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FrnitlowAttempt ^o Cspel Ei-QaMi^Natalia li.iu Her via.^Belgrade, May 18 ^The prefect of this^city, charged by the regents with the duty^of expelling the es-Queen Natalia from^Servian territory, weut to the latter'* res^^idence to-day and in spite of her earnest^protests compelled her to enter a carriage^which drove towards the quay on the Dan^^ube, whore the royal yacht was moored.^Students turned out in force and and sur^^rounded the carriage; detached the horses^and dragged the vehicle back to^the ex-queen's residence, cheering^loudly as they passed through^the streets. The prefect assisted^by a force of gendarmes, tried in vain to^regain |k^ssession of the ex-queen and^several collisions took place between the^gendarmes and the students. The re^^gents are anxiously discussing the next^step, as it is evident the ex-queen is not^so Iriendless as some suppose. The cit-^isens and merchants as well as the oppo^^sition party in bkuptchlna, generally side^with the ix-queen. Intense excitement^prevails. C aptain Natalie's residence is^defended by the students. A conflict oc^^curred late this afternoon, the troops fir^^ing upon the queen's supporters, killing^two and wounding many.
of ii. Jay Hanchette
Discovered.Ciiicaco, May 18.^Tlio whereabouts of^H. Jay Hanclietle of Loss Angeles is still^unknown. One friend said Hnnchette^telephoned him on tlio 7ih that he wait^going to Kansss City on tho train and^would go from there to Los Angeles. In^^quiries are being made in railroad circles.^A man who was one of the employes at^the orange carnival says Hanchette told^liim May b he was going to leave the next^day for Los Angeles via Yellowstone^park.
Car|et Mekrra Dossil-tied.
Philadelphia,May 18.^ John and^James Dobson, extensive carpet manu^^facturers of this city, imported a short^time ago, a number of weavers from^Lngland I to manufacture velvet. The^importation caused great disaatisfaction^among the old hands and to-day a large^number struck. They claim tho Dobsons^violated the contract labor law, but the^manufacturers claim the right to bring in^men under the clause permitting it for^starting a now industry.
SeriousWreck Ke ported. *^Kansas C ity, May 18.^Mrs. A. A. Cen^^ter of l'otuulam, N. Y., who has been^visiting at the borne of W. \V. Morgan,^suys a bridgo on the Atchison at Albu^^querque fell last Friday, carrying with it^ii passenger train two hours ahead of the^tram by which she was traveling. Mrs.^Center Says it was reportedly or 14 peo^^ple wire killed. No telegraphic report of^such a wreck was received.
Dr.Urates la Jail.^Denver, May 18.^Dr. Graves to-day^was arrested and taken to the county^j.ul. To-morrow he will have a bearing,^when the question of had will be decided.
Arierce i ire Uaging.
Watertown,N. Y., May 18.^A great^Are is raging in the woods near tho town^^ if Theresa. Over 000 acres hove been^burned over.
Heavy Damage ta fruit Crept In Dlf^fersat mate*.
Daxhville,May 18.^A real calamity^befell the inhabitants of the Genesse val^^ley Saturday night, in the destruction of^an enomious prospec live fruit crop by a^bhghting frost. Ice formed half an inch^in thickness and it was the coldest snap^of the season since 1838. George Stone^of Stones Falls, who ha* a peach orchard^of 40,000 trees, say* the frost wiped out^every vestige of fruit and there will not^be a bushel of peaches on the whole^place. The Danavtlle nursery industry^received a blow financially that will run^up Into thousands. Hundreds of acres^rendered worthless.
Kalamazoo,Mich., May 18.^Frost last^nighi did great damage to small fruits^throughout the central and southern por^^tion of the state.
boLLAND,Mich., May 18.^Severe frosts^the past tluee nt.hts did great damage to^strawberries, grapes and vegetable*.
ASevere Hall ^ ami Creates Havoc la
NkwOrleans, May 18.^The Times-^Democrat s Gainesville, Tex., special ^s^s:^Many thousand dollars worth of crops^were annihilated by the heavy hail storm^last night, which fell to the depth of six^to eight inches in a narrow belt of^territory, crossing north 'lexas and the^vicinity of Gainesville, where wheat,^averaging '^^'^ bushels per acre, was ready^for the rea|k-r. Not a head was left stand^^ing. The damage in the locality of^Gainesville is at least fl'u.wm, while)^several other sections report damage^nearly as great.
Lookingfor film.
Fromthe Boston ltecmd.
DoctorI to almshouse keeper)^I hear^you are in need of a physician to attend^paupers.
Yes,we have advertised for one. How^long have you practiced ^
1have only Just graduated.
Justthe man wo are looking for. Con-^aider yourself engaged.
WillHtvs an fcahibit.^Washington, May 18 ^The Latin-^American department of the World's Col^^umbian exposition yesterday received a^cablegram from Special Commissioner^Tisdell announcing he had received un^^official assurances the government of^Ecquador wouid accept an invitation and^erect a building of its own at Chicago.
Washington,May 18.^That the Italian^government is endeavoring to check the^tide of immigration to the l inte l States,^is shown by the issuance of a circular by^the Italian minister of the interior to^rrefects of the kingdom, for the restric^^tion of such immigration as far as tumors^are concerned.
HaWas In.
Fromthe llel Monte Wave.
Isthe responsible editor of this paper^in asked the caller, who seemed anx^^ious to spoil somebody.
Yes,sir, I am tho editor,^ was tho soft^reply.
Allright; I'll gel again..'
AKehcsr.ug Ki fused.^New Orleans, May 18.^In tho lottery^mandamus case to-day, the supreme court^refused a re-hearing.
Interstatefomm.iae Commissioners Will^Visit Ike Wssl.^Washington. May 18.^Interstate Com^^merce Commissioners Morrison, Brags,^Tessey and Knapp will make a circuit to^the Pacific coast and return and hear the^cases, and make investigations at various^points en route. The commissioners will^be at the following places probably for^the lime set: Spokane Falls. May 36 un^^til May Ml Tacoma, May 31 until June 3;^Portland, June 4 until June 5; San Fran^^cisco, 7 until 9; at Salt Lake City and^aud Denver, atopping en route for To^peka. A number of hearings have al^^ready been assigned.
AaAwe-Inspiring Lie.^From the New York Tribune.
Itiall of the change of views now so^prevalent among the clergy, most of it^tending toward greater liberality in the^idea aa to future punishment, it is gratify^^ing to see that no one has yet predicted^any milder future statu for the liar. The^prospective portion of the liar is pretty^definitely staled in Holy Writ, and we do^not believe that there is anybody who^wants to see it modified. There is no^greater enemy of society than the^liar. His bad de.nl* do not attract^the attention nor the condemnation^accorded to those of the burglar^or of the highway robber, but they^do a vastly greater amount of harm. How^beautiful a thing is truth^and bow rare!^I'sually the perverters of truth, whom we^know as liars, are, at first, at least,^thoughtless rather than vicious. In a^sorry attcii'pt to bo humorous they forget^the duty they owe to truth. The vice^grows upon its hapless vict ess. From^being, perhaps, gocd citizens, respected^by ail who know them, they gradually^sink into common liars, undermining^society and exerting a peculiarly hurtfu I^influence mm the mind of youth. The^liar should be legislated against the same^as the lightning-rod agent.
Whilespeaking on this painful subject^it is our sad duty to announce the appear^^ance ot one of the most colossal lies of^recent yeurs. It comes from Nebraska^and is aco.il, plain lie without an exten^^uating circumstance. We repeat it only^that we may denounce it and the man^who tells it. His uaine is Thomas, and^ho ia suid to be an Alliance man with^congressional aspirations. Ho would be^a very dangerous man to have in eon-
fress.The story which he tells is this:^le has a (arm on the Missouri river bot^^tom, near Elk Valley. A week ago the^river began to rise and ho saw that bis^land would all bo submerged. He trans^^ferred his family and also his stock and^movable property to higher ground. Here^begins the lie, if, indeed, the far in, family^and property are not fictitious. There^was on his farm, so he says, exactly two^miloa of barbed-wire fence. It was five-^wire fence and there were 32 barbs to ihe^rod, or a grand total of 102,4'JO barbs. Yet^this industrious iiar and the other no less^enterprising prevaricator, the hired man,^batted every one of these barbs with a^small bit of meat. They finished and es^^caped to tho bluffs just as tho^water came up. For DG hours^the water remained five feet^above the top of the fence. Then the^river receded and the hardened and dis^^reputable man Thomas went down and^examined Ids fence. He found, so he^has the assurance to say, a fish hanging^from every barb except three, or HEIM^ill all. There were pickerel, bass, pike,^suckers und many other varieties. They^averaged ten pounds euch in weight,^^riving him the astonishing total of 1,023,-^its ^ pounds of fresh fish. He discharged^the hired man because be had not pro^^perly baited the three barbs which failed^to catch any Ush.
Aaitriuemenimuitasr ,^w hunt ^rut cent par^Mord cirft insertion; ej**~uii rata im xmlratU^^or drftmfc periods. A o aecerrietmnu iiecrpuit^Mr iw than si emu.
Al'A.STaiDBy a youns lady a position to do^'^ housework, or M uitrse. Aoitt ^^.^'. It.,^Hta Ism office. is
U'AAlmi lines eiKiiem oil ilarynien,^BE* fur foreman Ap..l) to Ait tit M^v^In tin. Till Iptliliif, Mot.tl^ 3
DXMIKl- N'T^A Mat witii ^o rooms Fur^I nidi,d compute. Inuulir o( .1. a. I ulinoti^fc t o.. Dime I'll)'. t.l
1%'AMrD two seamstresses; uihh1.e-a*:e.1^** ladies preferred ml. liuiiu oult Ir at tils^.M.un street, Ccuierv II ^.
\\'i. ..ii..- an txeii.eot side reeasj sM of^^ Ills best in ti c cil\; all itiodriu eonven-
IOSS*jeaejM quick Ol It ^l.l he Irllteil. lili's-
arils.V 1**1.
VVKUYfew tine offi. e ro ins let in the^Lets sous eelllllsj. if ^on sum a tlisi class
officethere i^ uo hetier loi al.ly^riu^ar*l a, Lewis
IOHlln,. Fo\ Hon.hi, l^ OCX Hllil tan. white^* IE* SE III EES WIS ESS EJltll. SnS hrosu^An\ ore leiiuniiii; -.imc n .lohn i! ! mil a.^tirsaS ^, Mont . will he sitit.ihrv reward* I t.-.
h*OKrrm1 Cheap. ^iore room SaRsktf lor^cus-iei les, ffents' Itirnisliln^s or peatft an.t^Hull |i*pcr, situated ^ u Main street. Granite,^Montana. Inntincof II. W. Stupis'ii ,w Co., iti^V Main meet, l:utte. if
Notice:io rrrtavraRT uka a res^laiiaul in Great Talis, i.-u^e loom, well^fllteii i p; orts.ins iii eontie. t.en. Lbs* ataes;
sRee*leaf i.^ a hawa n. ran ea-li
Callmi or address, .1. K. cutrk t u, toea'^Fni.i mm.
BllisWil l. UK IIU'EP Kli I NTH. MOV^say, J use t, for lots on the srest n\ kaewa^ss the i ciitial school nropcilv. Ail Lids nuns^si ecif) miniher ^t front tcri r^ quire i. In |* I^will Miso Im^ reeei\e^l ffir the pwsESttf as a j^ahi'le. Maps nmv l^e seen anil infmm.vinn ols^ISlln l in llie i lllce ol Wilson A tilllie, Kast
QrtattestreetrrraM of sals: isr I itdeEsk,^one-tliiru. six miLjnhs, one ti ird,*welve month*,^lilteiesi, in pel cent, li e Umnl reservestE*^itei t m rsjeel aa] at an Use l^v segst f^boaiituf tiustees, s.lusii cistrlel No i, K. M. !^Tiask, t'lialiinsi;; I**. Hutlcr, Ssu'retary.
f4JOTirETOCO-OWNr.ltTn Clmrl. s llamtl^is ton sad others who may consider Hirst^sell ^ s interested 1
Yenare lierctiv uotllteil that I have cx|ieniled^t2en in Isbor and imtnovi EM nts awea tae Kmins^kMle isAid Kmma livle ts'im; locatiMi on Fostei^ireekinlteer l.oUe.. Minimi Itisinrt in fleer^Loilire inmiity. Mate of Moutaua, and fllesl for^record suit cihiui^ recorder of said l^^er l/slee^eouiitt, in order to hold ssid ptrmlscs under Ihe^ltf-o\1h-nii^ of seellon 'i*XH, rei iseilstatutes of the^United Stales, being the amount leijulreil in hold^the -am* f^r ihe xcitrs enttine December M, A^P., Is* and lieceinher 31. A. D., IKi't. And If^wit In to days from Ihe serxice of this notice lor^within !^^ da'vs after tine no.li-e by pnhllcationi^you fail or tefitse to eontrihnte your imtttoti nf^such rtpsESatEfS ss civoaners your inlercst in^ssld clsim will Isv^ome the ptnnerly of the suh-^K-rlber under said section ^,.124
c1ik1s1ianJOHKHON.^Anaconda. Montans, Starch BV i1.
IMTHR DIETBICT COURT OK TIIK^ond Jndh lal Inslrlcl of the Male uf^tana, In slid for the 1 oitnty of eihet llow
Inthe Matter of the estate of Michael , aii.ih,^deceased.
Noticeis hereby plven that the Anaconda^M iniiu; i'oin|siny, a * orporstion, has ales' la BEal^conn ltd (M'tilion ii sxuiu that the ailinuiistralor^of said f st its of Michael 1 arroil, dcccaxcd ln^^decreed to rxseaxs aim aeilver to sals iietitioi.er^s enincysnce of the iindit iihil one tlfih part of^in and to the s,'hwi7^ r l.iHte ctatm, sMualea in^Miinmit \ alley Muunc disttlci, Kllver llow^count), Montana, and that Friday, Ihe MR dav^of May. a U., lEM, at is e'eiecs a. ni.. at the^court room ^ r saic. coiirl In Ilu- court house m^itutte I In. Ml\ er llow county, stale of M nlaiia,^has beet; anisiiiite 1 hy the lusjge of s iM aaetl MS^the lime and place lor hearing said petition;^when slid where all persons inn rested 111 sai l^estate may ap|H-ar and contest said petition.
[seal]V^ ILL CLXIIK,
1j r*. W litvixtK.t h rk.
IieputyClerk.^Iiiited April 1. I^.il.
L.C. TRENT,I Salt Luke City, Utnh,
GeneralWestern Manager, /Helena, Montana*
AndMachinery for the Systematic Reduction of Ore* hy
HoistingEngines, Gceeed and Dieaet Acting,
Peospeting end Development Hslat*.^Builders of Improved Air Compressors and Wire Tramways,^Frue Vanning Machines and Embrey Concentrator.
bidgcrrjuood Hoisting Engines,
menwiRe works double.crimped mining cloth.^Elootrio Iaight Plauts,
DiamondCore Peospsating Onus,
HaniBock Drills and Compressors. Otis delators. Knowles Pumps, Boot Blowers,^KINGSLAND i DOUGLAS SAW MILLS.
Ntlllt'KTm (MiWNKIt Toiieor^e Watson I^You are heirhy uotllted thai ^( hEVeSBV
is-ndrdf ho in latsir and itnpiovenii ni* iipni tlie^od i utile lodi | said KcdOxiite lisle helim iii I leer j^\a dee countT, state of Montana, sinl nled tor^reeoru .lauuary u, a. l^ is.-;. ERR eSEEtl re-^rorder ot said Peer L'.lire county, icciirdisl on^MgeR, EasRS as lomis NSwIssMasaa, asWRsifi^o t. ii sea Is heiehy ui.ula lnr a in ire definite ass^set ipliou ^, ill older to hold said premises nil lor^|hc en ii istons uf sect tun ^j.a.ii. rextsi-1 stat nies of
the\ lined Slates, bSRSI the sinoilllt lci|illied to^hold Ilu- sallu- Irl Ihe year eiidllu; llccemher It.^A l^ !^!^^ And If within '.aj daya floin the sei^xiceofihls iiollre lor within Bo days after this^notice hy puhucstlon' you fall or refuse to eon-^UfjNRs your isiruou of si:Sh exiiendilure as a OSS^owner, your Interest In said claim mill liecom*^the piois-rty ul I ho subscrtliers under sold sis.-,^lien us4
FRANKKKNNKDV.^J, K IKM7UHKK1V.^HAIII1Y M'tltki^As u om'A. Moot. 1 eliruary Is. ism.
Mint1. inn ri iii.m a 110.V^Lami On h r at Mm.kxa, Mont, i
Ar'ii^^. RVt (
NoticeIs hrtehv niven that the following^named bHIRE has filed BSfiSS of his iliteliltou 10^mako fnSI in ^ of In siipisiit of bis clsitii, and^that Etsd pioof will lie mad* U'lmethe clerk of^Hi Inure I i .nut of lieer inuiuy, st
Iherlaslse, on May 14. I^!U, tu Xava lat I^l-lei.r, who made pie emptloii declaratory '^^liatemeEt No iu.l'i m the ^ a N s Eel^^ Tp 1 n. R '^ *
lienuiii^s the tollowluc witnesses to prove his^rotitlllllf.tis M fcldenee ti|Nili and cultivation of^said land, ^U: hard 1) Wj.lu. J^ines K^Mall i). William Aiisnumau, liunett U hier, all^of Ati iconda, Moll..111a.
n.A.^%TUMBTT.^Jxo. K. Eaiuu stv, l^i;ister.
$500Reward !
WFwill |tar tLr r.r*r^rr^ trw anj f ^r ^njr r^*^ ^f T.lwWT
rVmpltRllit, 1^J E|M |^ U tilTst H^ sVlsti IfeP, 1 il.Il|T^^tlolt Oai
Mfsftttuaiir^ i^t.^^:ir-^^*t .riu- t rut* with **.^^!'^^\. f^'i tfil-lr I H r M Ivtlivn iUr- dir*-^*i 1..n^ a *^ vtrttHI*^. ,m|.lli-i1 ^itti ftV*f nr#^ Mfl IT Vrir^M4hi*\ atid MVH^f ill to r^'It *^ s^ti*f ^. u.sn, Mufar ^^oals*.! i.arir* Ixirm,^.. iiiRnnnaT :o l ilis. ;, ,-i.nt' H^***r^ of . nunt^rf^^t*i^At!'! iiuila'tnit TIi*^ f/.vimrn' MiRHuf-^r-inrntl only by^III). JoilN r WstlsT CXswtl*AMV t llK Ai-O.llX
Isthe Fast Mail Short Line from St Paul^and Minneapolis via. La, f ro** and Mil-^^ .inker to (Tnrago and all points in the^Kastern Stales and Canada, it is the only^line under otic management botw^sea St.^I' nil and Chicago, and is the Finest^Equipped Hallway in the Northwest. It^is only line running I'lillmati Drawing^InHim Sleeping Cars with liisunoussniok-^iug rooms, nod the tin, st dining ears in^the world, via the famous ^River Hank^Hoiite.^ along the shores of i'epin and^the beautiful Mississippi Kiver to Milwau^^kee and Chicago. lis tram*connect with^thoee of the Northern lines In the Grand^I'nion l)e|K^t at St. Paul. No change of^ears of any class between St. Paul and^1 hieago. For through tickets, time tables^and full information apply to any coupon^tickut agent in the Northwest.
Ahalf or the whole interest In the
AmiMailt' Um lo ^'iHin*m*ttnn liftwrrn^liutmnoi} ami L^v^t I ^ *\^^^.
Bumffardnwr^ Ranker, Props.
No Expense i^ Spared to Give its Renders
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