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Oftho STANDARD Is In tho^New Windsor Hotel Annex, No.^21 East Broadway. The Tele^^phone number is 25S.
jUmImmiiivtn ba laaaivaa' m tin* Mi^mm tba m imukip mi ^ a'cwak
I'.SI. (tT lit-* 11 loll 111 IllcfOlh'W-
laginoimiii;'* |ta;-cr.^The FTAM'Min i^ MrMNI In Untie MBBMftV
rtstaii)gvtfi bmivbbb\
CUSINO and akiiivai ill' ^am.l
1 Al rive!
Mmifor t'allfnrn'a mid
themiriliem m at* ^^^Mm! lor rar tla M. ('. I!y^Mail lor Kaat via M C. I!)^M .11 )'^i km via N 1 . i.t
rhi p.111
'aa a.m.^: :^ip.in^: :m p.m.1
i p.Ml*
Horn,May IH. to llio wife of htlsartl^Hale. .1 daNffbts-r.
11'pn. May 21, on lloinlmati street, to^tin- w fe of Julia Nichels, u koei.
Thei In of id^ l ouuty clerk .mil rc-^Ml il r will ba ch^-ctl alter I n'chiok tin-,^in. rn lie.
Dr.J. M. Merrill, tho (iinniie Mountain^c;i| l n!i^t, in in Hutu . He will go to^Orauitu losdaa*.
'11tore will tie .i eall uf the civil calendar^in Dcpuriiiu nt 1. of the il,strict court on^Momiay inoriiiiitf.
I'MJ unes HI IHMM slightly ln'tlcr^yiMciilty, hut the chances fir his ricciv-^cry BfV wry faint.
Trafficon (.ranile ptreet wan stopped^for a si.oit I|m ^ je-ti i^l.i.v nonMwj !^^' UM^breaking ol ih ^ trolley wire.
Yesterdaywork bbMBj m iu flM| the^frame hiiildn g in Wesi Quart! on Mm^proposed site oi the block t^ lie i recti il hy^A. W. I.arnurd.
Thesocial at Centerville was postpotied^last i iolii hteausoof ihe sioriu, atul will^Ih- civeu o BtMafl at 0 o'chK'k. Supper^i-ctiis. All are cinhully invited.
The!^..zar held at the Caajgfl ; a:.ou.il^clilllldl, on (i i aulte hired, by lhel. |ihe^'^Aul soe.eiy, will hi* columned until tn-^niffilt at 10 o clock. Ice cream and cake^wJl he m rv^ d I rum 1 ^ a. in. to ID u. in.
Hotliu.cli, ice i ream and sirawla rrics^nhil eri am w ill Ih- mtv* d hy Um ladies ,.f^the llapllst chlirctl.it Ihe |ia\illou. West^Granite and A'asha, to-day, from 1 .' iiooii^lid It p. in. t uargi ii for each only H.i^cents.
hiv ew of the fact that a iiiiinl Bf of
piop c ' lllp ^^^ i'll iii the i llii'e ol the
MA.Mi'I'li^i-li l'i take pa 11 in the scr-^Tic ^ linn.tut to Decoraiioii day, the^^ dltloii lor HI BBUCTUW BBSMNaJ will he^ouiilted.
MountainView M. I'.. (Lurch If v.^Dr. 1 o^er, pies.del.l of Mol'la..a milV i-^slly, will | reach at 11 a. in. lo-ui^^iiow.^Suiuluy school at L'llll |^. in , at e p. m.^]{ev. 1 rank K. Ihi.sii will preach to^MMW nun: ml j et, ^lb l| fin Ics-^^OflM for irnVMfl MMrll frOM the Ufa ul (ieii-^cral l . .s. Uimtik^ All \vi h ouie to thi ^e^bt'i flaw.
TheSberills Hammer Ka; Mi On^^ignirt's Op m House.
The Firit Mitttinai i. o k WmiiIh ^lore
Illttp., Muv L'i. -The K.rst National^bank ol I In11. aajBBtl lour suits in attach-^ment in l^i partin. :il J.ol the distncl^court to-d.iy. I he Hint ih to recover i'J7^on a prouii^^ ry note made at l'.nh creek
l-ihruary 1 IN^'!, bf Thas li. Hint to
iieoijj'A.llinlly. Tile toccoinl is to rc-^Bovrt tUt on a aula ataxia hy ll. ft, Vouni;^to Otorga A. HiuM v al i' l^h creek on July^lu Is-i. The tltitd M to recover HK9 on a^note ajfati a. 1 *\ ii'liecs, Mom., |i ealbi r^I, 1hssi |,y William I.. Ilaiti'.i\. and^t UafiVM li. i urki t. Toe oilier miii in to^i( ( nvi r f. t.i on a note made at I'.sh creek
JanuaryJi. l^-^'^^. by Pranklla Lamaun to
ticoiKeA. Uruffjr, ioihis A l*'orij.i are^atioruc.vs [or me plaiuiill'.
INNBBO Oi Kbi All!
Timliixit ot hm t ^(in BuUM th'n'l k i |i^tint lie- It tin.^Kirn, May :'' ihe roof on the ens-^^Ida of ti c ^ ouri bouse is m h.ul condi^^tion. Ihe riceul rallih bive ruined a^lal-gf | ^l^ o i . I liei ^ illilit and MMIIll wall^ol He court room ol Department 1. ol the^disii ,ei e mi t. It la sail ih.a UM iialti r^ol icpa.iriir tba fool has hieu s^ vetal^t.im h ealh d to ih'- attention ol ihimy
1omuils-lollf rs, 1 lilt llley hide 111 |f .ei'leil
tod i aiiyihiiii;, alltl now it is i ujy ,t qu a^^tiun of tune win n Ilia pl i-i' i- wtU .ol hi^lb^ eouil room. Ih^ run lias dipped^Man iui^ tc |a| um i tie Boor ol tbr in m^Is nearly cover'^l witn wan r.
Trtt tlAVi:^ WiLL LASh
A|l^'ai uiioii lor Ihe A|^Mi Iiiiiik te. ul Hi in y^0 lion*, as Atlltl III .si i ,|1..| tl% , i r tiled.
BfltflbMay^Uu\c^' Mi ll itt. n tt^.
tt.iyante auead bit* dtcimtiii in Um luatlt r^ol lie' || p ( ill li i f Mai l.in ( UUMMlBfl^for ila- it lie vul ol John A. Havis as afiV
lllilll-ll.lloo. the ll. v.s ^ si lie and tin'^upp' u.imcrit ol 11' my A. Knot as mi, U^uiluiiiiistrator. lie- com t ^imply an*^iiouticed mat the motion wan ovell'll i d.^'l ni - a| p.a-.it .mi a .'. Mi.iuntled vtlllejlit^nr^niueiit on ^ i dill adaf/i
LiMtai ^ i^ Nut m i,.^Ill'TiE, M^y-'^^ -A 'pleiidi I imitoren^yiiie anil cur made their appearanc ^ in^the town to-d.iy. Nile nuclide lit Wdol-^^ toti has i xpma il N,W0 havmi; the old^tan t( p.nun ^I and n ' ovale i, .ml the re^^sult is tl.itt ilie c .r- look as noetl as new .^j In y w.ll he lltatl lor the I oliiinhia p.tr-^tli u and race track Irallp- ami will run^i very 16 MaWtaa nurinu the Im-y purl of^the day.
Alinn ivtay.^Hltik. May L-.i -As Dr. T. ^'. Wilder-^^ pooll Wus |.eltlt:|{ into Ins h s carnage till^Idaho street, al noon lo-tl ty. lint horse^aW k fright an 1 ran away. The annual^akippad along all by hiiiim-lf as far as^K 'Cker, wueu a man on horseback aur-^ee. (h d in capiuriug the runaway. Little^tluu.age wu^ (loin .
TileBM] llern BMMaMi K'' ill
llmhMay 19.^Col.GeorgeKit^gibboiia^and ex-Ald(nnun Jouuny I urran w.ll^O ^ li the Southern Noinple umin at No II^Baal hroadway on next '1 in hi!hx t foil^^ing. 1 lie lity will entice tin ir friends I^y^the I est ol ^ very ItlitUJ ill the way of^liquors and cigars They shouhl In g vi n^a splcnd d si nd-i II.
SuitCommenc d In tho District^Court lu Hi cover Komy Ad^^vanced interest on tho^Amuun; No: Paid.
Bt'TTK,May VJ. Shortly nf icr the opi ra^bouse in ibia eiiy wan l.uriieil, in the^Kpiingof 1^.18, a corporation called the^(aHMMl Optra House company was^loiiiicd, wh.ib lull.in id toJoun Maguire^tMMt '^ lehiulil the house and took ill^security it mortgage on the property. Tts^^day the drain! Opera House company be^^gan suit in Department 1. of tin-district^^awl lor the foreclosure of itiat hen. 'Ihe^dcleuduuts in the union are John Ma^^guire, Janu s. A. Murray, Hum- Hardware^t oiiipauy, A. Werthey, I'harles J. Hakata*^Ii-iii, James |{. iioyce, jr., UM J tt^r Moun^^tain rnlilishu g( Jinpauy an I -Mai-liuil 1..^Ian eu.
1lie 11 rut c.niic of action tet forth in the^coinpl.tmt bian s that tin ibe It'th tlay of^Sept. nils r, l(v-K, ut Untie City, iloni. nt,^Hie dclcnd.iul, John .vlaguire, made ami^extended to Hie pl.iintilf Inn pioiuiksory^note, aa lollowal
[IITjMaJiiiii. Mmil,, . e|i!. -it, Isss.
llllM i edire fiilll^ yt BM lilt i ll.lte, fof v a lie^leeentil, I pl t'llilsi- lo | ay to l.lallil UBefa^ll-iii'i' eeii'paii.i. a i-or] urMiaa at ( n'.ei, .In- um^of -iteiiii'ii tiio'is.ii ti 'si;,,!!! uoiiais, wan^Intel cvl ut he mi.' .11 p. i.-lit. |s r in. ie h^IrOM i at. in til paiil, iii.i ie i pa.i.iii.t- timi-
li^:John Mm,i int..
JohnI. I ^i.i.is
Itis ..In i.e.i Hint no part of Hi note^has het'ii pnid, . xt c|it H i' sum tit ^l,u.n,^paid on the .'e.i, ..I Altircli.and the
HUMof UtC3U paid on Hit- ftt^li of Si ptein-^her, HM| -mil there ih now due on the^nolo Hie sum ot *17,UXI,witb intercut from^Septeuiher 1^, leMU, at the run- of one per^cent, per in.null. It la liirtbcr alleged^that Maguire lo st curo the payment of^the note extciitetl anil ilelivtred to the^plailltllT a mortgage hearing date of Sc|s^^leinlier l-s-.uud comliiioiier for the^paymt'iii ol Hie mini of rl-.UKJ and inh r-^est tin ieon at the rule sp. cilled in II.e^noie.
Tneproperty ih senhed us lot U\ Ihe^MM I alt of lot II an.i the West \~'/t leet^ot lot Hi, all in block Untie loauHile.
IIwas iiileuihil liy Hie p.ainiiir, Ihe^inoi Igugee, nlltl Megliue, the Ultirtgllgor,^lo ceiivi y by the lllortgagt-e Ihe lollowitig
daaardiianraaari^i Ad ol |M UV Um
Westhalf ot lot 14. atul the e.-ml 17'/. feet^ol lol 17, all iii lilo.-l, j.i, hut bf Ulls..ikf nl^the par'y who tirew ihe tuoiigage the^pri pei ty was ei rum attabjf deseriheii. Suh-^st tpi, imy, on 1 i i riiaiy 5, le.-.i, Magu r.-.
iiii.ltlt r to Col i'eC l iu-- llllslalte, t Xeclltl ll
10the pl.niil II a eoi recti.ni und Ihe same^aus ilmy recor.lt d.
Itis lurtl i r all, ped that ull of Ihe ile-^feiitlunia II a Ml d have some mtt it si in^Ulid to the pi . p. rty tlcsci ibcd in the luorl-^gage, hui tiieir i ights are sui j.-ct und siin-^si ipi. tit to Hie light* t.f the |tiniiitill t i^lilt- vt hole ol the property, and M Hie^r ghts i f the plaiuiill to hold all t.f the^piopt-rty us securi'y lor the Mini iiidebtetl-^lu ss. 'l ie- plaiuiill lli. relore prays UmI^Hie tiiorig.'g.- iney he relot tiled und^Ulilelldtd ill regard lo the ill-triplloll ot^ihe piopcrty.
'Ilie htcoiid cause of action recites the^fact- Ht-l forth in the III^1 cause, and lur-^ther says liial by the It nils ol Hie miiri-^guge il is provided that ll Maguire should^lull lo make any puyiuetil ot inn-rest upon^any iii^tuhineiii, coming tlue senu-^unuiial^y. Hie whole ol saitl note,^princip.'l and intcrcsi, should baajeajai^tlue. ll is Itirlhcr alhged thai Maguire^has fulled lo pay any s.-uu-alinual llisl.ill-^meiils of interest since SepiemlM-r L^t,^lS.s'.l, ui|.I plaint.II elecls that Ihe m hole ol^said note, principal und interest, shall^now become tint- und payable, us pio-^vl'letl in said luorlgagt*. I he coll.plaint^liirther stales Hint liy virtue t^l Hie pro^^visions of Ha* uioi'tguuc it wua provuletl^that Muguire Btaaaaa Map the improve-^nit ills on the piopcrty insured for the^amount equal to Hie uiiioiim - it ii_- on^the note, ami ihat upon his failure to tio^so tin- pniiiiidl miglii insure H.e properly^und charge the cost to Mugu te. Maguire,
11IS alleged, lalled lo keep Hie p. opt l iy
insured,end the plaint IT advani-ed at^varn us times stuns in all to the amount^ol f l,y7.'.::i H is IMIIlM stated lliat hy die^MfMt ot the lliorlgage lliat ill cuse^a suit f ir toicelosiire w:m begun a rea-^sonahle atiorm y s Ice siaadil lie ubowed^and ihut fee is llxed at fl.'oo. 1 he pluin-^sill t'rays jiiilginciil ajjaMMl the tleiciid-^ant:
aaTfct,for the sum of sIT.Iri i with interest^at Ihe rate of 1 pt r celii per in.mill ffMM^the 2V Ul day ol St pli llllfi. l'SS'.l, |, g. Hi, r^With ihe s \c ral MMaM paid liy tins plain-^nil lor iiisiuunce, vMih inn re-l al the ran^ol 1 per i t in pt r niontli Iroin the date ol^atlvaui nig lite same, unil lor costs tit sun,^together ^t nh fl.Ud atli i l- y's lee for the^foil ( loatIM ol Hie mortgage
Sicoittl, that the sum mortgage be cor-^Ma tad bimI leiemn in aarb uiaanaf tnut^the pi-opt-ny may he correctly tlt scrihed,^BBjd thill the Usual ih i'll-e may liy illade foe^the stile,! the property 1^.\ die sin id);^UmI Hie precet lis oi the sal.- may ba B| -^plied to l.iyluelit MT tba BBBIBIHI tine the
puintdlaudthat lhauViounaat and aU^personm t'labnbts uaalar him, tubai tpn nt^io d.t i x i ttlMaj oi ihe Kortgatf* Btaj i^^harrc.l ot all r gills in the pri-mitcs.
IIn- eoinp.a..tl is Kwii ii to hy W. K.^In iiyoii as pics.th'iii oi ihe Grand Opafaj^Hou-e e, ninaiiy ami ParuMfl l-'orlu-ai.^^the attortity- lot- iln- plallttttT,
PROWATfi MA i 1 BK*.
Unitis UajBjad in It a. ti'1 la the BaMM til^Mil ha, I fBttalt
1i iii. May .V Judge Mcllattoii to-^tla^ in.ol'1 two dt en t's in the matter of^the estati of Michael ( arroll, d, ceas, t|.^One auihor'/es Jatues W. Mn-. i y, as
i.utti it* atiuiiuisiratoi' to t laaautt to bibimm
Dalya toiivcynnce of ihe - ro ihni'.^I r, pi rty ikatfabad us .be WUImiim*IIu
I.I. , the I llllt tlle lode and '.he I i
Birdlo'le, nil litMBtad m Iud pMitictica^district, ai d the l-.tk bjOB siUMtl d i.i Deer^Lodge county. TtM oile r mill m e ^ Mr,^,\:in I,\ i.iimiiv. y lo Ilie Anaconda Min^^ing t- imp my tin uBN^ttftb ill la ra si i f tin-^late btr.Carroll In ihe Swi'i r iodaaltu*^itleil iii Summit Valley i istiiet. I ln se
deere-slog. I her w It ll two tlteils coutiy-
ingth-properly as dueete I it loa court^were this aficrnoon hie,I w.th County^i lark Hooth.
Mtt-itnaat st^t Itliiilth-rs.^A inciting of stiH'k holth r^ of the lire, ti^('..| |^t Muting ci inp my will he held on^Saturday, May :^), iK'l.at j o'clock p. in. in^Kr rcilki-'s bbbbb on 1'tah avemic, liutic,
Pillpost , st tllellK-Ilt of UCC'illllls.
Brad.1 . Ami. rson, J^r.'^idt'nl.^I'retl. Peilke's. Secretary,^liny iUih being u legal holiday the^nhi re meeting is hereby postponed until^Monday June I, ut -o el, ck p. in. ut the^same place np i.tioiied uborc.
bri'l( Anderson, Pnsidcnt.^raad Ke Ike, Hi crtMary.
Pianosand crgan* mid on eoay terni
rtOatati ntos
liferI tin!-. MM I tads, joh printing of^raarjr dt-srrtntloa neatly dunu at the
Nouni In lie Mure lu Itelall uf Ilia Mew^VI oh i it,- fur Working fiacrr*.
Bin n. May lit.^Mining men, cspt ciolly^those Inn reshs! iii properltes yielding^free gold ores in which n large BBfMSM^ng^ of the valtii) is in the sliapj of fine or^II ur gold^ami that is cliuructt rist c of^in urly all ilie gold ores of tlua stale^are^i v ileiicmg a good deal of interest in Mr.^Luc kchbuch's tnurprise which was^hru Hy mi 111 oucil :n '1 hur^day's Stand-^Ai;l^. Mr. Luckenhaeh, who is now iu^Unite Willi Mr. brown und Mr. bullies,^iwo other Denver gi nth men who nre in-^tt itsttil with bun in placing a few of^these BjajCBMBta IB Montunu, is very posi-^tive of ability to save u very high pent nl-^uge of uil gold which is tret t vi u though^it cannot be ^^uvcd by any^other clliup process. The brief^mi niioll of the mnehino made ill^Tburadajr'a Si amiauh bbbbjii to intvo i t-
citedeolistderaole SJMBVBBBM ulltl a mole^ih tailed .li M notion will iltulhllcss be
rend with inn test. The line figold
savingtrap, built by Mr. I.uchcnbacu's^rottApanjr, consists, us hit uescritH's it, of^two shallow pans, one iibuve the other.^1 he lower pan holds the quicksilver and^the upper one, which bus u st ries of per-^1 rated sheet metal plates nttuclied lo its^under surface, is held immersed in the^ippt Usiiver i-ontaincil m the lower pan.^i he upper pan has a stand pipe with^boj p r BHat BMl The waler, ladings,^sun ca or piuccr sand, us the cuse may^h , enters the BIsjipM and by their own^gr.iv ly lab thiough Iln-slant pipe enter^^ing Into Blld passing tlilongh ill*- hedy nf^ijii.i Ksilvi r m a linely nil.divided eondi-^t.oi , ih-i harging from Hie edge of^the lower BM into u ciiculur^guittr utt tclieil to the pan. A most^important f -autre is a device for cumin-^BBiiv apply d g bydn gen in v. bunt' lo tho^hody-ol qiiicssilvir cmpli yed, keeping^the tpiit ksdvi r iu u pure, in live condition^und t 1*1 BlB^Ml preventing it from t xulti-^uiioti or sickening.
'1hesc traps, II Is claimed, when placed^inposiiioii ni gold anil silver nulls and^placer workings will catch with certainty^ull ihe free Ileal gold and ulsu the floured^quicksilver which otherwise would he lost^heyond rtcovery. The company's plan^here ami elsewhere is to erect and work^these traps at t heir own expense wherever^the conditions will promise reasonable^prollt, entering into contract with the^owners of mills and placer workings for^the continued opi ration of them upon a^division tit the savings cfTecte'l. The^trap can treat M tons per day, or more,^ami as the chief cost of operating consists^of the pay ^ f a man to ain nd lo it, it will^he seen ihe t xpi use is slight, mid then -^fore a pretty low grade proposition can^he handled with good prollt.
1hey have no machine ut present in^BtltMi hut have one down on Snake river^which w ill he drought up here as soon as^lin y enter into u contract for its use.^They now have it representative iu the^Georgetown district examining some tail^^ings dumps and pluccr workings there,^und baabMa urn talking husiucss with sev^^eral ddli rent liutte parties.
AMystery Explain! tl lur Ilie In iu 111 uf^Ilie I! lull BBBBBJBi^Bl ti k. May IS.^^What has Income of^the small change'.^' is a question which^has ht t'ii ugituntig a gootl many retail^lirius iu Unite for the past mouth. I p to^Ihat lime there was an abundance of it,^bill il h- gati gradually to disappear, anil^even the hanks were short on ^'chicken^feed.^ The coin which sct-mcd chit fly to^have gone into a little was the silver^dime. The mystery, how, ver, has ut^length Im-cii t xplained,and u part at least^of die retailers now know what is the^matter. For the hem lit of those who^nave not yet ^caught on^ this mention Is^made. Alktut a mouth or six weeks ago^the invention of some hasten! In lid found^lis way to Unite. It was nothing^more nor less than a new kind^of savings bunk calculated to bold $.'^^worth ol dimes ami of such an improved^character that mil a single dime eoultl ho^shaken, coaxed or pulled out of it until^it was full. The design of this wus to^lake away from weak willed people who^w auled lo sav^- iln ir motley the tempta^^tion to rob the bank. Hit- new device is^a Ileal affair, and although it is intended^chiefly for i bildreii ll hnppciif-tl to culch^the hn cy ot some girls of larger growth^mu! Iln n.y there was hardly a waiter girl^in town or a lu er jerker. or a variety star,^or others of various callings, who did not^possess one of the new laugh il banks,^Ahoiit one hundred were sold to such^pi ople ami us tin y never hesitated to B8B^ihcir male friends to put a dune in the^slot the r -suit was that in two or three^weeks ^ r less nearly every dime in town^hud Matt collected und w as safely locked^in u savings hank which wi uld not opt u^until it was lull. So that is what was the^matter with the small change, but the^scarcity lhtrcin still coniiuues.
Mrs.l.i-lslikt- lots. lo t', nip a La-dung in
Ill'i TK, May :.'! About a week ago K.^I.t ishke had E. I^t( amp arrested for as^^sault. Iloth men I.re in South liutte.^l.eishke is a cobbler, and Del amp went^to collet a hill of h in, when I ley had a^row . D.-l amp was di-ehargctl.
Itbantlt'Ucd that during the contro-^vi r-v DiCainp took BCC#JBBM to call
l.elshke'ssoli u ^lollvy hllle Jew.^ This^niorUiUg, lis a It-Mill ot that slateuieilt,
Iht .imp was hor.-ctvtiippt'd iu die^street at South Unite by Mrs.^Leisttke. Ue (ami. was p-is-.ug^along Mam street. Mrs. Leishke had^been wailing for l.ilu In the folds .1 In r^tin s^ she cairieil a raw Intle. Without^warning the woman sprang at 1) , attip^mid began t i ram blows upon his In nl^and si ion nit rs. DfCaittn raised his ha d t
10ward nil the blow* VMM Leishke^rmnail to tin- scene ami warmd Di-Camp^hot lo strike Ins mil'. A large crowd^gathered around ami seemed to t i.j y tin*^^erne, DsC'anui linally manage i n^cape, ^^I'll le.it-ii y ou lo call my hot a^t.'ii^^^ linn' .1 w.^ yehed Mrs. Leishke^Biter l.iin. ^You utuat'l get null wnai^jroU thseivii1, ltd.led 111 r hllshatld. 1) -^l amp tins atterno tu Mrora out u warrant^tor the urrcst ol L-'islike und his wif.'.
sy^ ^
BMlBjiBMttrelik lino a Ituetll tin,I K.ib a^l'i imk i I' ll, t unit ii'-.
BVYTaj,May Another daring hurg-^lary was coiiiimttt d n tins i ll) t |BJ ru^^ing, 'bins Uane J. ('. Amlersoti was Hie^loser to the nine of m arly Hsl u. Mr.^Audi rson is a l arn udt r nl tin- (\ nihina-^inn g imhling house. He rot ins m a^bosyaaowBed i v l.iiiy Gwln at :.l Koutb^Montana sir. ei. Mr. and Mis. t, am re^^cently went out of luwn on a visit, and^as Audi rson had an uiiuniullt strong^trunk, he w us n*kcd to ki t p some of the^valuable jewels In-longing i.. the family^in it. He also had a quantity t.f jewelry^ol his own iu tin* trunk, making the value^of ihe lot shoiii f l.lOil. J hero wus also in^the trunk ill ^o in cash.
Asthe httusc is icrupictl l y u nuinlH-r^of It tigers the front door is always left^unlocked. 1 In' hurgiars prohuhly knew^this farl. Anil,rson left ihe hi use ut .^.: ()^o'clock llus in ruing. Eveiydnng was ail
11lit then. \\ hen In- MUBTtM d two hours^later he ft itiul that the rami ha! hcen^ft read apeB BMl tba ^tones- and jewelry^suit u. I it I'uliif ion bar a biMraMd
alidalt- wi rkillg on the case.
Yesterday'sHeoiiog of West Park Street^Prcp.rly Owners.
Tit^ Matter of tirade Discuaaed^but No Ultimatum Roachsd-^The Situation Remain!^Unchanged.
Bi'TTF.,May '2a.^Sum ^ 'M properly own^^ers m \N est I'urk street between Wash^^ington and the gulch ue t in the council^chainl'i I- of the city hull this afti HMM 1^^ace if tin y could come lo any agrctmetit^in n gartl to the Wi st I'urk street grade.^Willi du m were ( ny Kngihct r Harper,^Aldermen McDermott, l'asctx-, Muiiie and^Duwsun utnl the ct luiniss.un appointetl^to ussess the ilniuages to property, 'l'he^puny BBM uibletl at I! o'clt.ck, atul nil hour^later it was unanimously decided that^ugret incut was itnpossihlc, uutl that they^MXVhl us well give Up talking ubollt ill''^mutter in dispute, 'llus wus the only^unanimous thing done iu the meeting.
Thosepresent sot mi d pretty evenly di-^WUk d oil the matter in thspiitt, those BB^^pBBad to cutting down the street being^rcsith hts on Ihe top of the hill and iu^Jackson street, while the people living on^tiie suit s ot the lull fuvor culling BM the^up^ x.
CityEngineer Hurper unrolled a big^map showing the present grade. The two^partu s gathered in a circle around the^table on which th s map wus placed. City^Engineer Huriicr lold what the mutter up^lor discussion was, und desired some^ideas on the mailer from those present,^kreryoue present hail an idea or two, and^six or eight tr.ed to communicate their^ideas ut one and the same tune.
J.Chuuvinthought u satisfactory com^^promise could l.e reached by cutting^down the hill 5, ti, 8 or 10 feet as desired,^but leave the sidewalk as it is at present.^The sidewalk would be considerably ele^^vated, but it could be banked up with a^stone wall at the expense of the city.^This stone wall would protect the prop^^erty owners as well as the sidewalk.
Ileforethe discussion on this proposed^compromise had fairly begun, several^other things were discussed und those^present drifted off from tho point that^hud llrst been brought up. Mr. Harper^s.v.d in rrgartl to Mr. Chauvin's sugges^^tion thut it would necessitate steps lead^^ing down into Jackson street from Dark.
Asthe discussion warmed, the meeting^divided up into utlcxen smaller meetings.^Knots oi three or tour were lound all^over the council chainher. with an alder^^man, a commissioner or the city engineer^iu the center ami representatives ot each^party talking to him ut the same time.
Afterit bad become | retty well si tiled^that nothing was being accomplished, it^was suggested that Mr. Hur|h-r make u^statement of such c-hunges us he pro^^posed and let those present vote on it.^This was objected to, however, antl^everybody went to talking again. Some^insisted that all sit dowB and let the^meeting lie called to order, but nobody^set the i xample.
JohnA. Tupper suggested that tho en^^tire matter be left to the street and nlley^committee to recommend some action,^and that the property owners abide by ihe^decision of the committee.
Weare accomplishing nothing at all,^^said Mr. Harper. ^Has any alderman^anything lo suggest^
Alderiil.inMcDermott suggested that^tin- committee go to the scene of the ills-^pute uutl Itsik the matter over. Some ob-^J' cted very decidi illy to leaving the mat^^ter to Ihe committee. They did not want^to liny tuxes lor a thing that would prove^a detriment to their property. 1'hey^thought if nny change was made the city^shoii.d pay the damages.
(ny bngmccr Harper said the city^woiinl pay nothing. It a change iu grade^is decided on, the commission will deter^^mine what property is damaged and what^is benetitt-tl, and the propt rty- owners^bcnciltcd will pay those injured.
Nomotion was made antl no action^taken, the meeting linally dissolving it^^self by mutual consent. 1 be street and^alley committee of Ihe city council w ill^look the matter over and decide on some^^thing.
itis urged by the objectors to the cut^Ihut there are three mining shafts on^l'ark street, and that their houses will^lall in if excavation proceeds any further.
lis. mai on. M n ^^ r., (lis, ii.te afn^^^New link list (liiitliuite Mnl.cai lil.oolki^Hospital.
ji oyi^, Hi. i^. c. M , nrinluate ef McftOl^Cnm-ifcliy Mi-intul tollers uf A.uiilreal, can-^i Us.
luiprovemeutstu hit Made by iii* I.run^-^Uirllurn Ititllrumt t olnpaity.
Ht'ttk,May -I. ^It bus hcen learned^that plans have been proposed for a line^lu-sltill roundhouse to be constructed in^this city for tin Gn at Northern road. At^present there is a five-stall frunic round-^hou-e, which will be lorn down. The^new one will he of brick mid double ihe^six,-. It will have l ight new side trai l,*.^It Will be local ted Ul yards north of Ihe^present rnuiuitu llM, It is believed active^work will begin in about tun weeks.^There is a great quantity ot grading to ba^done before -he coiisttt.clioti cull begin,^BBtt UM Work will lie completed during^Um BUMtsMC. It is ti significant fad that^ut the same lime the sill vt y of Ihe road^to Anaconda is being pushed.
BMJBJI'uulslieil on trih hy .fudge Me^M urpht-y.
lll'T'lK, May LU. ^ in police BtSjH to-day^John hliriek, cuarged with assault mid^batlery. vvas discharged; l.ticy Owsiey^utul la w is i Iwsicv, ci.argt il w ith disturb^^ance, wen lined each.
luJutlu-' Muldooii's court iii'il i; LiZ'iu-^by. accused - t BBBBIilllnir BamaHtasi, btbs^grant! d u chahifc of venue to Judge Mt-^Mnrpl ev'- c.uirl.
the case of John Wal-h, not-used of^threatening to kill Hamming, was post^polled, u il- IQUrft r Is dig IIled Ul the case
ttill I ni. ni taii-t.^l l'in , May ^'.i. J, hn H. Garrison, in^advance of l.i w is ^b rr soli, is in town to-^night. Tlie company w ill appear next^week, 1 hiu-silay. l'.ii!ay and Saturday^nights, ^l ausl^ will be presciilt d cacil^night.
BBMit. wiril.^A reward ot f.'.vi will ba pnid to any^person w ho w ill lurtilsh the uudcr.-igiu'.l^any information tliut wdi lend to tin- ar^^rest und i OD* BtioB of any BBTBaB or BBfs^stuis that shall b^BB|Mf or in any manner^iiitcrfcrewi.it tin-i roper wt rUit.g of tba^Gay nor lire alarm plant in Hn- city of^liutte.John H. WbXOOMB,
Attorneyfor the (taynor hicetrn- Co.
Nowis the tune to leave orders for^floweis f. r D. i-.iratioti -lay al Sherman's^undertaking ro, m*. 1-5 Ka^t i'urk street.
Buyflowers for Dicorution iluy of Mr-.^W. J. Crittenden. 1,- nrn orde rs at (^ ^--^don's news ~t.it or 1.41 West I'urk street.
OFFICESRoomi * Bad 3GoIdsoll Bid next new City Hall, Butt*, Moot
l!^esse^ of lite 1IYK AND KAlt unit all rrivate, OhBBBM ami Ni-rvoin Allmentl, RuptuM'^Btrli lure, Variem-eie, llydioe, lt^. Piles, I Is;ills uutl Iteelul 11 mnlainis.
llaiiylitimlit ,I i an^, cured In llet.Iaua mi.l iitijolmng siah-s Keferences clven. Ten yean^experience, l'inmpl ass stance anil cures assured lu all curtalili: cases.
Kis-clalatteulion mmmmbbmi
OfflceHouri-10 to li A. M., 2 to 5 I'. M , 7 109 1'. H.
CornerArizona and Front Sts.,
Wagons, Buggies and Sleighs.
^E^.r1R^\.,;^L^JVJiiII,kJ:J^iso ^4. Office of BROWN'S TRANSFER
RockSprings, Blacksmith and Pennsylvania Hard Coal.
Wholesaleand Retail Dealer in Metallic, Wood^and Copper-Lined Shipping Cases and Caskets^and Everything Pertaining to the Trade.
I'romptand Efficient Attendance. liml:aiming and Shipping a Specialty^LADY ASSJSTANTS.
OpenDay and Night
TelephoneNo. 97.
Thursday.Friday, Saturday, May 1% 29, M
ukami8ATUItl^AY MATINhK.
Mr.Roland Reed
oupporti'dhy tits |ierfi-ct ( nil.-rty Co.,^inuier tin' threclion of Mi;^^. it. Jack.
Anentirely new characterization,
Asmllil ^ BMBMBBtf man M ever^it-uttleil aslitp.^ Intlient'w
AreDally nfclvlnk' ciirl^m^l alter ctuload^of lhi^ ni ^^i ainl 1 n -t
Iv^r hrouirht u* Mnniaiui, and i^r**par^d to^furnish any kiml of h ihhis**, room or IhHH, )unt^as f*m waul it. \ou w.iul lo nt UmsT^Folding HrtU just lu, lines; m the mini, Coiud^and mBk a( liu m.
1. 1^. 1.1.villi's Ket-entilc l omi'iy
Af*nerf*l trnnfer lM:^lnrt;^ transrwiw!
nm-clat*hiuglf ami douhe r!p^.
Oiuuibutto all trains.^1 MtpMNM No.
AtPmyel :iw Nights lu Ni- v York.
I'sttulMMB^heseivoit BBBBI UJBI Mbl)^.^tie ll-. llt'm I't e Ktlle le-^n* ut I'slklns' Inn!.^si^i ^ I uesthiy. May .-n li
jioiporatedUadcr lh^ Lv:, ^ ol Hontiai
Asoneerlul tniniioiind i f Hie ee!elirated Dr.
\rtpaaa, I'mis. I'laaerbjabM .iojis -.uU m
PuBIII'BiiiAittMit: tu CBM^tf*' HL.An) f1 ri.i ^I
mm KBIV0C8 I'N^1.^i
. In N^ 111.itt- r lm^ i IBMtn
.' t| -t'',!l 'l* lllM'I'l'-l ... llll'
{ \yM-lieitllive UTMBS al
II11 Iter BM, BBJBI ib tlm
,! a. k in i t.. .- nrii-liii-
5Iraboa, bfatartai t a y
(MBTBbMMBBMMMMBkM lo RaMM Am'^Sliixit hAinh't'it l iiH-t nn-iioN ijit wiiara
MtBfaitkMami I1! ItlllN'IM' LttM Is NuT^llt KKi ri l^ uy u^iti t ut 1 ^\
I'm-*l u l^ v nr ^iv l ^^^ ^ Inr *^^ s iili writlcn
liiirautei-.fent In mail -ttureiy nalasl \.l-^ilres* ill n iiiinniii-iii .ct in |i. M. Nctrirti^Um; teiti|.ui^, r.ileii-e.i ^ I ulte I ii\. M.int.
I'uiiei1 unliic^heuve onlcrs fur piantt tunine at Sher^^man's for W. A. Smith.
Nolluti;;I ut llrt-t-elafs Iraiie aaMaJtad^ni.il ihe I.- ^ li^uiirs anil ciifars h.nitlle.l
ntthe Bruoaaiek. H I u-i BMMdwar,^John CbarU a, | r.'rrtctor.
State Savings Bank
Tinircrarllyltva'e.1 in Seotl rttilldlBs. eoniT^ilininti-atul UMa IIIBU
rAID1% CAPITAL, ^ 11 oo ooo
5Per Cent. Interest Pa;d on Savings^Deposits .-nJ ConipounJeJ^tcim Annua if.
lnttnuiiik - i bmii li HI l'al' rs -^ul l^iam^en Ileal aatBIa,
lxwer Iln ailtvuv. I'liiilftat-tirc and Mala^Htrtct, tiiaalls. juuui.
fjiuthn^. I'n-i ..!_^ ^ 'i.l ^ avht ti thte Itl.-s ot^all ktuils Kirsi t'lun-teaiiit anil siniciii Iiutsm
(tftleell'-ins^Krcm ma. in U^1 a Bk, ami en^Raturda) eteu.ncs hem : p. in io^ |.. ni.
1-.A. IJsHOKl ....I'll-fiilent
|-11 1-Al.MlK -^.\lee I'resl lent
I M llUlH.r.Ns' a.nu-r
r.A. LkfaWi^^ ''-'hner.^ \\ m ^^'^^ton. ~ \ ki
T.M. IniliriUS,jb It. l-.l let.
Nuth K Uf nl'K ^ I NH IMJWKM^To Mia bay^niiisi-i'il tinn^ i ^ lie ea; it. l Klm-k el |iit^^Mult-. VB 'eotitla It I' eille K nls j) i-niii|i-inv.
Niti ^ li h-nny mien ny ii^ aadt^suraasL^trim are the isirno! uanit'd m the critlaeata n
111WJl WatkM ' f Ute 1 lil' ^. / l.aenlul 1 .'. | i i-ldfl
iif it n\ .-iinifiitiy, a t t^i | rat -t: ernite.l t.inter
tileUu ^ if the Sine nt t! Ill I ll till, lint! (lie, Mill,
itniln- tseuty-tl.lril ilay uf .tune, A. Ir. -km,
inih-rIlit lorieeslvlai subarrl|^tkMM la the
MyltBl^-iiiek of t-aat eoMtiBBy lo he uarasal on^sunt i ..li t !ler.l,l:i) nf .h.t|.. a l^. it-.i., at^tit.- rn-t Km ^^^ ^ | it nk et ai it ee.i i. .'i the^loam ^f Abjbmm a. IB at I^Mreeauatji HoaMaa,
ul.1 k.U'1 liHi^it \t .1 l-e i^l . lie : nl . .ml iiiaet- mi^MM ilsh*^Hand .May ^^^, W I.
Mill!M L BOtNh^ern'in V E-11 ^.,^SMBI i ft n rue^M u 111 -i 11. . mmvrost,
NotaryFubl.c. Cclkc'.icn^ Attended la
CtficolOB Main St.. Butto.

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