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TheBridge fill be Built on tbe Hti^Site Chosen by We Council.
CountyCommissioner! Will Not In*^terfer**^Death of ^Nettle th^^BunV'-A Kich Strika-^Other Matters.
fperialip Kir Manrtiirtl.^Mishoixa, Ju y 1*^During tht^ forenoon
Vi* MSMNM M 111 of Hm MUt aMi l*'o*^pie met ih^i romny commissioners mnl^iififotl upon the in ih^ clfsirultilily of tun ^l
(hein w hridtre upon th** Mite of the^prt'n ni one. 'i liiM-oinini^Mt'iierM wen* of^tlie opinion tli.it MMMMMli ^^^ th^* t-oiitiiy^on ns ilu^ prt h' tit riffln ot w.ty tin y wi n*^li^^t MMaalal Ml ;i|i|^r^^|^rmlilii; roiiiiiy^Naada to aaaiat In purchusiiiir * new one^^ r hinlditiK ;^ l^ri lif on it. ^ oiiimiMitiouer^Mil lion mu^1: *'If tin* county's inoin y^ran be used that way I propone to pt-liln II^lor u cut-iitoni.- In n-^1 on the Nlii'Mon^i;*neli.^ \Y hi-u iln^ v*iimnikhloner* ami^i lly council met tins utteruooli to open^Hie IikJh lor Ihe | r i|i^isi*(1 new l^ri(lff^'^ In*-1^eoiuuiishioiitT.t aiiie^uneed tin ir ilirisi'Ui^mid tin- lalMM VlaMfW to con t^i^ Irr^what couraa - U^ iild hu |^ursu^**l. Alter a^t^'w miiiiil^-s that ho'ly rrturin ^l ami M.iyir^K' Mil aum^um-e^l tt^ On- commi^i'iirrs^ih.it lin y had tli rnletl to htaml hy their^n-cilit ariu^n ami have the hriclge oil ihe^nrw mte. ( hairinau Maitoii of tin- hoanl^of com in lsj-io! it is it'Kp* imh'tl: **i will t-uy^for the board that if that is tin* decision^the council has come to, we havo MOMUtUj^further lo do in 'he luatler. it * aln-.nl^nnd huild th- bffMfJV^M 1 lM jo.hi tut et.iitf^then a^ j 'iirm (I.
Itis action means that the city now^lias oulv ItfgM with which to huild the^hrnlge. Out' of tl s ahh rnn n sun! alter^the meciinir that when wr gel a hri'lye^now it will DS u city aVMftaI i at will^give general satisfaction. Win n the mat-^It r was ih rah d m ^^n about a im li'li ago,^the cit 1'iis gem rally VNI pre! y well^Kutisllt il io In in., county own Mm bridge,^but now that ^bll* r^ aWi of opinion have^arisen it Is cvub ut that it w ill be inneh^tH'tter to have tin* in.itnr in Ihe hand* of^MM boily. It is hot ain^i-llit r MMMs^to ihe people of M lasoulu iti vote 9J^J0Ot^ami let the counly by apprt^priatuig jfl'V^^^^^ have control of the bridge.
Ofcourse Ihe koiiiIim'Iitm are not very^mm h pleased. It look- as if they might^have a chance to bkute or swim if tin* old^bridge bi conn m so uioule as to make^further use of it datigeroUM.
Thisafternoon's action meets with the^strong approval of somo of the most^prominent residents of the north side.^I hey are of ihe ^ pit u that the aldermen^would have diK^taeed themselves if they^had been bluffed oil going back oil their^recent uctioii by the blackguanliug and^abuse In aped upon them by the botith-ide^convention of last night in changing the^bridge site was very MJMJh n ami laid^them open to har^h criticism nobody can^deny, but it reinaim- a laci that in i-haiig-^ilig the MM they looked to the best inter^^ests of the city in general and the only^n al opposition came I rout ihe^people id the s^ uth hide. These peo^^ple plead the iiicotireiiieiicu that the^change w ill occasion them ami also that^they have vested rights of winch they are^deprived. l in y my that tin y bought^their properly at hiyh puces, built upon^It and UHproyod ii with tin* expectation^that the bridge would remain on Us pres^^ent bile. It is u fart, Imwever, that he-^fore half a dt^i^ -n houses were erected tin^tile south side, the tpie-tnni of MMM of^site was rais tl ami ha - b^ MJ an MMBiMMl^question ever sine. liny had but little^ImMm^ground |m^ Im In viog the bral^t^MMjM remain MJ ils pn -t lit bile than oth^^ers that it would be ftMsttflMsa 'I he Kite of^ihe present structure was chosen years^mm with a view id ai i-omimtdaling the^Hitter Itoot fame r*. i In* new site con-^form* more m arly to the platung of MS^city of Missoula, and the trstdSBjM of tin^I Inter liotit must acet in mot la in ltu-tn-^selves M lb
Alljoint action of the p MM^MsMMMJ^ami council w bjmj at an t ml. W hen a^bud ire Is I n It it will be bin t where the^city wants it, and wdl be owi.t d and e^^u-^trolltd I y tin-t My. It u in built diuing^the adinmnlralioti ot ihe aft'^'I i^council it wdl MMJMCl HigL'ius^avenue and MMjtsl UigMsM ave^^nue, and tin re is no g^n^d rva^ n^ft r believing Hull public *^ ulaiient will^everrhange in lavt^r oi the s to td MS^present sirneaire, m4 a MM to the city^ami Mstraff to MMMMsl mmAms M)d^com in on soii*c.
Thething to be done now is to MJM)^money as ho-hi as p^^Ksdi!e siilllcieut to^buy a HMsI of way. till BuUtli I lurd MMM^lo Sttiilh Higuius avenue, ami build a line^bridne belonging to ihe eiiy on I ho site^recently stdt i ted.
COUNTYCdMMibslUNtKS,^Proree^bM|;^ ul i In- latartl .a Y^^lsrtl.i^'
MlsstuI.a, .Inly ft.^ The board ttf etumty
mmjmMjMMfS Hlet ill special *ci^moI1 to-^day.
Thetd!irial bonds of Fr ilerirk Hall,^1. Dubay ami Adnlph Hra e in n^ad su^^pervisors were appr Vt d.
A.MiHowiT was aull.oi-i/ed lo Mipcriu*^tend Ihe buihlinu of tin t'tirvallin I r'ltjs.
tictnge\V. Uaiiuhcriy was aiiiht^rifetl^to cobi'ct ad iuom ^ s ;or the DMf|MSSs4^building the I -u vula- bridge.
Thepetition ot James Kuttn rford for^permission to rntabiihli a ferry over^Clark'i 1'ork at BM)SMl*fl spur ^as jjratiled,^ami In* was orderetl to prtH'urt* a license^iM^ per aiiniiu l {MM| the MMJJ% lr* as-^un r.
Onpetition nf a number of resith nu^S. W. Hlnc kburn was app. int^ d coiiftablc^of Skalkalnt lOWDSllill m fill the mm I-
ptredlei in ol \\ . a. Itrown, resigned.
1he r*-sig'iatit ti of t sa#tMI Morton, a^constable of 1Jeilg.itc* township, was ac^^cepted.
HilphHrire was appointed road viewer^ol road distr ci No. la.
Onitetitain of a number of residents.^A. H. Wt isi-nflue was appointed jiuticc
(*fihe p a^ e for Mt-Velis lo^Ms|op lo till
theum xiutt d term of 4. A. l.amlruin, re-^^igm d.
'Ihe pc'ition of Malcom L. llo^s, Kn*^firth MM antl MsJJM a m w school^district down the Mi-^' ulu nv^ r was^granted.
(bin.K. l^. Matts pri st nn d a p Utiotl^numerously MJJJri 1 for a m untv MM|^from ihe point when- the t ^^^ ur d'Alcue^b anch MMM J rout en ok Hp TfOfJt^crsck to Deep gulch, a sMJJJMM of about
IJmiles. A. I'. Johnston, K \V Shilling^and JoscsJi l'^-likau were uppoiuted view-^cr* and instructed to meet July 3t)f and^also In days pr* vitais to the next regular^hp if of the county commissioners.^The couidy MffMJMJ wai iin^iructed to^accompany them to the pro|MMted new^road and mak^^ surveys and pluts ami ee^biuato ihe cost ol it.
Usorga Hmbli nnd s^m of *l bun spoil^M. k ^ m lli^ l^Ucov^ry.
t\sMJl H IPS Nawlard.
MihHOtLA.July 9.^Gcoige htnith^id MiuueapoliK, who has Iw en in the city^lor the punt tea' day-, lett for home this^morning, but will return to Montana in a^Connie of wet ks. He and his son,^Hwight L. Smith, who is at ill here, have^been working their prospect, the Minne-^apoli*, over the Idaho lino from the head^of Cedar cret k. Soiii^what over a yeur^ago they came out here on a prospecting^ftMjMMaJM Mai located lhiselaim. Lan r^ibe elder Mr. Smith was jnmd by his^mmmjm son, laniati H. Smiih, and^w but-11.i ) were oui fathering berries near^Thomp-oii Fills last September, a shot^MM mmj had with mmm was accidentally^(tisehntged and ihe young man was shot^ll rough the MjjJjfl Mnailder. Tin* wound^was a Very severe one, as ihe load of shol^Went Ihrotiifh itte slioiihler, shatiering^the hotm and main nerve, nut lui kiiy^missing the arieiy. V- uug Mr. Muiili^was brought to ihe Sisters' hospital by Ins^father, and r* maiiied in a pr^ carious con-^union lo- mm tune. II * dually Ml*^rred sutfbifut ly lo Im* taken home. The^Irani on w hu h they MMM go.ng east was^the MM wrecked at Ibiiier, w In n Kngiuei r^Mace was killed. Mr, Smith says dm son^has not entirely recovered yet. PMMHM ol^boiM continued to work out ad wmier,^until a Miuiicaptdis surgeon removed Ihe^last of them. Now he hopes lo he well^s^ on. Mr. Smith, m\, came out here ihis^spring and with his elder son has been^Working thiur Ida iiu. 1 hoy sin k a sha f i^Hi feel and slrm k a lw^^-Io^^t ledge ol MM^w Inch i Hiii ^-^.^^ in silver, MMMIm ^ huge^amount ol MMM and a hub gold and gray
4.opoo| About V\ i ii-lvnowii MlHftuullsiib
nnd'1 hi It- 1 MMMMj
ipt t nil In tin- MMMMSj
liMMJCTUk]July 9^ ^ K. Woodwor h,^rhiei IMMMf bMMMMSM of the Norlhern^Pacific r.ulrtiad, went to St. i\iul IMMJJJI^t ii business connected with hi* depart^^ment, t ^n bis return he w ill be aecom-^MMaMM by Ids mother, who is now in^Hismarck, N. 1^.
Mr.and Mrs. 11. T. Wilkinson nnd^ehild will leave oil Saturday for a three^weeks* visit at Medical bake, Washing^^ton.
ol. ami Mrs. T. ( '. Mar hall will give a^dancing parly next Wednesday night in^honor of Miss IVarl Jenkins and Miss^Jiiumie I) Straiighn.
l-'rankHuval, a MMJM of Canada, look^out his first pa per ^* to-tlav.
Key.Mr. Kuigham of Christ Church ca^^thedral, Victoriu, Jl. C, is t xpeeled lo ar^^rive hero to-morrow for a visit of a week^or two at the home of Kcv. Charier* II.^I.mley. He w ill ^ Hit lute at the Church of^the Holy Spirit both morning and evening^next Sunday.
Kcv.F. W. Oram of IMiilipsburg has^been invited by lb v. Mr. ImJMJ to be^MMM on Sunday, but no answer has^yet been received from him.
Mr.and Mr-. V. J. Anderson came^down from Y.cioron Tuesday, ami wdl^IMJMJ shortly lor Ihe bast. Mr. Anderson^wdl visit friends in Ouio and other stales,^wliih* Mrs. Anderson will attend the^Hireling of the National Teachers' asso^^ciation at Toronto.
I.ouis Kennedy left this afternoon for^Moose creek with a saddle horse and^pack horse. He will be joined to-morrow^by John Holun^ and Thos. ( lose who will^Ifodowu by rail. The trio will spend sev-^tral weeks fishing, hunting ami prospect^^ing.
JohnMac*.mnis of Anaconda is at tbe^Missoula.
Mrs.A. J. QfMMf and family of Hointa^are in the ciiy.
Mis.W in. Hrennaii and Miss Farrel of^Hamilton, are tin sis al ihe Missoula.
II.lioseiizweig, MMMf of tlia Mis^^soula kMTMMJ of the iml- f t n,it'ittt returned^last li ght troiii a trip IMMMJM ihe CMMV^d Alenes. He hays that He fsJlMMjItfas^bureau here will be discontinued. J. W.^Lister will have eh wjm of the circulatixn,^liichard Marsh w ill be correspondent and^tl,e papeis will be carried, but a MMJ^^lar MJMJl Ml salary will not be kept he e.
QvOMJSH. Km p, William Oilbutfhaui^ami K. Hall leit on a prospceling expi th-^lion this inoruing.
Wilbam W inlets and J. J. Crouk of^Ibdeiia are at the Florence.
I!.K Hackctt of Victor is in the city.
1.\-Ahh i iimii Will MMM Harrison of
IIh ii.i is at Ihe Florelic '.
NtTllt THfc BUM.
1he \\ MMM VMS BSBM ^' MJJMJ1 1 Alls^Wi'il KmMJM In MiumiuLi.
MMa! te the Staint.it'l.
MtMMMUL July I ^ The news in tlie^E i \.M^\M^ MM MMMjJg dial Mr-. James^Haunibt try had MJMj from injuries at^til* al Falls and J. C MJJslMjlMff is under^MVsMfl charccd with imirtlermg her, has^brought MM the r^ port m police c rcles^here that Ihe wnuiau is ^Nettle tin Hum,^^one id ihe lowest women of MMJJtMjOMJJl^who ever bved here, and the man is ^lb d^l^eonard,^ a good-f ^r-nothing MjJMJJl^and biiiu. who MJJmJ to infest tins city.
nM^^^ mmmm Kmi BMMsj^i lent lln1 Kingston Aiif is.
CutlerMM heail s4 ^At the Horne of^Martin Van Huren,^ tin* MM ^^f May ftfl^gMN an MtSJMJMMfJ resume of ihe life ami^cart er ol this remarkab.e man from tin*^pen o! QmmMM Alfretl 1'ownsend. Saul u^gMIMMJM ol this edy to an A' mjj re^^porter :
inIhe year ls4^l I resided MJ Kuutcr-
hook,ColumtHa county, and iao miles^froM thai uuiei village livetl M e t n Van^Huren, the i Igbtb president M He I nilt d^M.it^ s. Ii is home v as know u as 'Linden*^wald. 1 saw- h hi m arly ^ v^ ry day,^a| his MMMM was to come to the^riluMJ i on bor t back after his mail.
lb-was a strict attendant of the Hipctl^church. 11 ^ invariably MMM the same^!. r-e, ami as invariably walked into the^sanctuary When Ihe sermon was nearly^at Its center. Tin* minister b ^re with his^e|wnngu.shed hi art r until bs i vidctnly^ma Ml up his mind mat *patu i c ^ had^t as, d. to Ik* a vinu. ,' am. M Wi ultl give^^ M .* \even if he had MMM pr^ s,(lent ot^the Ciuied Siatt^, a ile icau* lutit dial his^ill ug must b* Mopped. One S.,hoath^Van BursM ap)H'ar^ tl, lat^^ as Usual. As he^t nit red Ihe nMNf ims MMMiMlS ceased^pteaelill g. W hell llie tJMMWSMWnl ^4I
MMtMl in' MMll *I iru^t, deal I) beloved
PSan i ~, ti at in aie of ^^U win lie |oo Isle
pai-nier the kingdom ss lb aveti.' |fe^then reMiuie ' bts text A bunt -nnle^came |o Van Hart u's lac- , ami atn r that^be t inned the house ol Im on lane.''
MibbOULA NO Its.
Minor llapprn lni(n ol lolersstla tbe
MJMMJM t by,^H | kt I ill to I be MamUnl.
Mishoixa,July | ^ Ihbldingsfor ttie
MCCOflltUiMiadoU of Hie mi ll WOf klllg Oil
theMJMjMJf at Iron Mountain are^almost completeil. No more ore is being^hauled as all tbe iciius are busy haulum^lumber and supplies for Hie concentrator.^Wt rk on tin* mini* gMJg on steadily. The^ore ho Jy is being developed and the lower^tunnel and upper works are laving de-^vi loped.
Ticketsare selling rapidly for the rail^^road picnic at Trout Creek nil Saturday,^and the ^^curaion promises to depopulate^the town lor the time.
Jhe oilier day a man was oaltng dinner^in a Chinese restaurant. Hu bad ordered^a cupof coin e ami in addition had poun d^out a giassol milk. A waiter eumealong^and looked at bun and asked, ^Y^ ii^wntitec lea ^
Twelvecar loads of s'oves fur K. C.^Callahan of IN r land .ire ^xperted^Ihrougli here. 1'h s is said to be the larg-^t si consignment of MMMI ever sent M^the coast. The ears are decorate I.
Filicctibridge com' ames bail in bids^for tht* bridge, und ell lint one had MMM*^scntatives here, many of whom are MJMJ)^ihsgutied at liuvitig come -,uuO or 3,0UO^miles and having* tile bridge scheme MMM^to naught. As no MMMJJJ of Ihe ci y^council was present to-n.yni, an adjuurn-^meut sine d.e was taken.
ii 11 I He LOS. aWlFf MIN
AMUNU Int. hAClKo.
Atlit lull tin Itrsrli.
|MJMMBsVsOJs July I ^Six furlong^-lUi-k won. Sir Ltucclol second, Morse^thud, 'i une, 1 iMt
F.vefurl^^ng:^H.etzem won, BmJJ)M#^^oml, Flaiurcr tbirti. Time, 1:0a.
Sevenfurlongs ^ S.nko won. In m^second. Let to ii I bird. T.m ^, 1:81^.
Fivefurlongs ^ iJ. ii. Lauroy w^^n. Vint^^age second. Gold Step third, l ime, 1 :u.rf
Sixfurlongs ^ Air Shaft won, Z jrnng^second. Count thud. Tune, 1:19.
Fivtlurloiig' ^ Graduate wmt, Kona 11.^second, A nine G. third. Tune, 1:14%
Ai^l. itone I'ark
JkkomkI'-iKK, July 9. Seven furlongs^^I MJMMMsWJ w on, ibiuuu fcccoiid, V.u-^durer third, 'l ime, 1 :_9.
'Ihrci -tpiarters of a mile^Frcnwnt^won, Ur. Wilcox second, Uolfe llur 1.^fjMJsj 1 :ltl.
Milean I a cpi irter^Nellie Bly won,^Kdder second, Ib-ekou third. Tune, liln'^.
Mileami a furlong^Uancc won, V.o-^dce second, Edgar third. Time, 1:47^.
Handicapsweepstakes five furloiigi^^KMJ won, L ma MMj\ Norwooil third,^i line, 1 ;i a.
SwetMMjlMJ f'Vr furlongs^Clara W^ii,^i.xolir second. Herald third. l ime, 1: a.
Mileund a furlong^ Marion C. won,^Santiago second, W hitney third. T.m
AtI'lioaib Inlita,
ruii.AiM.Li'HiA,July 9.-2:24 pace^^Lady Suiridau won, Saladin second,^Hlack C, third. Tune, IfJftM
InHie 2:34 trot (uuftuisUeUj^Tom Dms^peuter won, Graud K. second, Gipsy Girl^thud. Best lime, 2:2
Inthe IffsflMjl 1 un ti u .-bed 1^Frank K.^won, Toinkin st com', Hlue Ibdle thirtl.^Ikst time, laf/H*
A1 * h MMMkp. 1 a
Cmo.MiO,July 9 ^ Five furlongs^Lake^mjmmj won, I'.irmu second, MMMMMtl^third. Tunc. 1:04
Onemile^ lt**veal won, 11 inler second,^Lb Kendig third. Time. 1:44
Mileand a hall^Verge ^J'( ^r won,^Han Chief second, Ulackhuin third.Time,
IttMiiicyMurphy tlo- Lieht.tVrlicbt I'utcdist^Anxious I ur a MMS
1iitM ced in une of ^ntir pa pu s thai there are^a MMMf et Lo pound MMUsMS MMfXMJJ b^r^MMStSSSgM^MSj I MMMM MfjbsJMgiVM urine^of tltetii a Ml sJMl MWMMl prefer Mr. lluSilagteM,^I am vv illuitc Is 111 11 MJI at MJJMJ St UffMMI ftMf^SMV VeSjSSSMjMs SMfSS IMJ may he pit up. In^cast tin . sMl rime is MJ accepted by HlMttMff*^loii it is epi'ti to any . ^* pound uiau 011 ilie pa-
I11111 pHirj; ta Ihitlr to-ntarron- and shall he^phased n^ make a 111 tlt li with some one.
Missoula,July !^.
Ktalmr Ja^*knon [^^ Mo^ Ifiior,^I totu the Km Francisco Chroule'lt*.
Ihe most recent news is that Peter^MM ksoii is going on the operatic MJMMt^IIis voice is a rich rouml tenor, with^plenty tit li^hl and ^hade, particularly H e^latter. His regisu-r (md bis MMM our) la^ui usually full, at all hours, too, so that tie^has no trouble in punching boles in the^toughest kind of an aria.
Awell-known and talented local voice^huihh-r has taken lVn r in hand,or rather^in both hands, ami at the rale the colored^I h i eutcs is progressing Tainaguo had^better hire a trainer right away.^He gave a private exhibition last^^cek lo some competent iMJjJ crit^^ic-, who are enthusiastic 111 their praises^of the way he knocked out high C in otic^little round with Annie K ^oncv. Ii ^ was^asked to try Ins skill on ^Set- that My^Grave's lv. pt Green,^ but barred it at be^^ing an unprofessional interference with^Mr. Sullivan's favorite colors. He tried^Hit Xieoliui rwing 111 fine style on ^Mc-^Umiy * and MMJgMl that favorite, to to^speak, 011 the |MMJMM^ at the Tory tirsi at-^It nipt. In (act, none of lbs regular^composer* are 111 with the new l^ r e star,^and it 1'roo BlMM Of JsM K- dding do 110I^gel 111 ami Slop b.m witli a few tl fllciilt^oars, UJsfM Is no telling a hefe the liuVOC
ofnational undo lies w ill cud.
Hot;nrt I It d I rum Anseoi tla^Uetibtlcss tor Anaconda's pMMk A lo*^tif iravebng siwaltcd ^thu tors^ have^bet tt visiting Auacoiiila for the past few^months, but have gone w In re th.- wchm!-^MMM tWlMSibi l^r. Ladug A l o , UM old^reliable ami MJJCVMsfttl Kai Ms City, Untie^City and Sail Ft anci-co ^pscial physMnJMM^and surgeons ai\ s ill lu re and M 111 have^^ |n monthly at tbe DsiMotilcOa Aua-^cotida, on the IJih day ol Ju y and tbe^ll'th day t f each and every n o th here^f-^Mr I nlsoMl Hot. I Fiorence, Ulssntils, II^ami 14; Motuc Uousv^ Granite, la aim
1*1;KsiMf MnlMM , Ptllllpshin 11 17 and If;
MiHurm y House, User Lodse, Ivj Mmtm^House, Dillon, 119and 91; Windsor, Hou!-^tlrr, last day of each Month ^ v. r after-^v anls.
111M lasMllS^r.legani an I comfortable sOMSfl can l^^*^secured in South Missoula on tip. install^^ment plan, by payment of . he-fourth^down and the balance in m ^Uthly install*^mentis ut 7 per i-i tit. per annum defMVssI^p.iynn hi . Insjulrs of J. C. Bi rertMMj4^for South Misaou's Li ml , tnpsJMJTa^MMM l, KaMiuond block.
IIcc v
streit. Hours I^Consultation liee.
.I rt w It y. I i * %i fx\^\ am tits at i.A I ,m^S. m., I 1
SeMJJMMNb reurv^I p. 111.
Ilttylngllttuiids I.* ol tlif Wsy to m Cavern
Tlo. M^y !*^ v Vdasbl*.
Fromtin* Louisville ^ einni. rcial.
MJsjMJ. W. I*t ny, the well-known^Owen counly polit cian, tells me the fol^^lowing story of a wonderful cave that has^|mI been b und on Ids land in Morgan^county. It has only bren 1 xplorcd a short^dislaiicr, but to judge freill tbe indiea-^ttons it 11.11 t be miles in extent* Tbe^cave was found in a manner worth relat^^ing. A pariy of fox hunters were pursu^^ing a MJMMJ wtncli their hounds had^sprung w hen tin y suddenly came upon a^high ledge. At thu moment of arriving^at ib:s po ut the baying of the hounds^was distinctly audi hie, the hunters not^far hchiud. Suddenly the music of the^dogs ceased.
Itdid not die away by degrees, but^stopped suddenly as if each loud-mouthed^a^ final had hern struck MMM invisible^lore** and Ion fcr quieted. 1 he hunters^vi M a^ a Iosh to account for ibis pbe-^ui MMMMJt \\ nib* wondering what bi cam*'^o| the dog* a belated hound Who had^b ^ 11 unable to keep up with Hie pack^c. Hi^ up, and, fMMJM g MMM the ledge,^sc. op a liowi of oisaj pointment, and the^BMMlSSMMUMjJJMMJ MJSMJ to where the dog^had Mo| p-*d, omy to see mm saJMMf^into tie sale of the uiouiitaiii tbr'-ugu a^large, irn gular mm inng. Ciocur-^M| tortMMJ of pine knots, the^hu iters hastily followed me dog.^sMJJF hadnot gone more
thanMl fi et until they enu red a larg'-^ctiainber witti vaulted dome. Every men^of MMMM on the vval.s and roof was cov^^ered with 111 nule crystals that tparkled^like MlMsMM ol sVmJMMJMJ when the lij_ lit^ut tin* IMMMM 11 uMJmI upon ihem.
Themen hum-d 011, however, trying to
overtaketheir dogs, that Ke y could How^hear faintly baying Wlltllll the bowels ol^the earth. After going about two miles^throiiuli oeautiful rooms and lofty arclu s^anil |s^ilMMJ MMMM upon ihe h liuds, the^wt aiy hunters mji lo retrace their steps^owing lo their hastily improvised torches^being nearly burned cut. The dogs came^home the nexl day.
Afew days alter its discovery Judge^I'erry visit* d the cave ami explored 11 a^^hori distance He describes a as MM M^the most w otideritit caves he ever saw. J 11^one of the MMJM there is a stone wad,^7a yards long, 4 feet b'gh, und 4 bet^thick. It is built of bint stone rot k of a^kind not found in the cave tier any^^where near it. The judge is at a loss to^MMMM for the presence of tins wall,^e^pt cially as ii is cemented together w 1H1^a cement as strong as the reck MMJtft^Many p MlfaW w ho have seen the cave and^the arulic al wall are inclined 10 th nk^linn is MM famous Swnt rnve, where that^woril y mined and coined silver a hun^^dred years ago. If tins should prove^correct the ju I go will sonn be a million^^aire, as Switia* cavo was known lo lie^be one of the richest silver mines ever^opened.
Afifertuttrittitnumier ittt* html ^mr cent \*rr^UfjTUtm'tt ttwrrtton; tjitrntl role* i^n SMjIMJi^'i*r tU nnit- pt nudit, J\ u aavcrttsc/iuiU accepuJ
;orunn than 20 a nt*.
IjHIIIhAl-K UK I KA lib Several soMl MSJM^I dnv iu MMJM and MMJgSSJ MJMMM let^Ixsl^e smiiilv, Ment., Biso p.i^ arret of laud iu^^SMtMWSttSfM KsMMI 111 MsftSfl CollMJT- All to^hittlr lor Anacotiila property. Apply tu Jam *s^MM, ba-v liack. j.vjo
Iou Hlitf^ A Mrt MMM ^ith lirst MMM^r ghl, MM FjMsrt Ad ui ess UMtfJsTsM^I.umaii), Muart, .Montana.
pOKKLM-Clieaji,ka^ie room sulahlr for^mv t-*riN'enes, trnis' luiuisIiiiiKs or paiuts and^wall paper, MJMJMMl ou Maui StteSf, flrMttft.^MjoBlniuL llU|tilieof H. \Y. MJfMM .v Co., |M^N. Mailt Hieel, liuttr, if
ANACONDA.,MONTANA.^Oieued July 1, IsaJ. l.c^|.i ncU Uct. I, 1833.
Orer-ftht* MJJsJJMMsl bjm] mni! e'rcnnt ap
MlMMlaMMJ 1 ti MS I'nltnd State*. TSlSiaMSIJ^t reproof, nnd provided w,lh rtt vatom, electric^MfMi fir^* alarms. IMJMJJg water, batbn, m ain^heal, cjM'n lira places and all modern conven-^knres. lbonis en unite ami tingle, t iusiuu^and service strictly Di^t class, hu.es from
Accordinglo M^c nnd character of rooms^occupied.
FreshGame. Oysters
IJquon,Cigars,Candies,Nuts. Fruits^1-ntnr atal 1 MJk t.ggs.
Ccunirv I rafucc a Specialty.^East l irtttst., JjfjMsMsa M ay
NotICR FOB Al l'L ^ i I h^\ u^ 00 r^Masr. in seesrasacs wnh lbs provfsV^m ^ of stvti 'ti s in esand reguuUioM pn i^ nl^ tl^1 ^ IMS Hair rah r seerSiMrV ^ f Hie IMtrl ^^ . May^ft. is.d, ^, itif undertufustl* Wh * ^ sostcWttces^i^^drsss i^ i blllpsbaig, fleer Ladgs i-oen y, stats^of Moil ^i s. give iot.tr I Ml si III** ^ \ p i at ^^^n^uf twenty t^ne ^2l^davi fp m tin* first pubhea*^I.en ol tuts n -t ce, will n asr mi*llcstt n io tne^Hoiior..t\e ^ , (i ,ty of the In . 11..;- : i joitiior-^liy io rut snd rersuve a I Ihe Ma*rchantal^le irne^i.i*id Ir i tn rr, tor ihe sun ^* mi 11^fwi Uoatssik1 use at ii lor m unun v ii i set oaj^the toi.owaiu di'srrlbsd ui*mm*v^ ^ ^^ pubUe isads,^io wit: IVguinUut M IMS MBfftawest isr si m
Mt'tlOII Iom lis up 7. ii. i, t^ ruUUUpE ltiri.ee
MftMfour t^ I Mtiss. BSMSe rad tt.l3 links,
MScr sautM tolK 14) mite* to Ike Ml dn SSf roi.^MT si f ^ i ou ^^. l^ SH*ll f '^^ S. i. 1 S i Ml^seal tare** mm* ti tMr rlrnr ui ts^ in j,
Ibe a ovr 11 .it I of laud t mhi .ict s a1 - . t-n^tlMMSSS 11* laiodretl and d: iv i.'.i.sn acre*,^satausUUSi l Msresa atsiul t n^ nni: on .. tfc n.eae^tret ^i in liMbeft ^ ua iili ut lif.y IMtSJssJI'l
(MMMtas , | puirroi'i lir au.si a. out eiie.
thirdH IrsMdsistit I^ tinnt* s p us. IU^^ihararo . ttf tn^ ab vr tirser Uetl slid m tin^la an ii*. in up St MeM IS vises, and uutit *or^Hcrp-ii.ui a. p .i|s^MS ah iti fsui IsadUm ^^MiMrraicaaiaster, avateais mm ar. nnd Mar*^tiaMlrier* haMU. a 1 iu liver Ustge co.nt. ,1Ud
IMtltdJu'} ^. If^.
Manufacturingand Supply
(WillI* Sold ill I'attenr* ot 5 Stamps or more.l
CORNISHROLLS^Lan-e and Small.
Jigsand Revolving Screens^Many Patterns.
Muall,(C it. x IJ ft.; capacity a or 4 tons)
HOISTS Lidgenvood, Kendall, Crisby. Union Iron Works.
BOILERSOur own and other makes.
AIRCOMPRESSORS-Kand and Burleigh.
BfiTTaftiesneeding any of above will do well to write or call^early as the prices that have been put upon same insure quick sale.
GoldMills. Wet ami Drv Crinhin- Silver Mills, SMELT^^ING and CUVCI NTKA11NG PLANTS, Hoisting and^PsmptM Works, Cars, Cages, Skip, Ore Buckets and^M ater Buckets.
CorlissEngines, Compound and Condensing Enginei^and lramways.
EUTTE,MONTANA.^Cinteard World, Hawthorne Aye. and Willow St, Coicagj, I;L

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