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Ihsscow line Changes Hinds Alter
- Some Litigation.
CythingArranged Satisfactorily
orcmanYork of the Cagnon^Reslnns^Fresh Mlninc Notes^or General Interest.
INCREASINGComplelloa ot
JlTTf.,July 2a ^ A mining deal of much^^!^ortauco was cotisuminaUil to-iluy hi^e sale of tue Mo.eow mine to the Parrot^)mpany. This mine adjoin* the 1'aciflc^11 the south and haa long been rigarUu.l^i^ an exceedingly valuable ^ilv^ r-co|^| er^'laitu. On February -7iti last it wan Hold^^- the National Mining ^ Kxploring^company of New York to Jo.;^Kl.illki, John A. Cannon. 11 !^^^- ('.union,^el el. fur JlO.CGu. The New Yi rk com^^pany, B-iwerer, began suit to vacate the^deed, based on allegations of fraud in the^procuring of il. An answer to this charge^of finud ^iu tiled yesterday liy Judge^Hamilton, attorney for the defendant*,^doi.ying all the allegation* of the pluin-^lilt's complaint and averring tiiat the^dsosl ^a^ honestly procured and praying^a judgment and decree of the couri.
Incourt this morning before Judge^Metlatlon.Jil Ign Hamilton a.kcd that the^case lie placed on the calendar, and^l uiie ! il.e uiteiilion of uie court to the^s'ii ul. tion in behalf ^^f the attorneys on^I oil] sides that a judgment and decree of^lbs court should lie entered in favor of^the liclemlaut, Joseph H. Klaffki et al..^for the ownerstiip und possession of^the Moscow nulling c a.in; that the Na-^t ooal Mining A- Kxploring company^has no right, title or lutTOSt therein, and^ti^al the title of said Klall'ki, by virtue of^Ins deed luaile and execuied OS February^17 by said company to hiiu, was good und^valid. A deeiee in accordance with the^stipulation was presented by Judge Ham*^thou, and was signed by Judge Mcllat-^n.n and ordered entered.
Thenthe Parrot Mining company com-^i let'(I the purchase of the in lit, the suit^bavins] nccn suitled. The sum paitl is^M K^ 0. This sale is in accorilance with^un cscro which had been Hied in the Sil^^ver Bow National bank JO days ugo anil^winch i \p:red yesterday. Tile action of^the court this morning was simply to^furnish tho new purchasers with^mi ubsoliitu title to the . property.^When it is considered that the^property sold is less iliaii nil acr I ill ex-^lent, MOBS, loSI than a twentieth of n full^sized ^|iiai-iz lode, tho value of the prop^^erly can be imagine.I. All sides ure well^pleased. The purchase price was puid^by lbs Parrot company in hard custi.
Thef'oeur d' Alene Silver * L^nd Min^^ing company was on June 1-' placi'd on^the 1st of the lioston Slock Exchange.^Tilt- transfir ng^ ills uro now Ills Ameri-^OSSssOoSoj 'Trust company of Boston,^und after Augu t 1 ull irausicrs inu-t be^made, at that cilice instead of tint ollicn of^( harles S. Kltiuge, tiio sectrlary in this^city. Th re is likely to be a good deal of^kicking over tbis change, among Unite^sleek holder*.
ThomasYork, for many year* foreman^of tlie OoSSon mine, ha* rcs'gncd ills^pesitioii. Mr. York has been in the em^^ploy ol the Colorado company since the^first I rick was luid 111 years ag^-. He^eayieii and deserved the utmost con 11-^ileuce of hi* SSMBSfMSSi who r^ gret Ills^resignation exceedingly. Failing health,^liowever, compel* Mr. York to seek a^change.
'lie Hues IIhvh LYrlnlu I'u.at lafitclur
1i nan,' ml atMBfOBstOBBi^BC1 n:, July B I very angry and aw^^ful, y hungry barber invaded Judge Ed^^dy's court tin* afternoon in i|uest of jus^^tice, and lo that end ecniatided the incar^^ceration o: a Chinese doughnut bankt r.^J In* aSffbonj who failed to give hi* name,^said that lie wus employed in a down-town^ciiin-rntping emporium and hud recently^been visited by another defucer of mas^^culine physiognomy who was decidedly^hard up ^n u lliiancial wuy and also in^need ot nourishment. Trusting to for^^tune to send in a customer who wanted a^two-bit j ^b, he and his friend sent to a^I MoOOB restaurant for their dinner. In^tine time un angular viel ill of^the Bool! exc.usiou net urnved and^left a tray leaded with^ing lie would collect^returned for the thing*,^t'liinaman came liack the^bad 11 led up and toil li e^Ulllielpaled visit flom all
tho I .ilon Pacific'. Maw^Arrangements.
Bi'ttk,July 23^A few daya ago men^^tion wa* made in ibe standard that on^AugiMt 2 a new time card would go^into effect on the l uion Pacific and its^passenger aervic- would be improved.^This evening K. V. Mass, general agent^of the company, returned from Poeatello^where he held a conference with Super^^intendent Calvin, relative to tbe^proposed changes. Mr. Max^ say*^it has been decided to add^another daily train between tbis city and^the south, and to make a change all^around. The new train will leave llutte^at 7 a. in. and run through to Salt Lake^without change. Tho lime of tbo train^now running will lie changed an that it^will depart at 4:110 instead of 7::sn p. in.,^as at present, and tbe nine so shortened^that it will arrive at Salt Lake st^7:45 tbe following morning. Both^trams will make direct connection^at Poeatello with Short L n ^ trains for the^^BOt and west. The trains will arrive at^6 a. ni. and 2::*i p. iu. The early train^will make direct conne^-tions s ith the^Montana Central lor Helena and all^eastern points on the Great Northern, liy^this arrangement travel originating on^an* of the Union P.ieillc western line*^una destined lor St. I'.ml and other Miss^^issippi point* will l^' greatly expedited, a^matter of uo little importance to traveling^public.
Alli fTort will be made to induce the^Greut .Northern to shorten its running^time west-boui d so as to bring its through^trains into Unite in time to make direct^connection with the I'uion Pacific after^^noon train, und thereby greatly reduce^tbo lime between St. Paul and Portland,^an urruugi ment ill it cannot be otherwise^than beneficial lo both companies, a* it^will uudoiitcdly divert much of th- Si.^Paul coual travel now going over the^Nolhern Pacific from that line, because^ofu saving of time that will result with^ih ^ proposed change.
TheDillon awing will not be continued^a* usual, but the run will be extended a*^fur as Lima or Spriughill, and another^crew will lie added so that u tram will^start from each end nt 7 u. m. Leaving^llutte the swing will follow after tbe^morning through train and will carry^passengers and freight for local points as^far south a* Lima.
Change*will also Ik* made in the freight^department for tho benefit of Montana^points. A new train will lie added be^^tween the Missouri and Montana points^and will be designated as tbe ^Montana^through fast freight.^ All freight des^^tined for Montana points will lie for^^warded on this train, and orders have^lieeu issued to ^rush it.^ This train will^run into Poeatello via the Oregon Short^line and through without delay to llutte.^At Poeatello un engine will be held in^reudiness so that whether the train ar^^rives there in the day or night it will not^h.. detained any longer than ia absolutely^necessary to change locomotives.
dishes,say-^when he^l.^d ore the^hungry man^sh ^p. but tbo^angel did not^eventuate mid the tpiurtcr uue for the^dinner failed to material z ^. When the^ow ner of UBS tniy and dishes returned^and d'luaiidcd pay for the meal^be met with a refusal and was told to^^collect Iroui the oilier man.
To-daybarber No. 1 was incauticit*^BSMMfgb. to go to the Cluiiaiiian's nastOO*^'mm for hisdiutteriiiiil handed the lord I f^tbe joint the only motley he bad in the^world. ^ I r u :n I y two-llil piece. The I llilla-^tuan look ih^ quarter ami said that would^just pay for the rliunt r taken lo the bar-^DOt* * bop some days before. The harU ,^raved and swore but it uvailcd him not,^mid he went in search ot legal redress^and related the above story to his honor,^who was cruel SS^OUgb to reluse to issuo u^warrant for the Chinaman and very nearly^sent the botbof un lor contempt of court,^.is the hungry mau used some very dis^^respectful language to the court iu hi*^denunciation ot Huttc justice.
Keportsfrom Helena are responsible^for the statement that Jay (lould will visit^Montana during the- latter part of llic^present month. It is said the object of^the proposed visit is to arrange for the^extension of the I n ion Pacific from Uilloti^to Helena. Such a line has long been^figured upon. A few years ago tho project^advanced so far that grading was actu^^ally commenced and u considerable sum^of money was expended. For some reason^work suddenly censed, and since then^nothing further bus SMS done. Last^spring Gould contemplated coming^Montana, but went no farther west than^I liualia and Denver, and then r^ turned^Fast, intending to spend the summer on^Hie ocean lie has now given up that in^teiilion and will come to Montana in^stead.
Jutlgs llt'Murplitiy tines Mr*. CiOd-^climax*. Manager |'{S tld t'o.ta,
bl'TTK,July S3.^William Bradley^Josephine Cjiulcheaux's ^manager,^ wua^arraigned before Judge McMiirphcy to^^day on a churge of assaulting Tom Bosho.^He pleaded guilty and was liued $25 and^costs.
Josephinewas then arraigned, charged^w ith petty larceny, an offense it is al^leged was 'committed nt the same^time that Bradley committed the^assault. She pleaded not guilty and^her hearing was set for in xi Tuesday,^July sBob llrudley is also charged with^la'iug un uccoinplice in the same offense
LanioLiverico was next told lo stand^up. He was accused of being an^all around loafer. To this he entered^pleu of guilty und was fined $5 and cost*.
ConradFree was fined MO ami costs^for vagrancy uud given three hour* in^which lo leave the city or work oil the^chain gall;;, lb1 preferred to travel.
Sevirul plain drunk* were disposed of^in the usual manner uud court stood ad^^journed tor the day.
HISf-OOT^1 ^ lucky
It whs lVuiidetl Almost to^J rsnlt i'Msier.
Dtf VI, July 23. ^ Frank Caster,^an Italian, kiepiug a saloon^und boarding Iioiibo in II i t Park^street, SSI arrested this afternoon by^IMBoon l uiitwelLuud Carroll for making^a murderous assault on James Hubert-^sun. Kobcrtson was more or lea* drunk^and Weill to taster's place and,^while wandering about tbe house,^i nti red a room occupied by some^of the female help of the house. Cait'.r,^in attempting t^i i j cl lbs intruder, used a^si.ck of wood uud almost pounded Rob^^ertson', face and head lino a jelly. \\ in n :^Hoherlsou appeared ill court be preseiiltd I^a sickening appearance, hm BOOB uud I^face being covered with large gaping |^wounds from which Ibe blood tlcwed in^torrents. A charge of assault with lutein i^t.ieoinm t murder wus entered against^Custer, and he was remai ded touwail^the result of Robertson'* injuries. Kob-^^ r s ni wa* liookcd for disturbing tbe^BOOM and *eut in charge ot un ollleer to^the city physician to have tr.s wounds^dressed.
ilist it. More Hsrlou,^Are .0 nt Occurred.
Btrn., July 2.1.^An accident occurred^to car No 1 on the hill of tho cable line^opposite tbe Lexington null this after^^noon which might hav resulted very^seriously. The car was in charge of Con^ductor l.d Hroiighton, the grip car being^managed by Gripman lull ^rum. When^passing under the high trestle work of^the L xingtou the car ran into an iron^wheel barrow, which was being used by^some b ^ys and left on the track, 'and wa*^derailed.
Thetrain ran agaitiat one of the large^limhi rs which support the trestle uud^Fre l Curtia who was riding on tin^^dummy^ hnd Ir.s foot badly crushed be^the side of tho car and the timber. The^ear ran several feet. The accident oc^^curred in a very dangerous place and one^where It WOO difficult for tbo gripman to^stop. Had il not been for his forethought^iu keeping a loose bold of the cable, the^car would doubtless have been | recipt^luted over tbo b.gh embankment and the^re nit would have been more senil is.
ProbablyFatal Accident to Iri Vert-^en's Little GirL
fistfulIIU ^inp.
Butte,July 21^Dr. J. L. Tarn left the^city !.i!*t v.iiz ' last night for Now York.^AI ^'tit two week* . ^^ ^ lie f*nU lin practice^lo Dr. HuilicL. Hih gnaw were utiached^at iln- mpaA last mplit by L.tvell Unm. on^account ot $10 for rent. Trie uV.ctor utii^u;^ the f.10 auJ costs uud wua ailluwcu to^depart.
In'It ir. ii Wyi i in i itg mr*rt.^IUTTF-. July 23 Marshal Damn was to-^.lay uifctructc 1 by the ma^ ^ r to take steps^fyr the purpose of purifying Wyoming^street. S viral parius cotnpiu-^l with lilt^^ed ict ami the darrisoti block It ulreaily^pretty well di populated. ^^|m marshal^will not fy the oijectionable res ih ttts to*^morrow that tli^-y antast get out of th^street. Tne i^iict iiicludeH aiot only Wyo^^ming street, but Mercury sir*^ i from^Wyoin-ui; to Arnona, since ttu- line^troftic is along that block and into Ari*^x ^na NNi
inOhio Hiorm.
WrLT.sVlLLE, ^ ^liio. July ^i ^A t- rr fie^wind, ram and cNctricu! storm v.si^here toMiiglit. Tbe trees were upr^ ^^^at.d aim! y mull building- blown ^ ^ r .^cellars 11 ^;uh ^l bv the rush of tht- V^that exceeded ai ythiiig erer seen h*^Tbe crops of all .. it:ds suffered ^ev^ r^Teicgraph, telephone and fire ah^wires are rvnticred practically u,. .
TheMother la In Want and the^Father la In Jall-The Child^btlll Alive. Bu: Seri-^cualy Injured.
HtiTK, July 2d.^This evening a shock^^ing ami perhaps fatal accident occurred^at South liuiie. A little g:rl aged 14^mouths, the daughter of Mrs. Peter Ver-^deti, fell from tbe back porch of a lodg^^ing house at the corner of Wyoming and^Front streets ami struck on tho grouted^below, a distance of 12 feet. The another^had left the child in a room and then^wean to another part of tho house*. Dur^^ing her absence tbe little one walked otat^on to the porch and, going too near the^edge, fell over.
Tboaccident was witnessed by several^neighbors, who hasten, d to w h^ r^ the^child lay. expecting to tlml it dead.^Strange to say, the little one wus alive,^but so badly injured that its death was^momentarily expected, in lulling tbe^child struck on the left side of its head,^crushing the skull and pushing it over to^the other aide ao touch as ui almost coan-^pletely chaaige the contour of its head.
Dr.Drake was sui.iuioiiimI and did all^he could for the child, which was still^alive to-night. Aside from tin- t^ rrible^nature ot the ucetdeut it is math- doubly^aad by the fact that the laaoiher id tbe^child ia in absolute want, ami only tbe^kindness of tieighltors prevents ln-r from^Irccotuiiig a chaige on the county. Last^May her husbntiu In came involved m an^unfortunate affair with one Huolt, during^which he cut lluott with a knife and since^then has been confined in the couuty jail.
OppositionMail* ul Oeefli That lamo l p^Yr*t**r^lrtv.
Bittf.,July 23. ^ Iu Department 1. of^the district court to-day the court ap^^pointed D. M. Newhro, II. G. Vall^^um and J. A. Klliott a jury rolii*^hums.tin to act with tho c erk iu^the selectiora of a jury for the t ictnhcr^term, which begins on October 5. The^clerk issued a citation requiring the gen-^tlemcti to b-' present at the c uirt to-mor^^row morning to show cause, if any, why^they cannot act in this capacity.
Anorder appointing appraisers in tbe^matter of the estate of Johu Dwyer, de^^ceased, was made and filed.
Ityagreement of parties the rase of A.^A. McMillan et al. vs. K. T. Kinney was^ordered disauisseii at tbe MM of the de^^fendant.
Thecounsel f^ r the defend.mi in the^ca-o of Donald .McKay vs. the Montana^Vuton Railway coaupany gave a verbal^notice of a motion for u now^trial. Hy agret ment of parlu-s^the defend Atit* were granted 40^days in which to prepare and tile their^bill of exceptioais and statement on mo-^tioti for a new trial. A stay of execution^pending the hearing of the in Uion wan^ord* red by ttie court upon ajje defense^lilmg a bt^nd in the sum of #6,0UO.
(Inmotion of the coiidm-i for tbe de^^fense in tbe cause of tin- National Mining^A llxploring couipuiiy v-. J. II. K.idfki^et al was or^lercd on the cileudar and by^agreement of parties judgment was or*^lered in tavor ^^f the defendants. The^decree was submitted and entered.
Thecounsel for Thornton Thomas Mer^^cantile company moved for a dismtsi-ulof^their case with Duvad Grant at the hitter's^cost. The court acted according to the^motion.
Aaiorder of sale of the real estate of A.^M. Johnston, deceased, was made.
Themotion of the counsel tor the plain^^tiff to dismiss the appwtl m the case of J.^Wey Merrill vs. John I' lllmau A- I'd. will^be considered on Saturday. July 15
LouisHrown, the mtervenor in the case^of the Frst National bank of llutte rs.^James It. Boyce jr., et al. tiled his hill of^exceptions to-day which were signed and^allowed and ordered tiled.
Thenflladavit of J. A. Murphy, admin-^intra tor, wai filed iu the mutter of Kan^Ching, deceased. A citation was issued^n quiring the presence of Tuck Kin in^the court on July %^. The affidavit of Mr.^Murphy alleges that Tuck Kin has in his^possession ull the effects of Kan filing.^The object an bringing him into^court is to a-certain whether or^not this is the case. The assets of^the deceased Chiiiauiau am Hint to ft* K).
Apetitioti was received, read and filed^froiai Kveiine I^^^rosi^ r, ndminasiratrnof^the estate of O-.ns Dcsrosier, deceased,^praying that an allowance for the sup^per. of the family be made out of the is^tato.
Anorder was made allowing 160 per^mouth for the supirort of the family, dat^^ing from May i;t until the final settlement^of the estate. The administratrix was^instructed to pay to the wife of the de^^ceased the amount of tuoney due accord'^tug to the order of the court, since May^13. The deceased's wife is also to hav^the one and one-hulf story house situated^on Wyoming street with the furniture^contained in it.
Thejury was tested and empan^^elled to try the cause of Le^t ossett vs. James Stoddart. The^i x ii in nation ot witnesses v* as com*^me need but ut the hour for adjournment^was not concluded, 'i tie ease will l-e coll^tuiued to-morrow.
H^ Mnrli it Cost a surkrr to 11 nil th-^Vatlus of tour tours.
litth. July 13. ^It cost John Wis*^tneyer J JO this afternoon to learn the full^citcut ol his ability lo i lay the sucker for^a lot of confidence n^cn and card sharps.^John is employed as a laborer by the^liuttc Si reel Hailway company and works^hart I for $3 a day.
1his afternoon he was upproached by^a young fellow whom he dtsrnlies as a^kid,^ and usked him if he would like a^Job at $70 a month ami board.^John wented to know ^Hat kind^f i job it was, and heitu P Id that^it was to work on a railroad between^Anaconda and Phtlipsburg. ks -aid that^suited him exactly and he Would accept^the eater. The ^mi en r^ then t ok bun^to the l.tk saloon in r.ast Mer nry streei.^where he Haul the bos* was. Win n they^arrived at the saloon the bos* had **j i*t^stepp^ d ^ ur, but wtnild bo Iiuca hi a lew^muiut. A quiet litth* game of t-tud^Mi r was in progres^, ItWfl r. ami the^agi nt^ a| tho contract, r caejcllitied^to tuke a hand to pass away tho^tune tmtil the contractor would ic'airn.^He did not desire to play Very heavy, s i^be I t ti^ht only a dollar's worth of chips,^and ^erierou^iy gave J ^hn oin-half, nt^that he, too, could have a little amuse^^ment while the card* were iS alt, and^John soon found himself tho lucky pos-^isorot a full bund, kings up. Ao he^hail m ^ n poker played iM-forc, John kn^ w^the valu ^ of hi^ bund, and began to bet^until he had fL'.l. all the money tie hud^witn bifSV on the tatde. AH the players^except W iMiieycraml one other hail drawn^out by this liiue, uud us WismeyiT had^no more momy to lu t, he e tiled hi^ op^^ponent and prepared to draw m th -^^luke^.. |t,. hiiddenly eh mged his mind,^howi-ver, when the other tellow lunn d^over Pis buried curd, which was a four-^spot, and us he had three fours m sight^John's hand was not it it. Then^the ^agent'1 left the saloon in^scai i 11 of the *Voiitractor,^ and^after awhile it dawned upon John what a^calossal fool Ii ^ h.ul really made of h ni^^sei f and utter vainly demanding hi *^mom y hack be left the IMMS a decidedly^wruihy man. Shortly afterward be met^the ^agent'' uml was paralysed when^that iti iivalual cheekily asked him |^rH^more with wiredi to pay he* fare to Ana-^comla, where he was to iH'giu work. As^soon as Joint rt covered Ins s|^ee^di, he^uired his opitihiti of such |M-oplc us the^*age:it^ ami their peculiar way of doing^uud then went in search of a pohc. man.
Mr,I.re His N^i t lue to the Men Who^Held Htm t p.
Bt*nk, July 23.^'1 be fact that only one^hold up occurred last mgbt is cause for^congratulation commh-riug the gang of^toughs that invaded the city yesteiduy^with the circus. J. H. L c, for^'Uiau of^tho Nortlicrd 1'acillc round house, re^^ported to the police this morning that^at about 10 o'clock lust night^be had been stopped by three men at the^corner of Anton a and Mercury streets^who ha I relieved him of f M m money and^a fold watch. Mr. L ^e was on hi-4 wuy^down town when three masked men^halted him ami on'eicd him to give up^bis valuables. Fading to comply^promptly enough to suit tho road^agents one of them struck hitn^on the arm with a revolver and then cov^^ered In m with the weapon while the^others searched his p^ eket*. S -Veral let^^ters ami a uott-ho^ k that he had in Ins^pockets were t an fu.lv exutuim d. and b^ -^ing found of no value were n-turned to^him and then the robb *r^ took to their^heel* ami di^up|^eurcd in the direction of^the old placer diggings, lleing masked^the inftr. c Hlq not lie recogui/.cd by Mr.^Lee, who says that two ot them were qii.te^small and ^^ne a trifle larger. Tho sup^^position is that tin* rohtrery was commu^^ted by men following the em u*.
Ihe Graven grr and the s tail la ry I'idles^man ul War Over a t ^it|iocil,
BfTTE,July LM.^Scavenger Swarison^ami Sanitary INdicemaii Hawlins are en^gaged iu a bitter Controversy relative to^tin- authority possessed by each. Rawlins^claims that by virtue of the health ofllcc^backed up by the health ordinance, he ia^lunl kc^ per of the privy seal und by tbe^power so vested in him he s guag^ r of^cesspools and Vaults, and all work done^by the acavetiger inu-t rec^ ive the ^*itnc-^tion and commendation of his otllcia^seal.
Mr.Swanaon disputes and claims that^the policeman has no authority to^^swoop^ around bis work ami measure^vaults that he has cleaned. Swunson^claims to be the only pi famm who has the^right to image n,^ contents of cess-pools,^unless it l*e the own* r-^ *^t such commode^ties, Ttie clash of oflu .al authority iirose^afti rnoon, when Swuuson asked
oueerFreak of laifiituing la the ^^resn
Motin'mti state.^Boston correspondence .st. Iavu* ItepuhUe.
Afreak of lightning pn^bably more re^^markable than any but erto recorde^l bus^recurred nrar the Miiall village *.f New^Salem, Vt., at tho foot of tht Heldelwrg^Mountains. Arcnt S. Vundyck cc^ upies^an old mansion, in the parlor of which^hung a collection of Kevo!ut.^ m.ry^swonls, one of w hich w as lu-av ly i^luted^m ith silver. A terr lb* thumb r storm^came night before last and one terrible^crush aroii-ed the hen*, hold. All w^t ^^stunned f. r.i niDim nl but recovering tticy^hastened to discover what dumage was^don**.
Suddenlythe younger Vandyck pointed^touta old-futdiioitcd t-ofu I'pon it lay^what wus apparently the silver image of^a cat curled up iu an txc*edimrly com^^fortable positu n. As far as ihe shai e^and posture of the animal was concerned^it mig'it have bt en a live cat. Each glit^^tering hair was separate ami ihsiinct,^anil each silverv br stle of the w hiski rs^de-crilM'd a grace ltd cerve as in life.^Father and son turned toward the swords^w had, hung upon the w ill just uboV ^ the^^*ofa, and there -aw that the sword hud^been *tri| p^d ot all its silver. The hill^was gone and the t-cal hard was but a^Btrtp of blacueued steel. I n ^ family cat^had been electroplated bv ludltUUlg.
Inone of the pan* s of glass in the win^^dow- was louml a n und boh' ab.uit the^s:ge of a halfnloltar, where the lightning^bad evidently entered. '1 hen* was a^charred streak acr^ s^ the sa*-h, w hare^the electrical fluid hud made its way to^the sword, down which :t pa^-ed to the^c it. carrying with it the silver which it^deposited up ^n the animal. ^^r 4-. ut m^the cat was instantly killed, and th^ t- -^lore remained in the position iu which it^was quit liy sleeping w le u the Hash cum .^Il i^ lhought the plating of tlx- cat's bodj^will prevent decay, ami thai probably it^may Ih retaim d among the collection of^curio - ii ics. w Inch is tm ^re remarkable^than all. L ical sen titisis are i u/l # d by^the occurrence ami one of the im iiiIm rs^of the Albany institute as invesiigutiug^tne case.
Mrs.Surd,-11* Huym hlo* Htd Sol Ho All)-^tIiihk it r*^nc.
Wai.kiKviu.r, July -d. Mrs. Nor lell*^was arraigned before Judge Armdd to^^day, mid, by her pica, almost fully sub*^stutitiutcd the fact thul she was craxy^ycstenlay. ut least. Ma* pleaded^not guilty to anyilung chaig d^by the neighbors and tho officer.^She flatly denied having caused^any disturbance or having thrown^a picture at the ollleer. Tho woman was^held in i bom Is to appear to-morrow,^and iu ih fault she was committed.
Shesaid she would employ ^ has.^ti'DoiillcIl to defend her and show Mc-^lutyre whether or md he could arreel her^when sick in bed. Those who know the^w oman best suy she becomes completely^d^ m ii ted wiien under tho influence of^I njHW
Hn i O i \, MM ^ bBA.^MOMDA1 1 VKMMi, .it I.Y, M
Mr,^* irdun Agstn I aund a.uiity ol As-^saultlnu Mr, I.ally.
lil'TTK,Juiy The case of the City^vs. A'.idy Duhl was the first cause ou the^docket in Department 11. this morning. It^did not last long, heme disanissed as set^^tled on motion of tht* city attorney.
Theorder Netting the cause of the City^vs. Joel K. \\ hallcy for trial to-day, was^vacated and the witness discharged from^further attendance until notified.
Tbecase of the State Vs. L. S. Hatch^was, on motion of the defendant's coun^^sel, J. It. Welcome, continued at the cost^of the defense.
Hibert Grix, Charles Stevenson ami M.^Bt liotchkiss were appointed as u^jury commission to act with the^clerk hi the selection of a^jury for ttie ^ ^etot^er term. They w ill ap*^lu'ur iu court to-morrow morning.to show^cause, if they nave any, why di y cannot^act.
Theappeal case of the City vs. C. C.^(.otd iu who is charged, with assaulting^Johcph L illy, was tried by a jury and the^defendant was found gudiy, theretiy sus^^taining Ihe action of the lower court. At^the reuuest of the defendant s counsel a^stay of tenteuce was granted until Satur^^day, July 0h
Hawlinsto certify thai Lea had cham^d a^vault under the i.ew n guluiiou providing^for the payment of mm h wi^rk by cubic^measurement. RftwItM claims that^Swan.on otrercbarged by rendering a bill^for moving a lurgcr aim tint of matter^than the vault really co ntained. ^San^^son retaliates by auyiug that Itawlius is^trying to ^knock^ him for the slat* an- tit^he tiiude to AbU rmau li nes thai I, i aid^thcsaaiitary policeman commission on all^work lie did. Selth mi nt of the dispute^will probably be left la tbe board or^health or the c.ty council.
Saveyour teeth by hav rtg them treated^V- i ^* 'a,1,^'r * Hetisoti. rooms lo ami^1 H HW bkek. Uuttc, Uout.
The**reat Cast* is n*-t lur ^^ % Munduy
I'rrlimn irv Fri'c UllHiUH
I11TK, July |a^ It is umlerstooal that^none hui those directly interested in the^Dav.s Will case will lie allowed to^attend the trial. Thero an* bcvcrul^aeasoiis for this action, the am st^important being ttie weakness of the Moor^w Inch had s igircd al^out six iMkM ^ in n^the n*'W t it- floor was put iu. 'Ihe ceiling^of the clerk's -tllee, which is immediately^tin b-r the court room, eraeked from the^springing of the tl'h^r when this case was^on before. There will be a sulllc cut hum-^tier of attorney^, witnesses and jurors, to^almost flu the rooaxs
1he day fixed lor the te aring of ttie^gnat ca*ei-* Monday next, but us then-^ate ism more case* Hied for that day^then* is a possibility of a continuance for^a couple of days. Ttie cases set tor that^tlay are not very iiiportunt and urratigc-^m^ tits may be ma ie by winch they can^be continued. MtlWfWftM the Davis case^will MltMM up t ttefV W ^'tlne-day.
('Kpturidllto vthi-k ^.^lit rfts July 23.^Thie evening one of^ihe many trumps inft sting the city took^advantage of a hack door, wh.ch stood^cotivctiieiitly open, to enter the grocery^at the corner of l'ark and vTfWateg^^tn ets. The clci ks were all busy in the^froDf t'art of the elnrr. uml h:s trampslup^1. . n to help himself to a lot of bottled^gtjoUe which he pcoceaeled to paia ia a^u c iiille heap |Mf the door. When he^! I almost concluded has selection, one^. f the eh rks discovered h in and a cluirge^was maile on the thief, who hastily pick* d^,i i^dtle aud rati out of the door pur*^m 1 by the clerks. I he fellow c.ung to^Hi. ' ^ ttie and ran up Wyoming stree'. A^, u le of iKiliceruen saw turn ami joined^d ' chase and after a sharp run sue-^cea d in eapuirn g the fellow, lb- st..^' the bottle, which coutamed a sup*-^rioi u'lahty of ( ana la mail whisky. Ih^^ ii tikou to the coutiy J ill. He gav^| i ^ ^...me aa Avery.
Mr-.WUUan IVaaJdorl A^tor is one of^Iba .est tuanduliu players iu New York
Hw:i. .^MAItltV^MIlN IMiUI S
HUMl aalClt'o
ii At I ii .
Illk I I M \LK^HI A11 \.
1HK111 a i. Illiv.
^Lilt^M-Kl I A 1 .1 IKS
Ini i) It Kussc l.^u U , t I srrso,^4 .ii t .i* Dili. :tu,
lt:i)r'libuni,^^It-.*! * rt.ii ki o,^K. id ^, Ni.-U.l-,^\ ii i ^ hit.i I,^tun V, nil.ill,^Austin,^.Ir iv i., i man.^Jan.. s ilt' It-,^Us. r^-o W. I Ii.
Mi^ V.i. k.^Il.i.i* U.i.lf,
U n I at id.
^:.!.nona, n. n hihi.m.11. r. r, en am.
iiku*.SIAItCtS ualv. r. K, BABUKAW r.
1ranarta renersi l^ankln; business. I t-^ehai Ke drawu uu all lbs Iomuij^ cue*. ^;^fc.ua wp*.
Collections aVromntly Attendei To.
t'orrrsp^n^tent^ Weiu,^Veik VtiMls. fcargn ^t to.^I si. ^ ii lo., tun riauiiaV
I.irao ^a New^bade l^ike Weak^uannh* NaUuaoV
hlUik,UHMMl 1 U~hL INal.uUai li.ui... U . i i \~^MM ^AllONAL BAMfa Anaionux
INrHK Ulttftu Tl ^^p i.i of %\\HL TlllUh^Judb . d l^i^ti ct t Ui Si.ile ^^r M mi ana. -^husanaia w na * n, 11 ointti, \s Jo m i; w raalea.^ietea^aai, suani.-e * Tti *tat^* nf M u a i^sr-ues giietiai^ to doit n It. Wind D, ill** above^itameat aslendar l \ ou u*- het ewy a ^ ^ iu 194 la^ai^|s ai in ;iu .icl ou bi iuh' a^ia.nsi y^^^ ^^^ tin*^ejwve aaaiee) aw Ufl id ill 1^ s w-1 a ou-t ^^t^tie* ii iri Jatjatt al id t lei i f the m HeiH M '^im a. In hu i tor tbe r taatf * f l*vei l^odga, und^^as-* tie anaipilaiaj il l tltereia withia^t^ it Lge, i vr.us fa of tiae tiav of isrvlcea a fill^tie*ser\ ii e . it to i ^^f tins suanawas, ir arrveal to^^H i aieMali. aalasif alee fi tly ^a/s. vf Iu4yi imi^l^^ i'e'.uiii win iia e agal i^C ^ ^b. arc- ratios^l ^ | rayer of *a!d ^ ^ mp Int. I he -aid a* ten If^liroiu'ht i-^. l.t. i i .1 . .. r i- of th^ c 'tut 1-mIiv
Solvetill' t on i s Oi iii,, i in e v i ^ It-lofore a u
eklstasgbete/een plant nt aui^l ilefrml.e-t. up a^the gruuadwr.uiil sbaadoaeieej hd4 d*eer-^tion All I wutth ^^ | tru j apaaai ^^v ih
pl.tklt Ofl 1 le t ^r-i i A'iUV^U^*l'- b-:' .^^ DO
i|th^! thai i( )ou fall t . rp- ar und taswi t u d^rt i^i i t as abev# ^^**! Ired.the ptatatifl wii
see^ to ih-* aa it Na las nllel wtaiaa eat ai
pisI bt 111 s .uuplHh t^* r ^ i un n^t inv Hand and nil at tfce Ulaatai I
f'otut,in and f ^r I lie s my of Dean Iu a
stmt'-ot Mortal s, thai i-ttnla) ^ f ialy. in tli-
m t.d i be d ' ne t L.-an 1 e ^M ! ^ Ur :
uud( no') ^^ne.
VTKII IN^ NAaTTON, Clerk^T. ^ kvtnv, AtP ^: v foi I la.i lift.
FaNestnt -ments are continually being^mule ly rival local com|^etitnrs for^special prattie in IStitte to injure tbo^reputation and bu^im -s o' Ur. Liebig ^^Cat itie uniru hfui stat m nt is maalo^tl at tht y have not a b^ i tis- d special phy*^- e an in M .ntaua \% :i ^ possfs-.es aha^Statt* Mi dicsl It ard ct rtiflca'e. 'l ho^truth a that l^^. I.ifbij A ^ ^^. are the only^meelallets let Bulla wh . make an ^ x^ lu*ire^si eciahy t^f uteaaaas ol eaea that havej^fie ot r-.itic it. ^* of tic btaea M-drcal^Hoard author.zing them to t raet.ee. All^claiming lo be ^ re/si ise ij rei , U rt foea)aa*^ea t s o] ue ii oHlwff have Bjo laawtaeoo ejg^eortifleateo ai atli, or they bawe. boofl n-^-^v- ka I !^^r en,^e.
Ur.Liebig A Co. are responsible for^ivhal th* y say and to show that they can^prove the .id ere tact w ill make tin* same^SlaleoDjOOjt oewv tin ir wriiteu r-igtiaturt*.^i^r. Lm hi j a t .i. are not only the on,y eg-^i lits.vcly special surgeons and priy-icians^lor di-eabi s of iii'-n, tint they nr.- 111 * - most^eOOOOOafol ami responsible in ihe West.^Noi here to-day, and n^. in or row^where^art* th^ ^ V t ut bt re first, last and always;^heavy lax pa^t-rt m Ihiite m d it-ading^cituetiH btlUdmg Up Ibe city. The oldest^ie l il hoc ol the staff ol the Uobig World^iMspefisary, ^an t'rarci-c ^, p- r-^ nally^attends io BsO Moiitaiiad v ise ft w.th prtOt^^ctpal oAooe a oruer ol Mam and Mroatl*^way, BasttOi The obi doetOff is row m haa^71th year ami graduated in the Pennsyl^^vania Medical colh ge in 1m7, having now^had Id years i.pticial piael:ee. Before^comaneut ing pr.u t ^- i in Montana he^secured a Montana c^ rttlieate from tho^S'a'e Mi dical li ^ud,,.lso a new lueiise^from the liuiie ( ity II...ml o lb altli. Ur.^A. C. Moddart, ihe pn efcftefljl of tt.i- L ebig^Worhl Ihsueiisary, also secured the cer^^tificate from the Hamaa Medical Hoard of^Montana ami is duly licensed. I^r. Stod^^dart is the pioneer specialist m Montana^and California, having practiced on tho^I'at tilt coast OHMO the da^s ot 4 * Nlm-'i^of the t xlelisive practice of Ul. Ladilgdb
ao. an Montana is on account ol Mai thou^^sands of badly tn ate.I t a^-t*s. first mat^^in at- I by the iinskdll ul, bunging on ^li^-^tressing chrome ai'im-uts. id avoid Im^^ing maltreated or ruined by mercury ami^too strong remedies,, c-.me to or ^ rite Ur,^l.ichig | t o,. Kit big World Uispctisary,^corner Main and Hroadway, liuiie ^ ity,^Montana. Private eniraiice, rt 1 .k ,i^Itroatlwav-
xccrporatedUnder tbe Uwi of Moatui
State Savings Bank
IimporarllTInoatnl tn ott UniM.n-, cornar^ifiaiiiu} sail tuu aluvU.
rPer Cent. Interest Paid on Sjvinji^Deposits aoJ CorapouoiltJ^bemi Annually.
UaSAuutiisLomaiKT' i.t l*:t|^ei i and Loaut^m ih al I -ial^w
DrawsForeign. Domestic Exchanw
tifllri*llo'ir. -Fruni in .\. m. to I p. m., aaJ on^^BtMfBOf SSSSBOSSJ USSSI ,^ UL In ) i^. ia.
t.II. l-AIMl U Vies rr^^iJ..at
i.al. lliitii.h.Ns. . ia.iuar
T.A. Iarr.)r,^ lia% II |-slm^r,
uas,w, Mapti'too,h \ K.-inm^f
'I.M. liolir.ua,a. II. lUiral.
Uruf.LavcU,C W. 1-uHu.
1.1).Ia .11 lit
Ait*D.illy recriviD^ carleoj iftai carl^U
v.1Ilel I...11 iit'ai c^.
Kvcrli'm^ht V ^^^^^.^ i. t rn^iar^M to^i furiiii' ;ti \ kind ef i tl^ u-.-, room ui hotel. |ti^(^aa ^eu w-.uk it. k'ou ^ uu U' ^fi^ ilicur u-w^t-olilu ^ Util^ juiu in. t.o- ^. ui Ui*.' .aud. c ^ a^stiio iuuk ai lh^ui.
At^J MMi l ok 1ub l KLF tlKArKD
inPer Ceot. Spot Cash 0a y.^U 4 24 WEST BROADWAY, MB MONI.
ulliiai from^lo att'tl |iatl^ nth In Hm i 'i^ and^National lt.iiiL^ in Pi no t.
Ii:v -L ia.i'.e otir am-* h d Written C.utirantre to^Atw.:-.u v t .i M * ^ i Rl't'Tt'KK ^ f t^.*ah ^*e^,^wHa i O r u-f nf KMI i: t-R SVKINOK, uo matter^cl h^ vt t^ i k ^t.iDilaiiK
Kn^pt^ m 4 i^r*ra Hot^l tut - m Ullur It.mi g^^ PIN'J fob
\cr. ! utrnacr^l tu s |i. SS.
Hut'eoffice Northwest Corner Maia an.1 Park Sts.. over Jacobi^ Clothinj Store^Hoom 15, tnwaiite on Park bu Office touts, 9 to it a. m., aoJ 3 to 9 p. m.

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