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Jilt'ronlydally now'pnpcr with trlccrar*^lutein* Hi I^wr ItaggS Comity. ii I'liuU^mole lrlt*cra|^lui-iu-*v*ihati any other^litw^l^a|^ r 114 M-mlalia.
lcrrcf|^U(lrLce and Inmlara letter* *lu^ulil lie^ailih etseu to
Cornerr! Main an.l Tt rl m^vl% Anacon.l.i.
nnuo..11 i.v 111.
THtY'RtFOr* H M^I! 1111 ggatggl a re|m lilieim iii Mon^^tana ami you have a lllaine man every^time. Tins suite, in its republic 111^contingent, lias been f^^r tin- intrepid^premier lor more than a MM^years, ami the Irieiully seiil imeiit of^tile party was never more str-mely^lixril on hmi than it now is. Peeling^lias i;nne no tar that the renuhlicaii^newspapers in the state which can^claim a Mtawtagj are lWlg|H*tgn lor^Illume and ileniiinil his iioininalieii.
AMOfdlngto nil accounts, this leel-^ill^ is til s]iri ail anion-; lepuhlicans^Kl every quarter ol the country. The^eastern repuhlieaii MM is largely ^le-^VOttttg |U political lines to the praise^Of Hlaine. lie appears In he ill every^IMUlMilHH'l muni is tin' man lor MM,^til course, this feiiu;/ is pleasant^MMMgjk lor Mr. Ill line's political^llo'iseh'iM, yet It ilois not hy anv^means injure lux iioiiiliiiitlon. It is^ilil] ns.ilile for a poiitimj naity to he^more arilently atltbualaallg than the^lepuhlicans of the country were tor^Mr. BUlM at the lime when he leil ti e^hallo! iii the national convention tor 11^t nit- ami then went ttotgg sinnh nly^No party could shout louih r lor a cau-^^lnln'e than did the republicans lor^lllaii.e la I8W, lut he went to ihie.it.^The bod| oi the repehliivin parly has^gSMI for Mains first, list and all the^time ever since |s,'^^, but ti e powers in^the parly have in v. r tailed to over^^throw him.
I1: Iii I pi y f. r Mr Hill^ and those^Who would rejoice to see linn electeil^{^resident, t nil^ has laid its hand heavily^upon II ame. I^ mhtl ss he is a sick^man. It 111 iv be that overwrought^Morn s are in circulation regardiiij; his^physical condition, hut that ho is^broken in health is undoubtedly the^solemn fact, and as much is admitted,^on the ti s' nin ny of trustworthy dis^^patches, by mm ol Mr. I'daiiu ft ggaal^snciie hImIiHI line ol tlusa lias^lately said ^Mr. 111.inn 's trouble just^now |g an aggravated attack of nerv-^oiisne^s which always pely.es biui in^times of illness, lie is a delicately^organi/ed 11:1111, whose apprehensions^are almost feminine in their keenness^ggjd development. S. vere pain of any
kinde. is I ^ st.till pi BM 111 in.
Moris I lie pity. Within twelve^months. Mr. II.ame has coniiu unb d^the admiration of democrats as^well as lepuhlicans ins.uiicof the work^he has achieved, lie is so valued a^clti/en that Ins physical failure must^inspire a mm ot universal regret.^The ^illense of the republic an parly^is that it put him sntirsly aside when^he was in bis prime and that il per^hiit'c I IUm to be ib li .'1 d at a time^when li s election sei lind a siilid by^ad the Start.
TheMaqMia Indians^alti r due ih lib) ration in^tla w hole, have remit, d^110 want the.1 rbiUlret]
olAii/niia.^roiiimittee of^that tl ey do^Mlu^ ati d and
thiia'eii forcibly to r^ - :st any at'empts^to Keep them a' 'In- Indian MtMOlfJ^I'm b o. 'I h. y say that their observa^^tion of the tru.t- ot edu a'ion as^ssamfsaasd la tin a 1 m leads uHom to^the conciiis mi thai luefa education li
Worse than w. rthllM, As their ob-
h1 ration aacataarili aai b en con
linedto post traders and RovernMMHl
agents,tan Moquli ladiani hafg gang*
groundslor In licving as they do.
TheMfa-breaking luebtout of pggggf
dayMorning is s. met Ling in the line^of crime to wi.ich th s e.ty la not ac^CttltOBMd, in 'get, Auacond 1'.. iiuiiiu^l.ity from ciinie ul cvu .- Mfl is oflgg^the tin uie ol pleasant mention.
Thisalia.1. a i li means a good deal^of money in dull linn i, hap| etitil just^utter a redaction m the BMMbarahipol^the pol.ci lolie had Imii onhred bv^tbe mayor. Il will be turned to ac^conn' by those ot our townsmen who^insisted that the reduction ought not^to base been made ihey will be on^hand with their ^1 told vou so.^ fan^llilerei ee that the ittlMlMal ol some ol
thepi llaaaai d baa eleec relation to sale
robberyll natural enough pel hups, yet^it isiipiahy natural to assume that,^policemen or no police men, the sale^might have boon plundered.
Theincident direeta attention to a^lapse 111 the management of heal^affairs to which the feVl 'XDAltD baa^c hoseii btUaarln no) to refer, bnl a bleb^may us well lie mentioned now, the
truthis that the town has a tunny^lidministriUii 11. out local statesmen do^funny things 111 a lunny way. I he
praaanlcouncil aaaet m m a n form
ill!dr. Its proiin.se was to ^bust the^ring ^ and praciise economy. The i ml^for prudence Ixcaui^ proiiouiiced when^the closing ol the ameltari brought ill^bu^iness 111 town pr.icticallv to a st.un
'1he road to economy in a rit) Ukl^Anaconda is an easy aM to travel, hut^it took the iilderuien a long tune to^lind iheir way in il. Finally, at this
aaaak'iBMatlng 01 tie aldaraaan, n
portswere rei'eived BfOM a committee^which bad bang instructed to slimy IBM^ipiestionol n trcnchmeiit. Tlur.-were^two of these repirts. The ('011111* 1^t.ivond the one which recommended a^reduction 111 ti e police iorce and the^interruption of highway wi rk. Tins^report was aiccpted and adop'.td, and^there t he t bine ended.
Noresolution 011 the subject waa^paxsel.no order went lortli Iroin the^council, yet on the next day the mayor^reduced the number of auiftOUMeU by^retiring two of them. U( course, the^mayor bad 110 authority whatever lo^do this, a. the council had simply re^^corded us |ndf*Manl pat what it tkamad^U-st to ^1^^It m-Vi r or lered tho re^^moval ol the ni 'ii, and lln-y are as^salely on th 1 pay roll to-day ax ever^they were, if (lay choose to ilia s*.
Thedefi els and occasional inconsis^^tencies of the jiuy system have otteli^li d to the inquiry M to whether this is^t i e h. st system of administering jus^^tice possible. Of various substitutes^and amendments that have been pro^^posed, none has ever attracted very^seiions atteution, tor the reason that^the 111:1s. ^ s of the KttgUlb s| caking^pi ople accept the jury .-ystem umpiall^lied.y ax one of the I lindane ntal arti^cle^ of ihe.r laitb.
Verdictsmay le rendered thag me^palpable pel versions of law ami an in^^solent defiance of c^ mm ^n sense. Such^was 1 he verdict in the Croliin case at^t'hicigo, the ttagbM c sei at New^(irleanx, and in the ^I'rencliy^ case at^New If Mil last week. If ' l'rem'hy^ ix^the ^ripper^ who killed the woman for^whose murder he wax tried, ti e crime^was iimpialilhd and diabo.ical in the^cxticinc, and the v. r Ugt of murder 111^the BaMMd degree IS little short of^ridiculous. from the standpoint ol^common si use a compromise veidict is^almost invariably a strange and woh-^di 1 fully illogical alt ttf,
N'(v. ilheie s w ith all its faults, the^people lo\e the jury system still, gjaaj^any elfort looking to itx ab.indoiimeut^will never amount to much in^lids (ountry. Attention is called^to the subject anew, because^according to lluropeau correspond^im . Kussia is about to abolish trial^by J iry. This form of trial has never^been much of an obstruction 111 the^way ot despotic government in llusxia,^iix gat BMultMdl perxou who, in the^opinion of the authorities ought to^have been convicted, is quietly seized^ami deported whither nobody knowx^and nobody dares to inquire. Hut the^moral 1 IV-ct ol undesired verdicts has^sometimes hern annoying. It is pro^^posed to put an end to all this by^sweeping the jury system out of exixt-^11 ire, and also by substituting, in place^of the jury, a stall ot judges appointed^by the judicial administration, uud^whose decisions whl be strictly a regis-^ter ol the i Hi, nil will. A more unsat^^isfactory mode ol legal proceedure^could hardiv he devised.
IT(JOTHtRS 1 Ht M.^The physicians of Kagland are wag^^ing ii hat lie royal over the origin and^nature of the grip. An ^otlicial^ re^port wax presented to parliament re^^cently, in which the common idea that^iulhleiir, 1 is spread by atmospheric con^^ditions was set aside, and in its place^the theory wax set up that it is propa^^gated hy personal conia l. In support^el tins statcne nt. the itovernineiit re^^port declared that isolated per.-ons,^i nch as convicts,lightheiiai! kee| erxand^the I ke, enjoy immunity Irom HMM^while the greil'est moilality front it!^i llects lias b -en found ill huge com-^niiinities. According to tin1 amhori^ties that prepared this report the geii-^eial pox' olli.'e heads the list ol ^,ai.;e
DomMnnKlea where the aMMM ban
beennuixt pn \ all lit. The ^communi^^ties^ irprcschti d hy raihruad stations^and the like. MMM next to the general^poatodtoa in showing themselves spots^a*ben inftnenaa has glgyad sad bavoe,
flicperiod id liieubat 101, is short, six -^teen hours to three days being held to^In infllaMad to account lor tbe sunn!-
taiMouiInfMtiw of a w hole ooaaMU*
hitywhere only one or two |cope^originally guaTen d.
Ih it distinguished physician, Sir^atoragj Mackenz e. however, takistlie^oilier side mid deleiidx it with trlgor,^II ^ lelieves the di^e.i^e is a loriu of^in rve poisoning, and this poison must^be caused by a peril1, prmc pa.ly I*'-^eaiisc 110 Hbaf cause is ailei|Uate. I he^disease occurs in all lauds and climates^and mnyatl ick two coiniininil n s at^the same moment, the climatic condi^^tions of which are txictly opposite.
in.afncJkenaia is baatlnnd to believi
thatthe gargM of IndasMM are carried^through the upper regions of the air^and descend on the earth like rain.^Mr. Macken/c also batiaWM the dts-
aaaaMatarilt^^ baaimo-t navw fatal,
buthe asserts that it leaves the system,^particularly when pneumonia and
siltedtroMMe are lurking about. In a^pi cu'.iariy defenseleaa condition froM^ihe attacks ot such diseases. The^present illness of tiladstone, M.irley^and spurgeoii is attriliuted tothealtet-^eltccls of the grip, and the lust we^1, now si nie bright doctor w ill diseovt r^that the secret of the Hubs) MlttOU of
MrBlnana is to aaMsandIntnatinaM
generalcause. AI out all that sums
Inbo definitely aattlad is that tbe grip
isone of the meanest and most diaa-^greiab'.e AhMMMI oil rccard, and the^public knew that already.
Thestatist ics presi nte I at tie eoth
rentionof the chrs iau Bndearoc^aoetotiM iii MinnaaaMtali veaterday,^show ii growth that ix simply ns'i n ^ |.^:ng. A total o! Pi271 branclu s with
anavaraee ntemberabap al Ifmymi, ix
prettylair prool that nil'n eiity and^aL'iiosticsni are not making much^headway so far as Ihe youth ot Aim r.^ica ix concern, d. Hob IngMWU, nba^leu yiarj ago ] ridieted lliat the Beat
decadewould leveal a decrease in^chinch lueinlership and a diminution^in laterest in church work, should take^th.- li.'uria presented yasterday and^pondi r ove- them awhile belore veu-^turiiig another prophecy.^- 1 ^ ^ a,^Samuel 1;.impeis. president of the^I'ed' ra' ion of Labor, says the carpen^^ters'.strikes begun xi generally lust May^are not lost, only deferred. The sttik^^proved ii lailnre almost everywhere for^a number of reus .11s, the principal on ^^being in Mr. (ionip rs' opinion, the^stringency 111 the money market, which^kept from building many people who^o'.herw ise would have put up houses.
TheBaM II s of 11.
Kioiii11.e MiDUf.imlla triUutie.
Anl. isierii proteaaor n ils about a Cor^^nell pMduneM who pMnavad the amnpag
fromhis horse in order lo allow bun to^drink. A lid yet we talk about the bene-^Mix of a higher ^'duration.
A^4*h up John^k10111 the New Voik sun.
WIn 11 BsandHM can he bought for a dol^^lar mid 11 half and photographic camera*^for a dollar, it may lie said that we have^illumed in all ace of eht apuaM beyond^Ihe wildest dn aius of avarice.
BlaaaUami i'rajr.
I'm111the llroeklyn Kagle.
Ihe pulley wlueh we may expect from^^ he iiiloiiiiislr.itlon in the m titer of silver^aaMUga is the aalaM immortalized by Mr.^Mie.-iwl^ r. I lu re call Ik) no harm in^IPaMUag Ina issue of events. 'J hero tmglit^M*good daalaf harm 111 n fusing to^wait.
rrnman in eomniand of the democratic
Mrnf'/cTiifjia)ih: liarriaon'x effort to^secure reliuliuimlioa would easily preva 1^over the IHMUJ I |i|^os,tion lo it if lie^could secure tile nenvj aid of one mull^who is now n nr.-111 u' In* ilia at Har harlHir.^Hlaine and ( luvelund could get tooeitn r^and fix up the two ticket* in lire niiti-^uie^.
tlerlaml Plain lltnl'r: How would thn^do lor a republican ticket 111 lH.ejv for^preaideiil, Jamoa (idioapio 1 lame of^Maim'; for vice prexalent, Joseph li. ii-^aon W* r iSer of Oluo. it would send an^lurid a II iiua toward the sky as a burning^Teasel at sea, mid would gu dow 11 like^Met* 1 my.
1'llKlami I ti- oil I.
I'rmntin- lielinit l ie^ i'n ss
Ibrr Most will he eonipelled lo submit^lo the taking of a_* hallix wilhui the year
10come, lot he must go to prison for 1-
anMaaaanit H la rcajalreal that convicts
lakeat least one bath u week, lie might^lake another appeal, asserting that the^forcing of a bath upon an aiiarelust is^a cruel and iiuusuiil punishment, sueh as^is prohibited by die ^-^institution.
I nu ll itial lie I'etiple.
I'nmi Ihe W a I111.1, k:ui^ Kagle.
SenatorI'lumh is in trer ill totieh with^the is'ople to-day than any other states^^man, aside from Maine, says the 6'hiV^Jtntntiil. ^ I he luii^ for the West to us-^si rt herself |a ut hand. If the West d^^e.s^assert herself it plainly niual do bo^through PluMbs The new slates give her^Ihe power. New York inay have to work^vviih us. Kansas may hold the key to the^situation. 1 he fact at leust is patent,^that the whole coiiihuialiou is not held^by .New York and liuhana.
ABaMta K ' i.i.
tioiii MaQanaai Mn
IfK ins.is ever again ex|M cla people in^the East to respect her intelligence or be^^lieve in her resources and prosperity ahe^should eall in her whiskered Teller, her^soi kless Simpson, her iron-Jawed lemi-^nine orator and such other calumny spec-^iinetia as have been t^erudtted for some^1 ighl UMMhl to run ut large. They ure^blasting the reputation of the slale, ma^^ligning its people and making conspicu^^ous cruukx of themselves ill regions^against which Kansas has no right to be
JohnBneaMsgr* Portrait.^From the riil!au,'1|^liiit Itexoril.
Thesacred wails of old Independence^hall are literally covered with portraits of^men faiinm. 111 ihe history of the Dulled^Stales, Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia.^Among them is a portrait of John Hards-^ley. Not one of these pictures has ever^BUM taken down for any cause, uud^win 11 within a fortnight John llardsley'a^portrait is ri tii^Vcd from the common^council chumlx'r us it certainly will be,
11precedent will be established. The^piciure nanga at the extreme right of tin^president's 1 heir, an I is a speaking like^^ness of ihe delaiiliiitg cily treasurer, who^yesterday elllereU upon what ia probably^a life sentence at Cherry Hill.
(leorgeWilliam Heard I n in
II. Ill i lal pel s Wri kly.
Ihe n publna'is bv iioiuinaiing Mr.
lieaXMWgin CMM have set a good exam-^pie. 'J hey have shown their confidence^and courage. They have presented wh it^1 vei y rli cUaU el gill to pre.-i Ut^.1 d. li IIlie^bSMW and a rcpres. iitativectudidale. 'I he
decisionwill be anangnaavaaaafi by per^^sonal considerations. That is tin* situa^^tion ^heh is desirable In next year's^general election. If the demecrals pro^^pose to niiike the word ^democracy^ if ^^issue, and run in a tog, they should in tn-^MnM a candidate who is not a repre^^sentative o! distinct policies. Hut if tiny^mean lo ask die country to approve cer^^tain intelligible and lienelleetit legislative^incisures, ihey should nominate a candi^^date whose iiioii^ personifies iheni.
I'RtSjllJfcNriAL HOlN I hli j.
(7cri/ionf/..m/i r: Hlaino appears to^be ^x popu ar in Iowa as lie is ill tho^other b! slate, of the republic.
li.i-;,oi./^.m f'onf: it is n noticeable^fart thai Mr. liana's abM has broki'ii it^^self ot the balm of sueniug every tune^the H 11 baaM produces its snuff-box.
(Mas fiaaai JburasnV senator Hriee
probablythinks tliere would be some^bisk Mr Greece Ut a convention held at^Cleveland. There would lw good luck^for Harrison m a convention hehl at Ciu*^cuiiiaii.
/,'jih'Inter J'oi'iihiin: HI.line ami No^^ble would make an excellent republic.m^ticket for 18!'.', or Illume and Woleott, or^Hlaine and siewarl. Off MMM and Ku.k,^or Hlaine and Algi r, or Hlailie and any*
Manaa(fltM IWrajreadV There is *
prettyfair chance that the Ohio tn-ople^w ill el. i l ihe next Bet snlent of the LTnltaM^Slut' s governor ot their slate ut Ihe licit^c ei Hon. Tbe fight is to Ik- purely on na^^tional issues.^Si. LeiuK i.^.e6'-/^. nex-'uf: The prc^
uendelaeeaatel Marsad tae gaaseaoc Cad
1in would be all right if U were aceolil-^p mil d by plans and spi cilh aliens set^Hag forth who he w and wh.il he has ^ y, r
daateto deaatna aeMasnahns,
i'hll'uh'j gi i i'lfS ii .1-1,. ,,.';
||mfibertreaaarhatiaa,hpUMarair, that
Williamli ill- Morre-oii of lllin..-.w a
iiieinberof the raiirii.id COtXttttisatoffu^seems to he gaining stri nglh etreffj ilay^in the Si nth and West us a BteardauUM^candidate,^fjgaseea // e'd.' New York * .ui|Kir
annaaeiiweaiig is rseagaia d by beM^naiiiaa. bat It ts kite for Coleuel M ir.-^koii or auv oile r man to tulk nbeM that^a'.ute dietatiog boffainnUMss, Lata huM^aggM aeaurpriaad eeutpsM Maet 11 cat
XI.gilt II.. MsU* I ,el ill^sn ajMUJ t'sslslatlou.
Fromiln- Ni ^ York liuiva,
Ex-SeualorJ. \V. Patterson of New^Hanipsliire was ut the i ifth Avenue hotel^gYadaaadag mormiig, anil ill the utler-^noon he w as a pas..enger on the sleaiuer^City of I im ago, bound for l.urope, where^he Will remain ubout two inonttii. The^ex-seliutor said that there were some lu^^ll.callous that tbe Farmers' alliance in^New- Hampshire would make g showing us^a third i any, which wouiil interfere with^the UTO piincipal purlica.
TIiitoare signs.'' ho said, ^dial th,'^grange may join the alliance for voting^purposes. i la- grange is strong in ti.e^slate, and ux a farmers' orguu lit lion is^^pre.i I prelly well from one cud ol the^eon in .i'wealth to tho other. Ill the last^legisiuiuru there were oi members who^voted as u unit on a class of propositions^relating to corporations. 1 can see bow^tbe f armers' ulliancu strength might be^man valuable ill political ulfairs. The^presentations of ipiesliotis before the^MMWMgMBUf congress la now one-aided,^the corporations being almost the only^ones represented. They hire the ublest^lawyers to present their side of the case.^If Ibis farmers' movement were to be^properly and wisely eoinlucled, much^goisl might result by presenting the^other ~i'lo before these committee*.
Didn'tgit no pwize cliinbin' de greased^aalff, did yer, 1 -1^I^ I '
No;Ian 1 got 'hout a |K^un' o' tol'uli e^lard.^ Jlitrj re's ltttz^tr.
Jiuisouis very di liberate in bis move^^ments.''
Ye-.It lakes him about an hour to^get a MlMnaM walk.^^llarftei's Hctzttr.
in--1 gal antapaMani ani ins Mas,
1Ins ii i n af l;i^ i 111 Die,
Ittewell a Iii g r sail Iwo Una,^A ii.m'i spoili-a Ins ni.iinl-o-w clothes,^'I In- punk eagref.M Ins sti ifs'il Iiom',^Ami ^et, in sp I - of all his Woes,
luaai u aaay i at ^.
ffiirp'-i '^ II iz ir.
George111. Ion the receipt of the IK du^^ration of Independence I^What would wo^belter do about this
PffgaMMinister^ Well, I suggest we^keep the docuuiciil. The autegraiihs will^be worth u mint si mo day.^ifai/irr'*^flUgUrs
Jiiiuny-tioingto have flrcworka up at^your hou-eV
VaMMgIoluo as indigo)^Ob, sorter!^Pop's kil.der mean this year. Kuys 1 can^have $10 to celebrate with, but I've got lo^buy my own arnica out of it,^Harper'm^tSuzar.
Il.jstetterMcGinnii^I assure you. Miss^Esmeralda, that die moonlight in S^oulh^America is so bright that I have frc-^^pieutly gone out hunting at night and^shot rabbits.
EsmeraldaDo tho poultry and game^markets keep open ull night T^Texas^tttrUBUja,
Mrs.Hnnibainc^Mr. l.dhooly, you^have been engaged to i y daughter Jane^for more than two years. Why do you^not marry nor
UllbooljrMy dear niadame, that would^never do. It would not In- an easy mutter^to find BUOtbcr such a nice swectheurt us^June.^fbMM .Si/hno.i.
1la-^is u
II.A. McKinley, who represents^wail us consul at Sail Pruiicisco,^brother of Muj ^r McKinley.
Ihe house which Lord Hevelstoke was^building previous to the Huring failure is^now Huron llirsch's.
MaxO'Kll will once more confront^the heture-going people ol America. Ho
wdistart nasi nurd Oataanv L
M.^oia assures the public of tho pio-^priely of his lot ll.corn ine novel, ^La^tiucrre,^ by saying that tl has no wi uu n^iii it.
Lieut.Col. William lb wm ix one of the^four surv.vmg eillecra who took part in^the battle of Waterloo. He w as but Lx)^years old al the lime,and served as juu mr^captain of the iMWMaMUl Hi uish regi^^ment.
LibrarianSpofT-^nl, of the eonpres'^siouul library, suys that to the oft-re-^ggafajd uuestion: ^Ho you read all these^books^'' he replies: ^Ho you reud all of^your dielionai) .' A great library la the^scholar's dictionary.
Paeetggpapers MNM lhat an ^ n-^gagi iii 111 h..s been urraliged belwi en iho^young king of Sciviu uud Prtnaaaa \ uiu,^the daughter of the I'riuce oi Montene^^gro. The young lady is only 11 .Mars of^age. It has long been known that the cxar^favored such a mulch.
TheQueen Reganl of the Kegaetinnda
umlher daughter ih climd Ihe i ll. r of a^public reception during their recent visit^to Amsterdam. They r. ipies'i d Ihe cily^iiitlciuts to use Ihe money collected fi r^tin- reception in feeding the poor. Con-^siqiently more than Itu.lXO poveriy-^stru ken creatures n ceived presents . f^food anil mom ^ , and i'o.UUU school chi,-^^Ircu were provnhd with a breakfast.^Each child ulso received a photi graph el^tfje young ipieen.
Fair.1 me * I mils near I lie wosetaa^Tin- inn n Mass j mis i iii latal i
gMcow* ale i .il11111 ^ a' llel eniL
Ihe lie Iftlirr w lilts ^^ I !^ .d.^Hi. - i ut autslug through tiat trass
nig.ipi a x- ts*i a.- -ta^An.I ^^ il^' la ''he baaiaVra heml*
tilI. I.nis' aoa a ihe unit
Vein ^ nehihli n .h im. of ni mix M UL
|ot tiiinil as a uu.i't.^C |,^ lao'efllHml ^ ' ^s her side
leuHI I - Is h v.' iln- i n
lleiararsx liluali t . ^ a ta ,-. re IS u^I rom *|* n i. i' ^ langae il^ lw*
Till^'^^^^ nnx-i ^' c. I ie n ^I In*^ll. r glaaea kH seara Uu U rn
Uw. e.'.l.c .l'^ I ie Chan I in^ '.|..w s hue/,'
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DryGoods, Boots, Shoes
Itwould have tickled Athens to death, this ^New^Thing^ would. For the Athenian went about^in a decollete Shoe tied to his foot with^a corset lace, and the New Thing^we have on loot is our
TheseShoes are Remarkable for Quality, Style^and Comfort, but their
ISPRICE. It requires the combination of Low^Prices and high grade to do it, that is why^Our Shoes are Cheap.
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MADEIH OL'R D1X3M. It'.^ r,',CT0HY
tr'Weare also agents lor the celebrated RED^SCHOOL HOUSE SHOE for Boys and Girls.
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