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VOL.IL^NO. 2ii.
Inthe past few davs things^are looking considerably more^favorable than iormerly.^Spring goods coming 111 and as^we are 1 appy to say some are^alsjgoing out. The styles this^ye.ir have not materially^changed fiom what they were^last year; both extremes being^worn In suits a plain black^garment is proper but also a^garment w ith checks, 2 inches^wide is just as ta hionabie. The^^Black Cra/e^ 1 s still on, black^suits, black shirts, black under^^wear, black MtCId and black^silk handkerchiefs, being stil^very largely worn. Outside of^this, however, and except in^suits, plain colors seem to have^taken entire possession ol the^market in underw ear,shirt-, and^socks; tew fancy garments be-^iag obtainable. We are happy^to state, however, for the bene^^fit ot those who still persist 111^the old styles that we are^amongst the tavon d lew who^were able to obtain any and^while possib y no! able to show-^as large a line as in former^years can still show a good^assortment.
ItalyFinds Difficulty In Borrowing Cash^Since the American Incident
WashingtonOfficials Say the Spaed^With Which Affairs Have Been^Conducted is Something^Quite Extraordinary.
Wcare this season going to^make an eiioi t lor the trade of^the working man and to that^end have provided ourselves^with lines ot suits especially^adapted lor them. We have^suits at #10, $\2, Si 5, Sis and^^20 that we olfer as leaders^that were it not for the fact^that we drfire to start the sea-^sun with large sales we would^mark from #3 to #5 higher.
Afew we will mention: At^^10 we have a dark mixed^chtviot guaranteed all wool^and fast color, and a suit that^no man need leel ashamed to^wear on any oceassion. At $12^we have a light brown check, a^very nobbv suit and in tact one^that w ould very easily bring SlS^w ere we inclined to mark our^goods at the same prices that^our competitors mark them.^At Si5 we show a very neat^black cassimerc with a light^stripe, guaranteed all wool and^a last color. We have ^ thers^too numerous to mention and^can only say il prices or the^s ivwp; of money is an obiect to^you, call on us and we can fix^you.
Asbefore mention the^^Black Cra/.e^ stilt being on v\e^have laid in a large stock in^underwear, oversh its, socks,^ties ami handkerchiefs and we^are offering them at staple-^prices instead of the fancy^prices tisu.uly obtained tor^novelties In our overshirt^^outside of black we are show^^ing a large and fine line of^goods in Jerseys flannels and^Madras with and without silk^^tripCS. In Jerseys we have an^exceptionally fine line^some of the finer goods^running as high as $J-^o^but they arc the very finest of^the kind obtainable. In under^^wear we have some fine bal-^bnguans, cashmere; and lisle^threads We are now closing^out our line of bar coats as we^are not in the right location to^sell them and we can only say^to some of our dandy mix^ologists if yo.i will only ktep a^little out of your way we will^sell you for ft.fO and $2.00^what others will sell you for^$2.$0 and 53.CO.
Washington,April 5. ^ Secretary^Illaiiie is nut yot prepared to make pult-^lic anyhing throwing additional light on^tliu ltali 111 affair, anil unless there should^be, contrary to all rxi^rrtationa, another^Iroiuhshell, it is probable the Italian en^^tanglement will take tbe ustl.il ti (lions^course of diplomacy. The speed with^which this international correal ondenoo^has been conducted ia aaid by diplomats^to be extraordinary. While willing^to uldiid modern methods of cable^and telegraph to keep ministers ac^^quainted with matters of especial iiiaport-^aiice, they aro averse to pursuing tins^course where declaration* of a national^1 obey must be outlined. Now ttiat Secre^^tary liluiuo has succeeded in his . Moris to^calm the ngilutioti of the ltulmn govern^^ment, they expect the affair will be ad^^justed in the customary calm mode of^correspondence, which eliminates to a^great extent all sudden ebulllioiis of feel^^ing and passion.
TheItalian Minister Has no 1,iking for^ltt-puhlirau Institution*.
Puns,April S ^The conflict Ivctwccn^Italy i.n.l the t'niled Status continues to^attract atn ntion. S gnur K upiein, editor^of the r-;^^q^r, the organ ol the Italian^colony, said, in an interview to-day: ^Kc-^publ.caiis in Italy, who form a powerful^miuori'y, entertain a friendly feeling to^^ward America and would consider war^with the I'm ted States simply an attempt^to discredit in the eyes of tiie Italian peo^^ple republican institutions. A recent^meeting ot Italians in Paris discussed the^New Or.cans alfair, ami while everybody^reprobated the conduct of the lynchers^nobody approved the uctloti of Kuil.ui.^llaroii Favu is an aristocrat and not in sy m.^palhy with republican institutions. His^report to the Italian cabinet, doubtless^colored by his own antipathies, precipilu-^ted matters. Another potent factor bus^given the Italian government reason to^pause in hostile negotiations.
Financialhouses here stale that ill Italy^the widespread commercial troubles are
Iin in_' critical and apart from Italy's
overwhelmingpublic debt, whicli would^(livable her ill an attempt to go to war,^any measures imperiling peace would pi o-^duce a general financial crash. Alrcudy^the efTcd of the American ditllcully is^felt in the hesitation of French lln.itn.al^houses to proceed with negotiations pend^^ing for a prosptctive Italian loan, in^which Gt 1 man houses are also concerned.
t'svuWill sail Saturday.^Komi:. April 5.^It is announced that^Baron l ava, late minister to the United^States, will sail for home April 11.
Advicef,r lialia i Consul*.^London, April .'^.^The Chmnielr't Itmnr^correspondence says the cabinet tele^^graphs to all Italian consuls in the United^States instrilc ing them to act with calm^^ness and prudence.
WASHINGTONGOSSIP.^Valuable C'oiiri**^luii* Granted Americans
mithe m .1-^| iii, I ohm
Wakhington,April 5.^The following^information is furnished by the bureau of^American republics: The government ,,f^Honduras haa granted to V. W. Perry and^1'. M. Iiiilssl n, both citizens of the 1'ni-^ted States, a concession of laud covering^the entire coast known as Mosquito, pay-^^ ticut for ^ inch is to be made m the con^^struction of i xpetls.ve public works, in-^t l iiliiig an army road from Teguesgulpa^to the coast of the t'iribbcuu sea, more^than HI mdes in length, another canal JO^miles long, to conn* cl the ('arutasca la^^goon with the Gmtyapa river, ill addition^to these works, Perry and lmhodcti agree^toer,ct |00 miles if telegraph line, estab^^lishing communication by wire lielwi en^the Mo-quito region and the interior coun^^try. Active measure* will ut once be ta^^ken to induce immigrants to settle upon^landsofthe concession and liberal in^^ducements nre olfered.
Fur.her|MN of Hie Alleged Priest Wlia^Attempted In lit l aud lh^ I'rssldsnt.
SanFranc-isco, April 5 ^The mythical^^priest^ ^^! Spain who attempted to bunco^President Harrison out ol Jj.OOO by a ro^^mantic and very thin yarn has been try^^ing the same game on the Pacific coast.^J be president wus informed that the^priest bad IJO.UOO placed in his possession^by a Spanish soldier of fortune, to bo de^^livered to the chief magistrate on tho one^condition that he take charge of tbe sol^^dier's child. A postcript, however, called^attention to the fact that I5.0JU cash^weuld bo required to meet ex|x-nses in^^curred before the fortune could be ob^^tained. The letter was sent through the^state di parlment in proper form, but his^excellency declined to be victimized.
TheC'astiliun romancer, in Ins opera^^tions on the Western ^lo|^e, began on^quite a wealthy subject^Wells, Fargo A^Po.'s express.
IllDecember lust a letter written in the^French language was received by the^agent of the company at Carson, Nev.,^ami turned over to the mteipn ter by Da*^tecitve Hume for translation. It read as^follows:
Hauimto I'iii-on- November 1^, l^^O-^DF-AR Silt: On Sep.ember the I th 1 ad-^ilressid ^, u a li tter In which 1 revealed to y oil
11secret oil.Illllte.I aild slill CMSllll.1 in )'*-ur
country,In reference to a si.in of money hidden^Users tor me. Hid you cier receive that Mlcr.'^I beg of you in answer me in I' tench, mid If yon^lie not familiar wl li the language, 1 pray you to^employ an Intel prefer wortiiy of coutldctu-e and^trust. Votir humble servant,
JIan I-Ol'fc/..
Ipray ^ou to scud an answer in two eovel-^opes-the inn^ r one aildiesM'd tit nieauUIhe^outer one to Mr lido iiirdo Serial, falls dc Hal-^uderi. No. In, Valencia Ksp.igne.
Tothis peculiar letter was attached the^following eerlillcute:
Ihereby certify tl.al the unfortunate prisoner^is ii,i nt. Yours ti ill), Paulo Jim ink/..
Theseal of tbe parochial church ot San^Jose Sagunto followed tin* signature.
DetectiveHume's answer, in French^and placed as tsquest.nl in a double en^^velop., read:
Ufait Sin Votir esteemed favor of the IMh^of No\ember ii'ceivid, ami 1 am soiry to say^that I did SSt receive your Idler of September^1'.'. Will be pleased to rccene tioin you aud at -^tend to any rotiuuaDils you may have for me.^Address me at 3.1 Mew .Moiitp.mcry street,Dau^Francisco, Oil., U.tL A , North America.
Tiennswer to tins came about a month^later, as follows:
S.*oi n to, Jan ttk t^W.^Your esteemed favor of the Joth of lieeemlier^was duly received and I have in reply thereto.
IIgi\es me pain to communicate to you the^fad utclligence of th- death of Juau l/'|K'/^Murau, winchurr. u on the b.tli instant.
Ihave takeu charge of the affair which he^wished In intrust io you. it is lni^Mikalhlti for me^to write lo you In eMenso concerning lids mai^^ler, liul will da so ou my return lo Madrid.
YoursdcMitedly.I'aiiuo JlMRNKZ.
Overtwo mouths have passed since the^letter came across the ocean, but nothing^fiirtber lias been beard from tbe alirgvo^Jiniiius and his trust.
DeteclivoHume hclisyes that it was^simply an attempt of lbs clever swindler^to begin work on this roast, but aban^^doned as dangerous.
SecretaryHusk has issued a notice that^the regulation of February 6, fur tbe^tram Donation of cattle from the area^designated ns infected with splenic fever,^applies to ttie movement of cattle from^the laid urea north for immediate^slaughter. The transportation of cattle^fr^ in tire iai^l area for feeding or other^purposes except imiiiediute slang liter Is^prohibit ed.
Thi'government of Guatemala has re^^cently granted a concession to Martin,^Hoi crts A Co.. f^ r the construction of a^canal M mih s long, from Point lie lluy,^near Port L vliigston, on t'10 f'.iribb-au^sen, toGiiatcn, 150 miles from Guatemala^city. A railway is now in process of con^^struction between the latter town*. Tbe^canal is to be of sufll ie'it length and^depth to aecooimodst* steamers of 100^tons.
KmHI.Took t^ Itiluk.^Saw I'kani imco, April 6^Fred Smith,^a^M-laul cashier ol the Palace hotel, dis^^appeared last Thursday with ll.-suo bt -^longing to the hotel. lit* was at rested in^San Jose yesterday. Most of the money^was recovered. Smith always has been^considered steady, but lately c mmciiccd^drinking, and to this is attributed Ids^downfall.
TheOld lender's sp*-**ch Was a Tirade^Against Ills Liberals.
IH'ulin.April 6.^Notwithstanding the^steady downpour of rain, 2.000 persons^assembled at Phoenix park to-day to as^^sist in the demonstration of the amnesty^association and protest against the con^^tinued imprisonment und alleged inhu^^man treatment of Irish ami Irish.Ameri^^can politicians by the Hiitisli government.^After speeches by Kenny, Parneil and^others resolutions were passed culling^upon Irishmen at hon e und abroad to^put forth every effort to aecuro the re^^lease of their friinds and de^^manding the government to hasten^ibe unconditional surrender of^prisoners. Pal Hell's s*n*ech was a tirude^against the IiIhimIs. ^Why,'' ho asked,^^did Gladstone release these prisoners in^ISSjV he (Gladstone) Hid not hesitulo to^stop to ascertain the opinion of the dyua-^luiters as to whether tin y w^ uld accept^his home rule bill and even went so lar^as to receive some of these people at^llawardcll.^ Here a voice exclaimed:^^\\ by did not you make conditions.^^while cries of ^kill him^ and ^lynch^him,^ were raise I.
Inrep.y Pariiell declared the Irish party^never made conditions with the govern^^ment. ^Prisoners,^ In- said, ^would^rather rot in jail than accept anything but^unconditional release.
THE COUNTHY'b BUSINESS.^Clearing Uuusu ntateiiitut fur Ilia I'ast^sis llajs.
Boston,April .V^The clearing house^statement for last week is as follows:
NewYork047;.| in, m dec. HJ
Bustinst.7 j,'w me. n -
tlileago7 ..-U'. ^n inc. :ui
I'lilladelpluaKl s O,imo dec. 1-.
St.I.OUISV|n,.'^4l.lHrfi de.. i..r.
hauFranciscosVlSLuOUSee. sal
llaltrniore11,1.1;,'oj inc. IS
Newi ii ieiui*ll.lil.uuO Inc. |S.V
iinrinuatl1v..'4s,imidee. n.s
PittsburgU.I^TgSjg d ^^. B
Omaha3,i^ii^.'^^i de^-.-
Denver^,-^^ ^^.'^^ ^ ee. -
St.Pauln.tsli.oo im . M
Minneap.ass..^UaTtestoB^Sail Like^lyos Anaelel
U I, m inc. HA
0,1*3,'o in, 3 1.7
l,.MII,'o0 ,|e. . I'm;
117 '. ii .!^ c. i
leUI.IO IUe h.
UU4,U.-^ inc. 13 3
Lmjouoaec. 7.1
lot.i'tor |iriti'ipal cures of I'mtcil s ,,'^s^and Camilla for ^..k ss,; ,^i!i,'*i. a ile.-i.-as^^'tit. as compared with cnrtes|Hiuiung
of11.tl percent, at^week last yiar.
Arrestedfor l-orgety.^Denvrr. April 6.^Six ticket scalpers^have Im-i-ii arrested charged wild forgery.^Several days ago four tickets were pu-.^''.a-i.lat Colorado Spring- tor Hull ler.^I'.-^1.iv one ^^f the tir kets was presented^lou Union Pacific cotid irt ^r with tiie^11.inn of Ui.uMcr chaiig^tl to 0.^l^ii.^The railways claim consul r . J - of this^work has been done. Tbe prisoners wi re^released on ^o^^1 bond each.
Severalof tbe Collerlcs Will Endeavor^to R sunn Work This Week.
Lowell.Sei, Ktotrhsil to the Kslenl^if $11111.11110^I^)W I.LL, Mass.. Apr.. 5.^Tbsr worst fire^Lowell has had in many years oc urn I^this morning. A b^ y s t fire la a liox of^paper back of the IMisoti block ami fire^drop|M-il into li. P. I hu.ch Ic Sotf% cellar.^It spread rapidly and the l.disou Mart^was 1 a eomoleie wreck and the Ma^^sonic letup.o ailjointug was badly dam^^aged. 'I be total lo*s^ * a_vr' g l'f ;s^.,lt o.^The public library, wiih tUMvTotuM -.^located 011 the second fl'Kir ef the Ma^^sonic teliiph-. in batl.y damage I.
I'till Snap in M i-*fa^i|.|o
Ja k'so\. Miss., Apris 5 ^Mercury here^iast tiigbl went tlowll lo freezing point,^and materially daiuagcq tender veg^ taiioti^of all kinds.
Secretary Watchorn Defends the^Striking Miners for Choosing^Leaders From Their^Own Hanks.
Scot1 pale. Pa , April 5.--Tho utmost^tranquility , rcvailcd throughout the coke^region to-day. Strikers generally spent^the time in discussing the situation.^Hringmg the militia has certainly restored^quiet. It is reported several of the col^^lieries in the region will make strenuous^efforts to resume this week. Labor lead^^ers state they tint till y ior'ifled for a con^^tinuance of the struggtii ami strikers are^receiving a liberal distribution of the de^^fense fund. A conlerence of operators^and miners to abridge the vexed difficul^^ties is one of the probabilities of this^Week.
Lateto-night great excitement was cre^^ated by the reports of four shots from the^ibreciion of the alorewood works. They^came from the vicinity where a corpora! s^guar d was detailed to protect John Par lit.^a labor boss who is sheltering a ih sen^men who intended to go to work in the^morning. H' p triers started for the scene^and return* tl to say that two drunken^strikers bail la-en firing revolvers outside^of the lines. All is quiet.
Prrisitt no, April S.^Secretary' Watch^^orn of the I'mied Mine Workers severely^arraigns the Friek company. In answer^to the charges of li. C. Prick, Watchorn^denies he mude false statements in regard^to the men, and delends tin m for choos^^ing leaders from their own ranks. Ho is^not to bl line for the shooting, but has^urgin d against nil violence. In proving his^chargt s that the Friek company imported^men, he gives tho swt ru stutcmclil of^several coke region miners. Secretary^Watchorn bitterly attacks I'rick for abus^^ing the ^unruly fort gin rs,^ charging^that ho (Friek) not only mi|h^ried them^but snipped hundreds from the ^dumping^ground^ at l ustle Garden, anil there is^still a line of communication bets t en^the Friek ulUce and tbe Hungarians at^home.
Altogetherconsidering YValchorn's^statement, it is the general opinion that^Friek has caught u Tartar, though^Watchorn gracefully acknowledges Frtck^might be kept in ignorance of ^ hat is go^^ing oil.
Lal nf t'a*es Set lor Trial ta th* IHslrlct
Miskoi'H,April 5.^In the dlstrirt^court yesue-day morning th^ civil calen^^dar was recalled ami cases set as follows:
AprilS 1111. II. P. ilalleson vs. Mis^^soula Granite company; appeal.
AprilI^Mr, M. C, Pcpplo rs. Mary^Adams et a!.: foreclosure of lieu; l'.'l,^Henry Hoothinun vs. H. \V. James etal.i^dissolution of partnership
April1st^10, Kiddle 4 Watts rs. Sundt^A Co.; appeal from Justice court.
AprilIt H, John Kankin vs. E. Hough^^ton i t ui.l foreclosure; hil. William llali-^lit u vs. Andrew Logan; appeal.
AprilIt^ l.Oo ^, Frank P. Ires vs. M A^H. H. K. Co.; damages.
AprilIn-so, Mary 1-orom vs. J. II.^Spooticr, debt; Is, John 11. Spouut r vs. Jo^^seph LerouX, debt.
April^7-l.nl^^, Silas llamt II vs. Horace^Sexton, damagca.
AprilJO --!!-'^, Missoula Mcrcannle Com^^pany vs. IUiiik Al'o, delit; l.L'IO, 'I'. I).^Kees vs. Kate H. Met'orinick, d.linages,^W. M. II ckford special Judge.
Apiil^'1Eugene t'arr n. Joseph
Miirent,breach of contract; 111, Maria T.^Higgms vs. Joscpti Sttloni'in, ilebt.
Aprili:i8, J. F. Kithlle vs. Mel.nitgh-^Mw ACOh damages; IN, E. H. Hyatt vs.^McLaughlin A ( o., ilamages.
April^11 -Ilia L e Warner v*. Hanlin II.^Hell, damages; Western Montana Na^^tional Hank vs. F. N. Jamil-sou et ab.^promissory note, lad, J. S. It ihllisou vs.^C harles Morton, debt.
Aprd^1 LOB) Kate Me( ormirk vs. J.^D'Aste, dan.ages;A. II. Norihey vs.
Kiddle,Watts el ul.. foreclosing li n . 1-17,^Mahals Lafouiilume vs. G. Keyuolds el^al . injuucliuli. F. II. Woody, special
April:~ In the matter of the estate of^1) ('. (.nihil, prol ate of will.
Aprilus 108, Patrick Harrison rs,^James Larkm, appeal; HI', r irst National^Hank of Missoula vs. Kale It. Met' r-^rinek, ailm.nisiratrix, forei lo.ure; l'JH,^G loilchihl et al. vs. Hrndshaw el al., to^quiet title; I'M. Allen et al.vs Hrailshaw el^al., toqtnel title: 2 ^^, Jabob Herman el al.^vs. Hrailshaw et al., to quit title; Jill,^GoofTn-y Lavelln vs. Hradshaw el al., lo^quiet title.
Thefollowing esses were continued for^the term:
JonhII. Spooncr et al. vs. 11. P. Julian^et nl.: foreclosure.
Ul-FrankWay rs. McL'lellau Win-^iniiger; appeal.
I'llG. A. Heunetl vs. Alice J. Ilennett;^divorce. Dismissed by planull.
1iisv William II. G-rlieh vs. Julia^Ft rdham et ux ; foreclosure.
ISMl C, Stiles vs. Joseph Grend-^^cbsmits.
6S Patitck Joyce vs. Michael Flem.ng;^ii Junction.
WJohn Hoe v*. James S'.ackhoine;^cluliii and delivery.
i17 Jaim s T. StuckhouM vs. J^hu Uis-;^appeal from J laltM etiiirt.
1lie Rnllrs i klaesc ^quailron flitl. r*,! lu^ilo- Soii'h Am* rii'Mii t tiasL
IlKPLIN,April I Prtttesta from Ham^^burg to Chancellor Von Caprivi. showing^that German ixts rts to ( hill, heretofore^aint'tinting to ^0,Q0U,CUXI marks annually,^are ceasing, and tbat tvenuan vessels in^^ hilian waters are unprot. e ,-I. has
.msed the pivcrr nt t't onh r ibe ^ hole
t.rmau sipiatlroti in ( him se waters to^prneeed to the ( hii .ui ms-t. I he (.. r-^.n-Austrian ray ^f coimm ree has^^ ^i i one.u it tl. b it ^ d n d b t I miniim-^t il' il In the Ituchstag until the ireallt s^ii tw being negotiated with oilier stales^alt based upon the Austrian treaty.
PresidentKuin**^ Thinks 1 here Is Noth^^ing lo Grow tlicitrd Over.^Specla! in tlis Standard.
GRa.nith.April S.- In an official letter^to the home office of the t,r.inite com^^pany, at St, Louis, Su|h-rintendcnt Weir^states that there are fr. m three to six^inches of high grade ore in the upraise in^No. 11 east on the Suunyside. It was^three inches in thickuessou the sides ami^six inches in the top, and assayed from^1U) to ftX) ounces. The ore is copper^stained ami carries ruby. It is said that^President Ruiuscy, in commenting tin the^strike, claimed tbal il was not important,^from the fact that the value and width of^the ore increases as they upraised ami^not as they sink on it. Had^it been made in the ( levela nl^or some of the company's other claims^the president said he would consider II a^big thing. As it was there w is nothing to^grow excited over Just at present.
IfPresident Kiim-ey was correctly^quoted, and it is evident that he was, tu^^bas some very queer notions alsiut min^^ing. The strike in the Suuuysitle was^made at a depth of 1,1m f el or therea^^bout, and about 1,1 i' or 1,.**^I feet south of^the Gr.iinU) shall, which bengs Ibe strike^d.roctly west of the New Departure lisle,^the property of the East Granite company.^It Is barely possible that this may have^had something to do with forming tbe^opinion of ttss Granite, company people as^expressed by Mr. Kumsey ihai a rich body^of on* fountl l,ldO feet tsdow tbe surface^was almost valueless Irecausc it showed^signs of mere.,sing in wullli ami value in^the upraise.
To(he average miner and also to the^average mining company throughout^Montana a vein of ore such as was found^in the Suunyside, if Ihey knew that it^reached from the IH0*4m| level to the^surface, would be all they would ask f r^and a great deal more than tin y expect,^and besides it is a well-known ami indis^^putable fact that the richest und most ex^^tensive ore ImhIics found in the Granite^were found ab.ive the sun foot mark, ami^millions wi-re taken out above Ibe^o0^- It is also known that below^the 900-foot level tho ore is found^m small streaks with solid granite In-^tween, and this is believed to bit the con^^dition of the lower workings of the Gran^^ite mine to-day, and together with tint^soiiiniculous Molilalia local management^it is tint principal cause of the great de^^cline in Gruuile Mountain sit ck. If the^vein found mi the Suunyside increases in^width in the upraise as the Granite has^done, there are a great many million dol^^lars between their present workings ami^daylight, ami the heavy East Granite^stockholders will within two years 1st^traveling in Europe ami buying foreign^titles for their daughters.
TheElitabelli company are still drift^^ing east and are now about 1IU feet from^the shaft, but so far tin ^ have not been^troubled by striking auy very rich ore.^It is more than probable, however, that a^rich and extensive ore Issly will be found^when the east drift gels under the ore^ahulc found in the Hullo cross cut, which^will Is- in tiie ucighhorhotMl of six or^seven hundred feet from the shaft. Good^on* may be found long before^then, aud it is sincerely hop.. I^thai there will, anyway, il Is safe lo prt ^^diet that Eliialx-ih stock w ill before long^be much more valuable than at present.
TheMarie Mining company formerly^the San Francisco commenced iqiera-^tious a day or two ago ami under tin*^management of Joseph Hixou will pump^out the water in Ibe shall and continue^explorations.
Itis said that Harry ( lark anil family^are to move to Granite wheie tin* pr.net-^pal part of Mr. Clark's business is,
Manyliars Made Monry in It, out II mil
sumsI'rt'fl.s are in store.^S|s^r-lat t^ Ills standard.
liocr.man,April t. - During tbe last year^a gieat stir bus Is i n made in real ^ --talc^circles. A large amount of laud lias b*sM^plaited and sold anil considerable money^changed hands. 1 here has l*ccu no^boom, and no particular boom is expecl-
ed,but a goisl bc.illl y glowill IS looked
tor.Those alio have puiehaseil property^here ami sold have made handsome prof^^its, nt d those who now hold property^here have great faith in the future of^lloo mall. All of the available land has^not yet been taken in hands and platted,^nor is it held ut ex^ rbil.int prices. There^is a nice trai l of lit acres only three^blocks west of the court house w Inch cm^is* purchased at a low llgiire. This ts a^splendid chance f,n- anyone who is desi^^rous of securing land lor retail trisile.^Th s i i^| erty was pmchascd last sum^^mer I.,' a party trotn the east and has^since bet u platted. Since platting this^addition the owner has dci ol, ^| not |g^sell any of tin* land in small quantities,^iioIm ithslamliug tie* fact that In* has ul-^reatl^ been offered fl.lMi tor several blocks^of tins prop, rt \, Lui is willing tt, d.si t -^of tin* whole ut a reasonable figure. This^is a splendid op(Htriuimy to secure a trui-l^of laud immediately adjoining the ciiv of^lit it -man, aud Messrs. Kaiusey ^ Per^^kins, w bo have the handling of it, will no^doubt close this out stain.
LeadingAr ists Are Hot Inclined to^Lend Their Best Work.
Tho French President Will Not^Visit the Cztr Run a Pre^^paring to Face a^Conf, ct.
Paris,April 5.^If Chicago expects to^gel the la s', work of leading French ar^^tists for the world's fair, a kwssslff guaran^^tee than any given at Ann r.can exhibi^^tions must be as-urcd. Ih-i.j iniin Con^^stant says he is not iuciin*-d to send^other pictures than those already in the^Pulled Slates. Houguer, au. whose^opinion is very weighty, he Is-ing presi^^dent of tiie Sit ciety of Arts, says, wbilo^he is mont kindly th^|^o^eil toward the art^movement in America, it is too great a^ri-k to t xposc va.liable work* to sucn a^long absence when it is il llleiill to gel^n*dress in the event of irregularities.
PresidentI artiot will not visit the Mos^^cow exhibition, although he has received^a cordial Invitation to be present. A high^p'TMitiiigo in the Kussiati imp' rial coun^^cil is opposed to the taking of any step^thai might appear to confirm current^alarming rumors, anil it is for this reason^that the president decided not to attend^the exhibition. At the foreign office here^no credit is given to the reports e reulati-d^in London ami llerliu regarding the exur's^alleged intention to pr*-c ipitat**^war. It is understood tho^entente with France has Im-cii arranged^for purpos's of defense at the present^tune and for o!Ieti^ive operations at a^more remote future, lu the meantime^the ex ir th votes hts energies to the re^^nt* dclhhg of the international adminis^^tration ttf tlmpirc. Much must ho
d-no internally before Kussia will Is- pre^^pared lo face a groat European conflict.
'1lie llrsi result of the miners' congress^has been the declaration by the Helgian^miners ttsslay in favor of a general strike^if the govt*miii'-iil r, fuses to assout lo a^revision of the constitution.
Tiieconclave of Chilians and support^^er, ^tf ( bilian insurgents meets in secrecy^at the Grand hotel. I he meetings are pre^^sided over by a ('hilian banker. Frequent^ca1 lo dispatcbt s or*- reeei veil atllioillic llig^that Hie cause of the insurgents is suc^^ceeding.
Anumber of French capitalists hare^made un offer to the liussiaii government^to bund a Siberian railway Irom Tobelea-^htnsk lo V latbvostoek, a distance of 7,lis*^v**rsts, receiving payment cither in rail^^way IkiiuIs or by a loan of .^^^.^^^ ^^^^^credit roubles.
Generallloulanger tins taken a palatial^resilience in the tjiiartier Lei |s^ld in^lirussels. lb* appears to lie plentifully^supplied with motley.
sudilenII, . n ol a Well. Know^Tram )^^'.^ stuck Itroksr^San FrvMi i-i o, Aprd ^^.--Colouel 1^llean, a weil-kiiosu stock broker, died^l.tsi login suddenly from op.um. Ibe^A'j'tiiiiiarr prims a singular story in con^^nection with il, to the elf eel that one Karl^Vt gt placed some lime ago ft.tllAI in^lie.iu's Lands for speculation in mining^slocks. The sleek ib preeiati tl ami was^sold out. He had expect, tl to make nearly^(4.000 und ih manded Dean should pay this^aim nut. Ou the lalti r's relussl Vogl^went iadorea notary public ami mailt* a^statement of the facts, i tiding with a^declaration tint, ^It is the will of provi^^dence that llean should the a natural but^Judicial death at midday Friday, April 11.^^Yesterday at noon Dean was seisud viilh^a violent hemorrhage of the stomach and^died last night.
shotWliiu lit leiiillntc Win nan.^( IIP on. Apr.1 4. Thorn is McAiilitfe,^brother of the | ugn -t. Jack McAulllli,^ami Ai -crt Urady, a tU rk. ^^ re shot ami^^i'ii re.v wound, d to iugl.t in a saloon^while defending a dissolute woman from^a cab driver, John Slobs, who was beat^^ing In r.
At in inrl.ll Crisis in Italy Can Only Rs^Averted Ity a t.ting I'sriiMl of llconoiuy.
Pakis,April ^'^ - The failures of Cor-^radiua of Leghorn, (ho Ancoua Sugar Un^^titling company and the Verello Steam^^ship company of Genoa, have not af^^fected French houses. The deficit of^Corradun ami the Ancotia sujar retttiers^represented a total of 4,'Lo *^.^*^ jo, a part of^winch consists of uncovered b dances
noting to A.llt.oti due to London
firms,lwo of the Leghorn linn* io-^i t.li.-.I, tho*,* of MavetcoriLito ami Hip^catiehi, will obtain a priv.it t settlement.^I he X'e.ielloa tiave obtained an extension^of tiiiii* in which to recover. The bank^of Lt ghoru has tiet-n shaken anil Its posi^^tion kailoubtlul. A general acute finan^^cial cr;s|., in Italy i*.ill only la* averted by^, conoiuy ami prosperity within and with^^out for a prolonged period (net up*.
I.tpior lira'.. BJ li^uti^ to s.eure all Itc.r-^pr laO.tii ,tl Hie g. Kiiil. ) Hill.
Lotisvii.i.i, April 5.^Tbe Louisville^Public Warehoti.e company lias brought^suit hi sei'tiri* an interpretation of the^clause in the Mi-Kinley bill under wh'ru^r iniporlttl whiskey is taxed. At present^the tax is paid ou the quantity of wh.skey^Hi Ibe barrel ut the time it is enter** I for^importation. A change in the McKiu-^h y bill says any itn'torl withdrawn from^a rchondfil wart hou-*i^ shall pay iluty only^|sff weight ut tun^ of wilhilraw.il, Isyt^*s hiskey pays by gauge and not by weight,^and the question is whether, being so^reckoned, it will come under the clause^re'erred to. As whisk* y usually loses^several gallons while lay ng in the gov^^ernment warehouse the tbllereiice will^save saverul hundred thousand dollars^annually for the nun friers.
I'I ^ - i * i o t WiMtilrulT l ii u-rat ii I i ^ ss His
t. - p ^^ on I....I Ili-iug* Wlib I li* in.
SaltLakk, April 4.^The Mormon^chiio h coiiteretico oiH'lU'd to-day. Presi-^tlent Wt .^irt.ll, in his aildri'ss, eongratu-^latt tl the saints oil God being with them,^and advised all to lead pur** l.ves.^A|Mi^tlcs Lund, Mt rr.lt anil others urged^ttie imp nuncc of tithe-ttaying und stand,^ing by the priesttiu-iHt. Lund dwelt ou th**^wickedness of the leu le of Missouri and^Illinois who had itriveu out saints Ite-^i i -^ tl * v nit. ye*I tbv.in* demands.^George U- Cannon called on tbe people to^go to raising sugar beets to supply the^hew factory at Lehigh.
Proctor Kvlurn* l,l It elm nl.mi
msFt.im ist ti, April I, Secrs'tary of^War Pr^h*tnr si.iied lo-day he would start^f r W.islimgton Monday night, as he had^Is , t| ftimmoueil by telegraph. lie said
Iis sudden return hail nothing to do with^the Italian mailer, and refused to discus*^tl.ai question. He intimated that General
IIicger, w ho is now in command of the^department of Dakota, would succeed^General G.bboti a* commander of ibe^Pafl be division.
Oulvgsj !.^*-a|M*^t.
(iLt'lTTi. Apiil 5 ^ A dis|^atrh has^(en received from 1.nun nam Grunt in^ul i. . t.c t.iys he b* I i ves ti,* is the only^I rep an lii.lt rs ^|'t .1 ibe recent uiasaa-^1 ire in the province of Siam.

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