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Fourthof July Celebration in Butte!
Underthe Auspices of
Hasbeen prepared which will be
andwill furnish
toeveryone attending.
OnAll Railroads !
Arrangementshave been made with the^Street Railway Company to run^their Electric Cars tc the
GrandStreet Parade, headed by the Boston ^ Montana Band, after which the exercises will begin at the Race Track. READ THE LIST I
WarDance by a Band of 67 Shoshone Indians.
Indi.inPony Race for a handsome saddle and bridle.
AFoot Race tor a Purse.
AFoot Kaco lor a l'n/e.
ATrot lor Gentlemen's Uoad Horses.
A600 Yard Running Race.^A Ha l Mile Running Racs.^Two Special Trots.^A Pacing Race.
SixRaces, and all for Liberal Prires.
TheWashington Guards and the Butte Rod and Gun Club will con^test in a game of base ball.
Therewill be a game of foot ball between the Butte Rovers and
theMeaderville teams.^Dancing in a Pavilion now being constructed, large enough for
all,100x100 feet.
LunchCounters and Restaurants will charge city prices only. Livery arrangement has been made for the enjoyment of everybody and visitors to Butte on that day
willhave an opportunity of witnessing the
ADMISSION50 CENTS.For Further Information See Posters, Bills, Etc.
AN^i Catholic Sciool Will Soon Be
Entrlea lor the Races Not Yet^Closed I he Trial of Kret-^Weil'e Muril'Tcn-In^the Court*.
BprrlalIn I hi- Standard.
Mihmuila, .Inin ;^^.- Arrangement* for^the puroctual *choo! h^r hoys over II yt-ur*^of ligc, which PH HNHtm^ l^y licV.^Father Diomcili he^! Friday, have not^yet I^^^^^!^ cnmplcifl. i lii* morning 11^*^^ li urin il that K v Father D...11101I1 is^in Sicvcnsvillc look alter (In- Indian*^who, within a few d.ty^, will I 1, MMll^to tin- Flalhcutl reservation. Father^Seal vuh at hoiii^, ti MNM^ mid lie ex-^liluiiit'tl tin- mtiiuiioti. '1 In' institutes of^^Ifltod Sislt r- ^^f Providence forliiil^their touching i-, ^ ^ mo:p ilian II year*^old. A BM who has it-ucci s-ful carter^us a teacher has appln il lor Uap position^u^ instructor of boys In n who are loo old
10ultciid the Sisicrs' iirailt-iiiy.^'l ilt* man. r of liu it.stung a loca-^lion for tin* srliool and paying it*^expenses in what liu* priests have lo ar^^range. If tin* new church wen* finished,^lie old one would !^^^ converted into a^schoolbousc, hut as tin* church w ill not^lie enclosed h^ fori' tin- llrsl of llictiubor,^that UMlgMMM i- out of ihe ipicsiiou.^The lit x. Itcsl thiu^ appear* lo hi- to give^out1 rttoin in liu* priests* result-lice for^srliool purp* six, anil this will prohahly^Im'done. As there wi I ir.huhly lie hut^one flam tin- 111 mi .Mar. it eaii he at MOT^modsted in that way. As the palish is^lirariiy lan d Willi the building of the^n^ tv i liiirt li, u may bo difficult to raise^inotit'y for thf in w t nli i| rise, hut the^tatht*rs trust ihat il.o*c who desire I he if^sous to receive insii-iic Hon in tin' ilii'.^limes of the 11.tin h as wed as the usual^siiulies punned in schools, will respond^liberal.y and make the new M Intel a suc^^cess from ihe stait-
FatherSt ale snys dpi new Catholic^clutch will Matfcx'tim Win n completed.^Thf t osi was llrst t -1.in ,l, il at H^^.^Fatter Ni alf, hy the way, it a must en-^MMw] talker. Hi- it nr. ally IMMMkjd^in llii' various system* ol thorlhumt and^has s'.udit'd i'Vi-iy new one introduced in^30 yi'iirn. Tj pi ^ rut re, too, huw ret eivcd^Int. ailontiuli, and this morning he re^^lated Ins ^ xpi ri*Mi in 111v^ tiling one. It^was when tit* wat, a sin. cm in lieorgi-^towu colliitr, dur.tig the war. Ho l ad^only limited mt ana. hut lie enlisted in^thf enterprise aiiotiit r stii'it tit uatiiftl^I'm hit., a I.ait-hit cil In in Pueblo, Mil^^ieu, who ha I pinny ol mont'V^mid coii'-itli ruble uiVfiitive genius.^T li y worked together lor s. ill^linie anil arranged a murium^consisting of u circular |ilale w ith PMPBN
011the * if. Il.lt. | laic stood |hi|hii-^diculariy and the top t f it ran against an^ink roller sutli as is used pjpj I niitiiig^|^r ^scs By means of -t ie- uu cliuii sin^II coultl BP turned so as to bring tin-^letter des.rt-tl down. '1 lui was very wi ll,^hut there was no way i.. make n sir.ke^MM pa|^er utiuw it. 1 inally u ptdal was
arraiiL't'dfor that, and when the operator^ilesired to use the machine he lurnetl the^wheel hy means of the special mechan-^ism and prinietl each letter hy strikinu^the penal with his loot. Some lmiTeVl^^ments wert* introduced, lull ruehlo's in^^terest was divided hciwc -ii the invention^tif the typewriter ami a cannon which^MPjM ln^ Ilrt tl without any tlaiiger to the^eiiimer, and so he never liroiiithi the ina-^cliiuc to perlcctioti.
tin'Trial til I PjftVtPj SSPl miltil I'tilliuii'lirt'il^In tlir llislriet I'tturl.
b|n'nalIn tin' KtanilariL
IIIfltTiil. .linie lll-The trial of^I In.in.is t alviu and Allien .smith,cliarnt d^with the niiirtler of Joseph l'retwell at^Corey lire.'s eauiii on May 17, was Im-kuii^this iiinrmnK in the thstriet imirt. Messrs.^\\ t hster ami WYod appear as attorneys^for ttie slate ami Mc-srs. Sulf ami Crouch^for the defense. The jury sciiaicd is as^follows: Qt Id am liaim', 1'ope t ullin, V.^A. Clark, J. haHj l're.l Uilheri, J. \V.^Crcciioiiuh, C.'orKe l.iiieastcr, MiiesMix,^J. Mr. M.iin, Hull Kash, C. A. Scarh s,^C. W. YtHJIitf. The witnesses sworn tor^the slate are Daniel Lyons, William l.y-^m.in and Mike VYaitis, and for the ths.^liiiseJ.ti. Nt al, Lunelle Uallaiih^ r and^llrowu ami M. V. Welsh. Daniel^Lyons was the llrst ' witness put^on the stand. lie M u walk-^in*/ hnss at C rey llro. A Co.'s^catup. t hi the inoruiiif/of May 17 he had^ireuhle with Calvui and .Smith alioin get-^iii e some linn*/ to eat at the cook l.onse.^and struck Calvui on the shoultlt rs with^a m-ckyoke and aft* rwartls uot a n ^^volver and chased ti;m out of the camp.^He leslilles that they cam ' hack Willi a^slioi-smii amICalvui loid PPPJ lie hud got to^lleht or die, that a seulll ^ ei in d, the tun^was ilischurtfi'd mid Freiwell who was^staiithuii near was Instantly killed. He^swore also that Calvin a .1 he was sorry^he shot him and not the man he went^after. Lyons admitted on erosH-csam.-^natioii hat lie shot over Calvui anil^Smith's hi nds w ith a revolver Urst anil^told tin in lo no away.
Kan ^t lot li Will^^^luce July
III!to tile MptM
.\issui i.v, J ti it. H V Kelly of Helena^ami Ld i,iif/c, a railroad mnii, iMMflM^signt d articles of agrci luent to run a In* -^yard tla-h on Suutluy moruinK. Jmy 5, at^a place to he mutually agreed upon, tor a^purse ol fluu, the winner to lake ail, un^^der the follow tig t'ond.tioiis: 1 In* start^to he hy mutual consent, and if not a go^at the expiration ol lu minutes the coll-^testaiils to he starietl at the crack ol a^p stol; the releree loin* ct.o.cn on the^ppi.imtl. 1 lie mi ll have each pin up
ilord it with James I) Man of the^Montana saloon.
A PHOUl.t -s V LUCHRfc.^Mipl It. b.iisttii's 4 uiti I'uny in ii..i or ol
ii -- N j. . ii *
OppptotIp the Maiitlaiil
MlssniLA,June 30 ^Miss 1!. h nsou^gav i. most ctijoy ahle card party lust^night in honor of Mi-* Nauton, who re-^r-ci.v rt-turnetl Irom Wash ugioi , DkCs^'I he i v^ l ing was deiighiluilv poppad at^I ii lin e vi *^ iie11re, eiglil lot |pp l.t ing m^the game Ml^ lieckwilll and Miss \\ , ^i^i hiyttl a tip lor ladv's head pr.ie mul Dr.^Cue won the gentleman s hesu prip , s lul*
hooDieswent to Miss Napton uil'l Andrew^llcckwilh. Anions those present were^Misses Matties ami Caulileld and Lieu^^tenant McMarlin of 1'ort Missoula; the^Misses Uihsou of Spokane and the MisHes^Kuowlcs, daughters of Judge Kilosles,^who recently returned from LaSelle seui*^nary. Itefreshineiits were served. Miss^Kiiliinson proved us usual a churpiuijf^eiiteitiiiiier.
Mrs.Colonel Andrews will etitprUin a^tin.ill party at cards at Fort .^i%^oul*^to-nn rrow evt-uiiiL|.
Alllode;t^mitl Howartl Iirayon will n^eml^Saturtlay mid Sunday up the Muter Koot,
lit-I.Ins Hie I'nlitf Much Troulilt autl^l.snil^ in J.11L
S|h*ei:illo tin' MautlurU.
Missiiii.a, June '^).^A man known to^the police us ^Sailor Jack,^ a Tcry tough,^had man, w as juggi d to-night. Sunday^night Marshal 1'ieseott hud u chase utler^him, ami after whipping him several^tunes, throwing him down stairs ami hav^^ing Officer Murray ussist, the man^was slllllcieutiy subdued to lie^hrought in. Yesterday ui truing^he was given nil 6 o'rlock^lo leave town. To-night u Chinaman^claimed that ^Sailor Jack^ had tried to^hold biin up, and Officer K.-nuell under^^took to arrest him ami he shoircil uflht^hut Fe li lit 11 threw him down msl held^bim till Officer Murray came to hip as^^sistance. It was necessary tti lUtt the^lough very roughly tsdore he cuite- Im^ yot^to jail. When jugged ho er ed ru d par^^ried on and said his head was cut open.^Marshal l'resc.ilt says he hop only a^scalp wound however, and that will Dot
hurlII in.
Ina li. ii oIs*.ti Brawl.^r*|tt*rl!tl (n iii** Siotitlard.
illssoii.a, June at).^At about half pail^2 this luoriiuig then* was nearly u^murder tin the row. A colnrt*d woman of^thai thstriet got very drunk and caught^another iinute of tnc house hy Ihe throat^and waved a hatchet over her head. She^w as taken uway and qmted hi fore any^tlamage was done.
Fortlie I uurlh.^Kpei'lal to ltie Natulan!
Mlssoli.a, June IV. -A large mimtierof^entries were mail for Foi.rlh ol Ju y^races to-iluy, hut it was dt cuietl not to^close them as advertised. The ^ nines^! will lie held open a day or two lougt r.
Al.srgt. I PPPjpjpp,^ROT YtitiK, June ;Vi.--l^usincss failures^for the llrsi mx iiioiiihs of the present^year an* reported hy li. ti. Dunn A- fo., pa^iiumher tt.iCl ag'iiitst 5,.P)S5 during the^same period in 1KHI.
in*- I-.r-1 s.'ssiun.^Hi\vi it, June 31^The tlrst session tt^the taitti c nr. ^ i private claims will Im*^held to-morrow .
Iomi. n. .'line :i^ Hit' slop*, in.- ..f the tin^PlOjftt Wtsrks M is en tmaie.t, win keep .ao.rxi
Is.yesell I lie 111.11 set. lite axerag^Ufl'ii l,tssl it' i^ \. s ., ii i. tut tt.
All'-ftl has [i e.l s|^|i,s| leai'W 1 j^,. , lvanis9
Inlilt* .Iitin....its u.,lil Fcelti.tn, i-.ij_ 'Hu*^ile il ft rs Hippji top p|Hiuapi ret.i I, .: pppatt-^ti s|. ...g.U.
PKOaiNHSIPilU',1 here fnpj OaM .ttitlnople^state t! ill til Milan of lutsei I.,. ,|
Itrussfs aiili--iav* i^ retueuiiou ae .
Atthe Newma.k' I niiiiiug nv. in the r^A'^fur Hie Jul) stakes was won ly Wpopjpp,
l*hlllpltur*yt rs it, 1.1, il of llianionds.^Money ami lltjrlstrak.
Sprrlslin the Siaudard.
rillLII'HUlI'.ti, June 3d. ^ Some time yes^^terday t veiling some expert stepped into^Mrs. Shotlair's rooms, situated in the rear^of the fruit store of L. W. Shodair, ami as^there was nobody at home proceeded^leisurely lo select money and articles of^jewelry. Finding ii solitaire tliaiuoml^ring valued at alKiut f 1-5, the gem was^taken tut mid the setting loft.^Alton! 13) in 10-cent pieces and a^dollar bill was also secured. The lady^ilid not discover the loss till this morning.^Another ease is reported where a family^were eating simper, ami while they were^absent from the kitchen a few moments^some hungry indiv dual stepped in and^captured the la t (steak, frying pun and^all.
MissI. xi.e Hyde and Miss Alice Cole^^man ol Deer Lodge arc here on a visit to^relatives.
JohnS. Mitrhcl of Los Gatos, ( ah, ip at^the Kaiser house.
Col.Gcoigc W. Morse of New Chicago^is is town to-day.
AttorneysTrippet and Titus came over^from Hi ei Lodge lo-day.
Sin.ill Items ol News I r. ill IMrTrn'ni
bydnky,N. s. W., .lime so,^tins hundred^mul iliitty-ilut* cleetlou returns shewing elee-^lion el ;^7 iniiiisters, Ui opiKisiliuu, 1'7 lahor pally
HUllUlil.'p Ittlt'lllS.
MAiiiittt..lutic oo.^l'lie tlioimtil in th's prov^^ince continues him all hope of ehlaiiilug Inter-^iiieillalt' crops have heea ahan lone.l. futirer^pppjppf uie HOTOTg fieiti faintue anil lack nf^wu.rr.
IIAsini'iit-.,.fun:m.^F.in|s*rur Vv Itliiiin left fo1'^Ihe islautl of Ht-liL.'oliiii'l tins MMpj en the^steamship prune Bismarck, Tin* PPPPPlPPjrtft^lug tin* eniia'i'or's parly sap escorted 1^^ two^licrtiian Ironclads.
IIomk,.tin c ;i '.^Tlic liiliahllitnls of tin* prov^nice tit Verona last n gill were thrown Into a^slate o; evil- meal and fear hy a scries of sever^rartliquakt* sliecks. tlu^se^ in some cases eol-^lapsea. In spite of the damage dune there Wat^uu I iss of lift'.
IllsI. (^ Watt In-urrtl.^LoNUON, June ^ It appear* that the^exhumation of the tto.lv of James Mc-^llenry. the well known Erie rm.road liti^^gant, with a view lo examination, was^done for the reason that Mi ll nry s life^was insured for over ^l.ntO.utD in vari^^ous companies in Kuglaiid ami America,^and some of ti e companies suspected^suicide hy imiisoii, which would render^v. ui the pollen s. Ana.yais of the stom^^ach ate not yet complete. McHeury1*^Iriciidsare mil gnu ii.
InV w ^*rtt- * r.' Ilttlids.
Kansas^ i l'Y, June 30.^To-morrow Ke-^ecivers Ivltly ami Cross of ihe M s,,,ilr,.^Kansas,, Texas railway will turn that^road ever to the st. ck! oitlers of the c. in-^paity ami ne^ * ffii'* rs wi.l take charge of^ihe system. H ceiver Cross of Linpor a,^Kan., becoiut ^ the new president of the
shiilh - li ile.
(nii'Aiiii. June ;W.^Trcil Stemman, an^Iron iiii ti dt r, laiahy shot his wife to.^n.glu ami then blew tmt hi- own brain-,^l ite irage ly was c iiisetl hy J. uh'U-y of)^the part of Sleiniuan regaidi .g I'elei It .^sise, a carpenter who buardid Willi tlic^family.
CondensedNow* Frt.m Various Section-^of ttie I until.
FonTSmith,Ark., June:o.^Bnott Criimpton^was hanged ilus moruliig.
NkwVoHk, June :si.^ tin* clause in Pie Me-^Kinlcv tariff kW which t (feels tin plate pjppj iniu^t'lh-el at u o'clock to night.
Boston,June :*i^ Five persons cseni'cd from^the sla e prison at i ll.irlesiou last evening and^three of them ate still at larire.
Ka\Fiian'itsi'o,June ;m. hietttcnatit Com^niaiitler Virus of the (.'uited Slates ship Omaha^di- d here MpSppPJPjg ol put urn ana.
NkwItKiiKoitit, Mass.. .lime ;ti. ^ .1. It. Iioati.^the wcll-kiionii rltttliing dealer, left (own, slid il^Is said tic is a forger lu Hip cvt'-nt of ftla,itsi.
Monmiiiin. Ids, June 3D.^Four prisoners In-^the Warren county Jail lu re escaped lust night^hy culling a hole through the roof white the^Jailer was uhseltl
Wash i No ion-, June :t1.^ The comptroller of^currency lias authorized tin* First National hank^of Bar I linh' r, Mont., to begin business with a^rupi al of - 0,1100
LawMEM', Mass., June M.^John Rsnscti^this nioiiiing shot iiiid killed his swcetlieart.^Marie Burkcil, and then kl.led liiinst If the same^way. .tea oii.y was ihe cause.
Moitu.K.Ala., June jo. From packwootl,^Baldaill comity, PJWftft VMMtl that l^'sseCiirt-^wriglit shot and kit.ed lus PlatliPf Ml and all-^ciwards cut Ills own wile s llnoat thrmuh jeal-^ousv.
trlairts, June 30.^ A hncf tli paten from^several |Miiuls 111 Kansas and Mi-suiiri Is to the^effect that another hurricane has swept tluoueli^another wide section of these stales yesterday,^doing much damage to crop-.
Ill11 am^, \T., June 30.^At the OMftHMI^chill i Ii of Bi iisIi on. E V , 011 Sal unlay night, at^least forty-throe person* s ere itotsnned by eat^^ing lee crtam. The |*mstor of tin* church suit^two I..di. s have tiled and all the others are in ^^cl ideal con I ion.
PunviiKI-l'itiA, June .Hi.^A letter PJPjl re-^eeneil lo-tiuy hy the mayor from I onip'ioHcr^Ijiccy iokiiig him to luttiiiit the names of the^two 1 Kfierl aecoiiuiaiils tipisiinti d to a-slst 111 the^llitcsltgatl'n til tlie alia is ol lit.- Ketsl no^Nh .otial hank, Willi aii.-w of aseer aiiuiig^which has h. en 1.11UI)ff eilliiluol VMPJOTppJ^the law.
lose*Itcfore Judges Marshall, Evans and
Logan.(tpeclal to the standard.
MlSHOl'LA,June 30.^The cose of the^Stute v^. 1 illiiian et ul. charged with^changing the brand on a colt in order to^steal 11 has been continued for ihettrm^of the district court by the consent of the^attorneys.
S.T. Anderson, George Lancaster, J.^D. Mulloy, C. A. ttcarles uml C. C. Wyhc^were adinittotl to tin* regular panel of^jurors of the district court to till vac.Hi^^de*.
PaulGerbos. tried before Judge Logan^ti^-'!ay oil a complaint sworn out hy Mrs.^Mary Glenn, charging linn with burglary,^was tlisciiaiged. Tiie case came out of a^civij suit ill which he was a Wilms-^against Mr*. Glenn, ufler which she said^she would gel even wnh linn.
J.Cub onky lo-day uppt und liefere^Judge Evan*. 1'lead guilty ol assaiil^ami batit ry on W, Msiiheini and aas^tlnetl $10 and con*. Ile saitl he cou.d^prove that he was not guiuy, but thai^would n quire the pre-i nee of his daug. ^^ici in couri. uml he prefirrvd 10 picad^guilty rather than to make llt rap|Har as^a witness.
ThoinasMcGovern was to-day ad^^mitted to full eil I uahip.
Tht*ptrouI trial of J S. Jordan for Ihe^murder of Hums bus been st I for the^Tuesday after the second Monday 111 the^October term of court.
Mitvatiientsof !*rr^on* Wpll^M issoulo.
Specialto the Standard.
Missiiii.a,June 31^Missoula Lodge^No. 13, Ancient, Free and Accepted Ma^^sons, was incorporated to-day with Prank^II. Woody, Francis G. Higgins, Mile*^Mix, John II. Kennedy and O. E. Pep-^purtl as ti ustee*.
JoeMellaril i* ill Frenclitown.
ItW. Augf vine vi as at Garrison to-day^putting in track scales.
ILL. Clinton of Demi rsvillo cam* in^Irom Helena to-uight.
A.J. McMillan and wife of Butta are^among the gueat* at the Missoula.
W.11. Sparknian, formerly of Butte, ip^registered at the Missoulu from Chicago.
Leni:. Williams. 1'. F. McCabe and^George F. Butler of Hamilton are in the^ciiy.
GeorgeR. Sanders and Chios E. Moore,^both of Kiversule, to-day received license
WilliamHrahogan, a mining superin^^tendent at iron Mountain, is in the city^to-night.
Ami* Buck, wife and sou, and afro.^Dell Buck and son of Stevennville, are at^the Mi-soula.
CharlesSlurrett of Wicks and J. K. B.
Coonof Butto came up this evening from^Spring gulch.
Mr.uml Mrs. J. M. Sander* of Helena^uml Miss Madge Buthewell of New York^came over from Helena to-day.
Dr.F. F. Ellis entertained Mepsra.^Matt*. Denny. Wood and Crutchfleld and^F. L. Buck of St. Paul at dinner Saturday.
Mostof the troops ut Fort Missoula will^soon leave 011 a Li) day*' practice march.^They will probably go up the Big Black-^foot.
MissHattie Evuns of Butte and the^Mi see* Madge and Mollle Daly came^down Irom liiverside this morning and^left for home on No. 4 after a few min^^utes' visit at the depot with friends who^were there to meet them.
To-morrowa change of time will go^into effect on the Bitter Root railroad.^The train will leave here at 3:110 p. m.,^n ai lung Grnntrdale at 6:30 p. 111., and^will have Granisdate at 7:30a. IU. and^arrive at Missoula at lo 3la. m. Thip^give* people from ihe vain y an hour lon^^ger to stay beie than formerly and also^reduces the time on the road one hour^each way.
D.S. I'aernsteiti. proprietor of the^Model restaurant, | ropose* lo make a^change in the arrangement of bis popu^^lar establishment to-umrrow. Heretofore^tl.liners have been scivcd at 50 cents, but^hen alter it will be arranged lo let people^w ho do not desire a regular dinner, but^only part of ibnlmncr bill of fare, to par^for what they get. Tin* will be a great^convenience for those who desire a nice^uoouduy lunch.
FreightKata*.^The I'uion 1'acittr ia prepared not only^to make the same OTfefc* rates from Uu-^,11th and West sup, nor tu Montana com-^im n points, as are made hy Northern^tun s. [tut oil freight traffic reaching Mil^^waukee or Chicago from the East, via^lakes, destined to Montana common^p unts, will make MM* rate* a* can bo^111a c via lukes and Duiiith or Wept Su^^per, or. Tins rouie, via Milwaukee or^Chicago, being mucu quicker.
E. V. MaoB,^General Agent.

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