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InterestingHippsnlngs in This, tho^World's lost Favored S'.c.ion.
Rode to Her Death In a Baby Car^^riage -A Flah Hook and Line^Save* His Life ^Acci^^dent In a Church-
JasperCrabtrco, aginl *5 yearn, anil a
num.of On-iron, dicJ at fell homo ni'ar^Solo tile ^JJ ami.
Track-layiiiRon tbe Seattle 4 Montana^has readied tiio Stillai;uaiiii^ti liver, and^la now in progress near Arlington, YVasli.^Some work yet remains to be dune oil Uie^brnlt'i'i. at Munwcxxl.
O.F. Kmix met ^i h a serious accident^in the eiuireli at C ottage Urovc, Or., Sun^^day evening, lit- bud got upon u MMfe^to put out one of the hglils and tbe ImmicIi^turned l aikward, throwing linn on bis^baek across BBS bench. He was carried^t j Irs home in a critical condition.
Activesteps SSS l^ein^* taken anil at*^ratigeiiieuts made to iiave a reunion of^the pioneers ol |MMs\ to l^e held in John^Day city on tbe B.li day of June, 1^^2, to^celebrate lie- tiiirteenili anniversary ot^the diacovery of g ^hl ill tbat milling dis^^trict.
JamesNeman, of Chehalis, who cannot^swim, owc^ his life to a fishhook and^line, lie was fishing and hi* line caught^ill a tree. While trying to c*:r.c ^to it the^lux'k caiicht in bis clothes. In Irying to^loo.-cti the hook befell into tbeSkookum-^chuek river, where ho nuglil have re-^inaiued I'll fur the fact that the clothes,^Ifesj line, th ^ hook ami the ctirrent were^nil sliong, and he II i.tti d near the shore,^when be iiiiiuu,:eil to scramble out.
Anoolepus or ilcvil-lish was an object^of MMfe curiosity the other day at Astoria.^It has t ight tentacles or arms, each about^^-i* f^el long, eili nJili',' Ir iin a central^luoutli. '1 he arm. are covoie-.l with rows
0discs, i-iicl.'r^ to ailhtre to whatever^tbey are thrown around. It is u repulsive^looking creature, says the ptatsrsSSa und^causes uu involuntary shudder at the idea^of its wrapping its deadly coils about any^^thing wiili sjsj]nifeftsj lil'e hi it.
Wesleyliowi.nl, a young man well^known Millie Tygh Ilidge country, was^lnr.eii Satunhiy last on the band by u rat-^t'esnake, tays Tfeff) Dalles (/ouitiWr. Dr.^Vandirptad, of llulur, was promptly^calli d in, I tit i y the tune the doctor got^to his patient it took three persons to bold^fefesj in the l^cd. The doctor administered^nn antidote that put til^ young man into^a sh ep that lasted all niiiht, und he was^BBSS to lie around in a few days.
JohnHuston, of Shcdds, Or., came near^lo.injr n baud of valuable horses in the^river at Ji Hereon last Sunday. '1 hoy had^just crossed tho bridge wiicn the noon^tra'ti came up, uli.eh frigliteiieil tbe^bort-es and they broko uwuy from the^drivers, a nd with a mad rush plunged^into the swiftly n shing waters of the^Sant'am. The current quickly carrietl^them down the stream and by chance il.^ y^swam across the river, where they stood^in a (.'roup ami waited for the bank to be^^!ug t.ov* n so ibey ci.ulil get out.
Aletter readied the l'ortland postofTlee^neeiitly from lirooklyn, N. Y., addressed^to \\ illiatu K. Norrish. Norrisb is the^young man who wan accidentally^drowned while swimming MM the Ore-^truii A t ahlornia ooiiipany's old routid-
1i uie about lu ilays ago. As the coroner^in a onno of this kind is the only one au^^thor.zal to open the letter, Mr. Southern,^niperinieiideiit of the mail carriers' de-^I artment, lurucd tho letter over to Cor^^oner Haver. On being opeue1, it was^h una that it was from an aunt in Brook^^lyn in mod Mrs. Hall. She did not know^her nephew was dead, and enclosed (5,^thinking ho might he hurt! up.
Iimz ih nulla llr; the 17-monthi-old^child b| I iptain and Mrs. Ilrazee, of the^r teamer 'i'opsy, rode to la r death in a^baby carriage about half past .'I o'clock^yesterday utternoon, says the l'ortland^OrYpMfeMi Captain and Mrs. BbMBS re^^side on the steamer, und the sail accident^. courrcd yosti rilay atteruooii us the boat^was tietl up Hour the foot of Jt lf'erson^Hirect. I aptain liraiee hud left the^sieamor on seme luisiuess up low ii. Mrs.^Hrrs/e was itisule attending to household^dunes, and the mile child was left in its^hahy carriage mi the lower deck. The^outer railing was left open, and either tho^child wheeled its way through und into^the river or a gust of wind blew tho car-^i^i;i' through. The first intimation Mis.^liraz 'c had of what had happened was^the splash in the water. She at once^riishi d out, but feaff loved one had van^^ished from s ght. Mrs. Hruzee frantic^ally t ailed for help, but although n iitiin-^I or of men were on shore none lent a^helping band to the pnef-stricken mother.^In rospone to her t itccus appeals for
hOp one of the men on shore draw I d^out, * (III, it is too late. We can't do any^good now.'' Captain sfeJWM arrived on^the set tie soon alter the drowning oc^^curred, and although he at once set to^woik grappling for the body, he was too^late to save the little one's life. Willi^the second throw of the line he brought^the child to the surface. Life had al^^ready departed, for the child had been in^the water lully - i minutes la fore the^body was recovered. Nothing would sat^^isfy the grief-.tr.okeli mother of the^death of her child but a pbisiciau, and^not until one wus summoned and pro^^nounced the little one dead was she re^^sign. U to the cruel dicreo of fate.
lnl!atlatj 1-7 Mr.tM berries.^The Callatiu valley has produced this^yt ar more straw lierries than ever before,^says the liegeman i. hitmiclr. Ten years^ago intelligent men would have said that^a man was visionary bad be predicted^that Ibis valley would ever raise as in.my^lierries as it bus this year; and they would^have denounced him us a fool if hi1 had^added to that prediction the ^ hi in that^this many berries could be sold ill the^state. And yet this is just what is being^done. This week will see the last of this^year's crop, it being at its height last^work. Aivui Winters, who is the most^extensive grower, has shi| p d la.tUI^quarts up to date and will continue to^ship until Saturday night. Several^growers have hud a.ifJO quarts to ship, and^in making up Mm grand total of berries^raised in this valley for shipment ii' o ^ i^quarts will be found to be a conservative^estimate, Tlie business is yet ill its^inluncy. Growers will be added^to the list; new anil better va^^rieties of plants will lie semicd and^in it few ye.iis the industry will be one^of the most extensive in the valley. The^reason is plain. Hemes are produced^here cheaper than anywhere else, by rea^^son of the moderate cost of the soil,^which is especially adapted for this cul^^ture, ami the price of hi cents a quart to^the raiser will always be maintained.^The (jallatiii valley berry conies lute. It^conies at a time when it hi tugs u good^price and is in demand in the city mar^^kets. We have been laboring under the^fond delusion that Hutte alone could c ut^all the Is rra s this valley could at present^supply it; but in this we were mistaken.^Unite anil llelenu have, upon several m-^staToes ibis year, failed to do it and the^market has been overstocked with (jal^^latiii berries. Some will hesitate to go^into the business next year owing to the^fact that these two markets have^been glutted; but those who enter and^keep at the business will reap their re^^ward. When Montana fails to take all^berries this valley can raise, a refriger^^ator car call be | rocurod at Hozeman and^the licrnos sent to Chicago, whore they^will arrive in the same condition in which^tl.ey departed from 11/ man. And the^price will not descend to 10 cents a quart,^either. The Chiougoun will be pleused^to pay from 115 to lilt cents a quart for^these berries, and at the same time be^will pronounce them the best he has ever^eaten.
IIlilting Iter at Helena.
Hklkna,Ark., July 31.^I.cm White^was banged to-day. The crime for whiob^he paid the penalty was committed Jan^^uary li) last. White, Harry Young and^another negro, Nathan Carter, were pick^^ing cotton for IVince Malloy, also a^negro, living a few miles below Helena.^On the night in question they went to^Malloy's house and murdered him for^bis money. Carter escaped, but White^and Young were arrested. Young tumid^state's evidence, and after White's con^^viction ho was sentenced to 15 years in^the |MTllIontiary.
la- i hi in Kat ihs Lubsisrs.
NiwYoiik. July 111 ^ Steamship Portia,^from Hulilux, brings advices that the^closing of the lobster canning factories^on the west coast of New i'oundlam!^created a perfect panic among thousands^of workmen employed ill them ami they^are nctiiallv starving.
FreshGame. Oysters
IIquorn, Clpars, Candles, Nuts, I'rulti^duller sial I Bfjg Lmct,
CountryAwAwf a Spa tal/r.
Lastl lrkt.St., Anaconda, Main.
PFAUtltS is
FineCigars, Tobacco CtDfeclioacry
toboii'salcand hrtaU Draicr B^CORL OIL.-
TunStandard's Lightning Express to Butte,
Itsltarly Edition for Western Montana,
Andits Dailv Increasing Mail and Express Facilities
TIS THE FIRST PAPER READ BY PASSENGERS COMING INTO^the State (in the Northern Pacific, Union Pacific and Great Northern Kail-^ways. It has a News Bureau in every town of importance in Montana and^its Special Correspondence covers the whole Northwest
tlfYVchave made arrangements by which traveling Montanans can ^jet their^Favorite Paper in Every
LhrceCity in the United Stmtes
//Can Now be bound on j-i/e at Ihc hollo-wins. Holds:
NSWYork^Fifth Avenue, Windsor, Gilscy and Hoffman.^Chicago^Auditorium and Grand Pacific.
SanFrancisco^Palace and Baldwin.^Salt Lake^Knutsford. Sr. Pall^Ryan.Minneapolis^ West.
PortlandPortland. Tacoma^Tacoma. Seattle^Rainer.
JheQreat Carbonate Camp.
LIVINGSTON ^ AND i CASTLE^Daily Staffs Lin*.
ton i lot table Cosclie*. Uoo4 liorsat and careful^inivera
|3sTI'aisanecrs wrv,d with aa A I Uloner
infiiuilU li Vsa lioi uu s.
FARE,$700. KOI ND TRIP, $12,00.
NOT1CKTO CKKI^HOItH,-EMat.^ of (alt h^K. Iivltlc, IriVr'HMtL Notlre l^ h^T*'tiyKivrn
Mtlif iiiidt rtlgned, ^*v^ rutor of liu* i Matf of^( uli'h K. irvuu', ile^ ( si*^eil, to lh^' ^r^*d)ton of,^ftihl all j* iKniiK I'iivm;' ^^ aiin* mralii*t tin* sil l^o^ t. aseti, to t xliiltit tth in with liu- ric 't'ts'-ary^viiix lifrs, wnInn lour imaitlu .tit^ i tin rtii.t pub-^l!.-..tioii of line notice, lo the faiil * xet-utor. at^1i|h olllrt*. In the Main! lid ImUkIIih'. roroer of^Mum Hud 11. i i MrH'tK, the sail.- I,^ h the phton^lot the tratiiATlioii of the busiix ** ot t^mi fkt.it ,^liithecit) ot AliacoiltU, lJeer lyCHlfe QMMtV.
\\ at.N !^*. j^.s^ HKis.
Ixeontor nf theUostata ot uuo i.. irviae,
leeeasril,^I 'Hied Julie S, l-.'l
L.C. TRENT,\ Suit Lako Cltj-, rtnh.
GeneralWistcrn MannRcr, /llek'UU, Mt nit ana.
AndMachinery for the Systematic Ketluctum nf Ore* by
Anmlgnmntitm,Coniciitiiitum, Smelting iiml Leaching.^Builders o! the HOMES TAKE. GRANITE MOUNTAIN. DRUM LUM\!QN.^ANACONDA. ULUE B.RD. LEXINGTON ami HI METALLIC *^COMPANIES' REDUCTION WORKS^^Hoisting Bnginss, Coerid and Olrsot Hcting,
Prospectingand Devtlopmtnt Hoists.^Builder* of Improved Air Compressors and Wire Tramways.^Fruo Vanning Machines and Kmbroy Concentrator.
OLB Wlfll'E 1^ ^T AOCNI'8 rt)H
LiidgerfLuood Hoisting Engines,
menwine works double crimped mining cloth.^Blootrio I-iglat Pla^t3,
DiamondCora Prospecting Drills.
aV//^ and Compressors, Otis Eleiatars, Knocks' Pumps, Hoct tfomtrm,^KIMCSLAMO t douglas SAW MILLS.^SHAY PATENT LOCOMOTIVES.
Willcomnu ncc the sale of the lots in^the liarker 'lownsite on the 25th^day of July, iSyi, at the lollowing
HeicnaAt the office of JAb. 1'.
PORTER,Tower Hlock^Great Falls^At office of THOS.
QAMAGARBarker^At the office of T. W.^THOMPSOlf.
{*^ M ips ran ii.'w t* srcaal aat -lie lantr*^1sertl ns atadr, sf wujtk Ifaillat
1 . s.-r^ ^ to ^-.^#t r^^ .!^^ 1f njr lot. as
lee*-e. ui i.tni'it ^f siererat ^f ids pure base^1. ^Di ^ it t.nit- of irtrctlaa.
Termsot fcalo will bo One-Third^Cash, dalanco (3 anti 12 mon'hs^at 7 Her Cent.
Anadvance will POSITIVELY be made in the price of^Lots on AUGUST 10, of $50 per Lot. This is positive,^and no Lots will be sold at the first list price after^that date
JAMESP. PORTER, Power Block, Helena.
ByAugust 15, '91.
Barkerhas the assurance^of being one of the best ore^producing camps in Mon^^tana, new strikes being:^made daily. An abstract^showing- perfect title will^be furnished free with the^deed on final payment.

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