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VOL.IL^NO. 31*.
Salisbury'sWoman Suffrage Idea^Shocks the Conservatives.
Mrs. Parnell Possesses a Few^Letters Which May Cr^ate^ a^Sensation^Efteote of the^McKinley BUI.
Copyright,lttl, by the New York Associated^Press.
London,July 17.^Nothing recently ex^^cited tuo inner conservative circle so^much a* Lord Salisbury's declaration^tbat female suffrage ought to form a part^of tbu coining electoral reform*. Tlie^council of tliu conservative association at^a recent meeting to-day decided to inti^^mate to Laid Salisbury that the pany^vu so divided on the question^it would be unwise to recognise^it as s conservative principle.^In spite of .Salisbury's asseruou^that ihe life of parliament will not expire^until August, lMi.i, electoral agents are^preparing lor dissolution in the spring.^Apart Iroin the lr.-li local governinent^bill, the conservative piatform will in^^clude the reform bill, amending the dis^^tribution of seals by rce-uirinz Welsh and^Irish representation, slightly increasing^the Seotch and giving u large advantage,^to English representation. The ministers^have endorsed the leading features of^Chamberlain's ago assurance scheme,^thus committing tho party to further^developments on the lines of stale social^^ism, and the redistribution of seats will^be a strong card in tiie game.
Thesu-pcnsion of a peer, u rare event^iu the upper bouse of parliament, oc^^curred to-night in the case erratic Lord^lJcninun. Lord Denmaii had given notice^of u motion for a return ^^f u number of^^ lays 011 which the laic Lord Granville at^^tend) d the house, and also tile duys on^which he himself hud utlcnih-d during^Lord Granville's lieftime. Whether the^motion was inspired by sheer crankiness^or by malice, I. ml Uenman was not al^^lowed to explain. Lord {Salisbury inter-^|^osiiig said ilie motion could only lie de^^scribed as lite ccnily. lie moved Lord^Deiimau sliculd not be hi aid curing tho^remainder of the session, Lord Kimberly^concurred and the Salisbury motion was^ucreeit to. Lord Uenma-i ^sloped,^ look^ing daggers at Salisbury.
Scnsutionalrumors are to theeffect that^Mrs. Pnrncll bus in be r possession colli'^promising e-orr, spondence with Glad^^stone-, winch she obtained awhile ago^when 1'arnell was in the Kiiinainliam ja.l^have a basis e^f tiulh. She was in con^slant communication w.tb Chamberlain,^Morley uud others, but not with Glad^^stone. If Pariic-ll chooses to publish^these letters they will disclose* ch.t fly the^keen political craft of Mrs. ^ )'Shea.
SirJohn llend r, speaking at a meet^^ing of the l)ir^ ct ( able compuiiy, stated^that tin re bus l.-ce-u a positive decline in^Atlantic telegraphy since the operation of^the Me Kmh-y law . He ilid not solely at^^tribute Ihe decline to the McKinley law;^it was partly duo to the depression in^trade nnd to competition. Eventually^the United State-s woutd disc-over that^they siill. red more than u.-iybody elso^from the new law.
TerribleCrlm-- i l mu Insane Woman^a^1^U id lienor.^Min n i: vt'OLi is, Jisiy 17.^Al^out ICO miles^rniuhwcsl of tins city, on the outskirts of^the th.ck pine forests on Snake rive-r is^Pino City, a place of I ut a few hundred^people. The other day a Ushing party^from that place returned from the woods^bringing with them a wild woman and^her lti-year-old daughter. Thn daughter^tells a story of ti rriblo lufTering ami^pr.vation. She says the husband and^father was eaten by wolves while intox^cited last Match. Since that timo they^have had no fooel. 1 iieyeiunge-r children^died of starvation and were cooked and^eaten one by ouo by the mother and old^^est daughter. The mother's mind finally^gave way and she is now a raving maniac.^They have hecii taken to the county jail,^where they will bo provided for pending^an investigation, as it is thought in all^probability olio or mere ch lilren were^murdered by the demented mother.
MissouilVI ho key sets d.
St.Lot is, Mo., July 17.^ He venue offl^cers from Washing!, n have been on i^still hunt hero for senile time, and as ^^result th. y have made extensive seizures^of whiskey l^clongmg to Ihe Nelson Din.^tilling company und several other well^known liquor houses, mid before to-mor-^row uighi, when the rani will ccaso, a^dozen or more firms will have become in^^volved. The grounds are changing and^defacing of government brands and^marks and discrepancy in the proof of^whisky ufler proof has been slumped and^certified, 'i lie dealers assort th, re is no^foundation lor tlio charges, but a test^case will In curried to the courts.
lisLeads His Horse on the Hldewalk-A
ConlrderaUHill.^Fpeclat to Ilie standard,
riiiMPsuino, July 17.^Yesterday's^train brought quite a number of gen^^tlemen Iront Deer Lodge who were^a^-rving ss jurors in a road case be^^tween ^ ranchman named Peter Dunn^und Road Supervisor McDonald. Mr.^Dunn removed the old-established road^between here and Georgetown, without^authority from the couuty commission^^er!., hence tho law suit.
Geo.Moduli, the restaurant man, was^fined SJb and costs in tho pol e ^ court^to-day for leading his horse on the side^^walk. Itogers el Miller, the new law^firm, defended him and he lias ap^^pealed the case to the district court.^After the trial Mr. Modlni and^the marshal met on tbo street and called^eath other some pet names, and Modini^was again arrested, after which he swore^out a warraut fur the arrest of tho mar^^shal, and both cases will be tried Mon^^day.
Oneof tbo lailies who reside on the row^was at the police court this morning ask^^ing for a warrant for tho uircat of a man^who successfully passe-d a confederate^five-dollar bill in her house last night.^The matter was amicably ncjiisted and no^arrests made.
MMMt^^l Miiicrs.
Siattlk, Wu-h.. July 17.^The mine^at the Ibaek H am .ml coul mines ha^Conceded the right to the company to hi^and discharge men. The New Castle^mines are now in charge of a deputy^sheritr. Everything la quiet. All the^mililiu hare be en ordered home.
sin small as iu tvllior.^Atlanta, Ga.. July 17.^Sam Small, tbo^evangelist, lias decided to return to jour^^nalism. Old irier.de havo raised a fund^for the e slab isliiuent of a daily evening^paper to be known us the Atlatita Herald.^of which -mail accepted tho managing^editorship.
MaMjImproving.^Dar Hariiok. July 17 ^Ulaine drove as^usual to-ehiy. lie takes a walk every fair^day. His !u-.ilt!i is still improving. His^physician says he has been improving^more rapidly of late and is more bopciul^and confident about lumeelf.
ADisastrous I'lre.^LocisVii.lk. Ky.. July 17.^Nearly tho^entire business portion of G a^gow wus^destroyed t^^- lire this morning. Losses^will aggregate |1SU,UUU, with insurance^about one-half.
An Uuforluuate Livery Man^A Niw
Store.K|N-cinl to Hie Mandard.
Granitk,July 17.^Liveryman Hawke^has been playing in bard luck for tbo^past few duys, several of bis horses have^been ailing with something liko spas^^modic colic and lie let one of bis teams^go to Stone atatiou Wednesday, and after^arriving there one of the horses elied.^Yesterday another of his teams ran away^anel smashed a buggy up pretty badly be^^tween here and Philipaburg. Hawke has^a llrst-class and the only stable here, and^these set backs, while discouraging, do^not deter him from buying new horses^und rigs, which be is doing almost every^day.
L.W. Katxenstein, late of Anaconda,^lias opened a new store on Broadway and^has a nice stock of ready -made clothing^aud furnishing good-.
TheCombination Itssulls painfully to the^Youugsier.
Bpcelalto tbe Standard
DeerLoin.^., July 17.^James Coleman,^the Leycai-old son of William Coleman,^the well-known merchant of this place,^was accidentally shot in bis left hand to^^day while out picnicing at the race track,^lie was exhibiting a ^ calibre pistol to^one of Ins companion-, and iu some un^^accountable manner the pistol was dis.^charged, the bull entering tho i ami of^his baud and passing up into tbe wrist^The ball has not been ex racted, and the^wound, though not thought dangerous, is^a painful one.
WillArrest Deuie-rs.
Specialto the standard.
Livingston,July 17.^Sheriff Temple-^ton left for Red Lodge last night to ar-^re.t Godfrey Deuiers on a bench warrant^lsMlfd out of Ihe district court. The war^rant was issued yesterday, upon informa^^tion filed by the county attorney, charg^^ing Deiners with the murder of J. K. Dil-^worth, on the 10th iust.
Specialto the standard.
KkoLoim.k, Jury 17.^Godfrey Demers,^who shot James H. Dilworth near this^city on the 10th inat., was arrested to-day^by the sheriff on a bench wairant issued^by Judge Henry of the Sixth Judicial dis^^trict, L v.i g- ton. He has I icon admitted^to }.!.^.!^ bail by Justice McCanelly. A^story is'current here this evening that tbe^body of a boy missed from the Dilworth^ranch some days ago has just been found^with a bullet hole through his body.
iLlifoiirn in Distress.
BMKO,July 17.^The Canadian gulf^fisheries tins season are a total failure so^far as th* North Shore and Magdalena^islands are concerned. Official informa^^tion has been received by the dominion^agency of fisheries here from the agent^on Grindstone island that tbo spring^school of cod psssed tbe i land while the^entire population were down witb tbe^grip, ami that none could be caught. For^the same reason lobsters, which were in^great abundance, cnuld not be taken, and^factories all closed down, sustaining^serious losses. Tho agent writes that un^^less uuiuniu mackerel (Idling is good^there will be dire distress on the island^next winter. Since June 6 there have^been 75 deaths on tbe island from la
TlieVallae Disappeared.
Minneapolis,July 17.^Tho 7'riBunrs^Itushville, Neb., special says: The gov^eminent ci mtniaaion, which just finished^a six weeks' investigation of the last In^^dian outbreak and the condition of tribal^relations of tbe Sioux, found on the ar^^rival here this morning that a valise con^laming all records aud evidence had mys^^teriously disappeared. It is believed by^tho commissioners the valise was stolen^by Indians, many of whom could not un^^derstand the ol j cl of the investigation^aud were very su.pie.ous.
ttu.siu'snliij. t i,.p.^Minneapolis, Minn., July 17.^A cab!^gram received by Claries A. Pdlsbury^from tbe Ann r can consul at Odessa^Hussiu, to-elay, says the wlieat crop Is ^j^per cent, short und rye 60 per cent, short,^1 bis means a deficiency of 60,00n,t*9 J^bushels of wheat and about m -.is.o.-sn,^bushels of rye. If the figures are even^a, I roziu alely correct. l.u-s.a must bu s^a lurgo iiiipottcr of bp ad-s.uffs during^the next season in.lead ^f being, as in^average years, an exporter nearly equal^to tbe United Mutes.
si.loui.-:.U I e
Jackson,Miss., July . .hiring a^joint uoliticai discussion at Oxford yes^^terday between Hon. D. li. Money and^Hon. E. liaiksdale, the lain r I i.arged the^former with some irregularities in con-^ncciiou w idi Isnd HMM tarteiltM mat-^ti-is. Money railed jafasdslt a liar,^w hereupon Uarkidale hurled a book at^Money uud violent languzge sTM inter^^changed. Serious trouble w ss feared, but^the difficulty later was am c.thly ad-^justed by the interposition of fr.sads.
WhatWas Discovers a) by a Mew Terk^Health liBlcer.
KiwYork, July 17.^A Chine** leper^has been discovered in an east side^laundry. He is Cbin Hop Sing, and when^a representative of tbe health authorities^issid blm a professional visit, be was In^^dustriously ironing a shirt. He baa been^a leper eight months, and seven months^of that time be has spent in wsshlng the^linen ^ f cast siders. Tbe health offi^^cials, after examination, decided it was^a genuine case of leprosy, but say they^connot take tbe man in charge because^they have no place to take bins. H^^came here a year and a half ago from^San Francisco. There it is said ha bsd^lived with s leprous friend until the au^^thorities removed lbs leper. Then^Hop Sing's countrymen shunned^him. After a while they raised^funds of WOO to take him back to China.^He look the money, but instead of going^to China came to Newark, N. J^ where he^went into partnership in a laundry with^Chung, also a leper. They bad trouble^alter awhile and Hop Sing came to New^York. By Ibis time he was in an awiul^condition. His head bad begun to swell,^his ears were assuming enormous propor^^tions, his nose bail reached a remarkable^s z ^ and his hair was drooping out. Ho^went to the laundry of his cousin Clung^Hop Sin to sleep until morning. Wben^Chiug swoke and saw bow Cbin Hop^Sing looked be was terror stricken. He^would not stay in tbe place, believing it^infected slready with the fearful disease.^Ho sold out to tin- leper for 160. Hop Sing^took possession of tlie shop immediately^and went right on with the business.
TheyRefuse to Alius White Mrs tetlle^oa Land at Mllle Lace's Lake,
Princeton,Minn., July 17.^Benjamin^Carter is down from the Mills Lace's lake^country on his way to St. Paul to inter^^view Governor Merriam on behalf of tbe^settlers at Mille Lace's lake. Carter car^^ries a petition signed by the msjority of^all settlers at the lake, asking the gov^^ernor to use bis influence in their behalf.^The land has been declared open for set^^tlement. The Indians are ugly and^threaten to kill tbe first man tbat at^^tempts to cut bay on the reservation. Trie^settlers are determined to harvest tbe bay^crop aud there is danger of serious^trouble.
ATerrible Wreck Reported to Have Oc^^curred ea the t incsgo A Erie.
Cleveland.July 17.^A special from^Lima, Ohio, to the Lradtr says: A tale-^phone message received from Kenton at^^:3u p. m. says there was a bad wreck on^tbo Chicago A Erie railroad at Hep^^burn. Swift's refrigerator train east ran^into a work train pulling into a aiding,^killing nine laborers and injuring nasvo:^^others. Both locomotives are in ruins^with 10 or 12 cars, 'lelrgrsph wires along^tho Erie sro down and the telephone op^^erator at Kenton has gone home. It is^impossible to get details.
Troubesoute Navsjes-s.
Washington,July 17.^A telegram has^been received at ihe war department to^^day from General MeCook at Los An^^geles, Cal., ^n which he rays the shenir^at Flagstaff, Ariz , apprehends an out^^break of the Navajo Indians. Tbe United^States marshal, however, reports to Gen^^eral McCook tbat there is no danger of^an uprising. To settle tbe doubt raiseel^by the conhVting statements the general^lias sent an oilier to investigate.
Flagstaff,Arix , July 17.^The trouble^witb the Navajoes is at an end. Tbe In^^dian chief has been released, as there^was not sufficient evidence to bold him^on tbe charge of horse stealing.
M-warineof 4,raashope*srs.^San Antonio, Teg., July 17.^S. P.^Law son, a prominent stockman of Dinn^^ing, N. M.. has arrived hero and gives an^account of grasshopper ravaging in the^norther and western counties of New^Mexico, where be said they are doing^much barm, They bave ravaged the^ground of every thing^n sight. They move^In bunches four and five miles wide. One^bunch is spreading IntoColorado, Kansas^and tbe Panbaudla of Texas, while^another buucb will reach the central^Texas line.
HombuVdsdthe Mlulster's House.^Fimii.ay, Ohio, July 17.^Last night a^mob in sympathy with tbe saloons visited^Hev. Mr. K nliuger s residence st North^Ridgeville after be snd bis wife retired^and bombarded tbe house witb boulders^and brickbats, breaking windows snd^seriously damaging the house. Held-^inger bsa been preaching strongly for^temperance.
ItalyMay I 525
Rome,July 17.^Members of the cab:net^privan ly declare that although Italy will^not officially assist the Italian exhibition^at tbe Chicago lair, every facility will be^extended to them. The feeling of the^government is friendly, though It is not^thought advisable to take official action^in tbe premises.
AValuable Newspaper Plant.
PiTTSBi'lio.July 17.^The stock of^George MT, and Joseph I*. Reed iu tbe^Coin me; riuf (Jazttlt of this cuy has been^eold to Jahn I'uulap, in tbe interest of^Mrs. Nelson P. lived, wife of the decessed^scnicr pro| r.etor. '1 lie price psid is said^to approximate t-'tw.uoo cash, the plant^being valuetl at ftiOJ.UOU.
Hssdou ibe Train.^Cheyenne, Wyo., July 17.^Manogi, a^Samoau chieftain, who was being si ut^borne with other natives from New York,^died on the trs n between Medicine How^aud Rawlins, lie was in the last stages^of consumption aud could not stand tlie^ride.
ThreeMen Killed.^Carhon, Kev., July 17.^A logging fain^on the Lake Valley railroad was duel.id^to-day at a lumber camp ou Lake Tahoe.^Three men wee killed and one severely^injured.
*De.ireycil by HalL
Denver,July 17 ^A dispatch from Fort^Colbns says a hail storm in that section^last night destroyed leO.UOO worth of^crops.
leetinlof Ihe Leagoj of American^Wbeelm.D it Detroit
HoraaRao Inst at the Oiffarant East^^ern Courses-Yo I emblen's^Fa at- The Basa Bali
Detroit,July 17.^Iu the first day's^racing of the League of American Wheel^^men this afternoon all events were hotly^contested. Tbe festure of the day was^tlie rieling of Baker and Lrinker of tbe^Buffalo Athletic club for half a mile,^tandem record. They made the distance^in 1:08, breaking the previous record of^1:13 1-6, made at Peoria, III., last fall.
Theone mile novice safety was won^by L. W. Scbimuiel, a Detroit wheelman.^Tunc, 3:08.
Onemile novice, ordinary,W. I. Mark*,^a Detroit weeelman. Time, 3.-06 2 6.
Onemile, Detroit Wheelman handicap,^safety, 60 yards, J. M. Keunau. Time,
Halfa mile. L. A. W. championship,^ordinary, A. A. Ziiumeriuau, N. Y. A. C.^Time, 1:18 3-6.
Ouamile, open safoty, Geo. R. Barrett,^Chicago. Time, 2:33 1-5.
Halfa mill-, open ordinary, A. A. Zim^^merman, N. Y. A. ft Time, 1 :'J0 1-
Onemile, L. A. W. championship,^safety. W. f. Murpby, N. Y. A. C. Time,^2:68 3 6.
Onemile, handicap ordinary, K. W.^OallarJ, Chicago, 106 yards. Time^2:31 4 6
Our-fourtbof a mile, L. A. W. champi^^onship, safety, W. W. Taxis, Philadelphia.^Time, 36 3-5
Intbe three-mile lap, ordinary, there^were only three starters, but it was tbe^prettiest race of the day, resulting in a^tie between A. A. Zimmerman, N. V. A.^C, and 11. A. Gilhens. Hyde Park, HI.,^W. M. Carman, Woodstock, Out., third.^Time, 9:09 4 5. Gilhens anil Z.mmerman^rather than go over tbe Uiatance again^tossed for first plsrw and Gitbens won.
ToTawblea Wins the l.aka View Hsudl-^eap at Waahlagioa Park.
Chicago,July 17.^Seven thousand peo^^ple at Washington park to-day saw the^crack California filly Yo Tambien win^tbe Lake View handicap, a threc-quarte-re^mile, In tlie fastest time made iu ties^West this year. Yo Tambien is a half^sister to tlie famous El Rio Rey.
Onemile^Laura Davidson won. Un^^man second, Rudolph third. Time, 1 it-1/,.
Onemils and a sixteenth ^Linlithgow^am, l*a.-er P-eliis ^mna. Reveal tu.rd.^Time, 1:4a.
Atllrighiou Issach.^Eriohto.n Peach. July 17.^Weather^warm and clear. Five furlongs^Msrtel^won, Lsurenska second, Vslette third.
Time,1 :^ a J. j.
Fivefurlongs^Money Maid won. Vital^Spark second, sister to Jim Douglas'^filly third. Time, 1 :^*^,;
Sixand a half furlongs^ Bellevue won,^Boiem second, Rico third. Time, l :-\'/t.
Seveufurlongs^Autocrat won, Walter-^sou second, Kittio third. Time, 1:28%.
Fivefurlongs^Pedestrian won, SorUng^second, Thiers third. Time, 1:02.
Fiveturlongs^ Vocable won, Weight^second, Medusa third. Tunc. 1: -3%.
PiTTbiit'itu,July 17.^Tbe grand circuit^trotting meetiug closed to-day. Tbe^pr.ncipal event of the day was tbe attempt^of Uudd Doblc to drive Nancy Hanks to^Ih-buIu; . lor a purse of 12 5AJ. She failed,^but lowered her record to 2:14.
Tiut t ^ a v,2:26^Kedmont first, Happy Bee^second, Dave Wilson third. Best time,^8:21.
Free-for-allMcDoel first, Rosebud^Wilkes second, Jean Smith third. Time,
'1lotting 2:20^Lady Sheridan flrst.Mon-^roe Uristor second, Clermont third. Host^time, 2:2U'1.
Honton,July 17.^The Mystic park July^meeting closed this afternoon.
Inthe 2:37 clas- -Mountaineer won,^Calsola second, Arago third. Time. 2:J.'.'4
Iutbe 2:30 class^Harnona won, Hu-^metto second, J. Y. I. third. Time, 2:24%.
BASE BALL YEbflRDAV.^Natloual la-ague.
AtPittsburg^I'tttshurg 6, Ch cago 2.^At Cleveland^Cleveland 12, Cincin^^nati 8.
AmericanAssociation.^At Boston^Boston 9, Louisville 2.^At Washington^Washington 2, Cincin^^nati 1.
AtBaltimore^Baltimore 9, Columbus C.
AtLincoln^Omaha failed to appear^and tbe gume was given to Lincoln,9 to 0.
AtMinneapolis^ Minneapolis 0, Du-^lutb 2.
AtSioux City^Sioux ( ity 8, Milwau^^kee 1.
AtDenver^Denver 12. Kansas City 2.
HumpingTh. m In Tea ss.
Washinoion,July 17. Governor Hogg^of Texas bus refern-d to the interior de^^partment a letter from the mayor of^Buililigton, Texas, saying the Indian^authorities are- landing in Texas hundreds^of destitute intruders who were refused^admittance into Oklabcms. The mayor^said they would lie a great burden to the^people, as many of them ure eut.rely des^^titute. Th^-Indian bureau is investig itnig.
Dretrue-i'v-*Hr. si Lvnli.^Lynn. Mass.. July 17. ^A lire originat^^ing in Blake's block last cvi-iiitw. rapidly^speed to Strout Bros.' budding adjoining,^and then to oil. r buildings ou either side.^For a time il looked as though the busi^^ness portion of the city woti'd be de^^stroyed, snd aid was summoned from^outside pom is. The tire was gotten undee^control, however, about 11 o'clock. Losses^on burned sod dstuaged property will ag^^gregate 130,000.
AFight Bel ween l'^ii^ ^ and Desp, rseloe.-^Leasler of the Mob l.yiirh*,!^Lot isvihi.r, Ky., July 17 ^A deepcrate^nttetnpt was made lo assassinate the* Miffs^dlesborough police force yesterday after^^noon. A lot of ibsre-putsblo characters^who frequent G.im Sprains, a lour drink^^ing and gambl.ng tl.ve just outside du^^chy limits, concocted a plot to minder^the officers. They arroreliugly stationed^16 of their gang in smbu.li along the^Louisville d- Nashville road and two of^their members went Just within the city^limits aud comincnccei firing their Win^^chesters. These two were Glilis Johnson^and Frank Rossimus. thief Ma^^ples with a posse of ^ Ulcers^went in pursuit of ihe pa r and they led^them into tbe ambush. Over luo shot-^were txobangeel aud the |^olice were^forced to retire after two of their Lumber^were shot. A posse of about 101 ci sen.^was organised and armed. 1 h^y e-aim^up with Johnson and Kossitnti-, whom^they captured alter a severe fig iii. J- lin-^son wss taken to the coun y j.eil at 1'iin ^^vile, while Rossimus waa put iu the cuy^jail here. About 4 o'clock this morning^a crowd of masked men entered the- j.td^and took Rossimus out. They led him lo^a bridge and shot him several limes and^theu placed a PHjW around his neck.
Tramps Assaalt a Miiuen-A Pleasant
I'ariy-tYonl Shipments,^rperlal to the Matidanl.
DiLLiNux,July 17.^To-day two tramps^demanded food I rem a woman, and upon^being refused tbey struck her. Being^pursued tbey ran, but were brought to a^standstill by a shot from Deputy SlicnlT^Ramsey's gun. Tbe cititens turned out^in force and assisted in the air -st, the^tramps fighting savagely. As the mar^^shal wss pulling one of them in the cell^he struck fiercely at the marshal, who, iu^slamming tho door shut, cut off half the^tramp's thumb. The citizens are going^to abate tbe tramp nuisance by vigorous^measures.
Mrs.1. J. Walk gave a pleasant parly^this afternoon to a large munis-r of young^people.
About153,000 pounds of wool wen-^sold this week at a i rice ranging from
lhl to ^J| CelltS. NlllS hundred thous^^and pouuds have boeu shipped from here^so far.
Washington,July 17.^Four hundred^thousand ounces of silver were purchased^to-day at prices tanging from l.UM^75 to^1.01.
Twohundred pounds of nitro-glyceriiic^being transported in a wagon cxplodi-d^near here this morning, killing one man,^S. J. Bigley, and his team of horses and^di in dishing twodwelliugs.
Acareful estimate made by tbe ^ fftcers^of the pejstuffiee department places the^ITshjpft'a ^' tyial r-i1.*n t|sa amimntai^of the execution of the provisions of the^postal ahjbill st t2.79a,LO0
l-aigiauU'afclii|^|,lag Laws.^London. Juiy 17. ^Ihe ecrctury of the^Shipping Federation, Mr. L iws, was ex^^amined to-day before the, royal labor^commission. He urged there* should be^alterations in the shipping act and in tin-^board of trade regulations, iu order to si ^^cure more effectual protet lion for free^^men. It waa impossible for a free sailor^to obtsili access to a shipping office unless^he was armed with a ticket of the Sea^^men's and Firemen's union. Non-union^men were shockingly ill-treated, uud^^picketing^ should be d elan d illegal.
e. rain e apitai,^( HlCAtio, July 17.^L, vy Mayer of this^city, who has acted as attorney for pur^^chasers iu a nuuilst-r of large de-uls by^Englishmen in this country, ssys that^German capitaltata are iH-ginning to see k^investments in the L-'uitc-tl States, ami a^large amount of German money is likely^to come here. Mr. Mayor lias just closed^the purchase for a syudirate of which^Hugo tiutnpf, a Berlin banker, is the^bead, of a mine near lidlsboro, N.^M., known as the Edwards mine, the^price paid being f t.fJOO.OOO.
Maeiiugol Ci.igr, g ttloiiallsls.^London, July 17.^At to-day's session^of the International ( ougregaiional coun^^cil. Professor Fisk of Chicago, read a pa^^lter on the American system of preparing^for tbo ministry, hughsh ministers spoke^on tho English system. The board gave^a reception this evening to the cade-gates^at which a number of intenstuig ad^^dresses were delivered. Rev. Tuauka^Harada of Japan, said Coiigiegatiouahsiii^in Japan, although the youngest child of^the church, bsd 71 churches and 10,ut^i^members.
TwoChildren Hurnsd l^* Death.^EkIE, Ps., July 17^The 6-ycar-oM^daughter of Charles Schwarti in making^a bonlire in tho j-inl mis afternoon^spilled keroeeue on her clothing and in a^moment was In flames. The e-ioihes of^her oaby sister also caught fire and when^their mother rushod lo their resi no her^dress was in flames in an instant. The^neighbors succeeded in extinguishing the^fire-, but not until tbe children were fatally^and tba mother very seriously buriie-d.
Courti.lies It, Ilia Soltllere,
WallaV ai.l v, July 17. - In tho Coints-^ton court inariial to-day, the* pr'see uting^attorney, lllundforel, was the principal^witness. He told how ho calh d ou ll.e^colonel the evening before the lynching^and told h in of the frurs of the civil^authorities. Colonel 1 ompton said h^would as soon think of members of the^church sacking the church as to think his^soldiers would attack the jail.
AL^ucbilis reared.
SanDtr.iio, ( al., July 17. -'1 he inepiest^in the case of J. H. lirow u, the sa r on^the cruiser Charleston, killed in u light^with alle-gcd deputy uia-shals, was con^^cluded to-day, the jury find,tig he came^tolusih-ath by being Isuiea by i, \\.^Breedlove and that other allege-1 cilicers^were accessories. The jail is living^guarded to-night, as a lynching is feared.
so,^ - tieds llurucd^Sac Kami nik, Cab, July 17. ^Three-^miles of siiow sheds on tbe hue of the^Central Pacific neur Summit burned t.-^day. The fire- origiuated from sparks^from a locomotivu.
TlieAmoDnt of Bailion Produced la^lbs UDiied Slates in One Tear.
Worthof th^^ Product of the Numer^^ous Properties- Value of^^ ine^s ^ Pay of^Laborers.
WASitiNt.TOJt,July 17.-A bulletin re^^lating to il.e production of gold sue] sile^ver in the 1'nucd Bastes during the calen^^dar yeur MM was issued from the census^office tie.lay. The liudct n shows the^production of bullion during the yearof^1 H'lw as: Colel, 1.5!) i.sii i ounces. United^Stales coinage vain,-, ;x'*Wi,7M; silver,^51,:to4,e6I oillii-ei, I'll,ten Males coining^v due, {Oi.lCNj.'.iNe. In po d this is nearly^Mgag ecu!, ol the world's product and^iu silver 41 percent. 'Ihe bulletin says:^^The numlier of gold and silver mining^claims, or locations coiumouly called^mines in the I'uiteil States, is practi^^cally beyond computation. Names of^nearly onehuudreil ili-m-atid such claims^or mines MM received by the census^din e, but upon hniuit.g tin-investigation^lo producing mine.-^mines working but^nut producing mines, t n orarily stopped,^but which had produced, and upon tabu^^lating only such mines as iiiado produc^^tion returns or MM statistics, tho list^w as reduced lolj.'ol. l.ipeilditures during^tlie year, thrill ing wages, value of sup-^plli s,etc ,was toll,I.M.I.Id. I he total value^of m mug plants, ^i^, .-.n/i-d, made up^of lui.tiling., railroad-, macii.uery. under^^ground improvement*, MM supplies snd^(-ashut.il est mated riiiti- of mines, exclu^^sive of al-.ive items, f3.SK (Mi,ml; value of^nulls and reduction work-, .SJ.:*iJ.77J;^total vahtu of iiiines and works,^^tsh,:!'.:t,t.ls. of the r-. ^ 1 mines, on which^returns ol production on labor statistics^were made, 'XH reported idlr,l,uuu report* d^working but not producing bullion, tie^producing fa n.mi worth (sf Imllion, 14^producing r-.v.nn to ^2.'^JO.0J0. 107 as^producing tMoi.'hi to K.u.UIJ, ^j from^IVtvM to IIuu.imi. 4.17 fn in *lo.uoo to JK*),-^uoo, 1,4 M In 111 M.u 0 to JjT ^,u.U, aud 1,610^less than tl.oui. from die statistics it^appears the labor employed in the actual^production of precious in- t d is better^paid and more productive, in fact, than^iu any other industry thus fnr reported^Hi the* I it 11 let n.. issueel by the 11th census.
'Iho uverago earnings of all p. rs.-ns^employed ut gold and silver mines t57,tj3a)^was } -a u year, w lulu Ihe average output^per man amounted to 11.7111 a year.
Uula AN O L)A3HE!^.
CondensedNews li.no various sections
rlha MMs ,
Imi t nAl-. i is, July i;. .. n. Tram lin-s-n,
whi for in.my year-, repre.i-nied the ^Blunt^district^ iu iiuigiess, died at Martuuvdle, lu.l.,^tins MMMgi
Kansasi h v, .lu'y 17. - Yesterday .1- soph^Lsxeeatiisrk u^^ve fiuin a plat orm sa r. et a1, in^^ches high, into tlx- lake at V^as.iiii^toa park^in ar this i il), Issaiinii the world's reeors.
mi.s. m u-.il is, Jul) 17.^Ihe third biennial^s.n iu* iTest et ihe I luted si-itiuiuaiian siuici-rs^af Am MB sVaM tins in -i a. Willi .vi.issi vis^^itors plescltt, tr'll -t i' il.c- it SSSKfl to-llli:ht.
hr.I'ai i.. Jul) 17. At tin- editorial rouven-^ii n lisils) W. S. i up,-Per of Ohio was eicte-1
president,It. .1. I'llf UlM-oUshi Mes-prest-
dint, and .1. M P.i.e ef lll.no,. revrdiu,; secre^^tary.
Nr.wYork, July it. C.i|^tiiiii A try of the^sHssssyari asasx. wtsisa ssftCass Hsytssg July
1and airiii-i here hs.1.1, enilnms iherepnris^that theie is cancel o! a lavo.uUoa upr.siu^ iu^Havd,
I'lKiuir,s |^^ .1 nlv it M.iniiu.-r Ward of^the lunula, 11 -lie * black Hills road. Is in die^cuy ami cuiuns latt Bstxgi waxtarAaaajgaas^w ill he iuciii|s^tatcil 11 i uild a read [rotn Plerie^lo Uanver, a connection of lla) Noitlurn Paci^^fic.
yi xntaa a^stw^WAHlllNuroN. July 17.^Tho treasury^regulations, govt-ruing the imporiatious^of Vi-i v in or,--, have- l--.il am- n !^^ ! so^us lo provide in determining the value^contained in Mexican ^ res such value^shall be e'oul|iul d ut tile latest known^price- of bar le*ad in the .New York inula^ket, le.s V/, cents per p und.
Hi.i ess iii.^BeiMR July 17.^Th-j pope was seii-d^Willi a slid h-u illness Ihursday. Ur.^/. ii-earelli was hastily summoned and tho^sag afterward IMtMMtl The only dis-^ipuetiug syiuptoin is that he is apt to fall^into a pr it -il id sltep, even when taking^an airing la list Vatican garden,.
tatucallotiale on,, in l.,u.
Tobonlo, July IT^Tins was tho last
dayol tie- ^ dueatioiial convention. The^different departments hitem-d to the^reading of interesting pap. rs uu subjects^of inter, at. The* different departments^finished tie- election of officers u- lay,
LargeJuUgiiia-iit. l.nivr.U.^Niw VidiK Jtuy If,^Judgments were en^^tered to-day against J. 11. bouuell of llou-^ncll et tn., printing ink uiauufacturers,^in favor of the Western \aiional bank.^Applicai'oii bas DMtl iuade^ for a re^^ceiver. Liabilities will probably exceed^t40U,l^ ej.
aIsTsflajt l-.ew suit.^( tin m.o, July ir.--The 1'aciflc Rolling^Mills company to-day began sun in tbe^circuit court against the- l'ac.flc Hallway^company lo recover *ltO,unjon bonds held^by the- rolling mi.I e-o npaiiy aud i.su --1^by the defendant MMA
he sttatM iii MMMtk^Athn i a, U i , Julv 17.^President Liv^^ingstone*, of Ibe 0orgia state alliance.^talUing aaWtt tile third parly movement,^u*-day said 0M4MMM have not taken auy^arasHsatl whatever, not being authorised^lo do so.
atwawasl iiioiiiiiu.
NiM-eitiFalls, July 17.^Samuel J.^1) lull of loronio, tint., ^ aUed acn sa^the Niagara gorge over tlie Whirlpool^raiiius tins afternoon on a tbree-quarter^of ail Inch w rs cable*.
Notuuvlet Labor.^Kno.xvii.lk, Tctin., July 17.^Th-^ san^^ation al t oal creek and eiryerville re^^mains unchanged, e xc-cpl it is more its^e'ant that convicts will not be allowed to^work in that mining district.

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