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The Anaconda standard. [volume] (Anaconda, Mont.) 1889-1970, May 30, 1891, Image 8

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W-.itis Inurc!.t;ng M People o! the^Garden C.ty.
An Experts.ve Wa'rr Plant to Bt^Construct! d^Anx.oua 10 boa^fie Anncomli Rail-^roau bunt.
Hp*r.:i1 10 Ihr stun Innl.
alMSML^ .^.'.--Mr. nml Mrs. 1-.
A.to iinunhir bbvb 11 tWnhifl 1 ^ ^
yrtm.i'i'ci.cluv pai iy lit lln ii Ih-uui.iui
Immmaa BaM Jbbsb swart Bsw ^*^ i*m
'lllespam us BBftaBB wlncu Mi IsWOa Is^i. i*t*ttii*r. hiti lilliil vmii 0tmttt WMT ^^l^i r^i^ii^ l^^ itit; 11^ 1.1 hi. * 11111* ^cn* Its*^..nler of Mm ivtiiini: until uboul llitf).^wiii-n MWMH r^ In BBBB) i'i-^^ t^' M iv^-.., i^alter ^ Iih Ii tin-1 r *' ^^ MM iMUpi 1 hi^rt^al pMM Wi ^'' wi'i' '^^ lira* BleBjBOl^l.iluartls nf i i ri Mi*s..ui;i anil Mr. Cju^t.
MoMr,winie Mr^. (. w. MaBaaB MM
Mr.Franca L. Mc were tin* rccipit ills of^Hi.' bMMMi 1 tie MM mm a BBsBl^picnsuruliic one ami Mr. anil Mrs. Win-^Stanley MM MM sustained MM roputa-^IMI ah splt-utlitl lllHllllMli
OMMMlMH ami ^'^ Loseo ^! Ana-^rmiUa v.i re hero to ^lay m mute lor Kiv-^crsiiic.
Dr.Ira is to-ilajr exhibiting ten rattle*^tBKen from a MAM iliul bb MM Jiinli^^lull ycsicruay. i lie rt pluo was aix.ut^three all i u lialf feel loiijr ami vt ry lieavy^lor its iBIMjtis* l;.v ille ^.iy. lllls in SUItl to^lie a bail year li r r:iilicsiiuk''s. A lew^iluyx ago Joe Duwliinr. ntumeil Iroin a^vibil tip ^ka.kalio it. ell, which ent. r- ilie^BmBBT li ^i ne.ir MUMHi a'^' NMMl^MM lie hail knl. .1 MVM ruitli siinkos
ltVedays. Mime *t llit ill l.irye oUMl
AMMWMbMrtpUM II I I* hMIM^cuatcil UMiMlM Bf ^t'.il * hai'lic,^^who ii ritu rlv w. rke.l at the Modal re-^MMMi li icails :ih follows. ' We, Mi^untie rsi-*^ncil, MMMMJ the many unit^stcrli li*.' ipiiliics of O.il Dag Tuwsit. MM)^dcsirine; to si e Mm MM) urrayi ^ ill^Mutable MM rinni'-iii, lurdiy MM^triune a MM1 tut (1U MM*) tl.at MM*^ent MWI cat in iy he neatly ami artist*^ic.Uly clinpc I.^ i owo r is a welI know n^oM mm] t.ial lives MMl ill^ I Tout i in i i^silicons nml has u n eor.l for ^^trMMJ lew.^livi m of tw o people mill MMJ the l.o ly^of one ili ail I cieoii. I lie siiliMiiplinu^lint is MvMJ iimucri-n-ly sifiicil.
To-ruorrow|iromise^ to I*' a Imsy ile.y
here. Ill the ulll l'liooll the purl lie, BBftV ^'
theMMMMI of the (.. A. li., w ill MM^MMjhlM piineipal stieei-, in MMJ at^|Ml .,'eloek. Alter MMMMJ ibb MMfl^house ymil there will lie a BBsf ami MM^^*-'iu*\* |i'.;'|fr.imm ' ol uilurcsst s uml^^MMi as ulrea.iy MMMaMl in the^Sl'IMlAIMl. The ri fleshiuelltH will he^m tv. ll iii .1 MM I .v 11 lilllllher of I.lilies,
the pril. to m^ lo ihi relief fini'l ol
I'rnliiiik WMMMP post, (I. A. K. '1'lie^Helena huso hall t. am is enp. i t. il to ar^^rive at l:l^, anil a MM MMMMI mm^ami the Miss..nl.i chili will lie eulli'il .it _^o'eloek at tin fa r mmu All. r mm^will MMT tin* relinir m il ti mmmmm l^^*^M memhers of tile UtM elllh, lliesseil m
Imm. i h. n ti.o ImmmmMMnIm
bImmIn the MMMMJ the rmoii MM will^(rive n MM at Ml K. of 1' hull, one of^Ml features ol wleehw in he the MMMjIMJ^of till* iplei-ll liy llle Klllulit who makes^the Ii ttt leeeril at the totiMMMMt at the^fair irroiimls. While .o. ietv piople will^lie MllMMg Ml hall, a muni er of men^will he vlMMMMJ NmbMM BflM MMl^Sniilli anil White at the opera house. It^remains it ipie.-ti ^u Ml mm pi rnen can
hi present at all these events.
MMMMfmmmmm the mmmm nml Mis-^^oula tennis w ill ph.y a secoml game of^li.ul at the lair irn.uuils.
Amarriage hi*e was i;ranteil to-il.iv
toii. pipy Mi. i II William II. mmmmm) ^'^^llemi r-v.lle ami Miss Alma Cup. liter Ml^Ashley. They will lie MMMmM this mmm^MM MJ le v. t h.irh s II. I.ilu. y.
C.\\. Atw aler of Mm BTAVOAMI left^be re to-.lay lor homo wnii a horse anil
ANi w ^ itv mtmm MflM %-mrril^tllu^^lu u Alia Irs
s|M h. the MMMMTMj
railill mi 1.1., M.y ^ Ahoiit Mm 1'i'Bt
mmol t.i-Ws till- town of I'.llllpslnuv
liashiunl for u iiiiiiiher of years is that^James K. I'anlie ami MMMI MJMMMi^Willi MM have MMM* all of the w.it r^rights in smart's mJi ^i. ami they mmmm^to put in a new water | I..in that w ill e ^ -I^in tin- MMJMMMki ^^1 o! mj ..iiiii. 1 |n- plant^w ill I.e larne enough to t up| ly a low n of^MJyMJM lllhali.lah-s. MMMMM, all the n.lil-^tions ami BJMMJ a li ^ -ooi pr. - i lire on the^pi'iiii'ipal stri i t. IVaHl m .is ;ici11.111y i'l'in-^MMMWi to-ilay ilittiiiir the .ill. h. mi l all^M^MMpabuffS Ml hapny ai I i viiyho.ly is^MVtMBTMMMUy lor l'arilee!''
MrJ'anli e stain il ein MMlaVMMJf inoru-^ing aii'i exiiintneil the pMMBaM supply,^alel MMM MiMjM hail MIMMMM the^properly anil tuTMIll 'he c nip uiy,
TwoMM MMl I Mi pr..p^-i i lis are MMM^MMMM til il will, ll r.'.iM.inii a i. In. of^un a' MlMs to PuilipaMMlVi and I nr tent k^MOSki are t . lie hlllll a-- ^^. ^n .o 11.e llrieli^call Ml MM
Anew hr:eU yanl was starteil this ni .rn-^itiir hy JUuMMM parlies.
Xllep' ople of this BaoMM mm now pr.iy-^int; that Mm Ai.ui^ ^ ii 1 i MMMMM ^ make^ll ^compromise with the railroiel com^^pany thai w ill for one moment MMM* the^liiiil.hnir of the roail frein 4jmmmmi M M^to 1 * 11 ^ 111 shurir. On iier .lint of Mm^Hitter Root sliell 11 mmM w. ulil Is. of me^t^ li) lieu, fit t^^ this s. i t mi, uml woiihl r*^^MM tin- ii i ii I .v ii It i! nupport of nil our^MM MM MMM*
NatY. Iloss, county iiuihtoi, is in tow n.
t. 11. Martin came in to-iluy.
AMMM ^f the MtMaMiof PhlllnaMMJ^w is helil at Mill- - hall to-ni,-lit for the^IMMOM of all u gilli; for a I out 11, ol Ju.y^eel' hrulloll. ^'umillllle. s \i, to apeoiuteil
MidtM^ nyuipMM nt Miai ibe Fotanh'1
Willba i e. Iir.ite l in a uluCtOUl 111.ml.it.
iii Bmm OMMi MM silly ..nl Wa in.-.I
HimHi-ii Mile Si-jrho 's Kliltf,^Kn ni tlie San I i.iiii1 s i I miiiiii er.
.Sincethe p. o, .e of HmMMM were i|^-^MM hy ^li' pre.ii MM ^^^ his MMMM^^ueutal trip they have tunic I out to make^the MM ^^! t.ie MMl actress li ^rnh.ir.lt^in her joii !)^^^' ilirousli tue Kiiifeiinmli, ami^crowilsif people lurii out to MMM a^irtiiupse of MM as she travelM.
Thespecial swiititf into Winneinucea to^n mnitiii with the arrival of the MMV^MMMI MMJMj and an the two MMM^stoppeil the regular ^u^ next thopiat-^lorni, MMMMg ll' i iiharilt'n car MM Mm^itomiI thill hail colleclell on the phitlorill.^I'r -. ally a sin..h hoy yelled to the eniti-^ii. er:
Tak^^your old train up hy the tank^nh.l five us a cliuiico to ace Sally Bern-^hurdl.
Thecrowd lauuhiil and then n moli of^MM MJhMMMJ MMM tl'e MMJMM1 anil^llirealencd In heard it and demolish it if^t ih'l noi move on. After considerable^i MMbMJ til'' icRiilnr pulled out, and MMM^^M Bernhaiill, to be MM l^y tveiyboily^IhftMJfM a lii|f plate (MM Window, with^Mine. Mia and (.illn rt. She was pluyiiitf^MMl and s. emeii v. ry much in MMi^'i he cinwil MMMMJ about the w indow,^an I ns the lad.es looked up Heriihardt^i.nd ilowii In r hand and looked ill an^miuised way at the spectators of the^MMM* Hire M ^. Seyh.r, who plays in-^ipntie parts, ipn* .ly held a king up to the^window, w here the aatn brushes couid see^it, MM MMi a MMaMM luiudi Koine one^MMJ out lor her to lead, liertilninlt saw^t e in ilion i:a the curd well! up, and ill .1^tew MMM she held her arm to the win^^dow ami pulled an uce out ol her sleeve^in lull v.iw of the crowd. This little by^pl;^v was done m inimitable style and^mid culled lonh a loar fmm the crowd as^ihe train moved on
At iluiiiiiol.il Weils a MM) PMMk^Woman wits walking up mid down the^lulatlatM wiih a pr. t y baby in MM arms,^ll.-rnijiirilt sent a porter out to liring tin*^bu'iy into the car, its she wanted to kiss it.
'1he pot p r attempted to ^*arrv out the^MatraeMoMMa hut the mother di iniirred,^uml Mm porter, who MMMMl to think^lit rnl anli s word law, altcur.icd lo lake^the chml. Kx A^si inbiymaii H'akesley^-Mri.il in to thrash Mm porter, when dm^oreat I'Veneli MMMM Mi on the plaiform^M at aM^ mm MapiMJ Iwm Mm MM hi^ihe lust net of ^j..t svMMj * and in an M^^MMI she was i haltiiig aMMM with the^luotlier, who final y hauiled her the child^to kiss. Iii ihe midst ot ihe contusion a^Mg spi.'ted dog of IM Cit at DaM variety^IpMtig into the crow*I and ranged along*^^Ml ol Ins imstrers, showing his MMM^viciously.
II.1'iilnirilt kissed the hahy a couple of^iiiii 'i, lianded it a packet ot I'reiichcamly^Ma op ns outcry, uml culling Ihe lug^' o :'s i urs, b .arileil the tru.n. When ver^ih.- tram stops Mf |MM Uaiic aMJMi w ho^nr.- the nu.nsters of the cuiiiiie world, urc^1. d out to | lay, and, us a MMa people won^iMMMM MMUMJ let out of the way.
'I'll fa Was several ill.utile** stop at I.ovi -
I.el**-, mid here olio ot the dogs strolli il^into a hi'er siiloou, si*atiering Ihe inmalcH^who were playing poker. Ill I llMaftll was
il.tele-ily MMMad When she SUW the
hricMlanadyok- ls tUt king through IM)^I g^-t^ru-.h, while the ilog, aboul die | i ^^^ .I a yearling call, playiully bound, d uf a r^them. In the in..1st of the fun the pro-^pin tor of the place MMM out ol the buck^iloor Willi a MMMMM anil MMMMJfMM^culled back,
UAbi-UALl- YtbltKDAY,
Ain ^ . .in MaMMMMMi^At St. bains^St L iuistj. W MaMMJMM 1.^At I iiluuibiis^t'oluuiliiis 1 l.H.iltiuiorc4.^At I oliev.llc T.oll svnle il. Athletics ll.
At( inciiinuti ('incinnati Ilosioii .11.
vti.si Mm AUaaMaM,^i'l iTi . May ttk l'i | illy MMMMT j
tl.lst vetnl g uttlK'tled tl e lo.il.i ^. s't-
uit-d m ar tin* MM Hack, nt lie ^ mt of^ll. W. Melnlyre, to i. ^ ou r tKM lor goods^BMMMMM^ Tlie only MM y t. t .1^w liieh i'i.ii 11 ba a it i,i a* 11 a*M .^ r. ' BayUM^and a sn ail ip.aiiniy ol wl. sk \. i'. tt r^I'crraul was li It in charge ot the place.
AFcgitiTe Frcm N,^ Orleans Arrested
NotAnxious to raea Jury-Bribers^JuKged-HIa b;,it. munts^About tha Italian^Affair.
VIto.is l'.i^ lur H ull^Ht in.. M y -U At. V.'n.te began sun^in ImMMMM nl 1. M tl^ d I If i t MMM to^^day against l.vun Morffsn ai d OaeaMi
Ia ^ V. Ihe plan'.''.k* to lll'iil'. r
tWilor work MMMM I on dk f. tnlanl's^house in Kovuids i last. A foreclosure^of a lieu is abkitl fur.
St.Louis, M.^y 2:*.^Mm Burtho,^who lien iroin .New Orleans to avoid les-^nfying in the jury bribing case, was ar-^MM in l.asi St. Lous MMM7* He left^here w hen he found the police watching^him. \\ MM taken to die station the fol^^low, ng leli gram, dated New Orleans and^in Itii't ssed lo vVIMMM W asbou, Murine's^cotlsin. was foliud:
i'.'lllily sin to leave the state i f Missouri^MMMMVMM pi tn MMM mute. AUvauce^lain s ^ auu draa u.i ma fur I In* same.
Wlienseen by a reporier, Hurihe said:^'^When the HeuucHsy murder ease was^held 1 was .Irav. n on the MMi Before I^was examined and rejected, F. Arinaudt^approached me ami said be would give^mm91.000 if I got on the jury and found^the Italians not guilty. 1 told him 1^would do nothing of the kind. Afier the^trial 1 told 1 '.it-lit rson and afterwards^communicated to bun the fact that Kdgur^White, deputy sin i .il, had threatened to^kill me if 1 testified against his friend^Arm iiult.
Ves,I wns ufraid and left New Orleans
andgot '.imi,' but liurthe seemed to^M'M be was telling loo much, and in^the very next bri alb said he loft New^Orleans of ins own free will ami accord.
IfI testily ngauist those two men it^w ill be hi'cati ^e 1 am compelled to, as^tin y have lumilics, uud I don't want to^send them to prison.'' He added. ''There^was no reason for my leaving New Or^^leans except to have these two men i s-^MMM Iroin pi mil bi rvinide.
Hurihedccid.ii MMMM IM New Orlcan-^MMMMtM MMMMMMsMMJ started for that^city lo-niglu accompanied by a detec^^tive.
RMOithF.ANS, May ^9.-District Altor-^ncy Museum rg to-day issued a nolle^prosequi in the cases of Bernand Claudi,^( harlesGrauger, Emile llaguetto.Tliom is^Met rystal and ll. t'. O'M.illey, because^the indietineiits were not sulHcieiiily^snccifted. He inline.hutcly Hied inform l^^Hon ugaiu.-t each of tin in mid asked tli.it^the cubes be imiiicdiately allolcd.
t\^ MM ^ laMjM^At ^ limiha^Omaha 7. Lincoln 18,^Ai Milwaukei -Milwaukee t. Si. Haul 4.^At Kansas City^Kansas ^^uy 5, Hen-^vcr 4
AtMinneapolis^Sioux City game was^postponed; rain.
(it Ie, Ni b., MMM that there is not n^i at in ihe town.
Afarmer near Hlack Lick, O., has a^hog ihut wears sp. clacles.
StMlfM MMMMM | i litis iu Idaho huvc^^ i ille | ran Into M feet within a tew
I-'loursof rublM r, claimed to Im^ as dur-^abli as uspliati ami clu upcr, are being^tried m (.. rinrny.
Am w-.y-iiitiirn d Susquch.inna, Ha.,^is uplo have si purati il ami reunited MMM^i iiiii - in four weeks.
AOfMUW MMM*Mt| with his snn,
lie.,1 7u, uml his (OUT ll Wife, aged 4^,^I.null il at Hie BMja nlllie ill New York^the oilier day.
Ailn all r tor colored actors will prols^niuy MM MM MMMI M i'litlude pun. It^will he tic only ptajrMWM ol Mm ktinl in^America.
Aneminent pli\:'.11:111 says ti nt nu n's^still hats cause I aldm ss uml catarrh.^Another ihs lor claims ih.it si ll hats pris^^ma e cniairh and lialtlucis.
Ofnil tin .queer things in (oorgiu, the^ipi i MM is a you g in. y w In. n- v*t ate a^p.ate of ice i i t am In.r ih auk a glass of^Soda w ater, 1. MMMM or Miik shake.
Oneof the ii in ut Ih xt* r. Me., the^oilier day, wa- a paMof S i vati. tiisis ob^Iba tool of a In 11 --tory building* preach^^ing ami tlm w in;; ilowu tiucls to Hie^Mbsjm ni Mm MMM la-low,
Tbcw ife of u clergyman i'i New (i ^^h mi.
Itutui|.laiin d lor si vera i MOMrMM of
anacuta pain in tlie stile, ami tin- surgeon^being* COUMltaMs a m-e lie was c\n,.cii it
Wlli-ilthe UMbM s .1 ,i| . .wed win ii 11 UllMI
Mir*4!MM ly 40 years ago.
A I'.lol kwnyville, l'a., I ,oy. Just lilt of
kmi-l leeches, has been offered il i.uii
lora hi.- i sc ipe hi has pati-lilcd. lake u^ii-ll -11 tie Ihi), be Is going lo lake the^inotit ^' and give himself a g. oil euuea-
ApirfiTl t-apphire is one of the rarest
MMiand, const queiitly, win it found^Commands a very high price. It is curi^^ous that a lest ol us pt-rfi-ciiiiM is that it^slia 1 slow ri d in a strong artificial light.
Whileall oak log was hong converted^n.to lumber iu ii saw null ut S. ^ in nr. Ilnl.,^ih.- law struck n horseshoe tlriu y in-^clo-c.t iu tin* heart ot the ire *. 1 here^wi ie Lti distinct ye.iny,growths over the
ol. --Ille Off tilt* shoe.
IIn* New York state hospitals for the^MmM uol I ^ Hie s--rvic. a of MMMM phy-^sa i.in--, and announce nu lit is made that^an open coni|M'liiive i xmuiuation lor phy-^s i i..ns w II I..* held iu MS cap t.il in^Albany June 11.
Ap..ot. grunher at Arkansas t i y, Kali ,
bMMa gr. iip picture In winch four
MMMwere MMMSMIad) a child, lis^motlii r, tin* grin.i^i..ah. r and gn at^graudmolhi-r. 'i'he latter wa- only 7fi^years o il.
Thef. rmer idea that IMMMhMM^lata between an eartKsjuakc iliaek and^ihe hcighi of Ihe -.ti'ii'i'i. r lias i.* . u^pr .vcd I., lie ll.Ci rrei 1. 1 h - -i , . iui-mi^s hasiil . ii ille BMaatrTMltoM of Ul easHM^.planes MMoMaM ut tl.tp.in.
Ii,e oi l run. .1 s.;n,., Monitor Sangus^Mm btrii pun I a-d i y John II. Dialnaue,^o the t ntudi ii Irhi Ship work-. HlBri^ll e MMM Mr- 11.ah MM has In en up^proiicht d hy pi-ope li m toreigii gotreiu-^^MMMVlwtl I iii buy MM MMM, but ba
asie cliMad to Si ll.
I -In s of V.'ws MMM All I' iris of MM
N'kwVoiik, May LD. Illulne's rnmhtlon It iin-^BMM1 |M IBM mat iiiii '.
bomon. Mil) '.'J ^ 1 lie Oakr* stakei ran we e^w nii by MML
Atlam a, Ms., .May MX^ Iln' BMMMM^rlivatni aiiiliii.il, cniiiailutig tu.nou hushes..:^inn, MmM at MMMM tin*. uiuriiiUK. L ss^| MMa
I.omiov.Mu) ii - Tin* elect inn nf IMM I^of t ari am. tit in i'la**e uf faplatB Veruay,^le i iitlj i\pelled frniii Hi - r intii.in-., yesterday^MMMMM in a i dinl st^ ni Ian vie ery.
Hii tw A, tint.. .May ^.^^. ^ Tin- ilniuinlon flsli-^erii'S rt ^*^ it for Isao shows tlial ill.- u sealswite^caught ai Ik'luiiii: sea anil i.llu'r waters
WiiMiMiroN.iiri., Ma. liideen W.^Miusli tt.e fugitlvi* prcslilent ef the dcflliicl^Ke^ -n.lle bunk of I'll.la lelpliis, w as iu the tun n^MsMyiM BBMMMm this city MMMMajb lie^left mi a I.ile train fin eastern Mai)I..ml, nlien*^he in tw is.
Mllimal I ne n ims.
HfTTE,May lot.^Notices of location^wen- filed with tlie county clcik and^ri cordcr to-day as follows:
'llit- l.uttilgrecn, I ile, Ktiiumlt Mtaintnln ills-^trtct, by hfiiis IlkllsTf ami A. T. I.'.ntigi-eeii.
'1In-idiilua IihIi , litviili* t rei k ilislrit t lo Sum
IIvy ilea.
Tin-lbwit 1.i*I-, ss11iiimu Mount;^ iii district,^bj I. tils HedlMTll and A. t. laiailgreca.
Iherlive htiigiisle. Unit l'.ue ilislrlct, Ly^Able 1Mb MMm.
AjM|^aii!'^e lle.iuti In lllslrrss.^l'teiii tin* Pert unit tlrrgiHMMi
AJapam-se girl ol Ili is MMsiih red by^snnn the ^wet-test and most unsophisti^^cated being on BBMMs Such a gir! is *iue^of the mil.' Japanese girls who came over^on MM MMMMf l'eitipios, uml w hom t 'ol-^h ctor Lurhuri yi sti nlay ri fused to laud.
IIr name is Mine I akotn, uml aba is the^prospi'i-tiviTiruleol Alfred Latoli, a young^t-ugiuei-r ol 1-Tiglish-J.ipani-st parents,^who is on his way to tilasgow', Scotland,^to continue I is- studies.
L.itoiiami Miss Tuknla started from^Japan on the Tcmptus. At Sun rMMMMM^tie* oMMMMMfMMMj to allow the woman^to laud. Latoii thought he saw- a way out^of it. am! gave a customs inspector *S'-t^^one li ght to let tlie girl go ashore. Tin-
moneywas atpteil, but the t llioer ur-
resieiitin* yi ting man for I ribery, liaml-^eusTcd him, uud look him ashore and to^bill) 1 o'el.i'k in the morn tig. Thai^was ihe lost Mis- T.ikotasaw ol In r lover.^In Ihe I'xeitt mi nt of the MMMMI all ol^young leitmi's papers were s^ i/etl, leav^^ing tlie gi I nothing lo guide Iter.
Mostpeople will be stll'l risetl to know
thatthe S. iitliern states furnished Mil.KM^troops to the i''edeial BffMMMa duriaSJ IM
lateanptoaiaiiinrM Only om-lourth of
tinBe Mlldii i s w ere color, d.
I\|t* rl^ It*-** *'l a t inisclrlilltiii* tt'oiiisii
Mr.Wisdom- lh ar Sir: 1 beg to thank^you lor the di lightful nml rclresfiing^^lioln rtine^ you so kindly sent me. 1^I live Usui tin- n.iii t preparations of the^most cch hiatcd BMMMMCMiri rfl of Lon^^don mnl I'ans, hut consider your ^Kob i-^iit e^ tin ir superior in point ot | iMMMMM^i xeelleni'i'. Wishing you the uiiboiiiiili-'i^MMMM you iliserve, I riin uii, Imtlifully^yours,
l'.MMt A i till ^TT.
IMsMMMM I MMMM Hates.^Tie MM I'm tile will-i II on th-^1Mb of next mouth ri mid trip excursion^ticket* as lollows: limit* to San Frail-^c.sco v ia l'ortlaml, bttth iltrccitons, f7.^i;^San Francisco, going via 1'oriluml ami^MtMMIMJ Mil UgauH, jfltl; to I-os Angeles,^going ami rciiirinug via I'ortl.md, cntsr-^uig San I'laucitco in one direction i-ither^going ei rt turiillig, fKij to Los Angeles.^rt-*ng via I'orllaml and San l-'raiici*cn^m il iriiu n.ng via MMM lit..ami Ogdeti.
i!.i.:. ^.
I'MMMsMMtickets are good MMM MMMM^ti-t'i days uml go.nl tor iciurtt passagt* any^: ii,e within six months iroin date of sale.^I hose lit siring to take in;vantage of these^lines may call on or address,
J.tMlIK Ml't ah..
i. A . MMM
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Broken Down Constitutions^From Overwork and^Mental btrain.
nutMbbMmM MMM i^ MmmMMMM M^tin ciuwmiii* nf ^Inst -I. ul i be fully eight hours^sink laU^every twenty lour. 1MMMMBM^M this caiiutry are actually livii.i- two days iu^cue. ii r lust iititiiuiiiies on IBM Mbl Mara^riupliiiir. It uniii uiKsipaliun nnr His wlllul^atsoUslieinv el uny iturtmiiar law of uutun)^w i u-li iluuw's tin- i Imiei.i htiily a wreck uii .n^the sin,ie nf hie hut o\ Klt\\tdtK utiileil la^Ml N'lAi. BTIiAIX. II Is Hie ever burning tie-^liM In liel r.eh lllnt llle l llsiness nun Is a save^In. Hint itny hv say bl mm Ulnl Jostles, an 1^ellsiws l.ls way liirtuigll Hie MiriHng HirellK uf^lain ami) an Ii I basil ninu jnuiuey lo the giave.
,broki ii iles ii ei i'ltniii Us. trnin which arise a^^iin it 11ii*It t^f iillineiils. lelltiwi tl hy a tram ^t
\aisi'uses si-eii takes tin in lr^ in tins busy stage ik^Si tiell. It is i line tn call a hull * lull* i is still^ttity. mnt I'stk well in iiltciniHin ef hie with a^Weil pics, ne i pliysuiiH'. that tlie ciijniinrnn
Iher ^ nl. nut v he die It-i-ar) ot a r.|.e old age. All^ef IBBMtWBBIII kntiwu as hrnken ilown enn-^H Hiilii,lis aim nervi us pi ^ stun ions, wesriug^nut. lintaness incaiiaeltyt aie tii-altd with re-^BMMkaM slice* s^ by I^r CaMN Man's Inst vigor^li'oiii iiveiwnrk a^ u iiu-nlal -train i-t.uiiileteh re-^ttonil iy Ins nJuMnutiui: mctiiiMts uf unit^incut, if ymi flu : tlial ^iiii sre Ix-rg ng in the^harness ami you are ciiinpi'lletl In lake 11111111-^lanis tn ki i n up with tli^ prniession of llle, yutt^are grat u.illy losing your mailt), and you are^sfttli) in nee . ol a lift-giving keiiiee lhal will^111...I you up and revitafiie your whole ronstliii-^llon. If tins is your condition consult Lir. tola^at mm
t'onfiiltln*iI hy Kiel 111 and epocia 1st in the^Worst 1-01 111- ef IMscuse |j^te i lilet SurjieoO^J. I 4. K. W. 1C. It.
thearuiv iliiring the war of th'- relieilmii, is a^tliiirou*:liiy iiuahtled pliysieiau of extensive ex-^|s rirti.-e 111 .Nit il,i-ine and Isiuaery He has 1 a*^voted aiBBy M at s in the Mnd* ami IreaiaMM of^tim iee vim I; ha* iaUBed ihe MM BwHwl men^nt An Mica* anil now ranks as pie MMMM in^Ibe Madieal MsMMMM (seine ot llle olseaSes^whli ii It -Heats with kiitprisiug n- .rs are ap-^persled Itt:
I. \' |. All ruses of ai'iite or rluon'.c liiflaiua-^W 1 L t ion. fur or hi-ni *!idiic*J.nt-ts, dMaasss of^vision, selnlu.011s cyi s. ilosnrc ol the e)s iluct,^sipiinting. cross ijii, I'lootlshot i')i*s, wild liaii s,^^yulilitic sale ryes, giauulatcd nils tiiutor or^csiiier of litis, eic. etc.
I;A I' I'ealni ss frmn raiarrh, ilngiuior lo.ir-^^A\R lug initses, ihirkciietl drum, innaiuatiou
ofi xieinat ear. purulent alirMigsfraw car. e.e.^Ill \ li Ncuialgla, sk*k, nervous or couges-
IIl.ril't ie heailai'lie, dull, full feeling. 10-s^of ineinory. diz/iness, s.* 1. u m of Hie brain,^tins ami ei/.ma of scalp.
IULM1AT ' alarrlial ai d qrpnllttls mre
ini\v/rtiibMMaMMaMa aaraaMMarya-
gl'tlsen.urged tonsils aiil |*al:ile. hoaisflll'SS.^lost ot Veli e, thick |)l leglll iu tin.Ml. v Inch
eausesh s king.
Ii \i'v 1 oiisiiinputin in litst and hiHioml^LL All.' mines. Iieiiinirhages, chront' hion-^1 lulls, dry and laose cougli, isun 111 chest, duti^^fully of l.ieailiing. hcpili/.aiioii, asthma, etc.
mi\ I' I \ aivulni dls.a-es. we.kati.l fatty^,. VI\I heart, dropsy ami rli. uinaltsin of^hesrt, l.nigii d riiciilatioii, etc.^.^litis. 11 111111 rli 11 d iilri iatlon, atoiilo
0I v I 111 ftv n ami acltl tl\si, psia. indigestion^i-atti ami luUness alter meals. In iittburu, water^f.iash aim diotcuuy of iwaiiowiag.
Of'Soeases publislied ar i^|sisiii. r.vcn
patem's l ampi siiu dy auUBdeMUL All
nh i. ie 1^ any ^he may desir. huiiislud piiv^iibl)iit our olli.es. vie lis ail 011 our imiill
P1 li-nts win* consult me ate not turned over
loan slnalaer hI mbstMMa as in lilt* ens ^ of
niuti)lilgli'S'iillidinn ilisp, learn s or Intimites,^Inn ^^ ^-' in- 111) on 11 |M-isoual care ami alteiilitui.
1iinsiiltii mu aiifa) s liee, and Hie |sior 1 Heal
d'lliirfrom BmOiWIi m1 Uty. ti^*m MU ImM^irn*^l^orvr)ra 9^p rtnU) limn vuiiltiflll u rorttatul
ll1iUM'|i-(Nt||, I r-Haii'MI^ 111/, lilt KM, i^ss ol
tuy.m aiMi ^ th 1 uy, i hii-moii*. tin'^l. d:s-^Mtfileut-Nl fs*^Tirii:, iu i/i ^u.^ii, \ a cttatmu of Um^h^ .tri i.i iiny ir-'Ui'li * ami inai.y olh- r *ym\^-^1, 1 ^ 11. t ni l'' IMU) Id iiit'tiiii'ii Ml, mIuiu il 110^li^n^^ r orU.} m t- ' isiru |no|i^ r pmm Y^^ur
'IIM ii Ml/
troublemay w in i ^ ilr^t uuttfi' Ui-m^*mtter it^|Mii^pi .'iu-liu'i: Ih^ i;i^:, :.n I it yon c.mhinn ^ 10^lit 1 f. i -\. ili* Iim** iiiuM ronif wbeu you will 1m^|.H*t Iniiiuui ^ ilKU;ii a to u^toie nil
%Wta(HafeM in a v ry shun tJiit* lo ixTlni Ue.Utu^alio i itj yiin i.t of tutk
MIDDLI-.-AOhDMtN,,',!'.; VitoVre
asTiilnifraM irital backs, fresueai tirtaaiba^mi l si .um ul n uitiu*, accompanied v losi gi^trigur atnl sexuai ikiaer ainl an inn an un-iit of^ihg'iti.i l.^ an Ii. Ml') Ie if ih s d miu.ly^li'lloratil til tin- ^ -ins*', wlueli Is Hit see -nil *t:ii*e^off s mi i.i: Weakness. We guarau.ee n p. ite.1^cure in nit iilea t asas ami a pa auutr nt ivatara^in n of iln- -feuKourinary .t^.i*. Bloud. smn
suitnil | I \..le il *. is s we |sis;li\ely evM in 'he^so rte-f ts.sslbU llast WltlWJUl mt eury or b^^Jurl.'iis ut nus.
L'I 1'll 'L'l' I' *^ Kislitl i. \ arlitici'le. Hv-
MillRtdrocele and nil nretUnis mid^Tandemess uuickly earesj ^nn- in MM M mm^lei lata 11'..in bus ness.
ItI *| i s M Im m.y Is* nifh ring fb'in any^.. \ I 'I CS ,it Ha ihsiri ssllif a Menu s*.... . ,r^M aouraeg, snai asperaiMea btasai*M^s,painful
lll-'ll-llla. ions. ill-| ia^'i Itli'lUS, e i-.. tin But gifa.
upin u sp.i r, ^ ^. ii it lou aavs bm t^f r. met^wnli e|.. ale.t l.i.ltuc-in M-ekiim it In f. Wrara^liapey to state that w^ ha*. i i^l hun.ireis of^eases slter ^ i bei ahysieMw i baa pruaoaaeetf^tin ii li ^nt s.. i h.iigt's nioderste mil within^tin- resell of all
Iatn^ l^ l.\ um ^^ ay 'mm die city, w o e .mint^roavct knily c*s7l Bssx ueaarti*s tl u imm e by^letteran one a.edlclnes mu to He in. free^trt'ie observstkas, MM |^il^ MMMMf,
iinwlawis^sa. in. to I^ i* 'a.^^ ii n i
MIA*ll Mil LOUol.iO UOl sIl, .'J MA1.N sr
Mining,Milling and Concentrating
(Willbe sold in batteries of '. stamps or more l
CORNISHROLLS-Larjre and Small.
Jigsand Revolving Screens^Many Patterns.
Mn.ui,it, ft. x u ft.. capacity 3 or 4 tout)^|_|Q|g^J^gLidirerwood, Kendall, Crliby, Union Iron Works.
BOILERSOur own and other makes.
tVI'artle.needing any of above will do well to write or call early aa the prices that have
11en put upon same insure quick Miles.
GoldMills, Wet and Dry Cmshinc: Silver Mills, SMELT^^ING and CONCENTRATING PLANTaV Hoisting and^Pumping Works, Cars Cages, Skips, Ore Huckets and^Water Huckets,
CorlissEngines, Compound and Condensing Engines^and Tramways.
0ll.eeand Work., Hawthorne A^e. ani Willow St, Chicago, III.

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