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Delvrredby r.urier ,r m ill at tr-\ dnllnri u^yfar, liiive AaHBM ^^.u MM ^ ^uo^^J I If a liiiiulll
Islha ral) tlfti ) i t^ s;^ t| ^r wldi lelrisraph UU-^I ..It bra 111 Inn IaBa^ i ennly. H IHIiU^mole telcsiB) hit' netta Hum any oilier^l.t' ^ i ij M. .
Coriesponitcteeam! !^iiMi.e-^ Ut'.cia al oul.i be^adilreast^I l^
Cornerof Main ami Tlilnl alri'i ti, Anae,^nit i,
SAI DKOAY. Al'i.l'vi 1. MM.
CURTHOMAS ONCh MORc.^On its rounds unions MM new-spii^this ol the emintry just now is tlio^latest skr'cli ul Mi. I'.irter that lins^MM under the- Mami.m;ii^ notice.^With it pocs a cut wlurli dot's not^flatter the genial i-oiiiTinssioiit r of the^l;u:il oilier. 'I here is MlMM unusual^in thai par! of the sketch winch tells^of Mr. t arlcr's lurtli, his early hie and^his later iiselu.liess^MM of this is^news.
Atthe tail end o! the si.t tch, how^^ever, is comment that interests us and^which leads r.s to wonder wlu lher llie^little tuililic.itmil was st ilt out tit lie-^eordaiuo with a lavoralile ruliui/ at the^land edict. Here is the closing sen^^tence of the sketch: '^Mr. farter is^held in the very highest esteem hy the^national leaders, he is a nicmher of the^republican national cnininittt e and^likely to lie a candidate tor governor^of Montana at Hit- next elect ion.
H*W!^ that fir MWtf ^'it herein^Molilalia tvtrylio.lv knows that^ItoMMM is aiiilulitius he has a right^lobe. He is a popular man with his^party^tha'.'.. lie ly admitted; lie will^lie the bright particular star of Mon^^tana n piil'licanisin and never Ii^ ipics-^lioiml altou! it, as long as his parly^Kt'^ lit to propose men like s.iiult is and^l'owvr lor the lid ml si-uule, and he^won't have to slime hard when he^doesn't lee! like it, ell her.
.Montanaelects a governor in No^veinher, MM l^ Mr. tarter to Iki a^candidate Hi n ^ We dmilit it. II lit^^is a caudal.He it will he hetause tev-^erai tilings have not happened which^Mr. Carter at present helieyes are^going to happen between Hid present^hour and that time And by Ihe way.^Mr. Carter is not a member of the re^^publican national committee. Through^Milne mistake. Helena republicans per^^tttad that ntluc to go to Ihltte. (i. ll.^Charles ^ Warren ImMs it.
ADAY FOR CLLtBRAllON^Twenty two cantons make up the^Sw iss confederation (he single county^of Cascade in Molilalia measures more^in square miles than the whole of^^^ it/t i laiid. Three million peopleowe^alleeiance to tin republic, yet the popu^^lation included in its borders is not^as dense ns in laigland or in Wales.^Wit bin the t'onli deration every term^of religious faith ami practice finds^toleration, the physical coiiilitionsot the^region are a st lies of contrasts, social^relations are as varied as you w ill liud^them in any country, jieace is preserved^without a standing army. Herman,^Trench and Italian all are spoken in^Switzerland, yet the spieebol priest^or peasant or potentate or politician is^in uo degn e a jargon. The essential^fact ol which to UIOTTOW*^ celebration^takes cogu./uice .slhat on August I.^UN, the men in the valley of In,the^life community in the valley of MahWJM^and the patriotic deft inters of tin-^Nidwald lot nit tl a lea ;iir tor eoniuion^deli use against ai who should attack^or troiilne 11 cm. and t hat cut of tins^league came the subs colitederalion.
I.ongagowas that Augtttl day in^MM when the men ill Ihe time Tor. it^cantons in ele llieir tleleiisive all.-^ances. It n tWO cent nr.t s, one year^and two days cailur (Inn t'u^ date^W lien out ol the liarln T ol I'.ilus t o^BBMlWM sailed III i|.l. si ol t lie new^world: it Was a hundred ami niuety-^tWo f*Ul bo for4 Martin l.utlur lirsl^toohai upon the light ol tiny in the^Thuriugiaii shades. That August^meeting was heltl three hundred ami^ninety t ight Mars earl.er than the day^oil Which KnflaOd'l paiiiament met^topasstlio bill ol i Ighls; the compact^which the cantons ma le was lour hun^^dred and eighty-live yean old when^Thomas .Icllcrson, in belialt ol bis^committee, drew up the de.'laiatit)ti of^llnlepelidi lice.
Menwhose motive is to study the^past in order to tind out the lac! and
alltho world tba truth annuo ai thai^most of tin- ioUghtfa] Iradittem n UnV^hnjteMwttaarland'iaarly h.story must^be given up. They say that in all prob^^ability Tell, under orders Irom the
nrantQoaitor, aoror s'mt the aaspla
wliicti had I^ i i t Inn I on ! he head ol^bis son, thai Tells IntMpM action alter^the ti rrilic storm on I. ike l.utvru is a^n.jib, that the famous allair ju^t a|^the narrow pass leading to Ku -nacht^never bappetied. thai llie llleni 'l.lli e
n.eetinga' the Until is a romance, that^the p.cturesqiie Tell cli.ipels Were not^connected Wllfe Ihe mum ol Tall until^many, many years after the time w hen^lie must have died in lact that tell^hinisell never lived and that the al^^leged proofs of the ex since of a real^William Tell in Tri prior to the IIf-^teenth century bri ah ^!^^ n hop. I. M \^PoiS.bly the hi-toriaus have t! e right^of it ill all t ins, nevi rlheii . '^le;ends will not be tlie less trc.i
norwill Khiltor'i masterful amntion to-^gnrding tlietn ever cease to ^Ie.i.ht, to^instruct ^ir to InoolrO.^toonnwhUa, thnl whtoh is rital in
Switzerland'sachievement remains for^our administration ns well ns for our^guidance. I o trace the centuries in^the caner of tie. conlederatioii woul l^he to ni tko an t x.iaustive study oi^federalism, to show how patiently ai d^bow persistently llapslnirg HMHb^menl wai resisted, bow tin- alliance ot^three cantons was gradual y enlarged^ho as to include ot In r distric s, bow^great the Uitlicult'.ei encounteiid in^trying lo maintain even the s ^niulance^ol a union, how religious agitation d is-^traded the people mid bow political^c injilica'ioiis M Bnrapt often were a^foreboding of the confederation's de-^striictiou, how towi the land fund^during the Pre king up of old systems^near the end of tho eighteenth ct-n* ury,^and how in later years newer constitu^^tions have resulted in a government^having all its (unctions wed deliued,^until the end of six will lines reveals^the fact that ttie transition ton lederal^state is coinpl' te.
Allthis should find tilting recogni^^tion durii g the celebration lor which^to morrow has been set apart in llutte.^The day's obsei vauce ougnt to quicken^the love lor lilierly; It should inspire a^keener appreciation of the personal^and civil rights with which every^American BlUlsn is so bounteously^ble-si d and lo; w hich the liberty-loving^sous of other lauds have contended^so manfully and so long,
Marylanddemocrats w hooped it up^for (i iriuan in goo I style last Tliurs^day. Kvery mention of bis iinmo in^Ihe state convention brought out en^^thusiastic applause, and among the^resolutions is one warmly commend^^ing htol lor Bnothsr term in Ihe upper^house at Washington.
Mr.(^orinali knows all about matters^and things in the federal senate. lie^was a senate page when be was a boy^ol la yeais, he w as i'll cled in |S^a| to^sit lor his slat ^, he was chosen in MM^lor a second it rin. and be was com^^mended mi Thursday with enthusiasm^lor a third term which will date Irani^March I, Is'.U. Tr.u e w as hi stowed^on Senator ^oilman by the Ualliinore^convention for his valuable service, in^the Tilly lirsi congiess. The senator^Mrittollbto -hnhwhi the successful
lightagainst the lorce bnl, and Aim ri^can citi/.^ii8, rcgamless ol politics, can^allord lo get outside the party lines^long Hsonah to thank bun tor it. That^one gooti denl ought to atone lor any^quantity of political sins.
(Mcourse, the litlle delnonstralioi:^oTI'iiiiistlay will star! the politicians^talking about tbe relations of Senator^GorWMtn to next year's presidential^candidacy. There are plenty of them^who look upon ihe Maryland senator^as the Man lor MM Tin-so people in^^sist that ft! lioveriior llray of Intiiaua^w ill never no and they are probably^right in saying that. I hey pnil.cl^that the pi rsonal coullict alleged^lo la- jioilig on U'tween Cleveland^and Hill will deslroy ihe chances of^both, If it is kept up and that appears^lo be a reasonable prediction. Tne as^^sumption in Hun the New Yorker who^wants next year's nomination must^come to the national convention with^the solid delegation behind him. If^that were to be heal by Hill, he might^reasonably count on a little lift from^Indiana tho story is that.w ith himself^out of the way, lioveriior liray would^like lo lie uselul to 11 ill. Hut there is^Ohio, which ii,ay bring 11.minor^Campbell to the convention and slay^^Mb him W ith Campbell out of the^way there may lo question whether^l lino would be trieudly toward Hill,^although the report is industriously^circulated just MOW Hat Ihe auli-^C.iicpbell faction which, under Neat's^leadership, uncle so much rackt! at the^rec^ nl state convent ion, was made up^aWgnly nl Cleveland sympaih /eis.
HoweverIlia! may be, n CI, v. land^wele In get New Yt rl.'s vote, he Would^piobab'y lintl goo.! support in Ohio.^He could uo! lousier a fullowlng in In^^diana with ease, probably he isi.ti' pre-^I. no I to ITU in New .li tscy, I ut he
diiibtiess is in l 'onwif I If ut. and he
surelywould be m Tcnio-j ivaina. I hat^state, howe^er, may be out lor Talli-^sou in xt ^i ar.
Ihe nit u who advocate H uman in^slnl thai his iiouuua: ion would nicely^coinproniise the rivalry of the New^Yorkers and to ulilv BOMBsand the ap^^proval ot all Ihe slates in wlucli the^question of Hie ula ive strength of^Cleveland and Hill has lueii under dis^Bnsason. In any event Arthur P. Our-^man is going to be a good ileal talked^about tun .: g I lie months oi prepara^^tion lor next xi'.ir's politics
Tcrstoanrtt John A. i^avi^ bm put
Inscase In lore the court and jury. Tne^^vMHSW hi BOtoslf of the will which is^alleged to l.av. o nic down from I v. Ui^is ill, a resolution lor the dismissal of^the case was denied and the people w ho^object to the instrument foe which^John A. Davis is sponsor are pulling^witnesses on the stand, flay start^right in Vith the tesiimoiiy of a bank^cashier who swears that the will which^Judge Davis is alleged to have^suited was written by the man Kddl^who is now in attt mlauce at court.^Trobably a large MssWM of expert |so^^tinionv regarding Ihe will is to Is' laid^be lore t he jury.
Marylandgoes ilenocratic safe^cnoiuli.\ct SsaJorlUrs In that state are^not ol the I'cxau type, as ni.niy peo^^ple assume ihem lo bThe stain's^twetity-tt ur counties poll abcut Ll^'.^(KU votes, and to this total the city of^IsnJttoaorsrniitrltoilaa snmii. in iss^^^Mr. C.evelaiui's ni 'jorny in the state^was ll.lnn. hi lss'.l Dm ht.ulef the^democratic in k . carr.cd the state |v^T.ooJ, and la-t \cur totoMll ^ue^ei etc 1 tor Man lam. s six aangrra^^siouai itotriota, bnl t^ a.^ oi them had^narrow marg.tu.
llib-1.1'.slo..^ Ktlll Imp 7
Fromthe llostoii Nem.
IIinn I toabsMSW shoes are owned by^llie Maw lOBSaoMSO 111 tor.cal koc.ely,^bill no ne has yc-t been It uad wlio can
liillilt m.
lliiihin it ., for UorMfl.-fth.^Krom llie ( lilcaco llrraltl.
Ilis Hint ili.n tie- Mnsn of Wales lias^It en paying esorhituiit prices lately for
innbatsnai Brntoh Nvasto baa tx-fore
shownu tendency lo bo rather exira.^rasjnnt in the matter ^f horio tl ^^U. K,cL^^snl 111 once iff-rod his kingdom lor*
lilll*. ^ u lurrrnc-y.
1'i.rniHi,- ho ton I rnvt ll^ r.
llieniuney of I hill ul t^rt^ent is pecu^^liar. Mi. Isoflsnan bun hm anannt tuii of^it. it saooOns ot mii.tii tuK^ tif i ustt -
bourtl,on wh.eh a null writ' s the value^for wine Ii he m willing lo redeem II, put-
Hatfhisnasna on the b.n-k. [Ishaoha*
ginslo sWanSani mini it tluully nets back^lo lue source from which it emaliuted.
WnNsnsan'tnawss* io stoansw
SW|WstoMH id tit.- Ct^ur^er-Join Intl.
Ofcourse it would Bat be rigid for^Uiovr Cleveland lo imiko spicebes in^the Ohio canvas-, and we Hike it for^srano d thai In- hits not the b ust idea of^doing niiylliiiiu o.' tic-kind. Il would hi^ihagr.n t ill, indeed, to ^f an ex-prt aidenl^of Hi.: Italiall SiuUh g.iingahoul making^purtisuii iqiei clit s 111 a heated, and mart^or lesii thrty, ptdiliea! BaSaStafSJO. The^bare siiggesnou is dlscredilable lo thofte^who make il.
At Isssaai sjt*s Hssta
Fromtlit- foiiikt li e Coiuiu. i. i.tl.
Vir^- Irtajnantsy s aitosapastoa hath has^in in r, foi led lo in MaaWashsgasaaa freak^of pit ti g.icy. tesn ihan u half nonsn
yearsago a LansSvMa mall took a genu-^me ebaiiipatne bulb in Itufer's hotel. His^name was^and is, lor be is living^( low,^anil be was u sporty mail. A relative died^near I. xiuglon ami loll II ill a leg lump
ofBfoaorw* Ho isjiigiii snaanto abawn^snawsasUla bath kna at Rnsaran, umi
aiOOOOSlmm .t. ^) i ihe side bo bad
shanspann*to dunk and a nnosn aasnpnw
ionsto ilriuk il. TOO years Ian r he was^on his apaoffl anil b nlii'i a iiickle.
BjosaaWnoso Uss iicmii i.
hi .Mi iii.^ FinanhnyniB ttosa
Thenews lhal Minister Lincoln's^oaiigbter is lo iiiarry an Alio rieaii. Mr.
Tham,IstanV I y 'bo sahasoasjoi pnvute
sti rt'iary, wul be it cent tl with sut.slae-^tioli. Hal that if Iho young lady's choice^had basajwansl l^^ fad upon mi Knglisli-
bbmPer sasaswrosan nonM not bnvt
Ihi n pt rsii,nl^ d thai Ihe obj'Cl of In r
ssteattanssanat aa worthy oi ihem. Hut^it u a foo,i ileal ataasantas to MstohoJ
ourgirls marrymuut home, especially^^ lieu III. y are ill llie way of lelnplatlolls
10in ury abroad. It n true lh.it home is^where lb^ In url i^, but it is also troe that^homo is where your friends' hearts are.
Bsni nsasaas iatun^From tin- Wnatoaabni rooa^At last an aaoaal and ssosasssnsjsaaato*
nlnghas been made m the work of prc-^vidu g llie MWaOay with adt tjualo coast^antsnsOSa '1 ho great M4nah liiKh-power^r II il MSOl br.'oeh-loaihiu gun ric.-ntly^t t^liil^li n il ut the Walerville arsenal has^Ik t ll iimuliifd nl Samly Hook, and haft^undergone the siM-rilled testa w ith aaiis-^faeiory results. Indeed, It is believed by^i lpcris to he siiptrior to the best or, 1-^naiiee ol l.iiro|^^uii iiuinufacture. It^lakes a heavier charge than the ll* inch^Kruppgiui by M rounds, yielding a mus^^ic.c energy ol li; oxio loot ions, an initial^yolt city of l.'iKJ leet per second, and a^range of 1- miles.
floriMstilor i'rt.alUvnt.^I l..in III, la.an. an \ .i , Times.
(.en.William YV. Dudley of the na^^tional republican executive conillltlt-e, is^out In nil totStVlSW in winch he pre|^.etM^lhal Senator lioriu.ui of Marylau l will^receive the pu slilt utial nomiiialio'i. *j^^ It^oral Dndlsf is an astule am! u!)lo polili^t it ll. It has been Ins luisliltat for years,^mid be knows it from the grouini up.^I 'iiuinu aaule his rurtl-nllfthip, be is^in.tu of ability and sound judgment. II^i~ hitting Hie nail pretty nearly on ihe^In atl when be says llie S. ulh is go :ia^ho solid 'or BftOtOaO. The South owts^more to BofSBan Ihan to any nromiin lit^ih in..ri.n alive, lie saved it from ttie^operations of iho ft ice bill, ami to hun^ladongs llie ere.til. II^ has never tailed^in bis iintlci Hikings, he is sound . n all^to iiiocr.tne princp.es, anil would BOOS*
sanaa]the oswatta swonajsh t,i tna
BOOOlllVug.lil t w ill t ast her haliol iii^the national BanVSWBBSn for li irmau.
1H-:tittfii uiiafr.^it !^ so loftSBrosSsa nnjnssi I^bbobiss to
in i . t ii it ti 11 y,
Abank manager in the St. L Si ^ M '^'
lisnnrol ssatal ^I he sight ibofi ban
Itisllllllioua.most, if not elllll ely, |h ell-^IBM BS this t tuiniry, ami 1 think myself it^is one of ih'- cost mi foi lunate oi e. ni-^ineici.il ei.stems. 1 know one man oBt SB^sigliature ^ got.tl lor almost any t.mount,
iin nhowillnaf rbanarnBigntdraft. II
l.eis not lietl ihaioiie bus bteu dratM on^Itiin be pn inpily remits by certified^flu ck on bnuUcr'sdrafl and lets llie sigtit^draft go to protest.
Ana result Ins ere.l.t has been mined^at a BnOdtod hanks, ami Ins i-.toug is^toiiip.iiativelyb.nl. It is utterly unjust^to condemn u man for leftisiug la hon.ir^olio of these instruments, as th -y c tu tio^i r.twn ili^'li hun without liny rOOBaO^wliatever, i.nil tvitn uit ihe slklbleBl prU^tb nee of iutlt t'leilut ss. Hanks hav. again^and again aililaletl the queslion of i ^^mg to accept I draft for eolleeiioti nltto^^in prt pay iiietit t f eli.irges. Out il.ii lias^iioi been ili-ue, umi at the present tune^money is aeitialty last in this brunch of
lilt-st'imioi Ntvii uits tut'. i't KaasBosni
0BBBBll'i- BBMBanBsl
FiuniBBS rnnBsVOaaBl 1.'is 1,1.
lua very sang political life, in which^Setiaier Qa ty has almost eoiilu u^ BOsO^held till,., lie hi^, with tne if pt.on.^resigiittl every ollice he has t ver I ^ d. He^resigned lb* proti.otiotar.vstiip Is Bsnvaf^county Hi BBSs. IteBBBBJOad a . minis-^si.in in the ai my to wh en ho I ei l^ ,-n^tlltpttllltetl, anil Which he heltl tor a lew^in. nth'., in die SBBBW year. BS a i ;u an
appointaaanius a^siHtant BaastoiBsaiv
ceiieral.I la i's-gin tl this aMea i ^ be^uuttitioiiel of the Math i'cinisy-.v.m-a
iNfanuy. Ha watonasl ihlaecniml - la
lsi'CHe v. ,i^ ,i: i t nit'il an on tt ... Ijlir's^si. 11 ill the MUOB year, ami ii Mgm I dial^wnlnn a yt nr and tec. | led t pas ti.ui as^military BBS nt for Pennsylvania in Waste
11gSBO. He a'so n slajnad this p Stilton to^BaOBMBBOpBrmSSnSBMsiaf SNUBBC*. rtatiun
anil;el, -raph. He res gm d this pi in
ISti.'t,when he was elected a memlier of^the 1. Bihlnnire. Th s p isitiou is llie only^one in hi4 wdiole c-urocr that Hn failed to^resign. II^ was appointed secretary of^the enmm nweatth undt r General liar -^PMaltj which position he resigned to Is^-^come r. cooler of Philadelphia, aa ^lin e^Worth tW^,{**^ a y tarn i least. He re-^siKiied tlie reeordership to I) c uu^ seere-^inry of the commonwealth under Gov^^ernor iloyt. In WSit when Uovernor II yt^wrote his famous '*\Vt)hey letter,'' BO*^iioiincinit tna republican ruiir in Teiinsyl-^vania, l^uay resigm-tl bis c.lUcu as seore-^t.iry. He was eh cteil stale treasurer in^1 -si, ami r -signed that t lllee lo become^L'attl d .Stales seliulor.
KhCt.Nl ATKOCI I Ilia.
BtostfBngo'I foui)^O^o^o^Just bear
theW.tld UBBO 1
IInohi c.vt i ^ Yes, do you know what^that is^ Th.tt is God breathing.
Glaityal.lnitlvi 1 cuessGod has got a^piilil.-tons rbnt frtttjittm.
CarrulhersWhat do you think of L'rob-^soii's new tliauioud
Wain-It wouid make an excellent pa^^per weight,
CarruihersThat's tho wav he got it
Waitc-What do you mean
f'.nruih'n-lb- hid to pay per weight.
-.v.i.Ymh ^arBBBt,
Magistruli-What is the charge against
tinso.tl man V
Toiiceuian S'eabng a lot of brimstone,^your honor. Ho was caught in ihe act.
BSBOistiato(to pn.-oneil -My aged^fr.eiul, couldn't yt u have waited a few^yean longer'.'^I /t.cuf.o 'inbuiie.
toaaBBMsWa had a II ajsMaatofj in front^of our house the other day.
llishleifeG ell in u pai none
Wi.-hlfltOh, no, there was a leak in^Iho w uti r pipe mid i hey had to lake up^Ihe sidewalk. ^ Ilrvi.khja MbJBBi
Doyou know,^ he said m a low tone,^^dial 1 feel eery narrow minded when 1
euii^ lo s, e you ^'*
Uly'.''Mm breathed the question^very. Very pBOBSJ*.
litcause then 1 am a man of one nigh
Andthe irnotl, sensible old m ^ ii, who^has seen so much ol that sort of thing,^made all possioie hn^^t* to ret re hctnttd^the nearest elou I.^ iru^/tiN0SBfl Mars
Ilike to go in bathing with my wife.
Well,she's afrlid of being cnoketl by^tho breakers, so there's a certain amount^ol satisfaction tti si mottling Ikmul* able^I^ in ike her shut her mouth.^--7 BJtaBSM*^I itta fsBSBBi
Sne)any the leili^ looks like me,
ae sjaaMannsB I bbobbbbIi^hm i a Baiy Mkani ss I esu a b
laHint We'll' both BflM lieinleil.
.Its^ l'oi/t i're t.
ToloT,' a w.unan
laeasy quiti* for man.
1ut tu BSBavs tier! alt,
Who is c of us can*.'
-ysin u fr^ i l*rt^*.
PrinceAlexander ot IMbMBBMbB w''^^is known as Count Uartenau, is recover,^uu; BJSBB bis ri cent serious illness.
Mrs.Amebe Hivea ChanltT is t xpecteil^lo sad lor New ^'ork this week,and arrive^in flsWJfton on Aug. tl.
BasthSessions '1 upper is writing a play^for \V. J. Florence lor his next year's tour.^She niikdit appropriately call it the ^Mys^^tery of a Trunk.''
TuiperorWilliam of Germany ami bis^party are lyu g oil K.irsle, a small island^on the uorthwt sn ru coast of Norway,^where they are preparing for a whale^hum.
TheGerman emperor is alleged to have^requested his mother to submit a pro^^gram me of lu r movements for his ap^^proval whenever she may wish to travel.
SirHenry i'arkes, the leading Austral^^ian statesman, ami to whom is tine the^fact thai Ausiiaha is now virtually u led^^eral republic, began life as a farm laborer^in il iglaiid.
'1to- Prince of Walt s will meet the kins^of Koiimama at Hlaukeuh-rg m Au^^gust to tohsnsa aha question of the^marriage of Prince Ferdinand, the heir^presumptive to the Roumanian throne,^to the t lest daiiuditer of the duke ot llditi-^biir^h.
Hi-.Withersption of Louisville, who has^been elected to the chair of theology in^Ceni.'.tl college, in Kentucky, has I,ad a^remarkable series of successes since the^BBWOOS became the y..unrest ilic.orof^divinity in ihe Pn s'lytei-iau church.
Thet inragelii' ut of Miss Mary Lincoln,^eldest dauglie r of Hon. Hubert T. Lin^^coln, tot hnrle- Ishani of New York has^Ih ell announced. Tho wethline will he^solemn / ^d in London during tlie c.nning^BBOBSBs. Mr. Ish.nu was forincrly pr.vale^secret.iry to Mr Luieoln.
Ilis raid that I*. animator (1 neral^Wamimaker speii ^ his entire salary on^bis i r.v.tte secretary and the various^agencies furu BBsOp news eiper clip; ham
Hoanhaatftbaa to ibianal tbe-e Bfanahfts^and h.i given IbSM iii^iriiotions in fur^^nish hun with all chnpintrs relaiing m^binisi If and the postal serv ice.
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DryGoods, Boots, Shoes
AMi Tiling on Foot
Itwould have tickled Athens to death, this ^New^Thing^ would. For the Athenian went about^in a decollete Shoe tied to his foot with^a corset lace, and the New Thing^we have on loot is our
TheseShoes are Remarkable lor Quality, Style^and Comlort, but their
ISPRICE. It requires the combination of Low^Prices and high grade to do it, that is why^Our Shoes are Cheap.
jf'Weare also agents lor the celebrated RED^SCHOOL HOUSE SHOE lor Boys and Girls.

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