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DtUTftertFt earner or mall at ten dollar* a^year, three dollar* ^ quarter or una^dollar a 1,1 i n..
litheonlydaily newspaper with tcl^(rrnph dr*.^1 niches tn IWr 1-odue County. It print!^more telegraphic news than any other^nc^spa|ier in Montana.
Ccnoiomlcnceand business letters should be^addressed to
Cornerct Main ami Third utreeti, Anaeonda,
Today, in every city Ml liimlet in^the I'nioii ol^ states, a Rr.itclul people^will pay their tribute to the memory of^heroes who fell in patriotic service for^the fatherland and who gave up their^lives in war to the end that enduring^^MM niKtht lie possible. The service^is a memorial, its tokens are fragrant^lloweis, its mission is one of tender^^ness, its lesson is fraternal love.
Thisis a day of remembrance rather^than one of celebra' ion, it is as a sacra^^ment in whicli every American citizen^takes his share. It will be observed^witluiut thought ^^ resentment rejjn ril^^ing the past, but rather under the sense^of profound obligation to those whine^personal sacrifice mvetl the republic^and to whom is due a debt which, by^MV service they nitty render, the^American people can never pay.
tlraduallythe years lengthen that^separate us from the eventful inci^^dents ol the war of the rebellion. One^by one the participants in its memora^^ble events answer the limit roll call,^while a younger generation takes its^place ami new issues engage us. Hut^the story ot the war will not soon cease^to be told and the grandeur of its^iichi^ vi nients will never be lorgotten;^nor will the sense of gratitude toils^heroes fail while the sentiment of pa^^triotism iuspirts the people of the re^^public.
THEIMRtFPA UTTER.^Sheriff Lloyd's letter, which the^Standaiid prints this morning, 1s ad^^dressed to the public. It relates to the^Hiair of last Wednesday night in which^Mr. Woolston bMMH involved, it is an^official statement regarding that gen.^t[email's criticism of some of the of^^ficers w ho had a share in making the^arrest.
Onall accounts the turbulent pro^^ceedings of Wedncsiliy night are de^^plorable. As the standard has al^^ready said in commenting on what hap^pened, the sudden excitement grew out^of a complete misapprehension of the^circumstances, the assembled crowd be^^ing under the impression that a man^had iicon thrown down a (light of stairs^and killed. The tact is that a drunken^conductor in.ule himself a nuisance in^the office of Mr. Woolston ami richly^deserved to be turned out of the place.^It appears clear that Mr. Woolston did^not push him down the stairs -the con^^ductor himself makes no such charge;^iu fact, by his own testimony, he was^too drunk to know what befell him^alter the altercat|M MJM
1'hecase 111i1 rests ti e public for the^reason that Mr. Woolsion charges the^^ Xritemt lit mill the personal risk to^which he was exposed 01 the * Hit-era^who arreste 1 him. The charges are^sullic:ently serious, and they naturally^prompt Mm reply from sherilf Until,^who makes a square denial of several^of the assert ions which in newspaper^interviews have BBM credited to .Mr.^Woolston and which he has practically^repeated under li s own signature.
Itmakes all the diftcivucc in (he^world to the people of I'.uttr whether^any member ut tha police torce in^|M connived at *Im attempt to put^Mr. Woolston in peril. Any oilieer^guilty ol that sort ol I usities.; would^merit the summary treatment with^which the electric railway manager^was threatened. Kvidently there has^MM friction, for one reason or an-^o'her, between Mr. W ools!oil's people^and the police department. It would^not be easy to accept the conclusion,^however, that on this account any otll-^cer would dare to ^xpose the gentle-^Ml to the perils of a noisy mob. Mr.^Woolstoii's charges are. In some in-^htances, Millieiently definite; on the^other hand, the denials made bvsiierill^Lloyd are explo it.
Ithas la-en the opinion of theSr.wi)-^akl^ that, in view of mistakes nil^around in Or- mills' of Wednesday^night's excitein 'lit. it was well MOssgfc^to h i the inattii Maaj If. however.^M relleitlon, Mr. U ools ou feels that^he was outragid by otliccrs of the^law as lie at llrst believed himself to^be, he knows lull well that he can eel^a fair hearing in the city ol llutte.
TheTata is in the se rvice of the^Chilian insurgents who ;ire ligh'ing^llalmacul 1. the ineMih nt of the repub^^lic. In the I n:ted states the ltata-^t': arleston affair has develop! d a s.-titi-^MMt that the government will wisely^go slow in jrocetd'iigs which may in^^volve us with the insurgents iu an^unfriendly way, since the MMI afj^th^ war, which nobody can now lore^cast, may be a victory for tl.em, and^that result would place the I'n.lc I^states at a disadvantage With a gov^^ernment whose friendliness in trade^relations we desire to cultivate.
seventy-twoyears ago, the people of^Chill disowned the sovereignty of^Spain and established a republic which^soon took rank among the governments
inSouth America. It was not until^1S3:^ that a constitution suited to the^needs of the people was ngnid upon^but, after its adoption, under the ad^^ministration ot a succession of presi^^dents, Chili enjoyed years of a most^uiiinti rrup e I projienty. It IMM^that lor many years the choice of the^president MM practically the work of^a sort of oligarchy made tin^of old and towerful families^in the republic together with^the clergy. The election of^Italmaceda to the office of president, in^lKxd, was a departure from Chilian tra^^ditions. He was rated as a radical, at^least lie was out of sympathy with the^aristocratic or conservative classes,^who, at first, 01 posed him by parlia^^mentary methods, by refusing to vote^supplies, threatening impeachment^and planning to name the president's^successor.
Italmacedagave these people fight,^lie lack) d the support of the national^congress, but he managed to keep his^government m ways and means by^measures which nlthoiigh radical ap^^pear not to have been unconstitutional.^Tor conservative parly represented in^congres^ had control of the navy with^its aristocratic otliccrs, I ut it li ad^^mitted that from llrst to last the presi^^dent has leen in favor with the unolli-^cial masses. It is an interesting con^^flict with the details of which, however,^the outside world is not familiar, and^there is no telling what may be the re^^sult ot a struggle involving the presi^^dent of the republic and a generous^percentage, of tin arms on the one^side, with the congressional faction,^the strength of the navy and the ruling^oligarchy on the other siiie.
1HLYiAR'S EXPENSES^It appears that the appropriation^made by the city council ot Anaconda^tor the year MM MM MUM It also^appears that the expenses for the mu^^nicipal year exceeded the appropriation^in the sum of about $.^^,^ ^^^. The^St\M)\i;i^ has explained stfl this^happened -1 lie overdraft represents in^^debtedness incurred prior to the year^in question.
AtMonday night's meeting, the^members of the city council devoted^considerable time to the nilorinal dis^^cussion of the linaticlal situation, all^of them admitting that curtailment of^current expense* is imperative, espec^^ially in view of the fact that, owing to^the suspension of work at the smellers,^the city's income from certain forms of^tax will be reduced, many contrib^^utors having already left the city, and^for the added reason that merchants^and property owners cannot con^^tribute to tho public purse the assess^^ments which, tinder ordinary condi^^tions, they would cheerfully make.
'Hiedillicult y in the city council con^^cerns the manner in which the members^shall undertake the reduction in ex^^penses. Several of them propose a cur^^tailment in the police force, others^tavor a smaller expenditure than that^of last year for a water supply. Some^of them suggest a reduction iu the cost^of the street electric light service.^Last year, the appropriation for Hie^police department was Sii.l.Vl and the^amount paid out was .fd.SSii '.to.^One of the aldermen oppos^^ing a reduction iu the po^^lice force n marked, Monday night,^that the force should not be reduced as^the services of ollicersar* require ! now^more than at any time. T he mandaiid^does not share Ihl'. opinion, and it can^not be shown (hat the suspt'iif b n at^t he works lias tended to increase in any^degrte the amount of crime or lawless^^ness iu Anaconda. 11 utidreds of men^have left the city within sixty days.^The police force includes live BflkMS,^and the services ol a c.eputy sherilf are^also at command. It is timely lor the^^IfMM to inquire whether all the re^quirt ineiits of the service may not be^met by a police force of the size needed^by the city two ^c.irs icjii.
Itwas proposed iu li e council that^the rates lor water anil light be rc-^ilnenl. On that score it may be said^that Anaconda pays tor twenty^hydrants, at a rate per hydra it less^than is paid by any city iu the North^west, wine the servic' cinnot be^match. ^l lor prcpsure or quantity of^water by any city in Montana. Ilutte^lately agreed to pay Sid per month per^hylratit for the litst one hiiiidr d^hydrants, and the ligure is admititil to^h.' low. Anaconda pays ss.Xt i*rr^hydrant and contracts for only twenty^of these. As for the electric iight ser^^vice in the city, it Is better and cheaper^than is furnish* d to any city in the^Northwest.
Thecity spent last year sjO. 111 on^street improvements and s*JIOi^ on^sewers. Money spent in the improve^^ment of the highways is wiaely in-^vestid.\et that kind of work, under^stress ol a pinching BMW Lai situation,^can wait, and if in ibis department the^aUh rnu ti deti triin.- DQ a policy Of K-^trot.chinciit, no interest will suffer iu^the long i mi. while the comfort of the^people and the-safety oi properly will^not seriously sutler.
beentermed the ^delegate* of the ^Hp-^contented.^ The congrea* which adopted^the declaration of independence was com^^pos, il wholly of the delegate* of the di^-
WilliamM*a*i aa B u^r d.^From Hi. I'ittsl m NMa
Andnow it ia rruelly explained that^the young Kaiser deemed It nece^*ary to^declare, ^1 alone ain master^ on account^of a report that the Hon. Thomas 11.^Iieed intended to viait Germany.
Ilmd-l-i.^^..ii Mninnitn.
In in the I'ltUlmrc Dispatch.
TheFlorida house of representative*^ha* itaried to discipline the newspaper^corre^poiident, by voting to turn out all^who criticise mi inhers severely or impugn^their motive*. Florida legislators arc^evidently more ambition* of being criti^^cal.I n* champion do.ikey* than for the^mis.Iced, which the obnoxious corre^^spondents llrst pitched upon.
utAil Iia*
MMti^' Mai Man MJMM
(Maiis no tamt of third parly heresy^iu d ivi rnor Tillman of South Carolina.^Speaking of die ^peoplo'i. party'' formed^at Cincinnati, he said : ^I am a democrat,^was Imrn u democrat, ami eipect to die^a d. uiorrai. It is iilic cy us web aa suicide^for lb*' Southern people to follow audi^leadership.^ So far at I* ant it in comfort^^ing to note that n MMMI mania i* not^developing down in Dixie.
NobodyKii^**.s^*il Out.^From ii.e t-nn Fr.incisc ^ FAnm iner.
Oncemore it ia necessary to repeat the^old denudations of priz ^ tights. It is im^^possible to say in tins instance, as it^usually is, that the only attraction of a^light is the spectacle of two burly brute*^trying to uiaiiii each other. Jackson and^Corbell are not brutes, but gentlemanly^young in**!! who ouglit to be in better^bu-iness. Wc are sick of this inhuman^^ity, li. s il. s, nobody was knocked out.
CURRENTCOMMtNT.^Mo fiitor Moo iu (Corgis.
Mmthe n. * aota. w.niii.
Thatpr i^ drill of a brignde of licorgia^colored military, the men urineil un.l ..r-^gamt.'d by the slate, and the judge* In.
inga DaMad IItales araay ^ :!:c. r ami two
captain*of the white \olunier*, doc* not^look like suppression.
AmiMr*^rfe MM^i loin the Kaeavtafi 11 Mm
TheItalian government is endeavoring
toaMat III*' inte of imiiugraii. ti li
It.ily to the l ulled Siate*. This is a
ihiugupoti wh ^'ii the two atmaajloa i*au
.andfor which they should woi k 1.-^gether.
thelf*J^M ^I Bt* ^intent.
11.miiia M um *o iisll Mai.
'ill*,balers o! the people's par y in ly^ill tin- future act wisi ly or uuui-ely, but^it i* no n proach to them that tin y h.iv
A4 aoijoa a*f 1 artcr.^Proin the New Haven Ki'git'.er.
Thestrami d relations existing between^the presidi lit anil the secietaiy of stale^Maa n ached that point where interfer-^ettce of friends *eems to ba necefc-^sary to i r. vent aiaM rupture. It^ia presumed that in case a truce is de-^clan d, Mr. li nine w ill recognize Mr.^Harrison's existemo and Mr. Harrison^w ill allow- Mr. Blaine's name to appear^at the bottom of the state paper* which^Uloilie write*.
Iii-plre.1K lllorlals.^^From the N'.-w York Time*.
Amarked ropy oi' the Helena Mont*^^faanaal iKh-j. li Harrison's paper) ha*^been sent io Mr. lllaiue, the marking*^calling attention to this qiiasi-rfllcial^older: ^Heads of each of the great de^^partment* are at liberty to initiate and^sugcext, but can only go forward with^any project after advitemetit mid after^the president has da-cen d them to do to.^It might occur, a* it did in the cane of^Ihiehanan, that member* of the^cabinet had moro ability and^experience than tho president, but^no contingency a* that can aris ^ witb a^man of President Harrison a calibre in^the White House.^ This is the long and^diplomatic way of saying: ^l'a thinks^you'd better not wag your tongue ao^much. Mr. Hlaino.
dueedinto a closed chamber the com-^bund vapor of creotote and ^ ucalyptol,^iucreaaiug the pressure slowly to the ex^^tent of a half atmosphere. The patient^sat iu this chamber two or ibree hour*^each ilay in this medicated aim. sphere^under a pressure great enough to facili^^tate the pt netratiou of the medicaments,^while offering no danger. l^r. See, it i*^^aid, has In en able to follow many pa^^tient* who during the past six month*^have *ummittcd to bis treatment. Tlie^result-- were favorable. The i.pp^ tile re^^turned, digestion became easy, the pa^^tients increased in II'all, tbo cough bad^ceased and tho expectoration* were rare^and of a healthy eh ir icier. Or. Seo does^not claim to 1st) able to prevent tubercules^from forming, but considers bis method^to be an in^ (Tensive means of prolonging^the life of consumptive persons. We^take thece details from a Paris letter pub^^lished in the Courrier tin EUxU Cms
Itwas also announced, at a recent ses^^sion of the French academy, that M.^Maguon de Gondrccourt bad found a re^^markable curative in the water of blis^^ters. Inoculation witb this water is said^to have cured ulcers, arrested the pro-^gri- s of cancers, and in tuberculous cases^had given relief. Tho question wui.^whether theao results were caused by the^blister water or by a minute portion of^the eantliaridea used in raising the blis^^ter. A committee wa* appointed to ex^^amine and rciMirl on the matter.
TheI.'id of Ills M in i.i surely Cumins: In
atl w Year'.^Frcin the New Haven Itegisicr.
Itmay Iw nothing more than an inter^^esting come.dence, but a clergyman in a^^mall town in Georgia, the ltev. K. ft.^Carsnell of Houglasviiie. bus been mak^^ing sagaa calculation^, tin- results of^which lallf close with those made by^Utah 1 oltell. Our readers are faiinlluir^Willi l.ieut. Tottcu** calculations, in^wh ^ b l.e inteiprels certain imfullillled^prophecies to show that the year 1WW^will b ^ the Inst year of the present dis^^pensation, 'f'he southern c!er;ryiintii, ac^^cording to the Atlanta L'ottstittttitm, bus^mad*- ati arithmetical calculation, based^on 1^ unci's numerical prophecies, which^po.in to November ^*, ls'.H, as the dale of^the expected command to rebiiihl the^temple at Jerusalem; to Mareh'5, HOG, or^sixty-nine weeks alter the last, as the^probable tune of the uciual aaaBMl^Jesus as briib grooiii to ree-eive his bride;^to April 11, I'JOT, as tbo date of the close^of this dispensation and the opening of^the miletin.al age.
TheKev. Mr. Carswell is spoken of as^^a man of advanced thought, who ha*^given this subject much study.^ Heap-^pear* to have work'al independently nnd^readied conclusions not uuliko those^which other student* of the subject,^notably l.ieut. '1 otten. have reached. The^matter is exciting much interest through^^out the country.
Hi.Talkeit I nil..I Mute-.
Frnnithe San Fratietscn FAauilui-r.
Mr.MaMa'a n marks to Haron Fava^just aafaaa that dignitary took his haaty^departure from Washington were not iid-^hvcrod ill the ceremonious French of^diplomacy, hut in good, square I'niud^Stales. When the scctvtnry informed the^minister that this country had never taken^orders from foreign powers and did not^propose to begin, ami furthermore* that it^was a matter of total ind.flcrence to bun^what |^er^ons ill 1 inly might think of our^mstiiiiiuins, he was guilty of what our
BsTaaMaMaKa-aMak cousins a*aaMaaM
* Vaiiki'e bounce,^ but m.tliinr; else would^have lilted the situation, it is not likely^thai any other l'liiiopciu country will at^^tempt very soon to make us amend our
aaaatiitataMl y p hcaph.
aasfvinat^.-riy.^From the shoslione Jouraal
TheHoise Statesman isdispleased at the^emphatic manner in which BPOOBai*Mfl^our opinion of the majority of the *u-^pieine court. We want the St itrsmttu and^everybody else to iinilei stand that tvo^have gout* through a long ami bitter per^^sonal, political mid legal fight, nnd that^wc were beaten all around. Wecoriless^that we are feeling pretty son*, especially^toward tills court which i ut the finishing^touches on us. What hurts us most is^that we cannot appeal from that decision.^We therefore exercise the inalienable^right of every Aiiu rieni citneii^culler to^app. al or curie the court. Aswcc.inn.it^appeal there is only BSVSJ alternative left
ti, ami that is li it rmtllyiln tho
court,and this we propose to do, regard^^less of th*1 eonseq-icuces. It may not^hurt lb*' court, but it is a great relief tons.
MORE NtW REM bU it-lb.
At'rrnetl I'li^srlHii's Muvel MellimlN of^1'resllng i .on a in pi Inn.
Poin the Haltfjoore sun.
Onthe 4.th ef Novcmticr, l^l), Or. Ger^^main See intrusted the French academy^of medicine with a sealed letter which^was not to be opened until further notice.^All that was know n abouk^lie content* of^the letter was that it related to the treat-^mi ut of consumption in an artilicial at-^mo-phoro under pressure. Since that^time !):^ Sen bus contuite'd his experi^^ments, anil is so well pleas -.1 will the re^^sults that he r^ quested lli.^ reading of tlie^seal* d letter before the members of the^academy at the sess.on of the l'.th of^April last. It appeals that il had already
I( en demonstrated that consumption^could not be cured by inhalation; that^the substances inhaled rarely pouetl-atad^beyond the plutrynx, and never I evond^the larynx, ami, therefore could not^riaclillicliroiicliialtiil.es, w hich arc the^seat of lb*' i ii.iiloliary affection, li wa*^only by the Baa ol medicaments in a^gaseous form lhat it was possible ss reach
iIif last ralnillcatious ol the bronchial^tubes, e'otic. ding that if one desired to
leachiMifaaaaa ii.tiitrat*.1 arha itrxbatr*
|ih s it tiiusi be volatile. J his Irca'an-iil^1 ad bi t n Ira .1 by Urs. Gimhci t and Ta-
pret,who iinpi. cti.il. ^' it... aMaafaefaaf
tlietrpatieiiis wnh the vapor ol efOaaoM^Inn things are required m this^nietho I ^d treaiinent. One is that^Hie subsume1 shall he us. d in a^volati.c sta.e, and that it shall^not la. poisonous, ami the oib* r is thai it^^MM !^*' an autiecptie*, and aa| able of^act.ng on tbe mieTolies infesting the tu-^I .1. id.'. I u. uinrcaihing of ihe vaporof^c. i. . iO c \M.s not ti lltlil to iu- s; lhelent.^It ii.d not reach the mfecO'd pans. Ur.^See us* d a differ*, lit method, lie intr.-
Clll'MA(llEt!^ lltVtmi;GFs,
r.a Box 80*. a W. Granite St, Butte, Mont.
Allu rnis of V^^tn-real lilsenssi and Hetunrr-^holds tie-ansl a:i^t ciiics g. u aiits-ril at tlie.uu;^tkMeot ^lark Jt ^ .011.1, :,car the ileisaa Mis^^soula. The iHi.l nnslle.il skill ami anility alwsys^III a.leiiilHi.cc. i orics|Hili(leuee so.ici'i-ii. OIUcj^hours fioiu s to 12a. in , and 11.. i, p. in
tAKPKXTI!b^aNI) lit' i I.DKIt,^Kstiinates FuiDlslmd on all Kinds ot Building*.
lletereiice*In the i lly.^lAKL'Sl ST., UaTWtE.N (^Et:^s.SD b TU1UD,
(SiieivtsorstoCHAH.IIOUCK.)^Hcaleis in Keal Estate- lid Mining stock.
Hehroeder* Block,^FIKST KTKEET, - - - ANAt'OXD.V.
LateSuperintending Surgeon.^.N. V. It. Ik
MMMssAM* tiV.SECOLOtilST.^123 North Main street,Putte, Montana.
COlt.MAIN ANlTTllIItl) blKLETS,^ANA* t)\l)A, MONT.
p*v. tnuisrMAN. i) u. a
onlee.First Street, B* iween Main and Oak,
Aiiaceiiihi,Mai USX.^TF.ETH BXTJLaOTBO WlillOttt l'AIN^by a new process. All 0 :i's.-s of Deutai^Wurk rxseuted id Brst-etOM manner. Ar^lltic.al r**ta Wiihout Pl.Uei.
Il1 and Minnie had another failing^out list week.-'^^Seriou* tftiarrel
No;hammock.^ll^u*ninr/foa Pent.
Visitor(in illnie museum, lrtiai -I seo^nothing frt uk-like about you.
FreakI'm the only man who did not^go crazy about souvenir spoons.^Je'ce/.'i 's^f 'trct'lttr.
Acorrespondent writes to say that he^bus such a coin iu hi* hc.nl that he can't^wash bis face, without fre* zing the water.^Lumlttn 7'ul Hits.
Hrobsoii^1 had the funniest dream last^night. 1 dreamed that 1 was hard up ai d^asked you to loan me f5. Without a word^you | ailed out and handed it to me.
Craik-You must nave had the night-^BJOsffa*^JfsSt Y,k k Iterttld.
Woo1^ n. a Si attic OMbsMM who lost^| I. g by be ng rim over by an eleetr c^railway oar, is bringing suit to reenter^JlT-.hCO dumag'-s therefor. Pretty stiff^prie-'- lhat for a Woo-Ucti leg.^Ann /Vun-
t,u. sier--Soyour friend Lambly isdtad,^eh
Js-sterHe is, and he died as ho lived,^too.
tuester^ How is that'.'
JesterU by. all through his life lie had^a constitutional aversion to e-xertitig him^^self in any way. ami he carried out this^idea to the end, for his friends tell me^h.- died without a struggle.^Uotlou
Anilvou think 1 will Dover tire of you.^Going*-'.' Never cease to regard you with^affection ^'*
Vounever will. You are altogether too^sweet to s.uir on me.
Shesmiled, blushed, cast down her^eyes ami the kiss he find b. en iKgg.iig^for was granted ^AVic 1'orA; /Yen*.
Jnuauscbekwill probably be given a^pu'.lic testimonial in New York on her^retirement from tbo stage.
KingChar'es, of Portugal, though un^^der tfJ years of age, has grown so heavy^that he can hardly movu about.
Commanderiu [Chi* f Veniey, of the^Grand Army, i* making hi* first visit to^Minneapolis, anil the vets are g ving him^a big rec* ptioii.
Johnih Kockcfellcr has sent word to^tbe Ohio oil fields that hereafter the^Standard pumps must remain idle during^the Sabbath. It is one of his theories^that men can eontpara a belli r total oT^results in six days' labor than in seven.
Gorge .in Maurier, tho English artist*^is of French Mftfai i^ s^7 years of BMt and^studied ehemistry iu hi* early life with^the expoei.iiioii of m.-tkiiig it hi* | r ^fes-^sion. His llrst draw ings oil wood w. re^for^.ceo HVefc and the Coriiliilt May^ait'ne.
Ex-PresidentHayes is in very poor^health, ami within the last few years ha.^grown old very perceptibly. His M r and^be-ar*l an-almost wuite. He is losing hi*^memory, and says he llnus il difficult to^r* iu* inner tin- details ot an event only a^lew hours old.
KdwardFverctt Hale's pre-eminence us^the- Cnitarian leailer incites the Hint ti
iicrahito paatjM so that aaaaa IWaaal paa*
o^mtion of the fact b - made by tho di nom^^ination to which h^- belongs. ^11 ^Imp^Hah ,^ for instance, our contemporary^think*, weiil.In t sound so bad.
Hcv.iliidley W. Hboih h, of (' nciiinaii.^hns pre-acbed a ceiniou upon ^ihe 1st oral
Infltstaeo^^f Baaa DalL^ Ha aaafaMsaaad
it^til- nobh'st height of gymnastic ex -i-
ci,.,^ ^the most beallhfol ^ Btialaa a aiaa
cantake.^ and declaicd lhat ^the l Bria*^pan church and the pulpit cannot afford^to ignore the gam*', wh.ch i* rising to tl,.^dignity of a national sport, uttd draw ing^all of ih^- young men ami children in the^land toward it.
time*-K. om i. Old i'oslulrli-e MMsM^P. O. Box, tiJ, - MlsSOl'I.A, MONT.
llesldtnee- on ^ ak street, near St. Ann's
Ofneehours leim a. in. tol'.':3np. in . from 1:3)^loop. in., and from li: to p. in. to 'j p. m.
JOUXli. I.OUI Ills
LewlsohnEulltling, Wed Uranitc street, Butte,^Molilalia.
Litabltthed /SSj.
Fitzpalrick^ StriclLtaden
Real.Estate. Agency,
; Real Estate and Insiiriince Agents. Mm
ni Er .k' is,c. Ik cms iaa Oootayaaaai P
Bieler\berg^ Co.,
Wlo csalc and Ketail Dealers
;.Mutton ^ and ^ Pork,
FreshGate, Oysters
Liquor*,Cigars.('audits, Nut*, Fruits^Butter ar*l r resli Egus.
Country/'nii/tom Sf^a ial/v.
Easttin! si., Anacon.hi, Mont.
Read's0h1 Stand.
ANACONDA,MONTANA.^Ofaoail July 1,18Sa. lleepeued Oct. I, IOI
fcj- ^t' .3^'^^^-,.'i;,.,,|t
Onenf the handsiiin.'st nnd most e'epant an-^I ^luted hotels In the Ciuteil Suites. Tlinlou.'lilv^flreiHroof, nnd provided wdh clcvat.nK. gtswMlo^bells, lire alarms, Itiiiu.n.i s-jctcr, l.a'hs, stciitn^fient, upeti fire plaees un.l nil uu ilerii rent en-^I ti.-cs It. inns en suite and stni'le. Ciu^.uo^and service- strictly Ih si class. Bans Iroin
AiroiiiiUi:to tl^o i\tu\ mmbIMmW ot roovM^oceupied.
jrrxA,et M.uifoid,
ANOI.O-NEVADA.of San Franelsw,^( Ah.FORMA, of San Francisco,^OOstMl Ri I al* ^^f ( allien uia,^F1HIM A N111 ,\ I ^, of (-.lUloroia,^^AB11 ^)l;l), of Hartferd,
UinrjUAJ.*-f Lsoosa,
i.ivi Hl-oohiind LONDON and GLOBE,
NAllONAI, of llaruuld,
MAIiARA,of New Yorx,
lllor.Nl.V.of London,
yl'EKN,of LiveriKKH,
IN ION. ot Calitornia,
WLhTLItN,of Toronto.
I..HOOK, rmldrat,^M illt I s mil. Vlee-fre.l.
W.M. IHOKMON, cashier.
$1 oo.ooo
l'.uvsndsell Domestic and Korelen ETehani5^^ami transact a cencral hankin.- husiness.^Collections |.r.im|i|lv i.llen.le.l to Ex-^e'haiis'e diawu on mhi.I.hi. Edlntxarg,^Ulssjrirw. Dublla. ttctlsSsX. ran*.^tlauihurK, Berlin and all tho^ie-adiui; clti. s of Europe.
AmericansMtsMai National Bank....New York
OmahaNational BankOtnul.i
Weils,| :upi S; CoMan Francisco
Ital- National LankOcdeu
lliute,Brownls* A. C^Butt,.
M.i. I .mis' National BankHelena
foraW*Urn*. 1C Col)*-er Iai lg.)
tni.i. hoof. m. n. i itowsi rn, it. r. rum.
Iransaetapeut-ral tanking busfties*. Es-^cli.ii.i.-^ uiawu cu uii itio leading ones ot^sMfsM
Colicctions Promptljr Attsoded To.
rorresponient':Wells, F irco (6 Co., New^Yolk; Wells, In mo it Co.. Mill Lake; Wells,^rarao ^ * .... rati Francisco; omalia Naiiousl^Hunk. IMaakai Fsrst Kstfsssal Bank, Oiuatia.
nr.ALriw is
FineCigars, Tobacco iud ConfeclioDtry.^^^
tWiolesa'.nand MM Pealer in^*COHL OIL
MentionCentral Rattwaf.
Hi...-Ni.rth.'in Kailwav.^Eastern Kail era v n( Mii'ii-snts,^Willinar ^ is e F.i'ls Rail way.^Irj.u li, \i ..Ii hum n sv. Facile- liAilwnr.
TNI HE .IF sTU'K COUM r- Sta'e of McSSta *V
1I'otsMI ^i I Looo* ss. Townih!1
Alia.onda. hcfoie J. A. Rockwell. Ju.the of the
'Vf.' Klrhv, plaintiff. VO^JlfM W.^hadaat-aiia* Mini moil^. the suite of Mon^taiw. to ih- ..i^ ivenamedOef.-iidant, t.n-e- n.^Vouareneretn summoned to be ami *i . u
I., foi n.e. .1 A. Koekw* .I - ,.- ^ f th^ i.-.ic-^lu .ni.i lorUM iowbsi lj^ol Au i on km ot
Ii.cr Listire, at tn^ *'*^^^^ I-*-^to ^ t.un^teinia.s-fiei lte^-iM.- i f IH- at* it-^.** - a^v 'i I ic i sn-i there to li as* answer to ill c^ m-^lUsiutofl F Klrhv. Hi^ i bove iclilut i Uliiiul,^lii'a e.Ml ietum to rseover tl *^ ^nm i i o t hao-^^tn.i undone and s. vein* t *- ^ in liuadr i I ^^ilella ^ tor t-alsae.- ^!'e la c.is warn an^^ . . .. ,1,.,. s. 11' :^^^^! *H ^-. .. rfeodaal i y^i.l:en-ift at ^le:eed.^ut ^ in- am- and i-.iuec^^ ;ii n Hue- pots, pa I ia at SOU Ibrreoi
le.i-mcnl w It I- li-nncsl .,. . ^ ^^ vol. .l.eui^W l.s'f. the: .hove namedJot. '. r lie
s-iini'f*ni'.* hi iiar d and in. un.l n-xciil--ll.e^iiicliiindtislilK dollars an I cutis .f s rt, ia ati
''ccnimdw' ^=^^- M ^us elcveaLB day of^Mu^, A. U.I^Ij A , ,, fXfgjt
Justiceof tbe l'eoee.
AGreat Through System
Kmon'v line rnnnlnes niaim!fl^ently eci*i!|.p -.1
Iranicoat - - ' ^' fastotr*. innin^ oir, Day^Coaches aud Free Coioaists' nleener trotn liuoo^l. M I'aul and .Mum.a|s.lis wilhoul tluuisJ.
fMsMftMaafor Chicago and
Mi..e in Union lvp.it al teiiiiiuai*.^Mss MMJ ^e'^*' aaM whl depart from
failleas follow*:
NoI AUaaM express. 7 4t a. ra. for Wstsam,^. .. at. I'aul, td.iiucapoli* aoe Easivrn
No^. Helena F\pri-s^. H i* ta
forinlorttiatioa as io s:^s^ptoi: ear reservattoa,^tn si t- slid nine t.iuie* applv u
1 ll.litBB.VRI^, J i DAWOOX,^Trni Fass. a^-l Helens lien a.-ut. Butte,
i-ii lani el v, r i wiuf-M v.
ben.[let. Ax'.. M. C. By. lien, l'. ss un.l ikt. Aau^llrsrnssoi.Nvn io.,sl Fsul

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