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Whenthe BBS) mft l.a. k in llio lnv^, ami bee*^I* a-huuin' aissja' a. ;i n.
inti.at kimi of h i^7^ ^pi asyos fimm
Oldcuil Hi)') hunt nun^ In.^WSm 1 In- uroiiu'k ail I^ui whi n- ilie hay r.rk^stiMtal,
AnilHie erlek*^ nz. runt the breeze^( iui 11 Hie lilnom 111 the ^^!^! il^u^i^nl.^And the gni ii i.vi^ l.m k in Hie lree^;^1 like, at 1 ^hv, in m il ^^^^ iie^ as llie^e.^The I me^ ^lieu Il.e ween gi-ls l^i k in the^Ml
WhenIhe wh^le tall frntliern o' winter lime
In^ 1 pulled nut ami cmie!^And ill ^ ^ap it thaw* and i.i i:iii^ to climb,
Andthe ureal II Mart* out ou^A feller'^ forrenl, a-nittm' down
Atthe i'M ^nri'iiiou lii^ kiieen^^1 kind o' like Jen' a lonferin' louu'
WhenIhe green arts haek ou Hie^.Ii-k' :i-jv^tlerin toiin'as 1 ilurn^When Ihe urerti, ^oii know, (jeU
-Jrtmoir/iifeoin;. Ittliy.
iila^^^hack in the
Danyulnn in Kaunas City War.
Iwua u-rradinir tliu other tiny,^ sniil^the old cattleman, tipping hark In* cluiip,^^bow some old Human alinrp who nio-t^likely waa uiteresti-il in the town says,^'All roads lead* to Koine.' Not knowing^notlnn' of Itumo myself, nor yet of the^rausewayn thar an' tliaralxiut*, 1, of^rourse nin't ^ayin' iiiithin' an' simply leta^lier fly as a quotation for what it'n worth.^It ^UBi^est^, however^leaviMR Home for^the refonnutiori of men^that all trails^lead* likewise to reform. N o one can tell^how soon or liy what ^ tirious meana MM^onery hosii-tliief sort of fellow,of no more^ralue to a decent eamp than an Apache^or a horned load, will come MM* '^^^^iid^on Ilis hind hoofs and Ik- (rood (Hople.
^Thisyerewas mighty eminent MM case^with a hold-tip I knows M '^^' the name^of Johnson. 1 lee.Hues into Wolfville one^day ill Aiifiust, along of a paint pony,^lie comes trailin' in alter the slaue^at the time, for company likes,^1 suppose, which the same is not^onnaual. Old Monte, the driver, aorter^allows, casual like with his nose in his^whiskey, as how he aees Johnson first^hack some thirty miles into the hills, an'^Old Monte teemed to reckon a whole lot^that Johnson owns aome cattle aome'ert,^an' at the fac's ain't worry in' us none no^^how we all lets her go at that.
Johnsonhimse'f is a long, lean, gooil-^lookm' kind of coyote, with a ipiiek eye,^which is gettin' its share of the scenery^right along, an' if he's remarkable at ml^it's because he's pervadin' round ninthly^continuous an' seems like he's as restless^as a prairie dog. As far us my opinion^goes at that time, 1 sorter likes him. I^takes note of Ins a Hera driukiu' whiskey^straight an' that, nacheral eiiur, kinder^drors him to my In art. Then, agin', one^night 1 observes him ill a little game with^Cherokee Hall, an' Johnson lays down^three queens when Cherokee makes a^flush on a ^wo ilraw, an' then I respects^him. A man who is that sensitive nil'^nckerale as to know when to lay down^three queens is plenty rure, an' when^found be has my ros|M-ct.
Weillthis yere Johnson is trackln'^'round Wolfville. mayl*- it's two weeks, a-^lilayiu' of a btile poker, a-bui kin' of a^little faro, an' absorbiu' of bar viands al^^ternate, an' all in a way which puts pub^^lic suspicion to sleep ill a minnle if It ever^lifts its head, which it don't.
Onemorn in' we was all outen our^blankets an' and assembled in the 'Early^llird it was ali .nl llrst-ilrink time, all'^we was gathered thar tor our customary^forty drops ^when in comes Han llogys^all spraddled out.
'Gents,' says Han, in a tone as shows
he'sall keyed up, 'g. tits. I'm a hinged^Mexican if somebody ain't done run off^every boss we had in the corral^leaat-^wis ^ he's run off ten head, bein' aiz of the^stage company's in the bunch, too.'
'Well,' aaya Sam Knnglit, ea'mly tip-^pin' up hit glass until be gets every drop^aa ia comin'to him, 'takin' ten horses ia^different from takin' all. Moore, you go^over an' see about saddlin' four bosses^^get faat onea. Jack^an', Oarkeep, fill up^four canteens with cough medicine^give^ua aomo of the Willow Hun stuff. I^reckon.' he goes on, turnin' to the rest of^us, 'we overhauls this yere lions dealer^too easy.' Enright waa chief of the^Stranglera an' a prompt, thoughtful roan.^You can gamble he kuowed his business,^too.
'While we are all waitiu' for the^bosses,' aaya Hoe Poets, an' I wants to^mention that tbia yere Pceta waa the^smartest man I ever soe. 's'pote we con^^venes the camp an' find who'* miasm'.^It may help find the thief.'
SoPceta atcpa out an' turns his six-^sbo. .ler h.ose| three or b ur times ail' of^course all the inhabitants cornea eaiilerin'^up eager for to see who gots downed so^early in the day, an' when we counts^noses we IInils we're jest abort this yere^sharp. Johnson.
*1 reckon he's our man,' says Enright.^*I can't go myie'f, but four of you all take^the bosses Booth is coram1 with, an' p'int^out an' get him. He can't go fast nil' take^10 bosses with him, an' you all oughter^run up on him by to-morry, shore.'
SoI'eets, I tooth, Hoggs, an' Cherokee^Hall steps into the saddle an' piekin' up^the trail over by the corral, lines out to^^ward Ihe Tres Hermanns. They runs the^trail until late thai afternoon an' camp-,^an' gettin' it ngiu in the morning it lukes^'t in nun Ihe hills. Yere it gits hard an'^rocky, an' thi n, nnclu ral enuf, not hem'^Itijilus, lose, it. A Injun can track a torn-^cat along a stone wall, but white men^ain't got no sech gift. Hut on they goes,^trad or no trail.
'We gets this yere Johnson,' says Jack^Booth, 'or up goes a wickeyup an' I lives^rieht in these yere hills from now on.^Either we downs bun or 1 don't go back^no more; ill which event Wolfville lose^not only ten bosses, but a valyooed citi^^zen.' llooth is kettle-lender or marshal^for the Strutiglers, an' for an outsider like^this yere Johnson to stroll in and quit MS^ten bosses ahead is mighty grievous an'^gratm' to Jack.
Aathe outfit waa atumblin' up a can^^yon they bears a bona whinny t'other side^of the bill. It was one of the stuge bosses,^an' he gets a scent of an acquaintance of^liis'n^they Ix-in' to wiud'ard^which the^same is carry in' Doc l'ects all easy enuf,^an' so he says 'howdy!' to him. boss fash^^ion. I'eets' boss be says 'howdy!' back,^an' the next minute these yere four people^is plliu' all pMMMMI into the canyon^where the ten bosses is, an' each a shoot-^in^. So'a Johnson, for that matter, and^for a short time it's some lively. When^the shoot in' ceases there's that man John^^son stretched out utid bis luig broke at^the knee, an' Booth is biitygcttin hit sud-^die'oil'his own dead boss to put it onto^another. Then they sets Johnson in a^sud.lie after lyin' up ilia bug, takes tIn^^tel! bosses, which is all lookin on some^interested in the racket, and lines out for^home.
Justns the outfit is on term' into a long,^narrow stretch of canon where the wail^is high an' oueliinable they iiears 15 or JO^gun* behind 'em, an' at the same time the^bullets begin to selltter an spatter around^in the rocks. Back they looks and thar's^40 Injuns up the valley half a mile.
O!you wants us, do you ^' say* Booth^plenty scornful, 'well we'll just fool you^up u whole I d ! What do you say, I'eets;^let's stop an' give 'cm a rough toss 7^There's niitlim' in it, ol course, lint let it^go into the minutes of the ineetin' under^the head of ^good of the order.^ '
'No,says l'.-ou 'let's get out of the^hill* onto ihe H it ground first. There's
toogood a chance to crawl 'round us
'ButI'm conatitootionally agin al-^lowin' Injuria to pester 'round me this^way' says Jack. 'What do you all say,^boys^^ bo continued to Hoggs an' Cher^^okee.
Hoggswaa for atoppin' an' Cherokee^allowed be don't care none which way;^anything as suits the rest suits him,
'Don't 1 get no vote in this yere, I'd^like for to know^' says Johnson, who alts^on hia boas listenin', some pale with his^busted hug, but game an' ugly jeat the^s ine'. 'Ain't I into this at all ^
'Well, I abould say not,' says Booth^mighty contemptuously, 'Do you think-^we're coraiii' out yere in the hills to let a^boss thief vote along with us^ If you do^you ain't got our grade right none at all.'
Alltbia tune the Injuns is closin' up,^n-shootiu' wild an' wastin' good lead like^they alters do, an' so I'eets. seein' how^sentiment stands, aorter drops the whole^outfit in behind a point o' rocks an' be^^gin* puinpiu' It into the hostiles in a rap^^id an' onpleasant way. This yere goes^on for two minute* an' the Injuns sorter^drops out of ihe game long enuf to count^what chips they're short.
'1 s'poae,' aaya Johnson to I'eets, while^they're waitiu', 'you all's shore duo to^hang ine when we get* to Wolfville'.
'We moat likely will waste a lariet^that away,' Buy* I'eets. ,Why, whatever^make* you doubt it^'
^1 ain't doubtin' it,' says Johnson:^'none whatever. I his yore s jest ray way^of beguiniu' a conversation. Now, what^I'm gettin' to i* tins: I'm goiu' to bang^anyhow, an' it hurts my luig like blaze* to^risft. Now, w hat'* the matter of you all^given' me a Winchester and a couple of^t ..lis, an' say, about 100 rounds of '41s.'^an' leliin' me camprignt y. r ^ in the rocks^an' carry on the war. You all can stroll^off to Wollville then an'I'll see that no^Injuns go by mo. The canon Wall II see^they don't go round none, an' thar you^be. 1 think she's a bang-up good scheme,^niyse'f, a* doe* mo credit. They can't^nohow down me for two hours, an' that'll^give you start enuf even if you're afoot.^What do you suy; is it a go^'
'What do you all think ^' says Poets to^the rest, sorter tlnnkiu' of it over to^hiinae'f. 'It looks all right to me. This^yere man is bound to go anyhow, an'^simply prefers Injuns to us an' bullets to^a rope. I would my so f, similarly situ^^ated. It most likely ia a-hurtin' of bis^luig a heap to make him ride, too. What^do you all say; shall we let Inm make the^pluy ^'
'Itlooks like when a man's done^hound to lose anyhow,' tavs Cherokee,^'bo shore oughter be allowed to say which^caul he drops his stack ou.'
'Wu ni ght as well let him have his^way,' said Itooth, gloomily. '1'ackin' him^in with bis busted knee ia a heap of^bother, an' when wo do get him in thar,^we am't got no real good up and up place^to swing him to. Ilungiu' him to the^windmill stops proceedui's ill that quar^^ter for an hour, an' interferes with the^water supply. On account of not bom'^able to dior wuter, au' a man haiigin' in^the way, the last time we runs up ou Tuc^^son Dave, Mis* Backer gets 'way behind^on her game ut the Garfield restaurant,^an' wo don't see nosuiqier 'til 7 o'clock.^Miss Bucker tells me then that's the last^tune wo ever hangs a mast to the wind^^mill. She says the won't stand no more^of it. Stretclun' of a shot man don't do^no good neither. It ain't no example.^You wnnts a well, sound man every time,^or hangin's, from a standpoint of public^welfare, ain't of no avail.'
Soeverybody's feelm' about like it,^they tips an' give* Johnson g Winchester^an' a brace ol tix-shooicrs an' plants him^down iM'lutid n rock with his back agin an^^other, turns him over a canteen of wkisky^an' says '.nine..'
'Y'ou're goin' to have a chance now,^Johnson,' say* I'eeta, 'to do soiuoihin' for^so-'iety. an' 1 shore hope* you improves it^an' don't lay down ou il none.'
'That's all right, boys,' says Johnson,^takin' a big drink an' wavin' his band all^pleasant. 'When you all gets In jes write^on to the commissioner on Injuns an' give^him my respects an' tell him to shorten^up bis count on Apaches at least ten.'
'Do you all mean to tell me,' says Faro^Nell, her eye* a-flashln'. when they stops^in front of the Bed Light saloon four^hours later an' informs the rest of us bow^the game stands, 'do vou all mean to stand^yere an' tell me you four rides off without^a mark an' leave* a white man behind^with a bullet jn hia knee to get ahot up,^an' hacked, an' skelped by Injuns^ Cher^^okee,' continues Nell, goin' over to him^with tears in her eyes, 'I wasn't lookin'^for no sech play from you. nohow.'
'Why. Nellie,' say* Cherokee, 'this^yere's all right if you looks at it. This^Johnson was due to hang, anyhow, an'^what difference, aa he aaya himself, if he^gets his stack caabed by an Injun^ He'a^bound to quit anyhow. Now the way it'a^fixed he'a goin' to get a whole lot of In^^juns himself llrst, which would shore be^a comfort to me an' is bound to be to^Johnson. If you regards how Johnson is^fixed when them Apaches jumps up, you^sees, he thereby plays in a whole lot of^luck.'
^I'm goin' out after that man,' says^Faro Noll, ull of a furious sudden, u-^niakin of a breuk for her pony as stands^saddled across the street.
*You can't head oir a woman, once^sne starts,' says Poets, and you can gam^^ble I'eets kuowed, 'any more than you^can a bird; an' we might jest as well cull^tins yere a pieii is uu' all bands saddle up^an' follow Nell. Since the states matters^her way, I'm bcginnin' to have a Hi ghly^sight ol cur'osity about this hero Johnson^^nyse'f.'
Sotliar'uiion the whole he-part of the^outfit saddles up, an' we all goes stam-^pi diu'oil'after Faro Nell. It wusa long. I^hard run into them bills, but wu makes it^ull right. We finds Johnson up agin his^rock, u little paler an' a little drunker^^lie's bo. n thur nine hours driukiu' an' |^fightiu' an' sufforin,' an' it's just gettin' I^dark^hut from the looks of things out in i^front it appears he's lieeu scent' his hind^sights rigiit along when be shoot*. This^yere Johnson was sborely clean strain^g Hue an' nary cross. Of course when the^Injuns Iiears u* u-ei mill' they hops outen^the way, too quick. They was glad of an^exeiiie, 'cause they was gettin' a heup^tired of Johnson the way he acts, an' was^thinkin' of qtiittin' him anyhow.
' ^Now we gets this yere outcast agin,'^says I'eets to Enright an' tne rest when^we was all back in the Bed Light. 'What^^ever be we goin' to do with him ^'
'Well,'says Enright, ^of curse boss-^stealiu', by the laws of God an' inun,^mean* nangiu'. I hat is, in the reg^^ular, everyday game of life. Hut^this yere is an exception. We can't^hang this yere man now. without show in'^a heap of d srespeci to Faro Nell^after lier ridin'so far to get htm. So 1^reckon we'll j 'st give him over to Nell to^(o what she likes with. What do you^say, Nell'.' What II we all do with till*^yere felon of a Johnson ^'
FaroNell gets a iittl^ closer to Chero^^kee, an' pullin' hi* head down whispers^awhile. 'Ain't it right, Cuerokee^ she^asks.
^Whatever you say is right, Nell,' says^Cherokee, smoothiu' down her hair; 'you^can gamble is goin' to b ^ right in Wolf^^ville; so tell 'em what it is.'
^Well,then,' says Nell, hackin' up^closer agin Cherokee an' lakiu' h'Id of^in* hand behind her, 'wait till he gets all^well an' then give the cu*t a pony all' let^him lope. We don't want him nohow.'
Wei!,son, ito you know this yere deal^reforms Johnson. 1 sees b in two years^atterword over in P.-cscott, an' lie's got u^saloon an' a faro game an' is reformed^complete. H^ tells me hims^'f it's all on^account of them actions of F iro Nell.^They touches Ins heart an' ha makes up^his mind h -'s goin' to alter his play from^thar on. An' h ^ does.
L.C. TRENT,\ Suit Luke City, Utah,
GeneralWestern Manager, JHelena, Montana.
AndMachinery for the Systematic Reduction of Ores bj
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Prospectingand Development Hoist*.
Buildersof Improved Air Compressor* and Wire Tramways,^Frue Vanning Machines and Cmbrey Concentrator.
Uidgewiood Hoisting Engines.
ElootrioXiigkt Plants,
DiamondCops pposptoting Drills.
RandRock Drills and Compressor!. Otis Elevators. Knowles' Pumps, Root Blowers.^KINGSLAND t DOUGLAS SAW MILLS.^SHAY PATENT LOCOMOTIVES.
GoldMills, Wet and Drv Crushing Silver Mills, SMELT^^ING and CONCENTRATING PLANTS, Hoisting and^Pumping Works, Cars, Cages, Skips, Ore Buckets and^Water Buckets,
CorlissEngines, Compound and Condensing Engines^and Tramways.
BUTTE,MONTANA.^O fice and Work;, Hawthorne Art. and Willow St., Chicago, I L
Itstill reaching out for business and for news matter. Its special service covering
ftbeing extended to every tmvn and hamlet in each of these states, ff any tmm in all this section is not fully covered in the news^columns of117fi STANDARD, it is not because THE STANDARD has not made every endeavor to get all the news. IVe are^determined to give not only
Butto give all the Local News of this and adjoining states. Hereafter we intend to devote much attention to ihe MINING INDUS^^TRIES of Montana, Idaho and IVcstern H 'ashiugton.
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