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VOL.IL^NO. 355-
SenatorSherman Preaches Republican^Gospel 10 Buckeyes.
Howthe Wicked Democrat* Would^Ruin the Nation-He Doesn't^Like the Peop *'^^Party.
PauldingOhio. Aug. 27.^The rcpub-^1 can campaign v. as opened here to-day^by Senator Sherman. His speech, which^tu a lengthy one, wan devoted entirely^to tbo silver question. Uu supported tue^present coinage art, and said if congress^b id provided tbatall surer brought to tbe^mint should Im^ coined into dollar*, no^gold would l^e coined, (or an ounce of gold^is worth more tbau 16 ounces of tilvor.^Gold would cease to be ruomy and would^be boarded or ixporled. No man would^be fool enough to deposit an ounce of^gold for coinage into 16 dollars when,^wan it, be could buy euou.'b silver^bullion unit have it coined without cost^into 2J dollars. Free coinage is all uoue-^setise. Under tho new coinage act the^United Mates is purchasing monthly^WH tli.in the entire |ru uct of silver^bullion in tbe United Slates, and all this^bulliou is represented in our currency by^^illMir silver com or legal tender current y^notes. We expended under Ibis act in^tiie purchase of silver bullion prior to^Aug. 1 this year iW.il 8.1, and l.-sucd^mat amount ol treasury hole*, which aie^now in circulation. We thus provided an^increase of currency tt|ual to or^greater than the increase ot^business and the population of tbe^United States. One distinctive, striking^leature ot this law is that the United^States will not pay for si!v*r bullion more^than its market value. WiyHnu.dv.c7^Nearly ail the silver produced in tbe^Unite l State, is by rich corporations iu a^lew new Kiutes, ami its production at tbe^market pr.ee is lar more prollluble than^any en p of the fuilin r, and yet it Is the^demand ^^f the prt.i uccr ol silver bullion^that the United States should p iv li in 16^ji ^ r cent, more thin us market value, that^i let. a i the foundation of tho differ nc*^between Uio republican and the demo^^cratic parlies.
Ihctendency of tbo policy of the^present act will be to gradually u .vat.ee^ibe value of silver bullion to its legal^ratio with goltl and when ih.s is reached^b ^ih mitals will be coined on equal terms^and rot.ditiout. 1 believe the measure^will work out the most hem Ileal results.^It lias atria ly advanced tlic value ol our^vast .torn ol sliver in tbe treasury; it bas^given great activity tu tbe production ol^silver; it has luriusbed an increase of^circulation; it has maintained a gold^stauiiard, wbilo utilising si.vtr to^the utmost extent abort of de^luonetig i.g go!..; iv la the key^to our txilietl, almost preeminent^standing in commercial credit and na^^tional honor among tbe nations of the^world. It treats with silver and gold,^bke ad other commodities or productions^as sul ject to the universal rule of being^worth what they will briug in the mui^kt is ol the wor.tl. This is the republican^doctrine now proclaimed iu our Oka^nla form.
1ho democratic policy of free coin^age,^ the senator said, ^means that wc^shall purchase all the suver -11 red, come^from wl.cre it may, and give the holder^either coin or treasury notes at the rate of^one dollar for evt ry 171 grams worth iu^the market, now worth 77 ceiiie.
SenatorSherman spoke of tuo vast ac^^cumulated hoard of siiver in other coum^tries of the-world, and estimated by sue^ti.tie.ans at IsVtst Ifl.Ot, ami said the^democrats are iu MM of allowing any^am tint ol this to be flooded iu upon u-^at the aU vo terms. ^Who can estimate^the Volume of silver that would come nun^tbe treasury if this policy was adopted^^It is a public bid of 29 cents au ounce^more than the market price, made at i^time ^ hen silver is dtdining in value^an i win u many of the ct mmercial uu-^tions are set King to convert their siiv^into gold. They would gladly see us^take this load on our sboUidc-r*. They^w.il gladly give us their sliver at lie^rale ol M to 1 and taku our gold. This is^the doctrine wh.ch li is expect atl the con^srrValiVu democrats of Ohio will adopt in^order to gam the support und alliance^ih ^ silver b irons of die West ami the) in^^terested self-seekcrs who hope to gain a:^advantage over tlx ir creditors by cheap^ening the standard of value, and the wild^enthusiast, win* Ik'Iicvo in an unlimited^supply of irredeemable paper money.^To assume thut tie; Unilod Stall s can^maintain silver at the i Id ratio nf 16 to 1^isawild.rtlelu.ii.il ihan ever (li d the^brain ot a believer in first money. In^ear that we would attempt^it, it car inl 77.0OO.OUO of gold^tr ^m tl.e Ui led Mutes within lour^months. 1^ is -aid if w ^ adopt u silver^standard we wdl get more 111 mi y for our^lab r i.ti.l productions. This does not^f How; i in even if it lit- true.!he purrh.-t*.^iug power of money will !^ ^ diminished^Sdvt r dollars worth 7/etutsin gold w.^buy no more- fool and ciotliinj tbau 71^cents of our money now. The capitalist^tin 1 si i final, r can protect h.msiif fr m^loss by stipulating for gold p,i^m nis^The whole burden of this polity falls^upon those who depend upon their daily^lalmr lor ih ir daily bread and for the^lii n- ti of those who hope, by rhe.ip^iug nioiny, to pay their d^ bis with money^of le.-s valuable than that they agreed to^pay
Hummingthe position t.-.ken in tin^canvass by the demt crane parly. Senator^Sherman referred to ex President Clrvi^land's uiterances on the silver question,^atitl said winle f itviah 1 was presitleiit^no free co.Huge measure was proposed.^President Harrison is known to t un i-^taiu the same' opinions. Yet, now, und. r^uroi ger leadership, this scheme P* change^the Mandate! of vaiue is | rested into our^state canvass. 1 belie ve it is iho resu't of^a bargain between * i.at is called the^National Execut.ve Silver cotum ttep,^coiupeised o: representatives of the great^silver in nil g eor(h^ralio'is of the U'liit-d^stales, with sumo of tbe leaders of the
democraticnarty, by which a portion of^tne profits of th 'se corporations is to be^invested in tliisOUMHMMMM the^republican parly, and especially to down^John Slu rmaii on the issue of free coin^^age. A* for myself, it is a matter of little^importance, but what 1 do care for is that^the state of Ohio shall not in anyway b^responsible for the adoption of the po! cy^proposed by this coinbinat.on, or for the^evils that will fliw from it. Thay invoke^in its support the new party, call^^ing itself tbe people's party, which^is represented mainly bv disciples^of tho old greenhuck^the flist money^cr.^some of whom do their planting in^law c Ulces and whose crop, if they have^any, are thistles and ragweeds. As to^the r recently constructed Springfield^platform^what is it^ Some of their creed^is a repetition of mere dogmas to which^ull parties agree. Some of u appears to^mo an apprcach to lunacy. I do not at^^tribute to our th mocratic friends any sym^^pathy with these wild notions, but they^are committed by their platform to the^fountain head of all these vagar.es, the^free coinage of silver, On this question 1^appeal to the wage-workers, the farmers^and business men of Ohio. 1 appeal to^the conservative in n ot Ohio of both par^^ties to repeat the service th y had ren^^dered the people of the United States iu^1875 by the election of Goveruer Hayes, in^cheeking the wuve of ihllatioh luat threat^^ened the ctiuuny.
Harrison Mlrglc. Willi Sew England^Hlaa llloud^His kpsreh K roi.l.
WhiteMiter Junctioh, Vi., Aug. J7.
Thepre.i.lent arrived Here at 11 o'clock^this morning in a downpour of rain.^Brief speicbcs were inane at liratllord^und this city. The presitleiit si lit to the^exhibition t f ht.ise I rt tders. be spoke^to tbe crowd asstmhled there and in-^^ peeled the horses.
itwas raining heavily when the presi^^tleiit reached Windsor. Senator Evarts^^ as there to welcome him. After lunch-
inwi'.h the senator, the presi leni made^an atliliesa in tlm town bail, in w hich he^humorously ^puffed^ Senator Ev.irts.^Alter having the Windsor, .he Resi^^dent m|snke at f batlesttjv.il, praising^.New England cluirutt r. At Uellows^Falls he ipi-ke of the value und mpori-^uuee o! Vcriuoti't matiuf.iciuring ceiut.r-i.
Atllraith horo the get aide-tit delivered^an atldrets trom the poriico of Colonel^Es'y's residence. His a :ri s, w is a ie-^view of his trip thresh Vermont which,^he said, has been undertaken in erdtr to^take a rest. ^You can iniagiiie,^ he added,^how iiu.cii rest 1 have bad,^ I laugh er^and diet r-J, nnd iu closing his speech he^I welt upon the Virmont man nnd his^character ill p.easing words. Tip. presi^^dential party went In in Urattlcboro to^Proctor by way of Kuthiud. Short slops^were made ut Chester, Proctorsvdle ami^l.llllotv. Arriving ut Proctor the party^will be the guests of Secretary Proctor^over night, and will leave Rutland to.^morrow night on the Hudson river for^Cape May.
V.rk Man MU Want. Oae^lltiu Hollar- llsiusgrs,^Ntw Yoiik, Aug. 27 ^ James E. Lyon^has brought suit against Seuaior William^M. S ewart ol Neva .a lor ll.Uli.lKJU dam^^ages. The suit grows out of complira-^t.ons over milling deals, among the prop^^erties concerned being the Emma mine^of Utah. Lyon asserts Stewart, while^acting as his attorney conspired with 'I.^W. Park and others to deprive h m ol his^inning rights. Stewart, be alleges, made^statements to bun regal d.ng the pr.^|-^crty winch led Imu to dispoi-e of his bold^lugs lor i-'- iOo, w line Stewart rea^id t2IA*0 0(M by the deal. 'iln^bill goes into details of the mailer at^great length. Senator Stewart Oen hps all^allegations of fraud and conspiracy and^charges Lyon with blackmail. He says^Lyon lost ull bis money speculating und^then came to b in (Stewart) mid iluat^cued nuit. Stew art regarded this as black'^ii ail and said so and at the feamo tune he^^ sketl Lyon how much he wauled. Lyon^took fS'J.UJO and signed a relt aso of all^cluims against Stewart or Park. Judge^Puttt rso i in the suprem court to-day^heard the argument on motion of Lyon io^sinke out certain alleged irrehvani alle^^gation iu Siewari's answer, part cularly^that t f blackmail. Tho cou.l reset ved^its decision.
tii. ton. tlr (. rs.^Wasiii.m.iiiS. Alii.-. 17 ^Assistant Sec^retury GfiNMtg has i..u ' 1 a circular to^customs i Ulcers as fodowsl ^lu ail cases^til se lure, spirituous hq'iors, m itle tin at^count i f violations ol eusioms laws n^states wherein Hie local laws forbid the^puoiic sale of MMUMMM liqutirs,coilectt)rs^wnl herealter hold the arlieit-s SS ^ mI and^report e.ich case to this department for^such bciIou as w ill nol t oiiuuveiie tne^local statutes.
lorIff I it-1 nf I tun n-.
NewYoRE, Aug. 17.^Six thousnnd and^two liur.ureil tlodar- have licetl ^ub-^t^i!^ d to the rebel fund for tin' funuln^of those wlio perisncd in ihu Park plac^tllsaster. G. 1. Moniagii^, coir.ptrolter td^the M uni Hope ( t metery association^has ^ ffered lo donate a burial plat I. r He^interment of the unknown dead and^erect a suitable monument free ofchargi
AnBx-t'ashlsr ot lie Krysteae Bank^Tells How tin- Hooks We** Honor. .1.^Philadelphia. Auj. 27 ^Ex-Asaistnnt^Cashier |^ ham s Lawrence, of the Kty-^stone bauk, now servings seven years'^term for rompliciiy in the wrecking^the bank, has written a slatt menl of U e^methods used to deceive tx llank Exam^^iner Drew. The letter, which bears in.^date of Aug. 5, and Is addressed to C .1^William P. Drew, is iu the form of ^ con^^fession. Lawrence says that in the first^place, every means possible were used to^^aeli tho assets and donnish tne^liabilities of ib ^ hank. This w as^doue by no regular method, but^by plans suggested by opportunity. In^^dividual ledgers wire altered at least^twice a year, a bout the time Draw was^i upected. Sometimes the who!* peg ^^were abstracted; false halluces made by^aluriug MstM flgurss; large balances^lecri a-e I and over balances wiped out ;^false credits posted to overdrawn ac-^e.units, so that the examiner's attention^wou'd not be drawn to the ledger more^minutely; sometimes lalse checks^were posted to au account have l^a large balance, so as lo reduce tbe lla-^bili.ies. This was done to the extent ol^ah..ut fOOO.OtO. Moneys owed the cash^drawer were replaced sometimes by^mean* of a due bill taken from the back^of iho ilue bill book, and sometimes bj^means of cert fleales of deposit or tin^president tb .lining a loan. Hills d s-^counted were swelled by the introduction^of llctilious notes. These were intendi tl^both tu swell the assets and lako place of^other bills discounted, which it^was thought best not o let the examiner^see, lest it t xcite bis suspicion. Law^^rence, alter g^vmg the above anil express^^ing his inability to go into detail, above^being a mere outline of tin' method-,^stales that Ins share ill the dec ption was^not done with a petty desire ami to ti.-^i'^ ve D.-cw but to carry t ui the instruc^^tions of his superior t Hirer.
InHail slisps.^( ITT OF Mrxico, Aug. 27 ^The flnai
rialcondition ol Outiltinala is deploi^^blc For the part three months lieillur^the nimy nor the' fvtler l employes have^been paid. There is a great scarcity of^lotttl iu the city of Gaiitt inula, in eon.^siquence of wh.eii ihere is much suff. r^lug-. At Tcgllciga.pa, the rap lal of tin^Honduras, a smallp x i n dciu.c prevails.
Atsri ill, L* -1^ i'.it.s.^El rkka, ( al., Aug. .7. ^A Isiderot Hen^liissei.'s ship yards tsplodad ihtssfttr-^nooti, fatahy it.juriug lour |^ersons. A^iiioitn tit Im {.ire the tink s N djs guagc^rt gi-u ri tl only |0 Bound , uinkiug the^e iiise- a mystery. Tne t : a ewas thrown^6UU feet into the bay. O ^ psvasB was^tiin wii up on the deck ol a v -si 1 u. the^yard..
ItoMthss. Bsjslsei
rHILHil1 phia. AUJ. 17 ..^^' WlU
son,as' ' ' 82, |toiaoned bjsfsi1 IttsTglw
iraatcbal* tt^lay because iiri tiraytr^relus . to marry ut-r.
eUi Fdt! UUriL
ATragedy In Vlli.th Tlireo Men Lie
GiOPOKTOWN,Ky , Auf. ^7 ^F r sev^^eral wicks .here bus hi en irnuhle h -^tween th. Kei.tlail uud Jams lam 1 e .^a hich i ulmiiistetl to-day lg a bloody Urg^^ed)', 'i here had been severe qu irrelui^^the past few cays, over the robbing of ^^v nit i melon patch. Peace warrants were^swort out anil iho tri *i si t for to-^l;iy.^This morn inn W. H. Kendall and his^four sou. came tu town, aimed with r.ll s^iiii'l levclVir ^ The ihree Jarv:^brothers al.o came, onlv uu^ be ue^iirim d. About U o clock Milt Keiidad.^reining up h. hind John Jarv s, shot b in^in Mm hack, killing h in instantly. Hum u^Jarvis ran iiito tile hardware store of A.^J. Moniizoiuery and aaaed fur a gun. Milt^Kendall, tho lather, ru lii d in after biiu^uud tired u shot wh M entered Montgom^^ery'^ breast ami killed linn. Hurrell J n-^v.s jiini|m il through a rtur wiudow, u^^Kendall followed h in and shot h.i.i down^with bis r volver, iiiflieling a mortal^wound. Montgomery was in no way con^^nected with the Uouhle. He wusa prom-^i iciu und worthy citiaen und leaves a^large family, the Kendall's afterwards^surrendered and are now in jail.
bOab Of AMLRiCA.
TheColur t|ur^tlt^a Again ttroagbt I ..r-^a ini tune r. Kttetea.^Philahklimiia. Aug. 27^At to-day's^sessieiit of the Patriotic Order Sons of^America, tho colored q-iestion was again^up under the guise of a resolution t here I^by Peiiniylvaiiia delegates, tliat u MM*^thirds vol^ shall be mcessaryto amend^the constitution, 'i bis proposition, ho^-^^-vcr, was, after a long and hot debate, tl^ -^lean d by the same vote as yesterday,^thus sel ling in the negative for ui-
otheryear the quest.on of a in I
ofcolored members. The Pennsylvania^members then put into execution Ifeeir^ihrt at of using the power of their Ugg*^rt pre.enlHt.on to sen ct the next plac. ^ I^meeting, the elect t Ulcers pledging tin la^^st Ives. Tin- li- st ni ting wiN lie heal al^Lebanon, Pa.. Hie t! ird Xuestlay iu N , -^limber. ( l.iteiice F. iliiih of l'enii-.|.^vania was t-.tctt-a nuiioiiai prtsident;^John Will am- of C I r ido. v.ce pre :^le.lt. Alloltie rs save one gets Pcillisy -^vauians. Xiie report of iho coiutnitt -e^on rpual iu favor of adopting oueiicgtee^instead of llpce, w is sgtP sd lo.
Itrpnb!IC.IBsN I
R:snl;sof the IM at tbe Cracker^Ci:y Yrs.trday.
GreatrxcUem'nt at tha Courn-^Wlnner of the Big Hartford^Race ^ Contests at^Other Tracks.
sii rlsl to tbe Slsmlsru.
Helkka,Aug. -7 ^ The races were ex^^taUbM te-duy. am.tin r Helena record l^-^kag broken. Tlie atlt n auce was not so^I ire'o on account of a couuler attraction^in 1'orepaugh's circus, but all were well^sal sfled with the iport. '1 hree fuverites^won in the four races, Ann.* Moore,^Mystery and li. ti. II. I he one mile and^a half race was a la uiity. Mystery won^bj a length, but principally Ik cause ol^Smith's superb ruling. The time, 2:38,^broke the dcrl y record mule by Kenwood^on Monday by half a second. The betting^in tins race^ was very lively, M^sn ry sell^^ing $100 to $7i tor Montana, w ho started^a lavorite. Hay lulu, who won the spec^^ial, ^old third.
Therewas very little interest In the^Ir- t as tl ere were Init two starters.
IliiudlcupOv. -rl litis mil.. $ el) -
Ainn,. Moure, uu 1
ln|i(lallani, ;ax3
lhii,d.e..peue anil eo dial mile*, ir.k) -
M)In)' I
Inrie.ier ^'
Mti ana
una. i inksi ami A l. p^a P.at Im hi^OOK.Aie ' pit, Md.. Auit. 17.^Tin M. ry^laud it pulileati slate t. t.ve ntion was^called to order lo-tlay i y Ci uiiinnii lb ! *^son. Iu his spi erti he s od hanic i y^amonj the leaders he held to be* iiu-ni a!^to the success ol tbe parly in Hiis siao .
A'tho uiterunoii session (' il. Will, un^G. V.:^!^^ r. of K ni C'.tiniy was in ini^^tialed lor govt rnoi | ( apt. J. McUoiinld^for comptroller; G -orge M. Sharp, attor^^ney general, and Enoch li. Ahell, clerk of^the com I of appeals. The platform SC^ilurscs the 1 tty-flrst c ingress, linrr-^son's adlliii.l-tralioll an I lie ^brilbaui^iliplotnaey of the department of state;'^condemns ^cheap si.ver dollar-;^charges the stale democracy Willi plut.dt i^tf tlie state treat ury; oppttses Ihs^lessing of the tj.tcr grouiuls, and dt -^maud, a ti peal of the state rcgi-trati -i^luws ut.d tbe , ur Ucation ot primar^^rlrctious. _
ln on Vr.i ran.* I niou.^t li.vi I. ind. O.no. Aug. 27.^ i ho Union^Veterans' iiu.oii ileicgates had a sirt-ct^parade this im nunc ami Il ls nfirrlio. ri s^picnic wits la id at 1 ore.t t ity p irk. 1 lie^\\ t.meii's ICein I in ion held a strong *^^-^^^ ion this gsoVVikTof al which Maiy t.^LIltHimer. of lliini- s was t lecled pre i-^dent. A fi w v.dts hut: been cast for M-^E'tlora Halh i of Uioomiiigtou, Iu., for^that i lhce uinl v. la n a inoip.n i n^Miss Hiot'iiu .' - i ^ etioti was in atl ^ an .. n
lllous. i^lr-. ii.. ett spoke agi.t.sl it.
Upontu r n In :.l to tske her sia', sl.e^was fjtctnl in in tlie hall.
1111 ', ttsj
k|vi 1 i.ice, six huudntl )srils. 1150-
!^;^^ in
Ss.Ui.1 smi
Cava,3 j.
|HMags Ml class, ti.e o
lu'lntlW. tsl i llief
tm, :^^*^ i-M. ^:^'^.
AlI.sill tl I'ok.^til 11' All i, Aug. :7.^ 1 hlllei li-s x.ecntln^of a miii^San Salia w m. 1) .f; sectind,^tine 1) ill^ tl ird T m^. 1 Mtt
Oaemile nnd it 1 x i en ib^^ id ornc^v.on, Anna K ice se'i'oud, ^uuliyhlo.ik^ll.iitl. '1'iliic, llOfl
1'rttInndirap, onemili^Ou iw.ul sou.^A . inse seconil, Mary ^sue-third. Time,
..i .ins band cap. sx .'ui long-- Lake^Urol von, 'lien Elliott atCond, Hay S,^third. Time, 1 :l'li
\i.e-sixiei HtbS of a mill ^Lao Huckuer^won, Wl isky secuu ', Augerve third.^1 K*aj 10t)j
Nine-sixieenthsof a mdr^Deceit won,^Misseiit second, t run kshanks third.^1 ime, l:y2.'A
Atlluw ta. rus Park.
ClIICAt.oAu,-. 1.7.-Half a mile^Enga-^nta won. Fiettlom second, Mouieclair^th r I. Time. :55
Sixfurlongs- K ml won, Prince Henry^second, Fred Taral third. Time, 1:22.
II.mdt a , one mile and a s xieemh^^I'oltmm won, Hrookwood second, Ethel^thud. Tiiin , 1 :a'J.
tinemile ami a sixteenth^Klminl won,^fnrus seton.l, Little Sisser. third. Tune,^2:t^.
Stvi n furlong!^Rousi r won, Gilfonl^si coin!, Ithaeau llnr I. T.me, 1
AlSerwitixa^Sakatoi.a, Aug. 27.^To-tlay'o raring^closi s i lie season at Saratoga rare track ;^wea'her ra tiy and c ml, iratk in p....r^condition. F.ve luriougs^stain poor t^won, IJcngal second, tjue't-u ibird. Time,^IMS.
On- milt^-Msbel Ulenn won, U He of^Orange second, Santa Ana third. Tune,^1:46
Saratogacup, two miles^Los Angeles^won, 1 n.i a llubiar second, Vailera third.
Tim . A t y.
On in ^ and three-. Iieenth.^Pessara^Won, Can-II second, lied Fellow thirtl^'i line, 2:07)
S.veil :inimigs^Post 11 Ids won, Sil^villi second, Apolla thinl. Tim ,l: -a.
IsssBel IbsB Ann-.^Kiel, Aug -7 ^ The nud oruii s at this^pottl.avenc v i l.'islruclioi.s [ftOBX lie^^mistrial government iu regard io tie^Chilian Worst] p President Pluto si. '^have taken n. asures to prevent that^vessel tu m si . p ' g arms, aim^and crew iu ti.t ^e aalers.
AlII ,i il.ml
Hliirotm. ^ oiiu., Aug 27 ^ The f !0.'s^J^stnke lei -i ^'i ir .iters nut won ly N.ghl^ingtle. Little Albert was quite lame and^might bate hi sa snui out U MM goers who^tin v N e'liiingale* a'aiiU-d to do il. Tune^slow. 2 :J %
In; \V am s won tlie unflnis'ii d 2:25^trot, t arpeiiler si eontl, t uptaiu Lyons^.Inr l, Lightning fourln.
Iuihc 2:17 irol, *.'.n.'J-J. 11. Kn hard^'on vion. VV all-r second, Uiauioiid th^rd,^Jimiii Val) .ui rule I ^^ it. Hi s' linr , 2:2,'J#.
Inthe 2:J ' pact --Fiailk U .rt-c i won,^Lstly bhendan second, 'I'hislin Ihird,^Chisteruvld fourth, liest time 2:21),.
AIN M t bolssat
Wnsr( i t.1kb I'akk. Aug Lr.^^Wcuili r co., irack slow. Six luriougs^^SI. John won, IgM it ^so secuiid,^sit ipiu r tl ird, 1 ime, 1 :'.:;*^.
CtkwMhaii I.e.p. s x tin lings ^i'alri.^inony colt won, Liinphgutcr secoutl,^Aloi s^ tfclfd. T'imt. 1:11.
Jerseyh.ti. l eap, swet pstake-, mileaud^a tpi irtei ^ san Juan won, 1* t knicker^sec.ud, Ti ir ' r in.r l. 1 in , .':,!^.
FreeHand capf sw^^pstakt s. . in mi.^^('rather v. - it, l'agau set uad, Lnu tlur 1.^iiuie, 1:11^4.
Freebain i .r ip, sweepstakes, mile und^a quarer^H iii.u-la won, H.ot se'COll^Mocateu li.ird. Time, 2:u7.
Attoo. |i.b^l,nei*.^lniit.piMiiMi, liwa, Aug. 27^This^s*a* u gala day. 1 lie* stte-lulant e was^about ^0,000. i he o ^^ nr-ol l lace Mas lot^^ liter tn ulint t on. Il has baSSJ e.t^mated lliat l Vi r ^h 0,1 OU ISISBgOll I a ,ds^..ii tills race ah in . Nancy 11..nk- stiuek^^ iit from ihu Urs. ami trutted even Bias^Marion lo ll.e fl .1 l.u.f. Mie ill- ii^ginned s.owiy, nnd at the thir l qu trier^*as a length ale ad. A hieas of Alierloli^^ii Ibe bt'lii sir. .en g ive the heal^io Nancy in 2 12 :h icditl 1.cat was a^e ;.em,on id ;n.. Urs:. la ibe Hur l AisSfs^. 41 Had lie- advance of half a leli||th, hui^hiokv badly dowu ibe streicli. ami Mar-^^BfSJI S. i rolled Sjieely to lb- quail' r, but^was compelled lo resign the place tu
Allertonat the half. On the homestretch^Allertnn safely steered, but lost time in^the iffort and Nancy won the heat and^the rare by Ibree lengths, again in the^wonderful time nf 2:13.
Four-ear-o|ds.|^ uuo^ C Histamine won,^Margaret M. second. Lady llrhe third.^Belle Archer fourth, liest time, 3:1*.
lmy.l^r.!^DI.!^l K. I ^wa. Aug. 27^in ^b-
ZSpace, 11.500^ Forest Wukes Won,^Storm second, Fe-tlera third, O to W,^fourth. Heat time, 2:15.
F.vi-year-old*,(5,0 0^Nancy Hanks^won in three straight heats. Wlllerton^second, Margaret S. third. Hirst time,
Free-for-allpace^Koy Wilkes won In^three straight beats, liny second, Dallas^tlnrtl. Majar Wuuder fourth, li st time,
Inaurgsatsl^i r at, .i oni ^ at OsTyrsmths^Vessel*.
WashimotOS,Aug. :7.^Senor l.aieano,^Chilian minister at Washington, to-day^received a cablegram dated Valparaiso,^August 2U, from M. M. Alduiiati', minis^^ter of fon Ign affairs, saying thai on the^l-.V.li the insurgent army was ci inpletely^defealcd in Vino del Mar, and that a di^^vision of tbo Chilian government army^cut ^ ff their re-treat to ships anil obliged^them to surrender uneonuitinnalty. All^Hie country, die dispalt li adds, applauds^the valor and skill of the government^army.
'Iho war Is over,^ said Senor I.as ^mm,
Iliiliaii minister, cotiiiu ui.iig on the^cublo dispatch r. ee.v. d trom the Chilian^in mister of foreign allairs. ^ 1 he war was^In gun more than six mouths ago,^ he ex^^plained, ^and the insurgents, led hy^Colonel Canto, who had hern dismissed^from the Chilian urniy, mceeeded in se^^curing the Clulian navy, and on this se^^al unt had been able until now to main^^tain his army. The I Lilian government^hail no navy, and because of this di.a l-^luntige has been unable to hem iii the^insurgeuta.
Hadwo had ships,^ said S nor Pas-^ano, tracing the position of the g. veru-^nn iil and insurgent lorres on a rough^mup h^ h i I drawn so as to more ex-^piicilly ixnlolli him-elf, ^we wi.unl have^siiecectletl lung ago '1 1 ho minister sent^u number of It It grams this morning^spreading far sud v.nht the glatl liditigs^rcporti d by the Ctii.ia'. govi ri.ineiit.
Atlispatcli has been ifct iv tl hero hy^the I li i an nunisler anuouticmg the tie-^ft a*, of tho insurgents ut Vina tlcl Mar
IIwas slitiwu to Foster, the iusiir;'t lit^representative, this morning, ami that^gentleman a*ki d if bs hail lie ird any^^thing Ireni Ins parly. Hi- repln d ho had^receivttl the following ruhiegiam In in^Ibeir agent late last night.
Lu'ingthe afternoon Mr. F a'.er, seen-^lary of iho li iigr.giii.in.il t uvcys, had^dispatches from Minister Lrr.iseur s st^b;u tpie, wlei li ho think*throws doubt on^i in. accuracy of i ho rt ported sun filth r.^1 le y say the constitutional army is still^advancing and die parly is slid confident^of the defeat of II iIiiisuh la
iQi'igt'e,Aug. 10 ^The notices In-^spiretl by the dictator's agents in L ina^are absoltliely without author.s iliuti.
This,Poster said, probably referred to^ihc reported defeat of his p nly. ^1 do^not say 1bi dispatch received by tlie^(Julian minister is not forrcet,^ be con^^tinued, ^but 1 think in case a battle was^fought on the 25 and won by Ualinarcda^he would not have delayed so long in^si ti ailing the news,^ Fester took into^consideration also that the foices ol^lialiuaceila otitnumhcrcd tin s | of the in^surgents, but sal I thai ill case the ui-ur-^gi nt parly wire defeated n only menui a^prolongation of the war ami that the in^^surgent force would bd increased in evt ly^possible wsv and tin* dictator fought to^the end. F .slcr inemsniariiy i xpects ad'^ditioiial iidviccs Ironi his parly.
NewVohk, Aug 27.^A cublegram to-^tlay was received by t luhau Consul Klint^from Valparaiso saying the insurgents^have b en cut ofX Iroiu ibeir ve seis and^are beta feu two divi.iot.s of the army,^which is being rapid y .ninn nied. It^i ip -cted tin*tit ft atot the n-urgent army^w ill result iii bring ng tne revolution lo a^nose, alibi ugh lb^ II el could retire lo^the north ami continue ibe laaellioii, as^the gov. rutin in could not reach tin^until tn* new cruisers srnved from^i.urtipe,
Aspecial rub . gram fn in Valparaiso^says there is a heller It rin g in business^i uelet in Valparaiso in caiisequetico of^Ibe he la I that there will be a speedy nr-^tu nan hi tif the war.
\\AKMI.M.in.l, Aug 27. ^Late to-nnrht^lb*' ruigiessioiial uiiu.ster tf foreign^elfairs, Liiftn. at Iquiquc, se nt u cub e^^ .i-piitcli to Mr. Moult, the Cbdiuu co.i-^gii ssional envoy here, stating ti e news^cliiulated in this ceuutry io theifftct^ibe llisiirgrnts have BBBsl tleleated in a^renin I a itle tieur Valparaiso is eiiiir- .y^false.
Sswaim Miu riusil I ir ^ aitlug t.tubrr^on Kinis i audi.
Hr s'i tn ills ManilaM.
Illl.tNA, Aug. 27. I ho stale land con -^iuissioiii rs have tlett rmint d to punish a.,^tre-passcrs on statu lands to the lull t x-^tenl of tlie law, and to protect Hie* tim'icr^of the land^and Iho officers can do it.^State L'ii d Agent Granville S'.uart^has been Instructed to line all^trespassers, and in Ins la.-t^report named Then.mil .V Oinllette w ho
havetierl*.tl it in I in the F all1
countryu * n s ctioii lib, township LB.^north r tiige west s^d since 1^ BBwobsjff^have l*een cutting tin.In r there'r iu w p a-^out in imission of IsW stale. I n It r in^^structions, Mr. Smart want to Missoula^county and look pn.-stssiou . f ail logs^and luiiibe on Ibe sicioti. He was foi-^lowt d hy Mr. I beirau.l w i n paid M.iOl lo
theslate for tiatltages. ii is if llle ii.i iij.
Iiirs of toe stale b. ar.l saki n was a for^^tunate escape for ' h- Br SB as herealn-r
thelaw will lie r'gnliy si tore hI.
TwentyPassecg^rs Killed by t Train^Piaiiiisg From a Bridge.
AFall of Sls y-Fvi Feet Into ^^Btrsnm-Bu*. l-iw tscapo Un^^bar m ^t ^ List of ;ha^Dead.
tn.IoMB .iit-i.^Vtw VoHH. .'.u^ T ^ T u* threoteneil
tipitisititiuti.ili ^^^ di velop ut the apesia!^in eimg of the i. ul irusi stocsho! I. rs sas^elu), atitl the prop'^setl plan of reorgani^^sation ma* ad* pud practical y vital u^.' sot ut. Vi.in r BsS p.au Hi*, trust will l*e^r* organ 8 -d under the law, ot Nets^Jitu j if ihu capital stock is to b^scaled dsn lo one-third the present^auiouut.
CnARt.oTTr,S. C_ Aug. :7.^One of thw^most uisa.irons runway wrecks known^in this slate occurred about 2 o'clock this^morning at Hoston^. bridge, near Slates*^ville.on the Western North Carolina road.^A wot hound passenger coach, known as^the ^l..st mail,^ Composed of baggage,^mail, llrst and second classcoaches, Pull^^man sleeper and Supt rintendt nt Bridge's^private car, was loaded with passengers^The sleeper usually contains s good num^^ber of passengers Irom northern points,^slid last mglit was no excep^^tion. Just alter leaving Slates,^v.ho there is a high stoiie britlga^spanning the ibird creek, and dowu into^the creek plunged the entire train, a dis^^tance of ut hast ^ leet, wrecking the^whole train antl carrying tlealh and de^^struction with it. Twenty passengers^were killed outright, nine seriously in^^jured and 21 badly bruised. The night^was dismal and, to add to tbe horror of^the situation, the water in the creek was^up. It was i my through the mcst heroic^t fforte of those who had hurried to the^scene of the wreck that the injured were^not drowned. The accident was occa^^sioned by the spreading of tin* rails. 'Tho^bridge is not ii j iretl and trains are run^^ning on time. I wenty dead bodies are^now lying in ilie warehouse at States-^vil e. Tne following i^ n I st of the killed:
Warreni'ry,^Vi. m Houston.^NBBBI1 tioriii n.^I li.ir.es 11,'iiuett,
J.It Ausllu,
\\.M. Hat is.
WilliamWest,^ii v l.lustur,
I'11. met.,^W. ^. W ins ow,^W. .1 K.slier,
T.liuslle.^Mis. P....I,^Pue We.lt,
Ur.George W, Sanderline, state au^^ditor, was on the tram. He was pain^^fully 11 j'iretl,
Three nod n have not been identified.^One of these is uu old ho ly, another is a^lady with a tick^! in her pocket which^reads: ^Mrs. t. 'urge McC' iriiick and^mother,^ the third also a lady. It is^thought all Iho bod.i s nave not been taken^out ot the debris, winch is piled so high^il ii Impossible to in ik^ a thorough ex^^amination, fcvery person in the sleeper^was kiiletl.
Asemit- in the morning as it was, hun^^dreds of willing |ieopl^ from the surrouuel-^ing country wt |B qu.ckiy at the work of^r scut1. Uebris of curs was piletl moun^^tain high, it si fined, in utmost coufuafceos^In the fall tin* Tubman ear ha I !^ apt d^our all the o hers, striking the ground^with terrible force, und being crushed^like an egg shell. The people were^brought out in sll sorts of way, only two^or three bodies taring taken out intact,^hngineer West and r'ireinaii Fry were cut^into small pieces.
Hlt AWr UL I Xr'cHlfc.NCE.
Iaptoln Autlrswt' ItaiUshlpt la Ills Dorr,
Ani whip, Aug 27 - The llritish steamer^ll.b. n ^ at r.vetl Iroiu l.il.imore to-day.^I Hi board was Captain Andrews and bis^dory Mermaid, which sailed from Uoaton^some lime ago on a trans-Atlantic race^Willi Ihu dory S* a Serpent, which was^sailed by Captain Liwler. Tbe Sea Ser^^pent arrived at Lii trd i'oint Aug. ft. Cap-^lain Andrews became exhausted in mid^ocean antl when an opportunity was^offered abandoned the race*.
Andrewssays he bad good weather^until 115 days out from Boston, when a^it iribie sb rm came up. August IB, a^huge w ave tilled the Met maid with seven^inches of wuier. Tile next day a tre^^ined us wave caps sed the boat and An-^ilrc*s Hit ught he was lost. He was in^tbe cabin but managed to opeu^the batch and climbing upon the^st el lighted the boat. Ho prayed to^(^oil for ihu sake of hit family^lo give b in another chance and he would^stop this businett. Ho then closed hint^^s' if iu tho cabin again aud passed two^^lay*) and li ghts in the same way. The^wind all Hi s tune contiuui d lo blow wnh^such f r t* thai when be opened Hie hatch^a Itttla tne wind c tusetl a sound like a big^wtittle*. His I in a oil sua exhausted and,^iM-iiig too f itigiied to keep watch, he lay^on Hie botioiu of the tsiat lor lour days^until picked up bv the ste imer. Andrews^declares he w ill never ailcm.pt the voyage^aga.n.
thot'asiest 1 in t v^r Msiia by a Kail-
roadTrola.^I'HtLtDIXPitia, Aug. 27.^A mil* la^19 4 a seconds, or at the rate of li^ milea^per hour, is the fash st run ever made by^a railroad tra m. This unparalleled feat^was uecomphsui'.i p-day on li e Bound^lirook road between Neshauiiny fails and^L itlgborn I y engine N ^. '_' 0, drawing two^orthuary ceache, ami I'res dent McLean's^private car. 1 he fastest 10 hides luadu^tt a. al an .it r c-e ... 1.1 .eeoud. ^ t r mile,
Ain. id sag It ..lit us
Ottawa,O it., Aug. i7 ^ At the public^accounts committee rooms lo-day, a let^^ter vi as reatl Iroiu Seutcal, suiH'rinieud-^c it of the government printing bureau,^announcing Ins resignation, and re-e'ni*^.1 g the ^low spying and vulgar luform-^sBst of wh ch ti i ha- be. n the v.ctiru. R.^L. ratlerson, a.i in of ih ^ 5 lllei A Ra h-^t d type 'on .dry, admitted he had g.veu
'eeal uhoiii 16,1*11 la sun s from *1U to^- ^. some of iu in nicy had been paid^back. H H. l'erro.l of Uarbar, Edis oV^Co , |m^pcr inatniTaeturers, suid be gavs^Scut t il about *..U0as ctuum ssion at ill^percent, tl mantle I by Ibiii.
1sowed is t-.'sa-^LsM isVii.le. Aug 27 ^The Bremaker-^Moore i'aper e*ompany assigueil to-day.
1lie as- g* ^ays their liabilities arc
.bom*2Ai,e^ 0 and assets about ^7e^J,e*J0^Ir'inaticial .triugeticy caused their in-^abnily to meet maturingnotea and forced^a.sigtuueut. All debu Will bo paid iu lull

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