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AdBoar's Chat About Several Famous^Kennels.
Manyof Them Know Nearly as^Much as a Man-Prices at^Which the Fancy^One* Go.
Butte,April 24.^^There's many a flno^(login tliis city,^ said a ilog fancier to a^^Stanuard reporter thinnflernoou. Con^^tinuing*, lu^ saul: ^A man must get ac^^customed to dogs, and if he gives thi-in^any kind of a show ho will soon learn^that their intelligence is just as percepti^^ble as that of a child. When 1 tell my^dogs to do anything within their range of^comprehension they understand just ax^well as I do. 1 here is a difference in the^character of dogs, as there M; in pi oule.^Somearo abnormally sensitheto reproof,^with others^punishment rolls ^ II of them^like water from u .luck's hack. !-^^inc^remember a whipping tor mouths,^i it hers forget it in live iiiimiies.^Are they not like children in^that respect the dog which does the^most shrinking is not the most timid. 1^have u dog which n un nileors a reproof^for u month, even though 1 speak to him^in a low tone of voice. Another dog of^^nine tcamiicrs around as lively as ever a^few minutes after receiving u scolding.
Mostd^ g^ urn jealous,^ continued the^speaker. ' Their friendship is olteii in^^fluenced by the green-eyed monster- Still,^dogs who will not associate together will^generally tight in Common agumst a^stranger in their yard. Again, canines^divide into cliques. They lorm little^parties und have claims just like^men and women. One clique will^have very little to do with another.^If the mcinlK'r of one party romps with^the other clique his chums arc generally^jealous and he hears trom it sooner or^later. Often tliey Income life-long ^ lie-^mies and clash on every occasion. Take^the peel of G. II. Melloiig^l, of this city,^for instance. Lass and Weasel are ene-^mics. Not loiik'agt^ Allan llrec ran against^Wcusel. She immediately turned on Lass^and tried to lick her. Of course she had^no reason for so doing, but had it in lor^Lass on general principles. Hut if u^strange dog comes into the yard looking^for a scrap. Weasel and L iss are to Is*^found side by sine in the tight. Doing up^a visitor is a dog of another color, so to^speak.
i'hercare some very valuable dogs in^this country,^ sai I 111 ^ g -utletiiati, as he^lit a fresh cigar and gaied out of the win^^dow at the rain. ^K,r-t, there's the great^St. lit rmer.l. Sir He^liverc, who was im^^ported from Luglatid and cost W.ttJO.^After he was ai'i i-pteil at that price, eel^former owner ollcrcd the purchaser ^ 1 .V*j^to let him oir the hurgultl. This dog is^now at I.. II. Moore's Wyoming kennels^at Melrose, Mass. Another St. Bernard^named Alton was purchased by Mr.^M'sire Inst summer for t-l.uuu. He cam '^Ironi England ami died this spring^c.f pneumonia contracted nt the^Washington dog show. belong^^ing to the same kennel was^Hen Lomond, a famous winner. He also^died of pneumonia at Washington. This^dog was the s.re of the puppies owned by^Assaycr Sheppard of tills city. A man^iiuiiied W. L. Washington of Pittsburg,^recently paid tL'OUtl for the Irish setter^Kuhy tWcniuorc. That is the largest price^ever paid for a dog of that breed as far as^1 am aware. In Luglatid the high-priced^dugs arc grc^pounds. Puppies of this^breed arc sold at auction every year the^same as thoroughbred yearlings. Not^much coursing is done in this country,^consequently greyhounds are not-so valu^^able Ictc.
Thedog shows of the last II fteen years^have reversed public sentiment in regard^to keeping canines as a business. It is^now considered perfectly legitimate for a^gentleman to raise dogs and sell his sur^^plus stock at any price he can get. Tin^^men who sell dogs nro very fuir in their^dealings. While there is no money in the^business, some of the more successful^UenncU are nearly p lying expenses. Asa^general thing the dealing in dogs is more^a matter of sentiment than dollars.^Many times a sale causes the owner not a^little grief. I liavo seen men in whom^you wouldn't tirm. there was a tear ac^^tually cry on parting with a favorite dog.
Tin-lashionablv breeds in this country^arc St. Bernards, niastill's and fox ter^^riers. The Great Banes are rutiiilly com^^ing to the front. Tin v are as large as the^mastitl anil their mailt characteristic is^that. 111 spite of their size, they are nim^^ble and active. Among working nogs^may he mentioned pointers, spaniels and^newels.
Thereis a great deal ot nonsense^about dog bites and hytlrophohia. 1 know^many iH'ople who own from three to^twenty dogs, who arc with their pets con^^stantly and who get bit probably^on an avcrugc of once a^month. I never heard of a case of^hydrophobia among them. It is so ex^^tremely rare that it is not worth taking^Into consideration. Probably nine eases^out nf ten coine of fright. If a man thinks^he bus got hydrophobia be can give a^pretty fair linita'loii of it. It is u great^mistake to think that any lire ed of ilogs is^savage. Well-bred bull terriers are not^particularly tn aeln i ^ u-, although mon^^grels arc sometimes cross and cranky.^The dog which displays courage is never^sit vagi - its the cur which shrinks back^ill which you tinil the meanness. II a dog^comes to you, no matter whether lie barks^Mel makes a fuss, go right along and^don't mind him, but it hi* backs up and^acts ugly its best to feel for your gull.
IIi' it as l.orltt'il I |^^F.l'TTK. April 24.^Charles Foley is in^jail charged with stealing a gold watch.^Yesterday Fole y and several otheri were^111 a saloon in Fast Park street. Among^those ill the crowd was a (icrmati unable^to speak Fnghsh. The latter gave hi*^watch to Foley and through an interpre^^ter requested MM to pawn it for^l-. Foley^look tie- watch and shortly afterward^returned to the MMM) and chinned that^lie had t'ccn robbed of the timepiece. In^some way the German's friends learned^that Foley had sold the watch for $^ MM^tin y complained to ^ Mllcer Anderson wiio^arrested him. Foley admitted having^^Mpeaed of the watch, but refused to tell^to whom. He was then locked up and is^being held pending results of an effort to^find the purchaser of the watch.
UnMl ml Is tliiuil..!
BlTTi:. April 24.^The frienels of M. F.^Mcivaiighau have for some tunc past^llolKcd that he ai-ttel queerly. Yesterday^morning they started MM on his way to^Warm Springs thinking that after a rest^then' he would Ik- all right. When he ar^^rived tltcre, however, he declared that hi'^had e MM '^^ we^rk on a raue h. ills miml^waintcriel so badly that he was returned^to Butte and lorkid up at the county jail.^Judge Mcllation ami a Jury will investi^^gate as to McKaughau s sanity tomor^^row morning.
Take-it In-fore breakfast,^ be cause- it^will give you an npiwtite, regulate the^Povrels MM MMMM the system of all ini-^I unties^Dr. Henley's Lnglish DmMM^Ionic.
Sorue ot the Things L.kreJ About on the^^shir.
Bpttk,April 24.^Whenever Attorney^Kaldoru trie* a case in .bulge Kildy's^court be anil his homr invarialy have one^or more good natured set-tos which very^often result in favor of the court. Mr.^Haldorn likes to tell these little episodes^and recently told the fei'lowing: Some^^time last summer he was re tained to try^a simple case before- his honor anil eliel^not think it necessary to burden himself^witli an arm full of books, as the^question involved was mini- trilling point^fully covered by the statutes of the slate,^with a copy of which he knew that every^justice's court was supplied. Just l^^f^the ease was opened Mr. Huldom picked^up the book ami noiie-e-tl ihat it was an^old copy, conijiileal in lr-77. ^Judge, is^this the only copy ot the statutes that you^have lie askeel.
'It is,^ replied his honor, ^anil 1 guess,^(j -eirge, that you'll Hud about all the law^in it that you can ge t away with.
That'sso. your MMft\^ answered the^attorne-y, ^but your honor, there is an^celitioii of u iniii-h late-r dale- than this.
Possiblythen- is,^ calmly remarkcel^the court, ^but the law in that book was^g tod enough for the- eild-tuners and 1^guess it's good en. ugh for us and we'll^try this case on that law.
Acertain well-known citizen who Is of^a convivial disposition was seen wander^^ing among ill--huckster stands of West^Park stree-t this forenoon wearing a ele^-^ciele-elly ^roe-ky^ loeik which showed^plainly '.hat he hail been out with the- Imys^during the night. He was inquiring for^quails, shell-oysters, mallard ducks,^shrimps, celery and other like high priced^dainties and was loadeel down with^bundle's. While at one of the- stand* e-x-^amiuing some- | articularly te-mpting look^^ing lobster* he was appronrhe-d by a^trieiiel who slapped liim on the shoulder^and exclaimed. ^Hello ! what in iIn-^world are- you mmm going to Ml a ban-^epiet at your house V''
He-eif the- bundles painfully raise-el his^bead and sadly replied: ^No, not a nan-^qtiet, but it picnic. The olel lady was sit^^ting up for Ma) this morning, ami talk^about your simoons and blizzards, why^the y're not ill it. 1 sle-pt ill the hall, anil^as 1 want to sleep in the bed to*tiight, I'm^kind ot paving tin- wav to the bedroom^by sending these things home as a sort^of settlement e f a war claim. Women,^you know, have- got to be humored some^^times.^ With this he sele cted a lobster^and ordered the packages sent to his^house.
Aelay or two ago a team of horses^liiti-hcd tei a heavy wagon was tearing^through Park street at a lively gait. The^lines were* dragging on the ground and a^small, very dark complex lolled man was^bobbing up and down in tin- wagon like- a^cork on the- wate-r of a stream anil yell^^ing at the top of his volet*. A mall wail^more than ordinary nerve- ran from the^sidewalk into tin- stree i, and cateluug one-^of mmm by the h.adle- mmm in^slopping the mumjpi after they hail^draggetl him a short ihstai.ee. After the-^lu.rses were stoppe-il the man in the- wagon^lookeii around once or twice, and -Alien^apparently satislie I that all elatiger was^over he alig)it**^i and walking to mmm^his re-:.ciier stood he picked up the lines,^and in that pec-uliar dialect of the t aiia-^eliau Frenchman said: ^T'ank, you,^monsieur, but bv gar I feel lonesome^w'e-u iln in mmm he roil.
AMBMMM l.tke-ly lieu *i-bu lite^ OMJTM^Hint I uiployers.
Hl'TTK,April 21 -The prospects are^still e-uite- .rood for settlement of the^d.lllciilty that lias arise n over the early^closing. The proposition made by the^merchants an I published in the Stinii-^a Kl^ several ela^ s ago that store-s shoiil i^close- at !^ e-'ch ck for three months and at^7 o'clock fe-r the succeeding tlire-c months^and so on the year round, has mb) made^to the Clerks' assembly. Both sides ap-^pouite-1 cotnmttte-e-B to mee-ct iu colifere-nc^anil arrange matters. '1 lie- Clerks' assem^^bly appointed a committee of thre-c which^will meet a ceimmitti e-of thre't- from the^iiiere-hauts, consisting of Messrs. Hen-^lu-ssy, Lewis and Sicgel. Mr. Hetmcssy^is going to Missoula in die morning,which^may delay the conference.
Itis nut known yet whether the clerks^will accept the prtipositiou made by the^iiierchuttt.-. but it is known that some ot^the inure- streuigly in favor ^f it. A e'otin-^ter proposition may be made bv clerks to^the effect that stores close- three nights^e-ai-h wee k at 7 ee'e-les-k and the otlie-r^i mm nights at '' o'clock. This proposi^^tion Is not likely to be favorably ree-eive'd^by merchants, as they think this will con-^fusee the hours of e-losing so much it will^not Ik- worth while- tee re-main open at all^during tin- evening. The- clerks, on the^other hand, some ot them at h-ast, think^the public can readily understand thai^tht! store-* will be* close-el early the- first^three* night of e-ae-h we-ck and late the last^three- nights of each week.
However,the* epllh-ulty Ix-twe e-ti tin- dry^goods clerks and employers is settled, it^is not likely that tlie-re will be any dif^^ference- iu the mmm oT closing grocerv^store-s. Thesi* places still cleese at 8^ei'clock ami there has Is-e-u no movement^ye-t looking to a i-hange m this regard, it^has been suggceated by on-- of the- dry-^gooels mi'ichaiits that a certain number^of hour* per elay be- tiled lor service iu^stores. It is claimed the* groe-ery e-h-rks^have to report at p o'elot k in the morning^while tin- elrygoods' cleik* do Ml mmm^until K, and under the 8 hour closing sj^mm all get through work at the same^tune. Tin- drygoesls men say they will^not ask their clerks to weirk any more^hours than greK-eiy clerk* work, and at^present tliey are- not working as many.^Among the- ch-rks IMF* i* no uispositiou^to involve the- gres-ery linns m trouble,^and they are hkeiy M go on as at present,
en i o .1 let Iter e. .i \ ^ ,^lit n t:, April 24.^The fiiiier.il of Min^^nie Walker w as held trom Sherman's tin-^tle-rlaktng rooms th s afternoon. There-^was a large atte mlance-. '1 in- company^gathered Hi the* pretty new eliapel that^has been lltteel up by Stie-mian, ami scr-^vie-i's were- couelucte-d by Ib-v, L. J.Gro-ti-^veld. The* rolllu was covered w ith Not*-^ers.
Attusy Morulag.^From tin New Vork Pre^.
Muchbusiness this morning T^ sai I^the druggist to his tiewclerkas he entered^tin* store.
Yes.sir,^ replied the youth, ^I've had^a busy morning of it; there* have been six^wotne-n in to look at the directory, anil I^have sold eight p^ stage- slump* besides.
Th.MM Type Writer. Pritr |M^Do you sling a good Mtl If Belt you^shou.li write witli an ^thlell.^ MM your^writing would be a ^thing of b^ aiitv anil^a joy lerev.-r.^ I MM and sec it. Ariliur^It. I'llit.e-raid, general .ag. -.t. ^ ^ r.t^House bl-s le, Butte. Agents wanted.
Tlie-yttsre Agreed
From.in !
Idot. t believe in such tout' ^ ohry.^^remarked MsM Bleeek r.
Ncitlur do I approve of tl at v.ir Hy el^Thomas unw .sdoiu,^ said Miss Kaerreeel^of Dos'.otl.
Whenthe Electric Lights Went Out^Iri. Stewart Got Scared.
So She Grabbed Innocent Mrs.^Lawrenco by the Hair and^Tried to Throw Her Out^of the Window.
Ht'TTK,April -4. A curious affair hap-^|m^ii^^(I at xlw ^.;,rris^n* Ikuiho Khortly aftt-r^I ^^**^!ork t4^muiM, ami had it not liecti for^tho tinuly arrival of Roino people in tin-^Iioijmu it is probable that then* would have^hi't'ti a tragedy. 'J'wo women urnved on^the tl o'clock Northern rueitic pa^^^'njr^ r^train, (hie was Mr*-. Alfred .Stewart ^^t^Hichlleld, Custer county, Nebraska. Site^wan a woman of ah nit l ^ yearn of^and was iM't-onipaiiicd by three i-ni.ill^children. She it on her way to Helena,^where bhe is to visit her father, nunc.in^McIsOimI, an itn-nratirc agent. The other^woman was Mrs. A. Lawrence, of t antlr,^Mont. She came to the city on hifiiicKs.
Atthe time the two women met in the^hallway of tin* second lloor they were^siraiiki r^. .Mrs. Stewart made some in^^quiries of Mrs. Lawrence concerning the^beiidmcof a telegram. While they stoo'l^talkim^ the uu amlo^cent lights in tho^hailway cuddt iily v ent out, as they did^over much of ihe city, ownitf to trouble at^tin* electric hffhl work*.
'Ihis in a put up j i(^,^ exclaimed Mrs.^Stowar*, ^you have done this t^^ rob ine'*^and yelling at the ton of her voice, she^grabbed Mrs. I. iwreiieo ami dragged her^into riioni No. 4. Mr^. Stewart then turned^key in door and threw \\\\ the window.^Catching Mrs. Lawrence hy the hair she^pull* d her to an open window and at^^tempted to throw her out but the wtunan^citing to the sill ami yelled ^murder^ ut^the topVf Iter voice. When she found^that she could not get Mr*. LiwrerieeoUt,^Mrs. Stewart began banging her head^agc.itist the wait am! continued to do ^o^until a big lump swelled up on back of^Mrs. Lawrence's head. Mrs. Stewart pro^^ceeded to ^cratch and pound Mrs. Law-^rctice until the I titers face was badly cut^and her right eye blacked.
Theproprietors of the house and sonic^male hoarders who were down stairs^heard the iiiinpiiss ami hurried up stairs.^They command) d tho MMM to open^the door but Mrs. Stewart ^oiled that^there was a conspiracy to murder heraitd^refused to do so. The door was then^broken in MM tho women separated.^About this time tho lights were turned on^agnm and the reason for being extiu-^guisheil'was explained to Mrs. Mew art.^She was extremely nervous and apolo^^gized hy saying she MMM frightened^when the place became suddenly dark.^Those in the MMM concluded that she^hail liec^ me insane but she was finally^allowed to go to U'd with her children*
AboutlOlSO o'clock Mrs. Stewart left^le r room unknown to tho inmates of the^house and go ng out floors went into the^middle ^^t i tie muddy mad ami toilowotl^up an electric car. yelled ^Murttorl rttvl^They are killing my children !'* The car^was stopped and the conductor and the^conductor and some men tooU the woman^i^ack to the hotel. She (ought all tho^way and after ste-was placed in her rot mi^it w.is decided that Mrs. Held, propri^^etress of the house, remain with her all^night.
Someone telephoned to the shcrdT's^office of the all .or and two deputies w ent^to the house. Chief of I'olicc Cody also^lu aru of the trouble and, jumping into a^hack, was promptly on hand. It was re^^ported lo the olheors that a murder had^been committed but on arriv^^ing at the hotel they found that their ser^^vices were not needed. Mn. Stewart^begged Mrs. Ueid lo leave her alone live^minutes, but the latter was afraid she^might ilo herself injury und refused to^go. It was Icarm-d Ifttl Mrs. Stewart lias^cjtiite rcct ntiv had tl e grip and it has^probably unbalanced her mind.
Atightlog Trio Landed Aft*^L^veJy Ituut^Hi itk, April .'L^Last night Tom Kin^^ney and Charles Cain wore lighting in a^saloon in Last Park street. The bar^^tender blew a police whistle, ami City^Detective Kllodes, who happened to In*^near, responded to the call. As soon as^he entered the saloon Kuni. y and Cam^stopped fighting and made an assault on^the i flic* r. James Mcllonald was in the^crowd, und he went to the assistance of^\\ iinicy and Cam.
Betweenthe three they made it lively^for Rhodes, ami got him to the Hour.^Some one else in the saloon^then assisted the officer, and^the latter regained his feet and with a^blow from Ills revolver soon had Mc^^llonald, who was btdl trying to sirike him,^ill a helpless condition. The MMMI at^^tracted the attention of Officer I'ohovan,^w ho appeared ami took a hand in the^fracas and helped Khodcs to place Kin^^ney, Cain ami McDonald under arrest,^tin* 111 st two for di-tui Ling the peace MM^the list named for interfering with^morning tie* three^arraigned in tie*^Kinney entered .%^and was flmd^default he was com^^mitted. Cam ami McDonald ph aded lo t^guilty ami 'heir trials were set for to^^morrow afternoon.
Itis very i MMM that as MMM as Kin-^Mf'l present sentence expires he will M^arra'gued for pi tty larceny, MMM ac-^cused ot stealing an overcoat trom a More^in upper Mam street.
|Mrl^m'e ol ^ Party of^III M l^f^rri^ it Hou*^*
1i.-i.i MiM* IMMIMjmM^MMMMMi
Downiu the Missouri river Imttotn, a^few miles MMMI 1 amdeii, M ^, is an old.^deserted MMMI which has been unten^^anted for several years, and wh.ch peo^^ple in the neighborhood believe to In* the^MMMI of ghosts ami all kinds of evil^spirit*. Some six years ago a family liv^^ing in tins house was compelled to move^^^ut on account of the rough treatment the^nu mbers received at the hands of the^gho.-tK. At all hours of tho day ami night^aw iul groans and screams were heard,^and wet and soggy corncobs were hurled^by unseen hands, often striking and se^^verely bruising different MMMMM of the^family. All kinds of w ierd and uucanm^noises wi re heard, and life in the MMM^MMM unendurable.
Thehouse has been unoccupied from^that time up to the MMM A few nnrhts^since a parly of duek hunters fr.mi Uich-^uiond was down there and concluded to^spend the night, which w is wild and^stormy, iti the old house. They budt a^ronrmgllre iu the huge MMMMmJ lire-^place iu the ^best room'* ^^f the hou-c,^and proposed to spend the mght iu com^fort. Sitting up on the floor in front id^the fbethey indulged m song nml st^ny^and manipulated the pasteboards ill the^eUterlaiUlllg games of hitrh five, old^sh dgo and euchre until MMf the hour^^ hen graves arc | up|H^scd to yaw u. t Ine^of the voting Men prop*^^.ed th.it (he party^retire, VMM they spread their blankets on^the fhmr and prepared to woo the drow sy^MMMMh Alter repleuii^hiug the tire^they all turm d in, ami noon the regular^breathing of the healthy men in sound^sleen w as the only noise to be heard in^the house. They had slept probably ill^hour w hen the silence was broken by a^long, low ami agonizing wail, which^soeiueti to proceed from the IIreplace.^The men were instantly awake and on^their feet, but could discover Holding,^and, after a half hour spent in watching,^laid MMM und were soon asleep. Again^MM they awakened, this tune by a Em^groan, the sound of scuttling, and the tab^of a heavy body near ttte heitd of one of^the men. In ;rreat alarm they grasped^their fowling-pe'ees and stood realty to^face what they thought must be MMMMa^but in tin* flickering light cast by the tire^nothing could be seen but their own af-^rtgh'ed f.ices.
\VIdleliny Mood thus debating the^MMMI as to whether they should again^try to sleep, one of them received a slap^across the face bom a cold and clammy^h.tml. 1 MfiM ^ V'-ll ^ f terror he^dropped to the floor and almost fainted.^^MM then MMM VM a terrible dm in one^corner of the room, and the men MMM^astonished at the spectacle of an old gray-^he.trd* d and gr //ly man standing .igamst^the wall With a clubbed rilL, Which he
MMswingmg with full force to arid fro.^All ihe while ihe apparition was keeping^up such a MMMMM and how ling as MM^in ver Is.1 fore beard, MMM the men stood^looking on iu abject It rror and^unable to move hand or foot Soon^the vision, or apparition, or what* ver it^was, faded from view, ami thou Ix-guti the^livi IftMl time ot ili.it awlul night. The^air was full of Hying nn-sih s, such as^cobs, mud bills, ami what appealed to bo^rotten .tpph s. They came from all corn^^ers of the room, ami while MMM of MMM^struck the men, they wire kept busy^dodging ami ducking their heads until^tliey were MMV from tho exercise. Pof^three hours ihe muses and the bombard-^Mil were kept up, and only closed when^the first gray streaks ol dawn liegati to^appear in the east. Tho young men d* -^clarv it was tho liveliest night they t ver^experienced, and that they have had^enough of gliosis. A party of MMMMh^some MMMJ fellows will soon be or^^ganized to go down and spend anight in^the house and make an cllort to solve the^mystery.
AnMMMM AmM MMIMMj^Wasihn^. nin, April L'l. Agent Mi ^ \r^sick, tor tho Sis-etoti Indians iu South^Dakota has resigned, lb* writes that ho^knows that his lion-action against the he^dm it dances forbidden by the department^is not approved, hut tie is coiivilici d^thoro is no
MMMsocial gatherings with MMMMM. ami^h asting so IMMJ as they are conducted In^a peaceable ai d ipiiot manner.
RefereeLukey lade the spectators^Mad as Hornets.
intho Very Last Minute Lukov De^^clared a Fail, and Somebody^In a Lux Threw a Chair^at Him.
lbM! , April - I. I. wa^ a dogusted and^angry crow d that witnessed the wrestling^match between Srhuui o le-r and king at^the CmMMJM to-night. Not that th^ match^was anything hut npiare, hut ts*cailM it^was the opinion that Schumacher had
been^done^ by the referee, J. it. I.tlkey,
maw .inliiig the match to K tig on w hat^he was pleased to call a ^fall** in the^very l.iM minute that tho men were on^the canvas. So disgit-ted and wild was^the a ud.once that a veritable pandemo^^nium n ignrd tor several minuter, and^w hen Lukey advanced to the footlights to^MMMMMM his decision he was grect-M^with a chair that all vx as pi rated MMM^tor threw at him from one of the MMM^overhead, i he chair missed Lukey tint^almost laid out a musician and broke^several footlights.
Accordingto tie* articles of agreement^King was toihr* w Schumacher twice in^an hour ^ r MM fid'. At 1. time was^called. Lukey having MMM agreed MMM^for MMMM and ^ hades BtMlfc and N^^r-^m.m t h.irles M MMMMfli In II min^^utes King gamed his first f.ill, not hy su^^perior sk.h and MMMMj but by mere^streiitrth and ad vIm.ige of greater w eight,^by getting on his knees and securing a^halt-Neboii e.itch-h dd Kmg lifted MM^up ImmIiIv and forced titin over onto his^shoiildeis.
Aftera r. si of In minutes time was^called again, leaving but Is niunites to In*^MMMMMM*)' Sixteen minim s were spent^MMMMM M holds, when hmg finally got^Schumacher down mi all (^ in s and again^secured a half-Nelson ami crotch hold^and tossed Schumacher MMff MMM mmm^hut each turn* the w uy little fellow landed^on his side or face. In tin1 seventh min^^ute Kmg again pitched him over and^Schumacher pivoted on his tie.id, only^one shomder Mrikiug the tl o^ r. The^referee, who wan f ii I ly live feet away ami^behind the men, rushed forward and or-^den d the men to break away. As ho did^no lie hold one of hi* hands aloft MM the^j crowd, anticipating his decision^by his actions, began to hist*^I him, and cries of ^No f ill^^| tilled tho house, 'I his i ry was^; MMM up by people mi MM MMM MM
Mof Ihe w'ildi'st coll fusii ^|| ensued
Lukeystin k to Ins determination to^1 award the match to King in spite of all^protest--, ami did so. S^ hum icher en-^1 len d a strong protest but it made m^ dil-^f. 11 im, l.iikey was MMMM MM King^should win.
Afterthe match much surprise wa^ ox-^pressed that .Schumacher MMMMl consent^i^^ allow Lukey la act as referee as^Lukey's hr-'lhcr So| is an op^^n hacker of^King and his partner bueh. besides^Lukey and Kmp an- Isttti of the MMM^nationality, and this is considered among^i^porting men a MfMM objection.
AlthoughSt hum-e-tn r MM Ins money^he ha- the s.itistaciioii of knowing MM a^majority of MOM who witnessed this^match considered tie did ma: ha\o a fair^show and Lukey is regarded as a mighty^MMM n ferce, whether his decision was^MMMMMJ unfair or was pronounced in^favor of King through ignorance.
Kingis not in it when it comes to^mmm thhg catch-as-e.ilch-c.iii with men
likeSchumacher ami has to depend xo'ely^upo'i his greater strength ami in mcndoiis^weight for MMMMi King weighs MMM^than H pounds MMM than Schumacher.
Doyou wear Diamonds^^If so you ought to have^the settings examined oc^^casionally to see if the^stones are secure. Pos^^sibly you would like^them changed Into new^settings or use them in^different combinations.^We do such work as well,^if not a little better than^anybody in this western^country. We do anything^in the way of engraving;^make raised monograms^in three colors of gold;^' make any article of^jewelry; repair any kind^of a watch. Our stock of^fine goods in attractive^variety is not equaled in^Montana.
Ini ill i ^ i -1 Kir i i ni i: i oi i in mi^netlJudl MlNSrMej IM MMM ^l Sue
I.Illt. Ill UMl !^^^ I lie I Utllll) of MUel It. it
liiin. M ni. i iii iii. . Male ^^r Mi- it... i i B11..11,
\oii.... Mrrey |rirra ilni (In- Aii.non.ii^retlltnel mtS ^MnvvteMa i SMto^i'^eniee|r,^iur^iirBlloe.he^ M^4laieU
iiMiriit--1- tin.mi iiiuui.' tti.ti iin- edwinlfltmeN^ol ^Ud .Mill* at HlraaeH (arrvll. .I. .,.i., ,i i^.^in reed loi uM^ .nut eHlvt*r In uitl pHMiutte*r^a iHnite-yam r it! the lioelli m.-it nei- fife it |*.n( or
leHint lO Ihe* ^ellWI/-'l i.Nle rteM, -llll.lte^| In^M inimi \ .ill. ^ Minltin ill-Ill. t. ^l!\. i Hint
iituiMy,MuotaM, aad leal Kruisy, Um- Unlet^I it M.iy. \ D.,IM,MM e'rlM-k ^ m . :ii IM*
.i .mil r-Hiin . r s.111: einri In Hi-url heeej 111
Hutl-CHy,Mllvw Bmrtuusty, tee1 Haetaee,
IIum ''^^^ ii ii IMlMM I lit Hie |UM|r* --f - Ud IMMIII .1-^till- lllllt- .111-1 |l|*l*t* Iter iM'ltrilllC - *l'l ;-*-!IIl^ill.
IMeMeed tewel en^ lejiii*el^|d m .mnt
.taleHi lt o|^|M ill Ittiil roulesl s ml |h 1.1 loll,^fl- ^lWill t'l ^IIK.
litK W In im ,1 1,!1,
I^^ |nity 1 I. rk.^IMited A|o il 1. MM,
eillirt'r.Tliie^|iri-^otitrs were^iiolicc* e-oiirt.^|^lc*B eif IttlHV^ullll reeslH. Ill
TunTltli tf) Alii ni|^t in It il^ the llu'.ii^Itr.Hit-y tin*- M^ rnluj*.
l;yllir MMMMS% iMeMl SlMt
HiTiK,Ai'iil - At uheiut a MMHM^pant l'J ei'rloi-k tills MantlMJ two ne n^;itt'-riijti* e| to roil tin- Unite lire-we-ry el tln-^e-oriii-r eif WjrMnmtf enel '.u irtz etrt-ei-.^Tlio barti-tieler wu*t cIo.hik up for ttie-^11 ikflit wln i, a roiiplo eif inn.kill MM^i-IUi-rt'el tlie- saloon ami pointing re volvi r^^at 1 in mSmmI .hi to tlirow up I 1-^MMMM ISMbmI MMBejrMa with tin-^oreler Ibt* liarti ruler Miartvel to run^up ktairit. Oiii- ^f th-. men Brt*r|
ii.dot ut hin liut faiUil to hit^kSe^ Tin- MM t .en ran out of^the nal'Hin ami MMMMl ^Mi-^c^*r Hiku'iiik wai* Ktainliiie at the cortu rof^Mam nml (.unite stre-t t, ami hcuril tin^^MA IK* ran towjnl the- saloon, hut^it hen he- 1 the-re the- rohln-rH were g me.^iMMhM MM taken, ami what money aa.
iiitin* saloon was MMMi M in the MMi^the com,,inatioti of whirh the hertemler^ilnl not know. MMt if he hail not run^ihe thii ve^ wo-jlil lur,- MMM nothing.
Thenewe st thing in tulips is a thill,^pejealee tow 1 r. almost magenta in ester^tmoiig ti^. noveltiee n e .ntly shown el^lite boMten Bower ^!m^ m this wot,'. r*
filltulip nml a lilne 1 mnrose, prolialiiy^the first of ll,at color e.v. r show 11.
Ilnrtli'li ike Hit. Id, ,
i4mm1 AprilThu Weiiie/nrel
strotiyly MlMM free e illleatloll. ^I ret-
1ihit-ation may not aleolish the chnre'h^MMMM forthwith hut the- MMMM will^only In- tli'hiyetl. It will impose only a^heavy ami uue-elleil for liiireh-n upon^tin-national surplus which cannot i-iui-^MftM iniletinili ly. V\ e- an- w ithin the-^mark in saying that the aeleiptieui of free^e-eliit-atioti will In- equivalent to a perma^^nent aililition of three* MMMM to Mi^MMMM tax.
she\t ..iited a Ut .illli) m ini.
greetImMm hMM.
Mrs.HmMMTM i want a nice ham,^pie-are.
Miopmati Vi s, ma'am, I ran strongly
ne-oniiiii-mi tins tine: u'n we-ii eeredk
MrsVouiigv-ifi- tin alMMj ' Hi, iloti't^give mte tun- that hits hail itiiything tln-^111.lite r with it, ^ vi 11 if it is 1 tin el now!^l.i I um lia\e a pe-rfectlv healthy one,^please!
II. S[,*-||^ Iln, I.ullll.
r'l'iiiil.*-ti,hiii M ^ tistitin-.
JonesIrcl a hahlt of Mlloritlg on the*^slig!.ti*^t provocation.
^W'heri*is your papa^^ a.keil a visitor^one elay eif Jones' pfoHtttful son ami hi ir.
He'sin hi*- Minly el tet p.
lliw 1I1 you know he H Mil 1 p. tin' lit^^tle man '.'
1liearel him; my papa sleep 1 out^lollil.
slipeil ller Tuugu.
lollil HreJoklVtl 1.1 f-'.
is'miil l have lining my umliri'lla,^ M*^ni irke'ii Mrs. I. eveit .ivti-. .1 MMMI -r of tin-^I hie-ago 1. ir.try suciety.
Ilrulig'.' ' itskcel Mrs. l.ake-r m a gentle-^I eofr e tive- tone.
Howstiipnl of im ! ^ If co-irse I meat.t^I 'braug.'
'IIn* comparativo occurrence- of tin-^small or ^l*.we-r ci-e ' ie-tte rs in l.nglisli^Ion or history, is as tollow-t t, 1; j,^1 k. a, \. ^!; h. v, 7; g. p. w. y, W| c. f. 11.^in. I.'; il, I, .-^: h, r, . a. 1. 11. o. s. #}| i.^46i e.ltl; total, .*^.ij. I he se rations w ill lie^1 1 e .-eil litth- in nt iv-p.ip- r uork.
in1 ill Pi s 11: it* j re,1 it 1 1.1 1 in. s| 1 'us 11
1.In,,1,1.1i Itisirlrt of Iln- Slaii iif MesaUeeM^.im! t -i lbs 1 . in t ^.f siivi 1 How.^In tin- in.iiii i .,( Hie . .-.it. ..f tpi-ii i. i 1 srn.lt.
di11 ssed
sitn e is in n i t t o. n tti.it M.ni-iis piiy im.^til-el in saul ^ Mint ins 1,1,t; u i-i.it .n_- Hum tin-
.-in,ml^l ' l sal.I i-.l..'. |^I M ,11.1,1 1 si 1 till
,1-1. is,st. Is* iti-e.-ie.il lei t \is lite ai.tl it. Inrr In^MM 1^ ' i'. a 1 niiei't .11 ^ ^^ of, 111 anil to Hie
\\IIIMmetti* LimM el.tun. Hi-- an- 1.1... i-Mlhi
sbeithe- usttivalrsl ers Inurtli tbe Ksgl** 1,1^l/sle* 1 I inn. all sHualeil iu hull is oeli iil Miuuig^district, Mlv^r Hew CeeMy, Misttass slsu P5^mi-lit ut-'I 1 ii- le in Hi u( tlie Ilk l.sli , imiii, M^Meted in Ist-i l.-slire Count! M- 1.1 ..u.t. iMef
lei-el.l III III.- He.il.|el s olti. ^^ nt saul l ollUt)
Amilti.it I inl it, im- -.^.Hli it.it ^-r M i), a. P
i--it.^t in m lin k it. 111. st inritsiri in ur
-Il ce-uit. In tin- e'lHirt tines,- in Hnttet'lty, Hli-^h i Hew ^ unlit). s|sle ol V. nt.tn.1. Mmeere^M*J^HMedut Hi- HeM^et MMeesul MMeMM^1-11.1 |...e ^^ f^ 1 h srMg s.ti.1 is-iitioii, alien ami^Win it* all 1 c s.,1 s ntteii so .I to .;eJ estate'^S|ip ai and ti'ii'i-st llii-saiil iM-iiiinn
Wll.l1 1 I '.Ph. 1 Irrl^^ ^ ti Ht I'. \V 11: V IM , lieput) 1 |,.|k^UWMd Apili .1. MM,
RircHiEs Comique
Mi'SI im,
ill1:1 rM 11 H 1 ITIVB t a 1 M t 11 1 1 1 ill 11 mi
MONDAYI.HMv.. AI'llll. ^ihh. I8M.
IUst a| pr r tare ^-' ths OreM^t eHiilimatioii,
\1.1.I/ in the tiortl.i rn part of M.-si on^only re ceive-il six MMl lor 1 oimty school^rorotllisetesMr. She offered] a rcwanl of^' tin- ih positors 01 tin rwMo Would^r- v- a' their iismt-s to J,. r. The saiuv -I If^0 ,1 th,. rewar-K-^ 111,11 1 all.-,I .m l^k 1st Iter Ihcy voted for h- r. Mie says she
tl ,] eotltest the* eh e-l.otl if .he convicts
Ialf lb^ MMMy lor lying.
A' 1' ary ilieel in S* w \ ^ t .. re. - : t!t it^the-eeg*'of 15 ye-ais. Tin- hlffd) wee Mine!^f,,r t Ust two y, .us of I ;s I f. . bill sMsg^at linns till within a f.-w Hays of his
1!it OtMMoriuug he re lnseil II. Inn
t-ok 1 liille water, tml th*-n. MMMMMJ M^the writer, be nest l.i I MM in lis cage,^mill nt his feaitum a^ n-n tl. 1 oili-U up^a. it M ^1^ ep, ami thu. MMM Uivtl.
Jrar,s-y\tlar\t;c Vaudevilles '.^im
vt.lti.\s s in: vmmp . 1 OUPsVBI^3 STEl'HANO BROS 3
Rtrn|s'Sti Mii-tcal ilt-et*-si|iii^s,
I\ t WILLIAMS. I AL'hl M .
IU-I N. MUlt'. i\ sti HOK
lil.AMIIK Melius sr.i I I K II \u It I Ns.
IwMFMdeMee M t)'.*- UrMMM hiyi
won.war-^^^^^^^*, u^r Lank. t*ro^^k au^l
'*I !:^'^''I. JlAV ^ nV^*. ^ ^1ui
tulloW,^('^'^Hi ^ OUIK 1 l^ luuw
Crowded:o tlie Doors Ni^irly.
|,'ri(ipi:an si ii 1 ai i^i 1
o\Ol tn Ht l^ I ^t(^T am^ MloK N8M^no M n^l. i ii main ^l KJtKT, HI i ik,
HivTWl i n I'ai:k a no i.i..j.vt^-^\\ .vy m iu t:i s.
CArAKRIl. Thrn^tf
luiiicMM -ill bloivi^Ul-m-ait *. Will tl Alt*
wpm) iii^i iM^rm o*^-^linitlv i'uriM hy my^Df^ ^^^'^^111 ^.f ^in-^mLaImii of conv^l^ ^^u 11 .| nn-Utcattii^NMt
A-*i.trr!i u tlm^ft.if 1 uuiitT ^*f df*a!^^iw** ;iiitl roiKump-^Uutv *iftl vtwulil In*
l-K-mtftlyn.i- t^l.i teaK-it* 11 U loo^1.
t^^ui'i!tition (iet^^t ,i if t ^^f nt-rvou* liability. :irl*liikr fr^m
V'Ullif'illtt*tUatffVtli^li, ^-v- .-st--* 111 iu.il I-- yv.trt^.ilnl otlit-i eMItssMl |^r ^dtU^^IU MVVOMe^^MeML tn- :i
,i^ wi lt ^'ti*.', ki'iiiiiiat wi tteDi **, n.kftti InitM-M,^m**iiuI ii^*iiil 1 jr. I.-** of ii'MMl peVvr, MeMttl ^tl**^nrilfi i aiiil mn t^it ion, *v^ r*^i 11 tt^ *.^ ci- ^, iini-^um U^i^. niil^K^^it^i^. c*^o%i 11'.itI 'll, 1 l^t.'!,.-t,^iiii|MMtiiii^ itts i^'m irn net*, **t*v. l^**.luu to uotim^mill-nf tir* iM.wii aril mi^sUllt^ all curubttf^^si^^-^ warrant***! I^ ^ uri* iu .^ *^*ry slu.rt tun*.^Ki^-**m r^^i'^ tu it ft*w .!^^^. ' bue^ low, e^-^p 11,iiiy t^^ ii ^ p*or.
Noiimtt-r w ti.il ^o 1 Ii.iw tak.-n ^r w!io UjM^faili ii t u n rr yoM.
I*onot 1 f' ^t yi^i 1 r en*** to any *|M*vi.itlit wbo^I M t iM mm ' * p*T^^ n ^i el .in n.itli^n of your^liuinnu ^jr^t^m, otiterWlM fOU will im* tluau-^l-^MDt*'^| ti) faliur-of Ut JlnifUi, if it tlort not^maKt' fM ^or^r
Ii..in i 1 /. wturan-^ a ^ nre of ry num^^ ^ 1 ^ a * Ii - vt 11n- w r tnrtly m
Itifonl)nitain mi t pin i'fit .ai^ la mm^ilit- hop* lo-n i*c Iw-r. ^i t ,ui'l blothl oift-^t-.tMVt inrtil without tii^- iito or iiu Tt-uiy, au^i^vital pow^r rfatoreu by Ut-* amw reraeiiy.
r 1 m \: 1 wvAKNrM y\ mVUm* of wMcrt^arc pauaa in Lv btwt'4 w*4 r^-^.n* with buraUv^i#aMation ^ 11 to*'op of ihf I ra'', wtili ni'iroui^h^.. li.t: c^ * 1 ; 1 i.-M 1! f.- luirc of UUsjuir,^Rf^rvoUwa^M aii't o^prf*MM^a^ *yv^UUy eurrU t^y^l^r. Mi^haltx'a n- w rri^i^Mv
K\1. ah 1 t on^ iii- rye akiilfuily aad^icii ultn^*il^ liiaUtt.
I'mly on. i_[i,,i tli-^ - ,m total ^f titirriio
iuilrrin!;s ^ ,^' *^^^( '^^ vrMftwl ^* \.'t'%^*^^, 9^^^rati-Mauit tin 11 rrMiilte,.
Ito* Woit^l^ 1 fu| fcrW KriniHl) K thr Nut a^^t^n'luwjt t f niotttriiii^ for rmlortMir ^^trrtizth,^.ciiii'UHi ^B^t m.u; ni tti* *r who t-nffrr irocu all^l'ii^at^ ,f 1 (ii^- aii^I Mtnrotal ^li^^*.^^' v - , '; i^^bloo^l it tut ^^kill ill^M-4^^ %. ^v pbl e*Ti^fuills fa-
^^ii^.rrv-ip-'ai*, s.iit rtiriim. t-. m: :i h, |m^oria
^ l a:: ll aii| ' t ^ * of fti[^1^kmI . .t .-. [i ^;
rrupCAuaw,i^iait'uLlou hrtt, faiiaig out ot lut)^Mbt^ rte.
ItoOOfI 1 1. 1 ^^^ 1. Ml 1 UlMt ki^lnr^ an^t MaiMfff
, -e-i'l-t-, ;tli,| a'l sn*i rtlffitftof VOUthKli
aillawiimIi um laaai tMrl ^o until nun for butu^lire* oi iilraMirt*.
Il ttoriil.Tfiil Mic^^ ^t of tht* nrw rrinrtly ilr^^!^^ rtit-t t.i^ 'ii ih.- r.t- tlt.tt it s.-ii.pl .'* an rl^ tnrtu^^ ;i 1 li V tH **TTTt1 Ig Hi tht NmWW ol wi.tk Ulcu.
1i. M ft I tvatl ka Ni ^ KiiroiM*aa t^p^cta*^^t. IM; 1 . m ni 1 ff. ti 1 hi't a MM 'naiiy^y.u*. ^\pr ru ut r in fir ^r.C-i*** ^f Vhtouc^\mt Wfm 'tai i^t-raar^, ' having ^l.-voutl tu^ mm^katavlart Kuiutwaji L i-Ututrs Mr is uo^- r iBz rw n iii'Uiun-r tu Hutt**. aint la tits ttvar^lbrr^* yaara1 of rraaira-fi hrrr hat rurr^i a itrrtal^in u: 1 uutitrtL* of m^aall^4 itK'uraWr amatH^whvrt^ t thr 1 ^prvUa^U t:iUr^t. Hooraa of aaaU*^awaaa I aa^ r asfaaasfNl -v i tit ir *t.-ua ur*^i u
til.m- Ctl.llMlIlt i -in tinir to t i t-^It- 1 a., it v^tvMMra abowrvawsaM n Kuro^^iwaa hoatiua.a Ha It a Kra*lii^tt0 of thr alaVrl^i.u.m*.-. t\ .if I '.rot- aiitl 111 t- Im* BttaM ttM .a^urwfM It Uratrwi |V^ aot t^o Ibduaaoai b\ tu^^Jraiout or j'lrjutuoti, hul couic siuil^ea h.iu.

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