the Silver How l'urk addition. Mr.^Ill ike claimed to have placed especial^eotilldence in Edward lleattie us he liiui-^sdl, ow.ug to age and infirmities and^limited business ex|s rience, wus not in a^position to know the true value of his^Butte pro|Hvrty. lie stated that he had^often puld Edward lieuttie's expenses^lo Butte in order to learn through bun ol^the value and condition of his properly,^in February, WML lilakc claimed to huve^In ^ii approaciasl by Hcaitic, who pro^^posed that they all sell out their liutte^property at the rate of Mi an acre.
Blakedunned thut he would never^have entered into the truiisuciioti hud he^not supposed thut his co-owners would^dispose of their interest also. The llrst^payment of si,ion was to be made^by one J. D. McMnnuglo of Louisiana,^James H. Murphy ol IMS city, negotiated^tho business for McMotiugle. Blake^claimed that a few days ..iter ho was ap^^proached by Bi'Utile who proposed that^lilakc transfer the properly to himself,^while he in turn would transfer the^liutte property to MeMoti.igle. Ho con^^sented and wus suiprised to lluil some^^time later that he had transferred the^pro|^erty to Edward and Ueorue lleattie.^He received another surprise on learning^thut his interest bad been transferred lo^Met.oliagle for $40,000 when he hud re^^ceived bill f.l,lWU lor it. Then it wan re-^conveyed Id that sellers for ^.r^.UM.
lilakcalleged in his complaint that all^of tuese traiisaetions were ill nuri.il.nice^ol the fraud which they were in coiispir-^ucv to perpetrate upon hiiu.
(Mlthe 14th of this month^the dele nduiits came foiwuid^with a motion to dissolve this^injunction. The mod in was supported^by a lurgc number ol affidavits from^prominent real estate men in this city.^Among these men may he mention d M.^L. Holland, George ( u-ey. John A. Can^^non, W. D. Ft Hiier, S. V. Kemper, W. V.^ban lor, William F. ( nlihaliuiidJ.lt li.^t imiii. All ot 'these alfldavits were made^to prove that at the tune ot the transfer^of the property Me) pro| criy MM Ml^worth more than flu an acre, J. D. Mr-^Moiingle made affidavit that utter James^W. Murphy, hisugculhud iicgoiiuicd the^trausuction he foiititl huusclt iiuuble to^make tin* necessary payment of $1,0U^.^Tin li Mr. Murphy tor the llrst time in or^^der to saVSJ the transaction from falling^through showed Geoige and E Iwnid^Hculiic ihe scheme tuut die ulllaiil had in^iiiiiid, which was to ploi the property uml^s. ll it out as town lots and invite them to^cnier it.
Theadmission of the Realties into^the scheme mas all on account of the^ultlalit's inability to pay the M,i (^t and^did not enter into the transaction w ith^Blake. As for the enhanced value of the^property, McMotiugle ascribes this lo^judicious booming and advertising since^Blake sold out his interest. James W.^Murphy's affidavit supported the others^in all respects. Seeing the weight of evi^^dence against linn, Blake yielded and^)*cslcrday gave his consent to the settee9^un ill that resulted in the dissolved in^^junction tins morning. This leaves the^.-stiver liow l'urk addition free irum en^^cumbrances.
He'sthe Man Who l'rrtamed te ^peak far^the Slate el Molilalia.
Bitte,Feb. 34.^W. H. Beck, the mys^^terious man in Washington who claimed^before the coinage committee that be is a^Moiitaua mail and that free coinage is not^for the best interests of the siate.isknown^by one man in Butte. Hon. W. A. Clark,^Thomas W. Carter and the rest of the^Montana colony in Washington,have been^trying assiduously to Hud out something^about the man and his Montana interests,^but without success. A genllmau who^has workiil for Beck ill this state and^who is now employed in mining in this^vicinity, was discovered by a standard^reporter to-day. The mining man lelt^his nume for use in case of need, but pre^^ferred it should not he used unless neces^^sity. He suid regarding Beck:
Mr.Beck is not a resident of Mon^^tana, but of Washington, D. C^lie is associated with George E. Lemmon,^a pension agent at Washington, in the^jh'Iisioii I u-tnesa. Some lime ago hede-^s red to speculate on a small way, and^gamed possession of a few mining pros^^pects in Beaverhead county, at a place^culled Bald Mountain. 1 worked in his^employ there. He saw a little chance for^investment in Dillon und put a little^money in there either for him^^self or somebody else. But from his^milling property he has never shipped u^ton oi ore to uny reduction works, lie^has no mills or anything else thut ever^produced an ounce of silver in the stale.^He owns nothing hut prospects, and dots^not have a t halt 100 feet deep. ^Beck^never employed nu re than five men at a^time. At present he is not working his^pros|h-ets at all. Ho has a man living^oil them to keep the claims^from iiemg jumped. That one solitary^^slater represents the sum total of his^mining work at the present time. He^never coined an ounce of silver, and^can't know very much abuut the advan^^tage of Iree coinage for Montana.
Asfur as Becs's residence in Mon^^tana is concerned, he is not a resident of^Montana ami never has been. He has^iKcusnuially made trip* to Montana to^examine his prospects, but he was never^in Molilalia more than 10 days at a time.
Hostill owns these prospects,on which^no work is being tl'jue, und on which he^en.ploys one man. Hut 1 doubt if he could^sell them, iiithougb it is possible that in^lime he may lie aide to sell them for a few^hundred dollars. His milling interests in^Montana amount practically to nothing^und 1 would he ufruul lo oiler hull $150 for^his o.ilire milling prop-Tiy, including all^the ore he bus ever i xiracled.
ChlcugoHues Not Follow ihe l'ian Pro^^posed hy Ituttr.
TnIhtEiltUn-nl Ihi Slamlaril
Tlieofflccisofthe l.o.uil of health in this city^say thai the eii) i I (iueiuo pr'Inhlts the tlup-^tnciit ol umir.iwii |Miult^y and game into their^market. 1 rla in th.it is mil the truth. 1 have^SSSa employe i in thai in il ket for two years, and^II is acknowledged as being lbs largest distrih-^Uihig poiul for poultry and same in the I'niletl^Huites. To my certain kiiuWl^s)BJ f have tio-^tteed game shipped to Paris, Ixmdon, ami all Hie^pt iueipal inarseis of the East, the saute Ix-lug^levariulily slupned undrawn. In my capacity as^receiving an t snipping clerk of one of the largest^linns s in this hue in ,i liieagn. 1 was ina i osi-^ttoii lo note the best way of handling dressed^sou airy.
iiurheaviest shipments came in from N'c-^hraska ami I wa, tne stock heitig often bought^hy Payers far I aMerii markets, a il the demand^betas i nitii Iv for itndiatvn petUlnr, I wish in^state, and u is SB srtaoWMMleafl tact hy all
peilltrysi ippcrs. that Itilly safe nay to fian-
diesame is to ship undrawn. his subject was^agitate I in the city ol New fork, I think hi ISM,^a ie-t h. ing made in iteieriiiitie ui which coodt-^tinn poultr. .^rrlvid ihe best and kepi the lonw-^est. it was.deeiiled hy ihe Imaid oi licallli that^undrawn st. ek was far supcimr to drawn, ami^to- .ay kers is m. draws peslMT iklseed lutu ilia^mars, t of New Vork city, ny eorresisiuilctic*^hiiIi Ihe aliove aiitaorlty tins stateuu ul will he^e tTohorateS.
Ilis uiiihissiIiIc tn shin live poultry from the^markets which amply Unite city, and huve tt^arrive in a nealihy eomlliioii. as tlu-y lyartsby^come In sickly, well fnsai six to twelve htrds^dead iu cax'h eisip The Molilalia supply of^p til iv is inadeipiaie to the dnnaud of llu'te^city alone. Il is lo he Poped that Ihe Itunorahle^mavor anil city council will duly consider tin so^fai ls iH'iore passing an ordinance which will he^detrimental to the best Interests of the people at^large.F. h. hvthbhi.and,
WithII. ('.. Colin, Wasiiingloii Market.
lit1 I k, Feb. Jt.
ThePublic Administrator Asks to He^I ut in t'lisrgw ol the F.slsle.
Bl'ttk,Fib. 24.^James W. Murphy,^the public administrator, appeared ut the^district court to-day and llled a |u tituiu^for letters of administration in the estate^of Mu had Carroll, deceased. The usual^notices were ordered published und for^^warded the heirs. There seems to be^some doubt on the part of many of the^late superintendent's friends regarding^the existence of a will. From his re^^searches Mr. Murphy feels fairly siiretbut^Mr. Carroll died mter-slatc, but some^of the Iricuds believe that a will may lie^found later among the pa|iers of the di^^ffused. It is raid Unit one was certainly^made a few years ago. At thai nine Mr.^Carroll wee m Dublin, Ireland, und had^to undergo a very dangerous and dlllleult^surgical operation and as a matter of^precaution executed a wi.l. Win titer or^not ibis will is now in existence is a ipn s-^Hon which it will require some tuna to^determine.
Yourl liclr^ BMSaVl I'llrs II Highly anil^'there Was VI ar at (luce,^lit i I i , Feb. M.^ This afternoon James^Hums visited Bliimt.iii's pawnshop, in^! East Turk street, to hypothecate a violin^that he carelessly carried under his arm.^The fiddle evidently w as not a ^Strati,^^nor even as good a one as is ordinarily^In aid at an evcrytlay l ull, for the gentle-^liiulily tit ulcr oi the thrt e ball game after^examining the Instrument osTerrw sir.^Burns tWO*bits for it. 1 his so ui g. r. d Mr.^Burns thut he proceeded ut mice to^annihilate the man who bad^offered the insult. He succeeded in land^^ing once or twice on the pawnbroker^when Marsliul Damn put in an appear^^ance and put a stop to tlie fghiluliuii by^arresting the owner of the violin ami^locking him up. Both Burns and the^fiddle arc now at the city hall, Burns^down in the basement anil the violin up^^stairs in the city clerk's ulllce.
TheISMS Ti bills 1'ald.
Bl'ttk,Fib. M -This afternoon was^held the funeral of Mrs. Maud K. l'eu-^llell, nee Hullf iibow, from her late home^ut No. Ml Lust Galena street. The lady^was bam iu Lowell county, Ind.. -3 ycurt^ago, and three mouth* since came from^her former home ut Murshalllown, Iowa,^to Dillon, where she mauled Mr. William^Penned. During her painful sickness of^several weeks' duration she Wus tcndcily^cared for by her husband, a sister ami^other relatives. At the service lo-duy a^large circle of friend* authored io mourn^lo r untimely death, lb v. E. J. Grot nvcid^of the I'rcsbytcnun i hureli conducted the^services.
StormsThat are Making Things Lively^for the Railroad I.lues.
Bl'ttk,Feb. 24.-The Great Northern is^the first of the railroads running into the^city to feel the effects of yesterday's^storm. I he tram due this morning was^reported five hours late, anil as the report^of its delay was received early this morn^^ing die evidence is conclusive that the^storm extended ns far east as Dakota and^probably Minnesota. ^ill the other hand^tho Ni rlherti l'acille trains arrived on^time, showing that the storm was^MWM severer farther north and^spent its strength In fore it reached the^famous ^Banana Bell^ traversed by the^latter road. 'The Union l'acille also ar^^rived on l ine, showing Heaver Canyon lo^lie clear ami tin main due as well.
Inthe city the snow is unusually deep^and Superintendent Woolstou is having a^hard cine ill keeping his motor lines^eh ar. lb- manages to keep trains moving,^but schedule time is knocked endways^and profanity keeps the air warm iu the^vicinity of the tracks.
Someof the lei Who Would Like to^be Marshal.
OldHands st the Buelness Who^Say Butte'e Paid Department^Muet Have Several^More Men.
Bl'ttk.Feb. 24.^The announcement in^the Stan da kd this morning of the reeig--^nation of Fire Marshal Jordan revived all^the talk about the lire department, and^the various candidates for lire marshal^got a hustle on themselves. Mayor Vali-^ion said to-day that no successor to Mr.^Jordan will be chosen until tho^next regular meeting, which will bo^next week Wednesday evening. Ho does^not consider it worth while to call a^special meeting for this purpose. Mr.^Jordan's resignation takes effect March^1, anil the next regular meeting will be^ht lil March 4, so that meanwhile the as^^sistant fire marshal will act as chief until^the successor is selected, unless Mr. Jor^^dan will consent to servo for a week or^two longer.
Thereis no doubt that the councllmen^are divided on this question of Mr. Jord^^an's successor, Messrs. Cameron and^Hooker, of the paid department, have^strong supporters, and so have Thomas^A. Burko of the volunteer department,^ami Frank B. Thomes of the deiuiict^brigade, it is mora than likely that there^will be other candidates in the^fit Id before the choice is made. The^But'.e City fire department will hold its^regular meeting next Tuesday evening,^ami then recommend a candidate to the^city council, provided it is able to agree^on any man.
Askyour dealer for the Irwin cigar.
HidMr. t ielgbloli Safely Through Ills^Trouble Iu the t ounl.
Ht'TTK,Feb. 24.^John Creigliton, the^old gentleman who came up from Deer^Lodge Valley a short timo ago lo correct^Ids son-in-law, 1'. J. Coyle, and got into^troiiblo as a result, is once more a free^man. It will be remembered that Mr.^Creigliton objected to the manner in^which Coyle treated Mrs. Coyle and dur^^ing a little discussion that ensued has re^^course bsSS uxlottic ilnmngt* t^f one of^Coyle's fl ngcrs. Mr. Creigliton returned^to Ins rural Home uml several days ago^was brought back on a warrant issued on^complaint of Coyle. Yesterday Mr.^Creigliton wus tried for Ins ofrenso ia^Juoge Newkirk's court, uml his honor^tisik the case under advisement. Toilay^Judgment was rendered by which Mr.^Creigliton was discharged and the costs^taxed up to Coyle. As the bill amounts^to quite a little sum, Coyle is nroha^^ly^sorry that be did not take the drubbing^be received and call il square.
TheIteeord of the Tough*^BlTTK, Feb. 24. ^ One Nagle, alias^^H lilroad It.II,^ the prisoner taken away^by force from (Mlleer Gaberf Sunday^night, pleaded guilty in the police court^to-dad to committing a nuisance. He^was lined $1 und costs, and iu default^was coiniiittu d,
Gusl'ctcrsoti was convicted of sadly^disturbing the peace last night. He was^lined the customary $6 and costs. Ashe^was llnuticially embarrassed, be is now^enjoying the hospitality of Jailer Vau-^stBSa
JohnDougherty was arraigned for hav^^ing lieen drunk, As it was shown that^he was sick and bad simply wandered^uwuy from bis watchers uflcr having^been given a generous doss i f brandy, be^was discharged.
ChrisCurry pleaded guilty to a coni-
t.laiutcharging him with fast driving,^ivo .md costs.
F.^. Miller.
C.A. Chapman.
C.h. Castle.
Itis the opinion of men experienced in^fire matters that the paid department^will have to be increased much more than^is contemplated by the council at^present. It is the intention to have 10^paid firemen, but it is difficult to see how^the work can be done with less than 15 or^16 men. The ladder will require six men^to handle it; the chemical must have^three, and the hose carls and men in the^lire house will take the rest. It is sug^^gested that the practice of paying 75^cents an hour to volunteers be abolished^and the paid department increased.^It is also apparent that the fire marshal^should have a larger salary than at pres^^ent. Ho should have $150, and the city^can then command the services of a first^class luuti.
AldermanMcDermott suggests that the^Guyuor lire alarm system also send in its^resignation as the lu st way out of the^trouble for the company and the city, too.^Since the last test made by the council^some mistakes have been made by the^Guyuor fire alarm system, it is u fact^that every ri gulur fire alarm since that^^BBS has tn me in correctly. On Febru^^ary 5, box . - came iu correctly, us did the^alarm from box 14 on February Li, and^lroiu box 'Si on February 18. On the^evening of February 18, however, after^the above alarm, the circuits were tried^and trouble was lotind in circuit 1. At^lirst it was thought tho batteries were^wrong, and the jars were refilled, but the^result proved that tills was not the case.^Tho trouble was found lo be in a Betas^spring iu circuit one, and the trouble was^soon registered. The effect of this trou^^ble bad been that nothing whutevi r wus^registered on the joker w hen the alarm^came in on that circuit, (in February 10,^the day following, circuit No. 1 gave uiio^blow on the gong, and on the joker there^was a continuous black marck.^Mr. Stockwell was asked in regard to^this trouble, but seemed doubtful as^to the cunse of it. Several electricians^have been asked regarding the matter,^and they disagree us to tile cause. The^trouble, whatever il was, adjusted itself^and since then there has been no diffi^^culty whatever.
Theannual report of the department^for the year 18 0 shows that there were^41 fires. The total losses were $26,635, of^which the greater part was covered by in^^surance. This includes Ihe fires iu the^city limits only, and hence there is not^included the lire at the Montana Union^freight depot or the Tyroler house.
KealKfttate Trausfears.
Butte,Feb. 24.^The following trans^^fers were recorded at tho office of tue^county clerk since our last report:
Annallaurlffi of South liutte lo clary^ssssebke, lots r., n, ami 7, hlts'k lit.^Northern Pa. lie aud.tmiif coo no
Thesome p rtics, lot II, kl a-s 15, lomi^of Pony400 00
lieuryI.. Haniptto Hannah It. Koylcs,^tots l i aud HI, bus k 7, Montrose ad^^dition700 00
UeorgeII. Casey lo Itohert M. Cohlsm,^lots aud 3, block,, Kice addition... 400 00
Mousyto Draw Against.
Bl'ttk,Feb. 24.^To-day City Treas^^urer Jacobs received the amount for^which Mayor Valium sold (he issue of^budding bonds lo Blair A Co. As a re^^sult $20,000 are now stored away in the^city's-strotig box subject to checks for^for building purposes.
Shelfffi Heavy Hardware
Stoves,Ranges, Hot Air Furnaces, Etc.,^Mining Supplies, Rubber and Leather Belt^^ing, Packings, Etc. Agents Giant Powder^Company.
24West Park St.,-Butte. Mont.
Nudetentioo .^ruin Im-int^-s. W'v refer ynu^to 600 |Mtti^*nla in tin- City and Mute, unci Mi^National Ilutik^ iu Denver.
lavehtigatcour meth'jd. Written Guarantee to^AIpWp.m1i.i Curt- all kitnls of RVPTVRR^f bottl MU,^with' ut ihe MM of KNIl i; OK BYKIMGK. no matter^11 how lung islanding.
Room*MsM Opera Hon^e Block, Denver. Kntrance^Curtis St. Once Hour*. 9 to 12 a. m., 2 to 5 p. m.^cfrart FO# CIRCULAR.^Bolt* i^^^r#^. North w*Mt Tor. Main und Pork Sttu, oyer J* rob-' Clot bin^ ^tor*. Room^1.1, Kiitrttiiee od Park st, onlc.' it .ur-, M .u 1*4 m., sssl - lo 0 p. in.
Achance for ^baldies's.^ Consultation^free at Kimiu 45 Windsor hotel. Ila.r^produced under contract. Hours, 4 :M lo^6 :M) p. iii.
Abargain;din cheap for cash
Twolots and two houses. South Huttc.^Houses L'L' leet npiare, four rooms, hard^finish, bring 111 MJS inontli; price, MtMOl^I Mie half down, balance 1 per cent. A; -^ply to
KitK.tKllS it I.KWIS.
;tftW est l.r.ttittc.
Letterheads, bill heads, job printing of^every description neatly done at the^StaNdai.doIIIco.
Ortonllros. Iinve an elegant nock of^pianos ami organs at reasonable prices.
Smokethe lrwiu union liund made cigar.
KickanlsA Ix^wis call attention to their^especial flyers in real estate bargains.
Fouradditional carriers for routes on^Stanparo. apply at Standard office^Unite, from 6:46 to ro'clock a. 111. or from^7 to f^ p. in.
Cutflowers by express every Tuesday^and rViday evening at the City Drug^^tore, 71 Kast Park street.
Piano*and organs sold ou easy terms^at Orion llros.
MotorMM pass lliedoor.
Mls m hkay, Prop.^Fir.t door East or McDi tiuoii Hotel, Butte.
Ill)Zl: MAN.
A.J. DavidsonS Co.,
Peopleof Butte and Vicinity that they are^now ready to lurnish any thin^ usually^supplied by a first class house. VVe solicit^your patronage.
N.B. DAVIDSON, Manager.
ArizonaS*reet, Oppositeq i IT^I^C
NorthernPacific R. r. Depot. DU 1 1 .
NewYork Life Insurance Company,
Cor.Main and Granite Streets. Butte, Mont
GeneralAgent Western Montana and Idaho.
J.S BUTLER, HGENT,^Corner Arizona and Front Sts., - - South Butte.
Wagons, Buggies and Sleighs
mmWeZgX3Si^ m.. 4*. Office of BROWN'S TRANSFER
RockSprings, Blacksmith and Pennsylvania Hard Coal.
No.33 West Park Street, Butte. Montana,^and 42 North Main St., Helena.
-So'e Agent for Montana for the-
fullhmnA (Merit I Sons Pianos,
TheMatchless Decker Brothers, Behr^Brothers. Chase Brothers, Fischer, Ivers ^^Pond, A. B. Chase, and Other First-class^Standard Pianos.
A.B.Chase, Btorv A Clark, Chlratro ('miner an'l XVr.tern Conner; also the
WONDERFULVUCALIOS CHL'BCH PIPE OBOAN, pronounced br the^Sit stest orsatiieis in lbs world as bs Has most srOJCDCJUrui. i.vn.xrm.v ok ntu
mmI I I ^ Ml CBPTCBYt tu Sf OII t X III I ^ 11 it 'II lit JSSBSSB S Ml imc lioBSe. Ilrlrlia.^Tih m' iumi uiurtitM nr^ blii|i|^ il tlirt ct from Eastern furmrirs, ami will Ik- - ^1^ni prin t tli.it | ut tlt'luiiii' ^ t i competition. Those cotitt mplutiiiK tile | ur-^oluiM' of n BSaSks or ..r^iiu will Bate from 10 to tD |mt cent bjr ceJJfBe SB Jut k-^son In I.irr i mri-tut sine aini tfritine li'-* price*. I'lir uutxt In nutiful line of^til IT A US. han JOS. VIOLINS. MaXDOLIXS. ZIlHKlls ^n.l rv. rytliiiur in^tl.i tiiii.-ir 11it*- io In- fruin'. ^ 11 ^ milr i1' t'Inrae^. t all itiitl sec us. WTi. tlicr you^lui^ or i;oi you will be curiliully teieivtil.
G.W. JACKSON, Proprietor.

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