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Oftho STANDARD Is In the^New Windsor Hotel Annox, No.^21 East Broadway. Tho Tele^^phone number is 25S.
Aiivfrttsrm.'nttwill Pi* receive 1 M IBf Puttc
MM llf mm s^T.\P.hi^ till I ftVUK'k
1'.M. M in-m.'ii ,n the folios-^tlm BMrMtagi-^r.^ll'.e fTANPAItn Is.h muni lo Butto MMM*^rrstail) every mnruiiu:.
MissA In* Novcs rt tunn-fl y. ^* it nluy^from a visit to ^pitkatH' unit ^i*.ittU*.
Aniarriaiff I ^^^ n-t- w is in-ih- I yi'Mrr-^i'ay U* Thitinai* 1'. lit liaii am) Mrs. Mary^K. tUtfllH
'J'li' Juvfiiil^ flrt' l^riK will ImM a^MM(Im] in Ibt oM city liall tl is t v^ Iiiiitf^at 7 *i'^'i^irU.
Tin*Mile of srvits fur K itii* I niint' l in^tin* '*\Vaifm ^^f Nrw V^^rU*' will opM^i all.ins' Iniok Blciro to-day.
TomKilx-rtn, ii in in r, wa^ arrested^i arly y^-^t^ nlay mm tiiuif I^y PollosMM^WMW fof n lliHinir to hmmM all ollir. r.
K I*. 1 ^lifcrtnti, ilit- Hfli iia l^aiiU^t who^is flgwtafl itom)iin ittly in a MMihutioiial
dlyur at lit k u.t, vwntd tin iny vmImn^day.
l'riv** your inonry (^^ Iniy homo nrnlo^IViMirti ^*.imlit^H at MM fancy dp ** La/ir.^Many artlrlcs will Ih* on ||]| iii:h!o Ity tin-^ladit'h, iim-IiiI and nriiuim-iilal. t m If^llMM% duutrMM ^ ill MfTt yoti.
Thekletro|^olitmi rtittuiir.iiit is hliortly^to Ik' rt'iuovi (I into itMantle tV Hu h n-^\wr$i Idttrk, Ut'hi Hroadway, and will or.^t ii|iy tlit'loom until rort-utly conducted^ati a n-Hlaiiraiit I^y Mrs. Fhof|Mi
MthsAunil* KolHrtH, a liiffh prhuol^pupil, is turning vacation |ogood M*po^Ml^!^^^ iciicliii'ir a privaif r^-iiool in West^\\ ciciIi.imm Hiiv-t. ^h^* I.as H pupiU en*^rolled und as an iiH^istaut l^ ; clicr lias i.er^m-tcr, aMisn l.va KoIktIs.
OwiOflto ilu* haiiipict at UicA. ^^.('.^V. in IfHMn1 Ciitou h ill l i t niL'iu Hh if^was no mm et i ne. i f the picn ic com in tti c^ot the \Vorkni|{ini*ii'i^ union la -i nitf;ii.^'ITie coiniuittee uill mi-, t to-ui^lil and all^llit* iiu'iuIht* arc rc^pn stcd to he j rccnl.
JohnMcDowell was tri^ d Mtfl hi lure^1. Idy yesterday for Ktealiui: a coat ffOM a^^MM named NccIht. Ite wan found^eiiiity ot petty larceny and ffM NttoftMi^to W ^laVN in tic t-oiiutv jad. 'I bm^M-iitt^i v ^ w.is a di^appoiiiinietit to Mc*^DoWmII wh^^ VM displeased IMMMMMI il^was iMJt lotitfcr.
1hi r.' wnl bt a h iiuni M0teU^ ut the^t at soi :tjfi , r.i \*. d^ ^ r lo the South Id.ill ^^Sir et M. UmmIi^I ^ h irdi mi I'ndav * veil^mc, to which all ti u h.ik and meiidicisof^the cliurt Ii art hitehy :ti\iui|. 1'he ad-^ini-sioii will he niii^ |^ m ^ii at tin* do ^r^and p t h ij s MNnolbllMI ^ Ise to i ^ ut.
Atrin;^^t ,ir y tm-dical certificate, was^eiv.'ii by Wt M- Ihi.i tr I, sccrt- ary of tie-^board W Itiiol l vannie r-, to \V. K^^Miu^ r, Helena. This eefiiflOAlfl entitles^11mi to practice m- il cine ami surgery tu^tho state * f Motita'ia Mil I the regular^ineetiiiy of tin board - t i xamuicrs, wii ch^Will M in i I .oi^ r m ^t.
\ I ollt *n ti-. l^ i
litti i .InlyI ho MV f'Mir w heeled
IMNMIVNMMMwhich Ahlcrman Lviieh pu:-^ctiaseil m tlniati i lor in - It ut ^ t ny 1 ire^departiueiit last wnm r was rfMppM fr^^m^(hnuhu. 'Inly 1, :in^l in ixptcieilto air Vc^here lo-day or kHMMVi It is said lo he^a |M i h ^^. mat nine and ll.c hoys in the ^h -^partna nl ar - atixuui ly awaiting its ai-^i.val. There m cn at RMMHMf ftir the^m \\ hose house at oiieo, as there will lea^\m rot in tuoUfftl to UoUmI all the lire ap-^I aratus \vl,rn Ulli WAJfOM c. mi,
\t t -in o
Ti,.-DorlaM A U.OMwmM ham I * ill he at^'J onkiu A I'ottmh 's. \, w ^ n^ H id saloon^ell B tst Uri'inhv.iv on ^atuniay B%lM an^l^^ i I play dut ii.* tie- entire ^ v^ iiuu;. Tin*^place will undouhtt tlly lie crowihd, m^the ilostnii A Montana WOOOol lie^ami in 'si popular h:iud^t in IlM c iiiuiry.^M* Hsrc IoiikmA lit.inhe nr.- putnuu^forth evciy ^ U'ofi lo Hi tne to- ir iMiloott^one of the iiiosi ponnlar r* sort^* in Untie.^'1 hey kc- p only the I ^ -i bratttM d| t |Ma^and cliou 4'st win- and l'^p|oi s.
Ho\ .Hi ^iiioK* f
Ii i 11., July 8 t he most p yulaf and^inest \\ I. ly ii-* d ei,;at hi Itiille to-day n*^J |MM II. I.yneli's ^Annnca.^ UvTMg^hit n t * nl \ .-it i a ; Mr. I.v in It anaii^t d^for (to MMMMlf 'Ciitf ofl th.s cinar, w imh
madecmm t-1.^11 ^^ for his own tiade of^the V* n rbotCI st -eh eted fltock. The^*'Ameraa^ has juinp.* t into popular^fav^^r rcryquickli ntia it ha*- too mvrlu
tohold il- place.
Ti lid l\ ht in il |||| OmMBTmi^\otie. i^ Iii rt hy ;!ivi ii 'at no pcriton^^ Mi pt my nuly atttliorii ^. ajpttM iu wru-^iiiu have authority ioeot . i t any of ibo^inlUdue w. r. sh-riv a t o., and Shirty^A to., ftafc of South Ihitte, liutitana,^n^ir to Han-act hu-nn ^^: any km 1 re-^latiiitr t.i m^mI firm or my-elf ^-xe.-pi n.ii,|^U iff iii* la ichy revok'll^ any atllhortly m^il*o prt'ini^tsi brrt'toforo k-vcii. Dated^July 5, 1MU.
i*.r. rosoDoVt
AhMIMl h'i;\v. T. Shiiii.v A t o UTD^Mil kl^1 a I o.
Lrs. Ii u - ti A 11-^d, spreuiii-ts tu rye,^car, Mrtfm MfOM c and private di*..
MftMiWill'cci.jy ufBca rOOMM Nt)M. H^Mid K7^ hi/* e has'k. ct^ril^ | Ol Main a:-..
rarli-'iiti . Eutrauos on Park t-tnet.^Horn July I.
Ir lo u
Aflviro.'ui I iek boMa, hath Md ftM^ne'iirit itm mvi iin iit-.. Apply to W. ('.
reiiiicr.If Baal Broadway, Bulb .
**Tuke|| I vfofO I li iilt'.iM,^ iMCaUtCIt
willwirm von an appetite, ugnlati t,^boarOM tiiitl tleatlM lua ^y-ti m o| all im-
iurit li b^ Ur. In nh ^ s Lnirimh IhimWHon^Ionic.
I'lMIlM 1 lllllll
Icave onl* ri* for piano tuning a: Sher-
iiaM ^ lor W^ A. Smith.
Ior It*ut.
TwoliaiiUsoni^ eliiecmn the BKAM4IMI^tuiidmg.
ManyPrcspaci Holes Showing^Bodies o( Ore.
InScm^ Ways It Proves n Dlosslnu^--New Discoveries Mntif* by^Miners Who Were T in own^Out of Work.
Htni. July ^t. \ev. r h fore in the his^^tory of Unite Ii s hi) much ih Ve fl.ilnetlt^work hei'ii done on Kliiall nimrs at H he-^nit; done this summer. When the Ana^^conda shut down the liundn dv of men^wdio were thcrehy thrown ^^ut of work^were compelled to t-eck cmployiuciil in^other ipiartiTs. Some left the city, a f^ w^found einptox in* lit in lite other lar*/e^mines of the city, while many went^pro-pectin if, Je isin|{ and dcv^-lopui|f.^Itinumeiahle small cliim* adjicent to^Itutte that have tu en unworked for many^months are now in the hamls of tSMTe^OMad nme rs, many ^tf whom are nuet-^iii^ with ureal ei.cotir.itr* ni'-ut,
Loaalioaaotiaeo arc filed with more^than the u-ual frcipu-ncy, sboWNtf thai^some ^^f the bayt w m aic Mil ni the hills^arc not idle.
1'avcIhicktr in pMibllH work M^the old Stevens. The bofcM winch 111^hurm d in (Mi has hN i rchuili^and preparations are h^ in^ m i l^ to |MMM^^out ihe water w let h has lilh d U e ^hofl^since ilH close, ihi piimpiiii.' onl id th s^mini will ''rain tin- MorUlllfl Mar, mm l^bv Adam Tataday, and tins will eiiai ie^tie- mviiiTt towoirt that properly. It k^uu h i stood that Mr. Iti :ck^ r has * r* eted^ample MMCbiMffV to rink the SteVeii-^. hall to a (fit at flepth. I his propel iy in^tic- past bM h^ en a very III c pa|riMfl prop^^erty, and all old miners express (lie op n-^lon that ^tie re \% plenty ol hue oil there^yet.*' If tii re is, it is a safe pi\dc;ion^that BrMu i* will htnl it.
Itis said that the IVirrott pi ople will^erect a hiu' hoist and push ilevelopMMt^work on ilic l ittle klitinu*, which tie y ie-
*i titly piiiehase I Iroui Sh-wari, Hans*^u n ih ami oiher-, for abotll 9100,000rash,^This is cousiilertd a nniarKa^Jy rich^piece of tfiound.
Ihe owners of the Milwaukee mine are^elated to-dav over a splendid strike made^in the 1004001 lrvd yesterday* Then is
ahiir vein of payine; ore already in sitrht.^I hey aic cross-cullin|f from the ;n^l loot^h v. I.
Activeoperations- have lM*en resumed
oilthe K d I. oil, owiicd hy ( tu t s. lioyee
andother ihitte men. Mine and mill ate^both msnioa fmi btaat.
Theoutlook of the PUmi^i l*''ak is very^bfitfhtn Ti-e work ot sinking is hciny^DIM bod rail !ly forwark.
Inht riiiiiii culcli It, Ileal and Perry^Ileal are uiceliiij with ureal success in^WorkiMf KMM placer MOM1 '1'he^a) und.int I .i ns of li e p.tst two^he litiis havI bOM a in itcrial^a.-^lslalice to all WoikiT* of
aiMr ifi 'und ahd many dceortoddjj*^tfii i;s aic I cm;: reworked. The Ileal- aic^on m-w and rich ground, however, and^have u Little tiaint und other good tn..-^eniriery at work.
Atthe Hope mine, in liasin, a h'm Ftriko^wie made recently. Mike i^ Houueli i-^leasiiiLf this prop*ny and is taking ^^ut Ml^MOfMMJ amount of Mo4 pay ill;; en
*very d;iy. They are work mi* on u vein of^10 feet ol ore which runs ahoiit W\ 0mmm
l-.rty ||v MMI are at work for Oavi- A^Ii* id on iin Baolay^ aboiil yar is be*
hind tlie Road BOtMMi l.x-Aldcintaii
Johat 'oudoii has charge ^^f the worn und^good pi t ift-es- i- h iua^ iii i'le. Tie* th in^is ti 'vwi atioiit ol le t mi l a mp at i|'iati-^ti y of rich ore has already DM ^ lakett^out. yw moo the ago Davis, mm ^*t ihe^owners ol the inilii . VM Workiuu oil die^m w water mh-ti at Sil per ilay. He came^aen .s Uus pn sped ami ac Utlly f -uml^payn iz t re at th ^ gram root*. The^..re rims froM IP to 4v^ ounces^in silver ami from H_ to M!a in told.
Threeilollhle sh.fls ol tin m fire i mployed
onthe work. Tin f all u^'t *M tor a nay of^rlgtat hours. If the quantity ami quality
*^I the on* keep-up t ^ n- pfvaMt staini-^urd Davis and K -id will he uumheret! in^ihecatottorv o| Montana millionaires.
Theti rni iiua mine, aiiout a i|itarter^ot a Mile froM the L isl^ ^, la giving up
tvi r 11 V1 0 a MMth ri proll;^ |y )m luel.y
HughesI Iron, have etyMrh a copper ho-^MOM over in the ( iini,i t ret k couiitiy.^1 In n property is uhoiii tig hides Inun^Melrose on ihe I'tah A Northern.
!{pairs at the i.e\intTt^ui hare caMod^ihe Mis|K'iision ol a lai'ifc uuinher of the
suiuips. Both the HJO-feet atacka ava be*
lograiseil (0 let i in oflh f to secure more^daft.
Ihrt e men started ^ tit th.s week to^pro-peel in ihe latereM* of Ktuil and Joe
M'eiiibargM* OmmTIImmmni will no to
th ^evi ii Dev I- rt UOlry, in Idaho, and^the others will cover the Camp Creek and^Flint cteek e Miutry.
TheWcinhercer Hres. I.nve iwo hue^claims m ar C.ihh '.he MaTgO Tile ami^tie Iron Chat e liar. I he ore ISM ti^per i*i ut. iron and Iroiu $J0 lo (SO in g^hl
*kltih a -meller proposition,^ said otic ol
theam m m i -day, ^and ol mm) we can^m Mthtag with it ju l at ihe |^re-eut.'*
it-p*! hMaie 11 a11^h-1 -
1*1i n., Jgly i^ The following propi rtv
mcmu#i i mts baeai MMMsd ihMO our
la-tit p. 11 :
.I.nm- U sa lu K W. geallls ^ t al.t^o..e bail int ^ n m ma hateM of naa
lohile Hf Ii'Mli e. al UM PSaTtbrSM
eeiii.refi.* matheat tpiiihi of^Ihr n TiaTrrrt unsrtiT sf ^wet*ea t*^.^la t^Ws^ai|t .'^ iii'iin or rangs ^ $ I il^Kaianui'l iiatmai idi to J iha U, v^ ^^gnl.l e I itte Mm i nos pmm t en
I. .1. II.. k ^ el al. Itt I'.hi IA. \, h. h^J . It i t I Ml I ii . - of lot 1. Ii.- - k *.
Iberates twltlii on m imtte $ xjtto mi
*.eiu'* H.^it* \ le Ju i^ \ %baoa, iat
;t,h:o. K i, Si mi.i In ailil tioii ^ I M
I'oaIi Is'f.ii- to N.in tieii.ei one^ilguth laiercM m lbs Uxxls leds
iI.un..., mo
Uuita)le Itii h^i| ;^iul. lot i. oUs-k s^11 ihe i am inun fid a*i^ii n^ litiih*... i -^ *^ti
.1.w. pea 11 ^ t .d o beet. m. Ctih^^n ut, lot i t . as 11. Mssk ^ m the
Kiev'*aihhhtiii h* Ihiltf.,..*AM tkl
\Km i- m k
Him laiy ;* \m mg tin* lasproae-
nieiit-propo-t d to be made hy owners of
UpperMi u itreat properly i^ ;i brick^I'u-mes- bleak which rVilllaM Lsmiour^will build at one . I'ue Kite will he di^^rectly opp site the poetofUcci when Urti^o ill y ih stioyctl several old frame^.el.-. Mr. 1. irimeir awarded ih ^ i on-^tract for the work to*'ay and work will
heIn MS at ota e.
UlbTHCT COURT NOTES.^BaShMH TruunHrnl W'linl.'y In I^rp^r;-^m^-nia I. Hiid II-
rtTTK, July tt.^The writ of renlre^fnciuH is-ued for juron* yesterday from^Department I. was returned to-day. Tho^names of William Hide, Mbstt Kneel^and Georfife \V. Newkirk were n-lected,^completing the pane). William Frits,^\\hi) was Mihpoclined .is a juror, failed to^show up and an attachment was issued^for him. He showcl ggg4 cause kgwU^apt uieiil default ahd he was purged of^contempt and discharge.1 from custody^I y paying the co-is incurred hy tlie iiau*^ant e of the attachment.
Anorder was lilt d Tiling Saturday,^July 'Sk as the day for (he hearing of the^petition ot James \V. Murphy for letters^of administration in the estate of John
Theplain i IT was granted h-av* to^amend the complaint iu ti e case of K. L.^Mi honey vs. the Hlack K ek Mining^company et al. hv iMSfttag the name of^Th- odors K. Hvnske instead ^^f Thoma^^1 KMiske.
Jhe n une of Thompson Camphell was^ofitared entered as goM c-il for the plain-^hir in the gggg ot Joseph Swa2io vk.^Oeorge U Etade.
Ihe d uiurrer was withdraw n and^Mssrrr IIled hy Ad* Ihlde AImpoImmi et al.^iu their Pais with James \\ . Murphy et^al.
Thecane of the Montana Lumhcr A^Produce company vs. r.-ank K lilMM Wan
orderedps*w d t^^ iho rest ^f ihs ggp
hn I. r.
Aectmplaiiit was glad to-day hy^J. K. BogM , j. , against Hie first National^ueuk, D lvhi iPorter ami J dm B. I 'oyd.^Tbe plainl II hfks f r a decree of the^court to ^IT- ci mc rem-'v il o: UggM C.^i'ot u r as asalgMk ^f Beyee and appoint^a compel*. lit man. The piamt 11^ claims^that a' I* rtcf is the l^. okkt-i p r and eon-^fldcntial clerk of the halm lie should^never have .eceived the appoiiiluieiit.
Iin-; c f n agahMt Join K. Ltojrd Is that
hehe n qairad to nun ov.-r the goodn iii^in- p s a suioii to whoever the court may^see lit to app 'int. Ihe ue.ioii taken^agalnal tin* hank is to compel llieiii to^pay all lbs ^^^-ts im uiTed hy reason of^Ills gaalgiigiMl ami the h vy made hy the^shcr a.
Inl^^ pur lno iit II.
Thet ase of 1 he Slate vs. James Ryan,^ghgggsd with forgery, came up for hear-^Igg bsOsgO ISSlgB Ci iiiIm rtou in Depart-^uient 11. this nOfttSggi The defendant^ph ailed hot guilty to Ih^ charge ami the^tri d of the cau.se was net for Monday,^July IS,
1he court entert-d a ju !pment iu favor^of Patd 1^^ X tag a di creo of divorce^kgalMI his wife, Magifie, on the report^of the rclcrcc being adopied, ihe charge
glis desertion.
JohnSmith withdrew bll plea of not^guilty and pleaded guilty to the charge of^hiUkdary in the second degn e. He was^sentenced to one year in the aiggA^prison at hard lahor. I he clerk was in^^structed to enter u evil judgment against
MMCOT the BOSlS ^t the pri Heeulioll.
1'rep.tti,etl With a hoi I or Work Un lluil^llnlv 4 en tract* ij l or.^l.rrn , July 9.- Adolph PlMBOli lirmly^ri'iiviiKT'l thut vaults, cesspools and^scavehg is are his ^hoodoos.^ Kecently^he was (ompelled to pay Scavenger^BlMrg M ^ OSggMM pshM f^^r par tially^cleaning a vault, and next was arrested^an 1 lined for refu-ing to he victimized a^second time hy BVMTSk 'l'o-lay, however,^the climax was n ached when le* w .is^picsctiitd with a hill for f it* hy W. S.^Swan-on. w bo set hun-elf u- ;is a r val to^Drow n. When Mr. I'.ncns received no-^ta-e to cdeait the vault, Swaiison ashed^Iiuu tor the contract, hut said he^wasn't pre pa ret I to QS) the work^jti-t then, hecau**1 his wagons^ware not completed. Hefore the wa;:i tis^aera iiirmd out, Mr. PtkCSM was^at i t -t d and 11:ep employed a man named
Kefcerlylo du the wmk lug wh th Swan-
so'ihad made u|^phcatioii. To-day Swan-^son hahdc I iu a hill lor the amount MOM^th iie ahd a hen MMMMtggSsd with hy^Mr. l'incus, the new scavenger hlamlly^said it made no ddVerMM whether he^actually d MS the STSH k or hot, Dniciis hat I^promised it to hun and that was tie- cud^of it, and uu'ess the lull was putl suit^WOtMH be Instituted ^^r its rtc'overy.
.Mlnvr.it l.ncl i..us.
Iiiin , July '.'.^ Tlii^ MlMTMJ unties^nf lor.u.nil ImSN IUimI for rt roril in^tlio roi inlor'i. im MM* I ur la^t PMaitl
'I'll.,l.iou lada iii tin- V...iim* t rt'ok iiuu*^init iliHtrict hy I'riink ICnii.'tt. Duuon^IiiiskpII, A. Ii. MrN innra anil t'lia,. M.^Kdwanta.
jIn' Wiiu'lii Kli r loft, in Iha I.ilili' PlM^Mlalac ilisirict bv I.. T. Morgan, MM^I n am. r an.I NT. 1.. Blll4lltH.
Ti.'Baakar lot la m .u MaMjMilaari^MinlitM illMriat hy Lavla ISaaaia.
Iin- Balmanl l.nl.*. la iba Katniall Val-^l. y miulnf ilisira't, l y K. M. W .1 ..
1Ii ^ Ail nil a l.i lo, 111 1 Ii.. KtUMMlt V.il-^lay nlniMg dtaiHal. i^y.J. A. I t't'oniior.
Amant^ iiiit it lueatloa iiitilna tu Ma4
oililio VI. y 1. if. In tlio BuMMlt Vaili y^inialllil .iistru't, liy It. I.. l''arlin.
Ilio I riuiiaU'litilo, in tin. I win Moiin-^lalU Mlitltlg ili-ira'l, by John II try et al.
Ih.' K.*orail lo.lt'. in tlio llilanil uiliiins^ilisiiiri, h^ laaaaa rfaaa, ft al. Tli.*^Qtmlty ^a-1* t'.itt'ii in iii.* hm timtiit-i
liytlit' imi int'll.
Baa,i o I II r.-k :.
IUI 11. July '.I Jan.. s |^. Havil 1. f;^^iaM (ar Kttraka. B * . BMW ba^1.1 U^ - a r. s|ion^ ... 1 ii-ii n i wild a Mil^1 ..nip my. Mr. I^ iv.s lias livt'tl in I'^rar ^ iflll yarn an i Ii. 1-1 a faap. ^^^1 ..~111.n1 w uu ih Hulla it It .si.,11 Mil
.^ .1111.1.1 .y during six y.-ai's ot tile tun ^,
I,arall kM^tra tnUapaliHi of bicbly
iht 1.'lis .it 1 ut it.-. Mo 1, a aapbev
Hir ff l.i. ^'l.
The^iiiy iir-i-^ilaaa ehlropoUUl anil^ManlMMa IB Montana l^ l'rof. L l.'ffrjm,^K...mi ii. iii r Bail I on an.I Silo.- Man^,^Mam ulni't.
11 hit i 1 .u!s. i .1 1 1 .Mis. j.-t. |.r.;.titi(r ..'^in ry dnrripikM u.atly (Juno at Ifea
traJirMKs aSaa.
In. Ir.'.i.iii) lt.*i'il|^t..
IllI 11., Ju y !^.^Kriiiti May 4 to July 1,
ihr1int ol tin. t'Hy treasury w. re
91'IHI AS. ol.t.iiiii'tl fr. 111 ihe forowm^;
sII dm I i'olli'i'.'olirl, li.IM.Wl llCt'llM ~,
I$.^'.1.-1 101 for MMMlMJ a Kalaa Baa alarm,^ell; Iron. saV of ronili'iiitietl lire Mat.^^1 J.i; no* lax, f li; Imr'.i ^ .'areas-, s ,u^tu- eity er uiii.'ry, $-^lal; bMiltlwy, in*^^;i. elor's f^*a, Slti; s|'i'.-lal newer asu. sk-^111 111-, 11,0711 ni.liriqueal MUMT tax,^t . i ; tax -. Mi
Ni^l It.lull I .'11. .11.null ...sufliLll.tii
111.'inei'titiL; tf tli.' National I'.lura-^v.'i a! ii.m ClalltiTl will Im- lit-1,1 July 14 Ij^Knt Toroiiio, Canada, ami tlii. KavtMM^I i' l.e 1 ailro.i.l e..|n;^any will noil oil July^t.ai.'l until July 11 ^!^^^. t* from all rouiion^tlatlotta .ant tti Barriaaa ami Butte tu^Tuaonta for ITl.tt lot tba rental trip nhja
I'J1111 iiiIm rstilp lee. We liaye llieoily^i r-^.i'll train -.'[Vie lo tli e.li-n w it [ . in
rbaltc.'ami tun tarn iralna 'I nly rack^rlirratioii. l'mal limit of ilakala vlllba^S. 1 leml'iT M. Kor further pui titular,^e.ill ott or art la
.1..mis Mi't' in . titiit ral Atert.^fjKaal Hi nail.. a^ . l iii::. , Mont.
litI hi* V..i^ia ^^l srli....) lll.triel S.^, 11^Tin ie w .il he a nitt'tiii* of tlm y. t. rial
thintii-tr et for ika 1 Mffiaaa ef hnodlna
the.aim' to balid a net.cot lioiee, a.||^are M tll.rslt'tl 10 am M* 1 im bun tin*
wille-Mi\.^ti' atTp. iii Koarts Saturday,
July11*. '-'1.
\\ It II. Mi i. in u. i^l^. Witi n.J I rit-ti
lill.t m i .. i.law l, 1^F. II. Mi i t i.v, . u rk.
Wiablafllo retire from oMtMaa. I will^^rll my eiiiire Motk al rfetking awl^gaMV fiirni-luii* Mad, tor 7 Bar .en',
ona dollar, transfer l an si. ri raaaj
,adaall ftatnraa at a Ion prare, a l-ooiI
o|iiortuuiiy lor an.--.ne Ikal wi.li' - la ,.|,.^Mjra la buaiaaa,i Wot i'arti. uiar, writv^iu Li MUM in. Wallace, l.luliu.
KicksAgainst tbe ScivtDger Monopolist^Still Contince.
Hla Work Comoa Hlsh, But tha^Common Herd Must Bow^to the Will of the^Autocrat.
IJtTTB, July U ^Still flM war again,t^niK lnrdaliip, LtstiHiol t leaner llrown,^goe, merrily oil anil .inee the St AMiAliU^ban iiinli rlakeii to expose tho MMf^MMMM nf Ml otlnroll, monnpnlisl colli-^plaints have inereanetl until il l- BjMMl^impnbuililo to t niiinerato them all. Knrtu-^tiately a few of the v.eiiuis of iho ^per-^railtid 'pet of the healih t (lice have^coin.n;.- MSWjk to aurrl their lk)MI BMl^staml kf th' in even at tne Mat of un m y^anil tun'', mi that the rei*u of the exti rli r^will pionahly koou c-ml. .Since Ailolnh^I'uieiis has umlertaken to shake up thin*,^a NUle anil appeal to tho courts ot hi m^MM MM to ilo likewise anil a let.'al^il.eisii ii tWUMJ the right* of ctti-^^i-nt ami tho extent to which they^are eumpaUed to .uiimit to the jMJMt^^tioii- of Brown. Already the goodcflVcta^of the ntanil taken by these Ki-nilt in n^art' h''*miiiu* to In- ftit. '1'tie health^ollie. r aniiouiiei'm thai a nehedule of rales^is umler preparation ami will be prt-^aeni' tl to the city council at us next
ajtistitiafor adapstasv it is Mora than
likelythat the schedule, if at ail reason-^hie, will become ^ fllcial, ami Browli'a^scheun- of Ikcoiiiiu* a niiilmuaire in a^lew years will he sat down upon. It is^also ^iveii nit thai permits will not he^rcb'.r-t-tt'il to t ne or two pcr-nun, hut that^all who ilesire lo Ih* MMMtMarnei Mfffl^will In' given permission to etlguge iit the^same hu-uies-.
11salUl (Mm Koharts, in an interview^piiiihslied in an evening paper, says:^^^Neither iu Chicago aff l'lulaih-lplua is^every Tom, U.ck and Harry p 'rnulleil lo^go into the sciveiiuer MMM. Tbe^work .s *iven to people with some char^^acter. It is necessary tti leave it to per^^sons w ho are held RMMM to the city^lor its laithlul and proper performance,^and if not the contractors are MMMM^aee.irihiigly.''
Willithis the victims of the Unite scav^^enger system agree perfectly anil say that^if the name conditions existed here they^would hav.- no cause for complaint. Hut^because such is not tba Ml Ii why they^are complaining. No restrictions what^^ever are plaeeu on the niirht scavenger^and he does ahout as he pleases. Were^be resiricied 10 cirtain churges^and were he compelled to per^^forin bis woik ill a ^faithful^and proper manner^ iiolio.lv would^ohj'*cl. It is just this lack of restrictions^ami safegiiarus thai causes the cyclone^nnw Imvering over the health tdlice. With^proper ordiuaiices il would ho impossible^lor Itrowu to charge people exorhltant^prices for work that he does not perform.^It would then he impossible for Ion to^cover the contents of vaults with dirt and
areaealhills loraleaaksa them.
Wluieon the suhjoet of rates and spe^^cial prrniits it may (tossibly interest the^lit.ulid OMBCff to know that an atiornev no^le-s prominent tha i Judge lieWnlie.wb ite^ally ee was sniurhl. Is alllliority Inr the^statement that noli.sly can hr cnuipt'lleil^give work to any particular person or^coriMiraiion al a price greater than an^^other is willing to taUe lor iH-rforining the^^MM thing. To luaKe it a little plainer^und to go into details. J. \V. Mur) hy,^BM puhlie adur.uistrat'.r, was iiolifled lo^clean a vault, llrown was sent to look at^the job anil asked fUA for its p^rfoi-in-^MM. Mr. Murphy character lad the^pric us a rol'hery, and hluutlv niforiiied^the h. alth t Hcaff that he would not have^tl.e vault cit-am-d it ctiuip.-llcd to pay the^tin unit ask.-it hy th^ ^-.^avenger, because^another parly would daB Inr S-70. MB^told that only llrii.ii had a permit to MS^f. nil such work, Mr. Murphy sought the^a.lvu t'of iadga l^e Wolte. That gentle-^man iiiioriucd ktgg that be could not ho^e. mpelletl to g.ve the contract to llrown,^but had the right lo employ aiiyhody he^saw tit, so long as the work was done iu^it proper MMM ft
Tliatthe coiii|ihiints against llrown^bare not MM unjust ur wrong is^athiiitteil at the beultb olllce.^Ill bis interview Dr. Ii..halts suid:^^1 admit that tlit. niglit scavenger has nut^kaag IIOMf JmI right,tint I was not aware^of this. Since 1 have ascertained the^trtiih, however, it has developed a weak^^ness in the Health ordinance which 1 am^glad was brought out.^ If tins ^weak^^ness^ will Im' remedied prohabiy ull com^^plaints will cease.
ABMMat MMMdMMM l-'sst Niielit gt^^MMM Hull.^Hfi i t'., Ju'y ^t'ottrl No. 72, Ancient^Order of Foti'Hers, gave its first annual^conceit and social to-night. The^i i.l. rtiiiiim. nt took phico at l'i-^dclity hall mid was a complete^success throughout. A very entertaining^and carefully arranged programme^consisting of vocal and instrumental^inu-ic. speaking ami declaiming was first^in or h-r. after which the hall was cleared^and lunch was served. The latter pari of^tbe entertainment was the contribu^^tion of tho wives and daughters^of iliegullant followers of Itohin Hood.^Tin' lathes modestly called the spread^a lunch, though ^hat tpi. t^ would have^MM much nearer the proper MMM tar^the re| asi. All ogre, ahle fea'ure of the^entertainment was the vocal./i ion of^the l ent.tviIIo glee cluh, uu.h r th^ lead^^ership of li Will uu-, and ike corn't^solns and . ni ts ol Messrs. Ti t loar und^Jennings. I^r. II. W. Ilavdaud deliver, d^u masterly address en the aims und^objects (it forestry.
rittngehath ^) en day and night. West^l\irk avenue. Anaconda.
Seeadv. r'.i-enit'iit for bitls for haul lig^ore in this issue.
^^. i akin, at i^ r. p..Braaaai, ^i m
.Ni lork let cii.eni te HaMM M eolsutl^MMM.
IJ. I OVI), M. i^. r. M., t,miniate of Mcr.nt^I I iii.ersiiy Medical Collt'gs ot Muotnal, tau-^I ttla.
Niii'iri-:t^f APi-ur vtiiin in ti i dm^ltl.lt. In ac. in.i.l.-.^ Willi Ii.Isloln
hitiic. s. in:. - ami icgulattoM in. set ibetl i.y tbe^l leu. t- . 'i ci .ii y .if ike la attar. Ma} \i**.ii, tu,
i.lull'si :ucil. ii il run l.anliii'l. wh im- i^..-i tli.-,.^addres. is v.Hiker, i lie. -il.t-i Ilea i-ouuty, a.sla^ot Montana, hen bj - ve, iiaiu-c last at i. c t-x-^aarsUna nl -i aar, fruai BM IrM MaalleaUoaef
this lielice, lit' Wll. IliaKC BppUeatUHl l.i tl.e
Iiuu.H. . i.lai y of th.- Interior lor sutlituil.^to cut :i'ni i - Bteve i'in.- mill Ir ikaber, lor aWr-^aaaailiss. 1 ^ raitu-a and aaavrrtlag inui eoril.^ejoad. tar fuel fur the raaMBlna et era, ami i^^.^.aunt s a- use. eui i. i^ lacglBg tad Minis, or^III nilU llBllH I s. If. in til.' l^^ l.mIII/ UBBUpiauri-
ui.tl i ui'.ie Un.is, s.tiiattti Beat tin1 keau^ires ii - galrh ukd v ciagy, la lae counties ol^hilv f now. ^'^ BTctmhi . n.I iMat l ^^^' .^'. -ia ^^ ^ i^^M. Btaaa, ami ut sei I f.i ay kaal hiImi. isioa. .
follows,to-Wlll I i lillM 111,1- 1*. le. ... '. .^an.i .... M tuWBSBip Q.i BSTiB, range elatol w,n,^B ia ate laaa I aim t in Mara skip lour aorta,
111.-I'.'itlitwis. loalaiBl ^ .in o.a of i i ,i
bciis,butbo: lu .Me. i Uit ai .^ - . .a . i. . ^^QaiiieruumJ ibe tltaber urowmgsail staa i.^ill r.. i. la vrrf irstterJUl. and ens st.ti i^p nc an i Ir.akeaj MM eurds . t arooj, a^^OasX! t.lae b^giag ; .'.. ^. aadabout mnrstul
1lie ell. Mr el o Ihe l^B.I IS .ell II -I
menuaim ii-an i w li.J.y .tut.; lot agileanuts!
\ill i oses
OFFICESRoom, a and 3Coldaall Bid next new City Hall, Butt*, Mont,
lllsss.esof ths KYF. ANI^ KAK anrt rill rrlvste, fhroiile anil Nervous Ailments. Kupture
Mnrture,\ shcocele. Hydrocele. I'll.n, I 1stula unit llertal t omplaMa
Manyl.ui drcil rase, cured in Montana and ndjoutlar ststei Itefereaces -Ireo, Ten rear,^expt ra nee. riompt insislanci' .mil cure, assured ui all cureshlo cases
t-i'eei.ilattention to corfcRfionileiice.
oniceHours^10 to 12 A. M., '.' to 51'. M., 7 lol 1'. M.
Wholesaleand Retail Dealer in Metallic, Wood^and Copper-Lined Shipping Cases and Caskets^and Everything Pertaining to the Trade.
1ivmptand Efficient Atu ndancc. 1-mhaiimi:^ and SkjitSHT a Spccialy*^LADY ASSISTANTS.
CptDDay ud KigUL
TelephoneNo. 57.
Cor.Colorado and Galena Sts.
Thishotel will be run on the European Plan in a^strictly first-class manner. Rooms light, newly papered,^painted and furnished throughout, livery convenience^for the comfort of Guests. (Rates Liberal.) An excel^^lent Restaurant run in connection Now Open under^the management of
SanFrancisco's Leading Specialist
ChronicDiseases of all Kinds ^ Deformities.
Dr.Archibald C. Stoddart,
Isnow Visiti ng Butte from Liebip World Dispensary-^San Francisco.
frT-Thl will be a gmvl ophwtunltv I. meel and consult on, of in.) most popular ut our^nreatesL cities' IS|s-c al rhysieua, right here iu .Mmitaua.
mlCTl lllll \ I ^rr ^HI l-'lvc Int'consultation at s Kast Itr.iadwsy, rorner Malt^V. .~ I V/l/I/^VlV 1 bll eel, K.uiii. 1 ant J. bumlay, Monday sad lucsuay
Junevi. .'., hb.i B nil ) .
Ji-Ult. tftOllUAUT hss been I.ecu th^ SuprrlutcBrllBg Phyilelaa in nlll.'ei ot I)r UeblaM^Co, rimti.ary street, hau franelsco, for the past 10 years, and I..is been vlsillm; Moautua iwioj^- en ly durtuit thai tunc.
Jt'.l)in, ls.il.
huiKand all hi' .ud^ii.s. ,.s.-s whi-li aril^sj eislily an.1 i^nnv
BaaBieuital ay ray^new system or 'In^lai.ili.m et eoui-^und uitUicated^MMM
calarrliis the^unner of dear-
11ml mbs
lit.n.each st 1 11. 1 Ut*^luemplly Binudcit
to1 el,.i.' 11 o loo^isle.
t..11rial.an true^11 ^ h MM
Cicse,of nervou, d^t HUy. nrlsln : from
maMwBallMlMIe\cesn ^ in mature, ^c.-iri
Hii.lother t-au-cs producing i!efv..usiics*. su.-li^Msrlfaliina. saniliral Weakasis Blgbl li^ss.a,^a mi .i di li Ely. i. ss ui Btsual 1 ower. blood als-^ard^rt aua ambWiaB, s.ern.'ti lo ..icieiv. mel^hiichiiy. mdlgedtoe, ct.usit|^tliin, blotclia,.^Impediments tuBtarriaae, eia- lesaiai to .ott.^enliiiiol t'f Praia sml ui^iiiiny-^ll ru'a ula^(sues wsrraiiled lo cure in a very short tune,^lieceut cases 111 a lew days, t liarite. lew. es^^pecially to ill* 1 01 r
Nomailer ^ hat yaa Have taken or whs has^railed leeurs you.
Ii.ino'irnsl v.iiir cms^ to ^nv nieclnlst whi^has mt nitt'te ^ persctial e.iiiiunsll.^ii u[ your^liunrin system, otiieiwlie you wn. he .l.sai.
poirrteday fsiiure af maimsMi 11 11 docs uai
11ase \ oil Wei .1* .
Ii kcHULTI Warrants 1 mre ^t rt ry raw^lie uiidei lakes His wi'inu rim new remedy is^Iheoely eiiai^ 1,11.1 puliiancal .lire In hi 11^is.a.c Iteiiieinli.'.-. s ...ml b . ol . is.
,wTrured wiiuoul Ike use ^t merrury, : u.t^,1 isiwer r-sici a iv n's new remedy
Fkmaubwi-akm-s nymptuBM at whleh^rir^ pains |B ike UaW ^ml i'.in^ w.th i^ ralaj^.. i,'^-on en me iop . 1 Hi* ua^d. wttk tvacou.^illscharaaaad a.licmi'^ M^^Ba af Isazti.r,^1 I n, usii 'ss und dt pr ssion. ns-edtly cuied ay^11. s. l.iillr s new 1 ,'llie.l 1'
VvK-Altntlcciioii...Il.it'eye MtlUtBUy ,^,^ituiilillcalh iieattsl.
Fuly. net u'lnli ^i 'lie sum tela ^t hum tti^rut!, riii-' is caused hy venereal excess.**, .lis.^e ises .1 Tti their lesults
i,Vw.-iiitcitul N.w llintety i^ ihe r-si :,i,i^miest ef ali medicines mi' rertoritur .Ireneth,
..; ..^^^, SUd .IsO. IU^at .1. 1,1 II
iitite etiroas, ami tiei\. :.s diseases, saeliu,^biondsMdskin disuses, svph i^. serofuiits, l.i-^.,.i-s tnsip-.'ias, salt rhei.111. i . nil' i .-i. 1 .-^sis Tie and all Imparities of tl..- u ss]... 11 ^^.,,.pu.m^. pimi'les. IM. lies. MtttBg cut or .;^^^I an . rtft
ImVATVi BIMUMH,^it. iionhtTA. yiift, sir dure, kidney an-t bladder^tioublea. .tsii-ts. su.l allsadeilai ^^le'liessinlexcesses, sluva Kt 1.1.1,1 MB I 11 tusi^1, ,.r pica-nit-
Hie^..;idt-r'ul sue ess ..f uus new 1. medy aa^^tv ud. 1 pen the tac. il.at 11 si.; pl.^ an * I' me .-.^till en i^ iui.ua trauliu; iu the uiood 01 weak mca
1,1BUTTE. MONT. **
JOHNMAGUIHK.. .. Manager and l'rop.
CommencingJuly 13.
-^ *1
.sS\i^^..$-';^M*.^52a^ ..... 'A\!ts
-. ...
~'i r_^,
zxtxiMjtuirrrr.t cA-.~r-.-r- ^ -tsV...v
Ahe,: st ,^ 1' eture i f Ik I UgMd and
rhadoa* in tlie tiraal
kXABUKAtlM'ii'1 tl BCBBBBT.^lies.py.'.lBlaa; lialh-r. r.i cents, lick-
.'son ile at i ill,ins' I il.l.iy, Jul| la
it% , ^i^'^T \ na.
hN.N*;,.: 1 l.V, 1.;.
MissBeta Maazlt. las Woodvlile,
Ml-sIt.l) l ilihurn, M.ss I allllB* NMB',^Al'SlIN MVMCAL tOViill,^Mam e Ksin'it 1. Miss i^nle Im: .-an. Miss
Verona1 aiioil, 1; 0 ktil.I. Mies N le^Si. II... Hair) V.c 11| i^, K er. Dee t'tteetar,^A l ost of I. ^ ai 1:1.1 woniea, l^u Uam^^Bee ally s ^r*. Kirst pro .u.-u-n ^^' Marry
v|..111.Hill's .111. 11 hi. Iii. ( tti, ill, el!'.'... .1.
^MYUf.Cl H F.I JM Nl W t U-K
MIt 1 a plenum nil cast hy a ).: rnoMB
toi.|ina). tti.tt 11 .11 MtiBtagae'.^hat p;c-l\.-;ii and ai oun .uu .11 h.ii.d- -it..'^1 .ti Is and it. 01 ^.s.us 1 ...Mine..

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