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VOL.IL^NO. 296.
45East Park St., Butte.
C\jtor\ Suits.
Thisweek we are going:^to play thunder in the^prices of the clothing trade^in this city. We have^taken all of our lines we^formerly sold at $15 and^$18 and have marked them^down to the rediculously^low price of
Thisis a bargain and^certainly should not be^overlooked. These are all^new, bright goods of the^very latest cut and pat^^terns. They also comprise^heavy, light and medium^weights and dark and light^colors. We have a lull^line in our Hast window^and on the rack in front of^our store and we will guar^^antee you that if you take^a look at them the result^will^ be satisfactory.
Wedo nothing by halves^and when we start a cut it^includes every line that we^have in the store. For ex^^ample, take a look at our^Underw ear. Here we shine^and show lines that knock^the spots out of every other^house in town. To use a^slang expression ^we are^strictly in it.
Seehere what we offer.^For 50 cents we offer you^a suit of Underwear sold^by every other house at $1.^To be sure it is not all^wool but it is good value^and cheap. For 75 cents^we have Jersey fitting^gray mixed goods that are^worth double the money.^For $1 we offer fine fancy^Balbriggans that sold last^year for $2.50; and tor $1.50^we can give you a line of^mixed goods in plain colors^that are the best value in^town
Rememberwe guarantee^prices in every instance,^and if you are out of town^will send the goods to you^C. O. D. with the privilege^of examination.
4jU hi St, Unite.
ProminentPennsylvania Republicans^Issue an Address.
TheMan With a Record Portrayed^aa the Jonah of ihe C. O.^P -He Must ba
PmnuKLPHiA,June C9 ^ An address,^'To the I iiiztmn of I't'iinsylvaiiia.^^menc d !^^^ Kudol.ik Dlaiik.-iibur*:. John T.^Uailey ^ l'o., Ueorffe Wliarum Pepper,^Baaaga. lit-rulmm, Charles Hebcr ( lark,^Kev. Mapfcea W. li.iie, Kcv. W. Ji. Mc-^V.tknr, J.itin H. Converse, Kev. diaries^Wood, Hi v. S. 1). Mcl'onnell mid 136^others, was made publie this evening.^1 he signers speak ^as lYiiiisylvanians^and republicans,^ and their aetion is to^protest against Senator Quay being^longer a controlling factor in the affairs^of the state. The statement is made that^the political methods in the state are^now corrupt, in sharp contrast to the^disposition of the rank and tile of the^parly. The leadership is jlllrine.l to be^completely within Senator (Juay, ^abso^^lute 111 its control, unscrupulous in its^methc d i and disastrous in its results.^^1 lie public record of St llutor tj i.iy is^dwelt upon uud the paper says: ^M. S.^(Juuy is the only one responsible for the^overwhelming disaster which befi II the^republican party ill this state last uuluiiin.^It might have been sup|^oseU that a leader^who indicted such a wtund upon his^purty, and to whom it had given so over^^whelming evidence of lack of conlldeuee^in liiru. would have retired from public^prominence. Mr. IJ i.iy. however, con^^tented himself with an elaborated de^^fense of his record before the I'nited^Males senate. This was both 'Jiitimely^uud uiicouclusive.
Juy's lieutenants in the legislature are^charged with committing a stupid politi^^cal I hinder by hostility to the ballot re^^form bill iind with having violated itie ex^^press pledges of the party and openly de^^fied the will of an overwhelming major^^ity ^ f their constituent*.
Tlieaddress continues: ^There is a^fundamental lullacy in the the^ ry of pol^^itics which has for year* obtained favor^in this state, and of which Mr. CJuay has^been the leading exponent. It is that^public ^ Diets are spoils^lawful properly^of politician* who capture them and by^whom they are dispensed in turn to their^underlings a* a pnu of war. The^disaswr of the looted treasury^is explained by the fact that a step from^ilns fallacy to startling ami bold appro^^priation ^^t public fund* to private uses ol^the public officer* i* along one in appear^^ance only, not in reality. The parly will^soon lie eulied upon to nominate a state^and city treasurer and attorney general.^Nominations must be given to honest^men or ibe party will meet anotlier defeat.^In the presence of these facts Pennsyl^^vania republican* must not hesitate. It is^a crisis and can only be met by the ret.re-^in. in of Mr. (Juay. A more competent^uud worthy leadership is necessary, and^an unflinching demand must be made for^the retirement of these men from the^places w hich they have disgraced.
KliutSMM by VMM Caps^Tho Killing^A p proved.^Spaki.aM), 111., Juno '^).^ About 12^years a|to John Carver died, leaving his^widow and children about HiU. The^widow subsctpiently married a mere boy^named Koyal r'nshy. The youthlul hus^^band soon entered on a career of de^^bauchery and In gan treating his wife^in tho most brutal manner. The^community It a long ling has been^mceiisei. at his actions, but not until^recently was the full extent of his Drulal-^ity known. Saturday a white cap cir^^cular was sent to h m ami copies to many^lauiilii *, Attached to it was a prayer for^his wife saying: ^Help u-, for humanity's^suke.^ The circular detailed how, sev^erulytars ago, he debauched his step^^daughter und when a child was born^strangled mid buried it in the yard.^Then Mrs. Prisby secured a divorce and^soon after t'ri.by, who had forced the^girl to continue to submit to his^assaults, compelled ber to marry turn.^Kcccnily she gave birth to another child.^Frietiy got drunk and chased the family^into the woods. Last night, as he stcpiicd^out of the door of In* house, he was shot^down and instantly killed. l^. H. Culver,^his uncle, and John Curver, a brother ut^the girl debauched, have been arrested^lor the killing. 1 he killing meets III^approval of the comuiiiuiiy and u hundred^^ in I have i Hered to go on the bund* ul^the prisoners.
.1 Kumilng liijlil Mill' the folic* lu^Which Hum Mere I ...I
(mi ai o, June 29 ^ L^ uis Dillinger,^alias 1'aul May, who eicaped from^jail at New Knglaud, M ^., in 1*^^.^the day before he was to have been^hung for tic murder of his wile^and two men, was captured here^last uijhi, aft-T a running fight with two^pol cemen. lu Ml flight he fell in with a^man who was driving with his wife in u^bug'.)'. He took hold of ^ U ^ of the thill*^and sheltering himself b hind the horse,^compelled the driver to whip the an mil^into a gallop. Tim. ne.isied, he Woii d^have eseajied, but he drew a revolver and^hsjsjj to reiurn die fire oT the police,^i his frightened the animal, ^Inch reared^and threw him, br^ aUnig h s nrm. He^fired the remaining cartridge in the re^^volver at the police and w is then isjsj*^tured.
TheLuceric M.ill trial.
Hour.,June 29.^I'uder instruction*^from the Holy See. an exact report of^the comment made and impression* pro^^duced in the United states i.y die pr^ jeet^of IPir Ctpensly, rcs'ar ling ^ uncrating^to a-ii-i tea, has been d .iwn up atrl i*^now under eonsider.it: n at the vat.can.^1 he future action of tie pope w ill largely^' epend on the impression cieated lu the^report.
TheFarts About in. lt^pi^ried Invasion^of the Ihlrkasaw Nation
Wasiu.m.uin,June 29.^The commis^^sioner ol Indian affair* received advices^from Agent Ueiinetl ill the Indian terri^^tory, staling that after a thorough inves^^tigation with tho assistance of 100 Chick^^asaw scout*, covering a territory of^Ul mile*, he found only nine in^^truder* in the Chickasaw nation, six of^whom were given 1U day*' notice lu^gather their cattle and leave. One wns^brush hiding and the other two wire^placed in charge of ihe Chickasaw ni li^^tis, with order* to remove them to Okla^^homa. Iu this section the Cbickaaaw au^^thorities asserted there were M^Inmilies of intruder*. The agent^^ay* the fact* have been grossly^misrepresented by the Chickasaw^authorities who is-u d hundred* of per^^mits which were not reported to tiie na^^tional authorities, but wli ch were paid^for lu good fault and are held by uou-rili-^ten* listed a* intruders. The movement^has thus far resulted in unmasking the^swindling scheme* of many collectors,^who, the agent says, are fugitive* from^justice.
LieutenantWell* of the navy, comnits-^^louer to Veneiuela and neighboring col^^onies, reports that the govrrnor general^of the 1 in ti ll colonies in tho West Indies^has accepted an invitation to participate^in the world's fair, and has appointed u^commission.
Citieson (be Banks o: ibe Ihsonri in^Diogtr o( Inundation.
Investtext ion lulu ilie Charges Preferred^lty Ihe Switehiiisa.
Tkkhf.Hai'ie, lnd^ June 29.^The^Committee appointed to investigate the^charge of conspiracy preferred against^the brother hood of Kailway Trainmen^by the switchmen's organisation in con^^nection with the recent lockout of^tho latter employes of the North^^western road, reported to-day to^the supreme council of the federation^finding Ihe brotherhood guilty. The^switchmen had alleged that the trainmen^conspired with the ran way ^ III ials to^provide men for the switchmen's places.^When tho vote on the expulsion was^taken two llrciuett delegates voted wlih^three trainmen delegates. but three^switchmen und three conductor* voted for^expulsion, making a vole n to a against^the offending body.
aCALL FOH assistance.
Peoplela Virilism luwa Much la Need^of Pecuniary Help.^Chf.rokt.e, Iowa, June 29.^Governor^Boies arrived here ihismornmg.and after^surveying the flooded district he issued a^proclamation to the people of the elate,^setting lorih the loss sustained by the^eit ieus and the damage done to the^bridges and other publie property, and^ri commending that the mayor* of the^citie* of the state and all other cha-j'a-^bly disposed persons take step* to organ^^ize proper committees to solicit aid for^the unfortunates und see that the same^is promptly forwarded to David H. Ulooui,^mayor of Cherokee, for distribution.
HsMSWl.ab ^r troubles.^PlTTHBCIUl, June 29^Labor trouble*^are growing here, the mod portentious^being the unexpected attitude of western^manufacturers toward the new scale of^the Amalgamated association. The^manufacturers are opposed to every new^clause in Ihe scale, but especially to the^the nine-hour clause. One of the manu^^facturers says that unless the nine-hour^rule is eliminated every mill in the dis^^trict will be shut down. The existing^scale expire* tomorrow und unless some^agreement is reached the mill* must shut^down or attempt to run without Amal^^gamated men.
Anliihuniau Minister.
1'lTlsm icii, June 29.^Joe Coetelln was^arrested to-night for a peculiarly inhu^^man drowning of an Italian boy named^Constanio lieinuro, at Stoop* Ferry, Ohio^river, this morning. The boy was swim^^ming With some Americans, who begun^ducking Ihe little Italian, who could not^swim. A man on the bank yelled to^^Drown the idiinke I Italian.^ Thi*^man, who proved to be ( ^Hello, then en^^tered the water, and after repeatedly^ducking the strangling boy, deliberately^drowned him. t ostello was identified by^the terrified nn-lookers and jailed.
AnAiueriesu Monte carlo.^Lot isviL.Lt.. June 29.^Thomas M.^Lew i* ot Los Angeles, who is here, says^the story thai lien. Kit Murray and Logan^0. Murray were interested in the projict^to establish an Amer can Monte Carlo in^Southern California is undoubtedly a^mistake. Neither has ever had anything^to do with that disreputable scheme.^Lewis I* a personal friend of General^Murray. He say* the gambling scheme^was originated several year* ago and was^abandoned about two yeurs ago.
AnKi-Killiiir i trials.^PliF.scorT, Arix., June 29 ^ Saturday^night James H. Wright, cx justice of the^supreme court of Ar soua, attempted in^shoot Adjutant General bill of l'lioeiux,^against whom Wright had secured an In^^dictment for libel when Gill was editing^the 1'hoei ix S*JNaMS liystanders pre^^vented ti e shooting. Judge Wright was^taken to jail and afterwards fined by ihe^police justice for currying concealed^weapons.
Heiwecntilings end Klerk,.
Sf.aViLH,Wash., June 29 ^ Two coin-^pan .es ol the First Ktjiinent of the^National Guard left lor the Franklin coal^mine* curly this inmiiing. The only^news received so far is thai one white^man was killed, three wounded and one^negro guard w^ unded. Over luu shut*^weie fired iu the riot last evening.
AIh ioiiliil Crop
St.I'ail, June 29 -A well-known^grain man who has jusi made a tour of^the Ked Wiver valley says the crop pros^^pects were never so brighi. It will ba Us*^greatest year for the Northwest ever^known. 1 he only question will be to get^help to harvest the wheat.
BejSJSjea]slid sloe iu Fleee*.^Wkst Point, Miss., June 29.^\Viiii.,m^Gales, colored, was l.unged to a tree - lid^ii''rally shot to pieces near here last^night, for attempted rape on m white girl.
TheRiver Llab e to leave tit. Joe^Inland-Hundreds of Acres^of Land Washed^Away
Kansas( nv, June I'.i The danger of^a sen. ii . 11 nut from the M ssoiiri river^Im com's greater every hour. At 7 this^mornii g the i vcr aas r^ porird n-iug at^the rate ol an inch per hour. In llu^^lower part of liariem. opposite here, the^water is lunuing through the streets and^a liiimtsi'r of people are moving to higher^groun I.
KansasCny, June 29 ^The Missouri^r vcr ut tins poiut is at a dangerously^high stage. The water is the highest it^has been since the great Hood of 1N^1, but^still lacks sc veral leet of that year's rec^^ord. Nevertheless much damage has^lieen done and much more is feared, as^the cities above report a higher stage of^water than ever. At i^ o'chsrk this even-^mg the water registered three feel above^high water mark, 211 feet above standard^low water mark. '1 he wuter is using^steadily an inch per hour, and^will probably rise two or three feet^more iu the next day or two.^Paris of Harlem, a hamlet just across the^river, are already stibiiu ig^ d. About ~^^families have left lhelr hollies, taking^their household goods, and tire camping^on the high giotind. All the farms along^the liver aie subnierg* il and the crops^are riiinid. 1 bo t Uibutikmeut of the^liunuibal A St. Joe roail approaches Ihe^rivir at right angles i.cross from this^city. This * iiihuui.hiciil has acted as a^sort of a lev e und protected ti e vast ex^^panse of river Indn m Isvlow it from the^flood. Some feurs are ex| ressul that the^ciiibunkmeiit mav hot la* utile to^withstand ihe pris'iire, uud should^it give way, much valuable laud will^lie submerged, including the truck^of the Kansas Cny lliteing association.^In view of this emergency horses which^nave been stabled llu re have lieen n-^moved to placea of safely on this side of^the river. High water has bucked up the^waters of the Kaw, which ^ inputs into^the Missouri at this place.
Barkwaters have submerged much of^the lowlands and lot) or more tqiiattrra^living there have la.ru cimpelled to^abandon their homes. The water also^backed up in the sewers of Kansas t ity,^Kalis., and inn out of the manholes. Hood^^ing various parts of ihe town.
Adispatch from Atchison, K is., says:^^I'll* Missouri river is now two teel^higher here than it has been this season.^Farms BSJ the Missouri side wire side^merged last night and wheat fields will^be a total loss. The water is also pour^^ing across Doniphan imuiii, a neck of^land op|h^sitc Doniphan, Kas. This neck^stood the Hood in 1*81, w hen the river^was nine feet higher than II is now. No^fear is entertained that it will cut through^this time. Southeast of Atchison, laud is^falling into the stream by Ihe acre.
Leavenworthalso reports vt ry high^water, the inundation of much valuable^farm land und destruction of crops. No^damage has he n done in ihe cny.
ST.JusM'H, Mo., June 19 I he river^has been rising steadily since Saturday^and is now In inches of the highest point^reached since tell years ago. K tsideuts^^ f the French lioitoms, north of this city,^are in a stale of alarm, and many are^preparing to move. '1 he water is still^rising and reports received from Sioux^t ity and Omaha show a gam of six inches^since last evening. If the river should^ovciftow the Piench b itioms it is ex^^pected a iu * chimin I will he cut through,^leaving ninny farms on all island uud^diverging I lie stream from the Kansas^shore two mill's. If the present rate of^rise continues 24 hours, the stockyards^and hundr. ds id house* south of St. Joe^will be inuiiditteil. 'Ihe sittiutiou is se^^rious l^ the packing lliteiesls a* well as^to hundreds of small burner s on Ihe low^lauds.
A st. louis FIRE.
Mesrlyllslf a Million Hollars Hnr'h ol^I'toperty llrslioye.l,
ST.LoriK, JuneLS The wholesale and^retail grocery establishment of David^Nicholson was completely burned this^morning. 'Ihe fire was discovered on Mai^fourth Door, slid rprtaii so rapidly that^all Ihe llrtiueti could do wus to save^adjoining i roptrty. Ihe north wull of^the Nicholson building toppled over on to^a otu -story building adjoining, abolishing^it. Several buildings utljac in lo that ot^ihegroeeiy firm were 'I.imaged by file.^Ihe liie recurred at i oflock, and ihe^guests at the Ivy hoti-e adjoining rushed^from their rooms and climbed down the^fire e.eap- iti their night clothes, ru my^of them having harrow escup-s from^being trampled lo death. The heaviest^loser is David Nicholson, whose stork^and budding, valued at ovrr t.V.'M), is^almost total.y destroyed. '1 he insurance
Is117^Olher losses ulnouilt to ab.-ui
IliKl.ntUwhich are partly covered by in-^surauce.
ElPaso, Texas, June L9 - The collector^of customs lit re in an interview in SagBjSSj^to charges of fraud mad^ by several w^ si*^eru pssjft in the admission of lead ores^fr^ 'iu M^ xa-o.says that fraud is impossible,^owing to the systini' f cheeks up m im^^portation. He stuted that an action for^liliel will probably b^ brought against ihe^papers making the charge, the names of^w hich cannot now In-given.
Alt^^al i Itr ^^iiliig.
LoNiM'n,June :9 ^The queen to-day,^accompanied by a number of members of^the royal family, attended the chr sterling^of the dau^: ler of the duke an I ductless
olFi'e. lie t.l'e ot i lie biibv, who Is
tnefitst gram-child ot the Prince of^Wales, will IMl by tne queen's command.^Lilly Alexandria Victoria Duff, Ine latter^being the family name ol the Duke of^Fife.
AF. w Things Thai Mr tt si soiskrr Msy^bs ISIlrU oi, lo tsplsiu.
PlliLAliM.rHiA.June '.'.i-C ontrary to^the general impress.or,, Poslmtster Gen^^eral Wanamaker did not appear before^the investigation commune of the coun^^ties' lb s afternoon lo I xp.aiu the appar^^ent discrepancy between his previous tes^^timony and Ihe facts siib^^ ullcutly devel^^oped by the Keystone liooks. Instead he^sent a letter, saying if any Infoinialion^was wauled from I nn he should be g.ad^at 24 hours' nonce lo meet any of the^mi ruin rs of '.he council and explain every^lletll of Ills statement.
Pres.dentDunham, of the Mechanics'^National bunk of Trenton, testified that^the bank had loaned haul money on cer*^I hcate of the Keystone b ii.k stiM-k for^2iii shares in the name ol John Wana-^maker, and the transfer was arranged bv^Mali President Morris, of the (^ raid^Trust company, saitl his company^once he.d certificates of the Key^^stone bank as collateral for a^loan made to Wanamaker. In 1' *^rember last temporary loans were made^to the Keystone bank cn Electric Trust^stock. President Marsh of the Keystone^l ank came In President Morris and Is.r^rowed money, slating at the same tune^that It would be a great obligation to^Wanamaker. Moir.s said that eonst-^t|iiently his company loaned \\ auainaker^the money on what he thinks wtrethe^same shares of elcclne stock.
HowardSpencer Jones, a clerk in the^employ of Wanamaker, and ill whose^name several of ihe certificates pledgi d^by Wanamaker lo btokers stood, ex- 1^plained that he signed the transfers at^the rt quest of Wanamaker. He slab d^that W. Itankiu, in whose iiume si veral^of the certificates stoo l, was a boy for^^merly employed by Wntiainaker.
ChilianInsargeD.s M Recogn zed bj
YtbltHUAY's i A llies
Aleuaisou i ii in ii k t ii pi A ig ii in** n t^at IImILiiiiui %
I.ommix,Juiit* a,*.*. A rocpivnig ortU'r^wuh iiiitdtf in tin* liuiikrupicy roiirt U*-il;i^^uiruuiHt Ailaiiiftoti, iit'Ui'm A lo., iiu-r-^ch/iiiiK, wlili ,i|llct^i in 1 MM ami Rn^York. Kmhililim un* vrry In-.ivy. Utu*^hunk alum* m nM to 1m* a crt'ihtor t^^ ilu-^MTMsWM ^^f IMMH.
Ualtimokk,Juno '_H^. Ii. Straui, Hro.^^V Co., uiHliattTN, a^MtfiH'^l u^^^l;iy f^^r IN^l)^ im tit of tlu'ir MMMhIi Vm .mb*! of^lite ufH,|fii^'^' in ^hiui. TIiih failun* ih^the oulroint* of tin- a-^rBlgMiit.*iit of liarill^A Straus two Wf**k^ ago. I h. ir i r in u-^^liahllit.es are placed at llOO.UJil ami roti-^titiifent lialnlities at iJi^,,i^1', ^mur* t't'i-i^f.-i. '.^Hi. Hit* asaela will acitrufuU' $*-^^^,^^W 0. A uuiuIht of h.iiiks in thia cny^ofTered to help the firm over its trouble,^but it win th^ tight U -t to takr tho tl^p^which riilnuuittc'l in aMiguiurnt m Uh^.^The tru-tlce*. state the llriu was forc*^il lo^takn this step on accouut of the recent^failure of Solomon Siraus, a son of one^of the brother*, ami ol Samuel Harth d^Co. Straus Hron. A Co. were emlorM-tr.,^either a^ a firm or individually, of pup^ r^of Solomon St runs ami Hand A Co. to the^extent of KU),iM^. The matter is really^not an asHignmeiit in what is g* nerally^1111dernto.nl hy that term, hut only a means^to asaist the firm ill lupudatiug ila airairs^anil |^a^ mg creditor* in full.
TheIreo-t lad 1'ounltiutluit aud lt|-.Ua^rs
ofihe iVi.pif'- I'atriy
MHeWAL'KKK,June Ltt The constitu^^tion ami l.y-Iuws of the new people*!^party, as revised ami i Imnged by .Hi rro^^tary Seliillllig, were made puhlie t*wl iy.^The article* call for ibe organic ition ami^regulation of locul rluliH to Ite couiluctetl^under the auspices of the national hody.^Mated moeliiigs aliall Ih^ held l^y every^club, A president shall Im* elected at each^meeting. Any citiien of u town or county^may liecouie a uiemlmr hy mgning the^declaration of principle* and the platform^of the uatioii*l body, and ph ^li;ing tnin-^Mdf iimpialifledly to support ttie pr.nci^pies as enunciated. Any member who^makes a motion to cmlonic the camlnlate^of or enter into fusion with any other po^^litical party, tdmi. immediately cea-c hj^la* a liiemher of the dull and tho new^phrty.
MinjiIv Ali-unl.
HK Ai.ii, fluna St.- A morning p iper^printed a si nsational n p ^rt n^ the cITeci^that Jay G ^uUI aud the Vamlerbilta hud^split, causing a decrease hj t|M. curuiiiMn^of the! hicagoA Nfirthwestern for May of^rlt^ as compared with tin* same pe^^riod last ^car. This showing, .% M d t*^the decrease in Aprd of ^.^.. \ was^made most of lu drawing the *..giutleaut^conclusion, and In the ^ul^^taiitia'ing of^the heavy diversion by the Tnion I*ac;f.c^to the Missouri I'ac II ^ of Ira ft! ^ that^should have come east over the North^^western, .'resident Hughut of the North^^wester said this afternoon that the report^is simply ahsurd.
V*nl A r i *t iif n^d In C iuri.^Thiladckphia. June .-.^ Henry H.^Yard was urrmgited in court to-day to^atihwar to the charge of conspiracy wuh^eft-City Treasurer Hardoley to unlawfully^uso the public funds. At the r^ ^pie^t ^ f^the district attorney the trial of Yard wa^^postponed until September. The district^attorney ga*v gg his rea^oii for rt ^piestuig^tha postponement of Yard's trial that a^decision is eftpec^ed in ihe suit against^tha accused to compel an answer to the^interrogations of the city council invtsti-^gallon committee, and that Yard Is es*^iict d to make a statement.
tsiltunilt'tHi*! ^W*it.e.r.
SanKkaM Im o, June At I p. m.^to-duy signal servicu r^ ports the highest^point rear bed hy the thermometer here^during ttie day was M tlegreeti. Thi* is^e.ght decrees Higher than yesterday,^which was the hottest day since 1077. Re^^port* from the various p^ mts In the Mute^indicate the temperaturH rangniai from^l#J to lot degree*. No prostrations are re-^|x^rte l.
(Iti ^'^^*^ It a rue. | |u l^s^Mtll.
SanKkoi iv ii. June :9 ^ Fire this^afternoon destroyed a lodging house in^Chinatown. I b'i fire hurned ov* r an^hour. The huhiiing ^u^ completely; ^!^^*-^iroyvJ. The charr* il remains of one^I binese woman was foui.d in the ru.n-.^It is stated five other Chinese women^were hurned to death, but their bod es^have not yet been fouud.
beward Eatab ahed a Custom^Wh ch tha United Statas Has^bmc ^ Believ *d It Ouod^Policy to Follow.
\Vahini.tox, June l'j. ^Dom Podro^Monti, las Ciidtian c^ingreaaionaI envoy,^alloa^*t| another day to pass without his^appearance at the executive BjaajaftaSJ or^t.epui tiueut of state. It now begins to^upptur that the mission with which^Mt'iiit uud his ass^^ciutes is charged with^is a failure :n Sg fur aa their ^ ttl' ial recog*^uitioii hy die I inted Matt s government is^conci-rut d; and it is improbable that^tin v will be received in any capacity^either officially or unofficially hy any of^the executive officer* of this government.^A person well versed in Ihe diplomatic^practices, thoroughly at ipiaintetl with the^history of th*' depuriim-ut of state, this^afieriioi.ii s.iid tl.e r a on for die a .option^of thin course hy our government wus^hroader than any of ttie questions involved^in the present case, and wus founded^upon the uniform line of president* run^^ning back lo ihe date of our civil war.^Kar.y in the history of the rebellion tho
confederacysent r* preventatives to Lon^^don ftnii Paris to secure recognition for^their can**'. Mr. Seward, the secretary^of stati-, promptly instructed Messrs.^Adams and Oav ion, I'nited Matea^minister* to Gnat llntam and^France that the reception of these^c 'iifcil.Tsite atfc.it-, either idUi ially or^t r vulely, would be regard*, it by die^Coiled Mates as cause for breaking off of^oiploiuaiic relation*, i'urther than this^Mr. S.-ward refused to receive tho joint^note of lint is h aud French ministers n-^ferrmg to the state of civil war in the^L nitcd Males und undertaking^Unit their government* should act^strictly as mutrils. Ihe secretary's^ri joinder to his last statement was that^ihe governments could only act as friends^of the tinted Mates. Liter oil .Seward^refused hi hold any inn rcotirae wuh Km-^per.^r Muxiiiidhau, then striving to estab^^lish hi* empire in M ftlco, or even to re*^ceive from Inm a letter of condolence on^the tletilh of President Lincoln. So it baa^lieen the uniform custom of the United^States govt runieiit, and a custom which^will nd in the Ju Igmeut of diplomats be^broken in the case of Chilian insurgents,^to refuse to recogn it* revolutionary gov^^ernments in Am* riean republics. It is^suid in diplomatic circles that this cus^^tom is founded u|Hin good policy and^tend* to conserve Ann ricati interests.
l.niislra Not .lnii^u^ lor Kaelproeliy
%toh Ho t nurd ai^ti*^.
London,June Li*.- The Timtt to-ilay^gives | rominence in its columns to a^letter from .Mr Ib-m ry Arthur liiake.gov-^erm^r uHtl e^niiniainler*in-cbief of the is^^land of Jaiuucia, who i* at present iu tbs^the city. In thi* communication Hluke^distinctly contradict* the llunlap-Ualsell^dispatch dab d New York. June 1^^, stau^ing that Jamaica is anxioim for recmroc.^ity with the I'mled States and asserting^that the inhabitants of that island aro^holding public tii'-eting* iu ^ c h r lo advo^^cate the reciprocity idea. Governor lilaks^iu colic.u^iou says that the merchants^and |M*oule of Jamaica ars anxious to ex^^tend the r trud^* in any an I every direc^^tion, but th il Jumuic r. It not prepared to^concede ildf reimul duties to the United
A%.-w l^rtt*aus Kow,
Nf.wiind UM| June .9 -This after-^iiouii a row -icurred on the fruit wharf^of the Illinois I etitrul road beta ^ en fac^^tious ol 'loiigsboremeii overwork. Pis*^loU were drawn and I ^ shots exctianged^iM'tweeti the rival factious. fortunately^no shots took iffect, uud the police put^^ting iu all appearance the light was^cht eked. The row created intense eft-^cm iiient uud uu uuuieiiso crowd gath*
AK^ ^ Sj MBjgSJk
iun ai.o, June l**.^Prince George of^tjrecee an ^veil here this morning from^Omaha. He is accompanied by Captain^Lahiuer of the Russian navy and one .ser^^vant. The prince is traveling incoirruto^and regisb red at tie* Auditorium hotel as^Count t'olster. At the depot be wa* met^by a delegation of the Grecian Ueuevslent^asstH-iatioii which esi-orteil him to ths^hotel. The prince was much pleased^with the reception accorded lum by bis^couulrymeii.
llur.edlu Ala-ha.
Wamiim.ion,June TJ. Ths treasury^d^ purtuieiit has received a letter from^Captain Mealy, eomuiuuder of the rere-^l\w steamer Hear, natcd S tka, Alaska,^JtiiieVr. say.ng that Lieiitenaiit Kobiuseli,^who was drowned in Icy I ay, *^as buried^at Sitka on the Mil in*t. with military^honors, and thai Scatnan Andersou was^buried at li.e scene of the accident. Ths^lMMl.es of the others drowned were not^recovered up to the tune of writing.
ilI. i is I t!^^^^-(^U,
Washington,June San Oomingo^reciprocity i* likely to com- closely on^the t.c Is of the .M^antsh-Cuhuu pros^tarnation. h is understood that the^details have Koiic forward lo a point^where the formalities of a ratification^may soon l^e i irbanged between the two^cuutitrii s.
PulxuhrUl.oilrry Ads.
OfituMl, Jutte '29 Twenty-e ght tbou-^f sand copies of the l^ troit C*ommrrcitif Ad-^' rn tiff it #^ of Horn* Journal issueit, June Jb,^are held tu the postoftlce here under the^lottery law. The j r. salent, vice presi-^dt ut, secretary and lrca*urer of ths com-^pany were arrested aud tluedfLUOand^eo-ts.
asjhji.v ihe hmpsror.^11 \mbir*Ja\ Jun ^ -The ini|M'ror, son*^versing with Herr Nisseti, chairman of^ihe ttumburg-Auicricun Meumship com^^pany, announced that the ilreibuud was^)esterday proiuiiged for sift ^ cars.

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